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Who will replace 
Sam Goodwin? 
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The Demon 
Softball team 
makes it to the 
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MI:2 brings 
summer movie 
heat to theaters. 
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The Student Newspaper of Northwestern 

The Current Sauce 

Vol. 86, Issue i 

Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 


Goodwin takes Henderson St. spot 

H Goodwin takes 
Athletic Director job at 
his Alma Matter. 

By Kaleb Breaux 

News Editor 

Northwestern State head 
football coach Sam Goodwin 
called it quits Tuesday, May 
9, after 17 seasons of coach- 
ing at the University. 

"I've been a football 
player or coach since I was 

Home put 
on sale 

I The home that saw 
"Steel Magnolias" to 
house new occupants 

.By Josh Green 

Sauce Reporter 

At 320 Jefferson St. sits 
a piece of Natchitoches his- 

The Taylor home, most 
recognizable from the 1988 
film "Steel Magnolias", has 
been put up for sell via 
Taylor Realty. 

The home, originally 
owned by Frenchman Louis 
Depliex, was built in the 
1840s to serve as a retail 

Now, the 5,000 plus 
square-foot home serves as 
one of Natchitoches' best- 
known landmarks. 

six, so I'll miss it," Goodwin 
said. "I feel very positive 
about the decision I've 

Goodwin, age 56, who 
has retired from coaching, 
will become the athletic 
director of his alma mater, 
Henderson State University 
in Arkansas. "You're at an 
age when you have to think 
about something like this," 
Goodwin said. "I think age 
played a big part in it." 

As the head football 
coach at Northwestern, 
Goodwin has many creden- 
tials under his belt. With his 
102-88-3 (.536) record, Sam 
Goodwin has become the 
winningest football coach in 
Northwestern State and 
Southland Conference. His 
overall record includes a 54- 
38-2 (.585) posting in confer- 
ence play. 

He has won four confer 

See GOODWIN, Page 2 

Photo by Gary Hardamon 
One of Natchitoches biggest tourist attractions will soon be in 
the hands of new owners. The Taylor Home has been put on 
sale for S600.000. 

Kaleb Breaux, a univer- 
sity ambassador, gives tours 
to potential high school stu- 
dents and their families. As 
well as showing visitors 
around campus, Breaux treks 
off -campus to give a history 
of the landmarks in the city. 

He said that the Taylor 
home is one of the more pop- 
ular attractions. 

"People always want to 
see the house where Steel 
Magnolias was filmed. . . 

most get real excited when 
they see it and the trees 
where the bird scenes were 
filmed," said Breaux. 

One south Louisiana resi- 
dent traveled over three 
hours to view the home. 
'This house just has a south- 
ern charm to it," said Jane 
Vories of Houma. "It actually 
looks like the perfect house 
straight out of a movie." 
While the cast and crew of 

H See TAYLOR HOME, Page 3 

Photo by Gary Hardamon 
During a press conference Veteran football coach Sam 
Goodwin bids farewell to NSU after 17 years on the field. 

SGA President disappointed 
with hosts during conference 

11 SGA President pleased 
with election, unpleased 
with LSU - A hosts 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

Newly elected SGA 
President, David Gunn was 
pleased with his election to 
the Louisiana System Board 
of Supervisors 
last week dur- 
ing the Council 
of Student 
conference held 
at LSU - A. 

Gunn and 
President Rusty 
Broussard were not pleased, 
however, with their hosts 

"It gave the whole meet- 
ing a sense of unprofession- 
alism," Broussard said. 

Gunn and Broussard 

said representatives of LSU - 
A ambushed them within 
thirty seconds of walking 
into their hotel. 

Broussard said LSU-A 
representatives were asking 
for support in their fight to 
make LSU-A a four-year 

Both Gunn and 
Broussard said they were 
totally against LSU-A's 
request, as were all the 
other schools in the UL 

"I want to stress that 
this is something that is 
not good for NSU or 
the state of Louisiana in 
terms of higher educa- 
tion," Gunn said. 

Gunn said he told the 
president of LSU-A's 
student body how he felt and 
condemned the unprofes- 
sional treatment of the issue. 

Broussard and Gunn 
said other than the LSU-A 
incidents, the conference was 


Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

May 25, 2000 

May 2! 

GOODWIN: Age played a part in coach's decision 

Cont'd from page 1 

ence championships (Gulf 
Star 1984, Southland 1988, 
1997, 1998). Along with 
these four championships, 
Goodwin has led the Demons 
to three Division I-AA play- 
off appearances. In 1998 the 
Demons reached the semifi- 
nal round and later lost to the 
University of Massachusetts, 

who later became the 
National champions. In the 
same year, Goodwin tied a 
school record with 1 1 wins. 

Another milestone came 
when Sam Goodwin's 1997 
and 1998 Demons became 
back-to-back Southland 
Conference champions. It 
was the first time in 12 sea- 
sons that a Southland 
Conference team successful- 

ly defended a conference 

Goodwin was also one of 
five finalists for the national 
I-AA Coach of the Year 
award in 1998. He won con- 
ference Coach of the Year 
awards in 1988, 1997 and 
1998. Goodwin is also ninth 
in terms of longevity among 
115 coaches in Division I- 
AA and ninth amongst 

Division I coaches. 

Sam Goodwin, along 
with his many other awards 
and accomplishments, has 
also given something to some 
of his former players that 
many coaches can only hope 
for. Ten of his former players 
are currently playing for NFL 
teams, 38 reached the NFL in 
all. In the last two years 
eight of his players advanced 

to the NFL. 

Finally, Sam Goodwin 
has been inducted into the 
school's Reddie Hall of 
Honor and also, last fall he 
was inducted into the 
Graduate N Club Hall of 

He will officially take 
over at Henderson State on 
July 1 , taking the place of the 
retiring Ken Turner. 

Enrollment service to take "SMART" approach to recruiting 

By Josh Green 

Sauce Reporter 

University enrollment 
services is looking forward to 
the installment of a new 
recruiting program. 

The "SMART" program, 
Student Marketing And 
Recruiting Team, will be 
used for the purpose of mak- 
ing, what many consider to 
be the best aspects of the uni- 
versity, more apparent to stu- 
dents in the region. 
University alumni will vol- 
unteer to be a "lifeline" for 
out-of-state high school stu- 

dents and the university's 

'This is a unique way for 
alumni to give back to their 
university," said Ina Agnew, 
Director of Enrollment 

Agnew said that volun- 
teers in the SMART program 
will be supplied with materi- 
als focusing on two main 

"NSU has five areas of 
excellence. . . with this pro- 
gram, we're really going to 
market heavily the Creative 
and Performing Arts program 
and the Louisiana Scholars 

College here on campus," 
she said. 

Volunteers will attend a 
half-day program one to two 
times a year to perfect their 
skills. Every university 
alumnus was sent a letter 
explaining the new program, 
and many responded. 

"We'll eventually 
expand and go further with 
this program," Agnew said. 

Lauren Kennedy, recruit- 
ing spe- 
c i al i s t 
for the 
ty, said, 

"the program will sort of be 
in a test run at first, but will 
eventually expand beyond 
this region." 

Kennedy believes that 
this will be an excellent asset 
to the admissions office. 
"This is a great way for NSU 
to get its name out there even 
more and to promote our 
areas of excellence." 

She said that the volun- 
teer's goal is to initially give 

out information and eventu- 
ally turn the student over to a 
university recruiting special- 
ist. This way, they will 
receive the personal 
touch and on-campus servic- 
es that the office of admis- 
sions provides. 

Any university alumnus 
interested in volunteering in 
the SMART program should 
contact Ina Agnew in enroll- 
ment services. 

CONFERENCE: President, 
vice-president pleased with trip 

cont'd from page 1 

very successful. 

"Within our system, I really 
got along with everyone," Gunn 
said. "There was a real sense of 

The state of Louisiana has four 
different systems, which represent 
all forms of higher education. 
These systems include the LSU 
System, the Southern System, the 
Community College System and 
the University of Louisiana 
System. The latter includes NSU, 
McNeese, LA Tech and five oth- 

Gunn said the Board of 
Supervisors oversees the eight uni- 
versities of the UL system. 

Gunn said this is an important 
time for the universities in terms of 
funding, so he went to the confer- 
ence with a specific goal in mind. 

"I definitely wanted to get a 

executive position," Gunn said. 
"I'm going in not really knowing 
much about it," he continued. 

Gunn said through his obliga- 
tion to sit on at least four commit- 
tees, he will soon gain a good 
understanding of his role and then 
formulate his own ideas. 

Broussard said he did not plan 
to run for any executive positions 
because he felt that it would be 
more advantageous to students if 
he was assessable in Gunn's 

Broussard said the purpose of 
the conference was to bring togeth- 
er all student body presidents of all 
the institutions in the state. Last 
week's meeting was the first 
involving the new presidents of the 
coming academic year. 

Gunn also said he was glad to 
see that the presidents of the UL 
system had faith in him and his 
abilities to represent them. 


Super Luxurious Townhouse Style 

1 100 Sq. Feet - 2 bedrooms - 1 Vi bath 

On the corner of Rapides Drive and 
Fairground Road 

0.2 miles from NSU 

Easy Access to the Downtown Area 

Washer & Dryer in every Apartment 

Custom made Volleyball Swimming Pool 

10 Person Jacuzzi 

State of-the-Art Sentex Security System 

24 Hr. Recorded Security Surveillance 

Personalized Security Codes 

Automated Entrance-Exit Gates 

Full 8 Foot High Privacy Fence 

You can view the Entrance/Exit Gates from 

Abundance of Parking 

Extremely well-insulated for Utility Cost 
• savings 

Over the Range Built-in Microwave 
Common Area with BBQ pit 
Chandelier in the Dining Area!!! 
Abundance of Area Lighting 

Super Plush Wall to Wall Carpeting 

Phone Jacks in Every Room 

2-line Phone service per Apt. 

Exquisite Interior Decorations and 

Excessive Closet Space 

2 Entrance/Exits per Apartment 

24 Hr. Management Service 

And the list goes on and on 

Simply Stated "The Most Luxurious Apartments in Town". 

May 25, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Learning does not have to slow during summer 

It's almost vacation time, 
when hectic school days 
yield to the long, leisurely 
days of summer. 

Life slows down. But 
does learning need to? Not at 
all, according to one assistant 
professor of education at 
Northwestern State 
University. In fact, the phe- 
nomenon that teachers refer 
to as summer slack — a 
forgetting of last year's 
basics —need not occur at 
all. Parents simply need to 
take a few moments to organ- 
ize their children's summer 

"Maintaining structure is 
so important," says Dr. 
Barbara Duchardt. "From 
late May through August is a 
lot of time to lose important 

Just because a student is 
out of school for the summer 
should not mean that learning 

ends. But don't think it's all 
books and worksheets, 
Duchardt says. Learning can 
be fun, both during school 
and in the 

Students who have 
access to a computer have a 
great educational tool right at 
their fingertips, and a variety 
of educational resources are 
just as far away as the click 
of a mouse. 

'There are a lot of edu- 
cational sites out there," 
Duchardt said, "from vocab- 
ulary and literature to art and 
games, children can learn 
using their computers at 

She adds that it takes a 
while for parents to find 
helpful resources on the 
Internet and offers some sug- 

"You have to shuffle 
through some sites to find the 

really good ones," Duchardt 

A few of the sites she 
recommends are 
WordCentral, winner of the 
2000 Webby Award for best 
educational website 
Harcourt School Publishers' 
sites on spelling, literature 
and science (www.har-, and 
Vocabulary University's 
vocabulary sites 

Even if a student does 
not have access to computers, 
there are a number of sum- 
mertime activities that can be 
modified to incorporate little 
lessons, Duchardt said. 

When families travel 
during the summer, students 
can make up games for in the 

trip or compile a trip log, 
complete with journal 
entries, photographs, draw- 
ings and postcards. 

If students stay home 
during the summertime, par- 
ents might suggest that they 
write a play for neighbor- 

hood children to perform. 
Playing games such as chess, 
backgammon, Battleship, 
card games of any 
sort, checkers or Parcheesi 
helps students to learn math 
skills and improve reading 

Taylor Home: $600,000 
set as asking price 

Cont'd from page 1 

set of the film. It was the childhood residence of lead charac- 
ters Shelby (played by Julia Roberts) and Malynn (played by 
Sally Field). 

The four-story home contains five bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a 
kitchen including a barbeque pit and wet bar, and two fire- 

The piece of history has gained national attention as it 
has been featured in People Magazine and other publications. 
Taylor is asking $600,000 for the home. 

The Taylor family has occupied the residence since the 

It is now occupied by Henry Taylor and his wife. 

Lodge 1363 

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Elks Lodge BPOE 1363 

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Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

May 25, 2000 

Search continues for Goodwin replacement 

| Athletic Department 
hopes to have a new 
coach by June 1 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

While saying he's not in 
any hurry, NSU Athletics 
Director Greg Burke wants to 
fill the vacancy for the head 
football coach position as 
soon as possible. 

In an article appearing in 
Tuesday's Alexandria Daily 
Town Talk, Burke said that a 
five-member committee is 
screening applicants for the 
job. Burke added that he 
would like to have a new 
coach in place by June 1 but 
that he wouldn't rush it. 

"If it doesn't happen by 

then, I'm not going to fret," 
Burke said. 

"If we can't get it done 
by June 1, we're not going to 
be in a hurry." 

Burke has the daunting 
task of replacing NSU legend 
Sam Goodwin. Goodwin, the 
winningest coach in both 
NSU and Southland confer- 
ence history, stepped down 
from the position May 9 to 
become the Athletic Director 
at Henderson State, 
Goodwin's alma mater. 

"It's important anytime 
you hire a coach, especially 
when you're trying to replace 
someone the caliber of Sam 
Goodwin, that you don't sell 
yourself short and you act 
thoroughly," Burke added. 

"We're on our way to 
being thorough, but were not 

quite there yet." 

The list of rumored can- 
didates for the job looks like 
a Who's Who of 
Northwestern football. 
Former defensive coordina- 
tor Brad Peveto, Ole Miss 
defensive coordinator Art 
Kaufman and Belhaven 
coach Norman Joseph are 
some names that have been 
brought up. Former San 
Diego Charger Quarterback 
Stan Humphries' name has 
also been rumored to be 

"I feel good about the 
quality of applicants," Burke 

"It might be that the 
resume of the next 
Northwestern football coach 
is coming over the fax 


Age: 56 

17 Seasons at NSU 
1 Record: 102-88-3 

54-38-2 in SLC 
Winningest coach in NSU 
and SLC history. 

SLC Coach of Year 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

1998 finalist for national division 1-AA Coach of the Year 
Four conference championships (Gulf Star 1984, Southland 
1988, 1997, 1998.) 

38 former players in NFL, 10 active NFL players 
Graduate "N" Club member 

" / honestly think they should name the 
stadium after him. " 

-B.J Williams, Safety 1996-99 

Demon Baseball team makes finals, 
fall to ULM in extra innings 

Sports Information 

Northwestern State 
Came within one out of 
advancing to the 200 
Southland Conference 
Championship game, but 
Louisiana -Monroe 
scored two runs in the 
bottom of the ninth 
inning to tie the score 
and eventually take a 
dramatic 4-3 11 inning 

With the loss, the 
Demons ended their sea- 
son with a 30-26 record, 
while La. Monroe 

improved to 39-19 before 
falling to Southwest 
Texas in the champi- 
onship game. 

NSU, which held the 
lead since the bottom of 
the first inning, entered 
the top of the ninth up 3- 
1. Sophomore right-han- 
der Jason Slanina, who 
pitched brilliantly for the 
Northwestern, allowed a 
one-out single to ULM 
designated hitter Mike 


Slanina then 
recorded the sec- 
ond out of the 
inning on a ground 
ball to the mound, 
moving the runner 
over to second 
base. Down to 
their last out, the 
Indians sent pinch- 
hitter Joe Jenson to 

the plate. Jenson, Photo by Gary Hardamon 

in only his second Despite a mediocre year, the 
at-bat of the tour- Demon s did manage to reach the 
nament, delivered SLC championship game against 

. , ULM 
a an RBI-single to 

cut the NSU lead to 3-2. 

Shortstop Shane 
Webb, batting in the 
ninth spot in the Indian 
line-up, singled for the 
fourth time in the contest 
putting runners at first 
and third with still two 
outs in the inning. Left- 
fielder Toby Childers 
then tied the game at 3-3 
with a single up the mid- 
dle, Childers' only base- 
hit in six at-bats on the 

The score remained 

tied until the top of the 
eleventh inning. Andy 
Chance, who had pinch - 
run for Wambacher in the 
ninth inning, delivered a 
lead-off single to start the 
inning. After a sacrifice 
bunt moved Chance into 
scoring position, second- 
baseman Jack Skaggs, in 
his first at bat of the 
game, singled past a div- 
ing Buddy Proctor at first 
base, scoring chance 
with the eventual win- 
ning run. 

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In the -Peace of the Country 

May 25, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

Storybook Softball season 
ends abruptly in NCAA's 

| Demon Softball team 
goes two-and-out in regionals 

Sports Information 
LSU 7, NSU 1 

A two-out, two-strike, two-run 
single in the bottom of the fifth by 
LSU catcher Jennifer Schuelke 
broke open a one-run game as the 
top-seeded Tigers pulled away for a 
7-1 win over Northwestern State in 
the opening round of the NCAA 
Region 7 Softball Tournament. 

Schuelke, batting only .156, 
fouled off five two-strike pitches 
before cracking a line-drive base hit 
to center to stretch LSU s lead to 4- 
1 . The Tigers added three more runs 
in the bottom of the sixth to break 
open a pitching duel between LSU 
ace Britni Sneed (26-6) and 
Northwestern freshman star Jessica 
Holaway (16-8). 

LSU 's Sneed scattered three 
hits, two by Demon senior right 
fielder Linette Stuart. A two-out 
infield single by Stuart in the third 
inning scored Christina Edgar, who 
reached on an error, stole second 
and got to third on a wild pitch. That 

brought the score to 2-1. LSU 
pushed across a pair of runs in the 
first inning on a sacrifice fly 
by Ashley Lewis and a hit 
batsman with the bases 

Oregon 4, NSU 1 

Fifth-seeded Oregon eliminat- 
ed sixth-seeded Northwestern State, 
4-1, in the first game of the second 
day of the NCAA Softball Regional 
at Baton Rouge. 

Oregon starter Connie 
McMurren, the loser of the Ducks' 
first game in the regional, improved 
to 16-18 on the season after allow- 
ing only one run on four hits. 

Northwestern State finished the 
2000 season at 41-19 after losing its 
second straight game in the region- 
al tournament. Starting pitcher 
Amanda Ortego received 
the loss and fell to 16-8 on the sea- 

Northwestern State leadoff hit- 
ter Linette Stuart tripled to open the 
game then scored an unearned run 
on a two-out fielding error by 
Oregon third baseman Holly Ray to 
take a 1-0 first inning, lead. 

Demon Camp Dates Set 
Ages 5-16 
NSU Campus: July 13-15 
Shreveport: July 31 -Aug. 3 
Bossier City: Aug 7-10 

June 25-28, NSU Campus 
Grades 7-12 
$200 for overnight campers, $130 

Lady Demon freshman 
wins SLC field events 
athlete award 

Sports Information 

Northwestern State freshman Jacqueline 
Canton was voted Southland Conference Outdoor [ 
Field Events Female Athlete of the Year by the 
conference coaches. 

Canton won the women's high jump (5-10 
1/2) and triple jump (40-1 1/4) titles on the final day of the SLC Outdoor 
Championships at NSU's Walter Ledet Track Complex. She scored 20 points for 
the Lady Demons, who finished third in the team standings. Her high jump 
matched her own school record and the stadium record. The triple jump mark 
was her best of the year. 

Gary Hardamort/NSU Press 

Jacqueline Canton 


Sports writers for the summer. 

It pays. 


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Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

May 25, 2000 

Fox bids emotional farewell to Spin City 

In this months of series 
cliffhangers, "Spin City" 
presents the most gripping: 
What will the future hold for 
Michael J. Fox? 

Fox left the ABC sitcom 
after last night's season finale 
to fight his case of 
Parkinson's disease, marking 
the last, most poignant stop 
on the farewell tour he has 
traveled since he announced 
his plans in January. 

A farewell tour doesn't 
have to mean forever, of 
course. And you can expect 
to see Fox on "Spin City" in 
an occasional guest appear- 
ance next season, most like 
during ratings sweeps peri- 

But there is an unequivo- 
cal finality to this episode. It 
is titled "Goodbye," and sig- 
nals Fox's exit from the 4- 

The Current 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

life Editor 
Larry Collins 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Business Manager 
John McConnell 

Neil Ralston 

To Place an Ad 
Call 357-5456 and ask 
for Josh 

The Current Sauce 
office is located in room 
225 F of Kyser Hall. For 
more information about 

the paper, call (318) 
357-5456 or 357-5381- E- 
mail The Current Sauce 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
Natchitoches LA 71497 

2nd Class Periodical 
USPS# 140-660 

File Photo 

Michael J. Fox (right) leaves Spin City to continue his battle against Parkinson's Disease. 

year-old series that was built 
around his brash, boyish 

Understandably, the 
March week it was shot 
"turned out to be fairly emo- 
tional," Fox said. "I learned 
how much I love the people 

in this show and the 
verisimilitude there is 
between my life and Michael 
Flaherty's life." 

Flaherty is the character 
Fox played - the deputy 
mayor of New York who this 
week took the fall for a scan- 

dal that could sink the entire 
city administration. On the 
plus side, he is carnally 
rewarded for his self-sacri- 
fice by Caitlin (Heather 
Locklear), his former col- 
league and new love. 

The episode gives Fox 



Internet - Business Telephones 


Proud Supporter of NSU 
Experience the Difference 


an efficient send-off. In 
return, he rallies his dimin- 
ished energies, if all too visi- 
bly, for a bravura perform- 

One of the most affecting 
cloaked references comes 
from the courtly, befuddled 
Mayor Winston, played by 
Barry Bostwick. 

"The years that we've 
been working together, 
they've been the best years of 
my life," the mayor tells his 
deputy. "Even during the 
tough times, I could always 
count on you." 

This speech rings with 
truth when viewers recall 
that, after "Spin City" pre- 
miered in 1996, Bostwick 
underwent treatment for 
prostate cancer. 

Still, the feelings that 
pervade this episode for cast 
and audience alike are insuf- 
ficient to raise it above what 
"Spin City" has been from 
the start. A series that has 
never won an Emmy and cur- 
rently occupies 41st place in 
the ratings for the season, its 
main distinction has always 
been the actor it's now los- 

Now the series Fox is leaving 
behind will leave New York, 
to shoot on a Los Angeles 
sound stage next season. 
Charlie Sheen will join the 

In Wednesday's finale, 
Flaherty reflects on his sud- 
den joblessness. 

"Every morning," he 

"I wake up and I got 
somewhere to go, I got some- 
thing to do. What am I going 
to do tomorrow when the 
alarm goes off?" 

Fox knows pretty well 
what he's going to be doing 
for his foreseeable tomor- 
row's. He will devote more 
time to his new career as an 
advocate for research into 
finding a cure for 
Parkinson's, a progressive 
neurological disorder. The 
38-year-old star says he 
expects a cure by the time he 
is 50. 

Fox has insisted that he 
isn't giving up show busi- 
ness. But as he told Diane 
Sawyer on "20/20" last 
week, "it takes a different 
degree of energy and concen- 
tration for me to do things 
than for you to do things." 

May 25, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

MI:2 both promising and murky 

When the first feature 
film version of the long-run- 
ning TV series "Mission: 
Impossible" came out in 
1996, critics complained that 
the plot was so murky as to 
be impenetrable. No matter. 
The high-tech action drama 
proved to be a huge money- 
maker for Paramount and 
Tom Cruise, the movie's star 
and co-producer. 

"M:I-2," as the sequel is 
called, also suffers from plot- 
ting deficiencies, but it will 
further enrich Paramount and 
its parent Viacom, as well as 
Cruise. The credit belongs to 
John Woo, who has trans- 
ferred the chop-socky 
dynamics of Hong Kong 
quickies to big-budget 
Hollywood movies. 

Like most films of its 
genre, "Mission: Impossible 
2" purveys a doomsday 
theme. An Australian phar- 
maceutical firm has devel- 

oped a 
dous 1 y 
can kill 
in short 
The com- 
p a n y ' s 
boss has 
an anti- 
d o t e 

could be worth billions of 
dollars. Chimera falls into 
the hands of terrorists led by 
the vicious Sean Ambrose 
(Dougray Scott). 

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is 
pulled from a rock-climbing 
adventure to report to 
Seville, Spain, where he gets 

File Photo 

Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton heat up the screen in MI:2. This 
time around Cruise is in search of virus called Chimera. 

his orders from his superior 
(Anthony Hopkins in a brief, 
unbilled appearance). Hunt 
is told to search for the ter- 
rorists and recover the virus. 
He is assigned a collaborator, 
a beautiful jewel thief named 
Nyah Hall (Thandie 
Newton). His logistical chief 

will be 
( V i n g 
Rhames , 
the only 
from the 
1996 film). 

Hunt and 
Hall of 
begin with 
an adver- 
sarial rela- 
tionshi p, 
for buddy 
male-male or male-female. 
And of course the relation- 
ship warms as they face 
unimaginable dangers 

The romantic episodes 
offer brief respite from the 
wall-to-wall action. The 
method includes atomic-like 

explosions, extended 
shootouts lacking in sharp- 
shooters, and gladiatorial 
kung fu accented by slow 
motion and earsplitting 
sound effects. It worked in 
Hong Kong, and it works 
here - although the final 
hand-to-hand (or foot-to- 
head) battle of Hunt and 
Ambrose extends beyond 
plausible human endurance. 

Cruise makes a convinc- 
ing hero, and he reportedly 
performed many of his own 
stunts. His rock climbing and 
other daring feats seem like 
the real thing, but in today's 
world of digital magic, who 
can tell? 

Newton, who appeared 
with Cruise in "Interview 
with the Vampire," is per- 
fectly cast as the tough but 
vulnerable thief. Her future 
seems unlimited. 

Check local listings for 
times and theaters nearest 

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Five University 
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going to compete 
for Miss La. 
Page 4 

"Annie Get Your 
Gun" is coming 
to NSU. 

The Student Newspaper of Northwestern 


RnnHrjiv Hill sits 

ivuiiux ci y 1. 1111 3iik3 

down for an 

interview with 

Steve Roberts. 

Page 13 

The Current Sauce 

Vol. 86, Issue 2 

Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 


June 15, 2000 

Roberts named head football coach 

H Former SAU coach 
chosen as Goodwin 
replacement from 40 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

Steve Roberts became 
only the eighth head football 
coach in Demon history dur- 
ing a press conference Friday 
afternoon. Roberts replaced 
Sam Goodwin exactly one 
month to the day after 
Goodwin announced his 

"We had over 40 appli- 
cants, got it down to nine, 
brought six to the campus, 
and ended up with Steve," 
Athletic Director Greg Burke 
said. "When you have to 
replace good people, you've 
gotta get the right people." 

In three seasons as head 
coach of the Division II 
Southern Arkansas 
Muleriders, Roberts com- 
piled a 25-6 record. His 1997 
squad went 9-2 and earned a 
spot in the Division II play- 

Over the past three sea- 

North western State 

Northwestern Sta 


New Northwestern head football coach Steve Roberts is welcomed to the University during a 
press conference last Friday. Roberts compiled an impressive record of 25-6 at SAU includ- 
ing a 1997 squad that went 9-2. 

sons, Roberts' SAU teams of university officials, play 

have finished the regular sea- 
son 15th in the nation, 
including a number 10 rank- 
ing in 1997. 

"We will establish the 
same strategy, and we will 
inspire people," Roberts said. 

Roberts was selected 
through a 12-member panel 

ers and coaches. Included in 
the panel were University 
president Randall J. Webb, 
Vice President Jerry Pierce 
and former Demon Ail- 
American center William 

Of the six finalists, 
Roberts was the only one 

who had no prior ties to the 
University either as a player 
or coach, making him a slight 

"Coming from someone 
who was told was too small 
to play center at the Division 
I level, I know what it's like 

H See ROBERTS, Page 4 

Tragedy strikes Northwestern 

By Rondray Hill 

1 Hardamon/NSU Pres: 

Donations may be made to the 
NSU Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes, Janet Goodwin 
Scholarship Fund. 

Sports Editor 

The Goodwin family is 
asking that donations be 
made to a scholarship fund 
set up in honor of Janet 
Goodwin to the 

Northwestern State 
Fellowship of Christian 

Goodwin, wife of for- 

mer Demon football coach 
Sam Goodwin, remained in 
critical condition as of press 
time Wednesday night after 
suffering a massive heart 
attack early Sunday. 

She is still in intensive 
care at Trident Medical 
Center in Columbia, S.C.. 
where doctors said that neu- 
rological test results showed 
there is no chance for recov- 


"Janet Goodwin has 
been a prominent and vital 
member of the NSU com- 
munity," University 
President Randall J. Webb 
said. "We love the 
Goodwins and appreciate 
them so much. The whole 
city is saddened by this 

LSUA debate 
to be heard 
during session 

By Josh Beavers 


A special 10 day leg- 
islative session will begin 
Monday in Baton Rouge 
with the fate of LSUA's bid 
for a four-year university 
hanging in the balance. 

The session, called by 
Gov. Mike Foster, has 38 
items on the docket, but it is 
item No. 4 that is especially- 
relevant to the LSUA case 

Item No. 4 permits 
higher education boards in 
the state to increase existing 
tuition and fees or to impose 
new tuition, fees or charges, 
"but only in the event 
Louisiana State University 
at Alexandria is authorized 
... to issue baccalaureate 

This item has left some 
at Northwestern scratching 
their heads in confusion and 
worrying about the 
Louisiana higher education 
system as a whole. 

"The way that this has 
been set up with the tuition 
increase is really confus- 
ing," Vice President of 
External Affairs Jerry 
Pierce said. "I don't think it 
makes any sense. It would 
be much more sensible for 
these two be two separate 
issues for the legislature to 
vote on. The tuition 
increase is one and LSU-A 
going four years is another." 

If Item No. 4 does not 
pass then Northwestern as 

'J See SESSION , Page 4 


Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

Insurance scam costs Natchitoches $585,316 

By Kaleb Breaux 

News Editor 

On June 5, a five-year 
insurance scam was uncov- 
ered after the reviewing of 
the Legislative Auditor's 
report on the city of 
Natchitoches's insurance 

The report reveals that 
former Natchitoches insur- 
ance agent Robert Morrow 
over-billed the city of 
Natchitoches $585,316. 

Morrow did not act 
alone in the scam. A large 
amount of the money, 
$183,504, went to Kenneth 
Aaron, another Natchitoches 
insurance agent and Traber 
Insurance Agency, $64,797. 

This five-year scam 
occurred from June 1994 to 
November 1999. 


During a press confer- 
ence recently current 
Natchitoches mayor Wayne 
McCullen said, "I don't 
know when it started, but it 
would be prudent for the 
City to look beyond those 

Former City Finance 

Director Charles Powell was 
responsible for approving the 
excessive billing and failing 
to review the invoices before 
allowing them to proceed. 

Upon the review City 
checks were found made 
payable to Traber Insurance 
Agency, where Morrow was 
general manager. These 
checks were then endorsed 
by Morrow and converted 
into cash and money orders 
payable to the other accom- 

The city purchased over 
$1.8 million worth of insur- 
ance through Traber 
Insurance Agency from June 
1995 through November 
1999. The audit says that 
Traber sent the city both the 
invoice and the policy, but 
Powell failed to correctly 
review them and note the 


high cost. 

The report also says that 
the city paid Traber more 
than $180,000 to handle 
these services and claims 
from June 1995 to November 
1999. However, it was deter- 
mined that the services had 
never been approved by the 

City Council or the mayor. 

Another company had 
already been doing these 
services for the city. 

Traber Insurance 
Agency has already returned 
$29,000 to the City for over- 
billing, and will continue to 
do so until the bill is finally 

Powell told the auditors 
that he was unaware of the 
over-billing of Morrow. 

No charges have been 
filed at this point. However, 
the Natchitoches Parish 
District Attorney's Office 
has begun a criminal investi- 

"It was an unfortunate 
situation," McCullen said. 
"Our responsibility is now to 
insure we recover the money 
and insure that it will never 
happen again." 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

And the band played on 

Students from all over the state came to NSU this week to 
participate in the annual Band Camp. 

Date rape case dropped by DA 

By Josh Beavers 


Alleged date rape 
charges against University 
student Adam Breedlove, 19, 
have been dropped by 
Natchitoches Parish District 
Attorney Van Kyzar, due to a 
lack of evidence and "glar- 
ing inconsistencies'* in the 
victim's account. 

Allegations had been 
made by a 22-year-old 
female that Breedlove had 
drugged her at a local bar on 

the night of April 17, with 
the date rape drug Rohyphol, 
which has the ability to inca- 
pacitate a person and make 
them susceptible to sexual 

She said after being 
taken home by Breedlove 
she passed out due to the 
drug and awoke to find him 
having sex with her. 

Charges were dropped, 
however, when blood tests 
received last week in the 
D.A.'s office showed no sign 
of the drug Rohypnol or any- 

thing else. 

"There was nothing in 
her system, including 
Rohypnol," Kyzar said. 

This, along with other 
"glaring inconsistencies" in 
the victim's account, which 
Kyzar would not disclose, 
led to his decision to drop 
the case. 

"The test results show- 
ing that the victim had not 
been drugged as claimed 
was the final straw that 
broke the back of the case," 
he said. 

Programs earn accreditation through 2005-2006 

Northwestern State 
University's bachelor's 
degree programs in art and 
graphic communications and 
master's degree program in 
studio art have earned 
accreditation from the 
National Association of 
Schools of Art and Design. 

The accreditation is 
through the 2005-2006 aca- 
demic year. 

Northwestern has gained 
accreditation for 3 1 of 33 eli- 
gible academic programs (94 

percent). The remaining two 
programs, the associate in 
electronics technology and 
bachelor's in electronic engi- 
neering technology, are seek- 
ing accreditation. All of 
NSU's seven graduate pro- 
grams with accrediting agen- 
cies have earned accredita- 

NSU President Randall 
J. Webb said the achieve- 
ment was important for 
Northwestern as the univer- 
sity seeks to have all eligible 

academic programs accredit- 
ed by next year. 

" One of our main goals 
has been to focus on excel- 
lence in all of our academic 
and professional programs," 
said Webb. "Our faculty 
have worked with us to see 
that our programs meet the 
highest national standards. 
One hundred percent accred- 
itation is within our sight. I 
look forward to meeting that 
goal and continuing to 
strengthen all programs at 


As part of the process, 
the programs underwent a 
rigorous self-study which 
examined facilities, available 
technology, faculty, curricu- 
lum and other areas. Outside 
consultants also visited NSU 
and made additional sugges- 
tions to strengthen the pro- 

"This designation by the 
National Association of 
Schools of Art and Design , 
puts Northwestern in the i 

same league with major uni- 
versities across the country," 
said Professor of Art Bill 
Bryant, the coordinator of 
visual arts at NSU. "The 
process has been going on 
for more than two years. It 
could not been achieved 
without the support of the 
administration and a great 
deal of work by the faculty 
and the students." 

The bachelor's degree 


June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 


Page 3 

Five university students to compete in Miss Louisiana Pageant Saturday 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

Five university students 
will compete for the title of 
Miss Louisiana in the Miss 
Louisiana Pageant this 
Saturday night in Monroe. 

The students are, Lady of 
the Bracelet, Sabrina 
Plaissance; Miss NSU, 
Amber Rhyne; Miss 
Acadiana, Lakeisha Harris; 
Miss Holiday in Dixie, Casey 
Jo Crowder; and Miss 
Shreveport, Shelley Colvin. 

Assistant Director of 
Student Activities, Susanna 
Deshotel, said she worked 
with Plaissance and Rhyne to 
help prepare them for the 

She drove them to 
Monroe where it will be held 
in the Civic Center. She also 
said she helped familiarize 
them with current events, 
which will aid them in the 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

These five NSU students who will compete in the Miss Louisiana Pageant Saturday night in Monroe. 
Miss NSU, Amber Rhyne; Lady of the Bracelet, Sabrina Plaissance; Miss Arcadiana, Lakeisha Harris; 
Miss Holiday in Dixie, Casey Jo Crowder; and Miss Shreveport, Shelley Colvin. 

interview section of the com- 

Deshotel said her 
involvement is part of her job 
description as director of the 
Lady of the Bracelet Pageant. 
She said that most of her par- 

ticipation has been with 
Plaissance and Rhyne. 

Deshotel said she also 
helped complete the paper- 
work needed to enter the girls 
in the pageant and organizing 
other details of their entry. 

"The girls decide what 
the are going to wear... we 
just help them be prepared 
enough to feel confident," 
Deshotel said. 

Deshotel said even she 
was amazed by the work nec- 

essary to be involved in the 
pageant. She said the girls 
have put in a lot of work and 
she has a lot of respect for 
them because of their efforts. 

The contestants 
rehearsed and prepared for 
the pageant earlier this week. 
The preliminary round will 
be held on Thursday and 
Friday. From the preliminary 
round, the 26 contestants will 
be narrowed down to the 
final ten. 

The finals will be aired 
live on 31 KLAX at 8:00 
p.m. on Saturday. 

Deshotel encourages stu- 
dents to watch the pageant, 
but she was skeptical about 
commenting on a university 
student winning the pageant. 

"I don't want to jinx it, 
but I'll just say they [stu- 
dents] should watch the pag- 
eant and see," Deshotel said. 
"We have quality girls going 
and anything can happen." 

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keepi n 
Drug Fr 
Amen c 

For more information about Elks USA Contact your 
local lodge at 318-352-5094 or write us 
Elks Lodge BPOE 1363 

912 HWY IS 
Natchitoches, La 71457 

Greek Wear Sports Wear 

Trophy & Plaques 
Graphic Design Screen Printing 


£4 I 




Romulus Roquemore 940 College Ave - Natctiitsehes 




Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

set to build solid 

Cont'd from page 1 
to be an underdog," 
Broussard said. "That's 
probably the reason why I 
liked him from the start ." 

"You will be impressed 
with coach Roberts' sinceri- 
ty, excellence and intelli- 
gence," Webb said. 

At friday's press confer- 
ence, Roberts spoke of the 
difference between a good 
team and a good football 

"Good teams will come 
along because of a school's 
ability to recruit and because 
of its resources," Roberts 
said. "A good program is 
measured by its ability to 
retain its players, and that's 
what we want to do here." 

Roberts, a graduate of 
Ouachita Baptist University, 
was a four-time letter-winner 
at OBU. playing tight end, 
free safety, strong safety and 
running back. 

A first team academic 
All-American and Cum 
Laude graduate of mathe- 
matics and physical educa- 
tion, Roberts also talked 
about the importants of edu- 
cation and, more important- 
ly, to give an effort in the 

"You may not be able 
pass with honors, but you 
can turn in your calculus 
homework." Roberts said. 

A fire that broke out on May 24 in the women's old gym has not slowed renovations as work- 
ers continue about their chores. 

Fire does little damage to women's old gym 

By Josh Green 

Sauce Reporter 

University officials say 
that the continuing renova- 
tions of Lee H. Nelson Hall 
were in no way halted by a 
small fire which broke out 
on May 24. 

Physical plant officials 
say that the small blaze, not 
spotted until the early 
evening hours, was prompt- 
ed earlier in the day when 
combustible comburent 
material in the rear of the 
building's frame caught fire. 

This is the second fire to 
plague the oldest building on 
campus within five years. 

The former women's gymna- 
sium was nearly destroyed 
by a major fire in November 
of 1997. That incident was 
responsible for gutting the 
interior of the building and 
destroying the roof. 

Westerchil Construction 
Co. of Alexandria resumed 
work on the building in 
January of this year. The 
company will be responsible 
for a complete renovation of 
Nelson Hall. 

When those renovations 
are complete, the building 
will be the new home for the 
National Center for 
Preservation Technology and 
Training. Then, the building 

will have the capacity for 
three laboratories, a lecture 
hall, a considerably large 
library, and accommodations 
to fit a number of private and 
open offices into the premis- 

The complete renova- 
tion of Lee H. Nelson Hall is 
estimated to cost approxi- 
mately $2.5 million. 
Westerchil Construction 
expects the project to be 
completed by January of 
next year. 

The historic hall, placed 
on the National Register of 
Historic Places in 1984, has 
sat empty since 1970. 

Officials happy 
with program 

Cont'd from page 2 
programs in art and graphic 
communications and mas- 
ter's degree program in stu- 
dio art are part of the Mrs. 
H.D. Dear Sr. and Alice E. 
Dear Department of Creative 
and Performing Arts. The 
department is one of the uni- 
versity's Unique Areas of 
Excellence approved by the 
University of Louisiana 
System Board of 

"Gaining accreditation 
shows that our programs are 
recognized at a national 
level," said Bill Brent, head 
of the Department of 
Creative and Performing 
Arts. "We hope this achieve- 
ment will further enhance our 
designation as a Unique Area 
of Excellence. It shows the 
quality of the faculty and stu- 
dents in the program and 
illustrates the support for the 
arts shown by the administra- 
tion at Northwestern." 

Brent and Bryant credit- 
ed Webb, Vice President for 
Academic Affairs Thomas 
A. Burns, Executive 
Assistant to the President 
Robert Crew and Dean of 
Liberal Arts Don Hatley for 
playing a major role in help- 
ing the programs gain 
accreditation . 

SESSION: New situation has left University officials with few options 

Cont'd from Page 1 

well as all other state schools 

are going to be unable to 

implement what Pierce feels 

to be a crucial tuition 


"Where this hurts us is 
that we desperately need a 
tuition increase," he said. 
"All of us are underfund- 
ed .We've got to have more 
money and we're not getting 
it from the state so our only 
course of action is to 
increase tuition. We're only 
at 62% of the average of the 
southern states." 

If the item does pass and 
LSUA is made into a four- 
year school then Pierce and 
other University officials are 
afraid that other schools in 
the state will suffer further 
from underfunding. 

"When we cant properly 
fund the schools we already 
have it's hard to go and add 
more.," Pierce said. "All 
they are doing with this is 
taking a pie and slicing it 
thinner. Its going to be a 
thinner slice for all of us." 

Supporters of the bill 
feel that the Alexandria area 

is in need of a four year uni- 
versity and is long over due. 

"That part of the state is 
the only area of the state that 
doesn't have a four- year uni- 
versity," Terry Ryder, deputy 
chief of staff for Gov. Foster 
said. "I won't use the word 
disingenuous, but for people 
to say that the Alexandria 
doesn't need one or that they 
have access elsewhere, that's 
just not the case." 

Northwestern State 
University President Randall 
J. Webb said that Louisiana 
already has more four year 

institutions per capita than 
the national average and that 
people seeking education in 
the Alexandria area have 
many options to choose 

"The point about 
Alexandria is they can get 
four year degrees their," he 
said. "We offer six baccealu- 
arreate degrees and two 
graduate degrees down there 
and the LSU Baton Rouge 
Senior College on LSUA's 
campus has three. So, we 
feel that the area is well 
served already and we are 

willing to do more." 

Webb, Pierce and other 
NSU officials remain 
adamant that they will con- 
tinue to fight the LSUA 
cause for as long as need be- 
This latest development, 
however, has diminished 
spirits to a certain degree. 

"When LSUA is tied to 
tuition I'm not sure hoW 
much we can oppose it," 
Pierce said. "Its a whole dif- 
ferent fight." 

For a complete list of all 
the items to be discussed g° 
to . 


15, 2000 



id graphic 
and mas- 
im in stu- 
F the Mrs. 
i Alice E. 
)f Creative 
Arts. The 
of the uni- 
Areas of 
ed by the 
rd of 

)grams are 
•rent, head 
ment of 
is achieve- 
nhance our 
nique Area 
shows the 
Ity and stu- 
igram and 
>ort for the 

'ant credit- 
esident for 
1 Dean of 
Hatley for 
>le in help- 
ims gain 


and other 
' will con- 
he LSUA 
is need be- 
i. is tied to 
sure how 
ppose it,' 
whole dif- 

e list of all 
scussed g° . 

June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

The State 

New trial granted to man in alleged raping 

MANY, La. (AP) - A 
judge has ordered a new trial 
for a man convicted April 6 
of raping a 6-year-old girl. 

Winfred Hiram Vines, 
45, also has been freed from 
the Sabine Parish Detention 
Center on a $ 10.000 bond set 
by District Judge Charles 
Adams, who called the con- 
viction an "injustice." 
Vines, who had faced a life 
sentence, was released 

District Attorney Don 
Burkett says he is reviewing 
Adams' decision to see if it 
can be appealed. 

"Although I respect his 
decision, there are factual 
errors in his written ruling," 
Burkett said. "I believed 
then and I still do today the 
evidence supported the con- 
viction and the jury's deci- 
sion was correct." 

A jury voted 1 1 - 1 to con- 
vict Vines after hearing testi- 
mony offered by the now 8- 
year-old victim, an Office of 
Community Services investi- 
gator, an examining pediatri- 
cian and the friend of the 
child's mother to whom the 
child initially reported the 

The child testified in 
court that the offense 
occurred after she decided to 
take a daytime nap with 
Vines. The state's medical 
expert said sexual penetra- 
tion occurred. The defense's 
expert witness called that 
conclusion absurd. 

In his ruling, Adams 
criticized the state's tactics. 
Prosecutors initially gave 
notice that they would intro- 
duce evidence of other rapes 
by Vines, but never produced 
a witness. 

"This court is concerned 
that the motion to introduce 

evidence of other crimes was 
a ploy to influence this court 
without having admissible 
proof of such crimes," 
Adams wrote. "Nonetheless, 
the mere accusation of other 
similar criminal behavior is a 
serious concern." 

Burkett says a last- 
minute decision was made 
not to use the other witness 
because of concerns about 
her emotional well-being. 

Burkett also noted that 
the medical doctor who testi- 
fied for the defense is the 
employer of Vines' current 

Ad gets attention, not many sales 

(AP) A car dealership's pro- 
gun advertising was praised 
by gun advocates but 
spurred few sales. 

Tommy Stewart, owner 
of a Chevrolet dealership, 
ran an ad that read, "Guns 
Allowed? You Bet!" and 
offered $100 off vehicles for 

National Rifle Association 

NRA representatives 
liked the ad and called him. 
Stewart, who was not an 
NRA member, joined the 
gun group and now offers 
the discount to people who 
sign up to the NRA on the 

He also made a guest 
appearance on the Ken 
Hamblin Talk Show, a 
national radio talk show. 

"What you did was 
truly gallant, sir," Hamblin 
told Stewart. 

A short article about 
Stewart appeared in the June 
issue of the magazine 

"American Rifleman." 

The ad also prompted 
letters and phone calls from 
across the country. 

But sales are not much 
better for Stewart. Only a 
few people are taking him 
up on the offer, which runs 
through the Fourth of July. 

Exchange student deported due to firearm 

(AP) _ An exchange student 
who admitted taking a stolen 
gun to school has been 
deported to Denmark. 

Because Morten 
Thrysoe, 17, of Aarhus 
(OHR'-hoos), waived his 
deportation hearing and is a 
minor, the Immigration and 
Naturalization Service was 
able to turn him over to his 
father's custody, attorney 
Phyllis Mann said. 

She said the Thrysoes 
•eft on a Saturday morning 
flight to Copenhagen via 
Memphis, St. Paul and 
Iceland, with arrival sched- 
uled Sunday. 

Thrysoe (TROO'-ser) 
had been jailed in 
Alexandria, a city of 50,000 
about 170 miles west-north- 
west of New Orleans, since 
his arrest May 19 at 

Alexandria Senior High. 

Unless he returns to tes- 
tify against his host and 
another youth charged in a 
series of burglaries and car 
break-ins, Thrysoe cannot 
return to Louisiana, or, for at 
least 10 

years, to the United States. 

Since he now has two 
felony convictions, the INS 
could keep him out for life, 
Mann said. 

Thrysoe pleaded guilty 
on Thursday to possessing a 
firearm on school property 
and to illegal possession of 
stolen goods worth more than 
$500. On Wednesday and 
Thursday, he testified in 
court hearings against Ryan 
Lee Green, at whose house 
he stayed, and Shaun Aaron 
Delcambre, both 17. 

Thrysoe 's father apolo- 
gized profusely in court 

Friday, Assistant District 
Attorney Tom Walsh said. 
"He's like most fathers of 
defendants. They blame 
themselves for their son's 

Mann agreed: "It's been 
a nightmare for his family. 
His family was so distraught 
and disappointed." 

Authorities in Denmark 
have agreed to make sure that 
Thrysoe carries out 200 
hours of community service 
and a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. cur- 
few ordered as part of his 
two-year probation, Mann 

State District Judge 
Alfred Mansour also ordered 
Thrysoe to pay $1,171 in 
fines and court costs. 

Thrysoe agreed to return 
to testify against Green, who 
was arrested on three counts 
of burglary, and Delcambre, 

the alleged ringleader, who 
was booked with 10 counts 
of burglary and seven of 
criminal property damage. 

If he returns as a witness, 
he probably would be in INS 
custody, Mann said. 

Thrysoe testified that the 
three youths would sneak out 
after midnight and walk their 
neighborhood, checking for 
unlocked cars. Most of the 
burglaries were from vehi- 
cles, though two houses and 
one convenience store also 
were broken into. 

Thrysoe 's testimony was 
recorded, so it can be used in 
the trial if Thrysoe does not 
return, Walsh said. 

He said that instead of 
arresting Thrysoe for some of 
the burglaries, he used him as 
a witness _ but he was not 
willing to let him walk off 

presented in 
Baton Rouge 

(AP) _ The president of 
Grambling State University 
received a scolding but was 
given a bit of a reprieve 
when the University of 
Louisiana Board of 
Supervisors took under 
advisement his thick report 
of improvements the univer- 
sity will make in response to 
a scathing report. 

Steve Favors and his 
staff on Monday outlined for 
the board several moves the 
university has made or will 
make to improve accounting 
problems that lead to incom- 
plete records, errors and 
omissions in cash receipts 
and a lack of bank reconcili- 

At the end of the four- 
hour meeting, the board 
agreed to take Favors' report 
under advisement and 
planned to discuss it, along 
with the board's next steps in 
the matter, at the board's 
June 23 meeting. Before 
adjourning, board chairman 
Andre Coudrain took a few 
minutes to address Favors. 

"Dr. Favors, when you 
accepted the appointment of 
this board as president, you 
accepted the responsibility 
for resolution of these mat- 
ters, even those that predated 
your tenure, as well as those 
that have surfaced," 
Coudrain said. "Very sim- 
ply, as president you are the 
person ultimately responsi- 
ble for the conduct of all 
affairs at Grambling State 

"This situation is sim- 
ply not acceptable, not at 
Grambling and not at any 
campus in our system," 
Coudrain said. 

After Kyle's report, the 
board gave Favors two 
weeks to submit a plan to 
correct problems found in 
the audit and take steps to 
create a better fiscal environ- 
ment at the university. 


Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

The Nation 

Second Alabama shark attack reported in one week 

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - A shark damaged 
a 22-foot pleasure craft in Pensacola Bay, 
the second attack in Gulf Coast waters in 
less than a week, the U.S. Coast Guard said. 

No one was injured in the attack 
Tuesday, which took place 25 miles east of 
Gulf Shores, where two swimmers were 
attacked by a bull shark Friday, Coast 
Guard spokesman Charles Clark said. 

The Pensacola, Fla.-area boaters, whom 
the Coast Guard did not identify, saw a 
large shadow in the water at about 2:30 p.m. 
as they were sailing west of Pensacola 
Beach, Clark said in Wednesday's editions 
of the Mobile Register. 

The boaters said that as they moved 

closer, the shadow looked like an 8-foot 
bull shark, he said. The shark apparently 
lunged at the rear of the hull, ripping its rear 
swim platform. 

Two men were injured in Friday's 
attack - Alabama's first confirmed shark 
attack in 25 years - prompting officials to 
shut down a 30-mile stretch of land at the 
height of tourist season until lunchtime 

Chuck Anderson, 44, lost his right arm 
above the elbow. Richard Watley, 55, was 
bitten on his right hip and right arm. 

Gulf Islands National Seashore Ranger 
John Bandurski said the beach would 
remain open despite Tuesday's incident. 

Court asked to shut down Napster 

(AP) - The recording indus- 
try has asked a federal court 
judge for a preliminary 
injunction to shut down 
Napster as part of its lawsuit 
against the popular Internet 
song-sharing service. 

The Recording Industry 
Association of America filed 
a brief Monday asking U.S. 
District Judge Marilyn Hall 
Patel to grant the injunction 
preventing Napster from 
"facilitating or assisting oth- 
ers in, the copying, down- 
loading, uploading, trans- 
mission or distribution of 
copyrighted musical works." 

The request was bol- 
stered by declarations filed 
by Motion Picture 
Association of America pres- 
ident Jack 

Valenti and 
CEO Michael Robertson. 
Robertson supported the 
recording industry's claim 

San Mateo, Calif .-based 
Napster's music-swapping 
service was a breeding 
ground for widespread copy- 
right infringement. 

"If Napster can encour- 
age and facilitate the distri- 
bution of pirated sound 
recordings, then what's to 
stop it from doing the same 
to movies, software, books, 
magazines, newspapers, tele- 
vision, photographs or video 
games?" Valenti said in his 

Associated Press 

The request to shut down 
Napster was bolstered by 
declarations filed by Motion 
Picture Association of 
America president Jack 
Valenti, above, and MP3.c0m 
CEO Michael Robertson. 


While Napster's central 
servers can be ordered off- 
line by the court, distributed 
network file-sharing systems 
communicate user-to-user It 
would require hundreds of 
thousands of injunctions to 
halt the widespread trade of 
content online. 

The RIAA sued Napster 
in December for copyright 
infringement and related 
state law violations, assert- 
ing that Napster encouraged 
music piracy via the Internet 
through its software and 
computer servers. 

Patel ruled May 9 that 
Napster was not entitled to 
"safe harbor" as defined by 
the Digital Millennium 
Copyright Act because the 

company "does not transmit, 
route or provide connections 
for allegedly infringing 
material through its system." 

That provision of the act 
was crafted to protect 
Internet service providers 
such America Online and 
Earthlink from the illegal 
actions of their users. 

A curious new ally in 
the battle against Napster is 
Robertson, who last week 
settled with major recording 
labels which sought to halt 
his company's "Instant 
Listening Service." 

That feature of allowed users to 
purchase CDs via the Web 
site and listen to them online 
before they were physically 
delivered to the buyer. The 
recording industry cried 
foul, subsequently settled 
with and entered 
into a new licensing agree- 
ment to allow the service. 

Robertson is now con- 
cerned that the work of his 
Web site's fledgling artists 
are being given away 
through Napster. 

"Any such distribution 
would cause potential detri- 
ment to both and 
the artists who upload their 
music to the Web site," 
Robertson said in his decla- 

Calls placed by The AP 
to Napster were not immedi- 
ately returned. 

Associated Press 

Rev. James Merritt and wife Teresa applaud a presentation 
Tuesday after the Southern Baptist Convention elected Merritt 
as its president at the Orange County Convention Center in 
Orlando, Fla. 

Southern Baptists say 'no' to women 

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - 
The Southern Baptist 
Convention approved today 
a revised Faith and Message 
statement that says women 
should not serve as pastors 
and contains new wording 
condemning abortion and 

"While men and women 
are gifted ... the office of 
pastor is limited to men by 
Scripture," said the Rev. 
Adrian Rogers of Memphis, 
Tenn, chairman of the draft- 
ing committee. 

The vote was by a show 
of hands, so there was no 
formal count. 

The statement does not 
address whether women 
should be ordained; it 
addresses only their role as 
pastors, who lead congrega- 
tions. The statement also 
does not say what should 
happen to the 1,600 or so 
Southern Baptist clergy- 
women, about 100 of whom 
are leading congregations. 
The denomination has 15.9 
million members. 

However, the statement 
is not binding on individual 
Southern Baptists, and the 
denomination's 41,000 local 
congregations would remain 
free to ordain women and 
hire them as pastors . 

Women attending a 
meeting of pastors' wives 
Tuesday afternoon over- 
whelmingly supported the 


"I don't feel like it's 
biblical for a woman to be a 
p astor," said Melissa Folds, 
a pastor's wife from Trenton, 

But Margaret Davis, a 
pastor's wife from Newport 
News, Va., was a rare voice 
of dissent: "I believe if God 
calls you to pastor, it doesn't 
matter if you're a man or 
woman. My husband dis- 

Other proposed changes 
in the church statement 
underscore that the Bible is 
"totally true" and that God 
is "all-powerful and all- 
knowing," and insist that 
"there is no salvation apart 
from personal faith in Jesus 
Christ as Lord." 

The statement also urges 
Christians to oppose racism 
and reject abortion and 

Outside the convention. 
100 or so gay and lesbian 
protesters marched toward 
the convention center carry- 
ing signs that said, "Stop 
Spiritual Violence." More 
than two dozen protesters 
were arrested, accused of 
illegal assembly. 

The Rev. Ed Harris, 65, 
a retired Southern Baptist 
pastor who acknowledged 
his homosexuality in the 
1990s, was the first to be 


June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

The World 

North, South Korean leaders hold historic meeting 

Summit between 
leaders reports progress 

SEOUL, South Korea 
(AP) - The leaders of North 
and South Korea reported 
significant progress during 
their historic summit 
Wednesday, pledging to work 
toward reuniting thousands 
of families separated by the 
Korean War, provide invest- 
ment for the North's failing 
economy, and eventually 
reunify the peninsula. 

However, they released 
no details on those and other 
issues, including the presence 
of 37,000 U.S. troops in 
South Korea, which the 
North wants removed, and 
the North's nuclear and mis- 
sile programs. Reunification 
itself is an enormous task that 
some observers say could 
take decades. 

The announcement came 
during more than three hours 
of discussions between South 

Korean President Kim 
Dae-jung and North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II at a gov- 
ernment guesthouse in 
Pyongyang, the North 
Korean capital. 

"Both sides have devel- 
oped an understanding on all 
issues," said Park Sun-sook, 
a spokeswoman traveling 
with President Kim in North 

Associated Press 

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, left, and South Korean President Kim Dae-jung shake hands as Kim Dae-jung arrives at 
Sunan International Airport in Pyongyangon Tuesday. The meeting of the leaders begins an historic three-day summit 
between the two halves of the Korean peninsula. 

"A narrowing down of 
differences on all issues has 
been noted," said a South 
Korean official in Seoul, 
Yang Yong-shik, who 
described the talks as frank 
and friendly. 

No formal agreements 
were reported as the Kims 
continued their meetings, but 
officials said they would sign 

a deal later Wednesday on 
four issues: improving social 
and economic cooperation 
between the two countries, 
including investment by 
South Korean companies in 
the impoverished North; eas- 
ing tensions on the peninsula, 
which is divided by the 
world's most heavily armed 
border; taking steps to reuni- 

fy tens of thousands of sepa- 
rated families; eventually 
reunifying the two countries. 

Such an agreement 
would be more detailed than 
others that were reached by 
lower-ranking officials from 
the two countries in 1972 and 
1991. Those deals, which 
also called for reconciliation 
and eventual reunification. 

quickly gave way to renewed 

The summit was covered 
by about 50 South Korean 
reporters who traveled to 
Pyongyang and were filing 
print and television pool 
reports to the hundreds of 
foreign reporters who had to 
remain behind in Seoul, 120 
miles to the south. 

Pope gunman pardoned in Italy, arrested in Turkey 

Associated Press 

^lehrnet Ali Agca, the Turkish 
Sunman who shot Pope John 
Paul II in 1981. Agca was par- 
doned Tuesday in Italy, but 
tested Wednesday by Turkish 
au thorities for the murder of a 
" e Wspaper editor. 

| Man arrested one 
day after release 

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) 
The gunman who shot Pope 
John Paul II was imprisoned 
Wednesday in Turkey to fin- 
ish serving a 10-year prison 
sentence for assassinating a 
newspaper editor. 

Italy pardoned Mehmet 
Ali Agca on Tuesday after he 
served almost 20 years in 
prison for the 1981 attempted 
assassination of John Paul II 
in St. Peter's Square. 

Agca arrived at 

Istanbul's Ataturk 
International Airport, escort- 
ed by a team of Turkish secu- 
rity agents. He was immedi- 
ately questioned by authori- 
ties and brought to Istanbul's 
maximum-security Kartal 
prison, where he is being 
held in solitary confinement, 
Turkish Justice Minister 
Hikmet Sami Turk said. 

Agca escaped from that 
prison in 1979 and later went 
to Europe and shot the pope. 

At Kartal, Agca will 
serve his 10-year sentence 
for the 1979 assassination o 
newspaper editor Abdi 

Ipekci, minus the 158 days 
that he was in prison in 
Turkey befoie escaping to 
Europe, Turk said. 

Prosecutors were also 
expected to arraign Agca on 
charges related to a 1979 
robbery. "He will serve his 
term and be tried for the 
other crime," Turk said. 

Prime Minister Bulent 
Ecevit welcomed Agca's 

"The lifting of a secret 
curtain over the Abdi Ipekci 
murder could shed light on 
the dark pages of recent his- 
tory," Ecevit said. 

Agca's extradition 
leaves many questions unre- 

Agca at first said that he 
acted alone in shooting the 
pope, but later said that the 
Bulgarian secret service and 
the KGB were behind the 

Similarly, there are mys- 
teries surrounding the shoot- 
ing of Ipekci. Agca con- 
fessed to killing the left-wing 
newspaper editor but later 
retracted his statements. 
Ipekci was shot nine times by 
Agca and a second gunman, 
who remains unidentified. 


Page 8 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

NSU theatre program 
performs "Annie Get 
Your Gun" during June 

I Theatre students go 
all out for production. 

The NSU Summer 
Dinner Theatre will present 
the musical "Annie Get Your 
Gun" June 21-25 and 27-30 
m the A. A. Fredericks 
Auditorium. Dinner begins at 
6:30 p.m. with show time at 
8 p.m. Tickets are $15 which 
includes dinner. Dr. Jack 
Wann is the director. 

Music for "Annie Get 
Your Gun" was written by 
Irving Berlin. The play is 
acclaimed by critics as one of 
the best Broadway musicals 
ever performed. 

Jena Westbrook of 
Broken Bow, Okla., will play 
Annie Oakley, and Clayton 
Chauvin of Abbeville will 
play Frank Butler. Chauvin. a 
Northwestern alumnus, is a 
graduate student in the the- 
atre program at Nevada ? Las 

The cast also includes 
James Palmer of Mansfield 
as Buffalo Bill. Dale 
Higginbotham of 
Natchitoches as Charlie 
Davenport, Annie Fackler of 
Natchitoches as Dolly Tate, 
Rebecca Brettel of New 
Orleans as Winnie Tate, Josh 
Powell of Fort Smith, Ark., 
as Tom Cody Keeler and 
Stephen Cooper of Lake 
Charles as Mac. 

Also in the cast are 
Kendrick Hudson of 
Shreveport as Sitting Bull. 
Erica Durr of Natchitoches 
as Jessie and D'Nea Tyler of 
Natchitoches as Minnie and 
Aaron Durr of Natchitoches 
as L'il Jake. Hannah 
McDonald and Haley 
Warrick will share the role of 

Playing multiple parts in 
the play are Tony Blanco of 
New Iberia as Mr. Wilson 
and Pawnee Bill, John Snow 
of Gloster as George, the 
Messenger and Dr. 

Henderson, Rocky Colavito 
of Natchitoches as Dusty and 
Mr. Schuyler Adams, Robin 
Rose of Natchitoches as 
Violet, a featured dancer and 
the pest and Jennifer 
Kegerreis of Alexandria as 
Betsy, a featured dancer and 
the flirt. 

Other cast members with 
multiple roles are Missy 
Bizzell of Natchitoches as 
Ruby, the vamp and Mrs. 
Potter-Porter, Caroline 
Bolter of Baton Rouge as 
Candy, The Goof and Mrs. 
Schuyler-Adams, Laurel 
Night of Natchitoches as 
Mrs. Little Horse and a party 
guest and Katherine Harper 
of Natchitoches as Mrs. 
Black Tooth and a party 

"Annie Get Your Gun" is 
the story of expert shooter 
Annie Oakley, who went 
from a backwoods girl to 
shooting star and fell in love 
with marksman Frank Butler 
along the way. 

"Practically every song 
is a standard," said Wann. 
"Someone once asked com- 
poser Jerome Kern what 
Irving Berlin's place was in 
American musical theatre. 
Kern said that Berlin did not 
have a place in American 
musical theatre. He was 
American musical theatre." 

Wann said he is excited 
to direct "Annie Get Your 
Gun" at NSU and has defi- 
nite ideas about how to pres- 
ent the musical. 

"We will set out to por- 
tray Annie as naive and inno- 
cent, but not ignorant," said 
Wann. "There are some inter- 
esting issues in the play 
including how Annie 
befriended Sitting Bull. She 
was a champion of the under- 
dog. Annie believed women 
could do anything a man 
could do and she sings it." 

For ticket information, 
call (318) 357-6891. 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

The University Summer Dinner Theatre will present the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" June 
21-25 and 27-30 in the A. A. Fredericks Auditorium. Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. with show time 
at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 which includes dinner. Jack Wann is the director. 


By Kaleb Breaux 

News Editor 

The Chicago based band 
formerly known as The 
Smashing Pumpkins have 
once again surprised their lis- 
teners with their latest album 
Machina / the machines of 

After many changes in 
the band in 1999, The 
Smashing Pumpkins released 
this 15-track album on 
February 29th of this year. 
Former drummer Jimmy 
Chamberlin, who had left the 
band in 1995, rejoined with 
his band members to cut this 
last album. 

However, Chamberlin 
was not the newest member 
of Smashing Pumpkins. 
Former Hole bassist Melissa 
Auf Der Maur joined the 
band during their world tour 
in October of 1999 after for- 



The Smashing Pumpkins 

mer bassist D'Arcy Wretzky 
departed in September. 

These new band mem- 
bers are not the only things 
that have changed. The 
Smashing Pumpkins' new 
sound is quite breathtaking. 
With a mix of heavy metal 
and techno, the new album is 
sure to satisfy the taste of any 
"Pumpkins" fan. 

The new album Machina 
/ the machines of God was 
released on February 29th by 
Virgin Records, and was pro- 
duced by Flood and lead 
singer Billy Corgan. 

The tracks on the album 
include "The Everlasting 
Gaze", the only single 
released as of yet, and my 
personal favorite, "Heavy 
Metal Machine". 

Lead singer Billy 
Corgan announced on May 
23 that the band would be 
breaking up at the end of the 
year due to sagging record 
sells and an unwillingness to 
continue "fighting the good 
fight against the Brittneys of 
the world." 


June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 9 

Camp Discovery gives kids 
glimpse into astronaut life 

By Josh Green 

Sauce Reporter 

Faculty and staff of the 
university's Space Science 
group are gearing up for the 
annual Camp Discovery. 

This year the program, 
under new director Dink 
Rigsby, will be held six 
times on campus. 

The first session of the 
camp kicked off this week 
and will run through 

Campers are invited to 
attend the five-day program 
to gain valuable insight in 
the fields of math and sci- 

Instructors at Camp 
Discovery say that teaching 
sessions are different 
because they are not in the 
typical classroom setting. 

One instructor said that 
students at camp discovery 
get "hands-on" experience in 
life-like simulators. 

The simulators, 
designed by Assistant 
Professor of Science Laura 
Ponder, take campers 
through missions in shuttles, 
space stations, and mission 
control headquarters. 
During other sessions, 
campers will learn more 
about robotics, while build- 
ing and programming work- 
ing robots, to how an astro- 
naut lives in space. 

Camp Discovery also 
allows university students to 
get involved as camp coun- 
selors. Their purpose is to 
monitor dormitory halls and 
to interact with camp partici- 
pants . Many are members of 
the science department and 

JOVE space science research 
program and were selected 
on grounds of their outstand- 
ing GPAs. 

Many parents allow 
their children to go through 
the program to not only pro- 
mote the education of math 
and science in their school- 
age children, but to gain 
"valuable social skills that 
will aid them throughout 

"The camp offers so 
much as far as teaching kids 
to work as an individual and 
with a group," said Brian 
Nuss. a father of two sons 
who have attended the camp 
for over five years. Son 
Robert agrees: "I've been 
going to Camp Discovery for 
over two years. . . every year 
I come home with more and 
more friends." 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Camp Discovery is a great opportunity for kids to learn about 
space and science. 

Accept NSU 
Financial Aid 

We generally save 
every student $2 - $10 
per book, Sometimes 



1/3 - 1/2 Off On Selected 
NSU Clothes 

Mon-Fri 8am- 

Sat 10am-6pm 
Sun 1pm-5pm 



912 College Ave 
Natchitoches, La. 

























y \ ( ' 

114 Hwy.l South 

Across From Wendy's 




Tues.-Wed 9:00 am - Until 
Thurs.-Sat. 10:00 am - Until 
















Page 10 

The Current Sauce 

june 15, 2000 


Gone in 60 Seconds" is good, loud summer fun 

Associated Press 

The credits for "Gone in 
60 Seconds" list 63 stunt 
persons, which tells you 
what you're in for in this 
vague remake of the 1974 
cult classic. Car chases. Car 
crashes. Car explosions. 

Sixty seconds is all that 
expert car "boosters" 
require to steal an automo- 

Memphis Raines 
(Nicolas Cage) is the king of 
all L.A. boosters, except that 
he has abdicated and is now 
running miniature car races 
for small fry in the remote 

Owens Valley. He is 
hauled back to the city 
because his wayward brother 
Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) is in a 
whole mess of trouble. 

Memphis arrives just in 
time to prevent Kip's demise 
in a car crusher machine. Kip 
has engendered the enmity of 
a vicious Brit, Raymond 
Calitri (Christopher 
Eccleston), who ships stolen 
cars overseas. Calitri agrees 
to spare Kip's life - if 
Memphis can deliver 50 col- 
lector-quality automobiles in 
three days. 

The task seems impossi- 
ble, but Memphis must 
undertake it to save his 
brother. He rounds up his 
former colleagues in car 
thievery, most of them 
retired. Among them: 
"Sway" Wayland (Angelina 
Jolie), his former lover and a 
whiz at getaway driving. 
And Otto Halliwell (Robert 
Duvall), now running a legit- 
imate auto restoration busi- 
ness. Halliwell becomes the 
master of logistics for the 
massive heist. 

Besides dealing with the 
murderous Calitri, Memphis 
faces the scrutiny of detec- 
tive Castlebeck (Delroy 
Lindo), who knows him from 
his larcenous past. 

After organizing the 
team and locating the cars, 
Memphis is faced with just a 
single night in which to 
achieve his goal. The team 

goes about it like the L.A. 
Lakers on a quest for the 
title, with cheers and high 
fives greeting each victory. 
Of course the audience is 
pulling for them too, no mat- 
ter that these are crooks 
stealing automobiles worth 
hundreds of thousands of 
dollars. They manage to do 
so despite being trailed by 
detectives Castlebeck and 
Drycoff (Timothy Olyphant), 
two of the most ineffectual 
cops since "Car 54, Where 
Are You?" 

This being a Jerry 
Bruckheimer movie, you can 
expect quick cuts, deafening 
sound effects, wild chases 
and a formidable music 
track. The centerpiece is a 
race by Memphis in a prize 
1967 Shelby Mustang GT 
500 through the downtown 
Los Angeles and Long Beach 
harbor areas. At one point. 
Memphis ascends a tow 
truck's raised ramp and flies 
over an accident scene that is 
blocking traffic on a suspen- 
sion bridge. 

Dominic Sena, a gradu- 
ate of music videos, directs 
the mayhem with total pro- 
fessionalism if scant subtle- 
ty. The screenplay by Scott 
Rosenberg, which bears little 
resemblance to the original, 
attempts some character 
development but basically 
serves to fill the gaps 
between stunts. You could 
race a Shelby Mustang back- 
wards through some of the 
holes in the contrived plot. 

Academy Award-winner 
Cage exercises little of his 
acting muscle. Yet he fits 
neatly into the action genre, 
lending credence to the vio- 
lent goings-on, as does the 
ever reliable, Oscar-winning 
Duvall. Jolie, another Oscar 
winner, has little to do in this 
picture but act sexy. It's the 
stunt people who do the 
heavy lifting. 

The Touchstone Pictures 
release (Disney) was pro- 
duced by Bruckheimer and 
Mike Stenson. 

Associated Press 

Angelina Jolie, left, and Nicolas Cage appear in a scene from the Touchstone Pictures action 
thriller "Gone in Sixty Seconds." Cage plays Randall 'Memphis' Raines, a retired car thief of 
legendary proportion that is forced back into his old ways to save his kid brother. 


■ _: / •• • ; - : _: _ -_ '■_ i . 


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Proud Supporter of NSU 
Experience the Difference 



June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 


Page 11 

Roundtree or Jackson, Shaft is still the man 

H Samuel L. Jackson 
stars in "Shaft" a high 
budget remake of the 
70s classic 

Associated Press 

Take one 1970s cultural 
icon, a funky, Oscar-winning 
anthem, add a meager dose 
of story and broil the mix in 
attitude, and out pops 
" Shaft," a slight but enter- 
taining update of that cat 
who just won't cop out when 
danger's all about. 

The movie mainly is a 
showcase for Samuel L. 
Jackson to wisecrack, glow- 
er and otherwise play ultra- 
cool as New York City 
police detective John Shaft, 
nephew of the original pri- 
vate eye (Richard 
Roundtree, who reprises his 
role as Jackson's uncle). 

At the outset, Shaft the 
younger shows just how 
smart he is - and how dumb 
everyone else is - when he 
arrives outside a bar where a 
black man lies dying on the 
sidewalk after a brutal 
assault. Shaft enters the bar, 
which is full of cops casing 
the joint for witnesses, and 
with a couple of quick 
glances singles out the key 
witness and fingers the 

It doesn't hurt that the 
witness has blood on her 
face and the killer has blood 
on his hands. Shaft 2, every- 
body else 0. 

Both the killer, pam- 
pered and prejudiced Walter 
Wade Jr. (Christian Bale, in 
full "American Psycho" 
mode), and the witness, a 
meek waitress played by 
Toni Collette, go on the lam. 

Two years later, Shaft 
catches up with Wade but 
must find the waitress to 
s end the murderer to the big 
house. Wade, meanwhile, 
hooks up with Dominican 
druglord Peoples Hernandez 
(Jeffrey Wright) to whack 
f he waitress, and the race is 
°n over who gets to her first. 

Without giving away the 

Samuel L. Jackson stars as John 
theatres across the nation. 

answer, did we mention how 
cool and smart Shaft is, and 
how dumb everyone else is? 

Along the way, Shaft 
quits the force in disgust, 
deciding his uncle is right, 
that he can best serve justice 
from outside the system. His 
foes think that without his 
badge. Shaft has been emas- 
culated. Yeah, right. 

"Do you think that 
makes me less dangerous or 
more dangerous?" Shaft 
asks a group of bad guys, a 
sign of the frenzied, border- 
line vigilantism to come as 
Shaft leaves a big pile of 
bodies in his wake. 

Jackson is ideally cast, 
infusing Shaft with fury, 
humor, compassion, wile. 

Associated Press 

Shaft in the remake of the 1970s hit "Shaft." This sure-fire summer hit opens this Friday at 

Whatever a situation 
requires, Shaft is up for it. 

Bale has his moments, 
though he's really just stuck 
in the role of a one-dimen- 
sional bigot whose motiva- 
tion for murder never gels, 
other than to give Shaft a 
case to pursue. Wright shows 
some charm and charisma 
early on but ultimately 
becomes just another tough 
who gets in Shaft's way. 

Busta Rhymes offers 
comic relief as Shaft's man 
Friday, and Vanessa 
Williams plays things tough 
and straight as the detec- 
tive's loyal cop buddy. 

You'd expect a little 
romance between Jackson 
and Williams, but other than 

brief, obscure clips during 
the opening credits and some 
suggestive banter, the raw 
sexuality of the original 
"Shaft" is missing here. 

Also missing, at times, 
is a sense of logic and conti- 
nuity. At one point, Peoples 
orders two corrupt cops to 
follow Shaft, after the detec- 
tive has sped off and is long 
out of sight. Cut to the cops, 
parked up the street from an 
apartment where Shaft and 
his helpers have taken 
refuge. If only the good cops 
had such acute radar. 

The action is propelled 
by Isaac Hayes' classic 
theme song and a retro- '70s 
score, but the movie really 
just appends a thin, none- 

too-credible plot to a well- 
defined persona of machis- 

And maybe that's 
enough. After all, director 
John Singleton is not remak- 
ing "The Maltese Falcon," 

You don't want to over- 
analyze this pleasant-enough 
action flick the way its pred- 
ecessor was over-intellectu- 
al ized as a vanguard of 
"blaxploitation" movies, 
when in truth the first 
"Shaft" was just a decent, 
gritty detective story. 

"Shaft," then and now, 
is more about the man than 
the movie. And as the man, 
Jackson delivers well 



Page 12 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Est. 1914 

V 1 \ f 1 a t ■ an A /I 
J. vf 1 ldti ail / Yw 


Call Qf7-^/ie:tf» and ask 

»/il>n Dcdvcro 

Life Editor 

Larry Collins 

office is located in room 

00c ¥7 tfvf 1^vc<iit* X-J oil *C*"*»» 

»i 1 01 ivync 1 riciii. rur 

News Editor 

more information about 

Kaleb Breaux 

tne paper, can (.310 j 357~ 

5456 or 357-5381. E- 

Sports Editor 

mail The Current Sauce 

Rondray Hill 


Photo Editor 

Courtney Payne 

Postmaster should send 

changes of address to: 

Business Manager 

Current Sauce 

John McConnell 

NSU Box 3022 

Natchitoches LA 71497 


Neil Ralston 

2nd Class Periodical 

USPS* 140-660 

NY cheers Springsteen's Diallo song 

AFI names 100 Funniest Films 

Something about men in 
women's clothing obviously 
tickles people's funny 
bones: "Some Like It Hot" 
and "Tootsie" came in at 
Nos. 1 and 2 on the 
American Film Institute's 
list of the 100 funniest 
American movies. 
'Some Like It Hot," Billy 
Wilder's 1959 classic star- 
ring Jack Lemmon, Tony 
Curtis and Marilyn Monroe, 
topped the list announced 
Tuesday on a CBS television 
special. Lemmon and Curtis 
play musicians who witness 
a mob massacre and dress 
up as women to hide out 
with an all-girl band. 

Sydney Pollack's 
"Tootsie," starring Dustin 
Hoffman as a down-and-out 
actor who finds soap-opera 
success masquerading as a 
woman, came in second, as 
determined by about 1,800 
actors, directors, studio 
executives, critics and oth- 
ers in the movie industry. 

Voters chose their fun- 
niest movies from a list of 
500 nominees compiled by 
the institute. 

The rest of the top 10, in 
order, were: Stanley 
Kubrick's "Dr. 
Strangelove," Woody 
Allen's "Annie Hall," the 
Marx Brothers' "Duck 

Soup," Mel Brooks' 
"Blazing Saddles," Robert 
Altman's "M A S H," Frank 
Capra's "It Happened One 
Night," Mike Nichols' "The 
Graduate" and Jim 
Abrahams, David Zucker 
and Jerry Zucker's 

Brooks also had 11th 
place with "The Producers" 
and 13th place with "Young 

It was the institute's 
third annual list. Two years 
ago, the group released the 
100 best American films, 
topped by "Citizen Kane," 
and last year the institute 
ranked the top 50 screen leg- 
ends, led by Humphrey 
Bogart and Katharine 

"This time out, funny 
films leapt to the fore," said 
Bob Gazzale, producer of 
the institute's TV special. 
"These films make us 
laugh, they got us through 
the Great Depression, but 
they really haven't gotten 
the recognition they 

Allen was the director 
with the most films includ- 
ed, with "Annie Hall" and 
four others: "Manhattan" at 
No. 46, "Take the Money 
and Run" at No. 66," 
"Bananas" at No. 69 and 
"Sleeper" at No. 80. 

Caught in another political 
storm over his lyrics, The 
Boss responded by letting 
his music do the talking. 

Bruce Springsteen per- 
formed his new song about 
the New York City police 
killing of Amadou Diallo to 
a New York City crowd 
Monday, despite angry 
police union leaders urging 
their members to boycott his 

The New Jersey rocker 
made no introduction and 
offered no explanation of his 
thoughts on the song, 
American Skin (41 Shots). 
Springsteen introduced the 
song last week during a con- 
cert in Atlanta. 

E Street Band members 
began the song by approach- 
ing microphones one by one 
and repeating the words "41 
shots," referring to the num- 
ber of times four white offi- 
cers shot at Diallo, a black 
West African immigrant. 

The crowd began cheer- 
ing in recognition of the 
song and interrupted 
Springsteen's singing with 
cheers several times. It was 
difficult to distinguish any 
boos from the traditional 
"Bruce!" chant at his shows. 

"Is this your wallet? Is 
this your life?" the unrecord- 
ed and unreleased song goes, 
referring to Diallo's wallet, 
which police mistook for a 
gun. "You can get killed just 
for living in your American 

One heckler was escort- 
ed from Madison Square 
Garden after he approached 
the stage and flashed 
obscene hand gestures at 
Springsteen during the song. 

Diallo, 22, was mortally 
wounded as he stood in the 
vestibule of his Bronx home 
on Feb. 4, 1999. The four 
officers involved in the 
shooting were acquitted of 
murder earlier this year. 

Diallo's parents attended 
the Garden concert. 
Kadiatou Diallo, the slain 
man's mother, has said she 

Associated Press 

Bruce Springsteen performed his new song about the New 
York City police killing of Amadou Diallo to a New York City 
crowd Monday, despite angry police union leaders urging their 
members to boycott his concert. 

interprets the song as a sign Enforcement Who Care, said 

that people cared about what 
happened to her son. 

The Patrolmen's 
Benevolent Association, 
which represents 27,000 city 
police officers, has urged 
its members not to attend - or 
work overtime security 
detail - Springsteen's 10- 
concert stand in protest. 

Police Lt. Eric Adams, 
of 100 Blacks in Law 

his group supports 
Springsteen and is upset that 
few black artists have used 
their talents to support the 
Diallo family. 

"We commend Bruce 
Springsteen, and we believe 
that he is courageous in the 
position that he is taking," 
Adams said in a news con- 
ference before the concert. 



June 15, 2000 

The Current Sauce 


Page 13 name is Steve, and I'm the coach 

WM Steve Roberts gives 
his first interview to The 
Current Sauce 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

CS: What was your reaction 
when you got the call from 
Greg Burke saying you got 
the job? 

SR: Sheer exuberance. My 
wife and I were there, of 
course it was 11:45 at night, 
and she couldn't tell what the 
conversation said but she 
could tell it was good news 
by my reaction. 
CS: Was there a lot of jump- 
ing a screaming there? 
SR: No, no, no. Our little girl 
was in the bed next to us so it 
wasn't all that loud. Of 
course it didn't take long for 
our thoughts to turn to our 
players and friends and peo- 
ple we would be leaving. It 
was a real rollercoaster ride 
of emotions. 

CS: There was a lot of talk 
about you being the "under- 
dog" of the group... 
SR: I didn't buy into that. I 

didn't try to speculate one 
way or another. My situation 
was to go into this interview 
with a great amount of enthu- 
siasm. They were extremely 
thorough-let me make sure 
you understand that. They 
left no stone unturned. 
CS: Now when you say thor- 
ough, do you mean like 
blood test throrugh or... 
SR: Oh no! When I say thor- 
ough, I mean it was obvious 
that they did their research. 

CS: Are you an offensive- 
style coach or defensive-style 

SR: I'm a football coach! 
CS: True. I guess you say 
anyway you score points and 
stop the other team from 
scoring is fine by you, right? 
SR: You bet. If it's 3-0, we 
win. If it's 62-61, we win. 
CS: So you don't really do 
the whole "defense wins 
championships" or "run the 
ball and pound it out" cliche 
thing, huh? 

SR: All of those cliches have 
their place. You can't say 
"defense wins champi- 
onships" if you don't score 
any points. 

CS: True. 

CS: When you first saw the 

word "Natchitoches," how 

did you pronounce it? 

SR: Natchitoches. 

CS: So you knew what it 


SR: Yeah. Well I may not 
have known how to say it 
when I was 17 when I first 
came down here... 
CS: Well how about when 
you were 17? 

SR: I don't remember that far 

CS: Well, you're only 35 
SR: 35 

CS: That's not that far back. 
SR: That's 18 years! 

CS: What would you tell a 
person who says a Division II 
coach shouldn't jump to 
Division I-AA in one year? 
SR: We wouldn't have many 
Division I-AA coaches. 
CS: But there will always be 
those who say "yeah, he went 
25-6 at SAU, but this is 
Northwestern." What would 
you say to those people? 
SR: I'd say they will get my 

Los Angeles Dodgers 
draft Demon pitcher 

^ Clifton Glidewell is the 
second Demon pitcher in 
last three years taken by 



Northwestern State pitch- 
e r Clifton Glidewell was the 
'aken in the 30th round of the 
2000 Major League Baseball 
braft by the Los Angeles 

"We are very proud of 
Clifton," said NSU head 
c «ach John Cohen. "If people 
c ould see how far he has come 
s 'nce he's been here (at 
Northwestern), they would 


NSU Press 
As a senior, Glidewell had a 
team-leading 2.85 ERA 

be astonished." 

"Our pitching coach Sean 
McCann has done a great job 
with him," adds Cohen. 
"Clifton has also worked very 
hard to get this point. 

Gary- Hardamon/NSU Press 

Steve Roberts became only the eighth head football coach in 
NSU history last Friday. Roberts will officially take over July 


35 years old 
Born: 10/13/64 

Wife: Sherri ( teacher, homemaker) 
Daughter: Abbv (5) 

College: Ouachita Baptist University 
Degree: B.S.E Math and Physical 
Science 1987 

Graduate School: Southern Arkansas 
Degree: M.S.E. (1989) 

Head Coach: Southern Arkansas, 1997-99 
25-6 (.807) 

Prior collegiate coaching experience: Secondary coach. 
SAU 1990-94, Defensive coordinator, SAU 1995-96, 

He deserves this." 

Glidewell, originally from 
Gladstone, Mo., played two 
seasons at NSU after 
transferring from Maple 
Woods (Mo.) CC. 

As a senior, the left-han- 
der was one of the top pitchers 
on the Demon staff. 

Ironically, Glidewell is 
the second Demon southpaw 
in the past three seasons to be 
drafted by the Dodgers. In 
1998, pitcher Allen Davis was 
selected in the 24th round by 
Los Angeles. 

Glidewell led the Demons 
with a 2.85 ERA and had a 4: 1 
strikeout- walk ratio. 



Under Head Coach John Cohen, six former 
Demon players have been drafted into the 
Major Leagues. 

Brandon Emmanuel 1998 

Anaheim Angels 

Allen Davis 1998 

L.A. Dodgers 

Brian Lawrence 1998 

San Diego Padres 

Chris Brown 1998 

Chicago Cubs 

Tom Batson 1999 

Philadelphia Phillies 

Clifton Glidewell 2000 

LA. Dodgers 



Page 14 

The Current Sauce 

June 15, 2000 

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame 

Class of 2000 

Photos provided by LSHOF 

Gary Barbaro 

Ken Ellis 

Jim Finks 

"Cajun Cannon" 
Hebert among seven 

B y Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

Bobby Hebert, Gary 
Barbaro, Ken Ellis, Kenny 
Konz, Jim Finks, Mike 
Sanders, and Mickey 
Patterson-Tyler will be for- 
mally inducted on June 24 in 
the university's Student 
Union Ballroom. 

The Louisiana Sports 
Writers Association selected 
the seven inductees from a 
list of 118 nominees in 21 
different categories. The 25- 
member committee chose 
each of the inductees based 
on criteria established by the 

Doug Ireland, director of 
Louisiana Hall of Fame, said 
eligibility is based on ath- 

letes, coaches and other 
sports administrators having 
definitive ties to the state of 
Louisiana. However, non- 
natives who gain fame in 
Louisiana are also eligible. 

All nominees must be 
inactive in their category for 
at least three years. 

Lifetime sports athletes, 
such as golfers, are eligible 
at 50 regardless of being 
active. Coaches and admin- 
istrators become eligible 
upon retirement or when they 
reach 65. 

Ireland said a compelling 
argument could be made on 
the behalf of over half 118 
nominees. However, he said 
that in the end, every person 
in the Hall of Fame deserves 
to be there. 

Each of this year's 
inductees has many athletic 

Hebert was an honorable 
mention Ail-American as a 

Bobby Hebert 

sophomore at the university. 

He also served as quar- 
terback of the New Orleans 
Saints while it was one of the 
winningest teams over a 
decade ago. 

Barbaro started every 
game during his first seven 
seasons with Kansas City in 
the NFL. He tied a NFL 
record in 1977 with a 102- 
yard interception return. At 
Nicholls, Barbaro captured 
the attention of pro scouts by 
intercepting nine passes in 
his last two seasons of col- 
lege ball. 

Ellis made All-Pro in 
1972-74 and played in the 
Pro Bowl in 1974-75. He 
played six seasons for Green 
Bay and played in Super 
Bowl XIV for the Los 
Angeles Rams. 

Ellis played in the Senior 
Bowl for Southern 
University, leading the 
nation in punt returns in 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Put me in coach! 

Youngsters from the Natchitoches area participated in the Demon baseball skills camp earlier 
this week. Demon football camp runs from June 25-28 and Demon Basketball camps start 
July 13 and run through the 15th. 

Kenny Konz 

Mickey Patterson-Tyler Michael Sanders 


Konz was LSU's MVP 
in 1950, playing in both the 
Blue Gray and Senior Bowls. 
He went on to play for 
Cleveland in the NFL. 

Sanders was an All- 
American forward from 
DeRidder who went on to 
play for UCLA. He finished 
as the 15th leading scorer in 
the history of the program. 

He went on to play for 
Phoenix from 1984-87 as 
well as three other teams. 

Finks was inducted into 
the Pro Football Hall of 
Fame posthumously and was 
forced to retire from the New 
Orleans Saints because of 
cancer. Finks was named the 
"NFL Executive of the Year" 
after the Saints first-ever 
winning season. 

Patterson-Tyler won an 
Olympic bronze medal at the 
age of 22 and honored a year 
later as woman athlete of the 

year by the Amateur Athletic 
Union. She went on to grad- 
uate at Southern University. 

"These are the kind of 
folks that you would like to 
have as friends and you 
would like to have as neigh- 
bors," Ireland said. "Not 
because they've been suc- 
cessful in sports, but because 
they're good people." 

The Hall of Fame, which 
was founded in 1958, was 
given a permanent home at 
the university in 1972. 
Portraits of the inductees and 
memorabilia are housed in 
Prather Coliseum year round. 

The June 22 reception at 
Prather Coliseum is free td 
the public. 

"Not only does the pub- 
lic get a chance to take pic- 
tures and get autographs," 
Ireland said, "but they alsoj 
have the opportunity to sea 
the athletes as people, no! 

Demon Soccer signs 
high school standout. 

NSU News Service 

Head coach Jimmy 
Mitchell has announced that 
Nikki Hernandez, a standout 
at Acadiana High School, 
will join former teammate 
Kathryn Latiolais and 
become a member of the 
Northwestern State soccer 

"We think Nikki will be 
an asset to our team because 
of her athletic ability," said 
Mitchell. "She is a solid 
player right now, but she is 
just beginning to realize her 

With the addition of 
Hernandez, NSU now has 
three players on the teafll 
from the Lafayette areaJ 
including Latiolais and sefl' 
ior forward Holly Horn . 

"We're ecstatic to ha^ 
another strong player frol"! 
Lafayette," added Mitchell' 
"That area has a strong repU' 
tation in women's soccer." 

In three seasons as i 
defender, Hernandez Ml 
AHS to a 62-22-2 record 
three appearances in the statf 



, i me v_uKKbiNi jAuih Page ' 

DiNardo may "geaux" to McNeese 

I Former LSU coach 
could end up in Lake 

AP wire services 

Former LSU head coach 
Gerry DiNardo talked with a 
McNeese State official late 
Wednesday night and said he 
was looking into the possi- 
bility of applying for the 
school's head coaching 

" Yes, I'd be interested in 
looking into the job opening 
at McNeese," DiNardo said 
by phone from Destin, Fla.. 
where he was vacationing 
with his family. 

One possibility, appar- 
ently, is that DiNardo would 
take the job for one year to 

give McNeese officials 
longer to settle on a head 
coach. The job came open 
Tuesday when Kirby 
Bruchhaus resigned after one 
year as head coach in the 
midst of a school investiga- 
tion of his alleged gambling 

McNeese immediately 
named longtime assistant 
Tommy Tate as interim head 

But McNeese president 
Dr. Robert Hebert said the 
school will conduct a search 
with the goal of naming a 
permanent head coach by the 
end of this month. 

Applicants have until 
June 16 to apply, and Tate has 
already said he plans to be a 

DiNardo, who has run 
the restaurant that bears his 
name in Baton Rouge full- 
time since his ouster at LSU 
last November, has had sev- 
eral other non-coaching 
opportunities but never was 
interested until the McNeese 
vacancy occurred. 

"It's a good place, I think 
you can win there," DiNardo 
said. "'They've had a winning 

DiNardo made a base 
salary of $150,000 per year at 
LSU, with a total annual 
package of between $700,000 
and $800,000. When he was 
fired at LSU, the school 
agreed to pay DiNardo his 
base salary for the remaining 
four years left on his contract, 
a total of $600,000. 


f „r. 

AP Wire 

Gerry DiNardo wearing a cowbell???? According to 
McNeese officials, it just might happen. 

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Worst Case Scenario 
The Onion 
The Essential Croucho 
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of Freshman 


begins today. 

Page 3 

ML ml 


"The Perfect 
Storm" blew 
away this 
Page 5 

The ballots are in. 
Find out the 2000 
MLB All-Star 

Page 7 

The Student Newspaper of Northwestern 

The Current Sauce 

Vol. 86, Issue 3 

Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 


Three NSU contestants finish in Miss La. top ten 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

Northwestern State 
University was well repre- 
sented at the recent Miss 
Louisiana Pageant held in 
Monroe as three of the five 
NSU representatives placed 
in the top 10. 

Shelley Colvin, Miss 
Shreveport, placed as first 
runner-up; Sabrina 
Plaissance, Lady of the 
Bracelet, was named third 
runner up; and Casey Jo 
Crowder, Miss Holiday in 
Dixie, also placed in the top 

Lakeisha Harris, Miss 
Arcadiana, received a non- 

Courtney Payne/NSU Press 

Faith Jenkins is 
crowned Miss 
Louisiana 2000 
during the 
annual Monroe 
pageant on June 
17. Despite com- 
ing up short of. 
the ultimate 
prize, NSU rep- 
held their own 
and placed three 
of five in the top 
ten finishers. 


finalist talent award, while, 
Amber Rhyne, Miss NSU, 
did not earn an award during 
the competition. 

Assistant Director of 
Student Activities, Suzanna 


Deshotel, said she was very 
pleased to see the girls do as 
well in the pageant. 
Deshotel, who helped pre- 
pare several of the five con- 
testants, also said it was 


Rhyne's first year as a con- 
testant, but she performed 

As first runner-up, 

I See PAGEANT, Page 2 

Final Freshman Connection session begins today 

By Kaleb Breaux 

News Editor 

With the fall 2000 semester 
comes lots of new faces that 
will be seen around campus. 
Many of these faces are a 
product of the University's 
Freshman Connection pro- 

Freshman Connection, a 
two-day summer orientation, 

"Freshman Connection has helped me tremen- 
dously. I have already scheduled my classes and 
cleared up the uncertainties about college." 

Chance Jones 
Incoming Freshman 

helps incoming freshman 
with the transition from high 
school to college life. 

Freshman Connection 
gives the incoming freshmen 
a chance to meet with univer- 

sity administrators, visit with 
faculty and staff and also 
other freshman, and learn 
more about campus life. 

During their two-day 
stay at the University, the 

incoming freshmen will also 
be allowed to pre-register for 
their fall 2000 classes. This 
gives them an opportunity to 
choose their classes before 
they become full. 

"Freshman Connection 
has helped me out tremen- 
dously," said incoming fresh- 
man Chance Jones. "I have 
already scheduled my classes 


University sets 
standards for 

Northwestern State 
University will implement 
admissions standards for 
incoming freshmen begin- 
ning in the fall 2001 semes- 
ter, according to President 
Randall J. Webb. 

The policy was 
approved recently by the 
University of Louisiana 
System Board of 
Supervisors at its monthly 

Incoming freshmen 
wishing to enter four-year 
degree programs at NSU 
will be required to have: 

— scored at least a com- 
posite score of 18 on the 
ACT exam 01 850 on the 

— earned an overall high 
school grade point average 
of at least 2.5; or 

— received a performance 
or talent-related scholarship 
from North we.- ;ern. 

Webb emphasized that 
Northwestern remains com- 
mitted to providing higher 
education to all who seek it. 
Those students who do not 
qualify to enter a four-year 
program can be admitted to 
NSU in a two-year pro- 
gram. Those students must 
complete 30 hours in non- 
developmental courses with 
a cumulative grade point 
average of at least 2.0 and 
must complete any develop- 
mental courses with a 2.0 
grade point average. 


Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

July 6, 2000 

Wallace leaving 
for Troy St. 

Ray Wallace, head of the 
Department of Language and 
Communication and profes- 
sor of English at 
Northwestern State 
University has resigned to 
become the Dean of Arts and 
Sciences at Troy State 
University at Montgomery. 

Wallace, who had previ- 
ously served as the Director of 
the Louisiana Scholars' 
College, the state's designated 
honors college in the liberal 
arts and sciences, had been at 
NSU for eight years. He has 
four books and more than 40 
articles in print, and has been 
a keynote speaker at several 
international, national and 
regional teaching confer- 
ences. Wallace has also served 
on three editorial boards, held 
the presidency of the National 
Writing Centers Association, 
and was on the National 
Council of Teachers of 
English Sponsored Speakers 

Wallace, and his wife, 
Susan Lewis Wallace have a 
new book, "Reforming 
College Composition: Writing 
the Wrongs," scheduled for 
publication this August. 

PAGEANT: Contestants 
pleased with performance 

Cont'd from Page 1 

Colvin received over 
$6,000 in cash schol- 
arships, as well as 
having one semester 
of tuition paid. 
Plaissance was award- 
ed $2,000 in cash 
scholarships in addi- 
tion to one paid 
semester. Lekeisha 
Harris received a $500 
cash scholarship. 

Faith Jenkins, a 
Southern University 
law student was 
named Miss 

Jenkins was 
awarded over $15,000 
in cash scholarships 
and $15, 000 in 
appearance fees. 

In addition, 
Jenkins received over 
$22,000 in allowances 
for title related neces- 
sities like wardrobe, 
jewelry, photographs, 
hair care, manicures, 
car care, and health 
club memberships. 

"Everyone thinks 
beauty pageants are 
superficial, but these 

girls are actually really 
smart," Deshotel said. 
"I think it definitely 
pays to do it." 

Deshotel said she 
received many com- 
pliments about how 
well the girls per- 
formed. She also said 
many people comment 
that one of the univer- 
sity's students should 
have won. 

"You never know 
what the judges are 
looking for in some- 
one," Plaissance said. 
"For us to decide [who 
should win] by just 
what we see on stage 
is difficult." 

Plaissance said 
she just did her best 
and allowed the judges 
to make their deci- 
sions. She said had 
there been five differ- 
ent judges, it's possi- 
ble that there would 
have been five differ- 
ent winners. 




Greek Wear Sports Wear ^ * 
Trophy & Plaques M I 

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SPORTS ^ — " ^| a 

Romulus Roquemore 940 College IW - IMCMttCteS 
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GET A $50,000 EDGE 

The Army can help you Ret an edge on life and earn up to 
$50,000 for college through the Montgomery GI Bill phis the 
Army College Fund. 

Here's how it works. Enlist for 
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month for the first year from your 
$11,100 first year salary. The Army the 
contributes the remainder. Enlist for 
three years and you earn $33,000 or 
enlist for two years and earn $26,500. 

Army opportunities get better 
every day. If you qualify, you could 
train in one of over 200 challenging an 
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microwave communications, computer and radar operations- just 
to name a few. 

It makes sense to earn while you learn. For more information 
about getting money for college, call your Army Recruiter today. 

318 - 357 - 8469 



w / i>€ h aVL k n g e 
ryone in keeping 

p w.. Willi iiMI I c 

e America 



For more information about Elks USA Contact your local lodge at 318- 

352-5094 or write us 
Elks Lodge BPOE 1363 

912 HWY IS 
Natchitoches, La 71457 


July 6, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Final chance for 
begins today 

Cont'd from Page 1 

and cleared up the uncertain- 
ties about college." 

Freshman Connection 
not only appeals to those 
incoming freshmen, but also 
to the parents of these stu- 
dents. During the two-day 
orientation, the parents of 
the freshman are invited to a 
Parent Connection. This 
program allows the parents 
to ask any questions that 
they have about the 
University or college life in 
general. Parents are intro- 
duced to academic pro- 
grams, facilities, and support 
services provided by the uni- 

"After attending Parent 
Connection, I am not afraid 
of sending my child off to 
college," said Sally Estes, a 
parent of an incoming fresh- 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Freshman not only schedule classes and get oriented with the school during Freshman Connection, but they also get 
to have a good time and meet a variety of new people. The final session of Freshman Connection begins today. 

University staff feels 
that Freshman Connection is 
a huge recruiting tool that 
attracts many students from 
not only Louisiana, but 

High enrollment num- 
bers are what keeps these 

Freshman Connections 
going. Last fall the 
University enrolled well 
over 2,000 freshmen. This 
year the University is look- 
ing to exceed that number 
with the largest freshman 
class to ever enroll at 


Freshman Connection is 
divided into four summer 
sessions, three of which have 
already finished. The fourth 
and final summer session 
takes place today and will 
end on Friday. 

The Current Sauce 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Life Editor 
Larry Collins 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Photo Editor 
Courtney Payne 

Business Manager 
John McConnell 

Neil Ralston 

To Place an Ad 
Call 357-5456 and ask for 

The Current Sauce office is 

located in room 225 F of 
Kyser Hall. For more infor- 
mation about the paper, call 
(318) 357-5456 or 357-5381. 
E-mail The Current Sauce at 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
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Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

july 6, 2000 

Wayans' magic not 
enough to save 

"Scary Movie" 

Associated Press 

If spending an hour and a 
half counting inside jokes 
and pop culture references is 
your idea of fun, then "Scary 
Movie" is the movie for you. 

Unfortunately, if this 
really is your idea of fun, 
you're probably 12 years old. 
That means you're too young 
to see this very R-rated spoof 
of the teen-slasher flick 

"Scary Movie" pokes 
fun at the "Scream" trilogy, 
both "I Know What You Did 
Last Summer" movies and 
the "Friday the 13th" series, 
along with every other movie 
that's been popular in the past 
decade or so. The jokes are 
very of-the-moment, but 
they're also hackneyed. 

In spoofing "Scream," 
the very premise of "Scary 
Movie" is flawed. "Scream" 
itself was a parody of the hor- 
ror genre, and it inspired a 
series of similar (if less suc- 
cessful) self-aware, hip teen 
horror movies. By the time 
"Scream 3" came out in 

February, there was no new 
territory to cover. And by 
spoofing a spoof, "Scary 
Movie" feels really stale. 

There are some funny 
moments, though. 

Shawn and Marlon 
Wayans, who wrote "Don't 
Be a Menace to South 
Central While Drinking Your 
Juice in the Hood," co-star 
and co-wrote the script. It is 
directed by their brother, 
Keenen Ivory Wayans, who 
wrote and directed 1988's 
critically acclaimed blax- 
ploitation spoof "I'm Gonna 
Git You Sucka" and created 
the early- 1990s sketch-come- 
dy TV show "In Living 
Color." The family's silly 
sense of humor is evident 

In fact, there are almost 
as many screenwriters (six in 
all, including some of the 
guys who wrote "I Know 
What You Did Last 
Summer") as there are in- 
jokes in this movie, which is 
part of why "Scary Movie" 
has such a scattered, lost feel 


' -lb*. 

Associated Press 

No one is safe from being spoofed in "Scary Movie", including The Matrix. The new comedy from Dimension Films 
was made by The Wayans Brothers who have made similar spoofs as, "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" and "Don't be a 
Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood." 

to it. 

The movie starts out fast, 
with a nearly shot-for-shot 
copy of the "Scream" open- 
ing sequence. This time, it's 
Carmen Electra in Drew 
Barrymore's role as a pretty 
young woman, home alone, 
who makes the mistake of 
answering the phone. 

In the first 15-20 min- 
utes, the jokes are quick and 
funny. From there, the movie 
just drags and the humor 
turns crude. At times, it feels 
like an improvisation exer- 
cise in a high school drama 

Takeoffs on key 

moments in "The Sixth 
Sense, "The Blair Witch 
Project" and "The Matrix" 
appear in the trailer, so if you 
laughed then, you've seen 
everything you need to see. 
There are even subtler refer- 
ences to TV shows including 
"Dawson's Creek," "Ally 
McBeal" and "The Brady 
Bunch" for true pop culture 

The title itself is an in- 
joke: "Scary Movie" was the 
original title of "Scream." 

But are these references 
funny? They're good for a 

smile at best, but only if 
you're in on the joke. If not, 
you're lost. 

Besides being lame, 
"Scary Movie" also is espe- 
cially harsh toward women - 
men beat them up, they beat 
each other up. Such violence 
adds nothing, particularly in 
a movie that's supposed to be 
a comedy, not a true horror 

And not a single charac- 
ter feels like a real person. 
Granted, it's a spoof, but 
must everyone be shrill and 

Move over Felix, here comes Florence 

It won't be Felix and 
Oscar, but there will be no 
mistaking the work of Neil 
Simon when the NSU 
Summer Theatre presents a 
female version of Simon's 

"The Odd Couple'Aug. 
2-10 in the A.A. Fredericks 
Auditorium. Tickets are $9 
which includes dessert at 
intermission. Scott Burrell is 
the director. 

The original version of 
the Odd Couple played 
Broadway in 1966 to critical 
acclaim. It was soon made 
into a movie and a long-run- 
ning TV sitcom, with stars 
such as Tony Randall, Jack 
Lemon, Jack Klugman, 
Walter Matthau and Art 

Carney coming to mind 
when visualizing Felix and 

In 1985, Simon trans- 
formed his award winning 
play into a more contempo- 
rary setting while flip-flop- 
ping the genders of the char- 
acters. Oscar and Felix 
became Olive and Florence 
while the famous "Pigeon 
sisters" became the Latin 
lovers known as the 
Costazuela brothers." 

The plot of the play 
remains the same, Burrell 
said, with roommates with 
opposing personalities co- 
existing in the same apart- 
ment. Simon brings a lot of 
the same lines from his male 
version in to the newer play, 

but Burrell said the female 
version is as different as man 
and woman. 

Playing the lead roles of 
Olive and Florence are Amie 
Clarke of Blue Springs, Mo., 
and Sabrina Plaisance of 
Morgan City. Other mem- 
bers of the cast are Annie 
Fackler of Lafayette as 
Sylvie, Jessica Sondag of 
Lathrop, Mo., as Mickey and 
Rebecca Brettel of New 
Orleans as Renee. 

Also gaining roles were 
Steve Cooper of Lake 
Charles as Manolo and Tony 
Blanco of New Iberia as 

For ticket information, 
call (318) 357-6891. 

The Northwestern State University literary 
magazine, Argus, is seeking an editor for the 
2000-2001 school year. In order to apply the 
following qualifications must be met: 

1 . Full-time Undergraduate Student 

2. GPA of at least 2.0 in good academic standing 

3. At least 40 semester hours completed 

4. At least 6 hours in English completed with 2.5 GPA 

Editor receives one-half of a full scholarship 
(tuition, self-assessed fees, and double room and 19A 
meal plan or equivalent) 

Please contact Dr. Razovsky 
( or Dr. Wallace 
( by e-mail or by phone at 357- 



July 6, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Clooney's "Storm" drowns 
Gibson's "Patriot" at box office 

Associated Press 

The Perfect Storm" 
crushed "The Patriot," 
despite inspiration from the 
Independence Day holiday 
weekend, according to pre- 
liminary studio box office 

The George Clooney 
movie, based on the true 
story of a fishing boat 
crushed by a tempest, took in 
$64 million from Friday 
through Tuesday, according 
to studio estimates. 

"The Patriot," a 
Revolutionary War saga star- 
ring Mel Gibson, brought in 

$35.2 million for the same 
five days. "Chicken Run" 
retained its third-place stand- 
ing for the longer-than-usual 
holiday weekend, taking in 
$21 million. 

The figures are estimates 
based on reporting from the 
individual studios. Exhibitor 
Relations, Inc., which usual- 
ly provides official numbers, 
was closed for the holiday. 

The list of the top 10 
movies remained the same 
from Sunday's tally, with 
"The Adventures of Rocky 
and Bull winkle" sitting in 
disappointing fifth-place 

with $11 million. 

The Fourth of July 
weekend traditionally means 
blockbuster business for 
Hollywood. Unfortunately, 
the throngs of moviegoers 
didn't make "Mission: 
Impossible 2" the first $200 
million movie of the year. 
The movie took in $7.7 mil- 
lion for the five days, push- 
ing its cumulative take to 
$199.9 million. 

Estimated ticket sales 
for Friday through Tuesday 
at North American theaters, 
according to studio esti- 

Associated Press 

Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney (right) star in the action-drama "The 
Perfect Storm." The film is based on a true story and surprised the movie 
industry over the Fourth of July Weekend by trouncing the Mel Gibson war 
drama, "The Patriot", at the box office. 

Natchitoches/NSU Folk Festival set for July 21-22 

Family traditions and 
recreational activities will be 
the focus of exhibits which 
will be on display at the 21st 
annual Natchitoches/NSU 
Folk Festival July 21-22 in 
Prather Coliseum on the 
campus of Northwestern 
State University. 

Three families will be 
displaying their family 
reunion activities in an 

exhibit highlighting the tra- 
dition of family reunions 
and family history. The 
Birdwell family will assem- 
ble a display of their reunion 
activities and family trees as 
well as host their national 
family reunion in conjunc- 
tion with the festival. 

A group from the Cane 
River Creole community 
will stage a display regard- 

ing family history and tradi- 
tions. Additionally, the 
Creole Family History 
Conference which will be 
held simultaneously with the 
Festival, will focus upon the 
Metoyer family and its 

Along with these two 
family history exhibits, the 
Libuse and Kolin Czech 
Communities will display 

family reunion and family 
tradition information. Other 
local families are donating 
items for inclusion in this 
exhibit area. The family 
reunion tradition is an 
important part of Southern 
culture, and this exhibit 
marks the first year that the 
Festival will honor this 
important tradition. 

Along with the displays 

Fact or fiction? Expert to discuss 
"Urban Legends" at Folk Festival 

One of the leading 
authorities on urban legends 
will explain how those wild 
stories make their way 
around the world in a talk at 
the 21st annual 

Natchitoches/NSU Folk 
Festival July 21-22. Author 
Jan Harold Brunvand has 
written six books on urban 
legends including "The 
Vanishing Hitchhiker," "The 
Choking Doberman," "The 
Mexican Pet," "Curses!," 
"Broiled Again," "The Baby 
Train" and 'Too Good to Be 
True" and will discuss these 
stories on Saturday, July 22 
at 2 p.m. in the "N" Club 
Room in Prather Coliseum. 

Urban legends are popu- 
lar stories that circulate by 

word of mouth within com- 
munities. The stories are usu- 
ally believable though prima- 
rily fictional, and are passed 
on as true stories. Most peo- 
ple have heard of at least one. 
Some of the more legendary 
urban legends are about van- 
ishing hitchhikers, rats acci- 
dentally cooked and served 
along with fast food and alli- 
gators in the New York City 
sewer system. 

Brunvard is a past editor 
of the prestigious Journal of 
American Folklore, author of 
the textbook, "The Study of 
American Folklore" and gen- 
eral editor of "American 
Folklore: An Encyclopedia." 
After many years on the fac- 
ulty at Utah State University, 

he recently retired to 
devote more time to his 
research and writing. 
Brunvand is also the 
recipient of a Fulbright 
Scholarship, a 
Fulbright Research 
Grant, a Guggenheim 
Fellowship, and an 
EREX Fellowship. 

The festival will 
also highlight other tra- 
ditions of crafts, food, 
music and narrative 
presentations. The 
Festival has been designated 
four times as one of the Top 
Twenty Events by the 
Southeastern Tourism 
Commission. It has also been 
selected for inclusion in the 
Library of Congress' 

University of Utah Press 

Jan Harold Brunvand, a leading expert on 
"Urban Legends," will speak on the topic dur- 
ing this year's Folk Festival to be held July 


Bicentennial Celebration: 
Local Legacies Project. The 
theme of this year's festival 
is "Folk Traditions in the 
New Millennium". 

For ticket information, 
call (318) 357-4332. 

there will be two LEH-spon- 
sored narrative sessions ded- 
icated to family history tra- 
ditions. Various representa- 
tives of the African- 
American, Creole, Czech 
and Anglo-Scots-Irish cul- 
ture will address issues relat- 
ing to family traditions, 
reunions and genealogy. 

Additionally, the 
Festival will mount an 
exhibit relating to hunting 
and fishing in Louisiana. 
This exhibit will display the 
importance of hunting and 
fishing to the northern 
Louisiana region. Several 
Sabine, Natchitoches and 
Rapides parish hunters and 
fishermen will share infor- 
mation relating to equip- 
ment and hunting and fish- 
ing stories with the festival 

The Boogie Kings and 
Louisiana music are the 
topic of the third exhibit. 
Various Boogie King mem- 
orabilia will be displayed 
along with a history of the 
band. The Louisiana band, 
which has been playing 
together for 45 years, has 
returned to full-time per- 
forming. Their longevity 
and popularity have made 
the band significant in 
Louisiana's musical history. 


Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

July 6, 2000 

Nothing "Irrelevant" about this guy 

speed and 
tion made 
him a draft 
pick in the 
NFL— even 
if he was 
the last 

I Good things happen 
to those who wait. Just 
ask Mike Green. 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

Usually, the only time 
NFL players can say "I'm 
going to Disneyworld" is 
right after a hard-fought 
win in the Super Bowl 

There's definitely a 
much easier way. 

Just ask Former 
Demon Defensive back 
Michael Green, who was 
the 254th and last selection 
in the 2000 NFL, earning 
him the dubious title of 
"Mr. Irrelevant." 

Green said he was ini- 
tially disappointed but 

eventually came to grips 
with the situation. 

"At first, I thought I 
might go higher [in the 
draft], but it's not an 
opportunity everyone 
gets," Green said. "Being 
Mr. Irrelevant made it all 
seem fine." 

"Mr. Irrelevant Week" 
began in 1976 when 
Kelvin Dirk, the last player 
selected in the NFL draft 
that year, was invited to 
Newport Beach in 
California for a week of 
celebration. Dirk's invita- 
tion came by way of 
Irrelevant Week's founder, 
Paul Salata. Salata, a for- 
mer NFL player, wanted to 
do something nice for the 

"underdog," so he started 
this weeklong celebration. 

In addition to honoring 
the last draftee, the cele- 
bration also raised money 
for many charities by 
charging admission to the 
various events throughout 
the week as well as gaining 
corporate sponsors. 

Ironically, Green is not 
the first former Demon to 
be dubbed "Mr. 
Irrelevant." The universi- 
ty's first "irrelevant" play- 
er, receiver Mike Almond, 
was the last pick in the 
1979 draft. 

Green, who was draft- 
ed by the Chicago Bears, 
described Irrelevant Week 
as a week of fun. From 

June 19-24, Green was 
given the royal treatment. 
On the first day, he 
received a "shower of 
gifts" and the formal intro- 
duction of "Mr. Irrelevant." 
Green received even more 
VIP treatment at 
Disneyland on day two. On 
the third day, a banquet 
was held to highlight the 
celebration of the NFL's 
last man along with conf 
sailing, golf and a baseball 
game and tailgating party. 

Among his many gifts 
for being "irrelevant" was 
a $3,000 watch. 

"The week made me 
feel like I belonged." 
in the NFL," Green said. 

Summer Reading ! ! ! 

Worst Case Scenario 
The Onion 
The Essential Croucho 
and . . . 

The Life antd Times of Macintosh: 
The Computer that Changed the 

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e-mail : j mickcel@thebookmerchant . com 
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Sunday: 10-3 

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Pecan Grove Estates Inc. 

Mobile Home Park 

Large Shaded Lots in the Quiet of the 
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Located in the East Natchitoches School District 

Lots For Single or Double Wide 
$135.00 a Month 

All Underground Utilities 
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The Next Left After the Old Cotton Gin 

For More Information Contact 

Philip Wise 471-2548 Or 321-0458 

Maureen Wise 628-3807 
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Pecan Grove Estates Inc. 
298 Vienna Road Natchitoches, La 71457 

Irx the -Peace of the Country 


July 6, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

All roads lead to Atlanta for All-Star Game 

Starters named for both National and American League squads for July 11 classic 

I New and old faces 
head to the mid-sum- 
mer's classic 

AP Services 

Andres Galarraga was 
among four Atlanta players 
added Wednesday to the 
National League All-Star 
team, giving the Braves five 
spots on the 30-man roster 
for next week's game at 
Turner Field, the most of 
any club. 

Along with the first 
baseman, who missed all of 
1999 while undergoing 
treatment for cancer, center 
fielder Andruw Jones and 
pitchers Greg Maddux and 
Tom Glavine were picked to 
join third baseman Chipper 


Barry Bonds, LF 


Barry Larkin, SS 

Chipper Junes. 3B 

Mike Piazza, C 


Ken Griffey Jr., (I 

Sammy Sosa, RF 

Mark McGwire, IB 

lurtesv ESPN 

Jones, who was elected to 
start by fans. 

Bobby Cox of the 
Braves is the NL manager 
for Tuesday's game. While 
starters were elected by 
fans, pitchers and reserves 
are selected by the commis- 
sioner's office, with the All- 
Star managers consulting. 

The New York Mets 
and St. Louis Cardinals 
have three players each on 
the team. Mets second base- 
man Edgardo Alfonzo and 
left-hander Al Leiter were 
picked to join starting 
catcher Mike Piazza. 

Joining Mark McGwire 
were right-hander Darryl 



Internet - Business Telephones 


Proud Supporter of NSU 
Experience the Difference 




>. liernie Williams, CF 
.lermaine Dye, LF Man 


ny Rameirez, Kh 

X Roberto Alom 


ar, 2B 

X. Alex Rodriguez, SS / 

;fe- ( al Ripken Jr.. M\\( O >f 

X / lason Giambi, IB 

Xv^r^ Ivan Rodriguez, C 

Courtesy ESPN 

Kile and outfielder Jim 
Edmonds. McGwire had 
threatened not to play in 
next Tuesday's game, the 
first at Atlanta since 1972, if 
Edmonds was not chosen. 

Ivan Rodriguez got the 
most votes of any player, 
and Jeff Kent overcame a 
138,000- vote deficit in the 

final week to overtake 
Houston's Craig Biggio and 
Alfonzo to win the NL's 
starting spot at second base. 
Kent, who leads the NL 
with 80 RBIs for the Giants, 
finished with 1,018,430 
votes in totals released 

News and Notes 
from the Southland 

Southland Wire Services 

McNeese Names New Head 
Baseball Coach 

Todd Butler, an assistant 
baseball coach for the past six 
years at Alabama, has accept- 
ed the head coaching job at 
McNeese State, where he 
played and worked as an 
assistant coach. 

Butler, 34, was offered the 
position Monday by athletic 
director Sonny Watkins and 
took the job Tuesday. He will 
take over immediately, 
replacing Mike 
Bianco, who left after 
three seasons to 
become head coach at 
Ole Miss. Butler 
played two years for 
McNeese at shortstop 
before transferring to 
Oklahoma where he 
set a school record for 

stolen bases and earned third 
team all-America honors as an 

Butler played two years in 
the Cleveland Indians' farm 

Southeastern Gets new AD 

Southeastern Louisiana 
University President Sally 
Clausen has announced that 
Frank Pergolizzi has been 
named the Lions' new Director 
of Athletics. 

Pergolizzi becomes the 
10th director of athletics in 
SLU's 75-year history. 

Any Purchase 
Expires six months 


Now serving 
_ Po-Boys from_ 
am - 2 ptftJLZI 

Welcome to the exciting world of Smoothie 
Shak. We at Smoothie Shak have the finest, 
custom made, all natural, real fruit smoothies 
available anywhere. Enjoy many fruits includ- 
ing succulent strawberries, fresh bananas, 
and sweet peaches. Also savor our newly 
added gourmet coffee bar and Blue Bell ice 

Beat the heat and enjoy your smoothie, ice 
cream, or gourmet coffee in our newly 
remodeled facility! 

504 College Ave. (Across from fJSli) 


Wbwlay thru Friday • 730 m 
Saturday * it U^n - 9 





Bossier Hall is 
turning co-ed. 
Find out why. 
Page 2 

Find out about 
the theatre 
program's next 

Page 6 

Sydney, here 
comes LaMark. 
Page 9 

The Student Newspaper of Northwestern 

The Current Sauce 

Vol. 86, Issue 4 Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 


University "chillers" receive 
revamping over summer 

By Josh Beavers 


In order to combat the 
summer heat and help out the 
environment, the University 
has undertaken the massive 
task of adding over 150 tons 
of cooling power to the cam- 

Three of the 
University's four huge air 
conditioning stations have 
undergone or are currently 
undergoing a revamping that 
will give more cooling 
power to the classrooms, 
offices and dormitories of 
the campus. 

The reason for the 
undertaking is due in part to 
the summer heat, but mainly 
because of the age of the 
"chillers" and the type of 
fluid they run on. 

"The "chillers" were 
installed in 1969 and were 
running on R-ll," Director 
of the Physical Plant Loren 
Lindsey said. "It has just 
been found out that R-ll is 
detrimental to the ozone 

layer and has been phased 

Cooling station number 
two, which is located in 
between Bossier Hall and 
Caddo Hall has just received 
a new 650 ton "chiller," new 
pumps, a new cooling tower 
and University personnel are 
currently adding another 
cooling tower. 

Cooling station number 
two supplies cooling power 
to Bossier Hall, Dodd Hall, 
Caddo Hall, St. Denis, Kyser 
Hall, The Field House, 
Caspari, Roy Hall and the 
Student Union. 

"'It's got the biggest job 
on campus," Lindsey said. 
"If it went out, half the cam- 
pus would be without air 

A cooling station behind 
the library was struck by 
lighting earlier this summer 
and is unrepairable. In order 
for the library to remain 
open, the University has con- 
tracted out a business that 
supplies the building with air 

Mingling with the Folk people 

Gary Hardamon / NSU Press 
John Guidry demonstrates how to weave a basket during the annual Natchitoches /NSU 
Folk Festival held last weekend in Prather Coliseum. Family traditions and recreational 
activities were the focus of exhibits which were on display during the Festival. The 
Festival also featured a lecture from noted Urban Legend authority Jan Harold Brunvand. 

University retention rate up for 1999 school year 

By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

The number of 
Northwestern State 
University freshmen who 
returned for their sophomore 
year rose by 6.6 percent, 
more than any other school in 
the University of Louisiana 

According to a press 
release from the University 
of Louisiana System, NSU's 

retention rate was 69 percent 
in the fall of 1999, up from 
62.4 percent in the fall of 
1995. The numbers compare 
first-time, full-time students. 

Along with NSU, six 
other universities in the 
System had higher retention 
rates. Grambling State 
jumped from 62.5 to 67.3 
percent, Louisiana Tech 
climbed from 74.3 to 79.4, 
McNeese State rose from 
56.6 to 61.4, Southeastern 

Louisiana improved from 
67.8 to 68.3, the University 
of Louisiana at Lafayette 
moved up from 68.6 to 71.8, 
and the University of 
Louisiana at Monroe 
changed from 65.4 to 65.6. 
The System average reflected 
a 3.4 percent increase, from 
65.7 to 69.1. 

Only one school in the 
System had a drop in its 
retention rate. Nicholls State 
fell from 67.7 to 64.9 per- 


Christie Anderson, coor- 
dinator of academic advising 
at Northwestern, said there 
were many reasons for 
NSU's retention increase. 

"There were so many at 
risk students at Northwestern 
and something had to be 
done," she said. "I don't want 
to attribute the reason for the 
higher retention rates to one 
source, though. Northwestern 
has improved its services in 

general around campus." 

System President Bobby 
Jindal said in a press release 
that many System schools 
have been developing pro- 
grams to improve retention 
rates, and they plan to raise 
admissions standards to help 
improve rates even more. 

"Better prepared stu- 
dents are more likely to suc- 
ceed when they come to our 

I See RETENTION, Page 4 


Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

July 26, 2000 

SBDC to hold workshop 

The Small Business 
Development Center at 
Northwestern State 
University will sponsor a 
QuickBooks Pro 
Workshop in Alexandria 
August 14-16. The work- 
shop will be from 6 p.m. 
until 8:30 p.m. each night 
in Room 146 at the 
University Center at 
England Airpark. 

Dr. Walter Creighton 
will be the instructor. 
Creighton has experience 

in accounting and current- 
ly teaches computer infor- 
mation systems courses at 
NSU. He has also been a 
small business owner and 
consultant. The fee for the 
workshop is $100 per per- 
son for the course only, 
and $125 per person for 
the course and workbook. 
Advance registration is 
required for the class. Due 
to limited seating, only 
the first 15 paid partici- 
pants will be accepted. 

In the course, partici- 
pants will learn how to set 
up accounts, track receiv- 
ables, build customer lists, 
pay bills, manage 
payables, and calculate 

Those taking the class 
must have a basic work- 
ing knowledge of comput- 

For more information 
or directions call (318) 
357-5611 or send an e-mail 

Colavito to fill Wallace's shoes 

By Josh Green 

Sauce Reporter 

One of the university's 
most recognizable figures, 
Ray Wallace, has resigned 
from his position in the 
Department of Language 
and Communication. 

Wallace resigned 
recently as the head of the 
department to fill a posi- 
tion at Troy State 
University in 
Montgomery, Alabama. 
There, Wallace will 
become dean of arts and 
sciences in the fall. 

Wallace, a former 
director of the Louisiana 
Scholars' College, had 
been at the university for 
over eight years. 

He has served on three 
editorial boards, held the 
presidency of the National 
Writing Centers 
Association, and has writ- 
ten four books and over 40 
articles in print. His wife, 
Susan Lewis-Wallace, an 
instructor at NSU for six 
years, will also leave to 
pursue a career at Troy 
State in the fall. 

Many university stu- 
dents and faculty said that 
both Wallaces will be 
greatly missed. 

D.D. Freaman, a 1997 
graduate of the university, 
said that Wallace was one 
of her most beloved 
instructors. "He was an 


awesome teacher. . . 
and a real asset to the uni- 

Don Hatley, Dean of 
the College of Liberal Arts, 
said that Wallace 
appeared to be very popu- 
lar among students. 

"Dr. Wallace was 
always very collegial with 
others," he said. 

Filling the position of 
department head of 
Language and 
Communication, will be 
Dr. Joseph Rocky Colavito. 

Colavito, a graduate of 
St. Bonaventure 
University and the 
University of Arizona, 
previously held an 
Assistant Professor posi- 
tion at the university. 
Colavito has been named 
acting department head 
until a permanent head is 

He will be performing 
all duties that a permanent 
department head would 

while he holds the tempo- 
rary position. Colavito 
will be performing duties 
ranging from scheduling 
classes to evaluating 
instructors in that depart- 

The decision of who 
will fill the permanent 
position will not be made 
until early next year. 

University officials said 
that the process of filling a 
departmental head posi- 
tion permanently can be a 
lengthy task. 

"You want to get the 
best person out there for 
the job, so it can't be a one 
month search," said 
Hatley. After a depart- 
ment head officially 
assigns, a lengthy nation- 
wide search begins. 

Officials said that the 
university is especially on 
the lookout for potential 
applicants during the 
Modern Language Society 
of America meetings, 
which occur between 
Christmas and New Years. 

The search committee 
will take in all applica- 
tions by early March. 
After several names are 
chosen from all applica- 
tions, the choice goes to 
the Vice President of 
Academic Affairs. 

Then, a candidate will 
be selected to permanently 
fill Wallace's position. 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Bossier Hall will become only the third dorm on campus to house both 
male and female students when the dorm goes co-ed this fall. The other two 
dorms are Boozman and Sabine halls. The North wing will house females. 

Bossier Hall slated to turn 
co-ed in fall 2000 semester 

By Josh Beavers 


At the start of the fall 
semester, Bossier Hall will 
become only the third dorm 
on campus to house both 
male and female students. 

The reason for the 
change is due to increased 
amount of female students 
and the lack thereof of dorm 
rooms to accommodate 
them. The University 
already has three times as 
many female students than 
male students and with 
another record freshman 
class expected there is sim- 
ply not enough room to 
house all of them. 

"We had about 200 more 
girls that needed rooms for 
the fall," Director of 
Housing Woody Blair said. 
"We had met the needs of the 
male students on campus and 
had the extra rooms in 

To make room for the 

female students, approxi- 
mately 40 male students had 
to be relocated to Rapides 
Hall. A criteria of a student 
having 60 or more hours and 
a 2.5 gpa was implemented 
to make the desicion of who 
would go and who would 

These students will have 
first priority to get back in 
once cancellations are made 
after the start of school. 

"It was rough on the 
guys who had to move out," 
Blair said. "We have every 
intention of giving them first 
call to any vacancies in the 

The move is not perma- 
nent, however. Blair said 
that as soon as a more per- 
manent solution presents 
itself then Bossier would 
once again be an all male 

The only other co-ed 
dorms on campus are 
Boozman Hall and the 
CAPA wing of Sabine Hall. 


July 26, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Scholarship fund set up in memory of Janet Goodwin 

The Goodwin family 
is asking that donations be 
made at the NSU 
Foundation to a scholar- 
ship fund set up in honor 
of the late Janet Goodwin 
to the Northwestern State 
Fellowship of Christian 

Goodwin, wife of for- 
mer Demon football coach 
Sam Goodwin, passed 
away last month after suf- 
fering a massive heart 

"Janet Goodwin was a 
prominent and vital mem- 
ber of the NSU communi- 
ty," University President 
Randall J. Webb said. "We 
love the Goodwins and 
appreciate them so much. 
The whole city is sad- 
dened by this tragedy." 

The 54-year-old 
Goodwin was celebrating 
her birthday with her old- 

est daughter who she was 
helping move to South 
Carolina the Saturday 
before her death. She suf- 
fered the heart attack at 
around 3 a.m. Sunday 

The Goodwin family 
played a huge part in 
helping the NSU FCA 
grow into the 
largest chapter in its dis- 
trict the past three years. 
322 Monroe Street, 
Natchitoches,LA 71457. 

Mrs. Goodwin, the 
former Janet Robins, was a 
native of Little Rock. She 
was chosen homecoming 
queen at Henderson State 
while her husband was an 
All-American offensive 
guard on the football team 
there in 1966. 

She served for several 
years as secretary in the 
Department of Health and 

Human Performance at 
Northwestern. The 
Goodwins were involved 
in local and area charities 
along with several campus 
organizations. Mrs. 
Goodwin was a choir 
member, vacation bible 
school teacher and youth 
worker at Westside Baptist 
Church in Natchitoches. 

Her husband 
expressed appreciation for 
the incredible outpouring 
of support during the 
tragedy. Former players, 
coaching associates and 
friends around the nation 
and overseas have been in 
contact with the 
Goodwins during the 
week. Charleston commu- 
nity leaders as well as the 
athletic department, foot- 
ball coaching staff and 
officials at Charleston 
Southern University have 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Janet Goodwin (left) stands with husband Sam while he announces his 
retirement as the school's head football coach. She died of a heart attack a 
short time later 

been extraordinarily help- 
ful, said Goodwin. 

On her final day in 
Natchitoches, Mrs. 
Goodwin joined her hus- 
band June 9 at the press 

conference introducing 
Goodwin's successor as 
coach, Steve Roberts. On 
May 9, Goodwin and his 
wife announced his retire- 
ment from coaching. 

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Graphic Design 

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Trophy & Plaques 

Screen Printing || | 


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Page 4 The Current Sauce July 26, 2000 

University enforcing selective service rule 

By Raymond Williams 
Sauce Reporter 

The university is now 
enforcing a federal act 
that requires all males 
between the age of 18 and 
25 to register with 
Selective Services before 
enrolling at a college or 

University registrar, 
Lillie Bell, said the policy 
has always been in effect, 
but the university is 
enforcing it differently 

Registering with 
Selective Service allows 

The Current 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Life Editor 
Larry Collins 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Photo Editor 
Courtney Payne 

Business Manager 
John McConnell 

Neil Ralston 
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for Josh 

The Current Sauce 
office is located in room 
225 F of Kyser Hall. For 
more information 
about the paper, call 
(318) 357-5456 or 357- 
5381. E-mail The 
Current Sauce at 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
Natchitoches LA 7*497 

2nd Class Periodical 
USPS* 140-660 

individuals to be drafted 
for military service dur- 
ing wartime. 

Male students who 
filed for financial aid were 
always required to regis- 
ter with the Selective 
Service before their appli- 
cations could be 

Northwestern State 
University will host the 
Louisiana Scholastic Press 
Association's annual 
Summer Journalism 
Workshop on Aug. 19. 

The "LSPA 2000 Boot 
Camp" will include a 
variety of break-out ses- 
sions on topics relating to 
publications for junior 
high and high school pub- 
lications staffs. The ses- 
sions include instruction 
on theme development for 
yearbooks, research, writ- 
ing and proofing articles 
for newspapers, organiz- 
ing broadcasts and writ- 
ing for broadcast media 
and basics in photogra- 
phy, including cameras, 

In addition, the uni- 
versity requires males to 
provide proof of registra- 
tion and to sign a sworn 
statement of Selective 
Service status. 

However, there are 
some exceptions to the 
policy. Females are auto- 
matically exempt. Also, 

composition and creativi- 

Other topics to be cov- 
ered include using 
"Highwired" to publish 
an online newspaper and 
internet-based activities 
for journalism students. 

Instructors for the 
workshop include high 
school and college faculty 
as well as experienced 
professionals. Mary 
Brocato, an assistant pro- 
fessor of journalism at 
Northwestern, will teach 
two of the sessions. 

The LSPA is chartered 
with the Manship School 
of Mass Communications 
at Louisiana State 
University. Its member- 

U.S. veterans of the 
armed forces, applicants 
under the age of 18, those 
currently active in the 
U.S. armed forces and 
those exempt from regis- 
tering with Selective 
Services under federal 
law are not forced to com- 

ship includes high schools 
and middle schools with 
newspaper or yearbook 
staffs, literary magazine 
staffs, video yearbook 
staffs, broadcast staffs, 
photography classes or 
journalism classes. 

The LSPA, 
Northwestern State 
University's Department 
of Journalism, LSU and 
Young Journalists 
Mentoring Program are 
sponsoring the workshop. 

For more information, 
contact camp director 
Dawayna Sanders at (318) 
487-0701 or visit the web- 
site at www.lspa2000.gen- 

Bell said the policy is 
being strictly enforced. 

"Since we get federal 
funds," Bell said. "We 
have to abide by federal 

Bell said problems 
only occur when students 
come to campus without 

She said students are 
only inconvenienced. 

"It just takes a little 
extra time," Bell said. 

She also warned that 
the registrar's office has 
placed holds on the 
accounts of students who 
have not registered. 

Students can obtain 
Selective Service registra- 
tion forms from their post 
offices. They may also 
register when applying 
for financial aid, applying 
for a driver's license and 
on-line at 

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Good, working 
refrigerator. $40 

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The Army can help you get an edge on life and earn up to 
$50,000 for college through the Montgomery Gl Bill plus the 
Army College Fund. 

Here's how it works. Enlist for 
four years. You then contribute $100 a 
month for the first year from your 
$11,100 first year salary. The Army then 
contributes the remainder. Enlist for 
three years and you earn $33,000 or 
enlist for two years and earn $26,500. 

Army opportunities gel better 
every day. If you qualify, you could 
train in on< oi ovei 200 challenging and 
rewarding high-ttvh skills in fields like 
avionics and electronics, satellites and 
microwave communications, computer and radar operations- just 
to name a few. 

It makes sense to earn while you learn. For more information 
about getting money for college, call your Army Recruiter today. 

318 - 357 - 8469 



The Northwestern State University literary 
magazine, Argus, is seeking an editor for the 
2000-2001 school year. In order to apply the 
following qualifications must be met: 

1. Full-time Undergraduate Student 

2. GPA of at least 2.0 in good academic standing 

3. At least 40 semester hours completed 

4. At least 6 hours in English completed with 2.5 GPA 

Editor receives one-half of a full scholarship 
(tuition, self-assessed fees, and double room and 19A 
meal plan or equivalent) 

Please contact Dr. Razovsk^ 
( or Dr. Wallace 
( by e-mail or by phone at 357- 


LSPA workshop to be held Aug. 19 


July 26, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

RETENTION: Planning 
ahead is key to succeeding 

Cont'd from page 1 

campuses," he said. "By rais- 
ing admissions criteria and 
expectations, prospective 
students are more likely to 
raise their performance." 

Although NSU will not 
adopt new admissions stan- 
dards until the fall of 2001, 
Jindal cited the school's 
EXCEL program as one pro- 
gram that has been keeping 
students in school. 

In the EXCEL program, 
freshmen who are enrolled in 
two or more remedial courses 
are required to take part in 
sessions that focus on time- 
management and study skills, 

"You need to know what your 
goals are and how you are going 
to reach them." 

Christie Anderson 
Academic Advising 

and they are provided with 
comprehensive academic 

Anderson said one key 
to staying in school is for stu- 
dents to get to know their 
advisers and teachers. 

"You need to learn how 
to develop a schedule first of 
all," she said. "Talk to your 

adviser, get to know your 
instructors. Let your profes- 
sor know that you are taking 
the class and your grade seri- 
ously, and the professor will 
take you seriously. You need 
to know what your goals are 
and how you are going to 
reach them. Allow yourself 
to enjoy yourself." 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Renovations to Lee H. Nelson Hall, also known as the Women's Old Gym, 
have not stopped due to the summer heat. As of press time the project was 
still on schedule for a early 2001 completion date. The building will house 
the new home of the National Center for Preservation Technology and 

Pecan Grove Estates Inc. 

Mobile Nome Park 

Large Shaded Lots in the Quiet of the 
Country OnCy Minutes Trom Town 

Located in the East Natchitoches School District 

Lots For Single or Double Wide 
$135.00 a Month 

All Underground Utilities 
All Utilities Available 


1.5 Miles Past Walmart On Vienna Road 

The Next Left After the Old Cotton Gin 

For More Information Contact 

Philip Wise 471-2548 Or 321-0458 

Maureen Wise 628-3807 
Cranford Jordan 218-7184 

Pecan Grove Estates Inc. 
298 Vienna Road Natchitoches, La 71457 

In the rPeace of the Country 




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and . . . 

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The Computer that Changed the 

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Sunday: 10-3 

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Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

July 26, 2000 

Clarke, "Odd Couple" crew set to entertain University, 
community with female version of Neil Simon classic 

Amie Clarke has a 
love for improvisation, 
but she also has an appre- 
ciation for a well-written 
script. Clarke, a junior 
from Blue Springs, Mo., 
plays Olive, one of the 
lead roles in a female ver- 
sion of "The Odd Couple" 
which will be presented 
by the NSU Theatre and 
runs August 2-10. 

The female version 
was written by Neil 
Simon, who also wrote 
the original version of 
"The Odd Couple" which 
was the basis for two 
films and a long-running 
television show. Simon 
transformed his award 
winning play into a more 
contemporary setting 
while flip-flopping the 
genders of the characters. 
Oscar and Felix became 
Olive and Florence while 
the famous "Pigeon sis- 
ters" became the Latin 
lovers known as the 
"Costazuela brothers." 

The plot of the play 
remains the same with 
roommates with oppos- 
ing personalities co-exist- 
ing in the same apart- 
ment. Simon brings a lot 
of the same lines from his 
male version in to the 
newer play, but the 
female version has a num- 
ber of differences. 

"It's incredible work- 
ing with what Neil Simon 
has written each night," 
said Clarke, who admits 
to being closer to a neat 
freak than the messy char- 
acter she portrays. "He 
gives the actors so much 
room. There are so 
many interpretations to 
each line. His insight is 
amazing. He knows as 
much about female char- 
acters as male characters. 
It is incredible that some- 
one is so insightful." 

Clarke says the play is 
set at a time when women 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Olive (Amie Clarke), far right, tries to explain her roommate's behzvior to her friends in a scene from the NSU Theatre 
Program's "The Odd Couple." The female version was written by Neil Simon, who also wrote the original version of "The Odd 
Couple" which was the basis for two films and a long-running television show. For ticket information on "The Odd Couple" call 

were fighting for equal 
rights, equal pay and 
additional opportunities. 
Olive is a self-sufficient 
woman in a high position 
while Florence (played by 
Sabrina Plaisance of 
Morgan City) is a social 
conservative, content not 
to seek a career and draw- 
ing security from her fam- 
ily and marriage. 

"Simon brings in new 
ideas and complexities 
that aren't in the original 
version of 'The Odd 
Couple,' said Clarke. 
"Florence is so balled up. 
Someone could definitely 
say she has some issues. 
Olive believes she is inde- 
pendent, but she is lonely 
and needs to feel loved 
and wanted. 

Clarke said the small 
cast for "The Odd 
Couple" has helped the 
actors come together 
quickly and develop well- 
rounded characters. 

"Each character has to 
give a lot in order to make 
the show work," she said. 
"We are close as friends 
and there is a lot of vari- 
ety in the characters we 
play. You have to keep an 
interest in each of the six 
characters. Olive and 
Florence can only argue 
for so long and keep the 
audience interested." 

Clarke and Jessica 
Sondag, who plays 
Mickey, both transferred 
to Northwestern from 
Missouri Valley College 
when the school made 

cuts to its theatre pro- 
gram. A faculty member 
at Missouri Valley knew 
NSU Coordinator of 
Theatre Dr. Jack Wann 
and arranged an audition 
for Clarke and Sondag. 
Clarke had her first major 
role last spring in the 
musical "How to Succeed 
in Business Without 
Really Trying," which is a 
part she never expected to 

"I had never been in a 
musical. I never thought 
of going into musical the- 
atre. I kept saying I can't 
sing or dance," said 
Clarke, who was on the 
soccer team at Missouri 
Valley College. "But I 
learned how to use the 
talent I had to shape a 

character. It opened new 
doors for me. 

"I've learned a lot so 
far. I love the instructors 
and the opportunity I've 
had to come into a depart- 
ment this size and learn 
how to deal with things." 

Clarke plans to gradu- 
ate in December 2001 and 
hopes to work in improvi- 
sational theatre or 
standup comedy. 

"Whatever will get 
me where I want to go is 
my objective. I'd love to 
be in a group like Second 
City," said Clarke. "I love 
meeting people and find- 
ing out about them." 

For ticket information 
on "The Odd Couple" call 


July 26, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

N'Sync, Spears, 
Eminem lead 2000 
MTV video awards 

D'Angelo's steamy 
single-camera clip for 
vv Untitled (How Does it 
Feel)" will compete with 
chart-toppers Eminem 
and 'N Sync for best music 
video at the MTV Video 

Eminem and 'N Sync 
both earned six nomina- 
tions apiece for MTV hon- 
ors on Tuesday, with Red 
Hot Chili Peppers, 
Metallica, Sisqo and 
Christina Aguilera win- 
ning five nods each. 

Marlon and Shawn 
Wayans, hot from their 
production of vs Scary 
Movie," will be hosts of 
the awards, broadcast live 

from New York's Radio 
City Music Hall on Sept. 7. 
'N Sync and Rage Against 
the Machine are among 
the scheduled performers. 

Video artistry has long 
taken a back seat to outra- 
geous behavior at the 
annual awards show, 
especially as MTV plays 
fewer videos and younger 
artists concern themselves 
more with dance steps and 
wardrobes than com- 
pelling clips. 

The prominent excep- 
tion this year was 
D'Angelo, whose video of 
his naked torso cemented 
his reputation as a sex 

Britney Spears is nominated in the best female video 

Awards. As of now the Louisiana native is not scheduled to perform at the show. 

~He did have nice abs, 
man," an admiring 
Damon Wayans said. 

Other nominees for 
the year's best video 
include Eminem's "The 
Real Slim Shady," 'N 
Sync's "Bye Bye Bye," 
Blink 182's "All the Small 
Things" and Red Hot Chili 

were nomi- 
nated for best 
male video, 
along with 
Kid Rock's 
vv Cowboy," 
Blues" and 
"Shake Your 
Bon Bon." 

Best female 
video nomi- 
nees include 

Associated Press 

tegory at the 2000 MTV Video Music Aaliyah's 

Try Again," 
Spears' "Oops!. ..I Did it 
Again," Aguilera's "What 
a Girl Wants," Gray's "I 
Try" and Toni Braxton's 
"He Wasn't Man 

The show will air on 
Sept. 7 from Radio City 
Music Hall in New York. 

Pepper VCalifornication.' 

Aguilera, who won 
the Grammy Award for 
best new artist in 
February, will compete for 
the designation of best 
new artist in video with 
Papa Roach, Macy Gray, 
Pink and Sisqo. 

D'Angelo and 


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Page 8 

The Current Sauce 

July 26, 2000 


"Sopranos" look to rub out Emmy competition 

Crime drama racks up 18 nominations including best drama series 

Associated Press 

The White House gang and the New Jersey mob 
took center stage Thursday as NBC's "The West Wing" 
and HBO's "The Sopranos" led the primetime Emmy 
nominations field with 18 bids apiece. 

"The West Wing's" tally for the 52nd annual 
Primetime Emmy Awards included the most coveted 
categories of best drama series, a lead actor nod for 
star Martin Sheen and four supporting acting noms 
spread among co-stars Richard Schiff, John Spencer, 
Stockard Charming and Allison Janney. 

"The Sopranos" collected two more Emmy bids 
than last year, when it led the primetime pack with 16 
nominations. David Chase's mobster drama is again a 
contender for best drama series, while James 
Gandolfini is in the running for lead drama actor. 
Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco are once again vying 
for lead drama actress honors, while Dominic Chianese 
and the late Nancy Marchand landed supporting drama 

Alongside Warner Bros. TV's "The West Wing" 
and Brad Grey TV's "The Sopranos," the contenders 
for drama series Emmy glory were NBC's "ER" and 
"Law & Order," which set an Emmy record in picking 
up its ninth consecutive series nod, and ABC's "The 
Practice," last year's winner. ABC's "NYPD Blue" was 
left out of the drama series competition for the first 
time in the show's seven-year history. 

NBC's sophomore sitcom "Will & Grace" racked 
up 1 1 Emmy bids to lead the comedy series pack, 
which otherwise was a rerun of last year's nominees: 
CBS' "Everybody Loves Raymond," NBC's perennial 
faves "Frasier" and "Friends" and HBO's "Sex and the 
City." Fox's "Ally McBeal," last year's winner, was 
out of the running, while Fox's quirky freshman hit 
"Malcolm in the Middle" also was noticeably absent 
despite garnering critical raves. 

Enriched by multiple noms for many of its core 
series, NBC led the network-by-network tally with 97 
Emmy bids, followed by HBO (86), ABC (64), CBS 
(41) and Fox (26). 

"We're blessed with having great shows across the 
board — comedies and dramas," NBC West Coast 
president Scott Sassa said. "We're proud of 'Will & 
Grace' because it's such a validation for NBC Studios. 
And when we launched 'West Wing,' everyone said 
there was too much skepticism about politics, but we 
had faith in a really well-written show with great char- 

For "Sopranos" creator Chase, the real challenge 
this past season was keeping the show up to the high 
standards set in the first season, which generated an 
avalanche of critical acclaim and pop-culture buzz. 

"It was a roller coaster last year. I'd never experi- 
enced anything like it, and I was not prepared for it," 
Chase said. "It was frightening, actually, and very dis- 
tracting, and it took us a while to get our legs last sea- 

Next to the "West Wing'VSopranos" juggernaut, 
HBO's "RKO 281," the story of the making of Orson 
Welles' classic "Citizen Kane," came in second in 
Emmy noms with 13. 

t ^ i ir- • . Associated Press 

James Gandolfini stars in The Sopranos." The HBO series was tied for most nomina- 
tions with 18. 

2000 Emmy Nominees 
Comedy Series 

"Everybody Loves Raymond 
"Frasier" NBC 
"Friends" NBC 
"Sex and the City" HBO 
"Will & Grace" NBC 

Drama Series 

"Er" Nbc 
"Law & Order" NBC 
"The Practice" ABC 
"The Sopranos" HBO 
"The West Wing" NBC 


"Arabian Nights" ABC 
"The Beach Boys: An American 
Family" ABC 
"The Corner" HBO 

"Jesus" CBS 
"PT. Barnum" A&E 


"Annie" ABC 
"If These Walls Could Talk 2" HBO 
"Introducing Dorothy Dandridge' 

"Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays 
With Morrie" ABC 
"Rko 281" HBO 

Lead Actor In A Comedy 

Michael J. Fox, "Spin City" ABC 
Kelsey Grammer, "Frasier" NBC 
John Lithgow, "3rd Rock From the 

Sun" NBC 
Eric McCormack, "Will & Grace," 

Ray Romano, "Everybody Loves 
Raymond" CBS 

Lead Actor In A Drama Series 

Dennis Franz, "NYPD Blue" ABC 
James Gandolfini, "The Sopranos" 

Jerry Orbach, "Law & Order" NBC 
Martin Sheen, "The West Wing" 

Sam Waterston, "Law & Order" 

Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or 

Beau Bridges, "PT. Barnum" A&E 
Brian Dennehy, "Arthur Miller's 
Death of a Salesman" Showtime 
Jack Lemmon, "Oprah Winfrey 
Presents: Tuesdays With Morrie" 

William H. Macy, "A Slight Case of 
Murder" TNT 
Liev Schreiber/'RKO 281" HBO 

Lead Actress In A Comedy 

Jenna Elfman, "Dharma & Greg" 

Patricia Heaton, "Everybody Loves 

Raymond" CBS 
Jane Kaczmarek, "Malcolm In the 

Middle" Fox 
Debra Messing," Will & Grace" NBC 
Sarah Jessica Parker, "Sex and the 
City" HBO 

Lead Actress In A Drama 

Lorraine Bracco, "The Sopranos" 

Amy Brenneman/'Judging Amy" 

Edie Fako, "The Sopranos" HBO 
Julianna Margulies, "ER" NBC 
Sela Ward, "Once and Again" ABC 


July 26, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 9 

2000 Summer Olympic Games 
Sydney, Australia 

Four Demons try for 
a shot at Olympic 
Gold at trials 

■ LaMark Carter Will 
go for the gold this fall 
in Sydney 

By Rondrav Hill 

Sports Editor 

In the past 17 years, 
the Demon track pro- 
gram has produced 34 
All- Americans, one 
national championship 
and countless all-con- 
ference track and field 

But there has never 
been a Demon 

Hold on a sec... One 
Demon Olympian. 

And for the rest of 
the world, it could have 
been much worse. Four 
Demons competed for 
the right to dance on the 
sport's ultimate stage at 
last week's Olympic tri- 
als in Sacramento. And 

of the four, one will get 
to live out his life-long 

A triple-jump of 
55"-7" was enough to 
put LaMark Carter two 
places better than he 
had been in the 1996 
Olympic trials. A fourth 
place finish four years 
ago kept Carter one spot 
from the team. This 
year, he finished second 
in the event and will 
represent the United 
States on the triple jump 
team in Sydney. 

"After the fifth 
round, we were one 
inch behind, and I was 
seeing 1996 all over 
again," remarked 
Carter's coach Dean 

"It just came down 
to courage and determi- 
nation moreso than abil- 
ity and technique, and 

when the pressure was 
on, LaMark came 
through with flying 

Carter was bested 
only by Robert 
Howard, who jumped 

Carter's teammate 
Kenta Bell fell short in 
his first attempt to 
make the Olympics. 
The All- American fin- 
ished the meet with a 
jump of 52"- 10, good 
enough for a 10th place 

The Demons were 
also represented with 
two young javelin stars, 
Regina Roe and Latrell 
Fredreick. Fredrick fin- 
ished the javelin with a 
throw of 215"- 1 while 
Roe ended the meet 
with a final throw of 

Triple jumper 
Kenta Bell fell 
short in his first 
attempt to reach 
the Olympics, 
But teammate 
LaMark Carter 
will head to 
Sydney for the 
2000 games. 




Gary Hardaroon/NSU press 

Demon finishes at the 2000 Olympic trials 

Regina Roe 
131 "-9' 

Latrell Frederick 
27th Javelin 

LaMark Carter 
2nd Triple Jump 


Kenta Bell 
11th Triple 
Jump 52"-10' 


Page 10 

The Current Sauce 

July 26 2000 

McNutt resigns; accepts post at Southern Mississippi 

Assistant Cindy 
Wille to join McNutt at 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

It wasn't a matter of 
"if, but a matter of 
"where. '" 

Demon softball coach 
Gay McNutt resigned 
from her position to 
accept the head coaching 
duties at Southern 

Assistant head coach 
Cindy Wille will also 
move to USM with 
McNutt to take over a pro- 
gram that, despite being 
only two years old, has 
gone to the College World 
Series in both those sea- 


McNutt will replace 
Lu Harris, who left USM 
to become the head coach 
at the University of 

"The job that coach 
McNutt and coach Wille 
did in reversing the for- 
tunes of our softball pro- 
gram is one of the great 
stories in the history of 
Northwestern's athletic 
program," NSU Athletic 
Director Greg Burke said. 

"It will be difficult to 
replace them, but because 
of the solid foundation 
they have established, I 
am confident we will find 
an excellent coach who 
will keep our program on 

McNutt, the threetime 
Southland conference 

coach of the year, has 
three conference champi- 
onships and two NCAA 
tournament berths to her 
credit. Her Demon squad 
has only 14 losses com- 
pared to 64 in southland 
conference play. 

There was some spec- 
ulation that McNutt would 
take a coaching position at 
LSU. She interviewed for 
the job last week. 

No successor has been 
named, but the Athletic 
Department hopes to find 
one as soon as possible. 

"It is important for our 
program and the players 
who have been a vital part 
of our success that we can 
hire an individual who 
will continue to win on the 
field and also stress aca- 
demics and citizenship 




Internet - Business Telephones 


Proud Supporter of NSU 

Experience the Difference 



NSU Press 

Gay McNutt: Demon Head 
Softball Coach 

Six Seasons at NSU 
112-61 Overall Record 
Three Conference champi- 

Two NCAA Tournament 

#25 National ranking (1998) 

Southland conference "Coach of the Year" 1998- 

All-American Catcher for Texas A&M 1982-1985 
AIWA Softball Championship -player 
NCAA National Championship-player 
All-Region catcher 1982-1985 

much like coach McNutt," 
Burke said. 

"Our new coach will 
be able to combine those 
two groups and keep NSU 
on a highly-competitive 

level. Next spring, we 
would like to celebrate a 
fourth straight SLC cham- 
pionship and return to the 
NCAA Tournament," . 

CenturyTel buys name rights 
to new arena; may move 
conference tournament 

Associated Press 

The Southland confer- 
ence Men's and Women's 
basketball tournaments 
could have a new home 

Talks between the 
conference and title spon- 
sor CentruyTel have 
begun about the posibility 
of moving the tournament 
to the brand new 
CenturyTel Arena in 
Bossier City. 

A four-year deal 
between the conference 
and Century Tell is being 
discussed, with money 
being the key issue. 

The Monroe-based 
communications compa- 
ny, signed a 10-year, $5 
million agreement 
between CenturyTel and 

the city, the arena will be 
renamed CenturyTel 
Center. Woodmont 
Boulevard, the road along- 
side the arena, will be 
renamed CenturyTel 
Center Drive. 

The arrangement also 
means that everything 
from cups and napkins to 
scoreboards and signage 
will display the building's 
new logo. 

City officials and 
arena managers have been 
working since October to 
secure the naming rights 
agreement. The moniker 
was not a financial neces- 
sity for the facility to sur- 
vive, officials said, but the 
name adds revenue and a 
way to introduce the arena 
to the nation. 


July 26, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 11 

Former Demon takes the helm at Notre Dame 

Ex-Demon Mike Brey at the press conference 
announing him as the 1 7th Fighting Irish head 
coach Associated Press 

Mike Brey Becomes 
head man at Notre 

Associated Press 

Mike Brey, whose 
teams at the University of 
Delaware won an unprece- 
dented 20 or more games 
and earned postseason bids 
each of the last three sea- 
sons, has been named the 
17th head men's basketball 
coach at the University of 
Notre Dame. 

"Mike Brey brings to 
Notre Dame ceverything 
you'd like to see in a col- 

lege basketball head 
coach," said Notre Dame 
director of athletics Kevin 

"His experiences along 
the way — at De Matha, at 
Duke and at Delaware — 
provide him with a tremen- 
dous background for what 
he will encounter at Notre 
Dame. Of course, I talked 
to dozens of coaches and 
administrators as well as 
select others throughout 
this process, and there was- 
n't a single person who did- 
n't have the highest regard 
for Mike both professional- 
ly and personally." 

A standout guard, Brey 
played three seasons at 
Northwestern State 
University, leading the 
team in assists and steals 
from 1979 to 1981. After 
transferring to George 
Washington, he played for 
the Colonials as a senior, 
was named team captain 
and won team MVP hon- 

Brey served under coach 
Mike Krzyzewski for eight 
seasons at Duke beginning 
in 1987-88. During that 
time, he saw the Blue 
Devils advance to six 
NCAA Final Fours, four 
national title games and 
claim the NCAA champi- 
onship in both 1991 and 
1992. The Blue Devils fin- 
ished a combined 216-65 
(.769) during his eight sea- 
sons and won 24 or more 
games in seven of those 

In Brey's five seasons 
with the Blue Hens, 
Delaware ranked as the 
only team to finish in the 
top half of the league 
standings in each of those 
seasons. His .656 winning 
percentage in those five 
seasons ranks as the second 
best in the country (behind 
only Michigan State's Tom 
Izzo) among those Division 
I head coaches who took 
over in 1995-96. 

Golf tournament to help Lady Demon 
basketball looking for participants 

NSU Sports lnformantion 

Entries are being accepted for the Aug. 5 Don't Die Wondering Classic XII 
scramble golf tournament, which generates support for the Northwestern State Lady 
Demon basketball program. 

The event will be held at Northwestern Hills golf course on the La. 1 bypass 
and will be the first tournament to utilize the newly developed back nine holes of 
the 18-hole layout. 

Any player who makes an ace on the par-3, 168-yard 10th hole will win a 2001 
Buick Century automobile from Foy Motors in Many. Any ace made in the tourna- 
ment will be rewarded with prizes ranging from golf equipment to trips to resort 

Four-person teams may enter, with a $60 per player entry fee that covers greens 
fees, a commemorative cap, a baked chicken lunch and shots at the Foy Motors 
Hole-in-One Shootout. Individual entries are also welcome. Rental carts are avail- 
able. Tee times are 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

Merchandise prizes will be awarded to six different teams with competition in 
low gross and low net handicap divisions. Putting, closest-to-the hole and most 
accurate drive contests will also be held. 'a^.-liJl ^ 

To enter or for more information, call Coach James Smith at 357-5891, Doug 
Ireland at 357-6467 or David Stamey at 357-1262. 

Time to 
NBA play- 
ers to take 
pay cut 

Associated Press 

NBA players will 
begin giving back in the 
2001-02 season. 

From the highest- 
paid superstars to the 
lowest-paid rookie, the 
players will lose 10 per- 
cent of their paychecks. 
And the money will be 
going back to the league. 

X T think players are 
going to be really upset 
when they learn about 
it," said Orlando's Pat 
Garrity, who was elected 
Tuesday as the union's 
secretary-treasurer. ~Ten 
percent is a pretty big 

Known as the escrow 
tax, the 10 percent give- 
back was agreed to by 
the players during nego- 
tiations to end the 1998- 

99 lockout. 

The tax would be 
triggered only if players 
received more than 55 
percent of basketball- 
related income. But pro- 
jections show the players 
will receive 64 percent 
of such income in the 
upcoming season. 

Collectively, the 
players will be returning 
more than $150 million 
to the owners in 2001- 
02. The tax will 
stay in effect for the 
2002-03 and 2003-04 
seasons under current 
basketball-income pro- 
jections, meaning the 
players will fork over 
close to a half-billion 
dollars by the time the 
six-year collective bar- 
gaining agreement 

N Tt's not really 
something people are 
thinking about," Garrity 
said, vv But the comfort is 
that the alternative was a 
hard salary cap." which 
wouldn't have been good 
for anyone." Players 
received $1.38 billion in 
salaries and benefits dur- 
ing the 1999-00 season. 



- Southwest Texas State coach Bob 
DeBesse about Demon Runningback 
Tony Taylor . 

Courtesy: Sports Network 

Snootkai. . ./4«d /I TVtide lot THme fff 

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Shak. We at Smoothie Shak have the finest, 
custom made, all natural, real fruit smoothies 
available anywhere. Enjoy many fruits includ- 
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added gourmet coffee bar and Blue Bell ice 

Beat the heat and enjoy your smoothie, ice 
cream, or gourmet coffee in our newly 
remodeled facility! 

504 College AV6# (Across from N$U) 


Monday thru Friday • 730 am - 9 pm 
Saturday • 12 Noon - 9 pm 

The Current Sauce 

Aueust 24. 2000 

Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 

On the inside 


NSU Goes with 
Hang Tags 

Hang tags will be used this 
year in place of the long used 
parking sticker. 

Page 3 

Lazy Days of summer? 
Not hardly. 

Find out what happened at 
NSU over the summer. 

Pager 2 

World News 

Russian sub drama 

Page 7 


The Cellv.s The 

What do Al Gore and a film 
laced with violence and sex 
have in common? Find out. 

Page 9 

The Real Slim Shady 

Our Life editor sounds off 
about Eminem. 

Page 9 

Don't be scared 

Is the duo that brought us 
Scary Movie up to it again? 

Page 11 


To Pray or 
not to Pray 

Find out how a recent Suprme 
Court descion may affect all 
NSU sporting events. 

Page 13 

Up close 

Meet the new sports editor of 
The Current Sauce. 

Page 13 

Saints' Report 

The New Orleans franchise 
has made their final cuts. 

Page 15 

The Current Sauce 
August 24, 2000Volume 86, Issue 5 

Fall enrollment could break University record 

By Josh Beavers 


Northwestern's fall 2000 
enrollment could be the 
University's highest ever, 
according to NSU Registrar Lillie 
Frazier Bell. 

While Bell said that official 
numbers would not become 
available for another two weeks, 
she expects this year's enrollment 
to surpass the previous record of 
9.040 set during the fall 1995 

"We do not know for sure at 
the moment," Bell said. "But our 
projection is that we should break 
the record." 

One reason for the expected 
increase is due in part to the largest 
freshman class in school history 
and the school's increased retention 
rate for last year's freshmen. 

The number of Northwestern 

State University freshmen who 
returned for their sophomore year 
rose from 62.4 percent in the fall of 
1995 to 69 percent last fall, more 
than any other school in the 
University of Louisiana System. 

University President Randall J. 
Webb said there are many reasons 
why this year's enrollment is 
expected to be so high. Some 
include the number of accredited 
programs, a solid sports program, 
the caliber of faculty and a safer 
environment than some schools. 

"Northwestern is becoming a 
more and more and more appealing 
place to go to school all the time," 
Webb said. "I believe that students 
are choosing us and staying with us 
because of the people who work 
here. The people of Northwestern 
truly care about the students, and I 
think the students can feel that." 

This summer's Freshman 
Connection program accomodated 

1 ,204 incoming freshmen, the most 
ever in the program's history. 
Another 425 freshmen who did not 
take part in the summer event 
participated in the new student 
orientation program held earlier in 
the week. 

Director of New Student 
Activities Reatha Cox believes the 
reason for the increased number of 
freshman and the subsequent 
retention of those students is due in 
part to campus and community 
organizations getting more 
involved in University affairs. 

"We have quite a few programs 
and seminars to make the freshman 
transition easier because one of the 
most critical times for freshmen is 
the first two weeks.," Cox said. 
Because Freshmen Connection 
sessions were so successful 
socially, Cox expects students to 
become more involved with 
campus life. 

Fall Enrollment 1995-2000 

Numbers have remained steady over the past five 
years except for a sharp decrease in the 97 and 98 

source: NSU Press 

New roomates Jennifer Barbier (left) and Kimberly Aromy (right) meet for the first time 

as they moved into their Sabine Dorm room Sunday. Living with new people is just one of the things that many freshmen have to deal 
with upon entering college. Programs at the University have been created to ease that process. Fro example, Aromy and Kimberly 
Wallace (background) met diring Freshman Connection 

Fears and the solutions 

that go with them 

Every freshman class goes through 
the same problems. Seniors of 
NSU today can probably think 
back to a time when they were fresh out 
of high school and here at for the first 

Some questions that they probably . 
asked were: Where is my class? Who is 
my advisor? Should I go Greek? and so 
on. Questions such as these were 
probably asked by all at some point in the 
First few weeks of school. 

Like the freshman class of 1997, 
who will be graduating in a few short 
months, the incoming freshman class has 
continued on page 3 

Everyone did their 
part with the 
moving this 
Sunday. Including 
this 5-year-old boy 
who is the cousin 
of a incoming 


Tuition hike not as much as some believed 

By Josh Beavers 


Individuals believing 
that school tuition was to 
increase by $500 this year can 
put their worries to rest. A 
mere incident of 
miscommunication occurred 
between the students and the 

All full-time 
University students received 
a letter this summer telling of 
a new tuition increase. The 

letter stated that the 
University had increased 
current tuition by $250 per 
academic year, not per 

Some students read the 
letter and believed that the 
increase was for $250 in the 
fall and spring, not the true 
amount of $123 each 

"If there was a 
somewhere, I apologize," 
University President Randall 

J. Webb said. "While students 
think in terms of semester to 
semester, administration 
thinks on a yearly basis. I can 
see how someone might get 

The tuition increase 
came as the result of a special 
session of the Louisiana 
Legislature where 
Northwestern and other state 
colleges and universities were 
authorized to raise tuition up 
to $250 to offset the rising 
costs of education. The state 

funded tuition program, 
TOPS, will also increase with 
the tuition hike. 

The amount of $1.9 
million is expected to be 
generated from the increase, 
and the money will be used to 
aid in the areas of instruction, 
academic support, student 
services and maintenance of 
the University's physical 

The University has not 
increased tuition since 1993. 

warn of fatal 
diseases on 
college campuses 

By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

Flyers and brochures were recently 
mailed out to students as a 
precautionary measure to inform them 
of risk factors associated with 
hepatitis and meningitis. The recent 
notices were sent in compliance with 
distribution requirements of the Center 
for Disease Control and the American 
College Health Association. One 
reason for the requirement is the 
increased risk level for college 
students contracting hepatitis and 
menengeococcal meningitis. 

Research done by the ACHA 
discloses reasons why college students 
are at a higher risk of contracting 
hepatitis. Seventy-five percent of 
reported cases occur between ages 15 
and 39. Many are at risk of exposure to 
body fluids and affected blood during 
contact sports. Students who travel 
abroad may come in contact with high 
risk areas. Medical students are at risk 
in coming in contact with infected 
materials. Higher risk levels are also 
involved for those living in close 
housing quarters and for those 
participating in sexual acts. 

Recent evidence found students 
residing in campus dormitories to be 
at a higher risk for meningococcal 
meningitis. Further research recently 
released by the CDC shows freshman 
living in dorms have a six times higher 
risk for contracting meningococcal 
meningitis disease than do students 
living off campus. 

Early symptoms of 

meningococcal meningitis include 
high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, 
nausea and vomiting, lethargy and a 
rapidly progressing rash. Most often, 
these symptoms are mistaken for the 

"Meningitis... is one of the few 
(diseases) where someone can be 
completely well and within 24 hours 
be dead," said Nancy Roscnstein of the 

About ten percent of people carry 
the bacteria in their throats. Usually 
nothing happens when these people 
cough and spray the bacteria into other 
people's breathing space. Healthy 
immune systems produce antibodies to 
protect people. On the other hand, 
factors promoting an easier entrance 
into the blood stream do exist. 

These factors include alcohol, 
exposure to cigarette smoke, upper 
respiratory infections and geographic- 
diversity on campuses. Crowded 
conditions also promote the passage of 
this bacteria from one person to 

The bacteria that causes 
meningitis produces a protein 
responsible for making blood vessels 
dilate and leak. This reduces blood 
flow to the major organs and 

Paok 2 The Current Sauce August 24, 2000 


The summer that was at NSU 

By Raymond Williams 

Senior Sauce Reporter 

The summer was an eventful 
time for the University. From 
great accomplishments to one 
memorable tragedy, there are 
many stories to review from the 
time of May 25 to July 26. 

As a courtesy to our readers, 
the four summer issues have been 
broken down and pulled apart to 
determine the more important 
events that occurred during this 

The summer's first issue, 
which was published on May 25, 
headlined news of the University's 
head football coach Sam Goodwin 
calling it quits. After 17 seasons 
of coaching, Goodwin decided to 
accept the position of athletic 
director at Henderson State, his 
alma mater. Goodwin said age 
played a big part in his decision. 
He has accomplished the 
credentials of being the 
winningest coach in Northwestern 
State and Southland Conference 

Other news included the 
announcement of the Taylor 
Home, recognizable from the 
movie Steel Magnolias, being put 
up for sale. The 5,000 plus 
square-foot home stands at 320 
Jefferson St. and serves as one of 
Natchitoches' best-known 

Henry Taylor and wife, who 
now occupy the home, were 
asking $600, 000 for it. 

In terms of sports, the 
University saw its Demon 
baseball team make the finals, but 
they fell short by one point to the 
University of Louisiana at 
Monroe. If the Demons had won 
this game, they would have 
advanced to the 2000 Southland 
Conference Tournament 
Championship game. The 
Demons ended their season with a 
30-26 record. 

Also, the Demon softball 
season ended with two loses in the 
NCAA Softball Regional held in 
Baton Rouge. The sixth seeded 
Demons lost first to LSU with a 
score of 7 to 1 and then to Oregon 
with a score of 4 to 1 . The softball 
team ended their season with a 
record of 41-19. 

The second issue headlined 
the appointment of Steve Roberts 
as the new head football coach. 
Over forty coaches applied for the 
position. Of the six finalists 
brought to the University to be 
interviewed, Roberts was the only 
applicant with no former ties to 
the University. A 12-member 
panel of university officials, 
coaches and players selected 

A story of tragedy also shared 
the front page of this issue. Janet 
Goodwin, the wife of former 
Demon football coach Sam 
Goodwin, suffered a massive 
heart attack on June 1 1 . Goodwin 
later died, leaving the University 
stricken with grief. 

Alleged date rape charges 
brought against University student 
Adam Breedlove, 19, were 
dropped by Natchitoches Parish 
District Attorney Van Kyzar due 
to a lack of evidence. A 22-year- 
old female alleged that Breedlove 
had drugged her at a local bar on 
the night of April 17 with the 'date 
rape' drug Rohypnol. She said 
after being taken home by 
Breedlove, she passed out and 
awoke to him having sex with her. 
Charges were dropped after blood 
tests revealed no sign of Rohypnol 
or any other drug in her system. 

On the academic side, 
University bachelor degree 
programs in art and graphic 
communications and master 
degree program in studio art 
earned accreditation from the 
National Association of Schools 
of Art and Design. 

A small fire that occurred on 
May 24 did little damage to the 
women's old gym. Physical plant 

officials said the fire started 
earlier in the day when 
combustible material in the rear of 
the building's frame caught fire. 

marks the second fire to plague 
the campus' oldest building. 
Officials said the fire would not 
halt the renovation efforts of Lee 
H. Nelson Hall. 

Three pictures of university 
students who finished in the Miss 
Louisiana Pageant's top ten 
graced the front pages of the third 
issue. Shelley Colvin placed as 
first runner-up; Lady of the 
Bracelet Sabrina Plaissance was 
named third runner up, and Casey 
Jo Crowder also placed in the top 
ten. In addition, one of two other 
University contestants also 
received recognition. Lakeisha 
Harris received a non-finalist 
talent award while Miss NSU 
Amber Rhyne did not earn an 

Information of the new 
admission policy also made the 
front page of this issue. 

The university implemented a 
new admissions standard that will 
apply to incoming freshman in the 
fall of 2001. Incoming freshman 
desiring a four-year degree will be 
required to score a composite 
score of at least 1 8 on the ACT or 
850 on the SAT. Also, they must 
earn an overall high school GPA 
of at least a 2.5 or receive a talent 
related or performance 
scholarship from the University. 

Other news included the 
announcement of Ray Wallace's 
resignation. Wallace was head of 
the department of language and 
communication and professor of 

He decided to leave the 
University to take the position of 
dean of the arts and sciences for 
Troy State at Montgomery. 

The final issue of the summer 
told of several changes to the 
University in preparation for the 
fall. The overhaul of the 
University air conditioning 
stations on campus was the 
headlining story. Three of the four 
stations underwent revamping to 
provide more cooling power to 
classrooms, offices and 
dormitories across campus. The 
summer heat and the age of the 
cooling stations brought on this 

Also, Bossier Hall was slated 
to turn into a co-ed dormitory for 
the fall semester. This will make 
Bossier Hall the third dorm on 
campus to house both male and 
female students. Lack of dorm 
rooms to house the increased 
number of female students caused 
the once male-only dorm to 
become co-ed. The number of 
freshman students on campus is 

st im S<& e 

Northw sterr St.\te 

v v\ w t'i demons com 


By \\ 



a new 

in one 
The i 
and t 

tags a 
affix in 
Carl 1 
also b 
hang ta 

over three times that of males. 

The university began strictly 
enforcing the Selective Service 
rule for the fall of 2000. 
University Registrar Lillie Bell 
said the policy has always been in 
effect, but the University is 
enforcing it differently now. The 
policy supports a federal act that 
requires all males between the age 
of 18 and 25 to register with 
Selective Services before entering 

The number of University 
freshman who returned for their 
sophomore year has rose by 6.6 
percent, more than any other 
school in the University of 
Louisiana System. According to a 
press release from the University 
of Louisiana System, the 
University's retention rate was 69 
percent in the fall of 1999. 

Four Demon athletes 
competed for a shot in the 
Olympic trials. These students 
included Regina Row, Latrell 
Fredrick, LaMark Carter and 
Kenta Bell. Of these four, only 
one of them will actually go on to 
compete at the Olympics in 
Sydney, Australia. Carter, a triple 
jumper, will have his chance to 
compete for the gold in Sydney 
this fall. 

Many events shaped the 
three summer months 
at Northwestern 
Veternan football coach 
Sam Goodwin (Top) 
retired at the beginning 
of the summer and a 
few days later lost his 
dear wife, Janet 
Freshman Connection 
(left) saw its largest 
attendance ever and 
continued in its 
tradition of mixing fun 
and education to help 
incoming students. 
The theatre program 
brought a female 
version of Neil Simon's 
classic The Odd Couple 
to campus to entertain 
the few students who 
attended summel 

Photos by Gary Hardamon and Courtney Pay* 

The C 
the c 


fears yet 
|out and si 
[Store for I 
"It v 
;Used to. 
been awa; 
not like tl 
Toup hi 
kady to 
Mlege Hi 
Nc of thi 
director 01 
pince she I 
pitical," < 
have r 
|0 help tht 

The I 
^is sum 
'Unday wi 
Phe fresh 


August 24, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Pack 3 



Hang tags to solve problems 


By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

Northwestern State 
University has issued hangtags as 
a new type of parking permit in an 
effort to improve upon the parking 
situation on campus. 

The hangtags are a pilot 
project started by a student group 
in one of John Foster's classes. 
The idea was researched and 
approved by police traffic control 
and the Student Government 

"The reasons for the hang 
tags are that people don't like 
affixing things to their vehicles," 
Carl P. Henry, III, director of 
student activities and 
organizations, said. 'There have 
also been some problems with 
students bringing different cars to 
campus and not having time to get 
temporary tags for them. The 
hang tags are transferable." 

"I believe that the hang tags will dramatically 
cut down on the amount of tickets and 

David Gunn 
SGA President 

As a result, this means that 
students cannot appeal a ticket 
because they forgot their hang tag. 

"I believe that the hang tags 
will dramatically cut down on the 
amount of tickets and appeals," 
David Gunn. president of SGA, 

Students, faculty and 
commuters will have to obtain 
these hang tags for a fee of $25 
per academic year and display 
them on the rear view mirrors of 
their vehicles. 

The tags can only be 
displayed on the dashboard in the 
event that the rear view mirror is 
missing. This applies primarily to 
people with motorcycles. 

"Familiarize yourself with 
the brochure, and you will save 
yourself a lot of time and probably 
money, too," Gunn said. 

According to Detective Doug 
Prescott, there has recently been 
incidents of hang tags being 
forged. Needless to say, this is 

"If we find a forged hang tag, 
the person will be arrested, and 
their computers, printers, copiers, 
etc. will be seized for evidence," 
Prescott said. "They will have to 
go to court to face a felony 
offense, and they will face 
disciplinary action by the 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Travis Williams fills out a registration card for his parking hangtag during fee payment. University officials hope 
that the hang tags will take care of parking problems in the past. 

ped the 
11 coach 
n (Top) 
er and a 
lost his 

5 largest 
iver and 
ed in its 
xing fun 
1 to help 
a female 
1 Couple 
mts who 


id Courtney Payi 

Payment has improved, students say 

By Stephanie Danby 

Senior Sauce Reporter 

Fall 2000 fee payment got an 
A+ from many University 

Most upperclassmen said 
shorter lines and a "faster flow" 
made this semester's fee payment 
a more enjoyable experience than 
those of the past. 

"It was much better this year 
because you got through the fee 
payment lines quicker," Lorene 
Miles, senior general studies 
major, said. "I think sticking to 
the rules and going by the last 
name really made a difference." 

Several students claimed that 
the biggest difference of all was a 
more organized fee payment 

"This fee payment seems more 
organized because they tell you 
exactly where to go," Stephanie 
Johnson, junior social work 

major, said. "They also tell you if 
your loan is in when you register. 
That way you don't have to sit in 
the loan line to see if it's here and, 
if it's not here, go back to the 
financial aid table to get your 
book voucher. So, it's a lot more 
organized this year." 

First time freshman of the 
University also appreciated the 
organization in this semester's fee 

"It's been pretty easy to 
navigate through," Lisa Mitchell, 
freshman journalism major, said. 
"Most freshman can probably 
find their way through it without 
too much help from the 

Although the majority of 
University students believe this 
semester's fee payment was the 
most organized so far, how does it 
compare to the fee payment 
process at other universities? 
John Terry, a transfer student 

from Kansas State University, 
said the University's fee payment 
is organized a little differently 
than it is at Kansas State, but after 
all. different is better. 

"It moves a little bit faster 
than at Kansas State, but Kansas 
State has a lot more people," 
Terry, junior business 
management major, said. "It's 
gone smooth so far, so I can't 

The success of this 
semester's fee payment is 
credited to the fee payment staff 
and a few minor changes made in 
the fee payment process. 

"We're staggering our lunch 
breaks and trying to keep as many 
cashiers as we can working," 
Lynda Lowry, business affairs 
computer support analyst, said. 

"We're trying to get the 
students out as fast as we can, and 
so far, I think it's going fairly 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Long lines like this have been a rarity during this year's fee payment process at Prather Coliseum. Officials have 
implemented a new strategy for dealing with the crowds and many seem to like the new system. Fee payment ends 

Opinions page to start next week 

The Current Sauce staff has just recently hired an opinions page editor and 
the opinions page will begin next week. All letters to the editor or other 
opinons that anyone wishes to be published can be sent to The Current 

Sauce at our e-mail site,, care of Mary 
Freeman. Mary is a senior journalism major with good ideas and strong 
opinions. She should bring something fresh and new to the section. Be 

sure to read next week. 

[Freshmen continued from page 1 

pears yet they are anxious to get 
lout and see what the world has in 
Istore for them. 

"It will take a little getting 
iised to," Jennifer Barbier. a 
■freshman from Iota said. "I've 
Ibeen away from home before, but 
Jnot like this." 

Luckily, this year's freshmen 
I'group has a whole team of 
(University personnel trained and 
peady to make the transition to 
follege life a little easier. Getting 
Ireshman more involved has been 
pie of the goals of Reatha Cox. 
Birecior of new student programs, 
pince she has been at NSU. 

"The first two weeks of a 
freshman's time here is the most 
fcitical." Cox said. "That is why 
fr'e have made the new programs 
|o help them through that 14 day 

The helping process began 
§his summer with Freshman 
■Connection and started up again 
Punday with campus move in day. 
Phe freshman had help getting 
FCquainted and moved into the 

Many faculty and staff 
members, along with a variety of 
representatives from different 
school organizations, braved the 
100 degree heat and came out 
Sunday to assist in the moving 
process. Some of the people who 
assisted ranged from University 
vice presidents to math and 
science professors to members of 
Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. There 
were over 30 people to help the 
freshman move in at Sabine Hall 
alone, and the freshmen and their 
parents were grateful for the help. 

"As soon as we pulled up our 
car was unloaded in five 
minutes." Debbie Margie, a 
parent from Shreveport, said. 
"They got everything inside and 
to the room, and we didn't have to 
do a thing." 

University President Randall 
J. Webb, now in his fifth year as 
school president, has made this a 
tradition in all of his years at 
NSU. "I have done this in all of 
my time here." Webb said. "We 
want them [freshmen] to feel at 
home and be able to get through 

the move smoothly." 

The Student Activities Board 
has also made an effort to get 
freshmen involved and 
comfortable with their new 
surroundings by sponsoring a 
two-week series of events full of 
helpful social and educational 

The program began last 
Sunday with a Wesley 
Westminster Foundation free 
cookout and will end Saturday, 
Sept. 2 when the NSU Demons 
take on the Southern Jaguars. 


Asi About Our 



• AM S*r**«» ttm 




«■ w«tem taKefaed for *\ 

"Ksfiisnst dboGcet WW wjh'I foe masking 

MM tk mc 

trying to get 
the students 
out as fast 
as we can, 
and so far, I 
think it's 
going fairly 

Lynda Lowry, 
Business Affairs 

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Current Sauce at 

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2nd Class Periodical 
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The Gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Order would like 
to congratulate all of the new members of Alpha 
Omicron Pi, Phi Mu, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. 


not ge 
New ( 
is loo 

the ne\ 
one < 
bring i 
to mi 


n £ 


Look for Great Beginnings events advertised around the campus 

Thursday, August 24 

New Student Social 

Street Dance & Singled Out 

8-1 1pm In Front of Student Union 

Friday, August 25 

Volleyball Bash 

Music & Volleyball games 

6pm - 8pm 

In front of Iberville 


Monday, August 28 

Roommate Cxame 

See how well you know your 

roommate ! ! 

Win Prizes ! Student Union In the 



"Who wants to he $ 1 OO Richer?" 

Student Activities Board 

Coffee Mouse (g£ 8:OOpm 

Just like the game show ! Answor 

trivia questions and win money! 

Free coffee, pastries and door 


Student Union In the Alley 
Tuesday, August 


More than just an entertaining 
event-you w r ill leave with a ton of 
new friends! 

Student Union Ballroom 7:OOpm 

Wednesday, August 30 

IVTaking College Count 

Start early on a successful college 


Get tips and info on how to make 

the most of your college 

experience! ! 

Student Union Ballroom 

1 :OOpm and 7:OOpm 

All Campus Worship 
Turpin Stadium (2x2 8:30pm 
Everyone is welcome! 
Worship <Sc Fun! 

Thursday, Aogusf 31 

Baptist Collegiate IVIinistries 

Encounter — $ 1 .OO lunch (2;/^ BCM 
1 1 :OOam 

Demon Daze Follies. 
4pm ROTC Field 

. Revisited ! 

Summer Splash! 
4 -7 pm Rec Complete 
Swimming «££c fun in the sun at the 
Complex — Shuttle buses will he 
provided from Iberville <Sc Demon 
Da^e Follies 

Friday, September 1 

Profyle Concert — Prather 
Col i seum 

R-«feFi group will perform with 
opening act Cap 1 . Free for NSU P"°uider 
students Sc. $5 .OO for non-students. Det ' 
Tickets will go on sale <@ 5:30 at pparen1 

Prather Coliseum. ^ 

"a beat 

iash o 

icker, < 
rain d 
high f 
fill ; 
istrict ; 



'as cite 
attery, : 


i go 
ivers tl 

erted ] 
»>o a 

"Demons Come out at Night" 
Pep Rally 

10:00pm (c*). Turpin Stadium 
Don't miss the first pep rally of th^ere he 
year! ! 

Saturday, September 2 

TSTSU Demons VS. Southern 

Turpin Stadium — 6:OOpm 
* Don't forget to pick up your 
ticket early during the week at the 
field house. 

"d crast 
>n Shi 
'jured ir 

Freshman Factor - Any freshmen who are interested in getting 
involved are invited to join. First meeting is Tuesday, September 5 at 

7 p.m. in the Cane River Room of the Student Union. 



^ 'ncor 



str 'ct , 

. Dn a 

August 24, 2000 

The Current Sauce 


Page 5 

What will happen to the casino? 


Associated Press 

The gambling industry did 
not get where it did by gambling. 
Wagering is strictly for the 
customers. And that's why the 
Hew Orleans casino 
is looking to the tax payers for 

No one should be surprised 
because everyone from Gov. Mike 
Foster down to grounds keepers at 
the Capitol knew this was coming. 

Boxed in by the high rolling, 
entertainment-driven palaces of 
the new Mississippi Gold Coast on 
one side and by successful 
riverboat operations along the 
Louisiana-Texas border, the New 
Orleans casino has been unable to 
bring in the tourists. 

Oh, people are going to the 
casino, but not in enough numbers 
to make the profits rise to 
stockholders' expectations. Why? 

Victim of road 
rage remains 
n a coma 

Associated Press 



A man beaten in June by 
mother motorist after a minor 
rash on Interstate 49 remains in 
coma and prosecutors are 
insure how that will affect 
iriminal proceedings against his 

Chris Ecker, 29, of 
ansfield is at LSU Hospital in 
hreveport and his attacker, 
iovernor Floyd, is out of jail on 

Chris Ecker's sister, Mary 
ker, says her brother suffered 
irain damage in the June*28 
Mack. She said he has 
leveloped an infection and runs 
1 high fever. 

"He's lost a bunch of 
weight. He's not responding. He 
oesn't move," she said. 

Criminal proceedings 
igainst Floyd are in the 
ireliminary stages, so it's 
ifficult to say how Ecker's 
liability to tell his side of events 
'ill affect the process, 
ccording to the Caddo Parish 
Sstrict attorney's office. 

Floyd's arraignment is 
cheduled for Sept. 7. 

Floyd, 37, of Shreveport 
'as cited for hit and run and 
barged with second-degree 
tttery, a felony. 

Floyd says Ecker cut him 
ff going southbound on 
iterstate 49, causing him to hit 
back of Ecker's car. The two 
ivers then pulled over onto the 

Detectives say Ecker 
Pparently pushed Floyd, 
fompting him to grab Ecker 
"d beat him on the pavement. 

Police say several witnesses 
krted police and that Floyd 
tased one witness's vehicle 
"0 a business parking lot, 
f~ th^ere he was later arrested. 

Floyd also faces charges of 
and run, driving with a 
Upended license and careless 
Oration of a vehicle in 
"Otiection with another rear- 
crash that happened on June 
'1 Shreveport. Nobody was 
tored in that accident. 




> at 



Because SI 00 million a year of 
casino money is siphoned off for 
the state. That state tax is a major 
part of the casino's big debt. 

Foster and legislators 
suspected profits would be low 
when a new casino contract was 
signed. That's why the contract 
included a key provision: The 
casino must have a guarantor, a 
sugar daddy willing in writing to 
pay the state the $100 million in 
case the dice palace folded. 

To get the casino going, the 
minority partner, Harrah's 
Entertainment, known by state 
officials as "Big Harrah's," 
agreed to be the guarantor. 

The guarantee runs out next 
March and, unless profits start 
soaring, any business would be 
really gambling to sign off on a 
new guarantee. 

The state gambling board was 
told last week that still another 

provision of the contract is not 
being met: The casino must show, 
at the beginning of each quarter, 
that it can handle its debts for the 
next 12 months. 

As of July 1, the casino 
owner, JCC Holding Co., did not 
have documentation that debts 
can be handled over a year's time. 

The company must prove it 
can handle the debt load, most of 
it the money owed to the state, at 
a September meeting. If it cannot 
satisfy the board, then default 
action is taken. 

What that means: 

The casino will then have 
about seven months to cure its 
problem, maybe even restructure 
its debt. 

Enter the taxpayers. 

There has been talk for 
months about asking the 
Legislature to reduce the $100 

million tax. 

It's going to be an interesting 
selling job, considering the state's 
fiscal posture, which is lousy, and 
the casino's track record. 

For the record: 

The casino opened in 
temporary quarters in May 1995 
while a new palace was under 
construction. The owner, 
Harrah's Jazz, expected the 
tourists to flock in, although there 
were no big name entertainers and 
no grade-A restaurants inside. The 
state would not allow the casino 
to compete with the famous 
French Quarter restaurants and 
entertainment centers. 

After five months of sparse 
crowds, the temporary casino 
closed, work stopped on the new 
building and Harrah's Jazz ran for 
bankruptcy protection. 

Louisiana creditors were left 
holding an empty bag. 

Associated Press 

Texas Governor George W. Bush will visit the city of New Orleans today to speak at Dillard University. 
He will be speaking on education at Dillard. Local parents, students and teachers are invited to attend. After his 
speech. Bush will continue on with his campaign when he flies out to Florida from New Orleans. 

Historian's slave research becomes 
genealogical treasure chest 

Associated Press 

Now 71 and a retired history 
professor, Gwen Midlo Hall is on 
a mission to shed light on 
America's slaves and their 
personal histories through 
thousands of pages of handwritten 
colonial-era documents salvaged 
from courthouse basements across 
Louisiana and as far away as 
France and Spain. 

"We know, for example, that 
most blacks in America 
descended from West Africa, but 
because of Gwen's work, some 
people, if they're lucky enough to 
find their ancestors, will be able to 
get very specific," DeVore said. 

Unlike the English colonies, 
where slave transactions were 
kept private between buyers and 
sellers, Louisiana transactions 
were recorded in detail and filed 
by notaries, often in Spanish or 
French, Hall said. 

Her research also uncovered 
long-buried family secrets of 
slavery, like the 28-year-old slave 
named Kit. who she discovered 
was sold for S975 by sugar 
plantation owner Levi Foster to 

his in-laws in 1818. 

Marsanne Golsby, the 
governor's spokesman, said the 
governor believes the CD-ROM is 
a great resource for those whose 
family histories have been 
obscured, but that he is being 
unfairly singled out. 

"I don't think anybody wants 
to know bad things about their 
family's past. It's human nature," 
Golsby said. "This was several 
generations back, and the man 
was born in 1930. There are lots 
of people in the South who didn't 
know their relatives owned 

Hall's project began in 1984 
when she was a professor at 
Rutgers University in New Jersey 
doing research for her 1992 book. 
"Africans in Colonial Louisiana: 
The Development of Afro-Creole 
Culture in the 18th Century." 

While searching court 
records in New Roads, La., she 
found documents written by 
French-speaking notaries 
detailing the specific African 
origins and ethnicities of slaves. 

By the time her book was 
published, she had collected 3,000 

slave names and was determined 
to expand the project. The 
National Endowment for the 
Humanities contributed to a total 
of $300,000 in grants. 

Hall's began her search in the 
twilight of a career shaped by 
years abroad and a youthful 
radical bent. After dropping out of 
college at age 20, she moved with 
her first husband to Paris, but her 
association with political activists 
there led to divorce. 

She moved to New York and 
married the late Harry Haywood 
Hall, an older, black radical who 
wrote the book "Black 
Bolshevik." But she said her 
connection to him made it hard for 
her to find work to support their 
children. She claims to have FBI 
files proving federal agents 
advised her bosses to fire her and 
landlords to evict her, something 
the FBI refused to confirm or 

Georgia Wise. 51, was 
helping researchers transcribe 
1,500 slave documents in 
Natchez, Miss., for a similar Web 
site database when she discovered 
her own family had owned slaves. 

To save the creditors, Foster 
agreed to a new contract, tightly 
drawn with a new owner, that 
would allow the new casino to 
open if the creditors were paid. 
The new owner is made up of 
bond holders of the old company 
and Big Harrah's. 

Even when the new contract 
was signed in 1998, Foster said he 
expected another run to the 
bankruptcy court within a couple 
of years. 

A majority of the Legislature 
agreed, as did gambling 

The opponents predicted the 
casino would want to lower the 
$100 million tax and would use as 
a lever the cry that thousands of 
workers would lose their jobs 
without a 
lower tax. 

That's the way it seems to be 
playing out. 

So, some gambler with $100 
million must step forward before 
March 31 and guarantee the 
casino debts. Big Harrah's may 
not want to take the big step 

Legislators and some in the 
administration privately admit that 
a special legislative session may 
be called to avoid a shut down. 

Certainly, there will be no 
session to cut taxes before Nov. 7 
when voters will be asked if they 
want to raise their own income 
taxes to save education. 

Foster said two years ago that 
if the casino shut down, it would 
be no big deal. The state would 
still have the building and could 
lease it to someone else. The big 
thing, he said, was that the 
Louisiana creditors got paid. 

The governor has not been 
using that line lately. 

Bush to speak in 
New Orleans today 

Associated Press 

Gov. George W. Bush will 
visit the city Thursday to speak at 
Dillard University and attend a 
fundraising lunch. 

Bush will participate in a 
forum on education at Dillard 
starting at 10:30 a.m. Local 
educational leaders, parents and 
students will be invited to attend, 
but the event will not 
be open to the general public, said 
Silvia Ferroni, a campaign 

Bush is then scheduled to 
appear at the Fairmont Hotel at 
1 1 :30 a.m. for the fundraiser. The 
lunch costs $ 1 ,000 per person for 
personal supporters, and $2,500 
per person 

for corporate donors. 

The Texas governor has no 
current plans to make other 
campaign appearances in 
Louisiana, Ferroni said. 

The candidate will also meet 
privately with local Republicans 
in New Orleans before flying to 

never win 

Associated Press 

No Louisiana teacher _ and 
nobody who even applied for 
certification in the state _ is 
implicated in the cheating scandal 
that broke last week, state 
officials say. 

An official from Educational 
Testing Service said last week 
that 52 would-be teachers from 
five states, including Louisiana, 
paid proctors $1,000 or more to 
get help and extra time on the 
Praxis exam. 

However, it turned out that 
only one of those 52 people lived 
in Louisiana, and that person does 
not have a teacher's license here, 
said Mickey Pounders, division 
director of teacher standards and 
assessment for the state 
Department of Education. 

"This person is not a 
certified teacher in Louisiana, and 
we have no record indicating that 
the person has even applied for 
certification in Louisiana," 
Pounders said Monday. 

He said the address given to 
ETS was in the Shreveport area. 

Louisiana is among 34 states 
which require a passing score on 
the Praxis exam for teacher 

Most people who plan to 
teach in Louisiana take the test in 
the state. It is given at six sites, 
from the University of New 
Orleans to LSU-Shreveport. 

The pay-for-help scheme 
allegedly occurred at Philander 
Smith College in Little Rock. 

ETS canceled 52 scores, and 
was investigating others, 
company spokesman Kevin 
Gonzalez said. 

The test is given in two parts: 
a four-hour general knowledge 
exam and the teacher's specialty. 
Timing on the second part varies 
by subject. 

Teachers who took the 
examination at Philander Smith in 
spring 1998 were given help and 
unlimited time, investigators say. 

Officials gave no specifics on 
who was paid the money or how 
those being tested were helped. 

ETS, a Princeton, N.J., 
nonprofit firm that administers 
the examinations worldwide, said 
it sent letters to teachers whose 
scores were canceled, as well as 
to education boards and 
institutions that may have 
received the test scores. 

It is up to the state education 
departments to decide what 
happens to the teachers. 

)NA testing clears man arrested in prostitute murder trial 

"sociated Press 


5 a* 

Authorities will drop second- 
P^e murder charges against a 
arrested in the slaying of a 
^itute because DNA testing 

/"It's not what we expected," 
Nam East Baton Rouge Parish 
' str 'ct Attorney Tony Clayton 

&NA testing on Donald 

' e ws did not connect him to 

the murder of Tannis Walker, who 
was found strangled behind a 
business on April 17. 

However, Andrews is 
expected to remain in jail because 
of "solid" evidence linking him to 
two rapes, Clayton said. 

Andrews, 41, was arrested 
April 25 in rapes allegedly 
committed March 1 1 and April 21 . 
In both cases, he is accused of 
raping the victims in an area near 
where at least six women, 

including Walker, have been found 
murdered in the last year. 

DNA testing on other 
suspects, whom Clayton would 
not name, also has failed to 
connect them to any murders of 
women _ some of whom have 
been identified as prostitutes. 

Police found one of the rape 
victims' drivers licenses in 
Andrews' possession at the time of 
his arrest, a warrant said. 

Police describe one of the 

victims as a prostitute and said 
Andrews told her that if she didn't 
comply with his demands, he 
would kill her like he killed two 
women in the park. 

Investigators got seminal 
fluid and sperm samples during 
Walker's autopsy, which was the 
basis of the DNA testing. 

The test results did not 
necessarily exclude Andrews, 
Clayton said, but since there was 
nothing concrete to connect 

Andrews to the killing, he said he 
felt dropping the murder count at 
this point would be appropriate. 

Investigators say five other 
cases could be related: 

_Dianna Williams, 35, was 
found beaten to death on April 1 3 
in North Street Park. Police have 
identified Williams as a prostitute. 

_Patricia Hawkins, 39, was 
found dead May 28 behind a 
vacant building in an area where 
prostitutes often work. 

JVeronica Delcourt Courtney, 
44, was found dead June 8 behind 
an apartment complex. 

_Florida Edwards, 36, was 
found dead Sept. 3 in an 
abandoned lounge. 

_Shirley Mikell, 33, was 
found dead Oct. 16 in a wooded 

Clayton said he has identified 
several other cases that may be 
related, but wouldn't discuss 

Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

Ar<;rsi 24, 2000 


Mother arrested 
after abandoning 

Associated Press 

A woman whose three 
small children were found 
alone at a library was arrested 
and charged with felony child 

Rosina Mack, 20, told 
police she wanted a break 
from her children and thought 
the library was a safe place to 
leave them, Virginia Beach 
police spokesman Mike Carey 
said Wednesday. 

"She just dropped them 
off and walked away," Carey 
said. "When we arrested her, 
she didn't even ask about the 
children. She didn't care 
about their whereabouts or 

their health. She wasn't 

The children - 2 1/2 -year- 
old twin girls, Breanna and 
Teanna Trabal, and an 8- 
month-old boy, Yabriele 
Trabal - were placed in foster 

"The kids appear to be 
well taken care of," said 
Dennis Brown, the detective 
who is leading the 
investigation. "There's no 
sign of trauma or abuse." 

Mack, who moved to the 
area from Manassas about two 
weeks ago, is not listed in the 
phone directory, and relatives 
were not talking to reporters. 

Police believe she is 
unmarried and was living with 
her brother and sister-in-law 

near the Virginia Beach 
Central Library, he children 
were left at the library on 
Monday afternoon, Carey 

A large, yellow sign 
designates the building as a 
"safe place" where children 
who think they are in danger 
can go for help, Carey said. 

It was unclear how long 
the children were alone before 
a patron found them in the 
adult nonfiction section and 
notified the staff, librarian Pat 
Cook said. 

The girls had juice bottles 
and were running around, 
while the boy was in a stroller 
and had a milk bottle and a 
pacifier, Cook said. There 
were no notes or 
identification tags on their 

"They were very sweet, 
very friendly babies - pretty 
well-behaved, considering," 
Cook said. She added they 
were clean except that "the 
little guy needed his diaper 
changed in a big way." 

Mack was found in nearby 
Hampton on Tuesday night, 
after the media aired reports 
asking for help in identifying 
the children or their 

She was being held 
without bond in the city jail 
pending her arraignment on 
three counts of felony child 

Cheney questions school standards 

Associated Press 

Republican vice presidential 
candidate Dick Cheney said 
Tuesday the country needs high 
standards in schools and that 
government must ensure they 
have enough money. 

"It's a soft form of 
discrimination, if you will, to set 
low standards for kids," he told 
teachers, administrators and 
local politicians after an 
education forum in the library of 
Kingsbury Elementary School, 
which he toured with his wife 
Lynne. "We need high standards 
and high expectations." 

But while the purpose of 
Cheney's two-day swing through 
California is to promote GOP 
presidential nominee George W. 
Bush's education program, the 
Cheneys will spend as much 
time raising campaign funds for 
California Republicans as they 
will visiting schools. 

Cheney, a supporter of 
school voucher programs that 
critics say will drain government 
funding from public schools by 
using it to send children to 
private institutions, also said 
government, at all levels, must 
make sure that schools have 
enough money to do the job. 

"Money is not the only 
solution," he said. "but 
obviously resources are a very 
important part of the process." 

Later Tuesday, the Cheneys 
will be the star attractions at two 
fund-raisers, including a $100- 
per-person reception in Ontario 
and a $2,500-per-couple dinner 
in Upland. 

Cheney will also court 
donors in Portland, Ore., later in 
the week. 

Most of the money is 
earmarked to help California 
GOP House members, several of 
whom face uphill battles for re- 
election as the party looks to 

retain its majority in Congress. 

Cheney's visit is a follow-up 
to Bush's swing through 
California two weeks ago. 

At the school, Cheney an< 
his wife sat in a third-grade class 
as the pupils read a story about a 
one-room schoolhouse. He also 
toured the computer lab. 

The 650-student school 6( 
miles east of Los Angeles ha 
seen test scores improve sinc< 
beginning a program that usei 
standardized tests to hol< 
schools accountable for studen 
performance. The program i; 
similar to one begun by Bush in 
Texas, where he is governor. 

Boeing's Delta III blasts ofl 

Associated Press 

Boeing's newest Delta III 
rocket successfully delivered a 
dummy satellite to orbit during a 
critical test flight Wednesday 
after back-to-back failures. 

It was the first satisfactory 
launch of a Delta III. Boeing 
spent the past year revamping 
the program to prevent another 
embarrassing - and costly - flop. 

Everything went well as the 
$85 million rocket lifted off just 
after 7 a.m. and arced out over 
the Atlantic. On board was a 5 
1/2 -foot steel spool designed to 
mimic the satellite that flew on 
the last Delta III and wound up 
in the wrong orbit. 

The spool reached the 
proper orbit a half-hour later, 

right on schedule. 

"I am thrilled," said Gale 
Schluter, vice president of 
Boeing's expendable launch 
vehicles. "It is a major success 
for us." 

Anxiety had been high 
among Boeing workers worked 
round the clock for weeks to 
prepare for this flight. The 
rocket is essential in order for 
Boeing to capture more of the 
launch market. 

"I really feel the world is 
watching us," Jay Witzling, vice 
president of the Delta III 
program, said before the launch. 
"We all want to see success so 
that we can bring some of these 
payloads that are flying on 
offshore launchers back to the 

Despite the high stakes, 
Witzling said he did not view the 
mission as "a make-or-break" 
for Boeing. 

A dummy satellite was 
launched because the company 
wanted to prove the rocket's 
reliability and was reluctant to 
wait for a paying customer. 

"We felt we needed to get 
this behind us," said chief 
engineer Rick Arvesen. 

The satellite will serve some 
scientific purpose. The Air Force 
had black stripes painted on the 
9,500-pound white spool to track 
it in orbit as part of a test. 

The first Delta III, in 1998, 
carried a broadcasting satellite 
that was destroyed along with 
the rocket in an explosion after 
launch. Flawed computer 

software was to blame. Th 
second flight, in 1999, left 
communication satellite in 
useless orbit when an engin^ 
combustion chamber ruptured. 

The failures were part of ai 
unrelated string of botched U.S 
launches that grounded certaii 
rockets for months. 

The Delta III losses, alone 
exceeded $450 million. Million 
more were spent on the ensuin 

Boeing hopes to launch it 
next Delta III next yeai 
Company officials in Huntingto; 
Beach, Calif., envision an annua 
flight rate of four to si: 
beginning in 2002, and expec 
the Delta III to be replaced b] 
the yet-untested Delta IV b 




the ; 
in Ri 
and c 

area • 
for e\ 

to the 
the se 

to be 
navy \ 




way fc 
U.S. t; 
had suf 
of comp 
the pre: 
these cr 

and inc 
equip th 
with 18 
and 42 I 


getting t 

v 'olatioi 
c ourts. 
could no 

a uthorit\ 
c orps. 

f aith e 
There i 

b el 
Process \ 
tights siti 

^ahy of 

Open Positions 
2 Supreme Court members 
10 Senators at Large 

Student Life Committee 
1 Representative from each college 

Residential Life Committee 

1 RA from each dorm 

1 Student from each dorm 
2 Faculty/Staff members 

2 Columns residents 

University Bookstore. Food Service, and Postal Service Committees 
1 Student living off campus with a meal plan 


1 Columns resident 

1 Dorm resident 

2 Faculty Members 

2 Staff Members 







August 24, 2000 

The Current Sauce 



Anger over sub turns toward government 

Associated Press 

President Vladimir Putin 
flew to an Arctic naval base 
Tuesday to console the families 
of 118 sailors killed in 
submarine accident, but the 
gesture barely alleviated the 
nation's crushing grief and 
anger at the bungled rescue 

Former submariners wept in 
the streets as Russia mourned 
with striking openness over the 
loss of the Kursk, which 
suffered a massive explosion 
and sank to the Barents Sea 
floor Aug. 12. Candles were lit 
in Russian Orthodox churches, 
and condolences poured in from 
around the world. 

Putin, dressed all in black, 
was greeted in Murmansk by 
somber, exhausted navy 
officials, then visited a nearby 
area where 400 relatives of the 
sailors are quartered. The 
families heard almost no official 
information about the rescue 
operation, relying on television 
for even the most basic news - 
including the announcement 
Monday that their sons and 
husbands were dead. 

Putin - who has been 
sharply criticized for taking so 
long to show concern for the 
crew -was expected to go later 
to the ship that led the rescue 
effort and throw a wreath into 
the sea where the sailors are 
entombed in their wrecked 
submarine, 350 feet below. 

Dazed relatives demanded 
to be taken the site, too. The 
navy was considering the plea. 

Emma Yevdokimova. 
whose son Oleg was a cook 
on the Kursk, ' wept 
uncontrollably as she 
recalled how he helped her 
prepare the holiday dinner 
last New Year's Eve. 

**When they offered 
him to join the Kursk, he 
was so glad," she said on 
Russia's RTR television. 
"He was so good. He still 
is," she said, collapsing into 
tears as she added, "I still 
don't believe that he 

Russians have assailed 
Putin for not canceling a 
vacation more quickly when 
the sub sank and the 
military for resisting foreign 

Trying to divert the 
public anger, the besieged 
military has tried to lay 
blame on its former Cold 
War enemies -claiming the 
Kursk collided with a 
Western sub. The United 
States and Britain have 
denied having any vessels 
nearby and Norwegian divers 
who saw the wreck said there 
was no sign of a collision. 

The top brass has a lot to 
explain. The media has blasted 
them for trying to hush up the 
disaster, then lying about it. 
Public anger increased when 
Norwegian divers quickly 
succeeded in opening the hatch 
Monday, after days of failed 
attempts by Russian rescue 
capsules to reach the submarine. 
It was the Norwegians who 
determined there were no 

Associated Press 

Russian President Vladimir Putin consoles a family member of a crewman who lost his life when a 
Russian sub sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea. 118 sailors were killed in the accident. 


The world joined in 
Russia's grieving. British 
sailors and rescuers who had 
come to help in the operation 
but were never needed held a 
brief memorial service for the 
crew, throwing a small bouquet 
of flowers into the sea as they 
left the site of the tragedy. 

"Tt is very sad. I think that 
is the feeling of the entire 
crew," said Commodore David 
Russell, commander of the 
British rescue team. "Our 
mission was to help the 

Russians save lives, but I think 
it proved to be beyond 
everyone's capabilities." 

The Norwegian divers left 
the region later Tuesday. The 
Russian Navy was negotiating 
with the Norwegian diving 
company for help lifting the 
submarine and retrieving the 

The flooded submarine 
weighs about 25,000 tons, and 
any operation to move it would 
take weeks or months and be 
extremely expensive. Removing 
the bodies would also be 

difficult, as 
many are 
probably badly 
damaged and 
would be 
difficult to pull 
through the 
ship's narrow 

A former 
commander of 
the Black Sea 
Fleet, Eduard 
Baltin. said 
Tuesday that 
wouldn't raise 
the boat until 
next spring 
because the 
weather in the 
region is too 
harsh by 

There is also 
concern about 
the ship's two 
reactors. The 
recorded normal radiation levels 
around the submarine, though it 
was unclear whether the 
reactors had suffered any 

Putin declared Wednesday a 
national day of mourning. 
Television stations repeatedly 
displayed the names of the dead 
crewmen and showed old 
footage of the Kursk sailing out 
of port, its crew at attention on 
the deck. Film was accompanied 
by classical music and mournful 
folk ballads. 

Russian newspapers said 

everything the government did 
was too late. 

"It's time for questions," 
the daily Izvestia wrote in a lead 
editorial. "What if? What if 
they hadn't lied to us? What if 
they'd invited foreigners 
without waiting for five days? 
What if we'd had the proper 
technology? It's too late." 

It remained unclear what 
caused the explosion in the 
torpedo compartment in the 
front of the submarine that 
crumpled the ship. The 
government's collision theory is 
that the Kursk ran into a 
Western sub, probably U.S. or 
British, that survived and 

Analysts said finger- 
pointing at the West showed a 
mindset from Soviet times that 
remains in the military's upper 
echelons, where top 
commanders are now fighting to 
save their jobs. 

"It's entirely a propaganda 
effort," said Pavel Felgenhauer, 
an independent military analyst. 
The top brass "want to get out 
of the line of fire and direct it at 
their old enemy." 

Putin said that he wasn't 
going to dismiss top 
commanders over the Kursk, but 
the rising tide of public 
criticism could push him to 
order shakeups. 

"Putin will only be able to 
prevent erosion of his own 
popularity by telling the truth 
and finding real culprits among 
the military," said Alexander 
Pikayev, a military analyst with 
the Carnegie Endowment. 

Clinton clears way for Columbian aid on anti-drug enforcement 

Associated Press 

President Clinton cleared the 
way for a $1.3 billion anti-drug 
package for Colombia Tuesday, 
signing a waiver that allows the 
money to be distributed even 
though the Colombian 
government has not met all the 
human rights conditions set by 

Lawmakers imposed the 
conditions out of concern that the 
U.S. tax dollars would aid a 
military with an embarrassing 
human rights record. 

"Since the legislation is fairly 
recent, it's understandable the 
Colombian government has not 
had sufficient time to meet all the 
conditions and establish a record 
of compliance," said P.J. Crowley, 
spokesman for the National 
Security Council. "That required 
the president to waive some of 
these criteria. 

The aid is meant to help 
Colombia fight drug traffickers 
and includes money to train and 
equip the army and police, along 
with 18 Black Hawk helicopters 
and 42 Huey 2 helicopters. 

Ninety percent of cocaine 
consumed in the United States is 
grown or passes through 

There were seven criteria that 
Colombia was to have met before 
getting the anti-drug money. 

One was met last week when 
Pastrana ordered that military 
Personnel accused of human rights 
Eolations be tried in civilian 
courts, so that military courts 
c ould not be used as a shield. 

One would give legal 
authority to military leaders to 
Suspend personnel suspected of 
abuses. The second would 
e stablish a judge advocate general 

"We do think there is a good- 
faith effort under way in 
Colombia," State Department 
spokesman Richard Boucher said. 
There is progress on all fronts, 
^e believe the certification 
P^cess helps improve the human 
^ghts situation." 

Democratic Sens. Patrick 
^ahy of Vermont and Edward M. 
^ e nnedy of Massachusetts both 

had urged Clinton not to exercise 
his waiver authority. 

Leahy said a waiver would 
"make a mockery" of the 
arguments and expectations of the 

many supporters of Colombia's 
counterdriig campaign in 
Congress who insisted that the 
conditions are necessary to ensure 
that human rights are protected. 



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August 24, 2000 

LIFE: {Entertainment 

The Current Sauce 

Page 9 

The View 

from the 
Front Row 

So, Eminem claims that he 
was sent here to piss the world off 
and that he is simply being 
himself when he raps about 
slicing his wife's throat and 
painting the forest with her blood. 

When listening to his latest 
CD release. The Marshal 
Mathers LP, one would think that 
he was going down a laundry list 
of people that he intends on 

AH over the nation the gay 
community is protesting the 
lyrical content of Eminem's CD, 
and women's rights groups are 
joining the fight to silence the 
highly explosive young musician. 

Well, I agree that Eminem's 
lyrics are offensive and a bit 
overboard at times, as would 
most sane adults. The fact that I 
do not agree with ideals of 
Eminem has nothing to do with 
the fact that I realize that he is a 
rare talent and that he created one 
of the best CDs of the year. 

I've been asked how I can 
separate the talent of the artist 
from the words that he speaks and 
the ideas that he heralds. How 
can you not 
separate the two? 
No matter what 
you think of the 
content of his 
music, you cannot 
deny that he is a 
eccentric artist, a 
talented lyricist 
and an 
He has taken his 
musical genre in a 
unique direction 
and along with a 
few other artists, 
he reinvented a 
genre that had 
come very close 
to becoming a 
musical cliche. 

Some are adamantly protesting 
his violent tales of murdering his 
wife and mother. We must 
remember that they are stories; he 
does not really mean the things 
that he has to say, as he warns 
within the lyrics of his songs. Did 
you really think that classic 
author Jonathon Swift really 
meant for people to eat their 
children in A Modest Proposal"? 

Eminem has lived a hard life 
and is an angry person. This is his 
outlet for his anger. Some people 
drive, smoke or drink. Eminem 
just chooses to deal with his 
anger by taking it and turning it 
into something artistic. He has 
the right to do so. 
t If a consumer does not want to 
hear what the musician has to say, 
there is any easy way to save his 
precious soul from Eminem's 
Mgarity and his calloused, jaded 
piew on life. Instead of 
preventing those that understand 
^hat he has to say and enjoy his 
Jalent from hearing him... simply 
lon't listen. 

Most of Eminem's most 
offensive songs are too harsh to 
he played on the radio or video 
*hows, so if someone is hearing 
*hese songs, it would mean that 
toey actively searched for the 
^ack and listened to it, thus 
Objecting themselves to what 
fhey are trying to hide from. 

Simply just do not purchase 
*he CD. Do we really need to hear 
^ople complaining about 

By Larry Collins 
Life Editor 

something that they didn't have 
to hear? 

I don't really recall this big of 
a fuss for Garth Brooks' song 
Mama Loved Papa. In this song 
a jealous husband drives his 1 8 
wheeler through a motel room to 
kill his cheating wife and her 

Sure the Dixie Chicks got a 
little flack for their (what many 
have called) "fun" husband 
killing hit song Goodbye Earl, 
but it was soon accepted, and an 
organization for battered women 
applauded the song where the 
plot of the song is murdering a 
person and hiding his body. The 
list goes on and on (Richard 
Marx's Hazard and Warrant's 
Uncle Tom 's Cabin just to name a 

I also find it funny that some of 
the same people that are 
complaining about the violence 
are the same people that are 
watching Faces of Death in their 
spare time. And some of the 
same people that are angered at 
Eminem's jabs at boy bands and 
pop superstars are the same 
people that 
watch Saturday 

Live. Selective 
morality is very 

Sure, there are 
some things that 
are a little strong 
for children in 
this CD, but it 
wasn't written 
for children. 
There is a 
Advisory sticker 
on the CD for a 

So you ask, 
'But what if a 
child did get his 
hands on the 

Well, why don't we just stop 
making R rated movies, just in 
case a child sneaks in. How about 
we focus our efforts on 
something else like say hand 
guns for now. 

I disagree with about 90 
percent of what Eminem raps 
about in this CD, but I enjoy the 
work a little more every time that 
I hear it. He explains why he does 
the things that he does on the CD, 
so listen to the CD before you 
pass judgement on someone that 
you know nothing about. But, be 
forewarned that he will challenge 
you and what you believe in. 

Elton John, a strong 
supporter of gay rights and 
critically acclaimed 
musician/song writer sees the 
talent of Eminem. 

it feels like the nuclear 
bomb has just hit... rap records 
are often full of expletives, and 
this is really hard-core stuff, but 
it's intellgent hard-core stuff... 
it's funny, it's clever, it's poetry, 
and it's also musiclly 
interesting," John said. 

Someone out there is 
enjoying his artistry. The CD was 
number one in sales for more than 
ten weeks. He sold more CDs in 
his first few months of release 
than any other male artist in the 
history of music. For those that 
don't like Eminem, that is fine. 
You have that right, but then 
aaain, so does Eminem. 

Entertaining Politics: 

The Cell vs. The Democrats 

Jennifer Lopez stars 
movie in the nation. 



With the 
convention over, 
a big question in 
Hollywood is 
what Al Gore and 
Joe Lieberman 
might say about 
the sexually 
explicit thriller. 
The Cell, which 
opened around 
the country this 
past weekend 
along with sci-fi 
flick Godzilla 2000 and 
Original Kings of Comedy. 

At its best, The Cell, which 
takes audiences inside the mind of 
a serial killer, is a visual sensation 
of colorful costumes, lavish sets, 
and floral graphics that frame the 
movie screen in a unique use of 
computer technology. 

But the film, directed by 
commercial and video director 
Tarsem Singh, also shows women 
humiliated and destroyed by a 
violent sexual predator, and it is 
gory to the point of making 
audiences in advance screenings 
squirm in their seats. 

Democratic presidential 
nominee Gore and vice president 
hopeful Lieberman might think 
The Cell is explicit beyond what is 
necessary for the story. 
Lieberman, particularly, has been 
an outspoken critic of sex and 
violence in the media. 

Director Singh told Reuters 
he doesn't see the film as violent 
and, indeed, there is little actual 

within it — no 
gun battles, 
fights, rapes, 
murders etc. 
But there is 
torture and 
violence is 

"It's a 
graphic film, 
but not 
violent," he 


Associated Press . f 

in this weeks number se es lhe Cell 
"The Cell." as operatic and 

theater that takes audiences on a 
fantastic and nightmarish journey. 

The Cell stars Vincent 
D'Onofrio as killer Carl Stargher, 
who kidnaps unsuspecting young 
women, imprisons them in a 
glass-lined tank that slowly, 
automatically fills with water. 

Stargher videotapes the 
torture and later, gets sexual 
satisfaction watching the video 
while suspended above his dead 
victim's body by wires that pierce 
his skin. 

As The Cell begins, Carl has 
just disposed of his latest victim 
and trapped a new one. He is 
quickly caught by FBI agent Peter 
Novak (Vince Vaughn) after 
suffering a stroke that leaves him 

Novak finds himself in a race 
against time to locate the girl 
before Stargher's tank fills with 

Unfortunately, Stargher has 
left few clues about where the girl 
is, so Novak takes him to a 

where scientists 
have devised a 
way for a 
psychiatrist to 
take a virtual 
trip into his 

movie truly 
starts when 
Deane (Jennifer 
Lopez) enters 
mind. His inner 
world is filled 
with elaborate chambers and god- 
like creatures. It also has 
nightmarish dungeons that hold 
sewn-up corpses, bleached bodies 
and memories of abuse that Deane 
must explore. 

Hollywood may never know 
how the Democratic candidates 
would respond to the graphic- 
nature of The Cell. They're 
floating down the lazy Mississippi 
on a riverboat campaign tour, and 
it's unlikely they will ever see it or 
voice an opinion. 

Singh, however, did react to 
the issue of excessive sex and 
violence in the cinema, and he did 
not disagree that the industry is 
reaching some extremes. But he 
argued that R-rated The Cell is for 
adults who should be able to 
discern between fantasy and 

Meanwhile, for all those 
movie fans who want to take a 
step back to the 1950s, there is 
Godzilla 2000 — the 23rd in the 
series of stories about the giant 

Associated Press 

How do Al Gore and Joe Lieberman feel 
about the new crop of movies being 
released and topping the charts? 

lizard from 
Japan's Toho 

1 9 9 8 ' s 
Godzilla, which 
was seen as a 
flop by U.S. 
critics and 
media, despite a 
solid box office 
around the 

2000 essentially 
resurrects the 
old-style monster flicks that used 
molded models to create the giant 
beasts instead of sophisticated 
computer graphics. 

In 2000, Godzilla's power is 
again unleashed on Japan, instead 
of New York in the 1998 U.S. 
film. And Godzilla has a new foe, 
Orga, a gigantic beast with razor- 
sharp teeth and claws mutated 
from a UFO that lain dormant for 
6.000 years. 

Finally, The Original Kings of 
Comedy is Spike Lee's concert 
film that documents the live 
shows given by four of the United 
States top African-American 
comedians, Steve Harvey, D.L. 
Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer 
and Bernie Mac. 

Filmed and edited from two 
nights of performances in 
Charlotte, N.C., the movie is a 
straight-forward depiction of the 
theater show that spotlights the 
stand-up routines of each of the 
four comics. 

The debate continues: is Napster 
really grand theft audio? 

Throughout its bitter battle 
with the song-sharing service 
Napster, the music industry has 
lived in fear that there are 
thousands of people like Brad 

"I haven't bought a CD in 
two years," said the 17-year-old 
from Rochester Hills, Mich., who 
likes the Backstreet Boys, Creed 
and Savage Garden. Whenever he 
hears a song he likes, he tells a 
computer-savvy friend, who 
downloads the songs through 
Napster and burns Fortier a 
custom-made compact disc every 
few months. 

But then there are people like 
25-year-old James Cavanaugh of 
Manhattan, who has downloaded 
free songs about a dozen times 
through his computer. He was 
curious about Eminem's hit 
album, "The Marshall Mathers 
LP, " and sampled several of its 
songs. Then he went out and 
bought the disc. 

"I'd be more likely to 
download a song and get an album 
if I liked it," he said. "If anything, 
it would make me want to buy 
something more. It's kind of like 
listening to the radio." 

While Fortier is the music 
industry's nightmare, the danger 
for record companies is that there 
are many more people like 
Cavanaugh, and the battle to shut 
Napster down could come at the 
expense of then- 
best customers. 

The Recording Industry 
Association of America, and 

musicians like Metallica, went 
after Napster in court for a simple 
reason: It let fans get for free the 
material musicians make their 
living producing andselling. That 
was the basis of the U.S. District 
Court judge's decision last month 
ordering the service to stop. 

Napster is still alive - barely - 
after an 1 1 th-hour stay. 

The war was waged, 
however, before anyone could 
determine definitively whether 
Napster depressed or stimulated 
music sales. 

Rolling Stone recently asked 
5,000 readers whether they have 
bought fewer CDs now that music 
is available for free online, and 
only 8 percent said yes. Most of 
the readers, 54 percent, said their 
buying habits haven't changed 
and 36 percent said they are 
buying more. 

A study of college students by 
Greenfield Online and 
YOuthStream Media Networks 
found that two-thirds of the people 
who admitted to downloading 
songs said they did it to preview 
music before purchasing it. Nearly 
80 percent of the people who use 
Napster said they still plan to buy 

Music sales in general are up 
this year: 355 million albums sold 
in the first six months of 2000, 
versus 332 million in the same 
period last year, according to 
Soundscan. 'N Sync, Britney 
Spears and Eminem all had 
explosive first-week sales records. 

"I just go by logic - that 
people will want to hear 
something before they buy it," 
said rap artist Chuck D, a pioneer 
in distributing music through the 
Internet. "If I got turned on by an 

artist after I heard something for 
free, I would go out and buy it. 
That's too logical for people in the 
music industry to understand." 

Some people buy music even 
after they've downloaded it from 
Napster because they prefer 
having a CD they can play in 
another part of the house, instead 
of listening on an MP3 player or 
computer. And searching for and 
downloading music can be 

"If you want to get a whole 
album, it takes awhile," 
Cavanaugh said. "It's more 
trouble than it's worth." 

Hank Barry. Napster CEO, 
said one study found that 95 
percent of the files downloaded 
through Napster are eventually 
deleted. He said that indicates fans 
are using the service to sample 
music, not keep it. 

On the other hand, there's 
Akinwunmi Akinlawon, a 19- 
year-old student at the University 
of Illinois who downloaded music 
by Limp Bizkit, the Dave 
Matthews Band and others until 
his university blocked access to 

"I buy less," he said. 
There's no point to buying it if 
you can just download it." 

A study released this spring 
found that sales of recorded music 
near college campuses - a hotbed 
for Napster use - declined by 4 
percent between the first three 
months of 1998. 

Page 10 

Ryan and 
Quaid, the 


actress Meg Ryan has 
returned to her actor 
husband Dennis 
Quaid following a 
three-month fling 
with Gladiator star 
Russell Crowe, Britain's Express 
newspaper reported on Saturday. 

The 38-year-old actress who 
starred in When Harry Met Sally 
and Sleepless in Seattle was 
reported to have described her 
affair with New Zealand-born 
Crowe as a "dreadful mistake." 

Quaid, 46, has dropped the 
divorce action he filed last month 
after Ryan begged his 
forgiveness, the paper said. 

Ryan's affair with Crowe 
took off in London when they 
were filming the up-coming film 
Proof of Life. 

Hogan's Next 
Main Event 

Hulk Hogan has 
filed a defamation 
suit against the World 
Wrestling, accusing 
the WCW's creative 
of berating him on 
television after a ring 

According to the lawsuit, 
Hogan won the July 9 bout in 
Daytona Beach, Fla., by default 
when his opponent refused to 
wrestle, but the WCW's Vince 
Russo followed Hogan from the 
ring, accused him of playing 
politics" and implied he is 

WCW spokesman Alan 
Sharp declined to comment. 

Some have speculated that 
the lawsuit might be a publicity 
stunt, as part of a continuing story 
line in which the WCW has 
sought to eliminate older 
wrestlers such as Hogan as it tries 
to revive flagging ratings. Hogan 
has not appeared on WCW 
programs since the lawsuit was 
filed Aug. 1 . 

"This is a real lawsuit," said 
Hogan's attorney, John Taylor Jr. 

What Russo said vv was 
defamatory and a breach of 



The Current 

Sauce is 
looking for 

You, too, can 
writing for 

the LIFE 


LIFE: TeopCe 

The Current Sauce 

August 24, 2000 

The Supposed Former Infatuation 
Junkie is back to work in studios 

Alanis Morissette is about to 
pour the past few years of her life 
into another introspective album, 
she revealed during a question- 
and-answer session with fans 
Thursday night at the Museum of 

"I liken it to a sponge - I 
spend two or three years 
absorbing this crazy water, and 
then I get into the studio and I just 
squeeze it," she said. 

The 26-year-old Canadian 
singer/songwriter said she plans to 
head into the studio within the 
next month to begin work on the 
follow-up to 1998's, Supposed 
Former Infatuation Junkie, which 
features the single "Thank You. " 
Morissette said she will produce 
the effort herself - presumably 
without the help of longtime 
collaborator Glen Ballard. 

The producer, who is working 
with Lisa Marie Presley on her 
debut album, recently said he did 
not expect to be involved in 
producing Morissette's next 
album, but characterized their 
professional relationship as 

The question-and-answer 
session with fans came amid an 
acoustic performance by 

Morissette and her five-piece 
band, capping their three-week, 
11 -country The One Tour. The 
trek took them through the Middle 
East and Europe, hitting such 
countries as Croatia, Turkey and 
Lebanon. Morissette said she 
wanted to play in cities where fans 
rarely get the chance to 
experience live American music. 

The intensely spiritual singer 
said the tour reinforced her belief 
that "we're all one - we're all 

Morissette chose the Museum 
of Tolerance - which is devoted to 
Holocaust remembrance and the 
defense of human rights and the 
Jewish people - as the final stop of 
the tour because of its efforts to 
promote harmony in diversity, 
said Joe DiNunzio, CEO of the 
night's host, The Internet 
company webcast parts of the tour 
and will air Thursday's event 
starting Sept. 12 at club. 

Clad in black leather pants 
and a shiny pastel top that was for 
the most part concealed by her 
long brown hair, Morissette sat on 
a stool center stage and took 
questions. Most of the 300 
attendees had won tickets through 
the tour's Web site, while celebrity 

r fFm Currmf Swum 

Top 25 

I .. (Hot Sh * *t) Country Grammar Nelly 

2. The Way I am 

3. Teenage Dirtbag 

4. Girl from the Gutter 

5. Kryptonite 

6. Six Pacs 

7. You're an Ocean 

8. Jumpin' Jumpin' 

9. Come on Over 

10. Californication 

11. You're a god 

12. Last Resort 

13. Promise 

14. Lucky 

15. Wonderful 

16. 1 Think I'm in Love 
17. 1 Need You 

18. There You Go 

19. Cold Day in July 

20. What You Want 

21. Why Didn't You Call Me? 

22. It's My Life 

23. I Wanna Know 

24. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) 

25. Bent 


3 Doors Doion 
Getaway People 
Destiny's Child 
Christina Aguilera 
Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Vertical Horizon 
Papa Roach 
Eve 6 

Britney Spears 
Jessica Simpson 
Leanne Rimes 

Dixie Chicks 
DMXfeat. Sisqo 
Macy Gray 
Bon Jovi 

Nine Days 
Matchbox 20 


Chili Peppers 


3 Doors Down 





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guests included Goo Goo Dolls 
singer/guitarist Johnny Rzeznik 
and actress Calista Flockhart. 

At several points during the 
session, Morissette was asked 
about the raw honesty of her 
lyrics, which often give a diary- 
entry feel to her songs. 

Morissette said she wasn't 
always able to be so open as a 
songwriter, adding that she spent 
her teenage years trying to hide 
some of her emotions - even from 

"I felt that I had to fragment 
myself and only show certain 
parts," she said. 

Morissette attributed some of 
the introspection that marks her 
music to her "intolerance of pain." 

"If I felt any chronic amount 
of pain for too long, I had to start 
to understand it," she said. "I 
knew that we weren't innately 
suffering beings," she said. 

Alanis Morissette is about to 
pour the past few years of her life 
into another introspective album, 
she revealed during a question- 
and-answer session with fans 
Thursday night at the Museum of 

"I liken it to a sponge - I 
spend two or three years 


Associated Press 

Canadian Alanis Morissette is set to work on her new album. She has not 
had a new release since 1998. 

absorbing this crazy water, and 
then I get into the studio and I just 
squeeze it," she said. 

For more information and the 

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a folio 
and hu 
the tee 


going s 
has be< 
In its 1 
took in 
the big 
film by 



August 24, 2000 The Current Sauce Page 11 



Life in the Big Easy a little less 
than Real for the Belfort seven. 


oject go 








Movie II 

First rule of a hit 
movie: Never say 
never when it comes 
to doing a sequel. 

Breaking the 
promise of the 
original's tagline — 
"No mercy, no shame, no 
sequel" — the Wayans brothers are 
reuniting to make Scary Movie II, 
a follow-up to their highly crude 
and hugely successful send-up of 
the teen-horror genre. 

Keeping it all in the family, 
Keenen Ivory Wayans will be 
returning as director with sibs 
Shawn and Marlon writing and 
costarring in the project. The 
sequel will include all new 
characters and will presumably 
skewer a whole new batch of 
slasher flicks. 

Scary Movie, which has 
grossed $144.8 million and is still 
going strong since its July open, 
has become the most profitable 
release in the history of Miramax. 
In its first weekend, the movie 
took in$42.3 million, making it 
j the biggest opening ever for an 
R-rated film and the biggest for a 
film by a black director. 

By Joni Naquin 

LIFE Reporter 

This is the story of seven 
strangers picked to live in a 
mansion and have their lives 
taped to find out what happens 
when people stop being polite 
and start getting REAL. 

This is Real World, New 
Orleans. Well, it's almost real . 

On this season's MTV 
reality drama, the usual 
concept takes place, but this 
time with a local twist. The 
usual diverse group left their 
hometowns and began to get 
real. This time in Louisiana's 
own New Orleans. The 
personalities, conflicts, dramas 
and tensions begin to rise in a 
manshion on St Charles 

With hours of film on the 
cutting room floor, viewers missed 
a lot of the "real" elements of the 
Belfort Seven that never made it to 
The Real World. 

David was portrayed as the 
"player" on the show. He was seen 
as a brash yet charming and young 
singer from South Chicago. 
Sources say he thrived on the 
attention of women and would 
frequently lie to his housemates 
about his romantic conquests. 
During his stay, he attended 
Loyola University and sang in the 
choir at a New Orleans church. 

Danny, Julie, and Melissa hang out in New Orleans. 
They were known as the Befort Seven. 

He moonlighted as a bartender at a 
pub on Prytania Street called Hyde 
Park Corner. The pub served as a 
breeding ground for David to pick 
up on the young women of the 

Melissa was the outspoken 
ethnic girl from Miami. She 
frequented a club called the Red 
Room on St. Charles Avenue, and 
sources say she acted crazy and 
wild only when the cameras were 
rolling and kept calm when they 
were turned off. Her favorite 
hangouts were on Magazine 
Street, and she enjoyed spending 

time in coffee shops, especially 
Rue DeLaCourse. 

Kelly was the level headed, 
all-American blonde in the 
mansion. Sources say she worked 
at Superior Bar and Grill and is 
still living in New Orleans with 
her boyfriend, a resident doctor at 
Charity Hospital, whom she met 
on the show. She said the two of 
them are headed in a "serious" 

Jamie was the well bred, 
privileged guy next door. He 
started his own internet company 
and caught the eye of both Melissa 
and Kelly. 

Two other roomates of the Belfort Seven, Kelly and 
Matt, ham it up for the cameras. 

Matt was the wacky yet quiet 
and innocent guy from Georgia. 
Sources say he was really 
interested in religion and his youth 
group dedicated to educating 
young kids. One source described 
him as "too good to be true." 

Danny was the guy with a big 
secret. He had a boyfriend in the 
military, and the show revealed his 
secret affair with a blurry faced 
young man. Sources say that 
Danny was very attractive with 
wit, charm and personality. "He 
would have made the perfect 
boyfriend, except he already had 
one," a source said. 

Lastly, Julie was the innocent 
Mormon of Brigham Young 
University. She became 
enlightened during her time in 
New Orleans to the issues hidden 
from her throughout her life. 
Sources said she was kind and 
considerate. Since the show, she 
has been suspended from school 
for living with members of the 
opposite sex. 

The housemates also 
produced a show called The Real 
Seven on 77 on New Orleans 
Access Television. Even Elton 
(the NOATV director) was a little 
different in real life. Sources say 
he really is a nice guy and easy to 
get along with despite his 
reputation as a "poopy face," 
according to Julie. 

A security guard was 
stationed outside the mansion at 
all times due to the influx of 
onlookers who would knock and 
try to make their way into the 

Now, the Belfort Mansion 
stands as an infamous site. It is 
empty and a chain link fence 
surrounds the property. It is now 
up for sale and MTV has moved 
the illustrious furniture with a 
New Orleans flair out of the 

This has been the true story of 
how life stopped being television 
and started getting real. 




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along with 

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LIFE: (Features 

Page 12 

The Current Sauce 

August 24, 2000 


The Bad 
Boy is 

Dennis Rodman 
is being sued for $10 
million by a woman 
who claims he raped 
her after they met in 
a bar last summer. 
"The accusation 
is false," Paul Meyer, the former 
basketball player's lawyer, said 
Tuesday. "This matter will be 
vigorously defended." 

The 30-year-old woman said 
she was raped by Rodman on 
Aug. 20, 1999. She reported the 
alleged attack to police 10 days 
later. Police said the delay made it 
impossible to gather physical 
evidence, and the Orange County 
district attorney's office declined 
to file charges, citing insufficient 

According to the lawsuit 
filed Monday, Rodman and the 
woman had a brief but friendly 
conversation at Buzz on the 
Beach in Newport Beach before 
she turned down an invitation to a 

When she left the bar, she 
said she allegedly was grabbed by 
someone who forced her into a 
car and took her to Rodman's 
home where she was given two 

When in Rome: Scholar's College 
students visit classic Rome for 16 days 

News Bureau 

A group of Northwestern 
State University students recently 
took part in a 16-day program 
studying the art, architecture and 
civilization of ancient Italy and 

The course, "Rome: Urbs 
Aeterna" was co-led by Dr. 
Richard Jensen of the Louisiana 
Scholars' College at NSU and by 
Dr. Janina Darling of the 
University of California at Santa 
Cruz. Jensen specializes in 
ancient Roman history and 
Darling specializes in ancient 
Roman art history. Jensen and 
Darling met while they were 
graduate students and Fulbright 
Fellows in Rome. 

The course was originally 
created by Dr. Jean D'Amato, a 
professor of classics in the 
Scholars' College. The group was 
joined by two students from 
California - Santa Cruz. 

Participants in the program 
were given guided tours of and 
lectures on the major ancient 
monuments and museums in 
Rome along with some 
monuments and museums from 
Renaissance and Baroque 

The group also the 
spectacular Villa d'Este and the 
villa of the Emperor Hadrian), 
Pompeii, including the nearby, 
beautifully-preserved villa of the 

Photo courtesy of Louisiana Scholar's College 

Scholar's College students take advantage of a unique opportunity and visit many ancient landmarks in 
Rome as a part of the coarse called Rome: Urbs Aeterna through the University. 

family of Nero's consort, "Going on a vacation with a quite another experience," said 
Poppaea, Herculaneum and holiday air is one thing; but going participant Vanessa Byrd, an 
Cuma, site of the ancient oracle or to Italy and learning the history of elementary education and 
sibyl. everything seen, as we did, is humanities and social thought 

major from New Iberia. "Being 
able to see those places which 
you have heard about, read about, 
and seen in pictures is an 
indescribable experience. 

Seeing those monuments 
while simultaneously learning 
about them has left me with an 
immense feeling of awe." 

According to Jensen, a new 
feature of the program was a 
three-day stay at an experimental 
archaeological camp a half-hour 
northwest of Rome. Here students 
lived in reconstructed huts 
modeled on those used in ancient 
Italy. Students participated in 
excavating simulated ancient 
Roman and Etruscan sites, heard 
lectures, including one delivered 
by the mayor of Blera, who is also 
an expert on the Etruscans. The 
students also saw demonstrations 
of ancient bronze and glass 
making and visited the famous 
frescoed tombs of the Etruscans 
as well as the ruins of their towns. 

After returning to the United 
States, students taking the course 
for credit are required to complete 
a research paper based both on 
their experiences in Italy and 
library research at Northwestern. 
This course will be offered again 
during the summer of 2002. 
Those interested in participating 
should contact Jensen at (318) 
357-4599 or by e-mail at 

August 24, 2000 The Current Sauce 

Page 13 

Singleton takes reign of Softball program 

I Hitting coach inherits 
strong softball program 

By Stephanie Willie 

Sauce Reporter 

University of Texas assistant 
coach Ty Singleton was named the 
new head softball coach at the 
University; Athletic director Greg 
Burke announced the change 
during a press conference . 

Singleton, regarded as one of 
collegiate softball top hitting 
coaches and recruiters, will 
replace former head coach Gay 
McNutt, who resigned early last 
month to take the head coach 

position at Southern Mississippi. 

"I'm glad to be here, to pick 
up the reigns of this outstanding 
program with the idea of winning 
more championships and making 
it to the big show, the College 
World Series and to win games 
there." Singleton said. "I got a 
taste of Northwestern State last 
fall when we played them. We got 
beat, and I was especially 
impressed by the passion they 
displayed on the field. " 

His UT teams reached the 
NCAA tournament each of the 
three years he was with the 
Longhorns, including a trip to the 
1998 Women's Collegiate World 
Series. At UT, he primarily 


High Court ruling may be 
felt at Turpin Stadium this 
I fall 

Kaleb Breax 

News Editor 

Public prayer before sporting 
events, such as football games, has 
become a topic of discussion 
amongst University officials. 

This is an issue that many 
high schools across the nation 
have already dealt with. Such a 
case is been brought up in the 
Santa Fe Independent School 
District in Texas. The school 
organizes sporting events and 
reserves a time slot before the 
game begins for a student to make 
1 statement. The school claims 
that this has always been a 
historical tradition in Texas. They 
also argue that they have no 
control over what the student says. 
Hie student could talk about the 
feather or urge his or her team on 
mentally and spiritually. 

In this case, the 
administration of the Santa Fe 
Independent School District 
Polled the student body to 
fetermine whether or not a prayer 
phould be permitted before the 
pmes. The school also arranged 
for the student body to elect 
*meone to give the prayer. 

In its 2000 June decision of 
Wa Fe Independent School 
^strict v. Doe, the United States 
p>preme Court decided that 
Public schools cannot 
institutionally organize school 
layers at games or similar regular 


So now the question, 
"Do we continue public 
prayer before University 
football games?" arises. 

"This is a point of 
discussion that a state 
university must have and be 
aware of," University 

.Historic Supreme Court 
decisions on prayer in 

McCollum vs. Board of 
Education (1948) 

Court Struck down 
religious instruction in 

public schools 
Engel vs. Vitale (1962) 
Disallowed non- 
"Regents" prayer recited 
by students 
Murray vs. Currlet; 
Abington Township 
school district vs. 
Schemp (1963) 
Mandatory Bible verse 
recitation ruled 


worked with the infielders and 
hitters at Texas after working with 
pitchers and outfielders and hitters 
at Asuza Pacific. He helped them 
to two conference championships 
and fifth place finishes at the 
NAIA National Championship 

He compiled a composite 
record of 222-85-1 (.772) in his 
last five seasons 

" Ty Singleton brings the 
NSU program exactly what they 
were seeking— a dynamic 
individual who will care about the 
players on and off the field and a 
coach with quality experience 
contributing to national 
championship caliber programs," 

Burke said- 
Singleton will take over a 
team that has reached the NCAA 
tournament two out of the last 
three years. The Demons won 
their third consecutive conference 
championship and has only lost 14 
conference games in the last four 

Singleton will also coach a 
team with a wealth of young 
talent, including freshman pitchers 
Jessica Holaway and Amanda 
Ortego. team home run leader Erin 
Mancuso, as well as a strong 
recruiting class. 

The Demons are expected to 
be ranked high when the RPI 
ratines are released later this year. 

Ty Singleton becomes the newest Demon softball coach 

Courtney Pane/Sauce Photo editor 

Athletic Director Greg Burke said. 

A source says that prayer is in 
fact "a protected form of speech." 
This applies throughout the public 
school system, before during and 
after school, in school busses, at 
the flagpole, in the cafeteria, etc. 
However, it is not normally 
permitted in the classroom as part 
of the teaching schedule or at the 
repeated events such as athletic 

The First Amendment of the 
United States Constitution 
protects and denies the students' 
rights. The establishment clause 
of the First Amendment bans 
school involvement in prayer at 
repeated sporting events. When a 
prayer is given, offending people 
is an issue that concern many. 

"If it even affects a minority, 
it is enough,' 1 Burke said. 
"Personally, I do not have a 
problem with it." 

"I think we are coming to an 
understanding that even though it 

has been culturally accepted we 
might be offending people," said 
Bill Collins, Director of the 
Baptist Collegiate Ministries. 

"Over the years, it (prayer) 
has been an accepted 
practice. ..because it's more of a 
regional issue," Collins said. 
"When courts try to make a 
blanket law for the land, that's 
when we run into problems." 

Many courts have ruled that 
public prayer of a student or 
teacher or even 
a coach is not 
permitted. This 
is to prevent a 
endorsement of 
a specific 
religion, which 
i s 
under the 
separation of 
church and 

The University has already 
taken steps in order to eliminate 
the issue. 

"It is a responsibility of the 
University to take time to evaluate 
the problem," Burke said. "We 
are aware of it." 

As of now, the University 
does not have a solution to the 
problem, but the question will be 
answered on September 2 when 
NSU faces Southern University. 



Wttat do you think about public 
prayers before sporting events. 
e-mail us at or call 
357-5456. Be sure to include vour 
name and e-mail address. 

Sutherland shines in first Demon scrimmage 

Sports Information 

Senior receiver T.J. 
^herland ignited the 
prthwestern State offense with 
pchdown receptions of 8 and 34 
'^ds and junior quarterback Ben 
ea ch completed his last six 
i^ses Saturday morning in the 
^lions' first major preseason 
I'^tball scrimmage. 

New coach Steve Roberts 
111 his team through a 52-play 
^trolled scrimmage that lasted 
'Shtly more than an hour. The 

defense allowed a net of only 7 
yards in the first 15 plays before 
Sutherland: junior tailback Jeremy 
Lofton and Beach provided some 
offensive highlights. 

Sutherland, a second-team 
preseason All-Southland Football 
League pick, scored on an 8-yard 
slant pass from sophomore Kevin 
Magee, then got his second TD 
two snaps later when he turned a 
flanker screen into a 34-yard 
scoring play. 

Lofton rushed for 100 yards 
on five carries, including a 23- 

yarder to set up Sutherland's first 
touchdown and a 65-yarder late in 
the scrimmage. 

Beach threw for two 
touchdowns and 1 30 yards, going 
6 for 8 with an interception tipped 
at the line on his second attempt. 
He did not throw an incompletion 
afterward and led a five-play, 80- 
yard scoring drive capped by a 47- 
yard TD to Sean Weber. 

Top tacklers were junior 
safety Judith Sylvester and senior 
linebacker Demathdian Tate, each 
with six stops including a tackle 

for negative yardage. Defensive 
tackles Tony Washington and 
Herchel Monroe each recovered 
fumbles, and safety Eric Evans 
made an interception, while 
Kendrick Llorens and Terrence 
McGee each blocked field goals in 
a drill at the end of the scrimmage. 

Junior Clint Sanford kicked a 
32-yard field goal during the 
scrimmage and made 7-of-9 tries 
of 35 yards and closer, with one 
blocked, in the drill capping the 

T.J. Sourtherland turned heads at Saturday's 

new focus, 

Rondrav Hill 

Sports Editor 

In baseball, there's a phrase 
that gets tossed around at the 
start of a every new season. 
"Hope springs eternal." It 
means that spring is the time of 
year when every major league 
team feels they have a realistic 
shot at winning the World 
Series come October. Teams 
arrive at training camps with a 
renewed sense of ambition and 
feel confident that they have the 
best team in the major leagues. 

Hope springs eternal even 
in the dawn of summer. While 
the Demons get ready to 
start the fall seasons of football, 
cross country, soccer and 
volleyball, we here at the 
Current Sauce are ready to 
cover all of these events, and 
this is the point where I 
introduce myself. My name is 
Rondray Hill, the new sports 
editor of the Current Sauce. 

In this political year of 
2000, 1 know that what I am 
writing is sounding a lot like a 
campaign speech. In a sense, it 
is. It is because the readers of 
the sports page expect an editor 
who can put together a quality 
page and provide them what 
they want. This is my first run 
at editing anything, so I need 
you to know that you can trust 
me and my staff. I only knew 
reporting before I reached this 
post, so I'm bound to make a 
few mistakes here and there. To 
the loyal readers of the Current 
Sauce, I have only one thing to 
ask of you; be patient. 

Because if you are patient, 
you will see a sports page that 
gives you the whole story. My 
staff will work hard to provide 
fair coverage of all Demon 
athletics. The Current Sauce 
sports reporters are some of the 
best college reporters in this 
area. Our writers know their 
stuff. They know who to talk to, 
what to look for and what y ou 
like to see. You know you will 
get the whole story in the 

see LETTER, pg 14 

Page 14 

The Current Sauce 

August 24, 20o (ll (;l S t 

Letter from 
the sports 

cont'd from pg.13 

You will also notice the 
quality of our stories. Our 
writers will not only give you 
the game recap, but they will 
also give you things to look for 
in the next game. We'll have 
something the other papers 
missed. Plus, we will give you 
more interesting facts and 
figures about Demon sports. I'll 
maybe even throw in a couple 
of trivia questions for prizes, 
which brings me to another 
change in this years Sports 

...Reader interaction. 

If you loved a story we 
ran last week, tell us. If you 
think our writers are absolute 
garbage, let us know. 

Occasionally I will print 
letters directly concerning 
sports issues on the sports page. 
If you want to sound off on a 
sports issue, feel free. This is 
your newspaper, this is your 
sports page, and you have the 
right to say whatever you like. 

I could go on and on 
about the new layout designs, 
the bigger pictures, new 
graphics and countless other 
newspaper-isms that you'll see 
in this year's sports page. But in 
the long run, the only thing that 
matters is if the students of 
Northwestern get the best 
Demon sports coverage in the 
area. Thai is our goal and a 
goal 1 think we can reach. 

For questions or 
comments e-mail me at or 

Taylor leads Demon pre-season first teams 

■NSU, Troy State both 
land six on 1st team lists 

Southland .com 

Northwestern State 
University and Troy State 
University, which have combined 
to win the last four Southland 
Football League titles, each 
landed six players on the 2000 
Preseason All-Southland Football 
League first team as voted by the 
League's head coaches. 

For the second year in a row, 
upperclassmen dominate the 
preseason squads. Seventeen of 
the 25 positions on the 2000 
Preseason All-Southland Football 
League first team are occupied by 
returning All-League players 
from a year ago. In addition, 45 of 
the 49 spots are occupied by 
juniors and seniors. 

Northwestern will build its 
offense around returning running 
back Tony Taylor, the Southland's 
leading rusher last year with a 
131.0 yard-per-game average. A 
junior from Pineville, La., Taylor 
(5-9, 185) is one of just three 
first-team selections last fall 
returning in 2000. He finished 
second in the League in all- 
purpose yardage and tied for first 
with 16 touchdowns while 
rushing for 1,441 yards in 11 

Taylor is joined by 
teammates Nathan Black, a 
receiver, and Gene Tennison, an 
offensive lineman, on the 
preseason first-team. Also 
juniors, Black was eighth in the 
Southland with 101.3 all-purpose 
yards per game, while Tennison 
(6-4, 285) cleared the way for 
Taylor to average 5.5 yards a rush 
last season. 

Defensively, two Demon 

sophomores and a junior are 
expected to produce all-star 
numbers in 2000. Lineman 
Herchel Monroe (6-0, 325), 
linebacker Kurt Rodriguez (6-2, 
235) and cornerback Terrence 
McGee (5-11. 183) hope to help 
Northwestern return to 
championship form it 
experienced in 1997 and 1998. 
Monroe, a junior, finished his 
sophomore season with 51 
tackles, including 

First team SLC running back Tony 

nine for lost yardage and five 
quarterback sacks. Rodriguez 
finished second on the team last 
year as a freshman with 1 1 1 
tackles, topped all Demons with 
16 for lost yardage, and was 
second with six sacks. McGee 
finished with 47 tackles as a 
freshman, including 39 solo 
stops, and led Northwestern with 
four interceptions. 

Four of TSU's are seniors. 
Included are three offensive 
players, two of which are 
offensive linemen. Brent 
McAliley (6-3, 288) and Blake 
Carruthers (6-1. 277) anchor a 
line expected to pave the way for 
a third Southland title in the last 
five years. 

Demon baseball team to hold 
fundraiser golf tournament at 
University golf course 

NSU Sports Information 

Entries are being accepted 
now for the Demon Fall Classic, a 
Saturday. Sept. 16 golf scramble 
supporting the University's 
baseball team. 

The second annual 
tournament will be held at 
Northwestern Hills Golf Course. 
Golfers will be able to play the 
brand-new front nine holes, 
which have dramatically 
upgraded the appeal of the 
18-hole layout. 

The event is held each year 

during the open date week for the 
Demon football team. 

LSU plays at Auburn in a 
night game on Sept. 16. 

Four-person teams will 
compete in two tee times, 8 a.m. 
and 1 p.m., in the scramble 
format. Entry fee is $60 per 
player covering lunch, greens 
fees, a commemorative cap and a 
shot at the Foy Motors Shootout, 
with a hole-in-one on the par-3, 
168-yard 10th hole winning a 
2000 Buick Century automobile. 

Prizes will be awarded to six 
different teams with competition 

Do you like sports? 
Wanna get paid to watch??? 

ipm to/ 

Come to Journalism Office, 
Rm. 225, 2nd floor of Kyser 
Hall or call 357-5456 
Ask for Rondray! 

in low gross and low net handicap 

Several different contests 
and "gimmick holes" will be 
conducted, said Demon baseball 
coach John Cohen. "This is a 
friend-making, good-time event," 
he said. "Golfers of all abilities 
can play and enjoy meeting our 
players and the Demon batgirls 
while helping support our 
baseball program. 

We're going to have plenty 
of fun and hopefully somebody 
will drive away in a Buick 
Century from Foy Motors." 

To enter, call Cohen at 
357-4139 or David Stamey at 

The Demons have won six of 
the last 10 Southland Conference 

2000 Pre-season All-SLC 

1st Team Offense 

QB WesPate 
RB Tony Taylor 
RB Bronson Sanders 
WR Matt Dominguez 
WR Nathan Black 
TE Jimmy McCoy 
OL Wes Hines 
OL Brent McAliley 
OL Roderick Cantu 
OL Gene Tennison 
OL Blake Carruthers 
PK Lawrence Tynes 

Stephen F. Austin 
Northwestern State 
Southwest Texas 
Sam Houston State 
Northwestern State 
Jacksonville State 
McNeese State 
Troy State 
McNeese State 
Northwestern State 
Troy State 
Troy State 

1st Team Defense 

DL Reginald Reddick 
DL Herchel Monroe 
DL Clent Ballard 
DL Osi Umenyiora 
LB C.J. Carroll 
LBJimmy McClain 
LB Kurt Rodriguez 
CB Delvin Hughley 
CB Terrence McGee 
SAntonio Thompson 
SJoe Judge 
P Rick Barrow 
RSDelvin Hughley 

Sam Houston State 
Northwestern State 

Southwest Texas 
Troy State 
Southwest Texas 
Troy State 

Northwestern State 

Jacksonville State 
Northwestern State 

Troy State 
McNeese State 
Southwest Texas 
Jacksonville State 


EAT - IN & TAKE - OUT ^ 

A Famous Chinese Restaurant From Neuu York 

Specialize in Cantonese. Szechuan 8c Hunan Cuisine 

TEL: 356 -0001 0011 

supkr'buFfet J 

All You Can Eat 

I $4-95 $5-95 \\ 

(Under 10 years old $3.00; Under 2 years old FREE) j 

We also serve all other famous food in our menu during business hours: 
Catering For All Occasions 0PEN 7 DAYS A week 

fltk Manaaor In M °" Thurs U; 003 ™ ■ 10:00pm 

hsk nanagwr in . .. ft ^ . mx)am n o0pm 

Charge for Details. Sunday: 1130am - 10.00pm 



So We Don't add it in our cooking technique 
MSG (Monosodmni Giuiamale) isn't necessary to enhance the flavor of Chinese food y — I 
5 and neither is that tight feeling at the temples some peopJc get from it. 



,. VS. 1 

SEPTEMBER 2, 2000 
6:00 P.M. 



\, 200 <;l*ST 24, 2000 

The Current Sauce 



lodgers apologize after 
feting lesbian couplp 

The Dodgers apologized 
,'ednesday to a lesbian couple 
ected from Dodger Stadium 
flier this month after the two 
iared a kiss during a game 
iainst the Chicago Cubs. 
"I was troubled ... because 
what it implied about the 
odger organization," team 
gsident Bob Graziano said. "It 
pans a lot to me that you are 
odger fans," he said to 
anielle Goldey and Meredith 
ptt. "We will continue to do 
e right thing." 

The two were escorted out 
, the ballpark on Aug. 8. 
oldey and Kott say they 
itially were not told why they 
ere being ejected, but later 
ey were told that someone 
implained and said children 
ould not be exposed to "those 
fcople." The couple said their 
impanions, a heterosexual 
uple, also kissed but were not 
tcted. Because of this, they 
t the action of the eight 
curity guards was 

S. Open seeds announced 

Wednesday's draw for the 
ar's final Grand Slam 
urnament put third-seeded 
aius, the Wimbledon 
ampion, in the top half of the 
8-player field and Serena, the 
fending Open champ and 
sded No. 5, in the bottom. 

Venus beat Serena in 
aight sets in the Wimbledon 
nifinals last month, then won 
title over Lindsay 

Saints make the final 
cuts and prepare for 
the regular season 


as of August 23, 2000 



I Saints trim the 
fat before last 
preseason game 

AP Wire 

The New Orleans 
Saints announced 1 5 cuts 
Tuesday morning as 
coaches trimmed the 
roster to 70 several hours 
ahead of an afternoon 
NFL deadline. 

Tight end Cam 
Cleeland was placed on 
injured reserve, meaning 
he is out for the season. 
Cleeland was injured in 
the first preseason game. 

Guard Mike Halapin 
was placed on the 
reserve physically 
unable to perform list. 

Waived were wide 
receivers P.J. Franklin 
and Sherrod Gideon, 
defensive tackles Robert 
Brannon, Winfield 
Garnett and Demond 
Gibson, linebacker Jamal 
Brooks, tight end 
Cuncho Brown, 
quarterback Marc 
Bulger, safety Pete 
Destafano, kicker 
Shayne Graham, punter 
Bill LaFleur, linebacker 
Donnie Spragan, and 
defensive end Alfred 

Members of the 
Saints public relations 

department said no 
interviews with cut 
players would be 

Bulger and Gideon 
were sixth-round draft 
picks for the Saints this 
year. Franklin, a former 
Tulane receiver, played 
in three games last year. 

The cuts brought the 
roster to 70 people hours 
ahead of the 3 p.m. CDT 

this is a bad part of the 
business, but it is part of 
the business," Haslett 
said Monday. 

"It's hard on 
coaches. It's also hard on 
players because you're 
around players that have 
been together four or 
five years, or two or 
three, and they're friends 
and they hang out 
together. All of sudden 

Defensive end Alfred Williams was among one of the casualties of Saint's cuts 


deadline. The NFL 
requires teams to cut 
their roster to 65, not 
counting exemptions for 
players from the NFL- 
Europe roster. The Saints 
had five such 

It's a job that first- 
year coach Haslett has 
said he does not relish. 

"I told the team, 

his buddy gets cut or 
coach has to let 
somebody get cut and 
it's hard. It's hard on the 
whole football team." 

"The decisions had 
already been made by 
Monday afternoon," 
Haslett said. Players 
were notified prior to 
Tuesday's 7 a.m. report 
time at camp. 

Williams' cut was 
not a surprise. He was 
not at practice on 
Monday. The former Pro 
Bowl defensive end who 
played in two Super 
Bowls with the Denver 
Broncos is still bothered 
by the Achilles' tendon in 
his right leg that 
sidelined him last year. 
The lOth-year veteran is 
had been trying to decide 
if he wanted to continue 
trying to make a 
comeback, practicing 
against the likes of Willie 
Roaf and Kyle Turley. 

"He's not 100 
percent," Haslett said. 
"And he's one of these 
guys that's got great 
pride, and he's been a 
great pass rusher for the 
10 years he's played. He 
goes out there and has 
Willie and Kyle and 
some of those guys and 
he's just not winning. 
He's struggling right 
now and he's just not 
sure he wants to go 
through it." 

Haslet said he and 
Williams had been 
discussing his future for 
several days, 

The Saints work out 
at their regular facility on 
Monday was only their 
second since breaking 
training camp last 




1 . NY Yankees 



2. Boston 




3. Toronto 




4. Tampa Bay 




5. Baltimore 







1 . Chicago Sox 



2. Cleveland 




3. Detroit 




4. Kansas City 




5. Minnesota 




1 . Seattle 



2. Oakland 




3. Anaheim 




4. Texas 






Todd Helton is now hitting .392 after going 
for 4 in a 5-2 loss to the Braves. 



1 . Atlanta 



2. NY Mets 




3. Florida 




4. Montreal 




5. Philadelphia 





1 . St. Louis 



2. Cincinnati 




3. Chicago Cubs 




4. Milwaukee 




5. Pittsburgh 




6. Houston 




1 . San Fran. 



2. Arizona 




3. L.A. 




4. Colorado 




5. San Diego 




Now i§ t&e 





$ahmit You? 

Application N<nv 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 
(318) 352-7991 

An Exclusive Student CommtmifV 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy Qccess to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
*• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 

Delta Upsilon Fraternity 

Do you and your Mends have what it takes to 

Start your own 


Delta Upsilon 

Newest Fraternity, 

The International Fraternity of Delta Upsilon is looking for 

Founding Fathers. 
Those men selected will combine a rich tradition with a 
brand new direction and brotherhood at Northwestern State University. 
Being a DU ensures membership in one of America's most 

active and progressive fraternity. 

Fi g : 


keep o 
this se 


Life go 
after tr 


Our Lif 


Thursday 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.: FREE food and beverages at the Columns Apartments. 
Friday 6 p.m. - 9 p.m..* Go - Karts at Green Acres (meet at post office). 
Saturday 2 p.m.: Women's Volleyball Game 

Sunday 7:30 p.m.: Interest Group Meeting - President's Room Student Union. 

For Information Call 357-5311 or email us at 



Akron tj 

Green 1 

I Mr. Irrele 
pade the 
1 Chicago E 

August , 

The Current Sauce 

Aueust 31, 2000 

Northwestern State Univ e rsit y - Natchitoches, Louisiana 

On the inside 


Are you as lost 
as this guy? 

The Current Sauce has compiled 
some useful information to help 
freshmen make it at NSU. 

Page 2 

Gunn receives high 

SGA President David Gunn 
received a very high and special 
honor this weekend. 

Page 4 

Parking problems 

What is happening with the 
Columns new parking lot? 

Page 4 


Fighting the 
"Freshman 15 

Helpful tips that will help 
keep off unwanted pounds 
this semester. 

Page n 

Survivor fever 

Life goes on for the islanders 
after the show's end. 

Page 9 

Sound Off 

Our Life Editor addresses 
Madonna's latest escapades. 



What time is 
it? Game Time! 

Special sports collector's 

Page 12 

Burke gone? 

Akron talking with NSU 

Page 14 
Green becomes a Bear 

Mr. Irrelevant Mike Green has 
•nade the 2000 roster of the 
Chicago Bears. 

Page 14 

The Current Sauce 
August 31, 2000 Volume 86, Issue 6 

Local men accused of spreading AIDS 

By Heather Patton 

Sauce Reporter 

Two Natchitoches men have been 
arrested and charged with the intention 
of spreading AIDS in the past two 

Earnest West, 23, of 1440 Grace 
Avenue, was booked on four counts of 
intentional exposure to the AIDS virus. 
Four of West's sexual partners filed 
separate complaints after hearing on the 
street that West was HIV positive. The 
four females said they were not told of 
West's disease. 

According to the victims. West has 
been having sex with them since his 
release from the Winn Parish 
Correctional Facility in May. 

Lt. Chris Stanfield of the 
Natchitoches Police Department said 
that this type of crime has become 
common in parts of the U.S. and that it 


is the first 
time someone 
has committed 
this crime in 

of the law is 
no excuse," 
Stanfield said. 
"He knew he 

had the disease, and he should have told 
the victims he was HIV positive." 

If convicted on all four counts. West 
could face up to 40 years in prison and 
$20,000 in fines. 

One week after West s arrest, 
police apprehended 26-year-old Eric 
Vashawn Alexander of Caspari Street in 
Natchitoches after investigating an 
altercation that took place earlier that 

A domestic violence dispute 
between a couple at the Masonic Hall 

led to the 
intervened in 
the argument 
between a 
boyfriend and 
leading to a 



fight. During 

the fight, Alexander bit the male victim 
in the back. 

During the investigation, officers 
learned of Alexander's being HIV 

Alexander was booked on charges 
of intentional exposure to the AIDS 
virus and was placed in the Natchitoches 
Parish Detention Center. 

Alexander faces 10 years in prison 
if convicted on the charge. 

An internet source shows over 
12,000 AIDS cases in Louisiana this 

Students becoming involved with alcohol and parties is a common occurrence on college 

campuses across the nation. While many feel there is no real threat associated with partying, too much can be 
detrimental to not only a person's school work but also his or her health. 

Too much partying? 

Thursday is finally here. It's really no different than any other day. Most of us wake 
up, go to the same classes we went to oh Tuesday and go home. But when the sun goes 
down ...the books close, the bars open and Thursday officially becomes Thursday night. 
So what's so special about Thursday night? Is it (A) spending quality time with your 
friends outside of the classroom (B) dancing off that Freshman 15 or (C) the nickel drafts and 
dollar shots? If you answered C that doesn't automatically classify you as an alcoholic. 
Chances are you're not the only University student who answered C. Drinking alcohol topped 
most University students'' list of things they enjoy doing when they go out. The number one 
alcoholic beverage of choice is none other than beer. 

On the other hand, if you answered C and are at the bar right now at 2:00 in the afternoon 
enjoying a brewskie, you may have a problem. 

Student surveys found that most college students tend to drink alcohol because there are a 
variety of rewards involved in doing so. 

Often times, there is a sense of bonding most drinkers share, promoting a feeling of 

see HAZARDS page 3 


year alone, most in the 35-39 year old 
range. Of those cases, 74 were in the 
Natchitoches area. Only 45 of those 
cases are still living. 

"We send the cases that we get out to 
the" Philadelphia Center in Shreveport 
and the health unit here in town." said 
Stephanie Self, R.N. of the University's 
Health Services. "Hopefully, this 
incident will be an educational 
opportunity for college students." 

Self went on to warn the student 
body about the dangers of AIDS and 
unprotected sex. 

"I hope people are using safer sex 
methods," she said. "But the only way to 
prevent AIDS and other sexually 
transmitted diseases is abstinence. You 
should treat everyone the same whether 
you have known them 6 months or 6 

For more information, call the 
Office of Health Services at357-3531. 

Housing office 
resolution to 
dorm problems 

By Rheannon Coon 

Contributing Reporter 

With the University expecting its 
largest enrollment ever this year, the 
housing office had a bit of a challenge 
in placing all of the incoming students 
into dorm rooms. 

"We had about 200 more girls 
that needed rooms for the fall," 
Director of Housing Woody Blair 

As a solution, the housing office 
took many steps to accommodate the 
incoming class. 

Bossier Hall was changed to a 
co-ed dorm, and approximately 105 
females were placed in the north wing. 

To make room for the female 
students, approximately 40 male 
students were relocated to Rapides 
Hall. A criteria of a student having 60 
or more hours and a 2.5 GPA was 
used in making the decision of who 
would go and who would stay. 

In addition, requirements were 
made for students requesting a private 
room. The students had to have at 
least 60 hours and a 3.0 GPA, and if 
these conditions are not met then the 
student will be paired with a 

Conditions have also been 
established for those students staying 
in Varnado and Dodd. 

In order to stay and remain in 
Varnado, students must keep a 2.5 
GPA, and freshman must keep a 3.0 
GPA. Students in Dodd must have 2.4 
GPA. The hour standard for both 
Varnado and Dodd is 60. 

This year some freshman had to be 
placed in these halls to accommodate 
the new students; however, they must 
maintain the 3.0 GPA. 

"If the students do not maintain 
the set GPA then they will be moved," 
Blair said. 

Also, officials are considering 
possible renovations of West Caspari 
to remedy the housing problem. As 
always, these solutions will depend on 

There are approximately 1,950 
students living in the residence halls 
this fall. 

Asbestos hazards cause University officials to take notice 

By Windy S. La Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

The possible threat of 
asbestos contamination has 
spurred a new plan at the 
University.. The plan calls for 
removal of all dangerous 
material from buildings 
around campus. 

Asbestos is a building 
material that has been used in 
floor tile, ceiling tile, 
insulation and other building 
materials for many years. 

Although asbestos cannot 
harm you while it is in a solid 
form, the microscopic- 
particles that are released 
when it is tampered with, i.e 
shaken, buffed etc 
become a cause 

All buildings on campus 
are being inspected 



asbestos. A public 

notice was released to all 
faculty, staff and students 
warning them of the asbestos 
and informing them of the 

upcoming plan to remove the 
substance from buildings 
around campus. 

Anyone may view a copy 
of the asbestos inspection 
report and management plan 
by contacting the manager of 
each building or the Louisiana 
Education Association 
designated person at NSU- 
Tammie Pezant. 

The possibility of 
asbestos causing cancer even 
30 to 40 years after exposure 
is reason enough to halt the 

use of and remove it from the 
materials it is present in. 

"There is no medical 
background that says that it 
causes anything." Pezant said. 

Pezant still assures 
everyone that the asbestos 
will be removed from campus. 

The plan includes a 
description of materials 
containing asbestos in the 
buildings, procedures for 
reinspecting buildings at six- 
month intervals and a 
schedule for removing 


existing asbestos filled 

Some buildings have 
already had asbestos removed. 
Usually. most asbestos 
removal is done during the 
summer months while 
buildings are closed down and 
students are at home, but some 
buildings are presently having 
it removed. 

Anyone wishing for more 
information can contact 
Pezant by phone at 357-4424. 

P\(.l 2 

Tin: Current Salcf. 

Area st 31. 2000 



Do's and Don'ts for 
the freshmen of 2000 

Starting college can be an exciting time for freshmen as they meet new friends, 
become part of a new community and take challenging classes. The first few days in a 
new environment can be overwhelming, but following some good advice can make 
the transition easier. 

"One thing I would tell incoming students is to get involved in a variety 
of campus activities," said Kyle Thomas of Shreveport, a senior health and 
exercise major at the University. "Getting involved in organizations and 
activities doesn't take a lot of time and can be very beneficial." 

The first semester at college can be the most difficult for students, 
especially those who have never lived away from home. 

"Once you get through the first semester, everything is OK," said 
Jennifer Pellegrin of Thibodaux, a junior chemistry major in the Louisiana 
Scholars' College. 

Pellegrin agrees students should find extracurricular activities they 
are interested in. 

"You should learn to ease into things. Don't try to get involved in 
too many things at the beginning," she said. "There is plenty of time to try 
different organizations." 

According to Pellegrin, learning to manage your time is one of 
the most valuable skills she has acquired. 

"I use a daily planner, post-it notes, whatever I can," she said. 
"It's important that I keep everything organized." 

Thomas said freshmen should not hesitate to ask for help 
whenever they need it. 

"The faculty love to have students ask questions and show 
interest," said Thomas. "If you don't understand something, ask the 
professor. I've done it when I've had problems in a course, and they have 
always been willing to help." 

At this point, incoming freshmen have several more details to take 
care of before they get to campus. 

According to Reatha Cox, director of the Office of New Student 
Programs, incoming students at the University need to make sure their records 
are current. Students should confirm that the University has received their high 
school transcripts. They should also check to see that immunization records are 
up to date. Male students should also have signed up for Selective Service if they 
are between 18 and 25. 

"Those are the type of things that can hold up a student as they are trying to 
register and pay fees," said Cox. 

Students who are leaving home to attend college should sit down with their 
parents before leaving to cover some important issues. 

"Now is the time for students to find out what expectations their parents have. 
They need to know the type of performance that is expected before the semester starts. That 
can head off problems later," said Cox. "And if a child is going to be away, parents need to 
discuss how often they expect their child to come home or call." 

Five Don'ts from The 
Current Sauce staff 

1. Don't get in the habit of skipping 

Once you start down this path it will forever dominate 
your days at NSU. 

2. Be careful about telling your parents 
when you will be home. 

Many students get to school and tell mom and dad, "Oh, 
I'll be home in a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks go 
by, and there's a party that you must go to. Mom and 
dad are left high and dry missing their little baby. Angry 
parents equals less money sent to poor college student. 

3, Don't get attached as soon as you 


Many students make the mistake of getting serious with 
the first person they go out with at college. Don't fall 
into this pattern. While this person might be your soul 
mate, chances are that someone you like better will walk 
in front of you while you are reading this. 

4. If your parents give you a credit 
card, only use it in emergencies, really. 

Believe it when your parents tell you to use the little 
plastic devil for emergencies only. Don't even think 
about using it for a serious emergency. One beer run to 
Wal-Mart will lead to another and another and so on. 
Refer to No. 1 for further illustration. 

5. Don't rush the experience. 

Slow down and take it all in. While you may be telling 
yourself that you cannot wait to get out and get a real 
job, you probably don't mean it. After college, this is 
probably it for you. Unless you plan to go and get a 
master's after college, you will be in the real world. 
Take more than 12 hours every semester. You don't want 
to be here forever, but at the same time you need to slow 
down every once in a while and take advantage of 
college life. 

Many freshmen feel lost once they get to school. They can't make heads or tales of the place, 
and some need guidance. The Current Sauce has compiled some do's and don'ts to assist in 
your new life. 


Open Positions 
2 Supreme Court members 
10 Senators at Large 

Student Life Committee 
1 Representative from each college 

Residential Life Committee 

1 RA from each dorm 

1 Student from each dorm 
2 Faculty/Staff members 

2 Columns residents 

University Bookstore. Food Service, and Postal Service Committees 
1 Student living off campus with a meal plan 


1 Columns resident 

1 Dorm resident 

2 Faculty Members 

2 Staff Members 






August 31, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Pack 3 


HAZARDS: Cont'd from page 1 

acceptance among friends and strangers alike. Drinking can also be 
considered a right of passage. 

" Drinking goes back to trying to fit in," Reatha Cox, director of 
new student programs, said. "You'd think by the time students reach 
college age the peer pressure wouldn't be there, but 
unfortunately I think it is." 

Drinking can also be a way of celebrating, letting off steam or 
simply relaxing. But are these rewards worth the risks? 

Alcohol risks range from having a hangover to getting a DWI. 
According to The New Student Chronicle, acquaintance rape most 
often occurs in the context of excessive drinking. Falls, fights and 
other traumatic incidents can also occur when you've had too much to 

Gloria Mayrend, alcohol and drug education coordinator, believes 
students who drink alcohol in order to cope with life are the ones who 
either have or eventually will develop alcohol related problems. 

"They'll get drunk because they pass a test," Mayrend said. 
"They'll get drunk because they fail a test. They'll get drunk because 
they started going steady with somebody or because they broke up 
with somebody. When it becomes a problem, things need to be done." 

So how can you tell if alcohol is becoming a problem? 

A major indication that you are abusing alcohol is if you have 
experienced negative consequences from the quantity and frequency 
of your drinking. Sexual misconduct, accidents, vandalism and poor 
grades are all signs of abusive drinking. More subtle consequences 
include missing class, hurting a relationship or friendship and getting 
hit with a hangover. 

"Instead of saying 'don't do it,'" Mayrend said. "I'm trying to go 
with 'let's see how we can do this responsibly' to decrease the 
negative consequences." 

One way to become a responsible drinker is to have a limit and stick 
to it. 

Binge drinking generally means consuming five or more drinks for 
males, four or more for females, in one drinking period. According to 
The New Student Chronicle, one drink is considered 12 oz. of beer, 4 
oz. of wine or 1 1/4 oz. of 80 proof liquor. Your drink limit should not 
exceed the binge level. 

For most students, college is a time to experience new things. It's 
okay for alcohol to be a part of the college experience as long as it 
doesn't become the college experience. 

"The United States loses over 300,000 students a year because of 
alcohol or drug related problems," Mayrend said. "That's what we're 
trying to prevent." 

If you are uncertain about your drinking patterns or have a friend 
who has an alcohol related problem, please contact Gloria Mayrend at 
663-8082 or visit the Office of Counseling and Career Services 
on the third floor of the Student Union. 


Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members. The first 
informational meeting will be held Thursday, August 24, at 5 p.m. behind 
Watson Library. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call Cesar Isguitt, at 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs they are 
undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your free scantrons, 
every Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 of the Student Union. 
You will need a student I.D. to take advantage. Also check out the Book 
Swap Board while you are there and see if someone has a book you need at 
a cheaper rate. 


Attention all Sigmas. Don't forget Sisterhood on Friday, which is the pep 
rally. Remember to wear your bid day shirt. Send your fee payment through 
the mail. Have a safe weekend. 


The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to know about 
a new service that could help them in their educational growth. For more 
information, check with the circulation department. 

The Current 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Copy Editor 
Brandy Youngblood 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Life Editor 
Larry Collins 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Opinions Editor 
Mary Freeman 

Photo Editor 
Courtney Payne 

Business Manager 
John McConnell 

Advertising Manager 
Rob Morgan 

Ad Sales 
Wes Breeden, Angela 
Douglas, Josh Green 

Neil Ralston 

To Place an Ad 
Call 357-5456 and ask for 
someone on the ad staff. 

The Current Sauce office 
is located in room 225 F 
of Kyser Hall. For more 
information about the 
paper, call (318) 357-5456 
or 357-5381. E-mail The 

Current Sauce at 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
Natchitoches LA 71497 
2nd Class Periodical 
USPS* 140-660 

Why is TIAA-CREF the 
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Year in and year out, employees at education and 
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The Current Sauce 

August 31, 2000 



The Current Sauce will not be published next week 

because of the Labor Day Holiday. The next 
publication will be Thursday, Sept. 14. Be sure to 
pick up your copy at the location nearest you. 

The Current Sauce staff 

Gunn elected to University of Louisiana Board 

Bv Bessie Renfrew 

Columns parking still a problem 

By Raymond Williams 

Senior Sauce Reporter 

How is the University 
Columns combating the parking 
problems faced by their 

Jim Short, president of 
Century Housing Management, 
said the University Columns, 
built in 1994, only expected 65% 
of residents to own cars. 
Currently, many Columns 
residents complain they are 
without parking spots. 

"If you're not home by six 
o'clock you can't find a spot," 
Junior Cecil Sprague said. 

Short said he first noticed 
that the ratio used to determine 
how many parking spots allotted 
for residents was incorrect in the 
fall of 1995. 

Although much time has 
passed since the first indication 
of a problem with parking, 
construction of a new parking lot 
has yet to occur. 

"The hold up is that it is an 
extremely complex financing 

structure," Short said. 

Short said the process 
involves many attorneys who are 
not always under his control. He 
said these attorneys are 
responsible for ironing out the 
legal details of the construction 
of the new lot. 

"Crossing my fingers, I 
would hope within a couple of 
months, these documents will be 
processed and signed [by all 
parties]," Short said. 

With this in mind, Short said 
construction of a new lot might 
not begin until the holiday break. 
He said the upside of the 
situation is that the engineering 
plans for the lots were approved 
about three years ago. This, in 
turn, will cut the time between 
the approval of the legal 
documents between the Columns, 
the University, the lender and the 
actual construction to a 

Short said this problem has 
been "one of the single most 
frustrating things" he has had to 
get done. 

Many students share this 
same idea. 

"It surprises me that they 
would even do anything to rectify 
the situation," sophomore Ben 
Rice said. 

Patrice Johnson, who was 
blocked in by another car at the 
time of interview, said she has 
had to park in the PE majors lot 
where her car was scratched up 
by a passerby. Fearing a 
reoccurrence, she said she 
dislikes parking her car outside 
of the Columns. Even so, she 
still has to park in the in the other 
lot due to lack of parking spaces. 

"We sincerely have not been 
dragging this out on purpose," 
Short said. "We've been largely 
ineffective in getting this done," 
he continued. 

Sprague, resident of two 
years, said he would be surprised 
if the lot was done before he 
graduated in 2002. 

However, freshman Halston 
Manshack remained optimistic 
about the estimated start date of 

Contributing Reporter 

David Gunn, Student 
Government Association 
president, has recently been 
elected to the University of 
Louisiana Board. 

"What drew me to want to 
run was to be a college student 
with a voice," Gunn said of his 
election. 'To be able to voice the 
concerns of over 80,000 faculty 
members and students was 
something I thought I could do 
quite well." 

Working in conjunction with 
the Board of Regents, the 
University of Louisiana Board 
deals with issues that arise from 
all state universities. This board 
consists of sixteen members. 

Gunn does not expect this 
position to adversely affect his 
ability to carry out his duties as 
SGA President at the University. 

During his absences from 
University affairs. Gunn is 
confident in the abilities of SGA 
Vice-President Rusty Broussard. 

T have full confidence in 
Rusty Broussard, and I know he 
will do the same job as I would in 
my absence." Gunn said. 

The governor appoints two 
from each of the seven 
congressional districts. One is an 
at large member, and the other is a 
student member. The student 
member is chosen from the 
presidents of each university on 
the board. All of the SGA 
presidents met for one afternoon 
last session. 

After just a few short hours, 
Gunn ws elected as the new 
student member. Although he was 
elected in May, Gunn's term does 
not officially start until the first of 

As a member of this board, 
Gunn will be focusing mainly on 


academic and student affairs, 
personnel, grievances, and 
legislation. Gunn feels like this is 
a good thing for Northwestern and 
will give him an inside voice. 

Gunn can be reached at 357- 
4501 or at his office in the Student 
Government Association suite on 
the second floor of the Student 

Computer classes available 

The Northwestern State 
University Small Business 
Development Center will offer 
introductory classes to new or 
novice users of Microsoft Office 
2000, which includes Word, Excel 
and Power Point. 

Individual classes are $50 
each or $135 for all three. Class 
size is limited to 15 people. 

Two sections of the course on 
Microsoft Word will be offered. 
The first section will be Sept. 19- 
20 in Room 113 of Russell Hall on 
the University's Natchitoches 

The second class will be Oct. 
17-18 in Room 146 of the 
University Center at England 
Airpark in Alexandria. 

Participants will learn basic 
editing, margins, letter, memo and 
report writing, saving and 
retrieving documents and some 
desktop publishing. They will also 
receive instruction on merging 

The introduction to Excel 
class will be held on Sept. 26-27 
in Room 113 of Russell Hall on 
the University's Natchitoches 
Campus and Oct. 25-26 in Room 
146 of the University Center at 
England Airpark in Alexandria. 

Topics will include data entry 
and formatting, creating formulas, 
copying and linking cells. There 
will be an emphasis on creating 
charts and graphs from data. 

Participants in the 

introduction to Power Point class 
to be held Oct. 3-4 will learn the 
latest in computer presentations. 
Power Point is easy to learn yet a 
powerful way of presenting data 
to a group. 

Participants will learn to 
develop slide shows, import clip 
art and pictures, set timing and 
other useful techniques. This class 
will be held in Room 113 of 
Russell Hall on the University's 
Natchitoches campus. 

Walter Creighton, Professor 
of Business at Northwestern will 
teach the classes. He is currently 
the computer lab coordinator in 
the College of Business and an 
instructor of microcomputer 

LJ Li Lj 


See the best organization again. 
Student Union Ballroom 
Sept. 13 1 1 am - 3 pm 
Come get involved @ NSU 
Free Pizza & Coke 

Freshman Factor 

Cane River Room Sept. 5 Meeting 7:00 pm 

For all freshman interested in getting involved. The 
Factor is. for freshman to volunteer their time to plan 
events for all freshman. 

Profyle Concert 

R&B Groups 

Friday Sept. 1, 7:00 pm Prather Coliseum 
Featuring Cap 1 

Free to NSU students, $5.00 non-student 

Clothing Drive 

Prizes Awarded 
1st S75.00 
2nd $50.00 
3rd $25.00 

For all organizations drop your clothes off in bags 
labeled with your Organizations name on it to 
room 214 Student Union. The articles of clothing 
will be counted. 
Please no undergarments. 

Anyone living in the Resident Halls. 
Contact your RA or CA about 
Nominations for the SAB Board. There 
will be one representative from each dorm and 
from the University Columns. 



August 31, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 



SGA Senate Minutes for 8/28/2000 

e this is 
tern and 
at 357- 
suite on 


int class 
learn the 
am yet a 
ing data 

earn to 
port clip 
ung and 
"his class 
113 of 

item will 
inator in 
> and an 

Student Government Association 
Meeting 8/28/00 

The meeting was called to order at 

Roll Call 

Amanda Barrios 
Michael Ward 
Leanne Anderson 
Justin Chandler 
Frank Toro 
Dustin Floyd 
Wayne Bush 
Joseph Longlois 
Joni Naquin 
Will Hooper 
Jennifer Paul 
Christopher Todd Yore 
Jack Givens 
Vanessa Byrd 
Shymika Stephenson 
Ja'Juan Allen 
Matt Comeaux 
Rusty Broussard 
David Gunn 
John Michael McConnell 

I. The prayer was led by Andrew 
Davies. The pledge was led by 
Ja'Juan Allen. 

II. Officer Reports 

McConnell not present yet. 

Vice-President-The elections are 
the 20th of September here in the 
union and September 21st in 
Iberville dining hall. The runoffs 
will be Sept 27th and 28th here in the 

union. Mr. Henry and I have setup 
all the stuff for the elections so mark 
these dates on your calendar and be 
prepared to work the polls on these 
days. The chair and vice chair of the 
election committee need to see me as 
soon as possible to prepare the 
organizational letters to inform them 
of the nomination process. 

Breakfast with the President will 
get on the ball very soon. I have 
been speaking with the president and 
we were thinking about not just 
having breakfast but maybe lunch or 
dinner with the president. 

A cabinet meeting was held last 
week and I would like to thank all of 
the chairs who attended and I know 
that all of you will do an excellent 
job in each of your departments. As 
always if anything is needed from 
me, just get in touch. 

T-shirts are out on bid so I am 
waiting to get info back from the 

The retreat will be held Sept 8th 
and 9th so inform me of any 
conflicts so we can work it out. It is 
extremely important that the new 
senators attend this retreat. If 
anyone wants to help me out the 
finishing touches on the retreat, 
please let me know. 

I'm also glad that scantron 
giveaway went well today.. .good job 

That is all and if you have any 
questions about anything please get 
in touch with me:office 357-4501 
home 354-2220. 

President-see typed pages 

III. Committee Reports 

Academic Affairs-Vanessa Byrd 
advertised for the Book Swap Board, 
scantron giveaway, and this 

External Affairs-Andrew Davies 
put in a request for the SGA radio 

Meetings will be held every 
Tuesday at 5:00pm. Fill out your 
profile sheet. 

Club Sports-Matt Comeaux is 
trying to start swimming and golf. 

Internal Affairs-Rusty Broussard 
said this position will be headed by 
the Speaker. 

Fiscal Affairs-John-Michael 
McConnell is trying to get the 
budget together for next meeting. 

IV. New Business 

Andrew Davies moved to restore 
the budget back to the senate. Matt 
Comeaux seconded the motion. The 
motion was passed. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 
allocate $2000 for organizational 
grants. Amanda Barrios seconded 
the motion. Discussion followed. 
The motion was passed. 

The following were appointed 
and approved to serve as Senators At 

Shaun Jackson 

Glenn Ward 

Justin Owen 
Jessica Cramer 
Casey Ponder 

Paul Monteleon was approved 
for the graduate class position. 

Jared Monroe was approved for 

the freshman class position. 

Jeremiah Newsom was approved 
for the sophomore class position. 

Niko Tesovich was approved for 
the Supreme Court. 

David Gunn swore in all new 
senators and Supreme Court 

Ja'Juan Allen, Jack Givens, 
Frank Torro, and Shaun Jackson 
volunteered for the Fiscal affairs 

Matt Comeaux moved for a 
general consent. Amanda Barrios 
seconded the motion. 
The motion was passed. 

David Gunn appoints Matt 
Comeaux and Shymika Stephenson 
to the STAT Board. 

Andrew Davies moves for a 
general consent. Amanda Barrios 
seconded. The motion was 


Joni Naquin volunteered to chair 
the election board. Shaun Jackson 
volunteered to vice-chair the 
election board. Matt Comeaux 
moved to approve. 

Andrew Davies seconded the 
motion. The motion was passed. 

Matt Comeaux volunteered to 
chair the organizational grants 
committee. Rusty Broussard closed 
the floor. 

Jeremiah Newsom and Casey 
Ponder both volunteered to chair the 
IM Committee. Paul Monteleon 
moved to allow them to be co-chairs. 
Matt Comeaux seconded. The 
motion was passed. 

Will Hooper volunteered to be 
the SAB non-voting member. Rusty 
Broussard closed the floor. 

Amanda Barrios nominated 
Vanessa Byrd for the Speaker of the 
Senate. Vanessa accepts the 
nomination. Then Joni Naquin 
nominates Matt Comeaux. Matt 
declines the nomination. Vanessa 
speaks of her behalf. Ja'Juan Allen ' 
moves to close the floor. Amanda 
Barrios seconded. The motion was 

The senate moved to approve the 
media boards appointments of Allan 
Posh as editor of the Potpourri, Josh 
Beavers as editor of the Current 
Sauce, and Raymond Williams as 
general manager of KNWD. 

V. Announcements 

Rusty Broussard passed the 
committee sheet and phone list 
around. He thanked SAB, Mr. 
Henry, and David Gunn for their 
help this summer. 

Mr. Henry challenges the senate 
to carry out their responsibilities for 
a great year. 

Vanessa Byrd resigns as 
Academic Affairs chair. 

Joseph Longlois spoke of 
problems at the rec center. 

Rusty Broussard opened new 
business again. 

VI. New Business 

Matt Comeaux nominates 
Amanda Barrios as Academic 
Affairs Chair. 

She accepts the nomination. 
Rusty Broussard closes the floor. 

The meeting was adjourned at 

Congratulations to our new members! 

Loves You 

Julie Allmand 
Kayla Arthur 
Brook Bailey 
Brittany Baucom 
Nealy Beach 
Brittany Bennett 
Aimee Bobo 
Jessica Bohon 
Sarah Caplinger 
Christia Carter 
Danielle Chaudoir 
Alison Clary 
Amanda Crain 
Kristen Doucet 
Angelina Fagan 
Sarah Fisher 

Michelle Fogleman 
Kim Garner 
McCall Godfrey 
Katie Geuringer 
Calli Hall 
Jessica Hernandez 
Jessica Horneman 
Alyssa Hutcheson 
Alaina Kelley 
Rachel Kelley 
Kellie Lardeche 
Jeanne Leger 
Sally Lizara 
Kristi Leleux 
Halston Manshack 
Katie McKeller 

Ann Michel Melsheimer 

Annah Mowad 
Jamie Murray 
Adriann Nunez 
Natasha Patterson 
Jennifer Pelligrin 
Laura Peterson 
Kristie Prine 
Heather Ratzburg 
Kelly Robin 
Leslie Schwartz 
Megan Sebastein 

Karla Shivers 
Joy Smith 
Kristen Smith 
Laura Smith 
Ashely Stevens 
Laci Stokes 
Carrie Tolbird 
Alison Tracy 
Becky Vanderwater 
Laurrie Beth Ward 
Renee' Yates 

SaiCing wit ft the (Best 

Vm.I 6 

The Current Sauce 

August 31, 2000 



New website may help teachers find jobs in Louisiana 

Associated Press 

The World Wide Web may 
be the link to filling a critical 
shortage of certified teachers 
in Louisiana, state officials 

In the works is an 

electronic recruitment center 
to link unemployed certified 
teachers to available positions 
in school districts statewide. 

The system will also help 
principals find certified 
teachers who list their names 
with the job bank. 

"The new system will help 
in-state job applicants and also 
let teachers from outside the 
state see job openings in 
Louisiana by going to the Web 
site," said Jeanne Burns, 
teacher quality project 

The Web address hasn't 
been picked yet. The project is 
part of a multi-pronged 
initiative to help improve 
teacher quality in Louisiana's 

The project is funded in 
part by a $3.4 million grant 

from the U.S. Department of 

An early version of the 
system should be online in a 
few weeks after state 
educators gather employment 
information from local school 
districts and the state 

education department. 

The online job bank is 
being developed by the state's 
top education boards. 

About 13 percent of the 
state's 54,000 public school 
teachers aren't fully certified 
for their jobs, officials say. 

Education secretary visits 
rural schools of Louisiana 
and surrounding states 

Students studying online stick with the program 

Associated Press 

U.S. Education Secretary 
Richard Riley, traveling in a big 
yellow bus, wrapped up an 
overnight visit to Louisiana here 
Monday morning and headed for 
Arkansas to continue his tour of 
Delta country schools. 

The tour began Sunday 
evening in Monroe, where he 
addressed a crowd of about 200 
before heading for a school in 

"Together we can end the 
tyranny of low expectations. 
Every one of our children need to 
have high expectations," he said. 

His mode of transportation 
on the Mississippi Delta tour is 
the "Success Express" a big 
yellow vehicle resembling a 
school bus but with more 

"Rural communities, to 
maintain their vitality, need to 
build strong partnerships with 
their schools," Riley said during 
his tour. 

Accompanied by educators 
and local officials, Riley is 
visiting rural schools over the 
next four days in Louisiana, 
Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, 

Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois 
to highlight schools that are often 

"Often times we don't pay 
as much attention as we should to 
schools in rural areas, small 
towns and cities," Riley said. 

The nation's top education 
policy-maker's trip also promises 
to goad the GOP-led Congress 
into passing the Clinton 
administration's nationwide 
school construction and teacher 
hiring proposals. 

He said Louisiana would 
receive about $470 million in 
interest-free bonds under such 
proposals that would aid many 
rural schools. 

Riley, who is the longest 
serving education secretary, will 
release a report during his tour 
detailing what's needed to 
improve rural education. The 
report focuses on schools in 10 
states in the Deep South, 
Appalachia and the Great Plains. 

"These schools," he said, 
suffer from falling enrollments, 
underpaid teachers, crumbling 
buildings, poor communities and 
poor housing stock that draws 
limited property tax money for 
supplies and other needs." 

Associated Press 

People who take electronic 
courses with state universities 
are sticking with it. 

Eighty-three percent of 
electronic classroom students 
are successfully completing 
courses they start, state 
education officials said recently. 

And that's comparable to 
the performance of students 
taking courses in traditional 
campus classroom settings, state 
Board of Regents Associate 
Commissioner Michael Abbiatti 

"The students taking these 
courses are highly motivated. 
The onus on learning is on 

students, not instructors," 
Abbiatti said. 

Abbiatti reported on 
progress made in electronic 
classroom instruction during a 
Board of Regents session. 

Electronic courses are those 
offered exclusively through the 
Internet, compressed video or 
satellite TV connections. 

Statistics reveal that in the 
fall 1999. there were 5,341 
students taking 265 
electronically offered courses. 
Of those, 83.5 percent 
completed the course work. 

In spring 2000, there were 
7,381 students taking 376 

Of those, 83.2 percent 

completed the course work. 

Regents Deputy 
Commissioner for Academic 
Affairs Carolyn Hargrave said 
electronic classes are gaining in 

"When students get into it, 
they stick with it," Hargrave 

Since fall 1998, when 
statistics started being kept, the 
number of students taking the 
courses has jumped from 3,120 
students to 7,381. 

Two full-degree programs 
are available electronically. 

Grambling State University 
offers an online computer 
information systems degree and 
Northwestern State University 

offers a criminal justice degree. 

Abbiatti said online courses 
are more difficult than 
traditional courses. 

"It takes a lot of discipline, 
and you have to spend time with 
it. The responsibility for 
learning is handed off to the 
students," he said. 

Abbiatti said the electronic 
courses are particularly popular 
with older students. 

"The 17- to 21-year-olds 
are still going to the campus. 
But for older students it's tailor 
made," he said. 

Abbiatti said long-distance 
learning classes generally cover 
the same information as courses 
held on campus. 

Shreveport administrator charged with second DWI 

Associated Press 

Shreveport chief 
administrative officer Ken 
Antee faces a second-offense 
driving while intoxicated charge 
after being arrested early 

Antee said he was returning 
home from a Louisiana Tech 
football game and that he had 
had a couple of drinks with 
friends before he was arrested 
by DWI officer Denver Ramsey. 

"I was not intoxicated," 
Antee said. 

After being released on a 

$2,500 bond, Antee said he went 
to a health center to get a blood 
test done at around 2:30 a.m., 
more than an hour after the 

He said that test showed a 
reading of .041 blood-alcohol 
level, within the legal level of .1 

"Because of the past, I have 
made a conscious effort not to 
be intoxicated. And that is why I 
took the blood test. I knew I had 
to prove my innocence," he 

According to police reports, 
Ramsey saw Antee driving his 

1995 Lexus with only the fog 
lamps on while running a stop 

Ramsey didn't pull Antee 
over at that point, but continued 
to follow the chief 
administrative officer as he 
drove toward downtown. 

Ramsey said he saw Antee 
put on his seat belt and that he 
then decided to pull Antee over. 

Antee said he took a field 
sobriety test but refused to take 
a Breathalyzer test because he 
felt it would be less accurate. 

Antee was arrested in 1994 
on a DWI charge while driving 

home from a Shreveport Pirates 
football game. He pleaded guilty 
and said he made a "stupid 

He was fined and placed on 
probation for that offense, which 
was expunged in 1998. 
However, the offense can still be 
used on subsequent offenses. 

Earlier this year, Antee was 
acquitted of a 1999 DWI offense 
in Baton Rouge due to a lack of 
evidence, malfunctioning police 
equipment and conflicting 
testimony. He was, however, 
found guilty of improper lane 
usage and fined. 








of th 







Inc. 1 
Co. i 

tire c 
the a 
: prodi 

are e; 
the cc 
and F 

the n 
and tl 

were ; 


Ken F 





E <an jgm iUJlfB|n>, ^jJBk. ■■HBHB 



The Promotion off Friendship 

Vlfoe Development off Character 
Th# DlffAmsion off Liberal Owtture 
Ti*o Adweneement off <Jta»tloe 

Delta Upellon'e principles for 1Q6 yeere, 

Come melee litem yours* 

Xfaursday 7 p.m. 5 FREE food and beverages at the Columns. 
Friday lO p.m. : NSU Pep Rally at Turpin Stadium. 
Saturday 6 pan. ; NSTJ vs. Southern Football Game. 

Sunday 7s3© p.m.: Interest Group Meeting - Presidents Room Student Union. 

More Infos Oall Hrian I>uval at 357-5311 or email us at 


VU r%ftf*W^PL fffr ^ SMI^fr^ fll ^ iJP-irfifrff^fp 





August 31, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 


Two die in Arkansas college shooting 

Associated Press 

A University of Arkansas 
English professor and a graduate 
student who was recently 
dropped from the doctoral 
program were shot to death in an 
apparent murder-suicide. 

English professor John 
Locke, 67, and James Easton 
Kelly, 36, were found dead 
Monday in Locke's office. People 
nearby said they heard the men 
arguing before three shots were 

University police Capt. Brad 
Bruns said a .38-caliber revolver 
belonging to Kelly was found 
between the men, but it was 
unclear who shot whom. 

"We don't want to say it was 
one way and it turn out to be a 
different way. With the location 
of the gun and the two bodies, it 
was not obvious at the scene," 
said university policeman Lt. 
Gary Crain. 

Bruns said four empty shell 
casings were found in the gun, 
which Kelly bought at a pawn 

Associated Press 

Two people were killed at the University of Arkansas after an enraged graduate student entered an English professor's office and 
opened fire. The gunman, 36 year-old James Easton Kelly, shot Professor John Locke and then turned the gun upon himself. The 
incident occurred after Kelly was dropped from the doctoral program at the University of Arkansas. 

shop five years ago. 

Kelly was dismissed from 
the doctoral program Aug. 21 
because he habitually enrolled in 
and then dropped classes. The 
university said a committee of six 

professors voted to drop Kelly 
from the program. Locke was on 
the committee but abstained from 
the vote. 

The committee allowed 
Kelly to continue his studies as a 

non-degree student. 

Kelly had scheduled a 
meeting with Locke, his adviser, 
who was reluctant to meet the 
student in private. 

"He said he was going to 

have it in the department office, 
not his own office." said Brian 
Wilkie, a fellow professor. "I 
asked him if he (Kelly) seemed 
violent, and he said N You never 

Bruns said police had a brief 
conversation with one of the men 
before the final shot was fired. 

"The man told them he was 
injured and that he did not want 
them to enter the office," Bruns 
said. "But he said a police 
negotiator never got a chance to 
talk with anyone in the second- 
floor office." 

"I heard one gunshot 
followed by a ... man's voice 
saying, *No, I didn't do 
anything,'" said Bethany 
Edstrom, a graduate student who 
was in a nearby office. "Then I 
heard a second shot." 

Student Drew Terry said he 
was sitting with friends outside 
Kimpel Hall, a classroom and 
office building near the heart of 
the 15,000-student campus, when 
people fled from the building 
around noon. 

"People were scattering 

everywhere. The whole area was 
full of people running around out 
here," he said. 

Chancellor John White said 
Locke enrolled as a doctoral 
student in the university's 
English program in 1990 and 
later switched to comparative 

"All of us at the university 
are all deeply upset," White said. 

Locke was interested in 
oriental mythology and religions 
and studied Zen Buddhism, said 
James Whitehead, professor 
emeritus of creative writing. 
Whitehead and others said 
Locke's death was unfathomable. 

"It's as if he was walking to 
school on a cloudless day and got 
struck by lightning," Whitehead 

Both President Clinton and 
first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton 
taught law there in the mid 1970s. 

The shooting "strikes a 
particularly sad chord for Hillary 
and me, who both had the 
privilege of teaching at this 
wonderful institution," Clinton 
said in a statement. 

Firestone admits tire mislabeling; let the recall begin 

Associated Press 

"Some Bridgestone/Firestone 
Inc. tires supplied to Ford Motor 
Co. in Venezuela did not have a 
nylon layer even though they had 
been labeled as having that safety 
feature," the tire maker said. 

On Tuesday, a Ford 
spokesman disputed part of the 
tire company's explanation saying 
the automaker had asked for the 
safety feature years earlier than 
Bridgestone/Firestone started 
producing it. 

Venezuelan authorities are 
investigating the tires in 
connection with 62 accidents and 
are expected to submit a report to 
the country's attorney general that 
could lead to fines or criminal 
prosecution against the tire maker 
and Ford. 

Bridgestone/Firestone said 
I the mistake has been corrected, 
and the company has no plans to 
'recall tires made in Venezuela 
even though Ford said it is 
pushing for one. 

"However, Venezuelan dealers 
were asked Thursday to return their 
inventories of mislabeled tires to the 
company," Bridgestone/Firestone 
spokeswoman Christine Karbowiak 

Another company spokesman, 
Ken Fields, said Ford asked for a 

layer of nylon between the steel 
belts and tread of two types of 
Wilderness AT tires in January 

"Firestone's Venezuela plant 
began producing those modified 
tires six months later," Fields said. 
"Before that, modification went 
into effect, however, Firestone 
"inadvertently began marking 
tires without a cap ply (nylon 
layer) as tires that had a cap ply," 

But Ford spokesman Mike 
Vaughn on Tuesday disagreed 
with Fields' account. Vaughn said 
Ford had asked for the nylon- 
reinforced tires in 1996, when it 
first started selling Explorers in 

Vaughn said he didn't know 
why Firestone said Ford did not 
specify the nylon layer until 1999. 
Fields could not be immediately 
reached for comment. 

On Monday, Fields could not 
say how long the tires were 
mismarked or how many 
mismarked tires were delivered. 

"This mismarking situation is 
totally unrelated to the U.S. 
recall," Karbowiak said. "None 
of the mismarked tires were made 
in the United States or exported to 
the United States." 

Ford said the nylon layer was 
needed to accommodate hotter, 
more humid weather and more 
demanding driving conditions in 

Associated Press 

The Bridgestone/Firestone company, a tire manufacturer, began the recall in the U.S. of 6.5 million of their tires after 
some of the tires were found without a safety feature on them. 




Some 6.5 million Firestone 
ATX, ATX II and Wilderness AT 
tires were recalled in the United 
States after the National Highway 
Traffic Safety Administration 
began investigating reports of at 
least 62 deaths and more than 1 00 
injuries in crashes that could be 
connected to the 1 5-inch tires. 

The tires were standard 
equipment on Ford trucks and 
sport utility vehicles, especially 
the Explorer, and were primarily 

made in Decatur, 111. 

The tire maker's parent 
company, Bridgestone Corp. of 
Japan, said Tuesday it had boosted 
production in Japan by 650,000 
tires to help fill the need for 
replacement tires in the United 

Bridgestone also said it had 
chartered a jumbo jet to ship those 
tires to the United States 
beginning next Monday. It has 
already shipped some 2,000 
Japanese-made tires to the United 
States on regularly scheduled 


Two Commerce Committee 
subcommittees will hold a joint 
hearing Sept. 6 into the case, with 
Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., 

"Ford, Firestone and safety 
experts will be called to testify," 
Tauzin spokesman Ken Johnson 

"We are getting the 
cooperation of the two companies, 
which is good. But they 
(congressional investigators) have 
basically confirmed what the news 

reports have told us that the recall 
is going awfully spottily," Tauzin 
said Tuesday on CBS' The Early 

He said the recall was being 
handled "terribly. ... Three more 
people got killed just a weekend 
ago while the recall is going on. ... 
It's been a terrible mess and 
frankly we've got to find out 

Johnson said the hearings 
will investigate why the problem 
did not come to light sooner, and 
could lead to tougher 
requirements for companies to 
report when their products are 

"Ford began voluntarily 
replacing tires on about 40,000 
Explorers and light trucks in 
Venezuela this spring after reports 
of tread separations," said Ford 
spokesman Mike Vaughn. 

Rep. John Dingell of 
Michigan, the ranking Democrat 
on the House Commerce Committee, said 
Bridgestone/Firestone officials 
told congressional investigators 
that nine models made and sold in 
Venezuela - not two - had been 

"The investigators also 
discovered that Firestone knew 
about the problem in Venezuela 
last year," Dingell said. 

House GOP urges $1 minimum wage hike 

Associated Press years, now that House Speaker 

Dennis Hastert proposed to 
Signs of compromise have move the legislation without two 
emerged for a bill to raise the key tax cut proposals that drew 
minimum wage by SI over two objections from President 




Four Months for only $59.00 



Network Sen/ices, Inc 

5909 Highway 1 Bypass 
Natchitoches, LA 



Senior White House 
officials and Democratic 
congressional leaders said 
Monday that. Hastert's offer 
could represent a breakthrough 
in long-stalled negotiations on 
size and speed of a minimum 
wage increase and the 
composition of an accompanying 
package of tax breaks for 

"We will study Speaker 
Hastert's offer and hope to work 
with the GOP. which now seems 
possible for the first time, to 
produce a bill that is in the best 
interest of working Americans," 
said House Minority Leader 
Dick Gephardt, D-Mo. 

Hastert. R-Hl., said in a 
letter to Clinton that Republicans 
still wanted a $76 billion 
package of business tax breaks 
paired with the wage measure. 
But they would remove 
proposals to abolish the estate 
tax and to change pension laws, 
including increased contribution 
limits for 401 (k) plans. Both are 
subjects of separate bills moving 
on their own. 

Democrats have long sought 
in these prosperous economic 

times to increase the $5.15-an- 
hour federal minimum wage, but 
Republicans say tax breaks are 
needed to cushion the higher 
costs that would fall on 

"It is very clear that a vast 
majority of congressional 
Democrats and Republicans 
would like to see a balanced 
approach achieved before we 
adjourn," Hastert said in the 
letter to Clinton. "I believe that 
we can work together to pass this 
legislation when we return in 
September with strong bipartisan 
majorities in the House and 

According to Clinton 
administration estimates, about 
10 million workers earning 
between $5 . 1 5 and $6. 1 4 an hour 
would be directly helped by a $1 
minimum wage increase. For a 
full-time worker now earning 
minimum wage, it would amount 
to a $2,000 annual raise. 

Gene Sperling, the 
president's chief economic 
adviser, said the White House 
would "take a fresh look" at the 
tax package now that "the most 
objectionable poison pills" were 

"If this movement reflects a 
Republican willingness to work 
with us to remove remaining 
barriers, then perhaps we can 
come to a bill the president could 
sign," Sperling said. 

Republicans are divided on 
the merits of increasing the 
minimum wage, but with House 
control at stake in the fall 
elections some want to head off 
potential Democratic attack ads 
claiming they favor tax cuts that 
skew to the wealthy, such as 
abolishing estate taxes, but have 
done nothing to give raises to the 
lowest-paid workers. 

Under Hastert's proposal, 
the minimum wage would rise to 
$6.15 an hour over two years: 50 
cents on Jan. 1 and 50 cents on 
Jan. 1, 2002. The proposal would 
provide business tax breaks 
worth $76 billion over 10 years, 
down from $122.7 billion in an 
earlier House version of the bill. 

The tax package includes: 

-Immediate 100 percent 
health insurance premium 
deductibility for the self- 
employed, sooner than under 
current law. Individuals could 
deduct from their taxes 100 
percent of health expenses 

without itemizing, if they are not 
covered by an employer or 
government plan or by Medicare. 

-Repealing excise taxes on 
producers and marketers of 
distilled spirits, wine and beer. 

-Raising the business meal 
deduction from 50 percent to 80 
percent; increasing the amount 
of business equipment eligible 
for an expensing tax write-off 
from $19,000 to $35,000; 
providing tax credits for timber 
companies' reforestation costs: 
and restoring a law allowing a 
business seller to pay taxes in 
installments rather than 
requiring a lump sum. 

-Extending through 2004 the 
Work Opportunity Tax Credit, 
given to employers that hire 
certain disadvantaged workers. 

The speaker's plan would 
also make changes in several 
workplace regulations: updating 
exemptions for computer 
professionals, changing employer 
rules for workers who receive 
tips, equalizing rules for sales 
people and changing the way 
overtime is calculated when 
hourly workers get bonuses or 
performance incentives. 

Pack 8 

The Current Sauce 

August 31, 2000 


ETA blamed for shooting death of Spanish politician 

Associated Press 

A politician was gunned 
down Tuesday in the street of a 
northern town in the latest of a 
series of slayings blamed on 
the armed Basque separationist 
group ETA. 

"Manuel Indiano, 29, was 
shot 10 times in the chest and 
abdomen outside his candy 
store in Zumarraga, a Basque 
town, about 250 miles north of 
Madrid," police said. 

Indiano, who authorities 
said refused police protection 
normally offered politicians in 
the Basque region, died in the 
town's hospital an hour after 
the attack. His wife, pregnant 
with their first child, was 
admitted to a hospital later in 

Although not a member of 
the governing Popular Party, 
Indiano became a councilor in 
Zumarraga for the party six 
months ago. The conservative 
party fiercely opposes Basque 
separatism and other moves to 

change Spain's political 

No one took responsibility 
for the shooting, but Interior 
Ministry officials immediately 
blamed ETA, which began its 
campaign for independence of 
the three-province northern 
region in 1968. 

The killing brought to 12 
the number of slayings - five 
this month - attributed to ETA 
since it ended a 14-month truce 
last December. 

The group, whose name 
stands for Basque Homeland 
and Freedom, has admitted 
killing nearly 800 people. It 
normally claims responsibility 
for its attacks several weeks 
after carrying them out. 

Officials believe the latest 
ETA campaign seeks to push 
the government to the 
negotiating table. A single 
round of talks during last 
year's truce ended in 

The killing was 
condemned by political parties, 

labor unions and Amnesty 

"We are faced once again 
with the confirmation that the 
terrorist group ETA has no 
other aim but to impose its will 
on others and exterminate all 
those who don't think like they 
do," said deputy Prime 
Minister Marian Rajoy. 

Demonstrations were 
called for later Tuesday in the 
Basque provincial capitals of 
San Sebastian, Bilbao and 
Vitoria while five-minute 
silent vigils were to be held at 
town halls across Spain on 

While security force 
members have long been ETA's 
main target, in recent years the 
organization has begun killing 
more politicians, particularly 
those of Prime Minister Jose 
Maria Aznar's Popular Party. 

Aznar, who was on a visit 
to Poland on Tuesday, survived 
a car-bomb attempt on his life 
in 1995 when he was in the 

Associated Press 

Spanish police investigate the scene of a brutal massacre when a Spanish politician was gunned down outside of a 
candy store in Zumarraga, Spain. Manuel Indiano, 29, was shot in the chest and abdomen 10 times. Police blame 
the Basque separationist group ETA for the brutal attack. 

Clinton meets Egyptian President Mubarak in peace quest 

Associated Press 

President Clinton and 
Egyptian President Mubarak, 
emerging as the two main 
mediators in Mideast 
peacemaking, committed 
themselves to finding a solution 
but indicated no breakthrough was 
near after meeting Tuesday. 

The two met for an hour and 
a half at a lavish reception room at 
the Cairo airport after Clinton 
touched down in Egypt on the 
way home from an African tour 
that included a disappointing 
failure to reach a peace accord for 

They made no remarks after 
their meeting, but Amr Moussa, 
Mubarak's foreign minister, said 
the session was "good, positive 
and important." 

Moussa said Clinton brought 
no new plan, "but there are ways 
and proposals and ideas" that 
could allow Israelis and 
Palestinians to move closer 
together in the next few days. 

A statement issued by Barak's 
office afterward said the prime 
minister estimates that chances of 
reaching an Israeli-Palestinian 
agreement "are 50-50." 

"Barak went over the main 
Israeli positions in general and on 
Jerusalem in particular and said 
that Israel has yet to hear anything 
yet that shows openness or 
flexibility" from Palestinian 
leader Yasser Arafat, according to 
the statement. 

There was no immediate 
comment from the Palestinians. 

Speaking on Israeli radio, 
Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo 
Ben-Ami said the Americans are 
drafting a paper summarizing 
what was agreed to at last month's 

where Clinton has played an 
intense role. 

Mubarak said before 
welcoming Clinton for their early- 
morning meeting that he is 
optimistic that Israel and the 
Palestinians can reach an 
agreement by next month. 

Both Israelis and Palestinians 
want their capital in the city 
revered by Jews, Muslims and 

Publicly at least, the 
Egyptians have indicated they 
would not try to force concessions 
from Arafat, who stuck to a 

demand for sovereignty over east 
Jerusalem, captured by Israel in 
the 1967 Mideast war. At Camp 
David, the Israelis offered only 
limited sovereignty, not enough 
for Arafat but a major step away 
from the previous Israeli position. 

However, Mubarak has 
apparently tried to persuade 
Arafat to shelve his threat to 
declare Palestinian statehood 
unilaterally if negotiations with 
Israel failed to provide that 
dividend by Sept. 13, the deadline 
set by the two sides. Arafat met 
with Egyptian officials Saturday 

in Alexandria, Egypt. 

Clinton presided over the 
failed Israeli-Palestinian peace 
talks at Camp David, in 
Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, 
and has since pledged to do 
whatever he can to help the two 
sides along. 

He said he decided to visit 
Mubarak because the Egyptian 
leader was not planning to attend 
next month's United Nations 
Millennium summit in New York, 
where Clinton is to make a broad 
push to renew Israeli-Palestinian 

Associated Press 

President Clinton (left) and Egyptian President Mubarak (right) met Tuesday to 
discuss a solution for peace keeping in the Mideast. No breakthrough was found 
after the meeting. 

Camp David summit in an effort 
to spur further discussions. 

Both the Israelis and 
Palestinians will be asked to 
comment on the paper. 

"Parts of the American 
summation may not be acceptable 
to us, nor to the Palestinians," he 
said. "The American position is 
the position of the mediator who 
summarized discussions, and 
around this, I hope we can put 
together the document that will 
enable the leaders to work on 
Sept. 6." 

Barak and Arafat will both be 
in New York on that date for the 
United Nations' Millennium 
Summit. Clinton is expected to 
meet separately with each leader, 
although no three-way talks are 
currently planned. 

During the Clinton-Mubarak 
meeting, the two leaders reviewed 
the flurry of peacemaking 
meetings that followed a failed 

summit last month between Arafat 
and Barak at Camp David, Ross 

The Cairo meeting "was also 
a chance to consult about how 
best to be helpful to the parties 
and how the two of us (Egypt and 
the United States) can be working 
together to be most helpful to 
them in order to try to move 
toward an agreement," Ross said. 

Moussa said it was 
impossible to say whether another 
Camp David style summit could 
soon be convened. 

After encouraging 
democratic advances in a visit to 
Nigeria, Clinton had hoped to 
witness the signing of an accord in 
Arusha. He told ethnic Tutsis and 
Hutus: "When all is said and 
done, only you can bring an end to 
the bloodshed and sorrow your 
country has suffered." 

It was similar to past U.S. 
messages for the Middle East, 


318-3574473 1st Floor Friedman Student Union 

Student Support Services 

Providing advising, counseling, and 

to all eligible students 
Rm. 241 Kyser Hall 

Serious about your education? 
Come see us! 


If you are the student 
who lost your personal 
property in the University 
Bookstore during the 
week of fee payment, 
please bring your student 
ID by and ask for Darlene 



'. Teen, 
L The 1 
. Six P 
. You'i 
. Kryp 
. One 

8. Girl 1 

9. It's IV 

10. Cha 
U. Boy; 

12. I Th 

13. You' 

14. Won 

15. Com 

16. Jum 

17. Wha 

18. IN( 

19. Lucl 

20. Pron 

21. Last 

22. Why 

23. Thei 
24. 1 Wa 
25. With 

life: Entertainment 

August 31, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

The View 

from the 
Front Row 

By Larry Collins 
Life Editor 

Madonna has gone from 
Material Girl to Evita and now 
she is back to square one. I have 
come to the conclusion that 
Madonna has once again lost her 
damn mind. 

No matter how far she goes 
to creating a reputable and 
creative image, Madonna seems 
to find some way to erase it from 
the minds of all of her harshest 
critics. Her high-sexed, trashy 
antics eclipse all of the brilliant 
work that she produces. 

There is no questioning that 
she is one the most artistically 
talented musicians of our time 
and probably the 
businesswoman in 
the industry. She 
has worked hard 
for the industry 
respect that is 
bestowed on her. 
Knowing her 
and the lengths that 
she will go to for 
art is what makes it 
so hard to 
understand why 
she would choose 
to throw all of that 
away for simple 
shock value. 

Her latest video for her new 
track, Music, is a prime example 
of mental Madonna. I can look 
past the fact that the song itself is 
a bit off-kilter, but the video 
looks like the rejected scenes 
from Debbie Does Dallas 
featuring her Horny Lesbian 
Friends. This video is a far cry 
from such visually pleasing 
Madonna offerings such as Vogue 
or Rain. 

I understand and respect that 
as an artist she is able to express 
herself freely, but she has to think 
about it first. I would think that 


she would want to have more 
than the millions of dollars that 
she earns from her sexual 
exploits. From what I know about 
Madonna, I imagine that she 
would long from the respect and 
admiration that definitely doesn't 
come from exposing oneself for 
all of the free world. 

I'm not suggesting that she 
shy away from the controversial 
songs and videos that have helped 
to shape her career, but there 
should be some taste involved. 
Probably her two most 
controversial songs/videos, Like 
A Prayer and Justify My Love 
were forgivable 
because of their 
creative and 
artistic merit. 
They were both 
ground breaking 
and clever. 

Her multi- 
Grammy Award 
winning CD, Ray 
of Light was fresh 
and inspired. Why 
she would release 
something so sub- 
standard as a 
follow-up to such 
a fantastic album 
is beyond me. 
Maybe she knows 
is doing... self- 
seems to be her 

what she 

I have always been an 
enormous fan and admirer of 
Madonna, but I am finding it 
more difficult to defend her 
capers to the masses of bible- 
quoting critics. I'm sure that she 
will produce something brilliant 
once again to save face, but until 
then my finger will remain on the 
remote control poised to change 
channels at the slightest hint of 
the horrid video for Music. 

Cffin Current S&mۤ 

Top 25 

I .. (Hot Sh**t) Country Grammar Nelly 

2. Teenage Dirtbag 

3. The Way I Am 

4. Six Pacs 

5. You're a god 

6. Kryptonite 

7. One Voice 

8. Girl from the Gutter 

9. It's My Life 

10. Change Your Mind 
U. Boyz in the Hood 

12. I Think I'm in Love 

13. You're anOcean 

14. Wonderful 

15. Come on Over 

16. Jumpin' Jumpin' 

17. What You Want 

18. I Need You 

19. Lucky 

20. Promise 

21. Last Resort 

22. Why Didn't You Call Me? 

23. There You Go 
24. 1 Wanna Know 

25. With Arms Wide Open 

Getaway People 
Veritcal Horizon 
3 Doors Down 
Billy Gilman 
Bon Jovi 
Sister Hazel 
Dynamite Hack 
Jessica Simpson 
Christina Aguilera 
Destiny's Child 
DMXfeat. Sisqo 
Leanne Rimes 
Britney Spears 
Eve 6 

Papa Roach 
Macy Gray 

Page 9 

Entertaining Politics: 

Red, White and Green Day 

If Pat Buchanan and Ralph 
Nader can run for president, why 
not Green Day frontman Billie 
Joe Armstrong? With the release 
of the band's new album, 
Warning, a little over a month 
away, Armstrong has donned a 
black suit and red tie and hit the 
campaign trail with a his own 
cliche-ridden political 
advertisement on the Reprise 
Records Web site 


The streaming minute long 
clip, billed as "a public service 
announcement for the youth of 
America," features Armstrong 
sporting a hardhat while he 
presses the flesh with 
construction workers and school 
children, poses with his dog and 
sits on a park bench with his wife 
(played by drummer Tre Cool in 

The camera also shows 
Armstrong sharing a power shake 
with his running mate, bassist 
Mike Dirnt. In the background, a 
voiceover touts Armstrong as "a 
leader with a flair for leadership 
and the ability to lead," with 
"drive, determination and stick- 
to-it-iveness." His campaign 
slogan? "Burning a Bridge to the 
21st Century." 

Associated Press 

Could this be the face of the next leader of the United States of America? 
Will Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day be the next president? 

Directly following the pro- 
Armstrong clip is an anti- 
Armstrong smear ad, asking, 
"What do you really know about 
Billie Joe Armstrong? Did you 
know that he's a dick? And that he 
has a really ugly wife?" 

All kidding aside, though, 
Armstrong says that Warning (out 
Oct. 3) doesn't necessarily offer 
up too much in the way of 
political commentary, though 
some of the songs do tackle 
topical concerns. 

"I'm not really much of a 
politician," says the singer, "but a 
song like 'Warning' is . . . it's just 
sort of how like there's always 
these warning labels — 'don't 
cross these lines,' 'don't do this,' 
'don't do that," — and how it can 
become really suffocating. I hate 
being told what I can and can't 
do. Pretty soon we're not going to 
be doing anything and all of us 
are going to be ordering our 
groceries through the Internet." 

Armstrong says the idea for 
another song, "Fashion Victim," 
sprang out of a shirt Tre Cool 
sported that was riddled with 
bullet holes and bore the legend, 
"Versace Fashion Victim #1." 

"I just started coming up with 
lyrics about fashion victims, and 
how you're supposed to have the 
perfect body to fit these perfect 
clothes and you go into these 
stores and there's these clothes 
that were designed for eleven- 
year-old Japanese girls," says 
Armstrong. "It's been part of our 
society the whole time, but now I 
think it's sort of escalated into 
where fashion models are 
donating their eggs for $20,000 a 
pop so that you can make these 
perfect human beings. To me, that 
is sort of parallel to Hitler's 
perfect society." 

The tribe and viewers have spoken - 
Island fever sweeps the country 

By Randall S. Fredrick 

LIFE Reporter 

The season finale of 
"Survivor" blew all competition 
out of the water. An estimated 
5 1 .7 million watched to see which 
one of the four remaining 
contestants would walk away with 
$1 million, and who would leave 
with $100 thousand. 

CBS has had declining 
ratings over the last few years 
with numerous failed shows. Last 
year, after months of financial 
troubles, it was bought by 
Viacom, the company responsible 
for the success of MTV and VH1. 
Since then, it has struggled to stay 
above water, and has had to rely 
mainly on it's Emmy hit 
"Everybody Loves Raymond", 
"The Late Show with David 
Letterman", and "60 Minutes," 
but this summer, "Survivor" 
proved to be not only a cultural hit 
but also the word that defined the 

Since the show first aired, 
CBS's ratings have skyrocketed, 
gaining each week, and giving the 
network and it's affiliates several 
tie-ins and lead-ins to showcase 
their other shows. 

Ratings have increased across 

the board, even though only 
the prime shows have been 
given lead-ins. 

"Ladies Man", 
"Becker", "Everybody Loves 
Raymond'' and "King of 
Queens " have all enjoyed the 

Since the buyout by 
Viacom brought VH1 and 
CBS into the same family, 
each week VH1 has hosted 
"Survivor Countdown ", 
where that weeks castoff was 
allowed to cut one song from 
a list of many summer hits 
such as Lenny Kravitz's 
"Fly Away", Red Hot Chili 
Peppers "Slide " and Jennifer 
Lopez's "Waiting for 

There are already plans 
for a "Survivor II: The 
Australian Outback". 
Applications for "Outback" 
were five times the amount 
sent in for the first show. 
Castoff and ex-Navy Seal Rudy 
Boesch has vocalized his interest 
in joining the second edition of the 

Executive producer Mark 
Burnett has said that all previous 
contestants will not be allowed to 
return, but has added that Boesch 


Associated Press 

tribes of Tagi and Pagong set summer records for CBS and Viacom its subsidiaries. 

would be welcome to signup for 
his "Destination Mir" in space. 
"Mir" would be along the same 
lines as "Survivor", and the only 
thing holding the show back is 
funding for trips to and from a 
newly constructed space station. 
The members of the Tagi and 

Pagong tribes will soon be seen on 
"Hollywood Squares" on Sept. 
25-29, and on the Aug. 26 airing 
ofVHl's "The List". 

"Survivor" winner, Richard 
Hatch, will next be seen as a guest 
presenter at the MTV Music 
Awards on Sept. 7. 

Kid Rock joins Deep Porn 

Associated Press 

Kid Rock and funkmaster 
George Clinton are among the 
artists who have teamed up with 
adult-film actresses to create the 
hip-hop and electronica collection 
Deep Porn. The album, from the 
sex-minded indie label Hardcorps 
Entertainment, is now in stores. 

The 14 tracks found 
musicians adding backing tracks 
to the actresses' vocals tracks. 
"Please keep in mind that this 
record is NOT an attempt to let 
pom stars show off their musical 
chops, but rather it lets them do 
what they do best," says a 

spokesperson for the project. 

Kid Rock performs with 
Midori on a track called "69, " 
while Clinton does "Spanka- 
Vision" with Shayla LaVeaux. 
Others featured include Cypress 
Hill's DJ Muggs, Motley Crue 
collaborator DJ Larceny, and 
members of 2 Live Crew. Selected 
titles include "Pornostyle, " "Hard 
Organ Mix," and "Phone Sex 
Mix. " 

The complete track listing is: 
"Flick," Black Mob Group w/ 
Stacey Valentine; "Come With 
Me," AK 1200 w/ Raylene; "Titty 
Bar," Lordz Of Brooklyn w/ 
Rebecca Wild; "Nasty," Brother 

Marquis of 2 Live Crew) w/ 
Rebecca Lord; "Pornostyle, " 
Danny Breaks w/ Alicia Rio; 
"F.M.A.;" Kid Rock w/ Midori; 
"69, " DJ Muggs (of Cypress Hill) 
w/ Heather Hunter; "Animal," 
Under Siege w/ Gina Ryder; 
"Hard Organ Mix," Eli Janney (of 
Girls Against Boys) w/ Missy; 
"Phone Sex Mix, " DJ Larceny (of 
Motley Crue) w/ Johnni Black; 
"Gimme Some, " AMG w/ 
Stephanie Swift; "Bra's & 
Draw's," DJ Godfather w/ Kiss; 
"Zap, " Wide (Liquid Todd & Dr. 
Luke) w/ Midori; "Spanka- 
Vision," and George Clinton w/ 
Shayla LaVeaux. 

Associated Press 
The self proclaimed pimp adds a track 
to the Deep Porn album. 

life: (PeopCe 

Page 10 

The Current Sauce 

August 31, 2000 

Aguilera responds to 
Eminem, works for charity 

Associated Press 

It's nothing but good karma 
flowing in and out of the 
Christina Aguilera camp these 

As the teen star's U.S. tour 
makes the rounds, Hollywood 
Hamilton's Rhythm Top 30 
Countdown has struck back at 
rapper Eminem on her behalf for 
comments he made about 
Aguilera. "Slim Shady Please 
Shut Up," a parody of Em's "The 
Real Slim Shady," has been 
making the rounds online and 
finds a Christina-impersonating 
DJ slapping back Em for his 

"I heard the song.... It's just 
hilarious," Aguilera told MTV 
News of the song. 

"It's so funny. The girl is so 
white, it's not even funny. I don't 
know who out there did this, but 
it's funny and obviously it's in 
support of me. It's very cute, and 
I appreciate that. It may be on my 
next record... just kidding." 

While someone has stepped 
up to help out Aguilera, she and 
tour sponsors Sears and Levi's are 
urging others to step up for their 
communities. Through her tour, 
Aguilera is trying to drum up 
support for Do Something, the 
nonprofit outfit founded by actor 
Andrew Shue. 

"The 'Come On Over'/Do 
Something project, Sears and 
Levi's, and I have agreed is the 
best way to get youth involved, 
because this program actually 

goes through a whole list of 
topics you can pick from: 
domestic violence, child abuse, 
helping the environment, 
tutoring, applying yourself in any 
way possible to help better 

Aguilera explained. Fans are 
encouraged to head to the Do 
Something Web site (at to find an outlet. 

"It's all about getting kids to 
turn negative situations into 
positive ones," Aguilera said. 

It's about what young people 
are passionate about," Shue 
elaborated. "It's not about a bunch 
of older people telling young 
people what to do. It's young 
people coming up with their own 
ideas, letting their voices be 
heard, letting them create it 
however they want to create it. 

"You have two choices in 
life," the actor continued. "You 
can be somebody who just doesn't 
want to participate and wants to 
sit on the couch and be by 
yourself, or you can get out there, 
get together with your friends, 
and come up with your own 
project and you can be a part of 
society. So get involved, and we 
want to show you how." 

Of course, amid the 
recruiting, Aguilera is still serving 
up her hits on the road. If that's 
your bag. 

She comes to Louisiana and 
can beseen on August 27 in New 

Charges against hemp holding 
Harrelson go up in smoke 

Associated Press 

With a little help 
from an unlikely 
hemp-pushing pal, 
Woody Harrelson is a 
free man after 
standing trial on pot 

The former 
Cheers barkeep 
turned hemp crusader 
was found not guilty 
Thursday of a 
marijuana possession 
rap stemming from 
his ceremonious 
planting of four hemp 
seeds in a Lee County, 
Kentucky, field four 
years ago. A six- 
person jury 
deliberated for all of 
25 minutes before 
reaching its verdict, 
and the film star 
promptly signed 
autographs and 
thanked jurors for 
their decision. 

Harrelson also 
found support 
Thursday from none 
other than former 
Governor Louie Nunn, who 
testified in Lee District Court on 
Harrelson's behalf, saying the 
Wood-man wasn't trying to break 
the laws, just challenge them. 

Harrelson, 39, first began his 

Woody Harrelson has always been a fan of hemp. He has 
from the plant. His hemp fascination has landed him in a 


clash with Kentucky authorities in 
1996, claiming that the state's pot 
laws were unjust. Current state 
laws don't differentiate between 
industrial hemp (which can be 
used to make paper, cloth and 
those neat little necklaces you can 

Associated Press 
even gone so far as to wear a hemp tuxedo made 
deal of trouble once again. 

buy at Phish concerts) and its 
more stoner-friendly cannabis 
relative, marijuana. 

The cultivation-lovin' star of 
Play It to the Bone and White Men 
Can't Jump appealed his case to 
the Kentucky Supreme Court, but 

in March, the high court 
ordered him to stand trial. 
Harrelson could have 
faced a $500 fine and 12 
months in jail if 

initially offered to go 
easy on the film star if he 
accepted to a 30-day jail 
sentence, or agreed to 
stay away from hemp and 
marijuana in Kentucky 
for a year. Harrelson 
rejected the proposal, and 
prosecutors on Thursday 
asked the jury to give 
Harrelson (who showed 
up to court in a suit made 
of hemp) a $500 dollar 
fine and a 30-day jail 

Nunn, a Republican who 
served as governor from 
1967-1971, has become 
an outspoken advocate of 
hemp and joined 
Harrelson's side in June. 
"I feel this is a way to 
information on industrial 
hemp because of the personalities 
involved," Nunn said at the time. 

As if Nunn's help wasn't 
enough, Woody's trial had a 
somewhat serendipitous 
beginning: The jury reportedly 
received his case at, um, 4:20 p.m. 





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August 31, 2000 

Freshmen face the 'Battle of the Bulge' 

Finding the Freshman 15 

By Joni Naquin 

LIFE Reporter 

All it takes is a few late night 
cram sessions with pizza and 
chips, a cheeseburger here and 
there, and Aramark meals 
everyday for freshman to put on 
the infamous "Freshman 15." 

It's easy to understand why 
the "freshman 15" affects college 
students. Both men and women 
head off to a university where 
meal plans, dormitory snack 
stashes, and the stress of 
adjusting to a new environment, 
and a more sedentary lifestyle 
call all lead to fluctuating weight. 
For many students, college leads 
to a more independent lifestyle 
that includes a time of food 
freedom which too often results 
in overeating, poor nutrition, and 
ultimately weight gain. 

Why does it lead to weight 
gain? People usually gain weight 
when they take in more calories 
than the their bodies need. Most 
people need around 2,000-2,500 
calories a day, and in college, that 
total is regularly exceeded in the 
land of fraternity parties and late 
night food binges. And speaking 
of fraternity parties, just one pint 
of beer is 192 calories. Pretty 
soon, a person's belly will begin 
to look like a keg. 

"It's been a big issue with my 
friends and I," freshman Jessica 
Breaux said. "We think about it a 

Nutritionists say higher education 
does not necessarily have to lead 
to higher levels on the scale. 
There are plenty of healthy ways 
to avoid the "Freshman 15." 

Northwestern Health 
Services advises freshmen to 
follow three simple steps. 
Freshmen need to get plenty of 
rest, they also need to get plenty 
of exercise, and lastly eat well- 
balanced meals. 

"There are brochures and 
information available on eating 
healthy in the infirmary," Health 
Services Director, Stephanie Self, 

Weight Watchers 
International also has a few tips 
on how to avoid the "Freshman 
15." Instead of eating during 
study breaks to help your mind, 
take a brisk ten minute walk 
instead. They also say drinking 
plenty of water can keep both 
your mind and body active. 

They also point out that 
when high school students go 
from high school sports to college 
life, their lives change from many 
sports and recreational activities 
to inactivity, lounging around, 
and overeating. Even if a student 
doesn't participate in sports or 
clubs, it doesn't mean they have 
to become sedentary. Most 
campuses offer a variety of free 
exercise programs, and NSU 
offers similar free programs. The 
Intramural Sports teams is one 
way to start being healthy. 


Fries (2 



with/ 2 
Tbsp. Sour 




1 Cup 
Pasta with 
M Cup 




1 Cup 
Pasta with 
V4 Cup 




Deli Roast 
Beef (2 






Turkey (2 




Ice Cream 
W cup) 




(low-fat, V4 




Graphic By Courtney Payne 
Northwestern health officials and Weight Watchers International warn freshman 
students about the dreaded Freshman 15. They suggest healthy eating as a cure. 











Chips (loz) 











Hard Roll 













granola bar 





Reduced fat 




Candy bar 

Candy bar 

"We have been avoiding junk 
food buy not buying them, and 
we have been walking and 
working out more," Breaux said. 

Upperclassmen know how to 
handle the weight problem. 

"I never gained the 
Freshman 15," sophomore Ben 
Nolan said. "In fact, I lost weight. 
I just didn't eat as often and I 
walked to my classes and kept 

eating healthy." 

It's sound advice that all 
incoming NSU freshmen should 
follow and thus, hopefully, they 
will never meet the "Freshman 

For more information call 
the NSU student health services 
at 357-5351 and ask for 
Stephanie Self. 

1 Pizza Hut 
Pan Style 
1 Cheese 
(1 slice) 




Pizza Hut 
The Edge 
(1 slice) 




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Big Chicken 
I Burrito 

I Supreme 




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with Cheese 







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1 1 una Wrap 




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Pain Thai 





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• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
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• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 



Page 12 

The Current Sauce 

you need to 

know. . . 


u go 

It's time. College football is back, and The 
Current Sauce has you covered from 
endzone to endzone, so you can be the 
ultimate Demon fan 

By Randall S. Fredrick 

Sauce Reporter 

The year 2000 will bring 
more than a new millennium of 
football to Turpin Stadium. It 
will also bring in a new era. 

The new era begins Saturday 
when the Demons go head to 
head against Southern 
University's Jaguars for the first 
game of the season. 

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. 

The last time the Jaguars 
visited the University was 1998, a 
year the Demons would like to 

During the 1998 season, 
Northwestern won the Southland 
conference championship and 
was a national semifinalist. 
Unfortunately, the Demons took 
a step back last season with a 
season record of 4-7, a mark that 
new head coach Steve Roberts 
doesn't want to repeat. 

Roberts' team has the talent 
to make a run for another 
championship. Six Demons made 
the pre-season All-conference 
list, including All- American Tony 
Taylor. Taylor, who became 
injury-prone at the end of last 

season, owns seven school records 
for rushing, including the single- 
season rushing total he set last 
season with 1,441 yards. 

Taylor will be backed up by 
Troy Sumrall, who stepped up 
with Taylor providing one of the 
best backfields in the conference. 

Other Demons on the first 
team are Herchel Monroe, Black, 
Terrance McGee, Kurt 
Rodriguez, Gene Tennison and 
Kendrick Llorens. 

When Roberts first arrived in 
July taking the head coach 
position, his first order of 
business was to name a starting 
quarterback. The Demons' weak 
spot last season was the 
quarterback position. University 
of Louisiana at Monroe transfer 
Ben Beach secured the position 
this week ending speculation that 
part-time starter Aubery Jones 
would get the lead. 

"The inexperience of our 
quarterbacks and our safeties are 
definitely an uncertainty," 
Roberts said. "I'd say it's more of 
an uncertainty than a weakness." 

Third-year quarterback 
Aubrey Jones will back up Beech, 
and Travis Fleming will be the 
third string quarterback 

Junior wide receiver Nathan 
Black and senior T.J Sutherland 
look to be underneath the passes 
coming from Beech. Black 
returns as the number one 
receiver and is on pace to break 
the school record for career 
receptions, a mark previously set 
by Pat Palmer and Floyd Turner. 
He is also expected to be the 
leading punt returner. 

Sutherland returns from an 
injury-plagued year, but in 1998, 
he played in every game and 
caught at total of 20 passes. 

Defensively, the Demons still 
look strong. The Demons will 
return with 22 letterwinners, 
including seven starters from last 
years' team. Conerbacks McGee 
and Llorens are both sophomores 
and will look to continue in the 
long tradition of outstanding NSU 

With the exception of two 
Division I-A opponents, Central 
Florida and University of 
Louisiana at Lafayette, the 
Demons schedule should not be 
as rough as last season's where 
the Demons played more than 
half of their games on the road. 

Northwestern State 
Demons vs. Southern 


Saturday, September 2nd 2000 
6:00 p.m. Turpin Stadium. 

The Series: This matchup has been one of the most 
popular and fastest-growing rivalries in the state. Attendance 
records have been broken each time the game has been 
played in Natchitoches. The home team has won five out of 
the seven games in the series. 

Last time they met: The Demons gave the ball away 
eight times, including six interceptions, in a 20-13 loss last 
year in Baton Rouge. 

The Demons Win if... transfer quarterback Ben 
Beech can provide the passing attack needed to free Ail- 
American tailback Tony Taylor. The Purple Swarm defense 
will have to remain cool against the fast-paced Jaguar 

Game time weather: a little cooler, but stoi hot. Highs 

will reach 93 degrees, with a low of 70 degrees. Chance of rain, 

- Weather provided by 

AUGUST 31, 2000 

out fast. 

| Game expected to be 
sellout by kickoff 

NSU Sports Information 

Saturday night's season 
opening college football 
matchup between in-state rivals 
Northwestern State and Southern 
University isn't yet a sellout, but 
tickets are going fast, NSU 
athletic director Greg Burke said 

All seats in 15,971 -capacity 
Turpin Stadium are $14 for 
reserved tickets. Monday 
afternoon, a line that at times 
was 25 people deep, curved 
around the lobby in the NSU 
athletic fieldhouse. The 
telephone in the NSU ticket 
office was constantly ringing. 

New Demon football coach 
Steve Roberts dropped by the 
lobby prior to his team's 
Monday night practice to thank 
fans for their interest and 
support. The last four NSU- 
Southern games have been 
sellouts, including the last two 
contests played at Turpin 

"Based on the pace of ticket 
sales, plus the fact that we have 
ticket outlets in Shreveport- 
Bossier, Leesville and 
Alexandria as well as Baton 
Rouge, there is a distinct 
possibility we will sell out 
before game day," Burke said. 

'That will be a first. There 
are still tickets available, but I 
encourage people to make their 
ticket purchases sooner than 

A stadium-record crowd of 
1 6,706 watched the Demons win 
28-7 in 1998, Southern's last 
visit to Northwestern. The 
Jaguars took advantage of 
Demon turnovers to claim a 
20-13 victory in Baton Rouge 
last year in front of an overflow 
crowd of 27,000. 

"Our fans are excited about 
seeing Coach Roberts' first game 
as our head coach and about our 
prospects for the 2000 season," 
Burke said. "Southern has a 
great following, and I know their 
fans are just as revved up about 
this season as we are. We're 
looking forward to quite a 
college football spectacle, with a 
great football game as the 
centerpiece, here Saturday." 

Telephone orders can be 
made by calling the NSU ticket 
office at (318)357-4268. • 

Everything you need to know about the Jaguars and the Southland Conference, Part 2 

Think you know everything. Here's four things that every real Demon fan should know 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

When it comes to great 
gameday football traditions, let's 
face it, NSU isn't exactly at the top 
of the list. 

You won't see a two ponies 
ride out on the field in front of a 
chuckwagon like at Oklahoma; 
you won't see 80,000 fans moving 
their arms down in a 90-degree 
angle like at Florida State, and I'm 
betting that when this Saturday's 
game against Southern kicks off, 
you probably won't see members 
of the R.O.T.C. kissing their 

girlfriends after a touchdown 

{probably), as is the case at Texas 

But for what they lack in 
notoriety, the traditions formed 
here at Northwestern have 
certainly made up for it in 
originality. So before you head to 
Turpin Stadium, take a look at 
these traditions that have been 
home grown right here at NSU. 

1) Chief Caddo 

Weighing in at a massive 320 
pounds and standing 7 feet, 6 
inches, the high chief has the 
honor of being the largest trophy 
in college sports. NSU and 
Stephen F. Austin battle for the 

chief every year in the last game of 
the season. 

2) The Fight Song 

(See right) Sung to the tune of 
"Trio to British Eighth March," 
every Demon player must learn 
the NSU fight song during the first 
week of practice. They sing the 
song after each victory. Even 
though the words may throw you 
off at first, once you hear the song 
and put the lyrics together, it'll 
stick in your head like the song 
"It's a Small World After All." 

3) The R.O.T.C. Cannon 

This huge 75-mm pack 
Howitzer cannon fires off a round 

to signify a Demon touchdown. 
(The guy on the phone wanted me 
to emphasize that no real shells 
will be fired during the game.) 
During the 1998 playoff game 
against UMASS. the cannon was 
mysteriously absent and the 
Demons lost 41-31. 
Conspiracy Theory? 

4) Vic vs. Brave Spirit 

It's a legend "round these 
parts." On October 24, 1992, NSU 
mascot Vic the Demon and 
Louisiana-Monroe mascot Chief 
Brave Spirit couldn't co-exist with 
one another. Midway through the 
second quarter, the two fought on 
the sidelines earning both schools 

national attention. that was it," said former Demon 

The fight finished fourth on mascot Shane Clabaugh. "That 

CNN's Plays of the Year. goes against the mascot code of 

"After he tore my head off, ethics." 

NSU Fight Song 

Go, ye Demons 
take the field. 
Northwestern Demons 
Never yield. 

Fight, Demons win tonight, victory is on our side. 
(Go,fight, win) 

Purple and White shall ever reign, 
filling the air with battle strains. 

So Demons, forever stand 
and fight for dear old Demonland 

August 31, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 13 

Gameday 2000: Southern preview 

Southern looks to 
dominance in 

Associated Press 

Southern University doesn't 
own the Southwestern Athletic 
Conference. It just seems that 

This season, the Jaguars are 
shooting for their fourth straight 
conference crown. The last team 
to do that was Grambling from 
1977 to 1980. Under coach Pete 
Richardson, Southern has been 
close to perfect with a record of 

Richardson has evoked just 
enough adversity to show his 
ability to keep his team together 
and motivate them. Last year, 
Florida A&M humiliated 
Southern with a 65-18 whipping. 
It might have panicked some 
coaches, but Richardson got his 
team to bounce back with three 
straight victories, and an 11-2 
record to win the conference. The 
Jaguars capped that with a 31-30 
victory over Jackson State in the 
Heritage Bowl. 

This is what passes for a 
rebuilding year at Southern. 
Seven defensive starters must be 
replaced, including three all- 
conference performers. 

There's also the loss of 
defensive coordinator Mike Vite, 
who left for a position at 
Southern Illinois. Richardson 
appointed two assistants, 
Terrance Graves and Clifford 
Lewis, to handle Vite's old job. 

"There will probably be a 
few new wrinkles," Richardson 
said. "But the basic philosophy 
won't change. Personnel will 
have more to do with the changes 
we make than anything else." 

The defense does have All- 

SWAC defensive back Edreece 
Brown. He picked off a league 
leading six passes. But after 
Brown, free safety Sean Overton 

the only other experience. 

The defensive line was the 
terror of the SWAC last year. It's 
a big concern this year. Only one 
starter returns, Antonio Mays at 

The linebackers should be 
strong despite the loss of 
Channing Warner, a four-year 
starter who led the team in 
tackles the last two seasons. 

Offensively the Jaguars are 
still loaded. Nine starters return, 
including quarterback Troy 
Williams and last year's top two 
receivers Michael Hayes and 
Al'trev Joubert. 

Other good news is that five 
of the ten players Richardson 
used in his two-tier offensive line 
return this year. The big question 
is depth. 

"We have to have individuals 
up there who know what they're 
doing," Richardson said. "We 
have to keep developing." 

Associated Press 

Southern quarterback Troy Williams will be just one of the many weapons the Jaguars will throw at the Demons 


Subject: Southern Jaguars 

Offense: The Jaguars use a fast- 
paced, no-huddle offense to wear 
down opposing defense. They use 
multiple formations with four and 
even five wide recivers 

Who to watch: WR Micheal Hayes, 
who scored six touchdowns and 
had 828 yards receiving 

Defense: The "Dog Day Defense' 
will have a tough time replacing 
seven defensive starters and 
defensive coordinator Mike Vite 

Who to Watch: DB Edreece Brown, 
an All-S WAC safety who led the 
Jags with six interceptions 

Jags to 
start two 
rookies at 

I Many changes 
defensively for Jaguars 

Associated Press 

True freshman Lenny 
Williams and sophomore transfer 
Codie Smith-Robinson, neither 
having ever played in a college 
game, will likely be Southern's 
starting cornerbacks Saturday 
when the Jaguars visit 
Northwestern State. 

They've got the skills, but 
more than that, they've got the 
most important quality new SU 
secondary coach Henry Miller 
sought: Attitude. 

"That's what you need. 
That's what we were missing, a 
little flamboyance," Miller said 
as SU prepares for its season 
opener in Natchitoches. 

Williams stands to become 
the first true freshman to start at 
SU since tailback Melvin 
Williams in 1994. While both 
Smith-Robinson and Williams 
(5* 11", 175 lbs.) have strong 
attitudes, Williams is the more 
likely to understate. Smith- 
Robinson (6'2", 180 lbs.) won't 
hold back. 

"When you look at me, I can 
do it all," said Smith-Robinson, a 
New Orleans-O.P. "I can come 
up and make the tackle. And also 
I can cover my butt off. It's an 
open-and-shut case with me; I 
can do it all. 

Of course, neither has any 
kind of barometer as to how good 
they'll be in the Southwestern 
Athletic Conference. And the 
position itself offers a steep.often 
cruel, learning curve. 

Other things you'll need to know 

2000 Southland Preseason Coaches Poll Turpin Stadium attendance records 

1 ) Troy State 

2) Stephen F. Austin 

3) McNeese State 

4) Northwestern State 

5) Southwest Texas 

6) Sam Houston 

7) Jacksonville State 

8) Nicholls State 

Out of the top five largest crowds in Turpin stadium 
history, it's not surprising that three have been set 
during the NSU/Southern game. The top five 
attendances in Turpin stadium history: 

1998 Northwestern v Southern- 16,706 
1996 Northwestern v Southern- 16,222 
1994 Northwestern v Southern- 15,600 
1987 Northwestern v Northeast La.- 13,600 
1989 Northwestern v McNeese State- 13,400 

2000 NSU Demons Football Schedule 

Sept. 2 , 

Southern University 

6 p.m. 

Sept. 9 

at Central Florida 

5 p.m. 

Sept. 16 



Sept. 23 

at ULL 

7 p.m. 

Sept. 30 

Gardner Webb 

6 p.m. 

Oct. 7 

Troy St. 

6 p.m. 

Oct. 14 

at Nicholls State 

3:30 p.m. 

Oct. 21 

McNeese State 

2 p.m. 

Oct. 28 

at Southwest Tx. 

2 p.m. 

Nov. 4 

at Jacksonville St. 

4 p.m. 

Nov. 11 

Sam Houston 

2 p.m. 

Nov. 18 

at Stephen F. Austin 

2 p.m 




o O o 

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8 a.m. - 7 p.m. 









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MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) isn't necessary to enhance the flavor of Chinese food 
and neither is that tight feeling at the temples some people get from it P 

Page 14 

The Current Sauce 

August 31, 2000 

Athletic Director 
Burke among finalists 
for Akron job 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

Athletic Director Greg Burke 
is in a field of five finalists to 
become the Athletic Director at 
the University of Akron. 

Burke will make a second 
interview at the school at some 
point in the next two weeks, 
according to officials at Akron. 
The second round of interviews 
began Monday with Lafayette. 
PA Athletic Director Eve 
Atkinson applied for the second 

"Burke meets a profile that 
all of these candidates have," said 
Dean of the Law School at Akron 
Richard Aines, who heads the 
search committee for the athletic 
director at Akron. "They have 
leadership skills, interpersonal 
skills, fundraising, marketing and 
experience in athletic 

Burke, a native of Alliance, 
Ohio, was selected from a field of 
80 applicants for the job. The 
other four finalists are Atkinson. 
AD at Alabama-Huntsville James 
E. Harris, associate AD at Rice. 
Steve Moniaci and assistant AD 
at Virginia, Micheal J. Thomas. 

Akron hopes to have find a 
new Athletic Director by late 

"We think all of these people 
have the ability to do the job," 
Aines said. "We don't know the 
candidates well enough to say 
that one candidate is ahead of 
another right now. We want to see 
who's the best fit." 

Burke, who was an assistant 
director of athletic development 
and marketing at Akron for four 
years before coming to NSU. has 
been the athletics director here 
since Aug. 30. 1996. 

In that time, NSU has 
finished first in the Southland 
conference's Commissioner's 
Cup in 1998 and second in 1999. 
He also helped to create a first- 
ever endowment for women's 

Burke said that he felt he 
owed it to himself and his family 
to look into the position but that 
he also has mixed emotions about 
the possibility of leaving 

"I've made it really clear that 
I like it here at NSU and I like 
Natchitoches," Burke said. "If it 
were any other school, I doubt 
seriously that I would consider 
leaving NSU. But because of 
where the university is located 
and because it's a school that I 
have an affinity for, I feel like I 
should take a look into it." 

Do you like sports? 
Wanna get paid to watch??? 

wmnrz fofi the §mnmim ejaucj^h 

Come to Journalism Lab, 
Rm. 225, 2nd floor of Kyser Hall or call 357-5456 
Ask for Rondray! 

Former Demon Green no 
longer "Irrelevant"; call him a 
Chicago Bear 

m Other former Demons 
not so fortunate after cut 

NSU Sports Information 

Two-time Northwestern State 
A II- American safety Mike Green 
went from being "Mr. Irrelevant" 
to a part of the 2000 Chicago 
Bears roster Sunday as NFL teams 
set their 53-man rosters for the 
start of regular season play next 

Green earned the title of "Mr. 
Irrelevant XXV" for being the 
254th and last player picked in the 
seven rounds of the 2000 NFL 
Draft. He defied the odds to make 
the Bears' roster. 

The final cut was unkind to a 
pair of Demons bidding to make 
the Cleveland Browns. Second- 
year receiver and kick returner 
Ronnie Powell was waived by 
Cleveland along with free agent 
safety Tony Joe Maranto. 

Powell played his rookie 
season with the Browns after 
starting at running back and on the 
track team for Northwestern. 

Maranto, a consensus All- 
America safety for the Demons in 
1997, has sparkled in NFL Europe 
the past two seasons, helping the 
Frankfort Galaxy win the 1999 
NFL Europe title, but he was cut 
last year by the New Orleans 
Saints early in camp. 

Four other Demons remain 
with NFL teams. Offensive tackle 
Marcus Spears starts his seventh 
season as a pro in his fourth year 
with the Kansas City Chiefs. 
Cornerbacks Kenny Wright and 
Keith Thibodeaux will line up for 
the Minnesota Vikings again this 
year. Wright earned a starting role 

last season midway through his 
rookie year. Thibodeaux. an all- 
conference pick for the Demons in 
1996. is in his fourth NFL season. 

Defensive end Robert Daniel 
is on injured reserve for the 
second straight year with the 
Carolina Panthers. He sat out 
1999 with a neck injury and had 

IM Horseshoes 

Wed., September 6 6:00 pm 
ROTC Field 

IM Swim Meet 

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knee surgery earlier this year. 

Green was one of four 1999 
Demons in preseason camp with 
NFL teams. Cut earlier were 
linebacker Jake Michel (San 
Francisco), safety B.J. Williams 
(San Francisco, New York Giants) 
and receiver Eric Granger (New 
York Jets). Another ex- 
Northwestern star, 1998 All- 
American cornerback Jermaine 
Jones, was waived by Chicago 
this summer and reached an injury 
settlement in July with the Giants 
after fracturing an arm. 

Hair Gallery 

NSU Students!! 

"Discounts" on all Guy's Hair Color for 

Sept. through Oct. 5 

Products Offered: 

Joico, Amplify, Logics, kms, Rusk, Redkew, tex, Biologe Bed- 
Head, Tigi, Sedastian, Scruples 

Dana and Doug Stylist 
141 St Denis St. Downtown Historic District 




H you don't <J» it 
who will? 

U'GUST 31, 2000 

From the 

For my first editorial I have 
lecided to not follow the time 
pnored tradition of past Current 
[auce editors. You see, most of 
liem in their first issue told of what 
1 tiey were going to do with the 
aper, what direction it would go in 
od what type of coverage it would 
1 ursue. Instead I have taken this 
pportunity to put out a warning to 
, jl who may read future copies of 
lie Current Sauce this year. My 
earning is that everyone's favorite 
olumnist, Tony "the lonely" 
lanco, will be a part of this paper 
ice again. 

I know what some of you must 
saying. " Doesn't he remember 
the trouble that came from that 
y last year? Is he crazy?" There 
two answers; yes, I do 
member all the trouble that Tony 
used, and no, I'm not crazy, 
ile it may seem that way, trust 
there is logic behind my 

For those of you in the dark, 
[ony has written a column off and 
over the past two years. It is 
ensive, and last year he went a 
e too far. Some people got 
set, and the editor before myself, 
lawn Hornsby, caught a lot of 
11 because of it. 

There was a big crusade 
jainst Tony. People tried to 
fluence our advertisers to pull 
eir endorsements. There was talk 
lawsuits, and for a while, Shawn 
ought he might lose his job. 

So, you probably want to 
low why? Why am I risking my 
ck for someone who could 
itentially harm me? I do not even 
j-ee with anything Tony has ever 
in his columns. I will even 
it that as late as last week 1 was 
1 steadfast against Tony being 
It of this year's paper. 

What made me change was a 
lit I made to Boozman Hall last 
lursday. I was dropping off 
fwspapers for the residents and all 
la sudden this girl in a black shirt 
(ou know who you are) comes up 
me and proceeds to tear into the 
ity of The Current Sauce. She 
that the only thing good in it 
Tony Blanco, and now that he 
one, the paper is garbage. I 
fended the publication, of 
;e, and told her how wrong she 

"Many consider the paper 
bage because of Tony," I said. 
She laughed at this, and we 
our separate ways. 
It made me mad, but it also 
ie me think. For some odd 
on, this girl, though she was 

abrasive and obnoxious, she 
le me realize the error of my 
s. While many wish that Tony 
Id never write again, there is a 
up of people out there that love 

Who am I to deprive people of 
|at they want in a newspaper. I 
n this is the student newspaper 
1SU. Its not the select group of 
(tents newspaper of NSU. 
So that's it. Tony is going to 
because people want to read 
Some look forward to reading 
Hold on though, I'm not that 
While I am all for giving the 
le what they want, there is 
thing else to consider. Shawn 
in a lot of trouble because of 
He had a bad habit of not 
fing everything in the paper 
re it went out. I won't make 
mistake. Everything that Tony 
S in this paper will go through 
and Mary Freeman, the 
lions editor. If something is too 
tosive, it will not be run. Also, 
tything of Tony's will carry a 
ceding warning label. This is the 
promise that I have made 
^een the two extreme parties of 
issue. Tony will be run for 
*e who love him. Tony will not 
e the free reign that he had last 
'. for those who hate him. 
One last thing. Everyone who 
s Tony's work, I want you to 
>e mber that he didn't get a 
^nd chance. Let's just try it out 
s ee what happens. Pick up 
14th's issue, and we will find 

Josh Beavers, Editor 


The Current Sauce 

Page 1 

A little commentary 

By Mary Freeman 

Opinions Editor 

A friend of mine tells me he 
can hear the wheels turning as I 
plot to take over the world. He 
says the wheels go "click, click, 
click." Perhaps, it is the same 
sound the keyboard makes as I 
type. If so, it seems suitable that 
I have been made the new editor 
of the opinions page. 

This is my first time to hold 
any position above writer for the 
paper. Thus, I wish to beg your 
indulgence as I "learn the ropes," 
so to say, and try to birth 
something readable and 
interesting. This week, I intend 
to take the time to write some 
about my hopes for this page 
throughout the semester. 

First, I wish to have a 
diverse page; however, due to the 

limited number of articles I 
received for this publication, this 
edition has a slightly feminist 
tone. In the future, I intend to 
publish opinions that will inspire, 
stimulate, bewilder, and at times, 
perhaps offend you, the reader. I 
trust that due to the maturity of 
the readers, no problems will 
arise. I mean, we are all adults, 

Second, I want your letters. 
I want to hear from you about 
everything, especially if they are 
strong views. I never want my 
inbox to be empty. However, this 
is not a request for letters from 
those with personal vendettas; 
therefore, all work must be 

Third, I wish to hear from 
everyone, students as well as 
faculty and staff. It will be 
interesting to hear from a teacher 

outside of class, and I am sure the 
administration will have opinions 
not only about what students 
write but their own. After all, 
sometimes more attention is paid 
to what is in the paper than what 
happened in class or at a meeting. 
No offense. 

Finally, I wish to make it 
clear that this is my page. It's 
mine! It's all mine! My name is 
on it, and it is my responsibility. 
If you have a problem, write me. 
It will probably find its way on 
the page. However, if you 
happen to be bigger than I am, or 
scary, and have a problem, blame 
Josh Beavers. He made me do it. 

You can contact me at, or 
call 357-5456. That about does 
it. So, here I am; love me. 

Sexism is not a game 

By Elona A. Boggs 


Along with baseball and 
Saturday night at the movies, 
video games have become 
somewhat of a cultural 
phenomenon amongst people of 
all ages and backgrounds, 
especially children. This trend 
has progressed from the primitive 
Atari, to the Nintendo, and more 
recentiy, the Sega Dreamcast. 

Undoubtedly, the intense 
popularity of these games is 
credited to children. Most every 
child has some sort of video game 
in his or her home. This 
fascination with video 
entertainment creates problems 
more severe than neglecting 
homework and zombie-like 

Recently, games have been 
released that are intended for an 
adult audience only. However, 
children everywhere have access 
to these games, and its results are 
dangerous. These games promote 
violence and discrimination, 
primarily with women as the 

Sexism in video games is not 
a new thing, however. For 
instance, in earlier video games 

like "Super Mario Brothers' and 
"The Legend of Zelda," women 
were portrayed as "Cinderellas." 
They were kidnapped and needed 
their male counterparts to rescue 
them in order to restore their 
livelihood. Even though no 
extreme violence was present in 
these games, women were still 
portrayed as weak and 

Since the birth of video 
entertainment, there has been a 
lack of women protagonists in 
games. For instance, I cannot 
recall a "Bayou Betty" or a 
"Papergirl." Sadly, the few 
female protagonists are 
sexualized in some fashion. The 
releases "St-tel Harbingers," 
"Space Channel 5" and 'Tomb 
Raider" are prime examples of 
this trend. All feature their female 
characters with little clothing and 
perfect physiques. (I have yet to 
see Mario and Luigi depicted with 
rippling muscles.) In the same 
respect, I have yet to see an 
unattractive female protagonist. 

These game releases have 
sparked my feminist thinking. I 
find them to be offensive to 
women, particularly "Space 
Channel 5." If features a female 
named Ulala (OOH-LA-LA) the 

scantily clad, voluptuous warrior 
whose enemy is the Martian 
Morolians. Equipped with her 
suggestive dance moves and her 
dangerous underpants, Ulala 
battles these creatures with the 
help of her skimpy female 
sidekicks. She has no real talents, 
special skills or magical powers. 
Instead, she has small hips, 
shapely breasts and a pretty face. 

Ultimately, these games 
reflect very little about female 
empowerment. They teach our 
children discrimination and 
destroy all efforts for gender 
equality. The video game 
industry sees no problem with this 
exploitation, and obviously 
neither does the tolerable public. 
Afterall, it is the public who 
purchases and plays this garbage, 
and consequently, this is the same 
public that will suffer its 
diminishing consequences. 


Gender apartheid in Afghanistan 
denies women basic rights 

By Michelle Raiford 


As Americans, we are 
guaranteed basic human rights, 
freedoms that we have just for 
being people. Included in these 
rights are everyday things that we 
take for granted, such as being 
able to have a career and being 
able to get an education. 

In the United States, these 
rights are guaranteed to everyone, 
regardless of sex. 

Although these rights are 
things that every human being 
should have, in many countries 
they are denied to certain groups 
of people. One of those countries 
is Afghanistan, where an 
extremist militia group called the 
Taliban has implemented a policy 
of gender apartheid, or 
segregation based on sex. 

In the fall of 1996, the 
Taliban seized control of Kabul, 
the capital of Afghanistan. They 
proceeded to strip women of their 
basic human rights. 

Under the Taliban, women 
cannot work, aren't allowed to 
receive any sort of education and 
are not allowed to leave their 
homes without a close male 
relative. They are forced to wear 
a burqua, a piece of clothing that 
completely surrounds their 
bodies, leaving only a small mesh 
opening to see through. Women 
cannot receive health care from 
male doctors, yet the Taliban 
prohibits most female doctors 
from practicing. 

Women are beaten and killed 
every day for disobeying the 
Taliban, and many women have 
tried to commit suicide rather 
than live under these conditions. 
The conditions that these women 
live under are atrocious, and the 
world should have stepped in and 
taken more action by now. 

An elderly woman was 
beaten so severely with a metal 
cable that her leg was broken and 
only because her ankle was 
showing. I know I go out with 
more showing than my ankle and 
don't think twice about it. 
Women are dying in Afghanistan 
for the most insane reasons, and 
we need to do more about it. 

One may wonder how we can 
live in this day and age, in the 
middle of the information society, 

and have these atrocious crimes 
go unnoticed. 

The Taliban gets support 
from many different areas. 
Pakistan is the country's main 
source of support, providing 
military aid. The countries of 
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab 
Emirates also give support to the 

Afghanistan is one of the 
world's leading producers of oil, 
and there is fierce competition to 
build pipelines through the 
country. Corporate investment 
under the Taliban could bring in 
billions of dollars for the regime 
without any thought to women's 

UNOCAL, a California 
based energy company, 
suspended a project to build a 
pipeline through Afghanistan due 
to pressure from organizations 
that protested their involvement 
with the Taliban. 

Every day more 
organizations are realizing what is 
happening in Afghanistan and 
starting to do something about it. 
On August 24, the International 
Olympic Committee withdrew an 
invitation for two Afghan 
representatives to watch the 
games in Sydney, Australia. The 
Taliban claimed that receiving the 
invitation meant that the IOC 
officially recognized 
the Taliban as the official 
government of Afghanistan. The 
IOC says that the invitation meant 
no such thing. 

As more attention is brought 
to the plight of the Afghanistan 
women, we as students need to 
stop sitting around and get 
involved. Visit 
for more information on their 
Back To School Campaign, which 
includes programs such as Adopt 
a School and provides 
information on how to start a 
petition drive. Write to U.S. 
officials and state representatives 
about why the United States 
should step in and take action in 

To find the addresses of these 
officials, visit the Women's 
Alliance for Peace and Human 
Rights in Afghanistan at 

Take action and together we 
can end gender apartheid in 




college bookstore 


The Current Sauce 


September 14. 2000 

Northwestern State University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 

On the inside 


Parking problem 

A new service on campus 
could be the solution to the 
University parking problems. 

Page 3 

The tradition continues 

Prayer continues at NSU 
Demon football games despite a 
recent Supreme Court ruling. 

Page 2 

Priceline in N-Town 

You can name your own price 
at Brookshires in Natchitoches. 

Page 2 



Check out the winners and 
losers from this year's award 


Episode II update 

Some Star Wars fans take 
their obsession to new 

Page 5 

Meet the Prez 

Take an up close look at 
NSU's SGA President. 

Page 6 

Soccer update 

Find out how the team fared 
last night against Centenary. 

Page 9 

Gulbrand is out 

Assistant AD leaves for job at 

Page 8 

phe's a bad mamma jamma 

fake an up close look at NSU's 
RUeen of the court. 

Page 8 

The Current Sauce 
September 14, 2000 Volume 86, Issue 7 

Student elections to be held next week 

Bv Josh Beavers 


Next week the Student 
Government Association will be 
conducting the Fall 2000 
Northwestern elections. 

University students will get 
the opportunity to to elect ten 
representatives to the SGA, as well 
as pick this year's Homecoming 
Court and Mr. and Miss NSU. 

'"All students should go out 
and vote," SGA Election Chair 
Joni Naquin said. "These positions 
are very important and influence 
the course of the University, so it is 
important that everyone vote." 

All chartered organizations 
and residence halls get three 
nominations for honor court and 
one nomination for Mr. NSU and 
Miss NSU. 

To qualify for Mr. and Miss 
NSU nominees must have a 

cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.5, be 
in academic good standing, have 
no disciplinary record, completed 
92 or more hours and receive four 
or more nominations for the spot. 

For SGA Class Senator 
positions, nominees must have at 
least a 2.0 g.p.a., receive three 
nominations and fill out an 
accompanying application and 
platform speech. 

Honor court nominees must 
have a 2.0 or higher and receive 
three or more nominations. 

Voting locations will be 
different this year than in previous 
elections. There will be two 
different places for students to 
choose between candidates. 

On Wednesday, voting will 
take place at Iberville Dining Hall 
to accommodate complaints from 
various student organizations that 
freshmen were unable to vote due 
to inaccesability of the voting 


Last year only around 800 of 
the campus' 6.000 students voted 
in the fall elections. Student 
Government President David 
Gunn feels that those numbers 
should increase this year. 

"A larger number of 
underclassmen should vote this 
year due to the booths that will be 
in Iberville," Gunn said. "The new 
location will benefit a higher 
number of students than ever 

Thursday's elections will be 
held at the traditional location in 
the Student Union. Voting hours 
are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Nominations are due Friday at 
noon. Applications for SGA 
senators can be picked up in room 
222. All nominations must be 
turned in at room 214 of the 
Student Union by the deadline. 

On the Ballot 

Mr. and Miss. NSU 
Homecoming Queen and Court 
10 SGA Class Senators 

Nominations are due by noon on Friday, 

Elections will be held Wednesday, 
September 20 at Iberville Dining Hall 
and Thursday, September 21 at the 
Student Union. 


Thieves in 
the night 

Theft on college campuses is a wide spread problem. Northwestern is 
no exception, but there are ways to prevent your personal belongings from ending 
up in the wrong hands. 

t's ten o'clock at night. Do you know where your Playstation 
is? If "in my dorm room" is your answer, you may want to check 

The dorms house many victims of theft and, according to the 
University Police, PlayStations seem to be what the dorm thieves 
are after. 

"Believe it or not, PlayStations are the number one item people 
are stealing," Douglas Prescott, University Police Department 
investigator, said. "And usually they are not breaking into the 
dorm rooms to get them." 

Often times, dorm residents leave their doors unlocked or 
open while they are visiting with a friend in another room. 
Prescott said this is when most thefts usually occur. Even the short 
trip to the coke machine could cost a dorm resident his possessions 
if they are left unsecured. 

"We're finding that doors are being left either unlocked or 
open," Prescott said. "We really have not had many instances 
where people have forced their way into dorm rooms." 

Closing and keeping doors locked at all times will decrease the 
chance of theft, but it will not eliminate it. Some dorm thefts are 
an "inside job." In other words, the roommate is the thief. 
Prescott said roommates are responsible for 90 percent of the 
credit cards, ATM cards and checkbooks stolen from dorm rooms. 

The University Police advise students not to leave items like 
credit cards and ATM cards out in the open. 

"Don't leave them on tabletops and dressers," Prescott said. 
"Lock them up. Don't leave them out where people can get a hold 
of them." 

To protect larger items such as PlayStations, stereo equipment 
and VCR's, police encourage students to copy down the item's 
make, model and serial number. However, because most electronic 
equipments' make, model and serial number stickers can be 
removed, students usually engrave their initials or social security 
numbers onto their possessions instead. 

"Engrave onto the property either your initials or social 
security number," Prescott said. "If the serial number is missing, 
and we find a social security number engraved on the item, we can 
assume that it is stolen property and are able to contact the rightful 

If students do not brand their property with some form of 
personal identification or copy down the item's make, model and 
serial number, there is no guarantee that the item will be returned 
to them if stolen. 

"Educating the students is the big thing," Prescott said. "We 
want to make them aware that they can take some affirmative 
action to make themselves the least possible targets they can be. 
Everybody has to take a certain amount of responsibility." 

see THEFT page 3 


Dorm visitation hours change to please students 

By Raymond Williams 

Senior Sauce Reporter 

On September 6, a change in the dorm visitation 
policy went into effect in an effort to please students. 

Now students living in residential halls can have 
visitors between the hours of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. 
Sunday through Thursday and from 12 p.m. until 2 
a.m. on Friday and Saturday. 

The original policy only allowed visitation 
between 4 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Sunday through 
Thursday and from 2 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. on Friday 
and Saturday. The extension now gives students over 
four extra hours for visitation. 

"We're trying to keep happy campers," said 
Woody Blair, coordinator of residential life. 

Blair also said students have requested an 
extension for several years now. He said the 
University could not grant this request earlier 
because of the lack of student workers to cover 
those extended hours. Blair said extra desk 
workers were hired specifically for the change. 

"That's the kind of thing our money should 
be used for," Vonnie Lyles, area coordinator of 
Sabine hall, said. 

Other universities have similar visitation 
policies. For instance, Louisiana Tech 
University allows opposite sex visitation during 
the hours of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. 

Also, the University of Louisiana at Monroe 
has visitation Thursday to Sunday from 12 a.m. 

Virginia Dixon/Current Sauce 
see VISITATION page 2 Visitation hours have been changed due to popular demand of students. 

Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

September 14, 2000 

Tradition continues at University 

By Kaleb Breaux 

News Editor 

A university football tradition 
continued when a public prayer 
was spoken at the Demons home 
opener against Southern 
University September 2. 

The public prayer issue is an 
one that has been and is still 

Joe Cook, the executive 
director of the American Civil 
Liberties Union of Louisiana, 

says it is not illegal for a college 
or university to have public prayer 
before an event such as a football 
game. However, Cook says it's 

"It [public prayer] makes 
people who have different beliefs 
feel like outsiders in their own 
community," Cook said. 

Cook also explained how 
colleges and universities go by 
different rules than primary and 
secondary schools. 

"At primary and secondary 

schools it [prayer] would be 
illegal," Cook said. "The courts 
have decided that colleges and 
universities are somewhat 

The ACLU believes prayer 
should not be a part of public 

"Prayer at events sponsored 
by public organizations should be 
freed from the advancement of 
religion," Cook said. 

Greg Burke, the University 
athletic director, feels that prayer 

VISITATION: Making "happy campers" since 1894 

Cont'd from page 1 

to 12 p.m. in some dorms and from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. 
in others. 

Lyles said she was surprised to see how few 
hours were allowed for visitation when she arrived 
as a freshman. She said residents seem to be pleased 
with the change. 

Blair said the extension would allow students 
more time to study and give them more 
responsibility. He said the main problem he expects 
with the change will be the conflict between 
roommates who may not like the other's guests. 

"Roommates should just respect each other's 
wishes," Blair said. 

One student believed the change could have a 
more serious impact on the University. 

"It might increase the pregnancy rate," Shayla 
Green said. 

Soon each residence hall will elect a Resident 
Hall Council that will make a decision on what the 
hours of visitation for that particular hall will be. 

Blair said the extension represents the 
maximum hours allowed, but the council 
may choose to have fewer hours for visitation. 

"When I was in school, we didn't have 
visitation," Blair said. "But times change," he 

Priceline and local Brookshires team 

By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

Brookshires in Natchitoches 
has recently become an affiliate of, an internet site 
where one can "name your own 
price" for groceries. 

The program works as a 
vendor funded advertising 

"The quality perception 
connected with name brand items 
that people have had in the past 
are gone," Greg Robinson of 
Brookshires said. 

Because of this, name brand 
companies such as Kellogg's and, 
Nestea are using Priceline to 
advertise their products and boost 

Being affiliated with 
Priceline gives Brookshires "a 
pure competitive advantage" 

"People have to come to us to 
get the prices they paid for at 
Priceline." Robinson said "So far, 
the customer is saving 40 to 55 

A Priceline grocery debit card 
can be obtained at Brookshires, or will mail one after 

signing up. The card must be 
activated from the website before 
it can be used at Brookshires. 

To begin saving on groceries, 
one must first go to 
on the internet and click on the 
groceries link. Interested parties 
will be prompted to fill out one 
form with name, address, e-mail 
and other personal information. 
They will also have to complete 
another form with credit card 
information. Visa, Mastercard, 
American Express and ATM debit 
cards with such icons as Hibernia 
and City Bank are acceptable. 

After all of the paperwork is 
filled out, a new screen will come 
up to begin shopping. This is 
where all of the available 
groceries are displayed. 

One then has to click on an 
item and choose two brand names 
from the list and a preferred price. 
Usually there are four prices to 
choose from. 

The box will tell how likely 
each price will be approved. The 
party will also be given six half 
price tokens that have a 98 percent 
likelihood of being approved. 
Individuals can earn more half 
price tokens by signing up with 

selected sponsors. Within an hour, 
an e-mail will be sent telling 
whether or not the offered price 
was accepted or declined. 

If it was accepted, then this 
amount will be immediately 
charged to the credit card or ATM 
card. If not, more directions will 
be given so one can try to get the 
desired price. 

Once the list is final, one 
must go to the checkout selection 
and print it out. The printed list 
and activated card is needed to 
pick up the groceries. When 
picking up the groceries, one must 
get the correct brand and size that 
corresponds with the price paid. 

Remember, when going to 
checkout at the grocery store, 
there is no need to pay the cashier. 
Simply use the grocery card like a 
credit or debit card. 

If an item costs less at the 
store than you paid for it, your 
priceline account will be credited 
within two weeks. 

Individuals will receive a 
receipt from the cashier stating 
how much the groceries were at 
regular price and how much was 
actually paid for them. 

Student >p e ff 


WCE ifWWD TOtlCR TAWf'lClTA r flO'ti\ 

TL'E'AS'Z COlJfACf CAMPUS TAS'fO'R Joifaf ( K < A t RUE 

A<f S52-8708 

CtfRlS7 J W@W0^VtfET'LR.tfE'f v 



Ask About Our 


■ Wex mvmm concerned for ■wnmca.wt 

* foil Pr«g!WKy Tmm 
♦ A* &•*"**<•* RfH 



ofcre* wo «w* w<m t be trnksm® tm 

before football games is not a 
problem that affects students. 

"It was a University decision 
that has been a part of our football 
program." Burke said. "It's 
something that we just continued 

Although no complaints have 
been filed yet, University officials 
are aware of the controversy, and 
are willing to address the subject. 

"If you put on an event that 
has the magnitude of a college 
football game, there are a lot of 

factors that could upset people." 
Burke said. "If this becomes an 
issue, we'll address it when it 
happens," he continued. 

If anyone who did attend the 
game had a problem with the 
public prayer issue. Cook would 
like to urge him or her to notify 
the ACLU of Louisiana by phone 
or over the Internet. You can 
contact them by the Internet at or by phone at 
(504) 522-0617. 



























» * 


114 Hwy.1 South 

Across From Wendy's 


} erms 



t »/-< ii « 

Tues.-Wed 9:00 am - Until Q^ciiWta 

Thurs.-Sat. 1 0:00 am - Until 














THEFT: Police 

offer tips to 
protect property 

The N! 
Cesar ] 

The SC 
they ar 
free sc 
of the 
there a 

the pep 

Cont'd from page I 

Although students and th( 
University Police have 
certain amount 
responsibility for items stolei 
on campus, the University ij 
not responsible for the loss 
personal property in the dormj 

According to the 2000 
2001 Northwestern Studen 
Handbook, "The University i 
not responsible for loss 
personal property in th< 
residential facilities due to fire 
theft, interruption of watei 
heat, utilities or other causes 
Residents are encouraged t< paymei 
provide their own persona 
property insurance. Losses dm 
to theft should be report© The st; 
immediately to the Residen know a 
Assistant, Residence Directa] 
and University Police." 

So does the Office q 
Auxiliary Services have 1 
stolen property policy for th< 

"We do," Woody Blaii 
director of auxiliary service! 
said. "It's called Universit 

To activate this "policy,' 
students should be aware 
their surroundings and repoi 
anything suspicious to tb 
University Police. 

"If you see someone on th< 
floor that you don't believe i Delta S 
a resident there, call the RA 
University Police," Blair sai 
"It's just like neighborho 

The number of dorm thefl 
is decreasing. Prescoi 


1:00. 1 

The W« 
to help 
time. / 

|to Late 
[many f 

believes cameras installed 11 
Rapides Hall and tht 
prosecution of those caugh 
stealing are responsible for this 

"It is getting betterj 
Prescott said. "But it cai 
always improve." 

The lot 
its Fall 
at 352- 



318-3574473 1st Floor Friedman Student Union 


If you are the student 
who lost your personal 
property in the University 
Bookstore during the 
week of fee payment, 
please bring your student 
ID by and ask for Darlene 




SEPTEMBER 14, 2000 

The Current Sauce 



and th; 


s stolei 
! loss q 
e dorms 
loss a 
in tbi 
e to fire 
f water 
■ causej 
>sses du 

Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members.The first 
informational meeting will be held Thursday, August 24, at 5 p.m. 
Jjehind Watson Library. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call 
Cesar Isguitt, at 354-6483. 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs 
they are undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your 
free scantrons, every Monday from 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 
of the Student Union. You will need a student I.D. to take 
advantage. Also, check out the Book Swap Board while you are 
there and see if someone has a book you need at a cheaper rate. 


Attention all Sigmas. Don't forget Sisterhood on Friday, which is 
the pep rally. Remember to wear your bid day shirt. Send your fee 
payment through the mail. Have a safe weekend. 

reporte^The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to 
know about a new service that could help them in their educational 
growth. For more information, check with the circulation 





*° r ^ Students can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister Foundation 
(between Magee's and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday from 11:30 until 
1:00. The first visit is free and $1 each time thereafter. Worship 
services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each Wednesday. 

y Blaii 

"policy, 1 
i ware 
d repoi 
to thj 

I hi 

le on 
>elieve i 
he RA | 



Delta Sigma Theta sorority would like to extend a congratulations 
to Latoria Hamilton of Natchitoches. Also, thank you to all its 
sai(J|many participants for their support in the Demons vs. Jags Raffle 

rm then 
id thj 
i cauga 
e for th| 

it ca] 

The Wesley Westminister Foundation is looking for English tutors 
to help fellow students. The position pays $6 per hour and is part 
time. Apply at the Wesley Westminister Foundation. Call Ellis 
Newman for more information: 352-2888. 

The Iota Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. announces 
its Fall 2000 Informational and Rush Activity. It will be held on 
Sunday, September 17 at 6 pm in the Student Union. All ladies are 
invited to attend. For more information, please contact Gaynelle 
Stewart (Chapter President) at 354-7966, Brenda Flower (Advisor) 
at 352-2970 or Judith Hayes (Advisor) at 352-8267. 


Congratulations to Chris Davis. He won the NABJ raffle prize last 
week. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 26 at 4:30. 

New service = parking solution? 

By Rheannon Coon 

Sauce Reporter 

University parking is a 
problem for many students, but 
the solution may be easier than 
some expect. 

Northwestern officials have 
devised a new way for students 
to get from one point on campus 
to another without having to 
fight for parking spaces. The 
NSU Shuttle Service is a new 
mode of transportation that will 
carry students to any place they 
need to reach on campus. 

"The shuttle service is a 
good way for students to get 
where they need to be when they 
need to be there," director of the 
physical plant Loran Lindsey 

The shuttle runs from 8 a.m. 
to 2 p.m.; it picks up on the west 
side of Prather Coliseum every 
hour. Representatives at the 
University Police Department 
said the shuttle can drop an 
individual off just about 
anywhere they need to go on 

Two of the main reasons 
Lindsey attributed to the parking 
problem was people parking in 
the wrong spots and the lack of 
students walking to class. 

"I drove out across campus 
one day and saw cars double 
parked in the grass, I went over 
to Prather and counted 12 cars 
parked there." 

One problem is residents of 
the University Columns who 
drive onto campus from their 

"The residents of the 
University Columns are not even 
supposed to park on campus," 
Lindsey said. "The pathway 
leading from the Columns to 

Courtney Payne/CurrentSauce 

Parking has even become a problem at campus resident halls as seen here in the parking lot of the 
Bossier Resident Hall. 

campus is well lighted and was 
built for the residents to use." 

He continued to say that 
there are plenty of parking place, 
just not in the most ideal 
locations for the students. 

"Everyone wants to park at 
the front door and they can't," he 
said. "If everyone takes 
advantage of the shuttles when 
possible and even walked 
sometimes, the situation should 

If there are any questions 
about the service, one can 
contact the University Police at 

Virginia Dixon/Current Sauce 

University officials are trying to solve the campus parking issue by utilizing a 
university shuttle service that will transport students to their desired location on 

N<nv i§ t&e 







$ahmit Voat 

Application Ncrw 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 

An Exclusive Student Community 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 

Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

September 14, 2000 


SGA Senate Minutes for 8/28/2000 

SGA Meeting 9/1 1/00 

Roll call 


Justin Chandler 
Wayne Bush 
Todd Yore 
Jack Givens 

David Gunn 
Rusty Broussard 
John-Michael McConnell 
Vanessa Byrd 
Andrew Davies 
Amanda Barrios 
Frank Torro 
Dustin Floyd 
Leanna Anderson 
Joseph Longlois 
Joni Naquin 
Will Hooper 
Jennifer Paul 
Shymika Stephenson 

Ja' Juan Allen 
Matthew Comeaux 
Shaun Jackson 
Glenn Ward 
Justin Owen 
Jessica Cramer 
Casey Ponder 
Jared Monroe 
Jeremiah Newsom 
Paul Montleone 

The meeting was called to order 
at 7:07pm. 

The prayer was led by Shaun 

The pledge was Andrew 


Executive Reports: 

Treasurer- John-Michael 
McConnell said that fiscal affairs 
meetings are Wednesday at 3:30pm. 

VP-Rusty Broussard said that 
retreat went well. His meeting with 
President Webb was cancelled. 
Election Board needs to meet 
Tuesday at 5:00pm. Needs the 
alpha list. Committee heads need to 
give him reports of goals and 
objectives. Sign list to work 
elections. Michael Ward resigned. 
Justin Chandler is in administrative. 

President-see report. 

Committee Reports: 

Shaun Jackson left the meeting. 

Academic Affairs-Amanda 
Barrios- The scantron giveaway 
went well. It is on Mondays from 
11-lpm. The meeting is 
Wednesday is 5:00pm. I need 
schedules from the members. 

Andrew Davies-He is 
publicizing the filings and the 
elections. I am getting ready for 
Homecoming. The radio show is 
9:00am Tuesday. The meeting is 
Tuesday at 5:00pm. 

John-Michael McConnell-The 
meeting is Tuesday at 3:00pm. We 
will be reviewing the budget. 

Matthew Comeaux-The 
meeting is Tuesday at 4:30pm. 

Organizational Grants-giving 
out packets. 

Vanessa Byrd went over Senate 
rules and office hours. Everyone 
needs to sign up for two 
committees. The following need to 
sign up for two committees: 

Jennifer Paul, Wayne Bush. 
Ja' Juan Allen, Justin Chandler, Paul 
Montleone, Todd Yore Joni Naquin- 
Meetings Tuesday at 5:00pm and 
Thursday at 5:00pm this week. 

Justin Owen- The meeting is 
Wednesday at 6:00pm. Everyone is 
welcome to meeting walking on 
directory. Incorporating shuttle 
service for designated driving. We 
are having two forums. 

Traffic Appeals- Justin- It took 
three hours but went well. 
Traffic and safety meets tomorrow 
at 2:00pm. 

Will Hooper-Friday is the 
clothing drive. October 24 at 
7:00pm is the hypnotist in the alley. 
Jazz musicians are coming in 
February. Coffee House-September 

II. New Business 

Joni Naquin moves to approve 
Sabrina Key as the editor of the 

Amanda Barrios seconded. 
The motion was passed by a 
general consent. 

The following people were 
nominated for homecoming court: 
Will Hooper-Casey Jo Crowder 
David Gunn-Melissa Blakey 
John-Michael McConnell-Jennifer 


Justin Owen- Wendy Petrus 
Joni Naquin- Jamie Hughes 
Rusty Broussard-Sarah Griffith 

Melissa Blakey, Jennifer Paul, 
Jamie Hughes won the 

The following people were 
nominated for Mr. NSU: 

Amanda Barrios-Matthew 
Comeaux Jennifer Paul- John- 
Michael McConnell Shymika 
Stephenson- Ja' Juan Allen Andrew 
Davies-Charlie Pinrod. He 
declined the nomination. 

Matt Comeaux won the 

The following people were 
nominated for Mrs. NSU: 

Jennifer Paul-Camille Nunez 
Amanda Barrios- Vanessa Byrd 
(She declined.) Matt Comeaux- 
Jamie McElroy 

Camille Nunez won the 

Amanda Barrios moved to 
approve the elections at Iberville 
and Student Union. 

Jennifer Paul seconded the 

The motion was passed by 
general consent. 

Dustin Floyd nominated 
himself for election board. He was 

Rusty Broussard left the 


Matt Comeaux reads section 1 
of senate rules. 

Amanda Barrios reads section 2 1 
of senate rules. 

Justin Owen reads section 3 of 
senate rules. 

David Gunn reads section 4 of] 
senate rules. 

Vanessa Byrd will correct all 
mistakes and it will be voted on next 

Charlie Pinrod gave update of 
Supreme Court. There are six 
returning members. 

David Gunn appoints Jonathan 
Chance as a senator. 

Andrew Davies moved to 
approve Jonathan. 

Amanda Barrios seconded. 

The motion was passed by a 
general consent. 

David gives Jonathan Chance 
oath of office. 

III. Announcements 

Mr. Henry thanks the appeals 
committee. He said not to park in 
the Fine Arts Hill. You will get a 

Ja'Juan Allen thanked student 
workers for spelling his name right. 

Nominations stop Friday at 
12:00pm for Mr. and Mrs. NSU 
Matt Comeaux thanked Paige for 
her work with organizational grants. 

The meeting was adjourned at 



in the 

for rr 
the M' 

for Er 
as he 
the G 
their 1 
right t 
very tr 
ne \ 

id tl 
the ] 
m in 
more n 
make \ 

Congratulations to our New Members 
EZS Loves You 

Julie Allmand 
Kayla Arthur 
Brook Bailey 
Brittany Baucom 
Nealy Beach 
Brittany Bennett 
Aimee Bobo 
Jessica Bohon 
Sarah Caplinger 
Christia Carter 
Danielle Chaudoir 
Alison Clary 
Amanda Crain 
Kristen Doucet 
Angelina Fagan 
Sarah Fisher 
Michelle Fogleman 
Kim Garner 
McCall Godfrey 
Katie Geuringer 

Colli Hall 
Jessica Hernandez 
Jessica Horneman 
Alyssa Hutcheson 
Alaina Kelley 
Rachel Kelley 
Kellie Lardeche 
Jeanne Leger 
Sally Lizara 
Kristi Leleux 
Halston Manshack 
Katie McKeller 
Rachel Morgan 
Annah Mowad 
Jamie Murray 
Adriann Nunez 
Natasha Patterson 
Jennifer Pelligrin 
Laura Peterson 
Kristie Prine 
Heather Ratzburg 

Kelly Robin 
Leslie Schwartz 
Megan Sebastein 
Karla Shivers 
Joy Smith 
Kristen Smith 
Laura Smith 
Ashely Stevens 
Laci Stokes 
Carrie Tolbird 
Alison Tracy 
Becky Vanderwater 
Laurrie Beth Ward 
Renee' Yates 

Saifing wit ft the (Best 

.. Ph 



• The 

• One 

• You' 

0. Six 

1. Gir 

2. Jun 

3. Sur 

4. It's 

5. Kry 

6. Crw 

8. IT! 

9. Boy 


|. VVh 
^. Luc 

life: {Entertainment 

September 14, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

:t all 

ite of 

e six 

d to 

by a 


ark in 
get a 

ly at 

ie for 
led at 

Video killed the radio star 

Another year gone and 
another round of award shows are 
in the books. 

This past week was fantastic 
for me when it came to the 
winners of the major awards at 
the MTV Video Music Awards. 

My appreciation and defense 
for Eminem was Finally justified 
as he walked away with three 
VMAs, one of which being the 
prestigious Video of the Year 
Award. I am extremely happy that 
the Gay and Lesbian Alliance 
Against Defamation exercised 
their rights to protest the anti- 
homosexual lyrics in his music 
during the award show. I 
sympathize with 
their battle and 
hope that they 
realize that the 
same right that 
allowed them to 
protest is the same 
right that lets The 
Shady One say the 
very things that has 
offended them. 

A friend of 
June was a part of 
e Eminem 
rformance and 
d that Eminem 
emed indifferent 
the protesters. 
Eminem was totally correct in 
saying that every time a group 
protests at his sows are condemns 
him in the media he sells even 
more records. They are helping to 
Biake him an even larger star. But 
enough about Eminem... we've 
been down that road. 

The performance of the night 
Would have to belong to the duet 
letween Christina Aguilera and 
-imp Bizkit's front man, Fred 
)urst. It was a tongue in cheek 
lioment that played on the 
iminem lyrics concerning an 

alleged instance of oral sex 
between Aguilera and Durst and 
MTV on-air personality Carson 

Hosting duties should be 
held for people artists that have 
some stand-up experience and 
talent. The Wayans Brothers were 
extremely humorous in their 
primetime television show and in 
their summer movie blockbuster 
Scary Movie, but fell short in 
their attempt to entertain the 
audience for the show. I hope 
that MTV will tap the talents of 
Chris Rock again next year 

I must also comment on the 
performances of Britney Spears. 

Spears' supposed 
strip show was 
actually quite 
tame and blown a 
bit out of 
proportion. She 
had on flesh toned 
clothing to go 
along with the 
mood changing 
from her cover of 
the Rolling 
Stones' hit 
"Satisfaction" and 
her single 
"Oops... I Did It 
Again." She went 
from a singer in a smoke filled 
room to pop princess with her 
change of costume. 

With all things considered 
and not counting the temper 
tantrum thrown by the bassist for 
rage Against the Machine after 
losing to Limp Bizkit Executive 
Producer Dave Sirulnick pulled 
off another fantastic VMA show. 
Also, Kudos to the MTV News 
team, especially new member Ian 
Robinson, (the consummate 
professional) Serena Altschul and 
(MTV comic relief) Brian 

fH# Currmf Smum 

Top 25 

|». Pinch Me 

Barenaked Ladies 

• Teenage Dirtbag 

• With Arms Wide Open 

• Come On Over 

[ (Hot Sh**t) Country Grammar 
t The First 
. The Way I Am 
One Voice 

I You're a god 
0. Six Pacs 

tL Girl From The Gutter 
Jumpin' Jumpin' 
'4. It's My Life 
P. Kryptonite 
N. Change Your Mind 

I Need You 
'8. 1 Think I'm In Love 
h Boyz In The Hood 
P. Last Resort 
P. Wonderful 

I I What You Want 

Why Didn't You Call Me 
^- You're an Ocean 


Christina Aguilera feat. 

Fred Durst 


Tegan and Sara 
Billy Gilman 
Vertical Horizon 
Getaway People 

Destiny's Child 
Bon Jovi 
3 Doors Down 
Sister Hazel 
Leanne Rimes 
Jessica Simpson 
Dynamite Hack 
Papa Roach 
DMXfeat. Sisqo 
Macy Gray 
Britney Spears 



Aguilera & Durst 

The Real Slim Shady 
sweeps the show at VMAs 

By R andall S. Fredr ick 
LIFE Reporter 

MTV Video Music Awards 
were once again filled with 
celebrities, vulgarity, unscripted 
chaos, many comedic moments 
poking fun at popular artists and 
actors in the audience, and after 
parties into the late hours of the 

But this year had a new 
addition to the raucous awards 
show, a hijacker. When the 
members of Limp Bizkit came to 
the stage to accept the award for 
Best Rock Video, a stage crasher 
hung above the podium on 
scaffolding. The crasher was later 
identified as Rage Against the 
Machine bassist Tim Comerford, 
who for ten minutes dangled about 
the stage while Limp Bizkit 
frontman Fred Durst taunted him. 

"We got a madman! Stage 
dive, dude!" Durst said. 

The audience joined in 
shouting "Jump! Jump!" Trying to 
cool the situation slightly, Durst 
complimented Comerford by 
saying, "This guy is rock 'n' roll. 
He should be getting this award." 

During the show, police tried 
to arrest Comerford for suspected 
assault and resisting arrest, which 
explains why he was climbing the 
scaffolding. After ten minutes of 
hysteria, Comerford came down 
from the stage decoration and was 
immediately arrested. Machine's 
bodyguard, Perrin Bentle, was 
also arrested for obstructing 

With show hijacking and 

Associated Press 

Louisiana native Britney Spears pounds the VMA stage as she performs the classic 
Rolling Stones hit "Satisfaction." She was shut out and received no awards. 

arrests over with, the show 
continued on. Rapper Eminem, 
with Slim Shady lookalikes in 
tow, sang his popular hit The Real 
Slim Shady amid heckles from 
anti-defamation and gay rights 
protesters. His performance was 
followed by a public service 
announcement from the network 
discouraging hate crimes and 
violence against gays. Eminem 
walked away from the show with 
three Moon Men Awards, 
including Best Male Video. 

After winning Video of the 
Year, the rapper said he would 
take the awards home and put 
them right between his Britney 
Spears and Christina Aguilera 

Despite having five 
nominations each, Spears and 
Aguilera did not win any trophies. 

Instead, the Best Female Video 
went to singer Aaliyah for Try 
Again, which also won Best Video 
for a Film. 

Spears was once again 
criticized for her choice in 
clothing, having worn a cleavage- 
popping outfit for her 
performance of Oops!... I did it 

Following her act, host 
Marlon Wayans said, "Girl went 
from the Mickey Mouse Club to 
strip club!" 

Winners were: 


Eminem, The Real Slim Shady 
MALE VIDEO: Eminem, The 
Real Slim Shady 

FEMALE VIDEO: Aaliyah, Try 

GROUP VIDEO: Blink 182, All 
the Small Things 

NEW ARTIST: Macy Gray, / Try 
POP VIDEO: N Sync, Bye, Bye, 

HIP-HOP VIDEO: Sisqo, Thong 

DANCE VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez, 
Waiting for Tonight 
R&B VIDEO: Destiny's Child, 
Say My Name 

RAP VIDEO: Dr. Dre/Eminem, 

Forgot About Dre 

ROCK VIDEO: Limp Bizkit, 

Break Stuff 


Bye, Bye, Bye 


Bjork, All Is Full of Love 

FILM:Aaliyah, Try Again from 
Romeo Must Die 

DIRECTION: Red Hot Chili 

Peppers, Californication directed 
by Johnathan Dayton and Valerie 

Bye, Bye, Bye choreographed by 
Darrin Henson 

Is Full of Love effects by 


Chili Peppers, Californication art 
direction by Colin Strause 
EDITING: Aimee Mann, Save 
Me edited by Dylan Tichneor 
Gray, Do Something 
cinematography by Jeff 


Chili Peppers 

Anticipation builds for 

Star Wars Episode II 

Randall S. Fredrick 

LIFE Reporter 

The next installment of the 
Star Wars trilogy, Episode II, is 
perhaps the most eagerly awaited 
film since its predecessors. Ever 
since the first Star Wars came out, 
fans have lined up around 
cineplexes around the country for 
each installment in the series. 

Since the advent of the 
internet, websites around the 
globe have popped up, and with 
the power of growing technology, 
"fan films" for the next movie 
have been created. 

Most of the films have ranged 
from thirty seconds to ten minutes 
and have featured Jedi Knights 
mentioned in the popular book 
series but not seen in the films. 

When the trailer for Episode I 
was debuted on the official 
website, it was 
the most downloaded file ever, 
blocking internet traffic for days. 
Parents who had seen the original 
film when it came out were teased 
for thirty seconds side by side 
with their children. 

Darth Vader has always been 
known as one of the most 
interesting villains in cinematic 
history, but little is known about 
him before he turned to the dark 
side. His heroic days have reached 
mythical proportions in the Star 
Wars universe, and now fans were 
seeing the beginnings of the myth 
coming to life. 

Earlier this month when a 
trailer for Episode [I debuted on, fans went wild 
once again with word of mouth 
spreading throughout the country, 
and the internet was once again 

Associated Press 

Some fans of the Star Wars series just can't wait to see the movie. They can't even wait to see an actual 
movie trailer. One such fan has taken matters into his own hands and has created his own Episode II trailer. 

clogged by downloads. 

Then everyone realized the 
trailer was an elaborate hoax. 

An anonymous fan had 
meticulously pieced together clips 
from movies and television series 
so well that even hard core fans of 
the Star Wars Trilogy were fooled 
into believing the credibility of the 
minute and a half tease. 

In previous months, stars 
such as Jimmy Smits. Gabriel 
Byrne, Christopher Walken and 
Madeline Stowe have been 
rumored to have parts in Episode 
II, in addition to the confirmed 

cast of Natalie Portman. Ewan 
McGregor and Hayden 

The fan included clips from 
all four of the previous Star Wars 
films, Braveheart, Last of the 
Mohicans, Anywhere But Here, 
Dune, The Tommyknockers.The 
Prophecy and the critically 
acclaimed television series Higher 
Ground, where Christensen can be 
seen before he signed on to 
become Darth Vader. The trailer 
was set to the familiar John 
Williams score of Star Wars. 

The anonymous director has 

spoken only to 
for fear of lawsuits from the many 
films he borrowed from. In the 
brief interview, he said the work 
was inspired by his 
disappointment in Episode I and 
also because he wanted to share 
his vision with other fans. 

His work was so successful 
and believable that CNN's 
Showtime Today, along with 
several other media shows, have 
highlighted the trailer and 
heralded the genius of the mystery 

life: (PeopCe 

Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

September 14, 2000 


Spotlight: Under the Gunn 
SGA President William David Gunn 

TLC's Lisa 
Lopes has 
'Bfahv reportedly 
JBk ^BL| resurfaced in 
^^K>m4Uta New Orleans. 
^^■■"S^^" according to 
Arista publicist Max Shelton. 

"There has been a sighting of 
Lisa in a New Orleans hotel," 
Shelton said. "But having said 
that, there has also been calls 
from Honduras and Los Angeles 
over the weekend claiming 
they've seen her." 

Lopes, who was last seen by 
her business partner Ian Burke on 
Aug. 31 in Atlanta, was reported 
missing last week after she failed 
to turn up at a press conference 
for the Music of Black Origin 
Awards last Wednesday in Las 
Vegas and a photo shoot the 
following day in New York. 
Despite the confirmed New 
Orleans spotting by a television 
news team, which caught Lopes 
and her boyfriend Sean Newman 
jumping into a car, Shelton says 
that she has not yet contacted 
Arista Records, but is confident 
that she still remains in the United 

"We haven't alerted customs, 
but all the news services have 
been on twenty-four-hour alert," 
Shelton says, "and they would 
have spotted her if she tried to 
leave the country." 

Bv Heather Patton 

Staff Reporter 

As you step inside the 
cramped space that SGA president 
William David Gunn calls his 
office, you may notice several 

For one thing, there is a 
picture of a sunset framed on the 

"My dad took that picture," 
Gunn said. "He's a photography 

Another thing you might 
notice is the George W. Bush for 
President sticker on the wall. 

Although Gunn claims to be a 
libertarian, he feels Bush is the 
lesser of two evils. 

Gunn is also a die-hard Saints 
fan, which can be seen by the 
fleur-di-lis' screen saver on his 

"Even thought they lose so 
much, I think being a Saints fan 
builds character," said Gunn. 

Gunn is a native of Slidell, 
LA, and he is the youngest in a 
family of two brothers. 

Political science, his major, 
seemed the best choice for him 
considering the interests he had as 
a child. 

"I remember talking about 
current events at dinner with the 
family," Gunn said. "I was really 
interested. It's easier and more 
entertaining for some to turn on 
MTV than CNN. Other people 

NSU Press 

Gunn takes time out to have a little fun by shoving a pie in the face of former 
SGA President Shawn Hornsby last year during an fund raiser. 

find it more interesting to read the 
paper. It's always been more 
entertaining for me to learn about 
what's going on in the world." 

Gunn feels that one of his 
strengths as SGA president is 
accessibility. He said he wants any 
student to be able to come to his 
office at any time and see him or a 

"I love meeting new people," 
Gunn said. "I've always related to 
all types of people. I remember 


seeing student leaders in high 
school. I would think, they're 
smart, but they can't relate to 
students. I thought that I could 
change that." 

Worrying about time 
management is a weakness for 
Gunn. Managing classes and 
having time to himself is a 
challenge for him. 

"You just have to have 
discipline," Gunn said. "From 9 
a.m. until 5 p.m., it's SGA and 

Gunn puts on his professional hat as 
discuss computer lab facilities on the 

school. At night, it's reading and 
studying. But this is getting me 
ready for the real world." 

Gunn is considering law 
school in the future. He said he 
would like to work in clinics as a 
poverty lawyer first, then as a 
prosecutor or defense counsel. 

When it comes to politics, he 
said he feels the political 
campaigns are taking a wrong 
turn. Gunn said that even though 
there are college kids in College 

NSU Press 

he meets with University officials to 
NSU campus. 

Republicans or College 
Democrats, it's not a big 

"I think people my age want 
to change that," Gunn said, "j 
think there's going to be a political 
revolution. We're a generation like 
any other, and society has changed 
so much. I think about student 
government all the time. I love 
this job. I'm doing what I love and 
it really motivates me to get 

<A spok 
first ch 
said to 
rlt is v 
the spo 
as dru 
later to< 
as the 
an Osc; 
in My 
movie v 
a celeb 


9m Turn 1 

1 m 
, -m 

1 1 1 

1 I 

1 • ■ 

J mB 



jobs. jHhs.1 



Career/Graduate Day 
In the Student Union Ballroom 

Tuesday, September 26,2000 
9:00 AM- 12:00 PM 

* Seniors Only 9:oo AM-1 1 : 00 AM Am 

*All other classifications 1 1:00 AM AM- 12:00 PM 

Hosted by 
Counseling & Career Services 

Located in Room 305 
of the Student Union 

or call 


**All Students actively seeking full time employment, 
upon graduation in December 2ooo or May 2001 will 
need to bring a resume and dress in appropriate 
interview attire. for a list of companies that will be 


at 357-5621. 

w more 
before ye 
*1M and 

life: (Features 

September 14, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

The softer side of athletic supporters 

Dominique Irvin 

Make room 
for daddy 

>ISU Press 
:ials to 

a big 

ge wan! 
said. "I 
tion like 
I love 
ove and 
to get 

British musician 
Phil Collins is to 
become a father 
again at the age 
of 49, the BBC 
reported on 
[A spokesman for the singers said 
tollins and his third wife, 
Orianne, 28, were expecting their 
first child next year. Orianne was 
said to be three months pregnant, 
rlt is very early days yet and they 
pave not even told all the 
members of their families yet," 
the spokesman told the BBC. 

Collins already has two adult 
children and an 11 -year-old 
daughter from his previous 

Collins rose to prominence 
as drummer in the 1970s of 
British art-rock band Genesis. He 
later took over from Peter Gabriel 
as the band's vocalist before 
forging a solo career in 1995. 

He has had a string of hit 
singles and earlier this year won 
an Oscar for the song You'll Be 
in My Heart" from the animated 
movie "Tarzan." 

He married Orianne, his 
former interpreter, in July 1 999 at 
a celebrity-studded ceremony in 


LIFE Reporter 

"They [students] don't really 
know anything about us or what 
we are," Tara Newman said 

That much is evident by the 
confused looks, "I don't know" 
and "A what?" answers most 
people give when asked if they 
know what a Demon Sweetheart 

Tara Newman and Stacey 
Thompson, both juniors, and 
Christy Groves, a sophomore, are 
all members of the Demon 

"We want them to know what 
we do and how much time we put 
into this," Newman said. 

So what exactly is a Demon 
Sweetheart, and what do they do? 

"A Demon Sweetheart is a 
girl who is interested in the 
Northwestern State University 
football team," Thompson said. 

During the fall, 
the Demon Sweethearts do 
fundraisers, decorate the locker 
room, sell programs and buttons 
to the parents and work the 
concession stands during the 
home games. 

"Don't [we] help with 
recruitment?" Groves asks. 

"That's our job in the spring," 
Thompson said. 

"The Sweethearts help with 
recruitment by talking with the 
players, leading tours on campus, 
stuff like that and whatever else 
they can do to help." Thompson 
said. "Basically, we're a way for 
girls who like football to get 

interested and involved with the 
football team." 

Sweetheart involvement is all 
thanks to Coach Kevin Corliss. 
After seeing similar programs at 
other schools, Coach Corliss 
decided to start the Demon 
Sweethearts at the University in 
the fall of 1995 with the assistance 
of Janet Goodwin. 

Although Coach Corliss is no 
longer actively involved in 
selecting the Sweethearts, he 
admits they are looking for girls 
who are responsible, who are 
familiar with the requirements 
and who will fulfill the duties. 

To be a Sweetheart, one must 
be a full time student and maintain 
a 2.0 g.p.a. 

After filling out an 
application, the candidate will be 
interviewed by two football 
players, the head coach and the 
sponsor. If they like you, they 
keep you, and the work begins. 

Like other organizations,the 
Sweethearts have officers, and 
they meet every Thursday. In their 
meetings they organize and 
finalize plans about what will be 
done for the next home game, 
how the locker room will be 
decorated and make sure everyone 
knows what's going on and what 
her part is. They also make signs 
and goodie bags for the starters. 
Every girl adopts a player and 
gives him gifts every week. If 
more than one girl wants the same 
guy, the president decides who 
gets him. 

So far, there haven't been any 
problems between the 


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Sweethearts and the football 

"They respect us, and we 
respect them," Newman said 
when asked how she thinks the 
player's view the Sweethearts. 

"I think they're a little upset 
with us because we didn't get to 
do anything for them for the first 
game," Thompson said. "But I 
think they are appreciative that 
there's somebody out there [that] 
spends their time, not getting paid. 
We're not getting any benefit 
from it except helping them out. I 
think they would say we rock!" 

Well, those might not be their 
exact words, but the consensus 
among the players is they like 
having the Sweethearts around. 

"I like the gifts they give us," 
Cornerback Marcus Thomas said. 

" I think it's a good thing." 
Quarterback Ben Beach said. 
"It's nice to know that people care 
about us like they do." 

The Sweethearts hope to 
become more active as the 
semester passes, so they can do 
more for the players. They have 
not been very active so far this 
semester because they are trying 
to deal with the changes within 
the organization. 

They are adjusting to a new 
president and are in the process of 
looking for a new sponsor and 
members. Thompson 
wants everyone to know that there 
will be an application process for 
new members and that they will 
keep students updated with the 
progress in the Sauce. 

Mud Volleyball 

Fri., September 15 1:00 pm 
ROTC Field 

Singles Badmitton 

Wed., September 20, 5:00 pm 
NSU Rec. Complex 

Field Goal Kicking 

Thurs., September 28 7:00 pm 

All at IM Building 

IM Events 



Four Months for only $59.00 


Network Services. Inc 

5909 Highway I Bypass 
Natchitoches, LA 


nc. T 


Page 8 

The Current Sauce 

September 14, 2000 

Assistant AD Gulbrand takes job at Michigan 

I Assistant AD leaves 
' on Oct. 7 

By Stephanie Elliot 

Sauce Reporter 

my family" 

Gulbrand will leave for 
Michigan will be October 7th, 
where he will continue workina in 

Marketing and Promotions 
assistant at Southwest Texas State 
University. He then took a stint at 
the University of Massachusetts 

The University of Michigan 
will be the new home of Assistant 
Athletic Director for Development 
Kurt Gulbrand. who will become 
the new director of major gifts 
from the West Coast to the 
University of Michigan 

"I was contacted in Orlando, 
they heard about me, and I heard 
about them." Gulbrand said, "The 
opportunities out there are 
amazing, and I will be closer to 

"The opportunities out there are 
amazing, and I will be closer to my 

-Kurt Gulbrand 

Commenting on his new position 

the development of an athletic 
department. He came to NSU in 
August of 1997 after serving as a 

where he was the development 
assistant for annual benefits and 
special events as well 


coordinating special event 
programs in association with the 
UMass athletic fund. Gulbrand 
was also the assistant to corporate 
sponsorships and marketing 

Gulbrand's departure comes 
at a time when NSU maybe losing 
the head of the Athletics 
Department as well. NSU 
Athletics Director Greg Burke is 
in line for the Athletic Director 
position at the University of 

At press time. Burke was 
undergoing his second interview 
with officials at Akron. 

A decision should be made 
with Burke and the University of 
Akron by the end of this month. 

Kurt Gulbrand 
resigned his 
post as the 
Director to take 
a new job at the 
University of 
Gulbrand is 
leaving at the 
same time 
Director Greg 
Burke is being 
consider for the 
Akron AD job. 


By Rondray Hill 

Who has the 
182nd best fans 
in the U.S.? 

We've got spirit, yes we do! 

No, seriou - we've got spirit! 
. In fact, Na iiitoches is so spirited and 
has so many rabid, die-hard NSU fans The 
Sporting News thinks we have the 1 82nd 
best fans in the entire nation. 

This is a really good thing, because 
it proves what I've been saying about this 
town for the longest; this place is a hotbed 
for great sports. 

At least on 
this side of Tioga. 

Sporting News' 
report on the best 
sports cities uses 
a criteria that 
takes into account 
The actual teams 
in a particular city 
and their won 
won/loss records 
playoff berths, 
etc. Then, it takes 
into account the 
city itself, adding 
the sports atmosphere, fan knowledgeability, 
ticket availability and arena/stadium 

St. Louis was the best sports city in the 
survey, but to be included in the survey at 
all, a city must have at least a Division I 
basketball team, which is where we enter. 

Consider that Natchitoches scored the 
second highest ranking out of all of the cities 
within the Southland Conference, The only 
city ahead of us was Troy, AL, home of the 
future division I-A Troy State Trojans. If 
they have enough people to jump to I-A next 
year, then they definitly have more people in 
the stadiums than we do. 

Demon fans should take a bow over 
this honor, because it gives Demon fans a 
chance to brag a little bit. Check out these 
facts from the report. 

-The closest conference school to us is 
way down at No. 216 with, surprise, 
Thibadeux and Nicholls State. 

-Lake Charles. McNeese State definitly 
outdraws NSU at home football games, the 
survey also takes into account fan behavior. 
Need I say more. No. 235. 

-Nacogdoches.TX Can one college be 
jealous of another college. I don't know, 
you'll have to ask that other college. I guess 
not too many people are proud to be a 
Lumberjack. I know I wouldn't. No. 240. 

-Shreveport. LA; Surely a big 
metropolitan city like Shreveport, with it's 
Shreveport Captains, Bombers, Mudbugs, 
Pirates, Stars, Crawdads, Southern Knights, 
Storm.. .wait a minute. Half those teams 
don't even exist an more. And I haven't seen 
too many people sporting Shreveport 
Captains caps. No. 224. 

It also helps that a standing-room only 
crowd of 17, 526 saw the Demon football 
team beat a ranked Southern two weeks ago 
in the home opener. So all I have to say is 
keep up the good work people. 

Remember, we have an image to uphold. 

We're No. 182! We're No. 182! 


a NEW 


in TOWN 

On a volleyball team with 
only three seniors, someone 

has to make sure law and 
order prevail. That choice is 
Elizabeth Perez. 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

She hails from South 
Florida, and her attitude is 
about as fiery as the late- 
afternoon sun in Little 

"Sometimes I get a little 
crazy out there," Elizabeth 
Perez understates. "So I start 
cussing in Spanish on the 

Perez's hot temper maybe 

one of the reasons why the 
Demon Volleyball team is off 
to to a solid start. The Demons 
(5-4, 1-0 SLC) are looking for 
leadership in all places, as only 
three seniors make up this 
young team. 

That's where Perez enters 
the picture. She's played in 31 
of the 32 games the Demons 
have played this season. She's 
the team leader in kills (108), 
kills per game (3.48) and digs 

I've tried to be more of an 

all-around layer," Perez says. 
"For me, it used to be all about 
hitting, but now it's important 
for me to work on my blocking 
and digging." 

"She's really stepped up 
her play from last year, both 
offensively and defensively," 
head coach James Onikeku 
said. "I think last year was a 
learning experince for her 
because everyone was new. 
But I think this year will be 

As for for her 

Photo by Courtney Payne 

competitiveness, Perez said 
that she can't play at her level 
without getting excited. 

Even if it means dropping 
a few four-letter bombs en 

" I don't think I get upset, 
just very emotional," Perez 
said. " If I keep my emotions 
in, I feel weighted down." 

"She's really competitive. 
Sometimes I see her get so mad 
on the floor because she's so 
fired up," Onikeku said. 

" As a coach, that's what I 

want to see from my senior 
players. You want someone to 
lead the younger players, and 
Elizabeth does that." 

Perez has expectations for 
the team that exceed simply 
winning. She said that she 
would like to see the day when 
the volleyball team draw lots 
more fans than they do now. 

" My goal when I got here 
was to make volleyball at this 
school enjoyable for the fans 
who watch us," Perez said. 

Volleyball kicks off conference play on the right foot, beats SLU 

By Leslie Westbrook 

Sauce Reporter 

The NSU Demons 
claimed a 3-2 victory over the 
SLU Lady Lions Tuesday 
night in Hammond. The game 
marked the Southland 
Conference opener for both 

NSU senior April George 
hit a match-best .515 avg. 
while nailing down 19 kills 
and four blocks. George 
brought in the necessary kills 

to break a 13-all tie in the fifth 
game and conclude the match. 
Trading setter duties, senior 
Missy Krause and freshman 
Cathy Herring each posted 26 
assists. Other key 

players in Tuesday's game 
included sophomore Christina 
Stone (19 kills, 19 digs, .212 
avg.), senior Elizabeth Perez 
(15 kills, 16 digs) and 
freshman Dyanna Dubois (10 
kills, 15 digs). 

The Demons heralded 
victory in the 2:20 battle 15- 
13, 10-15, 15-6, 14-16, 15-13. 

NSU has claimed the win in 
four of their last six matches. 

The SLU Lions' (0-4) 
junior Mandy Withrow (.236 
avg.) offered 27 kills, but the 
Lady Lions still left the 
Demons on top by underhitting 
NSU 180 to .199. 

Northwestern will 
continue conference action this 
weekend, hosting Lamar 
Friday at 7pm and on Sunday 
at 4pm against Mcneese State 
University in Prather 

This week in Demon 

- Sept. 15 @ home vs. Lamar 7:00 

- Sept. 16 @home vs. McNeese 4:00 

- Sept. 19 @ Louisiana-Monroe 7:00 

All NSU home games are free to 
students with valid ID 

Cross Country finishes third at Louisiana-Monroe Invitational 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

Northwestern's cross- 
country teams picked up third 
place at the Louisiana-Monroe 
Indian Cross-Country 
Invitational that was held last 

Seven colleges from 
around the area attended, 
including Meridian 
Community College and 
Alcorn State University. 

The Demons were 
breathing down the neck of 
Louisiana-Monroe, being just 
six points shy of capturing 
second place and a mere eight 
points from the first place 
finisher. Meridian Community 

The race for second place 
was also close for the Lady 
Demons who were defeated by 
Alcorn State University by five 
points. University of 
Louisiana, however, 

annihilated the competition, 
winning the race by thirty-one 

Emerging leaders for the 
Demons appear to be Noah 
Murger and Jonah Chelimo 
who are transfers from 
University of Alabama. Both 
finished strong last weekend, 
securing the second and third 
place spot in the men's 6,000- 
Yard Run. 

For the Lady Demons, 
Crystal Munsinger and Christy 

Starke took home a respectable 
sixth and seventh place. 

Other highlights from the 
match were senior Dannon 
O'Kelly and freshmen Lacy 
Fletcher, who competed well 
to capture the tenth place 
positions in their bracket. 

The Demon Cross 
Country team will compete in 
the Louisiana Tech Invitational 
in Ruston on Saturday, 
September 16. 

Cross Country Results 
Demon Men's Results 

-Noah Murger, 2nd Place 

- Jonah Chelimo, 3rd Place 

Demon Women's Results 

- Crystal Munsiger, 6th place 

- Christy Starke, 7th place 

SEPTEMBER 14, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

PAge 9 

This week 
gg in the 
H Southland 
. conference 

No. 20 Sam Houston 
State Bearkats at No. 
19 Western Illinois 
Hanson Field (15,000) 
Macomb, 111. • 1:00 

Sam Houston State moved into 
he national rankings last week 
for the first time since the 1994 
ieason. The Bearkats jumped in 
it No. 24 after a win over 
CAA I-A Louisiana-Lafayette 
ind moved up to No. 20 this 
week. Western Illinois is a 
member of the NCAA I-AA 
Gateway Conference. Three of 
me four previous games 
tetween SHSU and WIU have 
been decided by five points or 
ess, with one of those being a 
1-21 tie. 

Second half goals doom Demon soccer team; fall to Centenary 4-2 



Alabama State 
Hornets at No. 1 Troy 
State Trojans 
Scrushy Field (17,500) 
Troy, Ala. • 6:00 p.m. 

After defeating No. 4 
Appalachian State on the road 
last week, Troy State hopes to 
avoid a letdown this week in its 
home opener. Coming off a 3 1 - 
M win over I-A Cincinnati in 
ps season opener, Troy State 
ivoided a letdown last season 
khen it dumped Alabama State, 
17-20, in week two. The Trojans 
Overcame a 13-10 halftime 
ifeficit and led 27-13 before 
ASU scored late to cut the final 
pargin to seven. Quarterback 
Brock Nutter passed for 207 
yards and a touchdown for 
TSU. The Hornets were able to 
puster 326 yards total offense, 
nit had just 88 on the ground. 

Nicholls State Colonels 
ikt Louisiana-Monroe 
Indians Malone 
Stadium (30,427) 
plonroe, La. • 6:00 

Louisiana-Monroe has won 
pven in a row in the series, 
fating back to the days when 
fie Indians were a part of the 
fouthland... Nicholls opened the 
[999 season by taking an early 
[-0 lead over ULM and led by 
fiat same score after one period 
fefore the Indians scored 27 
pianswered for a 27-10 
lin... Nicholls had opened its 
Pst four seasons playing in 
Monroe... Nicholls 
luarterback Brad Smith ranks 
kond in the Southland after 
ro games with 235.5 yards of 
toal offense per game 

Southwest Missouri 
Hate Bears at 
WcNeese State 

Cowboy Stadium 
117,410) Lake 
tharles, La. • 7:00 

IcNeese leads the Southland 

I total offense after two weeks 
''th 488 yards per game. The 
°wboys are first in rushing 
fense with 249 yards a game 
"d rank second in passing 
ff ense with a 239-yard average 
[•tough two contests. 
JcNeese ranks 11th nationally 

II total offense and is 20th in 
' s hing. Jessie Burton is tied for 
* v enth in the nation with 1 2 
^ints scored per game this season. 

by Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

A pair of goals by 
Brittany Cargill were not 
enough for the Demon soccer 
team as the Centenary Ladies 
ripped off three goals in the 
second half en route to a 4-2 
win in Wednesday's non- 
conference tilt in Shreveport 

Centenary's (5-2) Lara 
Brown netted a hat trick, with 
all of her goals coming in the 
second half against Demon 
goalkeeper Monica Lovett. 

Brown, who now has six 
goals on the year, scored the 
goals in the 59th, 63rd and 
84th minute of the game. 
Brown also added an assist to 
the first goal of the game 
scored by Lyndsay Bigler six 
minutes into the game. 

Cargill, who has 1 1 goals 
this season, scored her first 
goal at 2 1 minutes in the first 
half, evening the score at 1-1. 
The score would remained 
tied until Brown's first goal in 
the second half. 

Goalkeeper Tiffany 
Swingler played all of the 

first half before being 
replaced in the second half by 
Lovett. Swingler had three 
saves and gave up one goal. 

The Demons outshot the 
Ladies 12-7, including nine 
shots on goal in the second 
half. Cargill's second goal 
came 13 seconds after 
Brown's last goal in the 84th 

Centenary goalkeeper 
Heather Lindsey played the 
entire game, allowing only 
two goals while saving five of 
the Demons' nine shots on 

Baseball team hosting golf tournament 

By Cooda Dobin 

Sauce Reporter 

The Northwestern State 
baseball team is having their 2nd 
Annual Golf tournament to be 
held at Northwestern Hills Golf 

Four-person teams will 
compete at two tee times, 8 a.m. 

and 1 p.m., in scramble format. 
Entry fee is $60 per player 
covering lunch, greens fee, a 
commemarative cap and a 
chance at the Foy Motors 
Shootout, with a hole-in-one on 
the par 3, 168-yard 10th hole to 
win a 2000 Buick Century 

Prizes will be awarded to six 

different teams with competition 
in low gross and low net 
handicap divisions., "This is a 
friend-making, good-time 
event." Demon baseball coach 
John Cohen said 

To enter and support your 
Demon baseball team, call Coach 
Cohen at 357-4139 or David 
Stamey at 800-357-1262. 


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school admissions 
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Mickie Hall, Room 114 
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Across from The Cotton Patch 

Page 10 

The Current Sauce 

September 14, 2000 

Despite the loss, 
Demon Football still 
in Top 25 

Northwestern State remained 
nationally ranked this week, 
earning the No. 22 spot in the 
Sports Network Division I-AA 
Top 25 poll despite a 19-7 loss 
Saturday night at Division I-A 
Central Florida. 

The Demons slipped two 
spots from the No. 20 ranking 
they held a week ago, but 
remained solidly in the Top 25 
with 344 points, just one point 
out of 2 1 st and only 34 points shy 
of retaining the 20th position. 

Northwestern (1-1), open 
this week, is one of four 
Southland Football league teams 
in the Top 25, headed by No. 1- 
ranked Troy State. The Trojans 
overtook defending national 
champion Georgia Southern for 
the top spot in the poll after 
winning 34-28 Saturday at 
Appalachian State, who slipped 
three spots to seventh this week. 

Troy State(2-0) visits 
Northwestern in the conference 
opener for both teams Oct. 7. 

Stephen F. Austin(2-0), 
which plays at Louisiana Tech 
Saturday, is ranked 17th in this 
week's I-AA Top 25. Another 
SFL member, Sam Houston (2- 
0), moved up four spots to 20th 
this week. 

Sam Houston opened its 

season two weeks ago with a 21- 
14 win at Louisiana-Lafayette, 
the next foe for Northwestern. 
The Demons visit the Ragin' 
Cajuns Sept. 23. 

Sports Network Top 
25 Poll 

1 Troy State Trojans 

2. Georgia Southern Eagles 

3. Massachusetts Minutemen 

4. Hofstra Flying Dutchmen 

5. Youngstown State Penguins 

6. FloridaA&M Rattlers 

7. Appalachian State Mountaineers 

8. Furman Paladins 

9. Portland State Vikings 

I O.Montana Grizzlies 

I I .Delaware Blue Hens 

1 2. Illinois State Redbirds 
13James Madison Dukes 

14. North Carolina A&T Aggies 

15. Eastern Kentucky Colonels 

16. Northern Iowa Panthers 

17. Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks 

18. Vilianova Wildcats 

19. Western Illinois Leathernecks 

20. Sam Houston State Bearkats 

21. Tennessee State Tigers 

22. Northwestern State Demons 

23. Northern Arizona Lumberjacks 

24. Leigh Mountain Hawks 

25. Sacramento State Hornets 

B eaudion's Pizza Pub 

302 Hwy 1 South 

Free Delivery 
Lunch Buffet M-F & Sunday 

Check out our menu 

Knight says he still wants to coach; 
Indiana officials say firing was correct ^ 

Coach goes public for 
the first time since his 

Associated Press 

The General has no 
intention of just fading away. 

Bob Knight, fired after 29 
years at Indiana, says he will 
coach again, and he'll do it the 
way he always has — his way. 

"I've always felt I've got to 
be me, I can't be something that 
someone's trying to construct," 
he said Tuesday night in a live, 
sometimes contentious interview 
on ESPN. "I try to be fair, try 
to be honest. My philosophy and 
approach to things is just 
different than some people and 
situations," Knight said. 

Ousted for a pattern of 
"unacceptable" behavior that 
violated a "zero-tolerance" 
behavior policy, Knight 
admitted he was surprised by the 

decision. But he said perhaps it 
was time to move on anyway, 
and that he still wants to coach 
"in the worst way." 

"I thought I'd stay here till 
I was done coaching," Knight 
said. "I haven't retired. I'm an 
unemployed teacher right now, 
and I'm looking for a place to 
teach. There are too many things 
that I have yet to explore about 
the game of basketball." 

Knight said he thought 
about leaving Indiana at times, 
but his love of the basketball 
team was too strong. He had 
wanted the Hoosiers, who 
haven't advanced past the second 
round of the NCAA tournament 

since 1994, to become a 
powerhouse again. 

"I kind of hung on to that 
thought for several years now, 
four or five years, and probably 
should've gone somewhere else," 
the 59-year-old Hall of Fame 
coach said. "And there would be 
somebody that was a better fit 
for this administration and these 
people than I am. There's a 
place for me where there's a 
better fit for me as a basketball 

Knight repeated that he did 
nothing wrong when he grabbed 
freshman Kent Harvey by the 
arm last week to lecture him 
about manners after the student 
said, "Hey, what's up, Knight?" 

The coach also disputed 
some of the other reasons 
university president Myles 
Brand cited in firing him. Brand 
said Knight violated a zero- 
tolerance policy that had been in 
place since May. But Knight said 
he was never told exactly what 
"zero-tolerance" meant, a claim 
university officials denied. 
Knight said one episode cited by 
Brand, verbal abuse of a 
university lawyer, occurred 
during a meeting about the 
$30,000 fine levied against him 
by Brand in May. But Knight 
said he never used profanity and 
didn't raise his voice. 

After the ESPN interview, 
university officials said they 
stood by Brand's earlier 

"His job was saved by this 
administration in May and they 
gave him another chance, a new 
lease on life," school trustee 
Stephen Backer said. 

Former Indiana head coach Bobby Knight says he's not done with 

coaching. AP file photo 


Should Bobby Knight have been fired from Indiana 

Email The Current Sauce at with your response. 
Please include your name. 




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well gi 
; Prada. 
■ Jan 
ihe po< 
new c£ 

be 20( 
since il 
night. r 
of) foi 
lieces 1 
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very B 
jboster t 
"I c 
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he "scl 

dult au 
re also 
lone 01 
liave to 
dent. S 
toese sh 
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le wou 
•e stagi 
It is 
•at Spe 
I srself i 
lent is 
fetty fa 
In s] 
!, ink IS 
' a s a tr< 
h to S( 
Mons a 

Congratulations on Pledging the Best!!! 

PHIMU Fraternity 
Outshining the Rest 

Angelin Adams 

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We Love Our Phi'sl! 

SEPTEMBER 14, 2000 

Singer or 

Ry Elona A. Boggs 

Opinions Columnist 

It is the 2001 MTV Video 
Music Awards. Celebrities, 
along with screaming fans, have 
ved in droves for the special 

Carson Daly, one of the 
any hosts for the evening, is 
ell groomed and dressed in 
Iprada. After a live performance 
by Janet Jackson, he steps up to 
the podium to announce a brand 
mew category for 2001. 

Above the cries of fans, he 
introduces the category and its 
winner, "For Best Adult 
Entertainer.. .Britney Spears!" 

In triumph, Britney 
receives her award wearing 
nothing more than nylons and 
pasties. If you did not see 
[Britney Spears' performance on 
Hie 2000 MTV Video Music 
^wards, you will. Her sparse 
;apparel has made headlines 
since its introduction Thursday 
night. That is when Spears 
performed live (well, sort 
of) for the MTV audience and 
(thousands of television viewers. 
Spears proved that along with 
lip-syncing; she can also strip. 

Spears entered the stage 
wearing a business suit, but left 
wearing pantyhose and a few 
pieces of sequins. As she came 
Dnto the stage, she belted out a 
cheesy rendition of the Stones' 

After witnessing the 
lerformance, I am certain that a 
number of male viewers were 
ndeed satisfied. 

During Spears' act, the 
camera did not budge. If it had, 
suspect that there would have 
been a number of idolizing 
ffoung girls viewing this 

My 1 2-year-old sister owns 
very Britney Spears CD and 
loster there is, yet after she 
vatched Spears' performance 
Tiursday night, even she was 

"I don't think anyone will 
opy that outfit," she said. 

My sister was referring to 
be "school-girl" clothes that 
lecame so popular after the 
elease of "Baby, One More 

Initially, Britney Spears was 
Marketed towards a teen 
dience, but despite her 
empted transition into an 
ult audience, children are still 
istening. Unfortunately, they 
re also still watching. 

Some musicians can stand 
lone on their music. Others 
ave to put on a circus act to 
ompensate for their absence of 
tlent. Since Spears' music is 
omewhat lacking in quality and 
istinction, she must resort to 
lese shameful measures in 
rder to compete. 

Realistically, if Spears had 
Ppeared on the show simply 
itlging "Oops, I Did It Again," 
»e would have been booed off 
>e stage by Rage Against The 
Machine or Papa Roach. 

It is, however, a sad fact 
•at Spears had to conduct 
e rself in such a manner to win 
I approval of fans. The 
•cident reinforces the idea that 
'lent is nothing without a 
r etty face. 

In spite of this, I found the 
TV Video Music Awards to be 

Seeing celebrities like 
link 182, U2 and The Rock 
'as a treat. Next year, I would 

to see a few of them in 
Wons nd pasties. 


The Current Sauce 

The Human Mistake 
Part One 

God's little hood ornament 

Opinion Columnist 

I wasn't an accident, I don't 
think but a miscalculation. I was 
born the last child in a series of 
nine. I am the only sibling in my 
family to have the same mother 
and father. I entered this world 
weak with heart problems and a 
dangerously low birth weight. 

When it was discovered that 
I was to be born, my family lived 
in a two-bedroom house in a tiny 
town in Louisiana. The house 
held 1 1 people including at least 
four future siblings who were 
well on their way to becoming 
drug addicts and an aunt who 
was found in New Orleans after 
deserting her job and walking 
around the streets nude, babbling 
to her self. 

I am almost positive the 
addition of a brand new baby to 
the family was greeted with little 

more than the depressing 
realization that there would be 
another useless dependent. As I 
entered this world, I was little 
more than just another mouth to 

By the age of five I was on 
Ritalin. My earliest memories 
consist of family weeks at 
various drug rehabilitation 
centers. I went to the playpen of 
the children's unit while the rest 
of my family assured each other 
that things would be all better in 
a couple of weeks. Most of my 
family doesn't talk to they that 
are left alive now. 

I was going to various 
counselors, psychologists, 
psychiatrists, palm readers or 
whomever my parents thought 
could condition me into being a 
proper productive member of 

From age five to twelve, my 
life was a blur of prescribed 
speed and play therapy. The only 

events that seem to stand out 
were the times I spent hiding in 
the bathroom from my father, 
cutting my chest open with 
shards of glass from the mirror, 
broken for whatever reason I was 
emotionally unbound at that 
particular moment. 

The first real memory that I 
can conjure through the haze of 
drugs and violence was in 
seventh grade. Upon receiving a 
failing grade on a biology test, I 
proceeded to stab myself 
repeatedly with a pencil in my 
left shoulder. 

Once the class understood 
what was going on, I screamed 
something obscene and ran. I 
kept running until I was 
restrained by the principal and 
put directly into a car where I 
would be taken to my first stay in 
a mental institution. 

Coming next week, I am 
strapped down to a bed. Later: 
my mother dies. 

Vic the Demon, where are you? 

As a rabid NSU Demon 
football fan, I was at the recent 
NSU-Southern matchup. I 
enjoyed watching the new Tony 
Taylor-driven offense chew up 
yards against the Jags. I enjoyed 
whooping and hollering each 
time our team reached the end 
zone. I enjoyed watching the 
Purple Swarm stuff the run 
repeatedly. What I did not enjoy 
was the performance that the 
Southern mascot put on at 

After the Spirit of 
Northwestern finished yet 
another splendid halftime show, 
the Jaguar mascot went out onto 
our field and played up to the 
Southern fans. He shook his tail 
and danced around in a fashion 
reminiscent of the Southern Band 
(who did not make the trip). This 
gave the Southern Fans one of 
the few enjoyable moments of 
the game. 

While I am in favor of 
showing guests hospitality, this 
overstepped the boundaries of 
being welcome in an opposing 
stadium. The first rule of 
mascots is to never take off the 
head of an opposing mascot. The 

second is that you should never 
"show up" a mascot in his own 

Obviously, our Vic the 
Demon never heard this rule or 
was asleep during this part of 
mascot training. While the 
Jaguar pranced around as if he 
owned Turpin Stadium, our 
beloved Vic sat under the 
stadium sipping water, taking a 
nap, or some activity other than 
what he should have done-run 
out from under the stadium at full 
speed and tackle that cat 
Waterboy style. 

Personally, I would never 
have allowed this to happen 
during my days as Vic the 
Demon. Three years ago, I was 
the last of the "big-headed" 
demon costume users. Many 
fans probably still remember the 
Colonel from Nicholls State 
getting pummeled by the ROTC 
cannon-loader when he got a bit 
too uppity during a game at 
Turpin Stadium. Some Demon 
road warriors might remember 
when I had to be pulled off the 
McNeese Cowboy despite the 
Demons being on the wrong side 
of a 42-7 score. These are the 

actions of a mascot who will 
never let down his school's 
players, alumni and fans. 

Halftime began to wane and 
Vic was still nowhere to be 
found. A large group of other 
hard core Demon fans and myself 
began chanting "We want Vic! 
We want Vic!" Yet, the 
personification of our purple 
pride remained out of sight for 
the Jaguar to finish his dance, 
and we were left disoriented and 

Vic mostly remained out of 
sight for the rest of the game, 
although we did see him 
cavorting with people outside the 
stadium's fence a few times. I 
wasn't the only one upset with 
Vic at the game. The fans who 
sat in my section during the game 
were complaining for most of the 
third quarter, and every few 
minutes someone would say that 
they still had not seen Vic. So I 
guess my question is "Vic, where 
were you when we needed you, 

A former Vic, 
Niko Tesvich 

Should I be held accountable? 

One morning as I was 
driving from Campti to NSU, I 
was listening to a popular 
syndicated radio show. The topic 
of discussion was the fight which 
occurred at the Source Awards, a 
hip-hop music award show hosted 
by Source magazine each year. 

The host's question of the 
morning was, "Should I, as an 
African-American, feel that 
society holds them personally 
accountable for the actions of 
other African-Americans simply 
because they are African- 

That question struck me 
deep, and I found myself 
pondering the question. Before 
now, I had never given any 
thought as to why some people 
feel a sense of embarrassment 
when someone from my ethnic 
background "acts up." I'll admit, 
it took a minute or two for me to 
really decipher through everyone 
else's comments and arrive at my 
own opinion. 

I am an African-American. I 
was born in California and raised 
in Louisiana. I fully understand 
that there are those out there who 
still believe that I need to be "put 

in my place" as an African- 
American. There are others who 
will judge me based on the 
actions of others that share my 
ethnic background. 

Unfortunately, there are 
preconceived notions about most 
races, even though we do not like 
to admit to them. Not all Asian 
people are super smart. Not all 
Hispanic people living in the 
United States are illegal aliens. 
Not all African-Americans 
conduct themselves at social 
functions the way those 
individuals at the Source Awards 

I am a young intelligent 
African-American student and 
anyone who knows me would say 
that I am much too sophisticated 
to act in such a manner. 

However, I do not hold 
myself personally accountable for 
the actions of others within my 

Because I still live in a 
society where the color of my 
skin sometimes overshadows the 
content of my character, I do feel 
a sense of pride whenever people 
such as Tiger Woods seem to 
"reinvent" the rules of standard 
by which their game is played. 

However, I do not feel 
embarrassed by others within my 
race who choose to belittle 
themselves, not me, with then- 

Our struggle has just begun 
in this world, regardless of race, 
religion, sexual orientation or 
creed. Although we have come 
this far, believe me, we still have 
much farther to go. 

No one should feel as though 
they must justify the actions of 
another simply because he or she 
share one common denominator. 
It is a fact of this society in which 
we live that the actions of some 
African-Americans cause others 
to believe that all African- 
Americans are alike or that 
people in other races are all alike 
as well. 

If we as a society are going 
to change this way of thinking, 
then we as a society have to start 
with our own way of thinking. 
Forget about what you've heard 
and begin to understand what 
you've learned. This is my 
challenge to you, NSU. 

Personal Opinion, 
Monique Scott 

1/no %arma 

(By T'ony (BCanco and (Matt Tfagy 

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that the paper is obligated to run. The opinions 
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Current Sauce staff. The staff does not endorse any 
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f 1 m 

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The Current Sauce 


September 21. 2000 

North wes ter n S tate University - Natchitoches, Louisiana 

Price increases at 
campus eateries 

Students question an 
apparent increase in prices 
at Aramark. 

Page 4 
Boozman lab opens 

Boozman Hall is the newest 
recipient of a state-of-the-art 
computer lah. 

Page 3 

Love Bugs 

Tips on how to help your car in the 
battle against the little monsters. 

Page 3 


Up Close with 
Vic the Demon 

University mascot Vic the 
Demon, AKA Joshua Powell, 
sits down for an interview. 


Entertaining politics 

Bush goes on the Oprah 
Winfrey show 

Page 6 

Slasher banned 

Nike's newest advertisement 
takes some heat from the 

Page 7 


See how the team did in this 

week's games. 

Page 9 

Olympic update 

See how the USA Men's 
Basketball team did this week. 

Page u 

Southland update 

What happened this week in 
the Southland Conference. 

Page io 

the Current Sauce 
September 21, 2000 Volume 86, Issue 

New University enrollment record set 

By Randall S. Frederick 

Sauce Reporter 

University enrollment this 
fall has broken all previous 
records as the University set a 
new record as 9,292 students 
signed up for classes, according 
to Registrar Lillie Frazier Bell. 

That figure was from all four 
of the school's major campuses: 
Natchitoches, Shreveport, 
Leesville and Fort Polk. In 1995, 
enrollment was at it's highest 
with 9,040 enrolled students. The 
enrollment is also an increase 
from last year's 9,005 with an 
increase of 287 students. 

The figure is attributed, in 
part, to freshmen from last 
semester who returned for this 
semester. In the fall of 1995, 62.4 
percent of freshmen returned to 
continue their studies with 
Northwestern. This fall, 69 

percent returned, more than any 
other college in the University of 
Louisiana System. 

Also, the reason for the 
increase is due in part to the 
largest freshman class in school 
history and the school's 
increased retention rate for last 
year's freshmen. 

Another reason attributed to 
the increase is the program 
developed by the Office of 
Recruiting and Admissions. 

Director Jana Lucky believes 
Northwestern is becoming more 
active in their recruiting and has 
implemented two new ways to 
increase enrollment for next year. 

"We're trying to do private 
visits and go to all schools that 
will allow us," Lucky said. "We 
have even more of a road 
campaign this year than last year, 
and we're going to every school 
tljat will allow us in their doors to 

come and speak to show students 
what Northwestern has to offer. 
This year, we'll also start doing 
personalized e-mails to 
prospective students, reminding 
them of our school and when 
enrollment begins. We really plan 
to continue with the same plan as 
last year, except for those two 
new programs." 

University President Randall 
J. Webb said the increase is an 
effect of the increase in school 
publicity, popularity, warmth and 

"Northwestern is becoming a 
more and more appealing place 
to go to school all the time, 
Webb said. "I believe that 
students are choosing and staying 
with us because of the people 
who work here. The people of 
Northwestern truly care about the 
students, and I think the students 
can feel that." 

Fall Enrollment 1995-2000 


/ / / / / / 

Enrollment for the Fall 2000 semester has set a 
new record. The mark of 9,292 students surpasses 
the old record of 9,040 set in the Fall of 1995. 

source: NSU Press 

A moment with the president 

Goals for the new year 


andall Webb, university president, is a goal-oriented type 
of guy. Aside from a few minor differences, his primary goal is 
basically the same as ours: to get as much as possible from the 
University. As a result. Webb is always searching for new ways to 
improve the University. He hopes this year's University goals will 
do just that. 

Webb has set four "high priority" University goals for this 

Academic excellence tops his list. 

The University is seeking national recognition through 
accreditation of all eligible programs. 

"We're now at 94 percent." Webb said. "By this time next year, 
we should be at 100 percent and, possibly, might be the first 
university in Louisiana to achieve that distinction." 

The Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology is 
the only department left to receive accreditation. Webb is 
confident that the Electronic Technology Associate Degree and 
Electronic Technology Bachelor Degree programs will receive 
accreditation by next year. Reviews will be conducted for 

see WEBB page 2 

Randall J. Webb 
speaks candidly 
for the camera 
(top) in his on 
going television 
series titled "A 
moment with 
the President." 
Webb uses the 
series as a way 
to share his 
thoughts about 
all of the 
positive events 
that happen at 
the University. 
Webb also has 
time to spend 
with University 
President Webb 
believes that 
"Students Come 
First" and tries 
to always be 
available if they 
need help. 


Student jobs slashed by 200 at University 

By Joni Naquin 

Sauce Reporter 

The unemployment rate at the University has risen 
this year due to the loss of two hundred federal student 
jobs. Many students were found without a job when 
they came back in this fall. 

"It's [the loss of jobs] more this year than I've 
seen in the last couple of years." Shirley Scott, 
coordinator of student employment, said. 

"There has always been a few federal jobs not 
reassigned each year, and this year it has been a lot," 
Scott added. 

The federal work study jobs are based on financial 
need. There is a limit to the amount of money or jobs 
the University can award to students on financial 

aid. Financial aid is based on need and this limits the 
amount of money students can receive. If the federal 
government decides to cut the funding for those jobs, 
some students may not be eligible to receive the jobs 
they once had. 

This cutback only affects those students who have 
federal work study jobs, not the students who are 
awarded a job under a university scholarship. The 
students who work in residence halls and computer 
labs, which are subsidized from technology fees, were 
able to keep their jobs. 

"I was ensured my job last spring by my 
department before I left for the summer," Erin 
Carrigee, sophomore said. "I found out two weeks 
after I have moved back that I didn't have a job I was 
counting on for money. I still don't know what to do." 

"For these people, the jobs are awards based on 
requirements just like the scholarship jobs are." Scott 
said. "The only difference is that these jobs are 
based on Financial need rather than grades. Some 
students that lost their job just had no more need for 
the award according to the federal government." 

For Carrigee. it wasn't the loss of her job that 
angered her. but instead, it was not being informed 
about the change. 

"No one contacted me over the summer at all," 
Carrigee said. "I didn't get any phone call, letter or any 
kind of notification. The least they could have done 
was told me I didn't have a job." 

Carrigee feels she deserved to be notified so that 

see JOBS page 2 

Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

September 21, 2000 

University officials hoping for large turnout at Career Day p 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

The office of Career and 
Counseling Services hopes for a 
large turnout for Career Day. 

Career Day will take place on 
Sept. 26 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 
However, only seniors, alumni 
and students accompanied by their 
professor will be admitted during 
the first two hours. Afterwards, 
all students are welcome to attend. 

Paula Callender, career 
services assistant, said students 
should come dressed in business 
casual attire and with resume in 

Calleder said Career Day 
allows University students the 
opportunity to come in contact 
with nationally based companies 
to secure a post graduation job or 
internship. She also said the event 
would help make students more 
aware of their career options. 

Over 50 companies and 

graduate schools will be present. 
Some of these include Coca-Cola 
Bottling. Wells Fargo, JC Penny 
and Cox Communication. 

Callender said the number of 
companies participating is down 
from last year because of low 
student turn out in the past. 

Callender said that NSU's 
student turn out is the lowest out 
of Louisiana Tech and McNeese 
State University. 

"It's disheartening to our staff 
and recruiters," Callender said. 
Callender attributes the low 
numbers to poor communication 
between her office and other 
university departments. However, 
she said communication has 
improved greatly over the past 
year and other departments are 
showing genuine interest in 
Career Day. 

CCS. has been working on 
increasing student participation by 
announcing the event on area 
television and radio stations. 

File Photo 

Career Day is a chance for University students to mingle with potential 
employers. This year there are 48 businesses that will attend the event. 
Some of these businesses include Coca-Cola, JC Penny and Piccadilly. 

"I definitely want feedback 
from everyone on campus," 
Callender said. 

Callender said those who are 
not seniors could still benefit from 
attending Career Day. She said 
their participation would 
acclimate them to the business 

world and help them establish 
contacts for the future. 

"I think this is a worthwhile 
event," Callender said. 

In the end she stressed the 
importance of student attendance. 

"Students need to come, 
come, come," Callender said. 

JOBS: Students must find other sources of revenue 

Cont 'd from page 1 

she could have had the time 

before school started to look and 

apply for another a job off 


"If you don't have an off 
campus job before school starts, 
it's too hard to find one when 
everyone else is looking for a 
job," she said. " If I would have 

known, I would have been 
looking over the summer for 

According to Scott, the 
financial aid documents notifying 
students on whether or not they 
have received financial aid should 
have specified if a students was 
awarded their job. 

"Basically it's a financial aid 

problem and not a student 
employment problem," Scott said. 
"I don't give or take away jobs. I 
just handle the paperwork, time 
sheets, etc." 

Students still have hope for a 
job if they still need one. The Job 
Location and Development Office 
can assist students in finding jobs. 

Scott also said that after the 

first payroll run, there may be a 
few available jobs. She said if 
funds are available some jobs 
may become available. 

"We were holding back in the 
beginning to make sure we didn't 
over award," Scott said. "We will 
be notifying students of the 
possibility if new jobs arise." 

WEBB: President sets goals for University 

Cont 'd from page 1 
University programs without 
national accrediting 

The second University goal 
addresses the effective use of 
technology to increase student 
access through electronic 
instruction and service delivery. 

"We are creating what we 
call 'E - NSUV Webb said. "It 
is the electronic university 
within Northwestern; whereby, 
we will offer programs totally 
through electronics along with 
the services to support those 

Webb said 75 University 
courses are being delivered 
electronically to students this 

"We feel that in order to 
serve our students most 
effectively," Webb said. "We've 
got to be in the position to serve 
them with the most up to date, 
state of the art technological 

Creating and maintaining a 
student centered environment is 
the third University goal. Webb 
wants an environment that gives 
parents and students an overall 
positive perception of the 

"In many respects, that's 
what we're all about," Webb 
said. "Students are glad to 
attend here, stay here and 
graduate as satisfied alumni of 

And the final University 

goal for this year is to 
implement an enrollment 
management plan. 

University figures for Fall 
2000 show the largest freshman 
class and overall enrollment in 
Northwestern's history. 

"We seek stable enrollment 
at the University," Webb said. 
"Last year, we had the highest 
retention rate in our history, and 
we're looking forward to getting 
comparable results for this 

The enrollment management 
plan is still under development. 

Not only is the University 
setting new goals, they're also 
maintaining the old ones. 

Last year, the national 
accreditation programs 

increased from 89 percent to 94 
percent with the addition of the 
National Accreditation of 
Schools of Art and Design. The 
University also implemented 
Campus Pipeline to provide 
students with electronic 

"We're working hard for 
our students," Webb said. "Our 
goal is to provide our students 
with the best quality of student 
life on campus that they can 
find. We're keeping focus of 

Career Day 

AMC-Army Military Command 
Baker APS 
Boise Cascade 
Brookshire Grocery Company 
Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office 
Cane River Creole National Historic Park 
Carrollton Police Department 
Central Michigan University 
Christus Coushatta Hospital 
Coca-Cola Bottling 
Cox Communications 
DFW Airport Dept.. of Public Safety 
Edward Jones 
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 
Federal Correctional Complex 
Hibernia National Bank 
JC Penny 
Jean Simpson Personnel Services 
Kraft Foods 
Louisiana Dept.. of Civil Services 
Louisiana Dept.. of Labor 
Louisiana Dept.. of Wildlife & Fisheries 
Louisiana State Police 
Lowe's Companies 
LSU Law Center 
MTW Corporation 
New Orleans Aviation Board 
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 
NPC International Pizza Hut 
NSU Child & Family Network 
NSU English Graduate Studies 
Office of State Parks 
Orkin Pest Control 
Ouachita Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America 
Piccadilly Cafeteria 
Sherwin Williams 
Southern University Law Center 
Tyson Foods 
U.S. Navy Office Program 
United Teachers Associates Insurance Company 
University of North Texas-Health Science Center 
University of Texas at San Antonio 
US Marine Corps Officer Selection 
Well Fargo Financial 
Willstaff Worldwide 
Youngevity Ind. Associate 

■| y Brit 

ffiuce R 

•ad its s 
fid the 
fid in os 
tl has a 
*e studi 
lugust ; 

I total 
25. 1 
lbs in F 
ft the S 
mere an 
ft Sabin 

It's more 
than a rack 

The Current Sauce 
wants the students of 
Northwestern to check 
out the new paper 
dispensers located in 
the Student Union and 
in Iberville Dining Hall. 
The racks are from Cass 
Communications and 
they feature a state of 
the art message board 
that is capable of 
receiving up to the 
minute news and sports 
from around the world 
via satellite. 
But don't worry, it 
doesn't transmit 
harmful radioactive 
(We think) 

Virginia Dixon/Current Sauce 


♦ MwcaMM O* Ml Mmm 
♦ AH St*-**** frwm 
* Cm0mnkf% 


O&tlttt 1 SOUTH 

You have a lot to off er 
the investment world 

We have a lot to offer you. 

The next time someone asks— what are you going to do when you graduate?— tell them 
you're joining one of the industry's leading investment analyst programs— at Prudential. 
It's a program that can help position you for enrollment in a leading business school or 
for continuing on the fast track to the top of an exciting investment career. 

he NS 
iirst in 


fie SG 
j rogran 

> pick 


wap £ 
look yc 

I [appa 5 
I lis Tin 
louse. / 
' ) partk 

tie stal 
I know 
I irculati 


bm 11 


he We 
tors tc 
id is 


le Nat 
1 room 

Here's your 
thence lo meet us. 

September 28 


Noon to 4 p.m. 

The program. Our in-depth program 
offers the opportunities you can 
only find at an established global 
asset management company- 
plus the immediate responsibilities 
and hands-on learning that a small- 
firm environment offers. Industry- 
leading training will help ensure 
you hit the ground running. You'll 
gain valuable exposure to private 
placement, asset management or 
commercial real estate lending 
markets as you become part of 
one of the world's most powerful 
global investment, teams. 

Ask About urn 



The company. Prudential is 
a global, diversified financial 
services firm with more than 
$300 billion in assets under 
management. With offices in 
32 countries on four continents, 
we have direct exposure to the 
world's major money centers. 

The candidate. Graduating 
students with a solid background 
in finance or accounting who 
want to learn the investment, 
business will get valuable 
experience monitoring diverse 

The rewards. Prudential offers 
a highly competitive salary and 
benefits package and a flexible 
work schedule. You'll also find 
opportunities throughout the U.S. 
with our nationwide offices. 

Visit our website at 

(£ Prudential 

Iktnx fetcl (jparjBfr/ifaSw fefei £mfej« end m :m$a£ b fast/ 3 M wssk hg 

v • } 





, t PTEMBER 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

*y Residents of Boozman welcome new computer lab 

b Brittany Littlejohn 

'face Reporter 

The Boozman computer lab 
tad its grand opening August 31, 
pi the lab became the newest 
fid most updated lab on campus. 
\ has actually been available to 
k students since August 21, but 
kugust 31 was its official opening 

This latest addition brought 
le total number of computer labs 
425. This number includes two 
ibs in Kyser, two in Watson, one 
1 the Student Union and one in 
flealth and Human Resources. 
Jhere are five dorm labs, one each 
1 Sabine. Varnado. Rapides and 
foozman. The rest of the labs are 

within campus departments, and 
five off campus labs in 
Shreveport. Alexandria. Ft. Polk 
and Jonesville. 

Student technology fees 
funded each lab. 

"Each student pays $5 per 
credit hour not to exceed SI 00," 
Jennifer Long, student technology 
support specialist/coordinator, 

The fee covers maintenance, 
operating costs and general 
upkeep of the computers. Within 
the next month. Long hopes to 
update all the labs to Microsoft 
Office 2000. Boozman already 
uses 2000, but the rest of the labs 
still use the 97 version. 

"STAT (Student Technology 


Campus Connections 


he NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members.The 
irst informational meeting will be held behind Watson 
Abrary. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call Cesar 
sguitt, at 354-6483. 


pe SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the 
programs they are undertaking this school year. Don't forget 
: ) pick up your free scantrons, every Monday from 1 1 a.m. to 
p.m. in room 222 of the Student Union. You will need a 
tudent I.D. to take advantage. Also, check out the Book 
wap Board while you are there and see if someone has a 
00k you need at a cheaper rate. 


(lappa Sigma is excited to announce our famous "Male Sale" 
lis Tuesday September, 26 at 9p.m. at the Kappa Sigma 
pise. Admission to the "Male Sale" is by invitation only, so 

1 ) participate ask any member for your invitation. 


he staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU 
I know about a new service that could help them in their 
iucational growth. For more information, check with the 
rculation department. 


rodents can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister 
bundation (between Magee's and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday 
fom 11:30 until 1:00. The first visit is free and $1 each time 
lereafter. Worship services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each 

pe Wesley Westminister Foundation is looking for English 
jtors to help fellow students. The position pays $6 per hour 
d is part time. Apply at the Wesley Westminister 
bundation. Call Ellis Newman for information: 352-2888. 


be Native American Student Association will have its first 
jeeting of the semester on September 26, 2000 at 3:00 pm 
• room 214, (the archaeology lab) in Kyser Hall. If you are 
Iterested in Native American history and culture, we are 
Iviting you to come be a member of our group. For more 
fformation, contact Dr. Hiram P. Gregory at 357-4364 or 
londa Gauthier at 357-4328. 

Advisory Team), comprised of 
SGA President David Gunn: 
Treasurer, John Michael 
McConnell and five other 
students, along with four 
university administrators, decides 
what funds go to particular 
projects.*' Long said. "We prepare 
a budget on where we would like 
to see the money allocated. STAT 
approves or disapproves." 

Department labs provide 
their own upkeep. 

The labs are open from 7:00 
or 8:00 a.m. to 1 1 :00 p.m. and the 
dorm labs from 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. 
to 12:00 a.m. Long hopes to 
make a late night lab in Health 
and Human Resources; however, 
the technology fees currently 
support the maximum amount of 
workers who can only work a 
specific number of hours. Only 


114Hwy. 1 South 

Across From Wendy's 


futility lrl*,l<i G*,ll 












Perms I 




t »/-< a « 

Tues.-Wed 9:00 am - Until 
Thurs.-Sat. 1 0:00 am - Until 

25 percent of the total fees go 
towards workers and salaries. 

Currently, the University has 
no plans to open anymore labs. 
Long term plans are focused on 
other things, such as updating the 
computers, installing a fax 
machine in the Student Union for 
student use only and adding a 
presentation station to each 
department. The station includes 
a computer, projector, document 
camera and VCR. 

"We are hoping students will 
use this in class projects," Long 

For now though, she 
appreciates the completion of the 
Boozman lab. 

"It's a very nice, nice lab," 
she said. "I think it's the best on 
campus and the students should 
be very proud." 

NSU Press 

NSU Computer Specialist Jennifer Long (seated) 
demonstrates to University officials the new computers in 
Boozman Hall. 

Love bugs are not so lovely 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

"Love Bugs" are a nuisance to many motorists. If a vehicle is left uncleaned after contact with the bugs, the paint on the car may become permanently damaged. There are a 
few things that can be done to protect the car's paint job. Look to the following story for tips and advice on avoiding these problems. 

By Jessica Trahan 

Sauce Reporter 

They are called lovebugs. 
but when you have to scrape 
them off of your windshield and 
the front end of your car, it is not 
love that you are feeling. 

Everyone knows the 
aggravating black flies with red 
thoraxes that get in the way as 
lovebugs, but come to find out 
they are members of the family 
Bibionidae and are really known 
as March Flies. 

The bugs/flies are natives of 
Florida, but now they are recent 
invaders from the west. 

Southern Louisiana 
experienced huge flights during 
the 1920's. Later on, Florida 
received their first presence in 
1947 from Escambia County. 

Since that time, lovebugs 
have moved progressively 
southward. Soon after that, the 
March flies have been reported 
in the north from Georgia and 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

They have two flights of 
lovebugs that occur each year. 
The spring flight occurs during 
late April and May. The second 
flight takes place during late 
August and September. The 
flight extends over a period of 
four to five weeks. 

The sizes of these bugs are 
relatively small. The males are 
1/4 inch, and the females are 1/3 
inch in length. Mating takes 
place almost immediately after 
emergence of the females. 

In one flight, lovebugs lay 
from over 100 to 350 eggs, 
which are deposited just beneath 

decaying vegetation. 

Adult March flies are 
harmless and do not sting or bite, 
they feed on the nectar of 
various plants, especially sweet 
clover, goldenrod and brazilian 
pepper. They even enjoy fresh 
paint at new construction sites, 
which makes it unbearable for 
the workers to get anything 

Usually their flights are 
restricted to daylight hours and 
temperatures above 68 degrees 
fahrenheit. At night, lovebugs 
rest on low growing vegetation. 

Lovebugs are an 
aggravation to some motorists. 
They fly in unbelievable 
numbers and splatter their guts 
on both windshields and grills of 
vehicles. Windshields become 
covered with the remains, and 

vision is then obscured. 

The flies clog radiation fins 
causing cars to overheat. They 
also get into refrigeration 
equipment on trucks causing 
them to malfunction. The flies 
can also cause your paint job to 
be permanently damaged, that is 
if you do not remove them right 

^Student Tef * 

OS/iw Ctf'A'Ff'E'R T&R'M.l'hfQ 

WfE 'JsfeED YOVfK T<A<RT'lC'l'm ( flO r hfl 


ftf 352-8708 

this in 

travel at night if at all possible, 
lovebugs do not become active 
until 10:00 a.m. 

travel at a lower speed will 
reduce the number of bugs. 

place a large screen in front of 
the grill or place a small screen 
behind the grill in front of the 

-waxing your car will lessen the 
damage from the bugs 
-some motorists spread a LIGHT 
film of baby oil over the front of 
the hood, above the windshield 
and on the grill and bumper. This 
will loosen the bugs off 
-1/2 cup baking soda, 2 gallons 
of water, and then spray mixture 
EVERY night and then follow 
with a spray from the garden 

-many car washes also offer 
"Bug Guard", it is a very good 
solution, but the only problem is 
is that it needs to be reapplied 
every time that your car gets wet 
-it is also helpful on your vision 
if you put a teaspoon to 1 
tablespoon of Dawn 
Dishwashing Liquid into your 
windshield washing fluid. 

Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

September 21, 2000 

Students question Aramark price hike 

Bv Cooda Dobin 

Sauce Reporter 

There have been some 
concerns among students about 
the increase in prices of food in 
the Student Union. 

Joe Tillman ,the food 
service director at the 
University, said all of the food 
served on campus, with the 
exception of Chick-fil-a, an 
independent company, is 
obtained from Sysco Foods 
through a company called 

Because Chick-fil-a is an 
independent company it has the 
right to raise prices at their own 
discretion, they in fact insisted 
on a price increase in February 
1999. By contractual 
obligations, these increased 
prices could not go into effect 
until the beginning of the next 


Aramark is the University's 
contracted link to national food 

Tillman said that the food is 
"the best quality in town!" 

"The prices are based on the 
cost of the product,'* Tilman 
said. "There has been no major 
price increase." 

The prices fluctuate 
depending on what the product 
is. For example, meat and 
produce could go up and down 
every week; whereas, boxed and 
canned goods would go up or 
down monthly, none of which 
would effect what students pay. 

According to Tillman, 
prices on the most popular items 
have been lowered. 

The chef, Eric Boudreaux, 
said the prices were lowered on 
fried chicken, shrimp Creole, 
and crawfish etoufe. 

"These savings have been 
passed right down to the 
students," Tilman said. "When 
I first came here, I thought the 
prices on the cash side were 
pretty high, but on the board 
side, the prices are the lowest in 
the state," he added. 

Emily Huey, a student who 
lives on campus, points out that 
there is a huge difference in 
prices of pizza on campus and 
of pizza sold by the local pizza 
restaurants. For example, a 
large one topping pizza 
delivered to your dorm from 
Dominoes is S4.99, Pizza Hut 
$6.99 and Pizza Inn $7.99 while 
on campus it is $12.99. 

Another item of price 
concern are the sub sandwiches 
being sold at $3.99 to $4.99 

"That is way too 
expensive," Ki Cosia, junior 

Four weeks grades help students with their "options" 

By Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 

As the fall semester progresses, the first 
jolt of reality, fourth week grades, will soon 

"We notify students early in order to let 
them know their options," Kristi Anderson, 
coordinator of academic advising, said. 

Fourth week grades are just one part of the 
Early Warning System devised by the 
University. This is a system designed with 
freshmen in mind. Using the indicators of the 
Early Warning System, the Office of Academic 
Advising determines which route is best for 
which student. The student is then advised of 
the different choices available. 

Fourth week grades were implemented in 

the fall of 1998 and are only taken for the fall 
and spring semesters. Although it adds an 
extra burden on the teachers, the system has 
seen one hundred percent participation from 
Northwestern faculty. 

Teachers are asked to give a test or activity 
that will result in a significant grade for that 
class. The Office of Academic Advising then 
sends each student their grade and some 
helpful advice. 

These grades also serve as a comparison 
with the mid-term grades. The Office of 
Academic Advising asks that students not 
come there for grades, but wait to receive them 
in the mail. The grades are sent to the students' 
permanent address and will be in around the 
second week of October. 

Walt Disney College Program 
recruiter to visit Northwestern 

By Michelle Raiford 

Sauce Reporter 

The average college 
student spends the semester 
going to classes, writing papers 
and spend countless hours 
working in a dull job. A 
relatively new program to the 
University could change all of 

Working with the Walt 
Disney College Program 
would put a student at Walt 
Disney World, where they are 
not just an employee but a cast 

By becoming a Walt 
Disney cast member, students 
are able to work in a variety of 
areas, such as park greeter or 

Ryan Slaughter, a campus 
representative for the Disney 
College Program, believes the 
program is not only a fun 

experience for students but 
also help them broaden their 
horizons to other people and 

"I was able to meet 
students and cast members 
from Germany, France, and 
Brazil," Slaughter said. 
"Meeting people from different 
cultures allows you to broaden 
your cultural horizons and 
appreciate the uniqueness, 
creativity, and diversity that 
people can offer." 

Students can also attend 
centers of excellence, which 
have self-paced tutorials, and 
can attend seminars or 
presentations, such as a 
speaker's forum with Greg 
Emmer, vice president of the 
Magic Kingdom. 

Interest in the program has 
increased over the past few 

Disney has such a broad 

range, covering areas in 
broadcasting, publishing, and 
entertainment. "Students have 
had such a rewarding 
experience that much interest 
is spread by word of mouth 
from alumni cast members," 
Slaughter said. 

Students earn college credit 
for participating in the 
program. "The program's 
educational component 
allowed me to discover new 
interests, gain insight into a 
fun and professional work 
atmosphere, and it also 
allowed me to further utilize 
the skills and knowledge that I 
already possessed," says 

If anyone is interested in 
joining the Walt Disney World 
College Program, there will be 
a Disney recruiter on campus 
October 2 at 5:00 p.m. in 
Russell Hall, room 107. 

Heat stretches budget thin 

By Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 

Contrary to the relatively 
cool weather of the past few 
days, this summer has been the 
hottest on record. No one knows 
this more than Loran Lindsey, 
director of the physical power 
plant for Northwestern. 

Among Lindsey's 
numerous responsibilities is that 
of preparing a budget for the 
cost of the cooling and heating 
for all buildings on campus. The 
budget must be prepared a year 
ahead of time, with all expected 
problems in it. 

"You're sitting here trying 
to gaze into a crystal ball and 
predict a budget," Lindsey said. 

With the heat of the past 
years, the budget has been 
stretched to the max just 
covering the regular cost and 

repairs. However, Lindsey has 
gotten the extra money he has 
been fighting for this year. 

With this Deferred 
Maintenance Fund from the 
governor, Mr. Lindsey plans on 
building a new West Campus 
Chill Water Loop System. He 
also plans to purchase new 
piping, pumps, and two large 

Another important area 
effected by the heat is our 
athletics. With the start of 
football season, the heat is one 
of the main issues. 

Ambulance R.N. John 
Johnson was on duty at the 
Northwestern vs. Southern 

"About six or seven people 
had to be administered to for 
heat exhaustion at the football 
game, all of them were 
spectators," Johnson said. 

There are three stages of 
heat induced illness: heat 
exhaustion, heat cramps, and 
heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is 
the mildest and can be treated 
by just cooling the body down, 
while administering fluids. Heat 
cramps is when the muscles in 
the body began cramping and 
knotting. While this is a step up 
from heat exhaustion, the 
treatment is still pretty much the 
same. Heat stroke, however, is 
very dangerous and can cause 

Heat stroke is characterized 
by lack of sweat. This happens 
when your body has lost all 
moisture and there is nothing 
left to sweat. With heat stroke, 
the patient must be hospitalized. 
The main thing to remember 
about heat safety is drink lots of 
clear fluids and take frequent 


Cosby, a freshmen 
who lives on 
campus, says that 
the prices are 

"It is not a big 
variety of food to 
choose from in the 
Union, and for 
everything to be 
sold separately, I 
think the prices 
are shocking 
Tweety Evans, 
senior said. 

Anna Means, 
a junior who lives 

on campus, says prices at Aramark have increased this semester and it has left some students asking 
that there isn't "why?" University officials site that only Chick-Fil-A has increased in price, 
enough food for 

the price P lan ' ancl tne P" ces are flexible facts in mind it is up to the 

On another note Angela in tnat m y Dalance does not buyer to decide whether or not 

Davidson,"I have a $285 meal inflate fast " lhe Student Union is g° od for 

With these statements and your money. 



ROTC cadet earns Demon 
Battalion's highest score 

By Monica Mitchell 

Contributing Writer 

Of the 12 cadets/students 
Northwestern State University 
sent to ROTC Advance Camp 
this summer, Psychology major 
and Military Science minor, 
Alex C. Sanders earned Demon 
Battalion's highest score: 950 
out of 1000. 

Sanders attended the eighth 
regiment of camp which placed 
him in Fort Lewis, WA on June 
28 until August 3rd, 2000. 
Along with other cadets hailing 
from all over the United States, 
Cadet Sanders took part in an 

intensive 35 day program which 
tested their leadership skills and 
physical fitness daily. 

"My prior military 
experience and additional 
physical fitness training helped 
to make Advanced Camp a 
success," Sanders said. 

Additional training 
consisted of running eight miles 
a day, countless numbers of 
push-ups and sit-ups every day, 
and studying FM 7-8. 

"This enabled me to score 
285 out of 300 points ( 1 80 being 
the minimum) on the Army 
Physical Fitness Test, and earn 
above average scores on events 

such as Land Navigation, Squad 
STX, Platoon STX, and the 
Field Leadership Reactionary 
Course," he said. 

Sanders is not only the top 
scoring Advanced Camp cadet 
of the NSU Battalion, but also 
earned the highest score in his 
platoon and ranked eighth in his 
regiment. He went on to say that 
"passing Advanced Camp was a 
major goal and an important 
stepping stone in becoming a 
future officer in the United 
States Army. Advanced Camp 
aided me in my ability to make 
competent decisions under 
stressful conditions." 




318-3574473 1st Floor Friedman Student Union! 


If you are the student 
who lost your personal 
property in the University 
Bookstore during the 
week of fee payment, 
please bring your student 
ID by and ask for Darlene 



September 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

SGA Senate Minutes for 9/18/2000 



Association Meeting 9/18/00 

Roll call 


David Gunn 
Rusty Broussard 
John-Michael McConnell 
Vanessa Byrd 
Andrew Davies 
Amanda Barrios 
Frank Toro 
Dustin Floyd 
Wayne Bush 
Leanna Anderson 
Joni Naquin 
Will Hooper 
Jennifer Paul 
Todd Yore 
Jack Givens 
Shymika Stephenson 

Ja'Juan Allen 
Matthew Comeaux 
Shaun Jackson 
Glenn Ward 
Justin Owen 
Jessica Cramer 
Casey Ponder 
Jeremiah Newsom 
Paul Montleone 
Jonathan Chance 


Justin Chandler 
Joseph Longlois 
Jared Monroe 

The meeting was called to 
order at 7:05pm. 

The prayer was led by 
Jessica Cramer. The pledge 
was led by Dustin Floyd. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 

approve the amended 
minutes. The motion was 
seconded by Justin Owen. 

Executive Reports: 

McConnell-getting strict on 
budgets. He is sending out 
letters. The meeting is 

Rusty Broussard-see 

David Gunn-see report. 

Shymika Stephenson 
entered the meeting. 

Department Reports: 

Amanda Barrios-GRE, 
Student initiative process, 
Book Swap Board is not 
doing well. The meeting is 
Wednesday at 5:00pm. The 
radio show is Tuesday 11- 

Andrew-Elections are 
Tuesday and Wednesday. We 
will be working on the 
homecoming banners. The 
meetings will be Tuesdays at 

John-Michael-no report. 

Matt Comeaux-He is 
waiting on letterheads. 

Internal Affairs-Vanessa 
Byrd fixed the Senate rules. 
She has the list of 
uncompleted office hours, the 
meeting attendance sheet, and 
senator of the month will start 

Election Board-Joni 
Naquin-Jack Givens needs to 
meet with her. The next 
meeting is Thursday at 
4:00pm. Nobody can 

campaign in 
Iberville. She 
made a big 

Owen discussed 
the shuttle 
service. Glen 
Ward and Casey 
volunteered to 
work it. There 
is going to be a 
debate between 
the two political 
parties. We 
won't have a 
directory until 
Spring 2001. 
Thanks to all 
members for working hard. 

Traffic and Safety-Dustin 
Floyd- They met this week, 
now just waiting on some 

IM-Jeremiah Newsom- 
Meetings are Thursdays at 

SAB Non-voting rep-Will 
Hooper-The coffee house is at 
8:00pm tonight. There is a 
reunion Friday at 12:00pm at 
the rec. complex. SGA is 

Supreme Court-Charlie 
Penrod enjoyed all the work 
he did with the Supreme 
Court. Send all questions to 
Niko Tesvich. Advertise for 
open position. Rusty will help 
get things together. 

New Business: 

Alonda Marsten, Robin 
Selders, and Brian Williams 
are appointed to election 
board committee. 

Jeremiah Newsom read 

Paul Montleone moved to 
approve. Amanda Barrios 
seconded. Discussion 

Paul Montleone moved to 
send this to Internal Affairs. 
Ja'Juan Allen seconded the 
motion. The motion was 
passed 23-0-0. 

Justin Owen read 
Resolution FA00-002. 
Jessica Cramer moved to 
approve. Casey Ponder 
seconded. Discussion 
followed. The motion was 

passed 23-0-0. 

Andrew Davies read 
Resolution FA00-003. 
Resolution tabled until next 

Justin Owen read 
Resolution FA00-004. 
Resolution tabled until next 

Vanessa Byrd postponed 
Oath of Office until after 

Jennifer Paul, Joni 
Naquin, and Will Hooper 
volunteered to help with 

Fee Review Committee is 
at the same time as Fiscal 

Old Business: 

Justin Chandler was 

removed from the Senate. 

Dustin moved to approve 
the Senate rules. Jack Givens 
seconded. The motion was 
passed by 22-1-0. 


Rusty Broussard asked 
that if you cannot make a time 
to work elections, find 
someone to cover you. 

Niko Tesvich-Everyone 
go to the ULL game. 

Rusty Broussard needs to 
talk to Andrew Davies and 
Jeremiah Newsom. 

Andew Davies needs 
someone to help him hang the 
banner outside of Iberville. 

The meeting was 
adjourned at 7:50pm. 



Submit Yoa? 

Application Notv 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 
(318) 352-7991 

An Exclusive Student Communitv 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/f ree charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
• Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 

life: Entertainment 

Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

September 21, 2000 H Septe 

The View 

from the 
Front Row 

By Larry Collins 
Life Editor 

Drop Dead Fred? 


there have 
been a 
handful of 
feuds and 
There has 
been the Hatfields and the 
McCoys, the Christians and the 
lions and Michael Jackson and 
melanin. The feuds in the world 
of entertainment are no less 
heated. Joining the ranks of 
combatants, such as Christina 
Aguliera and Eminem, Lars 
Ulrich and Shawn Fanning 
(Napster), are the front men of 
two of the most popular 
contemporary bands. 

Neo-bad-boy and Limp 
Bizkit front man Fred Durst have 
waged an unholy war against 
Creed vocalist Scott Stapp. The 
two have engaged in numerous 
instances of verbal fisticuffs, and 
Stapp has even challenged Durst 
to take the rivalry to the ring to 
pound out a solution on each 
other's faces. 

I have to side with Durst in 
this argument for many reasons. 
But, I must warn you that some of 
my reasons are unfounded, a bit 
juvenile and shallow in origin. 

The first strike against Creed 
is the sell-out factor. In my 
opinion, sell-outs are innately 
evil and should be destroyed. And 
I'm not just talking about a Blink 
182 or Goo Goo Dolls selling- 
out, but this is the caliber of 
Sixpence None The Richer. Like 
Sixpence {Kiss Me), Creed went 
from a contemporary Christian 
format and morphed into the 
wanna-be Eddie Vedder rip-off 
that they are now. Changing style 
is no sin, but still hiding behind 

the safety 
o f 
lyrics that 
defy the 
protects them, bothers me. 

Fred and the Limp boys on 
the other hand say a prayer before 
every show, but they still curse 
and spit while performing. The 
difference is Fred doesn't feel the 
need to pretend to be something 
that he isn't, just to remain 
politically correct and accepted. 

Speaking of Eddie Vedder.... 
Uh... strike two. Granted, it is not 
Stapp's fault that he sounds 
exactly like the great one, but like 
the old Highlander adage goes... 
"There can be only one." It adds 
to his vocal credit that he sounds 
like Vedder, but until Pearl Jam 
gains sanity again and starts 
producing some quality music, I 
just want to wait for Vedder. 

Strike three? Fred is just a 
more authentic and charismatic 
person. He has gone to bat for 
Napster and along with Cypress 
Hill is giving free concerts to help 
the song swapping net company. 
While fans wait for days to get 
tickets before his Napster shows, 
he and the band buy pizza for 
fans that will lose their place in 
line if they go to get food. 

I'm not knocking Creed or 
Stapp's talent. Hell, they have yet 
to produce a song that I don't 
like, but if it came down to Fred 
or Scott, the decision would be 
easy. And besides who would you 
pick in a fight, the guy that sings 
Break Stuff or the guy that sings 
With Arms Wide Open? That's 
what 1 thought. 

Current Smmm 

Top 25 

I .. Pinch Me 
2. Come on Over 


3. With Arms Wide Open 

4. Teenage Dirtbag 

5. The First 

6. One Voice 

7. You're a god 

8. Minority 

9. The Way I Am 

10. Jumpin' Jumpin' 

11. (Hot Sh**t) Country Grammar 

12. Girl From the Gutter 

13. Sundown 

14. If s My Life 

15. Promise 

16. Last Resort 
17. 1 Need You 

18. Six Pacs 

19. Change Your Mind 

20. I Think I'm In Love 

21. Wonderful 

22. Kryptonite 

23. Boyz In The Hood 

24. What You Want 

25. You're an Ocean 

Aguilera feat. Fred Durst 
Tegan and Sara 
Billy Gilman 
Vertical Horizon 
Green Day 
Destiny's Child 
Bon Jovi 
Eve 6 

Papa Roach 
Leanne Rimes 
The Getaway People 
Sister Hazel 

Jessica Simpson 


3 Door Down 

Dynamite Hack 
DMX feat. Sisqo 

Tegan and Sara 


Papa Roach 

Entertaining Politics: 
Bush opens to Oprah 

Republican George W. Bush 
succumbed to the ministrations of 
television host Oprah Winfrey on 
Tuesday, revealing an 
ambivalence toward the 
presidential race and wiping away 
a tear during a tribute to the birth 
of his twin daughters as the 
"defining moment" in his life. 

But the Texas governor, who 
has a well-documented aversion 
to introspection declaring himself 
"not into psychobabble," drew 
the line at giving Winfrey and her 
average daily audience of 7 
million an example of an occasion 
on which he felt in need of 

"I'm looking for specifics," 
Winfrey pressed. 

"I know you are, but I'm 
running for president," he shot 
back with a grin. 

Bush's turn in the Oprah easy 
chair came eight days after his 
Democratic rival's and at the start 
of a new campaign push to woo 
back the women voters 
successfully courted by Vice 
President Al Gore in recent 

Parodying Gore's passionate 
smooch with wife Tipper at the 
Democratic convention last 
month, Bush opened the hour- 
long interview by striding on 
stage, embracing a surprised 
Winfrey and planting a kiss firmly 
on her cheek. 

His wife Laura watched with 
a group of Republican fans from a 
restaurant across the street 
beneath a huge banner that read 
"W. stands for Women." As the 
show began, they tapped their 
wristwatches and chanted "It's 
time for us to win." 

Associated Press 

Winfrey and Bush laugh during the taping of the show that offered a different look at the candidate for President. 

Bush deflected with shrugs 
and humor a slew of questions 
requiring self-reflection such as 
how he defined himself, his 
favorite dream, whether he liked 
the nickname Dubya, what he 
hadn't revealed about himself 
during the campaign, whether he 
felt the calling to be president, his 
greatest self doubt and his 
definition of love. 

But asked for the defining 
moment in his life, Bush 
mentioned his marriage to Laura 
and then spoke emotionally at 
length about the births of Jenna 
and Barbara 18 years ago after he 
and his wife had thought they 
might adopt children. 


But he told Winfrey the 
biggest public misconception 
about him was that "I am running 
on my daddy's name." His father 
George Bush served as president 
from 1989-93. He was defeated 
by Bill Clinton. 

"If my name were George 
Jones, I'd be a country and 
western singer," he joked. "I've 
lived with this all my life ... I 
understand people are going to 
say that." 

Asked if a small part of him 
wanted to "restore the honor" of 
the Bush name, he replied: 
"Revenge is such a negative 
thought. I'm running for positive 

Bush, who has said he never 
dreamed of being president as a 

child preferring instead to 
imagine himself as a major league 
baseball player, said he now felt 
"a big call," but added: "Life 
would be so much simpler to be in 
Texas with my wife and not 
putting our children through the 
meat grinder of public opinion ... 
was there a bolt of lighting, 'Thou 
shalt be president,' no." 

Responding to criticism that 
he lacks the intellectual heft for 
the White House, Bush told 
Winfrey there was more to 
"smarts" than being able "to 
write well or do calculus." 

"Smart is also instinct, 
judgement and common sense ... 
You can't inspire and unite by 
thinking you're smarter than 
everyone else," he said. 

Olympic rating not winning 
gold metals for NBC 

Fewer American 
viewers are tuning in to 
TV broadcasts of the 
Olympics in Sydney 
than any summer 
Games since Mexico 
City in 1968, early 
ratings figures showed 

NBC, which paid 
$705 million for the 
rights to show the 
Sydney Games, had no 
comment on the 
numbers, which some 
observers say have been 
hit by the fact that 
events are being shown 
on tape delay because 
of the 15-hour time 
difference between 
Sydney and New York. 

Another factor 
could be that the 
Canadian Broadcasting 

Corp., which is airing Associated Press 

1 8 hours of Olympic Tw ° °'>' m P' c athletes make the journey of the torch for the opening ceremony in Sydney. Australia . These are some of the 
. lowest rated Olympic games since they have been broadcasted on network television. The games continue on NBC. 

coverage — much of it 

live during the early advertisers. The general buzz is 

not promising." 

Thompson, who lives in 
Syracuse in northern New York 
state, said: "Everyone up here is 
pulling in Canadian TV." 

Jon Mandel. of the New York 
ad firm Mediacom, which 
represents some Olympic clients, 
said: "Am I concerned? Yeah. Am 
I worried? Not yet, give me three 
days." NBC is believed to have 
promised advertisers, who paid a 
record total $900 million for spots 
during broadcasts, at least a 17.5 
to 18.5 rating. 

"They (NBC) might be 
sweating a bit," said a TV industry 
insider, who requested anonymity. 

hours — could be siphoning off 
viewers in Buffalo, Detroit, 
Seattle and other areas near the 
U.S. -Canada border which can 
receive CBC's signal. 

Some analysts suggested 
audience figures would have to 
improve quickly or else NBC 
might have to offer advertisers 
free time to make up for 
disappointing ratings. 

"They might be close to 
tanking," said Robert Thompson, 
director of the Center for the 
Study of Popular Television at 
Syracuse University. "They're 
not absolutely awful, but close to 
(the minimum) they promised 

"Maybe they'll end up giving 
away some stuff (ad spots)." 

According to national data 
from Nielsen Media Research, the 
prime-time portion of Friday's 
opening ceremony from Australia 
delivered a 16.2 rating which 
means it was watched in about 
16.5 million homes in the United 
States. Each ratings point 
represents 1 ,008,000 households. 

Preliminary ratings for the 
prime-time broadcasts in the top 
48 markets in the United States 
were 14.9 for Saturday — a 
traditionally low-viewing TV 
night — 17.1 on Sunday and 
16.1 on Monday when the 
Olympics were up against the 

NFL's Monday Night 
Football — a routine 
ratings champion. 

Apart from 
1980, when the U.S. 
boycott of the 
Moscow Games 
blacked out broadcasts 
in the United States, 
Nielsen said so far, 
Sydney trails all 
previous summer 
Olympics since 
Mexico City which 
had an average 13.7 

Munich 1972, 
which was marred by 
the terrorist attacks 00 
Israeli athletes in the 
Olympic village- 
gained a huge 25 
rating and Montreal i" 
1976 came close with 
a 24.8. Los Angeles 
1984 had a 23 rating 
and Atlanta 1996 
garnered a 21.6. I" 
between, Seoul 1 988 
(17.9) and Barcelona 1992 (17.5) 
scored higher than Sydney so far- 
NBC Sports President Die* 
Ebersol has previously 
downplayed any negative effects 
of tape-delayed action. "To e 
Olympics are a visual experientf 
much more than a result 5 
experience," he told reporters la* 1 

But with such a huge investnieU 1 
in the Games, the General Electric 

Melissa Etl 
high profili 
footsteps o 

(NYSE:GE - newsj-owned' 
network has to hope thing 5 
improve when popular events lik e 
gymnastics and basketball heat uP 
and when track and fieW 
competition starts. 

Josh Gr< 

their r< 
the most 
the days c 
at 7:30 p. 

the produ< 
fsage mij 
'earning t 
have appt 

act as 
r ole of I 

life: Entertainment 

September 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Father of Unplugged does it again: 

Jon Bon Jovi; from MTV Unplugged to VH1 Storytellers 

ated Press 

After nearly two decades of 
rock 'n' roll. Jon Bon Jovi has 
many stories to tell - about his 17 
Top 40 hits, seven records, five 
world tours and an Oscar 
nomination for best song. 

But one of the most 
memorable is the story of Bon 
Jovi's performance on the MTV 
Video Music Awards in 1989. 
when he and guitarist Richie 
Sambora took to the stage to 
perform acoustic versions of their 
hard-rocking hits "Livin' on a 
Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or 

"All I could think of was, 
How are we going to make 
Madonna and Bob Seger and 
David Lee Roth stand in their 
chairs and applaud?'" Bon Jovi 
said in an interview. "The guys 
were like, Don't. Sit down with 
two guitars and play the way you 
wrote the song.' So, I went out 
there barefoot with two acoustic 
guitars. ... I thought it was a 
complete failure until I read the 

papers the next day." 

MTV credits the performance 
for giving birth to "Unplugged." 
the music channel's critically 
acclaimed show featuring the 
world's top acts in acoustic 
settings with small audiences. 

"It flips everyone out." Bon 
Jovi said. 

It's one of the stories that Bon 
Jovi plans to tell when the band 
kicks off the third season of VHl's 
"Storytellers" on Friday at 10 p.m. 
EDT. The show will be taped 
Friday afternoon at the 
Hammerstein Ballroom in New 
York City. 

The inception of 
"Storytellers" marked the music 
channel's move from 

contemporary music video fare to 
a blend of rock, pop and hip-hop 
programs for an aging MTV 

"It was the first new breed of 
VH1 shows, and I think it's when 
we started to come on the idea of 
the stories behind the music, 

which, in turn, 
has become our 
mantra," said 
series executive 
producer Bill 

Bon Jovi said 
it was that 
approach that 
drew him to 

understood that 
careers have 
peaks and 
valleys, and 
understood that a 
career is a 
marathon, not a 
sprint," he said. 
"They understood that three or 
four years ago when MTV was 
jumping on flash-in-the-pan kids' 
stuff, boy bands and the rap things 
that have one record, maybe two." 

Since then. VHl's 
"Storytellers" also has spawned 
the popular "Behind the Music," 

Associated Press 
Jon Bon Jovi heads to VHI to explain what his hits really mean. 

hour-long documentaries of sorts 
about the rise, fall and rise again 
of some of the world's top acts. 

But it is "Storytellers" that 
remains the flagship of VHI 
programming, giving musicians a 
setting to tell the story behind a 
particular song. 

Landmark lesbian couple ends 
"partnership"after 12 years 

Associated Press 

i Melissa Ethridge and Julie Cypher call it quits after 12 years. This is the second 
! high profile lesbian couple to end in the past few weeks. They follow in the 
' I footsteps of Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres. 

Randall S. Frederick 

LIFE Reporter 

Melissa Ethridge and partner Julie 
Cypher have broken up. The 
lesbian couple announced the split 
of their 12 year relationship on 

"With the utmost of love 
and respect for one another we 
have decided to separate." said the 
couple in a statement released by 
Island Records, Ethridge's record 

The announcement 
comes less than a month after the 
announcement of the breakup of 
another famous lesbian couple. 
Ellen DeGeneres and Anne 

The couple met in 1988 
while Cypher was working as an 
assistant director on one of 
Ethridges music videos. Cypher, 
then married to actor Lou Diamon 
Phillips, soon fell in love with 
Ethridge, and the duo started 
living together. 

In 1997, after divorcing 

actor Phillips, Cypher was 
artificially inseminated with their 
first child, Bailey. Bailey's birth 
was soon followed by the birth of 
their second child, Beckett. Both 
births were met with controversy 
and speculation as to who the 
biological father was. Famous 
figures from Brad Pitt to Sting had 
been mentioned as the childrens 
father, but in January of this year, 
they put an end to the mystery 
when they told Rolling Stone 
magazine that singer-songwriter 
David Crosby was the donor. 
Custody of the children has yet to 
be decided, but both parties agree 
that the children are of the utmost 
importance. "As committed 
parents, our top priority continues 
to be what is in the best interest of 
our children" their statement says. 
"Though elements of our lives 
will change, our family will 
always remain 

Ethridge is currently 
taping her show 'Beyond 
Chance" for Lifetime Television, 
and also writing an autobiography 
due out in the summer of 2001 . 


i 1972, 
narred by 
ittacks on 
es in the 
huge 25 
ontreal in 
Jose with 
, Angeles 
23 rating 
ta 1996 
21.6. I" 
oul 1988 
>92 (17.5) 
ey so faf- 
lent Dick 
ve effect 5 
n. "The 

t resul 15 
orters las' 

nvestmen 1 
al Electric 
>e thing- 
ivents lik e 
ill heat up 
nd field 

NSU theater gears up for new 
fall season with Macbeth 

Josh Green 

LIFE Reporter 

The university's theatre 
department will open the fall 2000 
semester production season with 
their rendition of William 
Shakespeare's "Macbeth", one of 
the most difficult plays that the 
department has been faced with 
recently. The AA. Fredericks 
Auditorium will be the site of the 
production nights next month on 
the days <^f October 1 1, 12, and 14 
at 7:30 p.m. 

Students wishing to be cast in 
the production were faced with the 
challenge that "Macbeth's" 
difficult plot line and language 
Usage might be challenging when 
learning the scrip. These students 
have appeared to overcome those 
obstacles and say they are ready to 

Colin Trahan of Folsom will 
*ct as Macbeth while Jena 
Westbrook of Broken Bow. 
Oklahoma will play his Lady. The 
r ole of Lady Macduff will be 

played by Laura West of 
Cottonport and Eric Guy Miller of 
Pineville will act as Macduff. 
Also in the cast are Tony Blanco 
of New Iberia as Ross. Jordan 
Paul of Cincinnati as Malcolm. 
Karly Pierre of St. Martinville as 
Hecate, Annie Fackler of 
Lafayette, Jessica Sondag of 
Lathrop, Mo., and Amie Clarke of 
Blue Springs. Mo. as the witches. 
Steven Cooper of Lake Charles 
will act as King Duncan. James 
Palmer of Mansfield will play 
Banquo. Kendrick Hudson of 
Shreveport will play Porter. Old 
Siward will be played by Micheal 
Ward of Gainesville. Ga. 

Other cast members include 
Tim Long of Fort Worth as 
Lennox, Josh Powell of Fort 
Smith, Ark. as Seyton. Jonathon 
Steele of Covington as Angus. 
Travis Barth of Mabank Texas, as 
Menteith, and James Williams of 
Lake Charles as Caithness. 
Others include Jamie Neuman and 
Rebecca Brettel of New Orleans. 
Alaine Claire of Ruston and 

Camill Sotomayor of 
Natchitoches as apparitions. Dana 
Duhon of Abbeville will play the 
gentlewoman to Lady Macbeth 
and Hector Guivas of Royal Palm 
Beach. Fla. will act as Young 

Also earning roles were Larry 
Soileau of Lake Charles as 
Donalbain. Sabrina Plaisance of 
Morgan City as a prophetess. 
Devon Riley of Baton Rouge as a 
female warrior and Valerie Perdue 
of Natchitoches. Patricia Calfee of 
Baton Rouge and Karen Burns of 
Alexandria as servants. Josh 
Laird of Oakdale will play a 
Scottish doctor. Aaron Hoosier of 

Alexandria and Jacob Smith of 
Monroe will play servants. Also 
in the cast are Jeremy Rhodes of 
Boyce and Mike Batusic of Davie, 
Fla. as murderers. Kyle Lemaire 
of Abbeville will act as the captain 
and Kerry Lambert of Prarieville 
holds the part of Fleance. Also 
earning roles were Missy Bizzell 
of Natchitoches. Kristin Jones, 
and Camille Suggs. 

Tickets cost $5 for those 
attendees who are not university 
students. Students of the 
university may obtain a ticket at 
no cost. Information on obtaining 
tickets is available by calling 357- 

Beaudion's P 

z z a 

u b 

302. Hwy 1 South 

Free Delivery 
Lunch Buffet M-F & Sunday 

Check out our menu 


Page 7 

Nike slasher 

advertisement cut from 
NBC Olympic line-up 

NBC, responding to 
viewer complaints, has dropped a 
commercial for Nike sports shoes 
and clothing featuring a female 
Olympic runner being pursued by 
a chain saw-wielding man. 

A spokesman said on 
Tuesday that the ad, which was 
aired over the weekend as NBC 
kicked off its coverage of the 
Olympics in Sydney, had been 
pulled because of complaints. He 
did not say how many the 
network received. 

"We were fully prepared 
to react quickly" to complaints, 
said Rick Gitter, who oversees 
advertising standards for General 
Electric-owned NBC. The 
network had accepted the ad 
"with some trepidation," and 
"subject to significant adverse 
audience reaction," he said. 

The spot, by the 
Portland, Ore-based agency 

Wieden & Kennedy, is part of a 
campaign with the theme "Why 
Sport?" promoting Nike's 
sponsorship of the Games. 

In a spoof of horror 
movies, the commercial features 
U.S. Olympic runner Suzy 
Hamilton being chased by a 
masked man through a house and 
then into dark woods. But she 
puts on a burst of speed 
and leaves her attacker panting in 
the dust. 

As he drops his weapon, 
the words appear on the screen: 
"Why sport? Because you'll live 

There was no immediate 
comment from Nike, but a 
spokeswoman for the ad agency 
told the New York Times that 
although it had expected some 
complaints, it was "unfortunate" 
NBC dropped the ads. 

Field Goal Kicking 

Thursday, September, 28 

ROTC Field 


Rapides (dorm) Bench Press Meet 
Friday, September 29 5:00 


IM Events 



30 Vayyfor $30 
5 Tcwwfor $15 
tiM#Le/tciYW $2 
for more< infer caXL 
or stop by aAxd/ he& our neM) 
125 Hcwuxrch Ave/. 
(Iwthe/ xxm&buAAdivity ofr 
The/ Worhy HcUr Scdcnv) 

Page 8 

life: (PeopCe 

The Current Sauce 

September 21, 2000 

Spotlight: Two Bits, Four Bits... 
Vic the Demon (AKA Joshua Powell) 

Heather Patton 

Don't believe 
what you hear 
about Kid Rock's 
wild living and 
drug use - it's all 
media hype, the 
rap star said in 
court records on 
a custody fight 
for his son. 
The boy's 
mother, 29-year-old Kelley South 
Russell, claims that Kid Rock's 
career is marked by rampant drug 
use and debauchery. 

Kid Rock, whose real name 
is Robert Ritchie, "admits he 
does consume some alcohol, and 
in the past, he has dabbled with 
illicit drugs" as court records 
show, he will take a drug test any 

Court records show Kid 
Rock has had custody since the 7- 
year-old boy was an infant. 

The Macomb County friend 
of the Court, a liaison in child 
support and custody cases, 
recommended that he keep 
custody. The Macomb Daily 
reported Tu Jay. Judges 
typically follow such 

Kid Rock's last album is 
titled The History of Rock and 
can be found most local music 

LIFE Reporter 

At University football games, 
the halftime show is usually the 
highlight. But who is that masked 
man in costume jumping in the 
stands and rousing his fans to 
cheer on the Purple Pride? It's 
none other than Vic the Demon, 
the University's mascot. 

Vic the Demon is also none 
other than Joshua Powell. Josh is a 
junior theater major from Fort 
Smith, Arkansas. He started 
theater in the 1 Oth grade at South 
Side High School at Fort Smith. 
His first play was "Arsenic and 
Old Lace". The youngest of two 
sibling, Josh claims he was the 
mischievous one in the family. 

"I was far from a rebel, but I 
was very mischievous," Josh said. 

Josh seems to come from an 
artistic family. His older sister 
teaches theater at a high school in 
Texas and his father is a 
businessman who used to do 
artwork. Now he collects artwork 
and works on model trains. His 
older brother is still in college. 
Josh has played in "Gallileo" last 
spring and "Annie Get Your 
Gun" this past summer. 

Looking at Josh's Hawaiian 
shirt, colored sunglasses and two 
tongue rings, it doesn't seem 
surprising that he would want to 
do something different with Vic 
and dress him up in different kinds 

By i 


by F 






5 o\< 

NSU Press 

Vic takes time to chat with a University cheerleader during a pep rally. They 
are preparing to warm up the student body for a football game. 

NSU Press 

Vic leads members of the Yell Leaders in a touchdown celebration during a 
University game. Vic is the moral leader of the Cheerleading squad. 

of costumes. 

"There was a pimp costume for 
the pep rally and a Hawaiian outfit 
too," said Josh. "Look for other 
costumes for Vic." 

Josh said that one day he would 
like to teach theater and drama in 
high school and get his MFA 
(theater education). Ten years 
from now. Josh said he would 

like to own his own reparatory 

In the last Current Sauce issue, 
there was a comment from a 
previous Vic the Demon who 
criticized Josh for his performance 
in 'ie University's football game 
against Southern University. Josh 
wanted to set the record straight. 
"This guy is perfectly entitled to 

his opinion and my apologies to 
the fans," said Josh. "This is my 
first year. The reason I wasn't out 
during part of the game and 
halftime was because I was under 
the stands cooling off so I 
wouldn't pass out on the field 
from the heat. Those costumes are 
extremely hot. I think he should 
understand since he was Vic. But I 
plan on being out there more." 

Josh encourages all University 
Demon fans to come out to the 
games and support the team. 

"We really have a good team 
this year," Josh said. "We need the 
fans out there to get our team up. 
It's hard to fight in a game if 
there's nobody there to cheer the 
team on. Wear our school colors 
to the game." 

' ,S /J A. 



Career/Graduate Day 
In the Student Union Ballroom 

Tuesday, September 26,2000 
9:00 AM- 12:00 PM 

* Seniors Only 9:oo AM- 1 1:00 AM 

*All other classifications 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Hosted by 
Counseling & Career Services 

Located in Room 305 
of the Student Union 

or call M< - 


**All Students actively seeking full time employment, 
upon graduation in december 2000 or may 2001 will 
need to bring a resume and dress in appropriate 
interview attire. for a list of companies that will be 
attending please contact paula s. callender 
at 357-5621. 






the S] 

to the 
on F 


September 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 9 

Soccer team at .500 after 3-1 victory 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

A pair of second-half goals 
by Hillarie Marshall and 
Shannon Tenney broke a 1 -all tie 
and gave the Demons a 3-1 
victory Tuesday afternoon at the 
Demon soccer field. 

The win now brings the 
Demons to 2-1 in conference 
play and to a record of 5-5 
| overall. The loss drops SFA to 1- 
5 overall and winless in 
conference play. 

Britanny Cargill scored her 

1 2th goal of the season 1 1 
minutes into the first half. 
Cargill, whose goal puts her one 
behind the school record she set 
at 13 goals in 1998, added an 
assist to Marshall's goal as well. 
Kathryn Latiolais assisted on 
Tenney's goal. 

The sole Ladyjack goal 
came in the second half off an 
unassisted goal by Anna Steed, 
her first of the season. 

Goalkeeper Tiffany Swingler 
stopped four shots on goal by the 
Lady Lumberjacks while giving 
up only one goal. She played the 
entire game. 

SFA goalkeeper Elizabeth 
Evatt gave up three goals with 
only one save before being 
pulled in the 85th minute of play. 
Lotta Westerberg, SFA 
goaltender, saw four minutes of 
action in the game. 

The Demons outshot the 
Ladyjacks by a total of 19-9. The 
Ladyjacks had more shots on the 
goal, with five shots compared 
to NSU's four shots on goal. 

The Demons will head out 
on a five-game road trip with the 
marquee matchup being in Baton 
Rouge and a game against LSU 

I Press 
ring a 

a the 

:d the 
n up. 
ne if 
:r the 

It's personal... and it's business 

Demon goalkeeper Tifanny Swingler wants this to be known- she hates to lose 

After the loss against Centenary last Wednesday, a number of 
Demon Soccer fans grumbled and groaned. However, none were any 
louder than Northwestern goalkeeper Tiffany Swingler, who admits 
she "takes being scored on really hard." 

Yes, you've guessed it - Swingler's a perfectionist. Even after 
scoring the 2000 Preseason Second Team All Southland Conference 
and holding the school record for the best goals against average in a 
season and most shutouts in a season, she's convinced she has not 
even tapped into her full potential. But she could be convinced if she 
were to make All-Conference. 

It's difficult to imagine that one year ago, Tiffany struggled 
academically, almost to the point of losing what she loves most - the 
chance to play soccer. So what changed? Her study habits.? 

Swingler laughs recalling, "Coach Mitchell would lock me in 
his office for two hours a day until I got my priorities back in order." 

Obviously, this approach works. She now turns out report cards 
with GPA's of 3.4. Coach Mitchell states that her drive and "her 
determination to get herself once again eligible to play soccer" 
impresses him. 

During the soccer season. Tiffany heads to the weight room on 
weekends to get in extra practice, but once the rigorous season ends, 
Swingler gets grounded through drawing and music. 

"It's my therapy," Tiffany claims, "It gets me through all the 

She's also a movie buff. Teammate and friend Kate Tsakanikas 

remarks, "It drives me crazy to watch a movie with her... she recites 
the movie word for word with the characters, its awful." Another 
pastime she enjoys is experimenting in the kitchen. But beware junk 
food addicts - don't eat at Tiffany's house if you want to consume 
lots of calories. She's strictly into health food and fruit. "All you will 
find at her house is weird vegetables that I have never heard of, peas 
and okra," Tsakanikas said. 

Swingler pondered long and hard about how she wanted her 
friends to describe her before she answered confidently. "I want 
them to say I'm independent, competitive, and creative." Tsakanidas 
depicts her as "an extremely loyal friend," and Mitchell comments 
that "she's a very good athlete with a very good attitude." 

While it is no surprise that Swingler's idol is a woman athlete, 
it is interesting that she plays hockey - with the men. The goalie for 
the Tampa Bay Lightning, Manon Rheaume, is a source of 
inspiration for Tiffany. "She made it past some big obstacles in sports 
and she didn't let the fact that she was a woman, not a man, stop her 
from playing in the National Hockey League." 

When asked what motivates her to willingly give up her time 
and energy to succumb to the madness that goes along with playing 
a college sport. Tiffany grows thoughtful. "There's only 39 games 
left in my career, and I have been playing since the first grade. It hits 
me that it's almost over, and I haven't yet reached my goals. The 
season goes by in a flash... when it's gone, it's over, and I'm going 
to miss it." 

* Story (By (Mmdy Mixon 

Students get a chance to meet Demon athletes 

Brien Hollkamp 

Sauce Reporter 

The wins and losses, the ups and 
downs and the phenomenal and 
troublesome times with the NSU 
athletes were remembered and shared 
along with the fun, food and prizes at 
the Student-Athlete Meet and Greet 

Every student who could make it 
to the ballroom in the student union 
on Friday September 15th from 
twelve to two in the afternoon got to 
meet the athletes who represent the 


Tickets for the give away were 
given out at the door. Signed sporting 
goods, t-shirts, and a grand prize of 
one airplane ticket voucher for one- 
hundred dollars were given out. 

The Student Athlete Advising 
Committee set up the event. Melissa 
Krause came up with the idea at a 
Student Athlete Advising Committee 
meeting in July. Julie Lessiter 
organized and set up the event. 
Lessiter, the academic adviser, did a 
great deal of the work with help from 
Melissa Krause, Anna Means and 
Jennifer Peck. 

The purpose of the event was to 
get students to become more familiar 
with campus athletics and the athletes 
who play them. 

Many of the University athletes 
were present. Josh Hancock, senior 
on the basketball team, was there and 
spoke out to everyone about 
supporting our teams. 

"They got a chance to meet 
people. Now they can't say they don't 
know people on the team," Hancock 

The athletes who were present 
made themselves known and some of 
whom were Chris Thompson and 

Josh Hancock of me basketball team, 
Cathy Herring of the volleyball team, 
and Jason Champagne of the track 

"I think this helped a lot with all 
the people present, but I expected 
more people," Champagne said. 

Many of the athletes there felt 
they should do it again, and maybe 
there will be a bigger turn out next 
time around. 

All participants and students 
should appreciate the organization 
and efforts of the Student Athlete and 
Advising Committee. 

Jacqualyn Lawrence (center) splits the defense in yesterday's win 

What's the best way 
to get Olympic 
television ratings; 
make football an 
Olympic sport 

NBC is getting the news it knew was coming but 
was hoping wouldn't come. The "plausibly live" thing 
isn't working. 

And let's face it, it's not totally their fault. Most 
people still want to watch the Olympics. If you're like 
me, you like to pretend to be an expert in gymnastics 
(oh, he didn't stick the landing) and diving (no splash 
at all, a perfect dive!), and you still believe in the 
genuine idea that sports can bring people from different 
backgrounds together. 

But then, reality sets in. The 18-hour time delay 
from Sydney to New York means we're asleep while 
LaMark Carter could be winning the gold medal. Plus, 
the Olympics are taking place in the fall, which means 
head-to-head competition with college and pro 
football. And even though the Chinese are favored to 
win the men's gymnastics, they don't stand a chance 
against the Redskins and Cowboys. 

So here's my proposal to Dick Embersol at NBC; 
make football an Olympic sport. 

I mean, it's an idea whose time has come. It's like 
when the people at the post office decided it would be 
a good idea to make those adhesive stamps; why didn't 
we think of this before. 

I know that the U.S. is just about the only country 
that plays American-style football, so I have a few rules 
to make things competitive. Let's use the Iraqi team, 
for example. First, have Saddam and his buddies come 
up with their own team and players, but after that, we 
would send some of our players to Iraq. The guys we 
don't want like 
Ryan Leaf, Curtis 
Enis and Jason 
Seahorn. They 
would become 
citizens for about a 
year, learn the 
language, eat the 
food and teach the 
Iraqis how to play 
tackle football. 

Then we send 
'em a coach. I think 
Mike Ditka would 
work in their case. 
Then they would 
buy the uniforms, 
and we would 
supply them with 

pads and helmets. Just about everyone has a pair of 
hand-me-down pads and helmets from their older 
brother's PeeWee football days in their closet. This 
way, the games could have some sort of semi- 

The Americans would send four Heisman- 
candidate players to be the captains of a team made up 
of second-team All-Americans. This way with the pro 
players playing for the other nations and the college 
players playing for us, we can delay both college and 
pro season to focus our attention on the Olympic 
games. Steve Spurrier could be the coach of the 
Americans, that way when we face Iraq, he could run 
the score up on them. The Heisman trophy would be 
heavily decided on the candidates' performances in the 
games. We could keep track of how each player would 
be doing and how they fare in the Heisman trophy race. 

And who wouldn't stay up until 2 a.m. to watch 
the high-powered American team play those nasty 
Cubans, coached by Jerry Glanville and quarterbacked 
by Jeff George. We live in a country where you have to 
stay up until about 1 a.m to see the end of Monday 
Night Football. 

It's a proposal where everyone's a winner. NBC 
gets the ratings they want, football fans don't have to 
choose between the Olympics and Notre 
Dame/Nebraska, and once again, for two weeks, the 
center of the sports world is on the Olympic games. 

And, for two weeks, Mike Ditka has a job again. 


Bx Rondray Hill 

Page 10 THE Current Sauce September 21, 2000 

Demon Football rises to No. 19 
in ESPN/USA Today poll 


Northwestern State began 
game-week preparations Monday 
for its visit Saturday night to 
Louisiana-Lafayette as the 
Demons moved up three spots to 
20th nationally in both major 
Division I-A Top 25 polls. 

Northwestern (1-1), open last 
Saturday, advanced in the Sports 
Network's media poll and the 
ESPN/USA Today coaches' 
voting Monday. The Demons 
were among three Southland 
Football League teams in the 

Troy State (3-0) retained the 
No. 1 spot while Stephen F. 
Austin (3-0) zoomed up to 10th on 
the strength of its overtime 34-3 1 
victory last Saturday at Louisiana 

Northwestern will play a 
secon consecutive game against a 
Division I-A opponent. Central 
Florida topped the Demons 19-7 
two weeks ago in Orlando. 

The Demons and the ULL 
Ragin' Cajuns first played in 1909 

and are virtually even in the 91- 
year-old series, with the Cajuns 
holding a 35-34-3 edge. 
Northwestern is 4-2 at Cajun field 

since the stadium was built in 
1971, including a 24-22 victory in 
the last meeting between the two 
teams two years ago. 

Ben Beach and the Demons head to Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday 

ESPN/USA Todav Top 25 

1) Troy State 

2) Geo. Southern 

3) Youngstown St. 

4) Florida A&M 

5) Appalachian St. 

6) Furman 

7) Delaware 

8) Portland St. 

9) Montana 

10) Stephen F. Austin 

11) UMASS 

12) Hofstra 

13) Eastern Ky. 

14) No. Carolina A&T 

15) N. Arizona 

16) Western Illinois 

17) Villanova 

18) James Madison 

19) Lehigh 

20) Northwestern State 

21) Richmond 

22) Eastern Washington 

23) B. Iowa 

24) South Florida (t) 
24. Jackson St. (t) 

Bolded names denote Southland 





Four Months for only $59.00 




Network Services., Inc. ™ 

5909 Highway I Bypass 
Natchitoches, LA 


UL-Lafayette out to prove they're better than 0-3 

Louisiana's Ragin' Cajun 
football team returned to action on 
Tuesday, beginning preps for this 
weekend's home contest 
against Northwestern State. 

The Cajuns play host to 
the Demons in a 7 p.m. 
contest Saturday at Cajun 

After starting the drills 
with 15 minutes of special teams 
work, the Cajuns broke into 
individual and group drills for 50 
minutes. From there, Louisiana- 
Lafayette spent the remaining 
hour of practice in team situations 
before closing out the workout in 

the two-minute drill. 

"It was a typical Tuesday," 
head coach Jerry Baldwin said. 

Written by 



"Any time you start a game plan 
with a new team, you don't have 
the same tempo. I'm expecting 
better tempo on Wednesday." 

After facing two passing 
teams in Texas and Texas Tech 
during the last two weeks, the 

Cajuns meet a run-oriented NSU 
squad. While the offensive attack 
may be different from what 
they've been accustomed to 
recently, Baldwin said his squad 
wouldn't prepare any differently. 

"We will prepare the same 
way," Baldwin said. "It will be a 
different style of attack we will 
have to defend, but our 
preparation won't change. We will 
try to stop what they 
do best." 

For the Cajuns to be 
successful, they will have to put 
together a complete game with 
effort and execution, a common 

refrain out of the Louisiana- 
Lafayette locker room. 

"Some areas are giving great 
effort but we're not executing," 
Baldwin said. "We have to do it 
100 percent right." 

For the first time in three 
weeks, Cajun fans will also get to 
see their home team in action, a 
fact which seemed to invigorate 

"We're always excited to play 
on Cajun Field," Baldwin said. 
"We think coming home will help 
us because we want to show our 
fans that we are better than an 0-3 
team at this point." 

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This Week in The Southland Conference 

No. 19 Northwestern State 
Demons at Louisiana- 
Lafayette Ragin Cajuns- 
Cajun Field (31,000) 
Lafayette, La. 7:00 p.m. 

Tony Taylor continues to lead 
the Southland in rushing and all- 
purpose yards per game. After 
two contests, he is averaging 
163.5 yards rushing and 225.5 
all-purpose yards per contest. 
Louisiana-Lafayette is looking 
for its first win of the season and 
first against a Southland 
Football League team. Sam 
Houston State opened the 2000 
campaign with a 21-14 defeat of 
the Ragin Cajuns 

Samford Bulldogs at 
Jacksonville State Gamecocks- 
Paul Snow Memorial Stadium 
(15,000) Jacksonville, Ala. o 
7:00 p.m. 

Jacksonville State quarterbacks 
have not thrown an interception 
this season, but the Gamecocks 
rank last in the Southland in 

efficiency. JSU has completed 
just 15 of 36 passes for 145 
yards in two games. Samford 
dominated the series early with 
10 wins 

and two ties in the first 12 

Nicholls State Colonels at No. 

Provided by 

15 Western Illinois 
Hanson Field (15,000) 
Macomb, 111. 1:00 p.m. 

The Leathernecks shut out 
Southland member Sam 
Houston State last week. They 
held the Bearkats to 34 yards 
rushing. Last year, Nicholls 
State built a 13-0 lead before 
Western Illinois scored a 
touchdown in the third and one 
with 5:45 left in the game to 
take a 14-13 victory. The contest 
was played in New Orleans. 
Charles Tharp rushed for a 
game-high 1 3 1 yards and scored 
the winning touchdown. 

McNeese State Cowboys at 
Alcorn State Braves 
Jack Spinks Stadium (25,500) 
Lorman, Miss. 6:00 p.m. 

McNeese State is playing its 
second Southwestern Athletic 
Conference opponent in three 
weeks. The Cowboys defeated 
Prairie View A&M, 41-0, in 
week two at the Houston 
Astrodome. Alcorn State has 
lost eight games in a row. The 
Cowboys lead the Southland in 
rushing with 227.3 yards per 
game and are tops in total 
offense at 470 yards a contest. 

No. 10 Stephen F. Austin 
Lumberjacks at Northern 

Iowa Panthers UNI Dome 
(16,324) Cedar Falls, Iowa 
4:05 p.m. 

Stephen F. Austin's Derrick 
Blaylock ranks second in the 
Southland with 134 rushing 
yards per game... He is second 
in the League with 463 all- 
purpose yards and ranks third in 
that category with a 154.33 
average. Last week, Mike 
McElroy recorded 10 tackles, 
including one for minus two 
yards. He also had three 
quarterback pressures from his 
defensive end position in the 
win at Louisiana Tech. Brent 
Hafford, a defensive back, 
recorded his first collegiate 
interception in the first quarter 
to set up the 'Jacks first 
touchdown of the game. 

Texas A&M-Kingsville 
Javelinas at Sam Houston 
State Bearkats Bowers 
Stadium (14,000) Huntsville, 
Texas 7:00 p.m. 

Matt Dominguez became the 
Southland Football League's all- 
time leading receiver last week 
with eight catches. The eight 
give him 1 84 for his career, five 
more than previous record 
holder Cisco Richard of 
Louisiana-Monroe who had 179 
from 1987-90. 


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September 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 11 

2 Olympic Re 


Team USA Basketball overcomes 
sluggish first half, beats Italy 90-61 

Associated Press 

Say this much about Italy: 
Their coaches not only dressed 
colorfully, they even came up with 
a strategy that frustrated the U.S. 
men's basketball team for a while. 

Italy played a physical, 
slowdown style that worked for 
about 18 minutes. But spurred by 
a 14-0 run led by Antonio 
McDyess. Ray Allen and Alonzo 
Mourning, the U.S. men defeated 
the Italians 93-61 Tuesday in 
their second game of the 

"We know we'll see different 
tactics as teams try to figure out 
what will work," Mourning said. 
"But this worked against them 
because they got so tired from all 
that grabbing and holding that 
they were unable to put the ball in 
the hole." 

Italy's assistant coaches wore 
the same brightly colored pants 
they had worn last Friday night at 
the opening ceremony. One coach 
wore white pants, another wore 
green, a third aqua and a fourth 

It was quite a fashion 
statement for a basketball game, 
but it wasn't as shocking as the 
numbers on the scoreboard with 
less that three minutes left in the 
first half: USA 35, ITA 33. 

The U.S. team closed the half 
with a 10-2 run to lead by 10 at 
intermission — not the type of 
comfort zone the Americans are 
accustomed to. 

"We discussed a lot of things, 
how we needed to relax and have 
fun," McDyess said. "We were 
putting too much pressure on 

With the score 54-42 early 
in the second half, McDyess 
started the big run with a dunk. 
Mourning added a turnaround 
jumper. McDyess converted a 
fast-break layup off a pass from 
Jason Kidd and Mourning 
emphatically rejected an inside 
shot on Italy's next possession. 

Next came the cappers: 
Allen racing downcourt after 
Mourning's block and taking the 
ball straight to the hoop for a 
one-handed dunk, and McDyess 
following with a steal near 
midcourt and an uncontested 
dunk for a 22-point lead. 

"The easy baskets gave us 
confidence. We had three or four 
in a row," McDyess said. 

It was a laugher from there 
on out as the Americans went 
ahead by as many as 34 points 
and wound up winning by 32 — 
something that didn't seem likely 
late in the first half as the 
Americans couldn't find a 
way to shake off their pesky 

The pestering style of 
physical play that Italy would 
use became apparent even before 
the game started as Mourning 
and Italy's center, Gregor Fucka, 
got their arms tangled up three Tea m USA moves on in the Olympic tournament 
times while waiting for the 

hoisting a shot. 



How much of the Olympic Games have you been 


E-Omail your response to 
Be sure to include your name 

referee to throw up the opening 

"They came out fearless, and 
our depth wore them down," Allan 
Houston said. 

Italy kept reaching in, 
banging and hindering the 
Americans any way they could, 
then frustrated the U.S. team by 
running much of the time off the 
30-second shot clock before 

The tactics weren't all that 
pretty to watch, but they served 
their purpose. The score was 35- 
33 before Houston made a 3- 
pointer to start a 10-2 run to close 
the first half. Mourning blocked a 
shot by Carlton Myers just before 
the halftime buzzer, pumping his 
arms afterward. That enthusiasm 
seemed to stick 

with the team through 
intermission, and the American 
players jumped off the bench as 
one after McDyess scored on a 
fast-break layup — not a dunk — 
and drew a foul early in the 
second half for a 52-35 lead. 

"Maybe they were looking 
for something spectacular, but I 
took an easy bucket," McDyess 


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2000 Honor Court Nominees 


Tasha Jackson 

Jamie McElroy 

Camille Nunez 


Ja'Juan Allen 

Mark Bulot 

John Michael McConnell 

Kenny Homann 


Danielle Prontka 

Danielle Reed 

Robin Samson 

Stacey Thompson 

LaQuinta Washington 



SEPTEMBER 21, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

The good, the bad and the ugly 


frith Josh Beavers 

The place - Vic's, the time 
12 noon, the culprits - sorority 
iris, the crime - blocking 

That's right, everybody 
iho has ever set foot into Vic's 
f Les Rendevous or just about 
my other crowded place on 
lampus knows what I am 
;ferring to. One sorority girl 
talks away from the cash 
agister after buying her food. 
)h no! At the same instant, she 
pots her sorority sister; the 
ither lays eyes on her. It is too 
ate; now everyone in the area 
fa] be delayed two to three 
liinutes while they . . . hug 
ach other as if they have been 
part for 10 years, instead of 
ust having saw one another ten 
oinutes ago. 

I have always laughed at 
lis exhibition. I thought it was 
funny to see the little blond 
laired sweeties wrap their arms 
round each other as if they 
vere being reunited with their 
pothers on Unsolved Mysteries. 

It was not until one day 
tcently when I discovered the 
tue nature of this affection. 
Ilany non-greeks accuse 
Drorities of being fake. This is 
rue in the sense that their 
inhibitions of love are not 
pnuine, but the reasoning is 
tuch different than anyone 
Mild ever hope to imagine. 

I was up late one night 
rorking on the paper when I 
tceived a phone call. The 
erson on the other end of the 
hone spoke through a voice 
liter and would not give his or 
Ier name. 

"You want the scoop on 
mat really goes down at 
orority meetings?" the person 

The Current Sauce 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Copy Editor 
Brandy Youngblood 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Life Editor 
Larry Collins 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Opinions Editor 
Mary Freeman 

Photo Editor 
Courtney Payne 

Business Manager 
John McConnell 

Advertising Manager 
Rob Morgan 

Ad Sales 
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Douglas, Josh Green 

Distribution Manager 
Missy Dupree 

Neil Ralston 

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Call 357-5456 and ask for 
someone on the ad staff. 

^he Current Sauce office is 
located in room 225 F of 

Kyser Hall. For more 
'formation about the paper, 
*«W (318) 357-5456 or 357- 
538i. E-mail The Current 

Sauce at 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
Natchitoches LA 71497 

2nd Class Periodical 
USPS* 140-660 


"Sure," I answered. 

"Be at the at 

10 tonight, and you can see for 
yourself," the person said and 
hung up. I can't tell the location 
for safety reasons, but let me 
tell you it is a very well known 
spot on campus. 

So I get in my truck and 
drive to the location. I park and 
see a whole slew of sorority 
girls walking through this open 
door. The last one enters and 
the door is closed. I get out of 
my truck and sneak over to the 
door. It's unlocked, so I go in. 
What I saw next will forever be 
imprinted in my memory. 

I was privy to a sacred 
ritual. One that has been seen 
by few and all of those who 
have seen it have been sworn to 
secrecy. I crouched down 
behind a row of chairs in the 
back that were hiding me from 
sure discovery, and the scene 
unfolded before my eyes. A 
procession of seven people 
wrapped in long flowing purple 
robes and carrying red roses 
made their way through the 
crowd to the altar. They walked 
slowly, and the lead individual 
made way to the top of the 
platform as the other six took 
up flank on the left and right. 
Then after what seemed like an 
eternity, the silence was broken, 
and the lead cultist spoke. 

"I am the Great Pink One," 
a female voice said. "Ruler of 

all members of the 


Of course I can't say 
which sorority it was for fear of 
my life being endangered. 

The Great Pink One 
continued on in a somber voice, 
yet one that could not erase all 
of the chipperness it was so 
accustomed to speaking. 

"We are here tonight sisters 
to judge one of our own. She 
has committed a heinous and 
terrible act and must be 

The crowd parted again and 
two more purple cloaked 
figures emerged leading an 
uncloaked girl who had her 
hands tied in front of her with 
greek party T-shirt. The three 
took position in front of The 
Great Pink One with the 

prisoner in the center. 

Pinky leveled an accusatory 
finger at the fallen sister, "You, 

sister (once again I can 

not name names for my own 
safety) are accused with the 
second most heinous action that 
any sister can be charged with." 

The room was dead silent, 
and the tension could be cut 
with a knife (sorry for the 
cliche). I was holding my breath 
and was on the verge of 
breaking down under the 
tension. I said to myself, "What 
had she done? I must know. 
Please Oh Great Pink One, tell 
me what this traitor has done." 

My request was answered. 

"You were spotted in Vic's 
two moons ago," Pinky said. 
"Do you remember this day?" 

The prisoner was crying, 
but in between sobs she 
managed to let out an almost 
inaudible, "Yes." 

"Then you must know what 
crime I am referring to." 

There was no answer. 

Pinky was furious and 
ended all questions. "You were 
approached by a sister and you 
did not hug her! ! !" 

The crowd broke into loud 
conversation. "How could she," 
one girl said. "She must suffer," 
another yelled. Pinky called for 
order and continued with the 

"Do you deny these 
allegations?" she asked. 

"I was late for class," the 
accused said in defense. 

"Class? Did you say class?" 
Pinky asked unbelievably. "You 
should know that nothing 
comes above this sorority 
especially something as trivial 
as class." 

There was a loud cheer of 
approval for Pinky's statement. 
Accused girl broke down into 
more tears. "You are guilty and 
must be justly punished," Pinky 

What would happen to her, 
I wondered. Would they kick 
her out of the sorority? Would 
she be sentenced to a life 
without this kind of love? No, 
those pale in comparison to 
what Pinky had in store for the 

"You are hereby sentenced 
to a whole weekend without 

Signs, Signs, Everywhere 

a Sign 

"Who's line is it anyway?" Well, it's the Student Affairs 
Board's line, and yes, that is a contraction for "who is." In the 
words of Five Man Electrical Band's song "Signs," these signs are 
indeed "messing with my mind." Sadly, this large, bold-print 
poster hanging in the stairwell of Keyser Hall is not the only 
example of such a lack of basic English education. 

Another sign hung on the billboards of Keyser proclaims, 
"Refemces" are available for "seamstry work." I suggest that this 
seamstress-in-training get his/her hands on a spellchecker for 
Microsoft Word so that s/he might have the two bright red lines 
beneath these words burn into their retinas as they are into mine. 

And perhaps the Alcoholics Anonymous group that asked 
whether you "automatically take afternoon classes because you 
know you'll be to hung over to go to early morning classes" were, 
indeed, suffering a massive hangover when they used "to" in place 
of "too." According to The Everyday Writer "too means also" (pg. 
190). To, however, is used after where (i.e. where should I go to in 
order to receive help with my writing?) 

Well, you can go to the Writing Center. We're open from 
9:00-4:00 Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:00-4:00 Tuesdays and 
Thursdays, and 9:00-3:00 Fridays. Walk-ins are welcome but 
appointments are preferred! I'm sure any of the fine young tutors 
working there will be happy to help you out when you decide to 
publicly display your writing on campus again. 

Shane Erath 

Editor's Note: I purposefully made no 
corrections to the above article. It was reprinted 
as it was originally received by the staff of The 
Current Sauce. 

attending any fraternity parties, 
socials or any other events that 
we will all attend." 

There was a gasp from the 
crowd. "I am not finished," 
Pinky roared. "You will also be 
forced to never make another 
'We love the Landing sign." 

The prisoner fell to her 
knees. "No, its too much," she 

This was more than even 
this blood thirsty crowd could 
stand. Then as one the crowd 
began to call for "Mercy, 
Mercy." It was like a twisted 
version of Braveheart. Pinky 
silenced them with a wave of 
her hand. 

"My decision stands," she 
said. "Let this be a lesson to 
you all. Follow the rules set 
forth by all of The Great Pink 
Ones before us and all will be 
well. Stray from the path and 
you will be sorry. This I 

Pinky walked down from 
the platform and parted through 
the crowd her cloak billowing 
behind her. Then as quickly as 
it had started, it ended. The 
platform was disassembled, and 
all traces of the meeting were 
erased. It all took less than two 
minutes, and then everyone was 
gone, and I was alone. 

I stepped out from behind 
my cover and fell to my knees 
and said thanks for not being 
discovered. Who knows what 
they might have made me do if 
I were caught. I could have 
been forced to watch Felicity or 
the worst punishment of all, 
listen to a Celine Dion album. 

I was not discovered 
though, and I escaped to tell my 
story. Like I say this is my 
story, believe what you will 
about it, but just remember the 
next time you are delayed in a 
crowded area on campus due to 
two sorority girls hugging, it is 
not their fault. They must 
appease The Great Pink One or 
the other appropriate sorority 
ruler. If they don't, they could 
suffer the most horrible 
punishment of all . . . being 
banished from the Pinnacle. 
Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! !!!!!! 

Josh Beavers, Editor 
jbeavers3 1 6 @ hotmail .com 

lino Karma 

(By 'forty (BCanco and (Matt dfagy 

A woman's voice 

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with our men today? They think they can 
approach you, say something as redundant as, "You are so beautiful, may I have your number," and 
expect us to give them our number and more than that. Guys think just because they are slightly cute 
and they can make complete sentences, we are supposed to jump into bed with them! Let me tell you 
something fellows, one little tired line is not going to get you in the sack. You need to come correct 
[sic]. Be sweet and respectful. A real woman does not want to hear all of the B.S. [sic]. So, in the 
future, please think before you speak. 

Shannon Hymes 

Republican Politics 

This November, young 
Americans have a chance for 
change. By voting for George W. 
Bush for President, we can 
change the direction of America 
by providing a fresh start after a 
season of cynicism. 

Governor Bush has a record 
of bringing positive change. He 
has been a leader in Texas. Not 
just a Governor. Not just an 
elected official. But a leader. He 
has set the agenda and defined 
the policy debate in Texas. He 
has listened to the common sense 
of his values while looking for 
common ground with his peers. 
He has proven to be a leader who 
doesn't read the polls, he leads 
the polls. He articulates a 
compassionate conservative 
agenda and invites people of 

good faith in all parties to join 
him. He changed his state by 
changing people's minds, one 
Texan at a time. 

This is a man who is 
committed to united people, 
rather than dividing them. 
After a season of cynicism, 
Governor Bush offers a fresh 
start with his unifying style of 
leadership. On November 7, 1 
hope you will take advantage of 
this chance for a change by 
voting for Governor George W. 
Bush for President. 

I also hope you'll help put 
Governor Bush in the White 
House by joining "Northwestern 
State University Students for 
Bush-Cheney." We have 
volunteer opportunities at every 

From organizing 
dormitories, to writing letters-to- 

the-editor, to canvassing local 
neighborhoods, to helping plan 
our campus campaign, we can 
use as much or as little of your 
time and talent as you're willing 
to give. If you're interested, 
please don't hesitate 
to contact me by email at 
m or by phone at 
(318) 357-2342. 

Thanks for taking the time to 
read this, and I look forward to 
hearing from you soon. 

Dustin Floyd 

Volunteer Campus Director, NSU 
Students for Bush-Cheney 

Authorized by Bush-Cheney 
2000, Inc. 

September 21, 2000 THE CURRENT SAUCE Page 1 

The Human Mistake: 

Part Two 

I Hate Chemical Dicipline 

Sauce Transmitter 

When we last left our hero, 
he had just completed a self- 
mutilatory outburst that landed 
him square into a juvenile mental 

I am sure that quite a few of 
you readers have seen the inside 
of one of these places; they are 
cold and antiseptically clean. 
They are full of two kinds of 
people, those who walk around 
looking sad and disheveled, and 
the others, bright friendly people 
in shiny white uniforms. 

This was not a public 
hospital; this was a private 
agenda. I didn't have to worry 

about the criminally insane. I 
suppose my parents figured it 
would only be a matter of time 
before I would have to spend 
some time in a restful place, so 
we had insurance to cover it. 

The first room of this 
building was a very tasteful brick 
waiting room with warm pleasant 
lighting. My parents signed some 
piece of paper and a large blond 
guy led me through a progression 
of doors. The only thing I 
remember about these doors is 
that they required a code to be 
punched into a numerical keypad, 
and that all of the doors locked 
behind us. 

1 kept wondering about the 
possibility of there being a fire. I 
would imagine a huge blaze 

chasing us, filling a room and 
some orderly trying to save a 
bunch of pissed off dysfunctional 
children who were attempting 
suicide by running into the smoke 
and the nurse (orderly, etc.,) can 
not remember the code to let us 
out of the room! 

After about fifty doors with 
keypads. I enter the room where I 
will be spending the next 35 days. 
They sat me in a desk and drew 
some blood. Twice a day, they 
would draw some blood. I got 
over my fear of needles very 

Next, they took off all of my 
clothing and asked me about the 
various little cuts on my body. I 
told them that the cuts were 
mostly self-inflicted. They 

nodded and wrote something 
down on a form; they did that a 

From there, I visited the unit 
head doctor and after five 
minutes of looking at a form I 
went from being a kid with 
attention deficit disorder and 
hyperactivity to a bipolar case. I 
was taken back to the nurses' 
station and taken off of the 
Ritalin so I could begin to take 
three different kinds of anti- 

My mental health diagnosis 
changed rather erratically 
depending on the doctor I was 
talking to, but for the next couple 
of years, I was a lithium zombie. 

Next week, life with messed 
up little kids. 

An addendum to the human mistake 

The problem with chemical discipline 

You might have read the 
first issue of "the human mistake" 
last week and wondered, "OK. 
So what's the point?" Honestly, I 
still don't know for sure. I have 
planned an outline of what I am 
going to write and the "points" 
are divided by themes. For 
example, Last week 1 talked a 
little bit about being on Ritalin, 
this week I talk about being on 
Lithium, and this and next week 
will be about me in a mental 
institution. So the theme then is 
defined as how I was partially 
raised by the mental health 


There. Now you have a 
point. I think the opinions page 
of The Current Sauce should also 
spark debate among the 
newspaper reading community so 
now I will give you something to 
argue about. I will give you the 
reader a strong, uneducated, 
angry statement for you to hate or 
love me for. Every once in a 
while. Whenever I feel like you 
deserve a point. 

To the nitty gritty. The 
current mental health community 
is destroying our children. How 
is that? Angry yet? I don't say 
this without reason. I also blame 

negligent parents. Rather than 
attempt to properly parent a child 
with love and discipline, they run 
to some head shrinker to pass out 
little pills to control their 
behavior. It is so much easier 
than helping a child become a 
productive adult through patience 
and effort as a parent. The 
modern psychological and 
psychiatric community is too 
happy to oblige these lazy parents 
with quick fixes to try to justify 
their bloated useless existence. 
1 was on Ritalin as a young boy. 
I did not have attention deficit 
disorder. Basically they gave a 
grade school kid large amounts of 

speed on a daily basis until he 
was suicidal. Then I went to 
another doctor who said "this kid 
is insane, let's give him drugs to 
slow him down." So I became an 
apathetic, unfeeling zombie. It 
wasn't until I voluntarily stopped 
taking prescribed mood altering 
drugs altogether that I began to 
feel like a human being at all. 
The medical community needs to 
gut the children's mental health 
division before they distort entire 
generations of future leaders. 
There's a point. Fight amongst 

Two amendments, two problems 

This November, Louisiana 
voters will get the opportunity to 
pass judgement on two proposed 
amendments to the Louisiana 
Constitution. Both come from 
Gov. Mike Foster's office. And 
both may appear pleasing and 
beneficial to the naked eye. 
Underneath they have many 
unanswered questions that will 
prevent them from working. 

The first amendment calls for 
the abolishment of the state sales 
tax on food and utilities. In 
exchange for this, state income 
taxes would be raised by an 
estimated $642 million a year. 
That increase breaks down to 
around taxpayers forking over 
another several hundred dollars at 
the end of the year. Proponents of 
the plan try to not talk about the 
increase of income taxes and 
glorify that consumers will .save 
around $436 million without the 
sales tax. The problem with the 
whole plan is that people have 

control over their sales tax. But 
they can't control their income 
tax. Individuals control the 
amount of money spent and 
goods purchased. Income tax is 
out of their hands. Someone who 
makes $40,000 a year and 
watches very closely what they 
purchase already saves money on 
sales tax. Under the new plan, 
this same person will be making 
the same amount of money, but 
now not be able to save as they 
did in the past. Instead they will 
be paying extra and receiving 
little to no benefits. 

An estimated $200 million is 
expected to be generated from the 
increase. This money will go to 
increase salaries of public 
schoolteachers and college 
faculty. To his credit, one of 
Foster's main sticking points in 
his time as governor has been 
increasing teacher salaries to the 
southern average. This plan, 
however, is questionable because 

according to high-ranking Foster 
aides, teachers will definitely not 
see a raise this year and a 
concrete date is not set. It could 
even be argued that this is only 
on the table as a stalling tactic to 
prevent teachers from striking this 

The second amendment calls 
for the elimination of the state 
Department of Economic 
Development in favor of a 
publicly funded yet privately 
owned office titled Louisiana Inc. 
Like the tax policy, this plan has 
question marks all over it. 
Basically what La. Inc. will do is 
try to lure new business to the 
state. The group, because of the 
way it is structured, supposedly 
will not be hampered by 
bureaucratic dealings and be able 
to produce more efficiently. 
While it sounds good, many 
things seem wrong with it. 
Publicly funded yet privately 
owned ? Does that not seem 

strange? It has no restrictions on 
it save for complying with the 
governmental ethics code. They 
can channel funds in any manner 
they wish. They can deal with 
polluters or any other such 
business they choose. Also this 
office will give the governor too 
much power. He or she will be 
able to either appoint 
representatives to Louisiana Inc.'s 
ruling board or directly pressure 
the people who can make the 
appointments. Once the governor 
has all the power, any efforts to 
limit it will be vetoed. 

These plans are not what 
they seem. They have a lot of 
bells and whistles, and they seem 
good at first. But after all the 
political maneuvering and eye 
candy is stripped away all that 
Louisiana taxpayers are left with 
is more of the same. 

Josh Beavers, Editor 
jbeavers.3 1 

"Current Quotes 

I'm going to try and 
not drop any 
classes, but the most 
I will drop is one. 

Sarah Griffith, 

I hope not to drop 
any or I'll never get 
out of here!!! 

Molly Beach, 

Are you going to drop any classes 
this semester? 

I'm not going to drop 
any classes this 
semester. I'm on a 
mission, I can't give 

Kiki Junior. 

I did not know that 
you could drop a 

David McCoy, 

Loving harmony 

(By 'fony (BCancQ 

Six Unr 

Readers Please Note- 

The following is the 
disclaimer that the paper 
must run. The opinions 
expressed on this page 
are not shared by the 
entire Current Sauce 
staff. The staff does not 
endorse any opinion 
presented on the opinions 
page, Now that business 
has been taken care of, 

let me clarify a few 
items. All letters 
submitted to the paper 
must include the writer's 
name, unless approved by 
the Current Sauce staff. 
You can submit articles 
by sending them to 
currentsauce @ hotmai 1 co 
m, or stop by the office ' 
located in 225 Kyser 

Louisiana's budget 


Mary Freeman 

Opinions Editor 

Louisiana has a problem, 
and for once it is not Edwin 

Going into the 2001-02 
fiscal year, the state is projected 
having a $217 million shortfall 
with little hope to raise any 
more money. However, the 
problem lies not in the inability 
of the state to make money, but 
how the state spends and 
measures its revenue. 

Louisiana ranks second in 
the South in the number of 
people who lack access to 
primary medical care. 
However, Louisiana has more 
than two and a half times more 
hospitals per capita than the 
national average. 

Louisiana has more state 
employees than its sister states. 
State employees number 216 
per 1000 people. Texas has 
136, Mississippi 188 and 
Arkansas has 194 employees out 
of 1000 people. 

The list of inefficient 
spending does not stop there. 
Education and corrections are 
two other areas where increased 
spending has not brought the 
state the wanted results in 
conjunction with the Southern 
averages in the two areas. 


Take a 




Jazz le| 
comes 1 


The problem, according to 
Legislative Fiscal Officer 
Johnny Rombach, is that 
"Louisiana dedicates an 
abnormal amount of its 
revenues, which are then no 
longer classified as state genefl 
fund taxes." 

The fiscal office uses a broader 
method, which includes all 
monies paid by citizens. 
By this standard, Louisiana 
ranks fourth in the South and 
29th in the nation in total per 
capita state revenue, according 
to Rombach. 

The citizens of Louisiana 
cannot afford to provide the 
state with hard-earned cash to 
be squandered by out-dated 
legislation. The people should 
not be asked to do this. If the 
status quo. is not met, then 
more inventive, or efficient, 
methods need to be developed 
to save the people from the 

There needs to be a war 
bad, ineffective government. 
Changes need to be made 
before Louisiana becomes to 
antiquated to be of any use th^* § ee ^ Q 
that of a fossil of bad 

If not, then perhaps we 
should all pack up and move 



The D( 
this we 


O o the Sou 




The Current Sauce 

September 28. 2000 


Northwestern State Unive r s i t y - Natchit oches, Louisiana 


On the inside 




The Student Union is gaining 
an elevator to assist students 
with disabilities. 


Spirit Day 

The University's annual Spirit 
Day is being held this Saturday 
for high school spirit groups. 

Page 2 

Teachers awarded 

Six University teachers have 
received Excellence in Teaching 

Page 3 



oved by 



tig to 

ien no 
ate genefl 

a broader 

es all 

nth and 
otal per 

ide the 
i cash to 
ile should 
s. If the 
, then 
im the 

Inside the 
campus DCI 

Take an up close look at 
NSU's Drum Core 

Page 5 

Homecoming Queen 

Homecoming Queen 
Virginia Dixon talks with 
The Current Sauce 

Page 6 

A legend at NSU 

Jazz legend Maynard Ferguson 
comes to the University Feb. 

Page 5 



3 1 D 



; a war 
ames to 

Demons celebrate 
after emotional win 

The Demons take the field 
this week against Gardner- 
Webb after a emotional 
victory over ULL. 

Page 7 

SLC Update 

What happened this week in 
ii the Southland Conference. 


ips we 
d move 11 

Soccer Update 

iy use thu" See how the team did in this 
Week's games. 

Page 9 

The Current Sauce 
September 28, 2000 Volume 86, Issue 9 

Dixon leads fall 
student elections 

Runoff to determine Mr. NSU, Miss NSU and sophomore senators 

By Raymond Williams 

Sauce Reporter 

The results of last week's 
election are in. 

Students had the 
opportunity to vote on Wed. 
20 and Thurs. 21 for the 2000 
Homecoming Court, Mr. and 
Miss NSU and class 

SGA Vice President, 
Rusty Broussard, said there 
was a voter turnout of about 
900. Although booths were 
set up in two locations, 
Broussard said the number is 
average for fall elections. 

Senior general studies 
major Virginia Dixon was 
elected Homecoming Queen. 

"It is such an honor to be 
elected to this," Dixon said. 
"It makes me appreciate the 
person that my parents 

Allison Bishop, Allison 
Bulot, Casey Crowder, Sarah 
Griffith, Jamie Hughes, April 
Jordan, Michelle Meyer, 
Allison Nunley, Jennifer Paul 


and Stacey Thompson made 
the 2000 Homecoming Court. 

There is a run-off 
between JaJuan Allen and 
Mark Bulot for Mr. NSU. 
Also, Tasha Jackson and 
Camille Nunez are in a run- 
off for the title of Miss NSU. 

Jackson said the 
nomination for Miss NSU 
was an honor for her. 

"I honestly didn't think I 
had made it," Jackson said. 
In the past, two Senators were 
elected for each class. 

However, a bill was passed 
last year, which allows 
election of three Senators. 

Kimberly Dickerson, 
Elizabeth Hughes and Shelly 
Smith were elected as 
Freshman Senators. Dustin 
Matthews won outright for 
Sophomore Class Senator. 
There will be a run-off 
between Chante' Belard, 
Stacey Cosby, Shymika 
Stephenson and Brian 
Wilkinson for the final two 

No one applied for the 
Junior Class Senator 
position, so the SGA is still 
accepting applications. 

Only three seniors applied 
for the Senator position, 
meaning all three received the 

Run-offs began yesterday 
and will end today. Polls are 
located upstairs in the lobby 
of the Student Union. 
Students can vote between the 
hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

for a complete list of winners 
see page 3 

Mr. and Miss NSU Runoff candidates 

JaJuan Allen 

Mark Bulot 

Tasha Jackson Camille Nunez 

Today is final day to vote. For a complete list of 
winners, see page 3 

Many college students have to work their way through their 
years in school. Junior Deanna Shelton (top) works as a hair 
dresser in a local beauty shop. 

Working their way 
through college 

For many students, college is not an option. 1 Because so many 
employers in today's job market are making a college degree 
mandatory, these students know they must study in order to succeed. 
Lucky for them, their family is financially able to take care of college's 
costly tuition fees. But what about the student with a head full of 
dreams and empty pockets? Is college an option? Absolutely. 

The University offers a diverse variety of financial aid assistance 
to all students in need. Most students take advantage of the student 
loan program, making it the number one type of financial aid assistance 
used by University students. 

"It helps me to just come to college, period," Rebecca White, 
junior fashion merchandising major, said. "That's how I pay for my 
housing, my food, transportation and books. Without it, I wouldn't be 
able to come to school at all." 

Melanie Robinson, junior elementary education major, said her 
student loan is her only ticket to a college education. 

"Without my student loan," Robinson said. "I wouldn't be going 
to school right now." 

Although access to student loans is the only education option for 
these students, several other University students said they would take 
on a part time job in return for a college education. 

"If I couldn't get my student loan," Maria Jones, senior nursing 
major, said. "I'd have to work and be a part time student." 

It's the "part time" student position that Jason Gisclair, junior 
criminal justice major, fears would cause a decrease in his GPA. 

"My student loan pays expenses that I would otherwise have to get 
a job to cover," Gisclair said. "A job would cut into my study time, and 
my grades would ultimately suffer. I can't risk that. Those grades are 
why I'm here." 

Student loans are not the only financial aid assistance making 
University students lives a little easier. Pell grants also carry many 
students' financial burden, making them the second most common type 
of financial assistance among University students. 

"I'm grateful to receive a full pell grant," Chaz Vandersypen, 
senior business administration major, said. "If it were not for pell 
grants, I would have to take out loans. Nevermind, I do take out 

Kristi Motter, associate director for compliance and operations, said 
the University disperses approximately $31 million in student loans 
and nearly $7 million in pell grants a year. 


ULM budget problems bring focus to University's situation 

By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

The University of Louisiana in 
Monroe budget for the 2000-2001 
school year was only given tentative 
approval after the last board of regents 

This has caused some to take a 
closer look at the budget stability of 
other Louisiana universities, including 
McNeese State University, Louisiana 
Tech University and Northwestern State 

According to figures from the 
Board of Regents, ULM has suffered a 
declining enrollment for the past eight 

One factor for this is the rise in out- 
of-state tuition, which turns possible 
students away. This translates to losing 
578 students and $800,000 in self- 
generated revenue, which include tuition 
and fees paid by students. 

However, Northwestern's 
enrollment has reached an all time high 
over 1999 despite a rise in out-of-state 
and in-state tuition, $246 per year. 

"We will continue to study the 
enrollment and decide if that increase is 
not just a one time thing," Randall J. 
Webb, president of Northwestern State 
University, said. 

More students are also staying at 
and graduating from NSU after their 
freshmen year which is good for the 
University overall. 

"We are graduating more students 
in a year than ever before," said Webb. 
"Because of that we need to find ways to 
replace them." 
According to Webb, the new freshmen 

coming in are "exceptionally good 
students." Good students are more 
likely to stay in school throughout their 
entire college career. 

All of these factors contribute to the 
NSU budget projection. The more 
students coming in, the more money the 
University makes. The more students 
that stay, the more money the university 

Overall, Webb believes 
Northwestern is quite stable financially 
and in no danger of being in the red, or 
gaining only "tentative approval." 

Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

September 28, 2000 

Campus changes to help students with disabilities 

By Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 

Students with certain 
disabilities will soon find it easier 
to move around Northwestern. 

With the completion of 
sidewalk curbs in almost every 
area of campus, disabled students 
will have a greater freedom of 
movement. Sidewalk curbs allow 
students in wheelchairs and with 
various other disabilities to safely 
travel from class to class. 

Before sidewalk curbs, 
students confined to wheelchairs 
had to travel in the streets in 
order to cross campus. This 
method of travel was dangerous 
not only to the disabled student 
but also to students driving 
around campus. 

The addition of an elevator in 
the Student Union will also allow 
for an easier access to the student 
services located on the third floor. 

Construction of the elevator 
began this fall semester, and the 
projected finish date is mid- 

"The completion of this 

Virginia Dixon/Current Sauce 

Workers prepare the new elevator in the Student Union for its opening. The elevator is being built to accommodate students with 

project will be an asset to the 
Northwestern State University 
community." said director of 
student disability services, Steve 

This elevator will take some 
burden off of the administration 
located on the third floor as well. 
The staff for the student services 
offered on the third floor will no 
longer have to meet a disabled 

student on the second floor in 
order to speak with them about a 
certain choice or decision. The 
elevator will only run from the 
second to the third floor. 

"There was just no room to 
install an adequate elevator shaft 
in the first floor" said Mr. Loran 
Lindsay, director of the physical 
power plant. 

However, there will be a 

chair-lift from the first floor to 
the second floor. 

There is also a back entrance 
to the Student Union that is 
handicap accessible. This project 
was funded by ADA project 
funding and is in accordance with 
ADA standards. 

If a student has a disability 
and needs to speak with Hicks, he 
can be reached at 357-6950. 

Spirit Day to be held Saturday 

The cheerleaders perform at 
pregame prior to the NSU- 
Gardner-Webb football game at 6 
p.m. in Turpin Stadium and will 

cheer on the sidelines until 
halftime. The dance teams 
perform at halftime. 

For more information on 

The Northwestern State 
University Office of Admissions 
and Recruiting will host its 
annual Spirit Day Saturday, Sept. 


During Spirit Day, 
cheerleading squads and 
dancelines can visit Northwestern 
and attend a free clinic hosted by 
the Demon Dazzler Danceline, 
Purple Pizazz Pom Pon Line and 
the Northwestern cheerleaders. 
At the clinic the groups will learn 
some of the latest cheering and 
danceline techniques that they 
can take back to their schools. 

Registration starts at 9 a.m. 
The clinics begin at 10:30 a.m. 


Spirit Day, call (318) 357-4503 or 
toll free in Louisiana (800) 426- 
3754 or from outside Louisiana at 
(800) 327-1903. 

Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members.The first 
informational meeting will be held behind Watson Library. 
Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call Cesar Isguitt, at 354- 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs 
they are undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your 
free scantrons, every Monday from 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 
of the Student Union. You will need a student I.D. to take 
advantage. Also, check out the Book Swap Board while you are 
there and see if someone has a book you need at a cheaper rate. 


The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to 
know about a new service that could help them in their educational 
growth. For more information, check with the circulation 


Students can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister Foundation 
(between Magee's and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday from 11:30 until 
1:00. The first visit is free and $1 each time thereafter. Worship 
services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each Wednesday. 


The Office of New Student Programs is pleased to announce 
scholarship opportunities for qualified Northwestern students 
Approximately 20 students will be hired for the Freshman 
Connection program. Informational meetings will be held in the 
President's Room of the Student Union on Wednesday, October 4 
at 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, October 5 at 3:00 p.m. Interested 
students must attend one of the informational seminars to be 
eligible to submit an application. 


College Democrats would like inform students of their 
informational meetings every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 221 
of the Student Union. 


Sigmas, see ya at the pep rally Friday at 10 p.m. Wear school 
clothes. Don't forget about the Greek Reunion this weekend. 
Alumni reception at Sigma House from 12 to 2. Feel free to come 
and socialize. Shipmate party is Sunday. Actives arrive at 5, new 
members 5:45. 

Why is TIAA-CREF the 
#1 choice nationwide? 


,w 3free 

318-3574473 1st Floor Friedman Student Union 

Year in and year out, employees at education and 
research institutions have turned to TIAA-CREF. 
And for good reasons: 

• Easy diversification among a range of expertly 
managed funds 

• A solid history of performance and exceptional 
personal service 

• A strong commitment to low expenses 

• Plus, a full range of flexible retirement income options 

For decades, TIAA-CREF has helped professors and staff 
at over 9,000 campuses across the country invest for— 
and enjoy— successful retirements. 

Choosing your retirement plan provider is simple. 
60 with the leader: TIAA-CREF. 


Investment Expertise 

Low Expenses 

Payment Options 

Expert Guidance 

[iF ffl Ensuring the future 
♦jjm for those who shape it. 


For more complete information on our securities produce, please cast 1.800.842.2733, ext. 5509, to request prospectuses. Read them careful, 
before you invest. » TIAA-CREF individual and irisbtubcmal Services, Inc. distributes the CRff and TIM Real Estate variable anrturties. • Teachen 
Persona! investors Services, Inc. distributes the Personal Annuities variable annuity component mutual funds and tuition savings agreements. * 
TIM and TIAA-CREF life fcsurance Co., New York, NY, issue insurance and aridities. * TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FS8 provides trust services 
. invest ment products are not POiC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed. O 2300 TIAA-CREF C8/03 


Go Demons! 
University Bookstore 
open Saturday at 9:30 
a.m. for Family Day! ! 
Bring Mom and Dad by 

to shop. 

September 28, 2000 Xhe Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

Students turned out last week in good numbers to cast their votes for Mr. and Miss 
NSU, Homecoming Court and SGA Senators. Eight hundred and seventy one students 
voted. There is a runoff for Mr. and Miss NSU as well as sophomore class senator. 

Six teachers receive Excellence in Teaching Award 

They make countless 
contributions to the University and 
their individual colleges. And each 
year, six are selected by their peers 
to be honored for their efforts. 

This year's recipients of 
Northwestern State University's 
Excellence in Teaching Awards 
will be recognized during 
Homecoming 2000 activities. 
I They will be presented at a 
banquet on Oct. 20 and during 
: half-time activities on Oct. 21. 

Those faculty members and 
their respective colleges are: Dr. 
Vicki Bowman, College of 
Education; Dr. Christine Ford, 
College of Liberal Arts; Dr. Frank 
.Serio, College of Science and 
Technology; Dr. Fraser Snowden. 
Louisiana Scholars' College; 
Barbara Webb, College of 
Nursing; and Dr. Susan White, 
I College of Business. 

Dr. Vicki Bowman became an 
associate professor in the College 
of Education in 1996 after serving 
las an assistant professor for four 
years. Bowman, who passed away 
In late July, served as the 
coordinator for student personnel 
services admissions. Along with 
her teaching responsibilities, she 
lalso served as a counselor for 
individuals and groups of all ages. 
Bowman chaired the NCATE 
Committee on Faculty and the 
NCATE Committee on 

Dr. Christine Ford has been a 
jmember of the NSU English 
1 faculty since 1989. During this 
(time she has served as the 
president of the university faculty 
senate and the director of the 
English Graduate Program. She 
also served as the founding 
sponsor of the campus literary 
magazine. "Argus". 

Dr. Frank Serio is currently 
the coordinator of the Department 
I Mathematics at NSU. He has 
Served as associate professor of 
Mathematics since 1998 after 
Serving as assistant professor for 

six years. His recent publications 
include research in the area of 
classroom technology. 

Dr. Fraser Snowden began 
teaching philosophy in the 
Louisiana Scholars' College at 
NSU in 1989 after chairing the 
committee that developed the 
original proposal for the Scholars' 
College. Prior to 1989, Snowden 
served as a professor at NSU for 
19 years. His areas of 
specialization include Eastern 
Religious Philosophies, 
Philosophy and Health Care, 
American Philosophy, Philosophy 
of Religions, and 
Great Books. 

Barbara Webb is currently the 
director for non-traditional studies 

in nursing as well as an associate 
professor. Her clinical nursing 
specialties include medical- 
surgical nursing and nursing 
administration. She has served as 
president of Sigma Theta Tau and 
now served on the Nurses 
Advisory Counsel for the 
American Cancer Society. 

Dr. Susan White has been an 
assistant professor in the College 
of Business since 1994, and is the 
Hibernia Bank Professor of 
Business. She has served as the 
president of the faculty senate, 
chairman for the J. Walter Porter 
Forum, and as a member of the 
University Institution 
Effectiveness Committee for 
SACS Self-Study. 

f you' re facing an 
unplanned pregnancy, 
call Volunteers of 
America. We'll help 
you make a loving 
choice. . . for you. and 
your baby. 

P loving 


of America" 

Central Louisiana 


24-Hour Helpline 

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit. United Way agency 
serving north and central Louisiana. Pregnancy counseling 
services are confidential and free of charge. 

2000 Homecoming Court 

Allison Bishop Allison Bulot Casey Crowder Sarah Griffith 

Jamie Hughes 

April Jordan 

Michelle Meyer Allison Nunley 

Jennifer Paul Stacey Thompson 

Freshmen Class Senators 

Kimberly Dickerson Elizabeth Hughes 

Shelly Smith 

Sophomore Class Senator 

Dustin Matthews 

Sophomore Senator Runoff 

No Picture 

Chante' Belard 

Stacey Cosby Shymika Stephenson Brian Wilkinson 

University welcomes five new admissions counselors 

Five new admissions 
counselors have been selected at 
Northwestern State University 
While a former admissions 
counselor has been named to a 
Hew position, according to 
director of Admissions and 
Recruiting Jana Lucky. 

Martha Hooper has been 
lamed assistant director of 
admissions and recruiting and 
Shade Dufrene. Janay Giblin. 
Melissa Giering, Gylles Landry 
pnd Brandi Starks have been 
•>amed as admissions counselors. 
[All are graduates of 

Hooper has been an 
^missions counselor at NSU 
s 'nce 1997. She received a 

bachelor's degree in elementary 
education. While an 

undergraduate. Hooper was 
named Miss NSU. She was also 
president of Sigma Sigma Sigma 
Sorority, was a member of the 
Homecoming Court and served as 
a freshman connector. 

" I have enjoyed being out on 
the road working with students as 
they make their decision about 
college. I will miss that aspect of 
the job," said Hooper. "But I am 
looking forward to using my 
experience to assist the rest of the 
staff. We have an outstanding 
group who will work well with 
prospective students and help 
Northwestern continue to 

Dufrene received a 
bachelor's in hospitality 
management and tourism. While a 
student, Dufrene was a member of 
Theta Chi Fraternity holding 
several offices and was a 
freshman connector for two years, 
assisting first-year students in 
their transition to college. Dufrene 
plans to use that experience in 
helping attract students to NSU. 

"Going from high school to 
college can be difficult for many 
students. I want to help them learn 
what college is all about and help 
them make that transition," he 

Giblin earned a bachelor's in 
journalism with a concentration in 
public relations. She has 

experience in planning special 
events and assisted in a public 
relations campaign for the City of 
Natchitoches Utility Department 
last year. 

"Northwestern has a lot to 
offer students. It has a small town 
environment and offers a 
personalized experience," said 
Giblin. "The classes are small, 
and teachers care more. They 
know you by name and want you 
to receive an outstanding 

Giering received a bachelor's 
in mathematics education and 
taught mathematics at 
Natchitoches Central High School 
for two years. In addition to her 
teaching duties, she was in charge 

of an extracurricular spirit group. 

"It will be extremely 
fulfilling to help a student get 
started on their college experience 
and see them through." said 
Giering. "I want to show them 
Northwestern can be a great 
experience. It has so much to 
offer. You can get involved in a lot 
of activities and really get to know 
other people." 

Landry received a bachelor's 
in hospitality management and 
tourism. As a student, she was a 
member of the "Spirit of 
Northwestern" Marching Band 
and Purple Jackets. She worked 
previously at the Residence Inn by 
Marriott in Clear Lake, Texas. 

"I want to help students make 

what will be one of the most 
important decisions of their life," 
said Landry. 

Starks received a bachelor's 
in hospitality management and 
tourism. She was a member of 
Alpha Omicron Pi. Starks 
previously held positions at the 
Tandy Jackson Agency and 
Simpatico's and was an intern 
with the Louisiana Office of 

"This is one of the best jobs I 
could have, promoting 
Northwestern and getting more 
students to come here," said 
Starks. "Northwestern is easy to 
promote because I enjoyed my 
time here so much and have such 
a good feeling about this place." 

■p.agf. 4 The Current Sauce September 28, 2000 

SGA Senate Minutes for 9/25/2000 

Student Government Association 
Meeting 9-25-00 

The meeting was called to order 
at 7:10pm. 

Roll Call 

Dav id Gunn 
Rusty Broussard 
John-Michael McConnell 
Vanessa Byrd 
Andrew Davies 
Frank Toro 
Wayne Bush 
Joni Naquin 
Will Hooper 
Jennifer Paul 
Jack Givens 
Jai'Juan Allen 
Matthew Comeaux 
Shaun Jackson 
Glenn Ward 
Justin Owen 
Jessica Cramer 
Casey Ponder 
Jeremiah Newsom 
Paul Montleone 
Elizabeth Hughes 

Shelley Smith 
Dustin Matthews 
Jennifer Stevens 
Amanda Barrios 
Dustin Floyd-excused 
Leanna Anderson-excused 
Jonathan Chance-excused 
Shymika Stephenson 
Todd Yore 

I. The prayer was led by 
Frank Toro. 

The pledge was led by Matt 

Andrew Davies moved to 
amend the minutes to correct the 
times of the radio show from 
11 am- lpm to 9am- 12pm on 

Amanda Barrios moved to 
amend the minutes to correct the 
days the elections were held 
from Tuesday and Wednesday to 
Wednesday and Thursday. 

Paul Montleone moved to 
approve the amended minutes. 

Justin Owen seconded. 

The motion was passed by 
general consent. 

II. Executive Reports: 

Treasurer- John-Michael- 
Fiscal affairs has a new bill 
FA00-002. He still needs the 
budgets from organizations 
receiving student assessed fees. 
The meetings are Wednesdays at 

Broussard-Joseph Longlois 
resigned from SGA. Thanks to 
everyone who helped with the 
elections. The run-off elections 
are Wednesday and Thursday 
from 8-4pm. The next home 
game is against Gardner- Webb. 
The Supreme Court meeting is 
Wednesday at 2:00pm. The 
tennis courts are now open and 
lighted on Tuesday and Thursday 

President-David Gunn -I 
have appointed Jamie Hughes to 
the newly vacant position on the 
Supreme Court. 
-I am appointing Jeremiah 
Newsom and Paul Monteleone to 
the open at-large seats on the 
Senate, all other appointments 
for these positions will be made 
after run-off elections. 
-I met with Dr. Webb regarding 
the resolution that was passed 
last week pertaining to parking 
fee fines and the general fund: 
(results of meeting) 
-I met with representatives from 
LaCapitol State Credit Union last 
week, and they would like to 
enter into an agreement with the 
SGA that would allow all NSU 
students to become members of 
the credit union. This would be 
another good service for our 
SGA to provide, and the 
controlleris office is currently 
reviewing their contract before I 

sign it. Also, if anyone has any 
questions about this service, 
please ask. I would like to see a 
motion made in new business in 
the form of an endorsement from 
the senate. 

-I have a facilities management 
meeting tomorrow. This 
committee makes decisions 
regarding the maintenance and 
repair of buildings, roads, and 
other physical structures on 
campus. If anyone has anything 
that they would like for me to 
bring up before this committee, 
please talk to me after the 

-Rusty and I were able to attend 
some of the interviews for two 
new positions that STAT created 
this summer. We only agreed to 
fund these two new positions if a 
hiring committee was formed 
that was composed of a majority 
of student reps. Shymika and 
Matt need to meet with Rusty 
and I after the meeting to agree 
on a time for the four of us to 
look over the interview ratings 
and decide upon who is to be 
chosen to fill these positions. 
-There will be a cabinet meeting 
tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm. 
If you are a committee or a 
department head or an executive, 
please be sure to attend 

-COSBP will be held October 
9th in Baton Rouge in 
conjunction with the LACUSPA 

-The senators have been 
extremely dedicated and hard- 
working this semester. I am 
extremely proud of you all 
because you are making us 
stronger as an organization. 
Thank you very much for your 
hard work. 

-I have given emergency status 
to FA00-002. 

III. Department/Committee 


Academic Affairs-Amanda 
Barrios-The scantron giveaway 
went well today. 

External Affairs-Andrew 
Davies-Run-off elections this 
week. He is going to be posting 
a flyer. Meet the senator day is 
going to be the second week of 
October. He is getting bids for t- 
shirts and is working on the 
homecoming banner and float. 

Club Sports-Matt Comeaux- 
The meeting is tomorrow after 
the cabinet meeting. He is 
sending a letter to other SGA 
presidents about Club Sports. 

Organizational Grants-Matt 
Comeaux- Have the applications 
outside of room 214 for 
organizations to pick up. 

Internal Affairs- Vanessa 
Byrd-She welcomed the new 
senators(meet her after the 
meeting). Everyone is doing 
great with office hours. She is 
going to have a senator of the 
month. Reintroducing revamped 
bill FAOO-001 tonight. 

Election Board-Joni Naquin- 
She needs help tomorrow for 
external affairs. They have to 
telephone candidates about the 
election rules. 

Student Affairs-Justin 
Owen-He welcomed the new 
members. The meeting is 
Wednesday at 6:00pm. The 
designated driver program is 
being discussed. The forum is 
October 24 in the TV studio. 

IM Policies and Procedures- 
Jeremiah Newsom-The meeting 
is Thursday at 4:00pm. 

SAB non-voting 
representative-There will be 
$950 for prizes during 
homecoming week. Bossier Hall 
Talent Show is November 9. 
There will be a playstation 
tournament in Rapides. 

Class Council- The meetings 
are Mondays at 5:00pm. Talk to 

Dustin if you have questions. 

Supreme Court-Niko 
Tesvich-The meetings are 
Wednesdays at 2:00pm. 

IV. New Business: 

Jessica Cramer moved to 
approve Jeremiah Newsom and 
Paul Monteleone for senators at 
large. Amanda Barrios seconded. 
Jeremiah and Paul were 
approved by 22-0-0 vote. 

Jessica Cramer moved to 
approve Jamie Hughes for 
Supreme Court. Jack Givens 
seconded. The motion was 
passed by 22-0-0 vote. 

David gave the oath of 
office to all of the new members 
Jeremiah Newsom, Paul 
Monteleone, Jamie Hughes, 
Dustin Matthews, Shelly Smith, 
Elizabeth Hughes, and Jennifer 

Amanda Barrios moved to 
approve the endorsement 
between La Capitol and SGA. 
Shaun Jackson seconded. 
Discussion followed. The motion 
was passed by 22-0-0. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 
approve the homecoming 
reception to cost $412.50. Shaun 
Jackson seconded. The motion 
was passed by 22-0-0. 

Jessica Cramer read Bill 
FA00-001. Amanda Barrios 
moved to approve Bill FAOO- 
001. Jack Givens seconded. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 
amend to delete consistently. 
Frank Toro seconded. The 
motion passed by 20-2-0 vote. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 
amend to remove within the 
office. Jeremiah Newsom 
seconded. The motion passed by 
14-4-3 vote. Discussion 
followed. The motion to approve 
bill FA00-001 failed by 16-4-1 

Jennifer Paul left the 

Jack Givens read the bill FA00- 
002. Frank Toro moved to 
approve bill FAOO-002. Jack 
Givens seconded. Discussion 
followed. The motion passed by 
20-1-0 vote. 

Matt Comeaux moved to 
recall a hasty decision on bill 
FAOO-002. Paul seconded. The 
motion was passed by general 

Paul Monteleone moved to 
amend the bill as to be presented 
to the committee of 
organizations for further 
consideration.i Frank Toro 
seconded. The motion to amend 
passed by 20-1-0 vote. 

Vanessa Byrd closed the 

Amended bill FA00-002 
passed by 20-0-1 vote. 

Resolutions FAOO-005,6,7,8 
were not read because the 
meeting would have run to long 
they are automatically tabled 
(senators must read over them 
before next weeks meeting) 

V. Old Business: 

Justin Owen and Matt 
Comeaux rescinded Resolution 

Andrew Davies read 
Resolution FA00-003. Amanda 
Barrios moved to approve FA00- 
003. Jeremiah seconded. 
Discussion followed. The motion 
was passed 20-0-1 vote. 

VI. Announcements: 

Rusty Broussard-Make sure 
everyone signs paper for 

Vanessa Byrd-New SGA 
senators meet in 222. 

The meeting was adjourned 

at 8:25pm. 


Application New 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 

An Exclusive Student Community 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
• Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 




September 28, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

Three University students drum up success 
at Drum Corp International during summer 

By Missy Dupreast 

LIFE Reporter 

This past summer 
three NSU percussionists- 
Melissa Gilliam, Wendy 
Grissom, and Nic 
Milliner- had the honor of 
marching DCI. DCI (Drum 
Corp International) is a 
very prestigious music 
organization that, since 
its development in 1977, 
has had tremendous 
influence on marching 
bands and drum and bugle 
corps world-wide. 

DCI consists of many 
corps that are placed 
among three divisions 
according to size. 
Musicians between the 
ages of fourteen and 
twenty-two can try out for 
the corp of their choice at 
audition and rehearsal 
camps that are held 
throughout the winter and 
spring. If selected, they 
are sure to have an 
unforgettable summer full 
of rigorous rehearsing and 
competing nation-wide. 

Auditions begin with 
basic warms and move up 
to more complicated show 
music to make the final 
cuts. Tension begins to 
build as the final 
selection process for Corp 

Jazz legend 
set to play 

Jazz legend Mynard 
Fergusan will be the main 
attraction in the NSU Jazz 
Orchestra's 2000-2001 concert 
season. The concert will feature 
Fergusan and will be held in the 
A. A. Fedricks Auditorium on 
Feb. 6. 

The concert season begins on 
Monday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. in 
Magale Recital Hall. The 
Associate Professor of Music 
Galindo Rodriquez will direct the 
orchestra. Other performances 
are set for Nov. 13, Feb. 4-5 and 
April 18. The group will also 
perform at the annual Lady of the 
Bracelet pageant Feb. 2. 

Fergusan's performance of 
the finale of Trumpet 
Extravaganza II will include a 
recitas with alumnus Ray 
Vasquez and Mike Williams on 
the 4th and the 5th of Feb. 

Photo courtesy of Missy Dupreast 
Band members perform this past summer at Drum Corp International 

membership is made. 
According to Nic 
Milliner, there is a certain 
degree of nervousness 
because of the time and 
money that has already 
been put into auditioning, 
but Wendy Grissom added 
that you cannot show your 

"You have to be 
confident. If you show 
that you are nervous, 
that's how they weed you 
out, "Grissom said. 

Grissom was very 
excited to find out that 
she had made the corp 
since it was her last year 
of eligibility. Nic was 
relieved to earn a spot on 
the Cavaliers (1st division 
corp) bass drum line, but 
the nervousness wasn't 
over yet. "I made it. ..but 
can I handle it?" Grissom 
and Gilliam both made 
Phantom Regiment's 
(also 1st division) pit, or 
front line ensemble. 

NSU student Nic Milliner steps in 

Previous experience 
helped these musicians. 
Milliner and Gilliam had 
auditioned for Drum Corp 
before, so they had a good 
idea of what to expect. 
Grissom had not 
auditioned before, but 
previous training and the 
ability to adapt carried 
her through. 

Making the cut was 
only the beginning. 
Rehearsals began early in 
the morning, a forty-five 

Photo courtesy of Missy Dupreast 
time as he plays the drums. 

minute to one hour lunch 
break was given, and 
rehearsals started again. 
After the afternoon 
rehearsal, Melissa 
explained that the Corp 
had an hour and a half to 
eat, shower, and load 
(personal items and 
musical equipment). The 
buses were boarded and 
they hit the road for 
performances. On 
average, the corps played 
sixty shows within 

seventy-five days for 
audiences of around 

After many intense 
rehearsals, the time had 
come for the first 
performance. Milliner's 
first performance was a 
memorable one. In the 
third song, he told me, 
part of the drill called for 
a backward march at 192 
beats per minute. During 
that march, Nic tripped 
backwards, fell with his 
bass drum, and ripped his 
pants ! 

Grissom and Gilliam 
had better luck with their 
first performance. There 
was nervousness, but they 
played everything like 
they had done in 
rehearsals and performed 

Tension rose as final 
competitions rolled 
around. Everyone 
remained focused and 
performed a phenomenal 
show. Phantom Regiment 
finished 4th in drums and 
7th overall, and the 
Cavaliers finished 1st 
both in drums and overall. 
Milliner, Grissom, and 
Gilliam were all very 
excited about the final 



University Columns 
Staff would like to say 

to our CA 

CLpriL Jordan. 

NSU Homecoming 


Rob, Molly, Angie, Wayne, Charles, Rachael, 
Emily, Chris, Kevin, LaDarien & Nancy 

Field Goal Kicking 

Thursday, September, 28 7:00 p.m. 
ROTC Field 

Rapides (dorm) Bench Press Meet 
Friday, September 29 5:00 p.m 

IM Events 

life: (PeopCe 

JpAGE 6 

The Current Sauce 

September 28, 2000 

Spotlight: Meet Virginia 
Homecoming Queen Virginia Dixon 

By Heather Patton 

Life Reporter 

The University's 2000 
Homecoming Queen, Virginia 
Dixon, says she feels honored to 
be queen of the court this year. 

"It wasn't something I was 
running for," Virginia said. "It 
wasn't something I was looking to 
achieve, but I'm very honored to 
lie homecoming queen. I'm proud 
to be representing Northwestern." 

Virginia is a senior general 
studies major from Abbeville, La. 
and is the oldest in her family. 
She has one younger sister. While 
growing up, her parents provided 
a very strong support system. 

"My parents told me to be 
sweet to everyone," Virginia said. 
"They said that if I have a 
problem with someone, I should 
just go to them and talk. It's 
helped me in several conflicts 
that I've had before. My parents 
are supportive in anything I do 
and go out of their way to help me 
in any way they can. My parents 
taught me to have a great respect 
for others, and I thank them for 
all they've taught me." 

Virginia's attitude towards 
other people shows in her 
interactions with others during 
the interview. S seems to have 
a style of her ow. which includes 
many different types of hats. 

Even though it was typical in 
her hometown for kids to go to 
LSU when they graduated high 
school, Virginia felt that 
Northwestern was the best kind of 

place for her . 

"When I came here to 
Northwestern, I didn't know 
anybody," Virginia said. "I got 
involved in different things and 
made role models for myself. I 
did things that my role models 
were involved in." 

Virginia feels that coming to 
college was a goal that seemed 
unrealistic at first. Early on, she 
thought she would quit college, 
but she ultimately she stuck 
through with the University. 

"I realized that school was a 
realistic goal for me," Virginia 
said. "When I look back on my 
college career, I will have no 
regrets, because I did what I 
thought I couldn't." 

Virginia has been a member of 
Tri Sigma for four years, a 
Freshman Connector for two 
years and in Purple Jackets and 
National Order of Omega for one 
year. She also has a student job 
taking pictures for the newspaper 
and the yearbook, The Current 
Sauce and Potpourri. Since 
working on these staffs, taking 
pictures has become a hobby for 

When she graduates this May, 
Virginia plans to go into 
pharmaceutical sales. 

"I like to travel, and I like the 
pace of that kind of job," Virginia 
said. "It's a job where you're 
constantly on the go, and you get 
to meet other people. I talked to 
others that have done it, and it 
seemed interesting to me." 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 
She never compromises, love babies and surprises, wears high heels when she 
exercises, ain't that beautiful. Well she wants to be the Queen Meet Virginia 


eaudion's Pizza 

302 Hwy 1 South 

Free Delivery 


Lunch Buffet M-r & Sunday 

Check out our menu 

30 Day y for $30 
5 Tcwwfbr $15 
^vi^le/ta^w $2 
for more; info- oaXh 
or stop by cwid/keesour view 
loxxxtvorv @ 
125 Hancock/Ave/. 

Th&WorhyHctisr Salon/) 

Freshman Factor 
For Freshmen only 
Get Inuolued! 
Meetings are euery Wednesday 
@ 7:30 in the Student Union. 

Coffee House 
Salsa Night 
Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. in The 
Riley - Free coffee, 
pastries, door prizes 


Mandatory Gauel Club meeting. 

Thursday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. 

Student Union Ballroom 

Win Cash! 

Homecoming packets are due Friday, Oct. 6 by 
4:30 p.m. in room 214 of the Student Union. 
Banner Contest! Float Contest! Homecoming 

Hunnie! Lip Sync Contest! 

All events are FREE with current NSU ID! ! 


September 28, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

Soccer team picks up big road win vs. Louisiana-Monroe 

Sauce Staff reports 

The Demon soccer team 
improved to 3-1 in 
conference play after a 3-0 
win over Louisiana-Monroe 
tuesday night. 

With the win, the 
Demons move into a tie with 
Southeastern Louisiana and 
Southwest Texas. The 
Demons face SLU on Sunday 
in Hammond. 

"It was a very exciting 
win for us," said defensive 

sweeper Tenille Fogel. "For 
the first time this season, I 
felt that we really meshed as 
a team. 

Freshman Nina 
Myullyuoma shot her second 

Junior Shannon Tenney 
netted an unassisted goal 12 
minutes into the game. Her 
goal ties her for second on the 
team with Brittany Cargill. 
Tenney then added an assist 

Inside Sports: 

A look back at last month in Demon soccer and what to look 
forward to in October. 


goal of the season just four 
minutes into the game. 

when she set up Kim Weber 
for the Demons' second goal 

of the game at the 5 1 minute 

Although being outshot 
by the Lady Indians 16-12, 
the Demons took advantage 
of thier shots, helping Tiffany 
Swingler come out with her 
first shutout of the season and 
1 1 th of her career. Swingler 
notched eight saves. 

"Everyone gave a 
complete effort," Fogel said. 
"We are very proud to move 
up to first place in the 

Kathryn Latiolais prepares to get the pass from Missy Payne. The Demons 
picked up thier first road win of the season over Louisiana-Monroe 3-0 

Demons 23, Louisiana-Lafayette 21 

Demons shock UL-Lafayette at home, 23-21 

Terrence McGee runs back the first punt he sees early in the 23-21 win. The Demons won thier second straight game against Louisiana-Lafayette 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Demons march 90 
yards in final two 
minutes to pull off the 

By Brien Hollkamp 

Sauce Reporter 

Ben Beach threw the 
winning touchdown pass to T.J. 
Sutherland in the last six seconds 
of the game to beat the ULL 
Cajuns 23-21. 

The play capped off a 16- 
play, 68-yard drive that started 
deep in ULL territory after the 
Cajuns scored a go-ahead 
touchdown with 2:31 remaining. 

After completing a crucial 
fourth down situation deep in 
Louisiana-Lafayette territory, 
Beach, who overcame a sluggish 
first half, found Tony Taylor for a 
first down at the 11 -yard line. 

After working their way back 
to touchdown range and getting 
denied by the Cajuns, the Demons 
finalized their intentions with the 
winning touchdown pass that 
surprised Cajun fans and left the 
considerable Demon following in 
a frenzy. 

"He was cool as a 
cucumber," first-year head coach 

The Purple Swarm defense kept 
the Demon offense in striking 
distance the entire night. 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Steve Roberts said of Beach. " He 
kept his poise, he threw on time, 
and our protection was 

The game started off with a 
75- yard touchdown punt return 
by the Demons' Terrence McGee. 
After that touchdown in the first 
quarter, UL-Lafayette got on the 
scoreboard with a run by Nick 
Dugas who ran for both of the 
Cajuns' first two touchdown in 
the first half. 

The Demon offense 
overcame a sluggish first half, but 
the Demon defense held the 
Cajuns to only two touchdown 
scores while giving the Demon 
offense good field position. 

See DEMONS, pg 9 

Demons move up in the polls; Tony Taylor wins another award 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

The Demon's advanced to the 
fifteenth slot in the Sports 
Network I-AA top 25 after last 
Saturday's eye-popping game 
against the University of 
Louisiana-Lafayette's Ragin' 
Cajuns, and tailback Tony Taylor 
added the Louisiana Sports 
Writers Association award to his 
vast collection of honors. 

The Demons stand fifteenth in 
the poll, up five spots from the no. 
20 ranking last week and seven 

spots from the no. 22 they held 
after a 31-14 win over the 
Southern Jaguars. They are now 
preparing to meet up against 
Gardner-Webb (2-2) Saturday 

Troy State continues atop the 
poll with a record of 3-0. After a 
loss at Northern Iowa. Stephen F. 
Austin dropped to the 14th 
position, ahead of the Demon's by 
only eight votes. 

Taylor was named the 
Louisiana player of the week after 
running for 139 rushing yards,, 
including an 1 1 -yard reception on 

fourth-and-ten at the last minute 
providing the Demon's winning 
scoring drive. 

Taylor's performance carried 
him past Ail-Americans Clarence 
Matthews and Sidney Thorton into 
third place on the Northwestern 
career rushing top ten. Taylor 
needs 338 yards from overtaking 
John Stevens as the most 
productive runner in school 

Taylor came alive against 
Lafayette in the second half, where 
he picked up 201 all-purpose 
yards, including 139 on 17 carries. 

1) Troy State 

2) Georgia Southern 

3) Youngstown State 

4) Florida A&M 

5) Portland State 

6) Furman 

7) Appalachian State 

8) Delaware 

9) Montana 

10) Hofstra 

Sports Network Top 25 

11) UMASS 

12) Western Illinois 

13) Villanova 

14) Stephen F. Austin 

15) Northwestern State 

16) James Madison 

17) N. Arizona 

18) E. Washington 

19) Richmoond 

20) Lehigh 


21) E. Kentucky 

22) North Carolina A&T 

23) New Hampshire 

24) W. Kentucky 

25) N. Iowa 

Bolded names denote 
Southland conference 

LaMark Carter eliminated from triple jump competition 

A jump of 54 feet, 3 
inches not enough for the 
former Demon 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

Fifteen measly inches - one 
foot and three inches. Anyway 
you want to say it, it's not a 
lengthy distance, unless of 
course if one is competing in the 
Olympics triple jump. 

After securing second place 
1 the U.S. trials. Carter, 

however, was unable to advance 
out of the first round when he 
failed to meet the qualifying 
mark of 55 feet, 6 inches. 

His qualifying jump peaked 
at 54 feet, 3 inches which put him 
18th place out of 38 contenders. 

"I felt great, I just can't 
explain it." Carter said. "The 
conditions couldn't have been 
any better. I can't understand 
why I was so flat." 

In his three attempts, Carter 
scratched on his first attempt; he 
missed his mark on the second, 
and finally jumped for a 54 feet 
and 3 inches. 

Carter continues to look 
forward and concentrate on the 
final meet of the year Oct. 5 in 
Saudi Arabia. 

"I'm going to this meet 
(Saudi Arabia) because it's 
important for me to finish the 
year on an up note." 

Northwestern track and field 
coach, Leon Johnson, coached 
Carter during his college days. 

"He was an outstanding 
overall athlete. He always did 
what he needed to do to get 
where he is today," Carter said. 
"He always had high 

Johnson feels that Carter has 
been a source of inspiration for 
current track members. 

"It's not often an athlete 
accomplishes what he has; he 
motivates athletes to put in the 
time and effort," Johnson said. 

"The trick is that you have to 
be very good on the day you 
compete to medal. That's an 
unknown that no one can 
answer," Johnson said. "It is 
always going to be a guess and 
favorites don't always medal. 
Winning gold is nice, but the 
main objective is being there and 

LaMark's quest for gold 

Former Demon LaMark Carter finished 12th in the 
preliminary rounds of the triple jump competition. A finish 
of 10th or better was required to make the medal rounds. 

1st Attempt- Scratch 
2nd Attempt- Missed Mark 

3rd Attempt- 54 feet, 3 inches 

Final- 54 feet, 3 inches 

Page 8 

The Current Sauce 

September 28, 2000 

This week in 
the Southland 

Provided by 

Nicholls State Colonels at 
Samford Bulldogs- Seibert 
Stadium (6,700) 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Samford has won the last two 
meetings by a total of five 
points. The last four meetings 
between the two have been 
settled by a touchdown or less. 
Samford was a 36-16 loser to 
Southland member Jacksonville 
State last week. Last year, 
Nicholls State led 24-21 at 
halftime before Samford scored 
the only touchdown of the 
second half in the third period 
for a 28-24 win. The Bulldogs 
managed 382 yards rushing 
while attempting just four passes 
against the Colonels. Nicholls' 
punter Jeremy Thompson ranks 
second in the Southland with a 
44.3 average on 24 punts. 

Gardner-Webb Runnin 1 
Bulldogs at No. 15 
Northwestern State 
Demons- Turpin Stadium 
(15,9 71) Natchitoches, La. 
6:00 p.m. 

Gardner-Webb is in its first 
season as an NCAA I-AA 
program after making the leap 
from Division II. The Runnin' 
Bulldogs posted a 7-4 record last 
season in their final Division-II 
season. Northwestern State is 3- 
versus teams from the state of 
North Carolina. The Demons 
defeated Livingston College, 64- 
0, in 1958, and Appalachian 
State on two occasions. The first 
was a 33-0 blanking in 1963 and 
the second a 3 1 -20 victory in the 
1998 NCAA I-AA playoffs. 
Northwestern has outscored its 
three North Carolina opponents 
1 28-20 in the three games 

No. 1 Troy State Trojans at 
South Florida Bulls- James 
Stadium (41,441) Tampa, 
Fla. 6:05 p.m. 

Troy State ran its record to 3-0 a 
year ago with a 41-24 win over 
the visiting Bulls. Ranked third 
at the time, the Trojans were 
down 21-14 in the third period 
when Jimmy McClain 
intercepted and returned a 
Marquel Blackwell pass 71 
yards for a tying touchdown. 
Rayshun Reed forced a fumble 
on the ensuing kickoff and it was 
returned to the four yard line by 
Naazir Yamini. Al Lucas then 
plunged in from four yards out to 
make the score 27-21 in the span 
of 20 seconds. TSU plays its 
final tuneup before beginning 
Southland play next week at 
Northwestern State. The Trojans 
play three of their next four on 
the road and have a total of 
seven road games in 2000. Troy 
State has won 14 of its last 16 
games. The Trojans are 70-20 
since moving up to the NCAA I- 
AA level for the 1 993 season. 

Southwest Texas State 
Bobcats at Louisiana- 
Monroe Indians- Malone 
Stadium (30,427) Monroe, 
La. 7:00 p.m. 

With an open date 
sandwiched in between, 
Southwest Texas takes on its 
second-straight NCAA I-A 
opponent. The Bobcats 
dropped a 23-0 decision at 
Oklahoma State two weeks 
ago. Louisiana-Monroe has 
won the last four meetings, 
but the two have not met 
since the 1993 season, ULM's 
last year of play in the 
Southland before moving up 
to NCAA Division I-A. ULM 
defeated Southland member 
Nicholls State, 27-21. 

Game week 2000 .North western State Demons V Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs 

Everything you may (or may not) 
have wanted to know about 
Gardner- Webb University 

^ Eight things about 

our opponent that we 
found out just for you 

By Leslie Westbrook 

Sauce Reporter 

This Saturday, the Demons 
will take on the Gardner-Webb 
Bulldogs at Turpin Stadium for 
the first time in the two school's 
history. Many students, when 
asked about their knowledge of 
Gardner- Webb, reply, "Who?" 

Hopefully, these "tid-bits" of 
information about the school will 
help some students out. 

1) Gardner- Webb University 
is a small Baptist university in 
Boiling Springs, NC 

2) Only about 3,000 students 
go there, but their tuition is sky- 
high at $11,660 (that's just 

NSU vs. Gardner-Webb 

Saturday, Oct. 2 
6:00 p.m. 

Students get in free 
with I.D. 

3) Artis Gilmore, the NBA s 
all-time leading rebounder, 
played basketball at Gardner- 

4) Gabe Wilkens, now a 
defensive tackle for the San 
Francisco 49ers, won a Super 
Bowl ring as a member of the 
Green Bay packers several years 
ago. Wilkens played football for 
GSU from 1991-1995 and was an 

5) GWU played for the 
NAIA National Championship in 
football on ESPN in 1992. They 
lost to a last second touchdown 
by Ohio's Central State. 

6) Gardner-Webb was 
recently the only school in 
America to be granted permission 
by the NCAA to re-classify to 
Division I over the next two 

7) Gardner- Webb University 
is currently one of only two 
schools in the U.S. that doesn't 
accept state or federal funding of 
any kind. 

8) North Carolina Magazine 
recently conducted a survey and 
found that popular opinion said 
Gardner-Webb University's 
Spangler Stadium was one of the 
top five places to watch a college 
football game in the Carolinas. At 
least until basketball season. 

These are just a few things 
that shed some light on Gardner- 
Webb University for the students 
of NSU. For more information on 
Gardner- Webb, go to the GWU 


Offense: The "D-Day'" Offense is led by QB Jeremy Martin and his talented 

receiving cotp, namely Omar Pharr and Andy Andrews. 

Defense: The Bulldogs defense lost many players of a defense that had three 

shutouts and gave up only 260 yards per game. The secondary could create 


8:00 PM 


If you were unable to pick up your yearbook last semester, the 
Potpourri will hand them out at the end of this week. Anyone 
who has paid student association fees can pick up a yearbook 
October 4-6 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. in room 225 Kyser Hall. 


Faculty pictures for the 2001 Potpourri will be taken October 17- 
19 from 8a.m. until 4 p.m. in room 113 of Kyser Hall. 


Organizational pictures for the 2001 Potpourri will be taken 
October 16-18 from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Magale Recital Hall. 
Check next week's Current Sauce for a detailed schedule. 

Just like Gardner-Webb QB Bo Barik 
in this picture, the Runnin' Bulldogs 
of Gardner- Webb are making the 
jump to Division I-AA football 

GWU File Photo/ Photo Art by Steve Evans 

Tale of the Tape: Bulldogs v. Demons 

The Series: This is the first meeting between the two 
schools. The Bulldogs are in thier first season as a Division I- 
AA team. The Demons defeated ULL last week 23-21. The 
Bulldogs lost last week to Mars Hill 27-25 

The Demons Win if... The offense plays the way it did 

in the second half last week and like ike they did in the first 
half. The Demon defense will probably try to rattle the young 
visitors and force quick three-and-out series'. 

Gametime Weather. A slight warmup. Tailgating highs 
should be around 87 degrees, with gametime temps in the low 

80's/ high 70's. No chance of TSUI. Provided hy the weather channel. 




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By Coo 

Sauce R 

over, and 
good pos 
the confe 
to be." sa 

in-state ri 
Tiger and 
game bet' 
two seasc 
without tl 
Cargill w 
bruised ai 
the Demo 
outshot 2( 


By Cooc 

Sauce /?< 

The 1 
is hoping 
will do the 
are to hosl 
Prather Cc 
"It wa 


cont'd fn 

all night, 
down by s< 

The D 
from Bead 

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the world. Where friendships grow. 

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The Walt Disney World College Program. 

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Attend the presentation for 
more info and to interview. <^ 

DATE: 10/2/00 

TIME: 5:00pm 

LOCATION: Russell Hall, 
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For more info 




September 28, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Soccer wraps up this month; team poised to make a title run 

By Cooda Dobin 


the two 
/ision I 
21. The 

ay it did 
the first 
e young 

ng highs 
the low 


Sauce Reporter 

The first month of Demon soccer is 
over, and a .500 record puts them in 
good position for a title run. 

"Right now were in the middle of 
the conference and were where we want 
to be." said Demon head coach Jimmy 

The Demons soccer team took on 
in-state rival LSU last friday night at the 
Tiger and lost 3-0. This marked the first 
game between the Demons and Tigers in 
two seasons. The Demons played 
without their leading scorer Brittany 
Cargill who was out recovering from a 
bruised ankle. 

Despite 1 1 saves by Demon 
goalkeeper Tiffany Swingler who kept 
1 the Demons in the the Demons were 
outshot 26-6. 

The Tigers had five players with 

more than three shots. 

Shannon Tenney was the only 
Demon to produce more than one shot. 

An earlier loss at Southwest Texas 
and this month gave the Demons thier 
only conference loss. The Demons did 
get 16 shots against the Bobcats despite 
the lost. 

Goaltenders Tiffany Swingler and 
Monica Lovett combined for seven 
saves on 21 shots, but they allowed two 

The most recent 3-1 victory over 
all-time rival Stephen F. Austin brought 
the Demons to 2-1 in conference play. 
The Demons outshot the Ladyjacks 19-9. 
Tiffany Swingler allowed only one goal 
for the game while recording four saves. 

Brittany Cargill got on the board 
early by scoring her 1 2th goal of the 
season 1 1 minutes into the first half of 
the game. That goal put Cargill only one 
away from breaking the school record of 

13 she set in 1998. also leads the Southland Conference 

Cargill commented "I'm happy the in goals scored, points scored, and shots 

team is supporting me to meet the goals I on goal, 
have set for myself for the year." Cargill 


The Demons hit the road for some 
crucial matchups. Check out the 
jDemon schedule. 

j-Sun. Octl vs SLU 
|@Hammond 2:00 

Wed. Oct 4 vs McNeese @ 
McNeese 4:00 

-Sat.. Oct 7 vs Nicholls State© 



The Demons will return home Oct. 
9 against SLU at 2:00. Students get 
in free with a valid I.D. 

The Demons look forward to October and a chance at the conference title 

Gary Hirdamon/NSU Press 

Volleyball welcomes October with two home conference matches 

By Cooda Dobin 

Sauce Reporter 

The Demon volleyball team 
is hoping a little home comfort 
will do them good, as the Demons 
are to host two conference games, 
starting Friday, 7:00 versus 
Nicholls State University and 
Saturday 7:00. against 
Southeastern Louisiana at 
Prather Coliseum. 

"It was an interesting month" 

said Head coach James Onikeku. 
"Overall, I give us a B+." 

The month of September had 
its ups and downs. With a pair of 
home losses in the hands of 
league-leading McNeese (3-0) 
and second place Lamar (3- 1 ) the 
Demons beat last place 
Louisiana-Monroe. The Demons 
dominated the first two games but 
with ten attack errors they 
allowed the Indians to win the 
third game. Cathy Herring 
lobbed 46 

assists while Christina Stone and 
Elizabeth Perez netted 1 1 a piece. 

April George hit a match- 
high .571 with nine kills and 
freshmen Aime Garcia recorded a 
double-double with 10 kills and 
13 digs. 

Record holder of the school 
career record in assist, Missy 
Krause, did not play in the games 
because of her battle with injuries 
to her shoulder and wrist. 
Freshmen back-up Cathy Herring, 
stepped up for the Demons by 

averaging 1 1 assists per game. 

"Its real exciting to experience 
this great role of stepping up as a 
young player." Herring says 

"The freshmen playing okay 
even though there are freshmen 
mistakes overall good job." added 

Outside hitter Elizabeth 
Perez leads the Demons in kills 
and digs while senior middle 
blocker George leads the Demons 
with a .351 attack percentage. 

Demons surprise Cajuns with victory at ULL 

cont'd from pg 7 

all night. At halftime, NSU was 
down by seven, with the score 14- 

The Demons came back 
offensively with a 23-yard pass 
from Beach to Sutherland which 

put NSU tied with ULL 14-14. 
After being denied in the redzone 
on the next possession, Clint 
Sanford's 19-yard field goal with 
5:40 left in the game gave NSU a 
17-14 lead. 

The Cajuns answered back 
with a touchdown which put back 

in the lead with 21 to NSU's 17. 

"It has to give each 
individual some confidence that 
we can win games with our backs 
against the wall," Roberts said. 
"That builds team confidence. It's 
one thing to go out and practice 
the two-minute situation, but it's 

a lot tougher to execute them in a 

With the punt return 
touchdown, McGee became only 
the second Demon in history to 
have two punt returns in the same 
season, with the other being 
former Demon Jermaine Jones. 

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Ashely Stevens 
Laci Stokes 
Carrie Tolbird 
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Beck Vanderwater 
Laurrie Beth Ward 
Renee' Yates 

Satfing with tfie (Best 


The Current Sauce 

September 28, 2000 

The Human Mistake 
Part three 

God's little hood ornament 

Opinions Columnist 

The following is the third part 
of an ongoing series about the 
life of a Northwestern student. 

I am twelve years old. I have 

just been taken off prescribed speed 
and have been placed on three 
different kinds of anti depressants. 

As a result, my memory of this 
period in my life is a little hazy. I 
think I may have just jinxed myself 
because right after I wrote that last 
sentence I suddenly could not think 
of anything to write about. Wait, 

never mind, I just 

thought of 

I am now 
sharing a room with 
a 1 5 year old drug 
suicide Metallica 

fan from Baton Rouge. He tells me 
about how having a neat 
appearance is what has turned his 
life around. He now tucked in his 
new Hilfiger shirts and vowed 
never to take too many sleeping 
pills again. In my little "ward," we 
had around eight people, more boys 
than girls. In our particular unit, 
we had about four drug cases, two 
suicide attempts and two kids 
whose rich parents didn't feel like 
dealing with their destructive 
behavior. Leave the discipline to 
the hospital. Medical parenting. 

Anyway. They had an 
intercom at this place, and the 
whole time I was there, all I really 
wanted to do was get on one of the 
phones and say something really 
dumb into the intercom like, 
"There will be a blue light special 
on Aisle 23, thank you for 
shopping K-mart" or "Code Blue, 
Code Blue!! All available 
employees to the children's wing 
immediately!!" You know, 
something clever. 

Living in a ward was pretty 
much like summer camp, well, 
group therapy summer camp. My 
basic routine was, wake up, get a 
blood test, go to breakfast in the 

over, one day, I was pretty pissed 
off at the idea that the feelings I 
had weren't legitimate. One of the 
other little kids threw some plastic 
thing and hit me in the head. It 
didn't really anger me at all. but I 
thought for a second and decided 
that if I through a real hardcore 
tantrum they would finally believe 
that I was unwell. 

Twenty minutes later I was 
strapped to a bed with an enormous 
male orderly sitting on my back 
giving me a shot of something that 
would leave me conscious but 
completely immobile for the next 
few hours. I didn't try that again. 
If you learn nothing else from the 
column, learn that 

In our particular unit we had about 4 drug cases, yow shou | d " ever 

' ° mess with the 

two suicide attempts and two kids whose rich people in white at 
parents didn't feel like dealing with their 
destructive behavior. 

cafeteria, some kind of feelings 
group, see a doctor, lunch, some 
kind of nonsense school, more 
therapy, dinner, relax time, bed. I 
was just conditioned into thinking 
that there was nothing really wrong 
with me and that I should get over 
myself. That would make me feel 
defensive and then I would do what 
I could to prove that there really 
was something wrong with me. 
This led to trouble. 

After a unusually bad session 
of hearing "you are only acting 
crazy to get attention" over and 

the crazy house. 

When the 
insurance ran out, I 
was released. I did 
get on the intercom that day, but it 
was overshadowed by some kid 
trying to break his bedroom 
window with one of the chairs. I 
called for a code blue, and there 
really was need for one. It felt 
pretty creepy. I left the hospital 
pretty pissed off, and I almost 
didn't want to leave. Those are 
pretty weird places. Anyway, I was 
back in the free world with a few 
new chips on my shoulder and two 
new prescriptions that would keep . 
everything nice and internal for the 
next couple of years. 

Readers Please Note--The 

following is the disclaimer that 
the paper must run. The opinions 
expressed on this page are not 
shared by the entire Current 
Sauce staff. The staff does not 
endorse any opinion presented on 
the opinions page. Now that 
business has been taken care of, 

let me clarify a few items. All 
letters submitted to the paper 
must include the writer's name, 
unless approved by the Current 
Sauce staff. You can submit 
articles by sending them to or 
stop by the office located in 225 
Kyser Hall. 

Pray for those who pray 

Elona A. Boggs 

Opinions Columnist 

The same schools that are 

fighting to preserve school prayer 
are destroying religious freedoms. 

A few weeks ago, in 
Lafayette, eight children were 
denied their right to attend school 
because of their religious beliefs. 

The children are of 
Rastafarian faith, which forbids 
them from cutting their long, 
dreadlocked hair. 

The school argued that the 
children's hair was a distraction 
and violated the school's rule 
against "extreme hairstyles." 

In turn, the American Civil 
Liberties Union argued that the 
school's ruling was 
unconstitutional and 
discriminatory towards the 

Rastafarian religion. 

Last week, after much 
pressure by the ACLU, school 
officials cooperated and allowed 
the children to attend school for 
the first time this year. 

Similarly, in a recent case in 
Gulfport, Miss., a Jewish child 
was prohibited from wearing a 
necklace bearing the Star of 
David to school. The school 
board said that local gang 
members wore a similar sign, and 
felt that wearing the Star would 
create confusion between the two. 

Consequently, many members 
of the Gulfport community were 
outraged because instead of 
collaborating to eliminate local 
gang violence, school officials 
rallied to ban the Star of David 
from county schools. 

In our modern, civilized 
society , these scenarios are not at 

all uncommon. In many schools, 
freedom of religion has 
transgressed into "freedom of 
religion as seen fit." 

One day, school officials are 
leading a benediction of prayer at 
a football game. The next day 
they are punishing a child for 
quietly expressing his or her 

Ultimately, schools should be 
concerned about educating the 
child, not choosing the child's 

In Thomas Paine's, 
"Common Sense," he wrote, "As 
to religion, I hold it the 
indispensable duty of government 
to protect all conscientious 
professors thereof, and I know no 
other business which government 
hath to do therewith." 

If Paine understood this in 
1791, why can't we? 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

with Josh Beavers 

The alarm clock goes off. 
Class starts in 20 minutes and 
it takes 5 to get there. You 
pull onto campus and what 
do you find? A whole lotta 
cars. You search frantically 
for a parking spot as the 
seconds turn into minutes, 
and you realize that your 
only option is to either park 
illegally and risk a ticket or 
park at the stadium and be 
late for class. 

You choose the former 
and you come out an hour 
later and find one of 
Natchitoches' finest with a 
big ole smile on his face as 
he proceeds to write you a 
$25 ticket. 

This is th scene that plays 
out every morning at NSU 
during the fall semester. 

As a result of this, I 
would venture a guess that 
the single biggest complaint 
among students is poor 
parking on campus. 

Let's be honest, parking 
is bad. There is no doubt 
about that, but let's not get 
crazy here people. It's true 
that it is hard to find a 
parking spot right in front of 
Kyser or Russell, and it is 
also true that many other of 
the "premium" spots on 
campus are unavailable 
unless you get here at 6 a.m. 

But think about this, 
there is enough parking space 
for 17,000 people when 
Southern comes to town for a 
football game. Those people 
are parking somewhere. They 
just don't parachute in from 
the sky. There are parking 
spots here. Finding them is 
the trick. 

Parking on this campus is 
no worse than it is at any 
other university. In fact, our 
parking situation is better 
than some schools. Listen to 
people who talk about 
parking at LSU. "I have to 
walk six miles to class, 
uphill, both ways, and they 
make me listen to LSU 
football games on the radio." 

I'm exaggerating, of 
course, but you understand 
what I mean. How far does 
anyone have to walk? From 
the Sabine lot? Maybe as far 
as the stadium. It is only ^ - 
about a quarter of a mile. 
Most of us could benefit 
from the extra exercise. 
And even if you don't want 
to walk, there is always the 
elusive campus shuttle 

I know that some are 
reading this and saying, 
"How can you say this? 
You're one of us. You should 
be on our side." 

Well I am, and even 
though I believe the parking 
problem has been blown way 
out of proportion, I have an 
idea of how to fix it. 

Josh Beavers, Editor 
j beavers3 1 6 @ hotmail .com 

SY\cK -figuPe T^ff Cotftcs ~tte$&jts„. 

Missy Dupreast 

Make the teachers 
park at the stadium and 

It makes sense. The 
teachers on this campus go to 
one place a day, their office. 
We, the students of 
Northwestern, are in and out 
of classes, going from place 
to place all over campus and 
must deal with long layovers 
between these classes. 

Let the teachers take the 
shuttle service to their offices 
everyday. After all, NSU is 
the school "Where Students 
Come First." Isn't it? 

If so, then would it not 
make since for the students to 
get the better spots? Take the 
faculty and staff only lots and 
turn them over to the 
students. The lots behind 
Kyser, St. Denis and the Fine 
Arts building are all for the 
teachers. Those lots are jam 
packed with spots for 

If the administration is 
really concerned about fixing 
this problem, then they 
should follow this advice. If 
they choose not to, I guess 
the school motto should be 
changed to "Where students 
come first. . . except when it 
comes to parking." 

The Current Sauce 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Copy Editor 
Brandy Youngblood 

News Editor 
Kaleb Breaux 

Life Editor 
Larry Collins 

Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Opinions Editor 
Mary Freeman 

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Advertising Manager 
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Josh Green 

Missy Dupreast 

Neil Ralston 

To Place an Ad 
Call 357-5456 and ask for 
someone on the ad staff. 

The Current Sauce office is 
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Hall. For more information 
about the paper, call (318) 357' 
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Current Sauce at 
curr entsauce @hotmail .com . 

Postmaster should send change* 
of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
Natchitoches LA 71497 

2nd Class Periodical 
USPS* 140-660 

The Current Sauce 


October 5. 2000 


After two years, 
progress is finally being 
made on the renovation 
project to the University 
Intramural Building. 
The current plans call 
for an 80,000 square 
foot building which is 
triple the current size. It 
will contain two 
racquetball courts, a 
free weight area, a new 
weight machine area, a 
cardiovascular theatre 
and an aerobics spin 
cycle studio, an extra 
basketball court and a 
game room. 

IM team sees "light at 
the end of the tunnel" 

Renovation is making gains 

Director of Recreational 
Sports Mark Deshotel has been 
working. He has been working 
tirelessly since the spring of 1 997 
to give Northwestern students 
what they want. And now after 
almost three years, the fruits of his 
labor are starting to pay off. After 
a slow start, the groundwork on 
the new Intramural Building is 
finally starting to heat up. 

"It has been a long process, 
and we still have a little ways to 
go, but we are finally starting to 
see the light at the end of the 
tunnel," Deshotel said. 

The whole IM process began 
in 1997 when surveys were sent 
out to students asking what they 
would like to see done with the IM 
building that was constructed in 
1969. In the fall of 1998, a record 
number of students turned out to 
vote on the IM referendum. As a 
result, the existing IM was voted 
to undergo its first and only major 

renovation process that would take 
two years to complete. 

Two years later, the same IM 
building sits untouched. Many 
students ask what is the hold up 
and want construction to start, 
especially since all full-students 
now pay a $75 fee every semester 
for the building's construction. 

"We have gotten behind 
schedule," Deshotel said. "But that 
is because we have fought at every 
turn to give the students exactly 
what they want. It has taken a little 
while to get everybody on the 
same page." 

The current schedule has 
construction starting in July and 
finishing up around a year later. 
Deshotel said that the University is 
following a 10-step design 
schedule, and seven of those steps 

have been completed so far. 

"Drawings have been made 
and revise, and we are looking to 
get a even more detailed set soon," 
he said. 

The current plans call for an 
80,000 square foot building which 
is triple the current size. It will 
contain two racquetball courts, a 
free weight area, a new weight 
machine area, a cardiovascular 
theatre and an aerobics spin cycle 
studio, an extra basketball court 
and a game room. 

"I don't want people to wait 
for a machine," Deshotel said. "If 
someone is on the stair-stepper, 
then I want another right there for 
someone else." 

In addition to this, the IM will 
have many new features ranging 
from steam and sauna rooms to a 

lounge area complete with a big 
screen television and conference 

"The students are not going to 
be shortchanged," Deshotel said. 
"Everything they want, we are 
going to try and give them." 

Deshotel doesn't want the 
feeling of the old IM to be 
completely lost and has worked 

out a way to maintain some of its 

'The building is going to have 
alot of neat features," Deshotel 
said. "There is going to be a retro 
section of the building, complete 
with the old doors and floors that 
have never been remodeled, so the 
classic feeling is still there." 

After the construction is 


complete, there are even 
more plans to make the new 
IM into a more student 
friendly environment. Along 
with the lounge area, there 
are plans to add a computer 
lab and conference rooms. 
Deshotel wants student 
groups or alumni to get 
together and hold their 
meetings or other types of 
activities in these rooms. 

"We want this IM to fill in 
some places the Union 
doesn't," Deshotel said. "We 
want the students and even 
the faculty, staff, retirees and 
alumni to be able to use these 
rooms for some of their 

Deshotel is currently 
working on step eight in the 
ten-step process that must be 
completed before ground can be 
broken on the construction. Once 
these steps are finished and all the 
schematics are designed, the 
process will be a go. 

"We know that it has been 
slow going, and the students have 
been patient," Deshotel said. "We 
appreciate that patience and want 
the students to know that they will 
be getting everything they asked 
for and more." 

- 4 TKW- 

To the left, right and above 
are the rough schematics 
for the new IM. On the left 
is the upper floor plan 
which features a jogging 
track and exercise 
machines. On the right is 
the basement floor plan 
which has three racquetball 
courts, a game room, two 
weight rooms and an 
aerobics room. Above is the 
ground floor plan. It has 
two basketball courts, 
offices, conference rooms 
and a multipurpose room. 





. I 
" T 


Editor's note: The 

Current Sauce was 
reduced in size this 
week to 

accommodate the 
Potpourri staff. 
Their deadline is 
Friday, and they 
need the space we 
use for the paper. 
Look for the paper 
to return to full size 
next week. 

Mr. and Miss NSU 2000 

Mark Bulot Camille Nunez 

Winners of last week's runoff for Mr. and Miss NSU are Mark 
Bulot and Camille Nunez. Bulot won by just three votes over 
fellow candidate JaJuan Allen. In the other runoff, Chante 
Bellard and Brian Wilkinson were voted to sophomore senator 
positions on the SGA. Wilkinson only won by one vote over 
Stacey Cosby. 

Rape rumors are false, police say 

By Josh Beavers 


Recent rumors regarding a 
surge in rape reports are false 
according to the University 

"We, nor the city police or 
the sheriff's office, have had 
any rape reports recently," 
Detective Doug Prescott said. 
"There was one off-campus a 
little while back, but that has 
dwindled down to nothing and 
there are no suspects." 

The rumors circulating the 
campus ranged from rape 
victims being found behind 

"We, nor the city police or the sheriff's office have have had 
any rape reports recently." 

Doug Prescott 
Detective, University Police 

Albertson's and in a dumpster 
behind McGee's to a gang 
roaming the streets at night, 
raping women as part of an 

These rumors are all false, 
Prescott said. Not only have 
there been no University 
reports, but there have been no 
reports anywhere in the area. 

University President 
Randall J. Webb said he is 
disappointed in the people 

who would spread these types 
of rumors, but exhausted every 
effort to investigate them. 

"We take seriously any 
reports that come in, especially 
ones as sensitive as these," 
Webb said. "We made sure that 
every avenue was checked in 
this and found that they were 
unfounded. It is though, sad 
that some people choose to 
spread these stories and 

Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

October 5, 2000 

2000 Homecoming Queen and Court 

Pictured above is the 2000 Honor court. They are from left to right, Casey Crowder, Jamie Hughes, Sarah Griffith, Michelle 
Meyer, Allison Bulot, Virginia Dixon, Allison Nunley, Jennifer Paul,April Jordan, Stacey Thompson and Allison Bishop. Dixon 
is this year's Homecoming Queen. The homecoming game takes place against McNeese St. on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. 
Homecoming events will take place starting Monday, Oct. 16. All students are encouraged to participate. 

Webb vetoes parking resolution 

By Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 


Parking is a problem 
has grown over the years. 

Students have begun to look 
to the administration and the 
Student Government 
Association for the answer to 
solve this problem. At a recent 
meeting of the Student 
Government Association, a 
resolution was brought to the 
table and passed. 

This resolution proposed 
that the money received from 
tickets given on campus be 
channeled into a fund reserved 

for a solution to the parking 

"The SGA saw this as a first 
step in solving the problem", 
SGA President David Gunn said. 

However, University 
President Randall J. Webb could 
not sign the resolution because it 
would put the school in a 
financial bind. 

Northwestern relies on what 
is known as the "general fund" 
for the payment of varied 
operating costs. A portion of this 
fund comes from campus 
tickets, and the absence of that 
revenue would cause financial 
difficulties for the school. 

Although the SGA was asking 
for one-hundred percent of all 
ticket revenue, they have said 
that they would be willing to 
settle for ten percent. 

However, that would still 
draw the budget too tight and 
could cause problems. 

Although Louisiana has the 
most state-funded schools per 
capita, it is last in the actual 
funding of these schools. 
Because of this students have 
had to take on some of the 
responsibilities with certain 
fees. Most of the computers on 
campus were purchased with 

student technology fees, and the 
infirmary is provided for with a 
health services fee. 

"In the last few years 
students have stepped up and 
shouldered some of the load," 
Gunn said. "I think it's time for 
the state to step in now." 

This setback hasn't deterred 
the SGA from finding a solution 
for this problem, and Gunn said 
that he has been contacted by the 
President's office recently to try 
and work out a solution for the 

Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members.The first 
informational meeting will be held behind Watson Library. 
Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call Cesar Isguitt, at 354- 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs 
they are undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your 
free scantrons. every Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 
of the Student Union. You will need a student I.D. to take 
advantage. Also, check out the Book Swap Board while you are 
there and see if someone has a book you need at a cheaper rate. 


All organization presidents must attend the Gavel Club meeting 
Oct. 5 @ 7 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom 


The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to 
know about a new service that could help them in their educational 
growth. For more information, check with the circulation 


Students can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister Foundation 
(between Magee's and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday from 11:30 until 
1:00. The first visit is free and $1 each time thereafter. Worship 
services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each Wednesday. 


The Office of New Student Programs is pleased to announce 
scholarship opportunities for qualified Northwestern students 
Approximately 20 students will be hired for the Freshman 
Connection program. Informational meetings will be held in the 
President's Room of the Student Union on Wednesday, October 4 
at 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, October 5 at 3:00 p.m. Interested 
students must attend one of the informational seminars to be 
eligible to submit an application. 


College Democrats would like inform students of their 
informational meetings every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 221 
of the Student Union. 


The Northwestern State University African American Caucus 
presents The Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show!!! The 
fashion show will begin on Tuesday, October 10, at 7:00p.m. in 
the Student Union Ballroom. Admission is $2. All proceeds go to 
breast cancer treatment. 

Students question meal cards 

For many students, a meal 
card isn't negotiable. Everyone 
living on campus is required to 
purchase a meal card. Some 
students benefit while others care 
a less. 

Many question the meal card 
system. For instance, why aren't 
remaining balances transferred to 
the next semester? 

"It's not the fact that you're 
paying for your meals; it's the 
fact that you're able to pay to eat 
whenever you want. "Joe 
Tillman, food director of 
Aramark, said. "If we were to 
switch over all the meals, we 
would lose alot of things, and we 
would have to start another 
contract to straighten out 
every 1 thing." 

"I think a lot of people 
would be more pleased if the 
cafeteria would reimburse people 
for the meals that they haven't 
used, considering we already 
paid our meals," student Michael 

number of hours to get a more 
accommodating plan. 

"First time students or some 
students particularly, do not 
know how to manage money, and 
many students take advantage of 
the idea of getting food for their 
friends, and their funds run 
short," Woody Blair, director of 
housing, said. 

"I think that everyone should 
be able to get the same meal card 
since we are the ones paying for 
our meals. We should be 
considered equal to all other 
NSU students that have 30 or 
more credit hours," Fontenot 

Some people really wish that 
they didn't have to buy a card. 

"Iberville doesn't have that 
many choices. The choices that 
are offered are the same 
everyday except the homecooked 
or Mexican items," Grantham 


Despite student complaints, 
purchasing a meal card is 
required for students living on 
campus, except for those who 
obtain an exemption. 

Even so, students also 
wonder about what steps to take 
in a case where their card is lost 
of stolen. If this occurs, report it 
right away to Tillman or Blair. 
Upon reporting the situation, 
your account will be on hold 
until getting a replacement card, 
which costs $25. The higher fee 
was implemented because some 
students took advantage of the 
old $5 fee to get their friends or 
buddies into games, concerts and 
other University events for free, 
items in bulk." 

To better please the students, 
Tillman is trying to start a 
convenient store just to help 
those students with a declining 
balance plan. 

Fontenot said. 

B E A 

U D I N ' S 



Many would like steps to be 

taken to deal with the issue. 

302 Hwy 

1 South 

"It is very ridiculous because 

Free Deliver 


we already spend enough money 

356 - 


as it is, and they can't even give 

us the benefit of the doubt and 



M-F & 


give us what we have left over." 

student Michael Grantham said. 

Check out 


Students also wonder why 


they have to have a certain 


■ ■■■ ■ ...... 


Ask Abo** Our 





♦ AH 5«rv<*** KnH 

QSj#Mtt 1 SOUTH 

Turn in your 
application now! ! ! 

Student Activities Board 
has a representative at 
large position available. 
Apply in room 214 of the 
Student Union. Deadline 

is Oct. 13 at noon. 
Applicants meet in room 
214 at noon on Monday, 
Oct. 16 

Get Involved with the SAB 

October 5, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Homecoming week full of fun and events 

By Rheannon Coon 

Sauce Reporter 

The theme for homecoming 
this year is "survival of the 

"The decorations are going 
to be in a jungle type theme. We 
got the theme from the Survivor 
show," Jared Hewitt, chairman of 
special events for the SAB said. 

To start the week off 
Monday, Oct. 16th, there will 
virtual reality games available 
from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the 
student union ballroom. 

Tuesday, the Homecoming 
Hunnie and the Lip Sync contest 
will be going on. For the 
Homecoming Hunnie contest, 
organizations nominate guys to 
compete, and one guy will be 

chosen to be this years 
Homecoming Hunnie. 

As this year's Hunnie, he 
will ride in the parade and 
receive a cash prize. The Lip 
Sync contest will be comprised 
of different organization 
representatives lip syncing to 
songs relating to the "survival of 
the fittest" theme. 

"The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 
winners will receive cash prizes", 
Susanna Deshotel, assistant 
director of student activities, 

Wednesday is probably the 
busiest day of the week. The day 
will start with inflatable games 
from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. These 
games will located out in front of 

The games include the 

inflatable rock wall, where 
students will climb the wall with 
a harness attached to them; the 
spider web, where students wear 
a Velcro suit and stick themselves 
to the velcro wall, and finally, 
there will be sumo bellies, where 
two students will put on sumo 
belly attire and fight one another. 

At 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, the 
IM Fun Run will begin. 

"There will be free t-shirts 
for the first 175-200 students to 
arrive," Deshotel said. 

The winners of the run get 
gift certificates from various 
businesses around Natchitoches. 

After the run there is a free 
barbecue at the IM building. 
Also at the IM building at 8 p.m., 
the "Half-niter" will take begin. 
There will be teams of five 

Job service helps students 

Finding money to pay for 
college is always difficult. 
Getting a part-time job can help, 
and Northwestern State 
University has made it easier for 
students to find part-time work 
while they are enrolled in school. 

For the past two years, 
Northwestern has been operating 
a Job Location Office to match up 
area business with students 
seeking employment. The office 
is like an employment agency for 
students and serves Northwestern 
campuses and businesses in 
Natchitoches, Leesville and 
Alexandria. According to Job 
Location and Development 
Director Evie Posey, the program 
provides services at no charge to 
businesses. Students can work 
with staff in the Job Location 
Office at no charge as "their own 
personal career consultant." 

In the past fiscal year, 168 
students who were placed through 
the Job Location Office earned a 
total of more than $421,000. Last 
year, 1 1 9 employers hired NSU 
students through the Job Location 

Businesses looking for part- 
time help can contact the Job 
Location Office at 357-5621 or 
(888) 261-7518. An employment 
request form will be completed to 
identify the type of person 
needed, position requirements and 
qualifications needed. Applicants 
who qualify will be sent to the 
business by appointment for 
further consideration. All hiring 
decisions will be at the discretion 
of the business. 

"This service can save a great 
deal of time for area businesses," 
said Posey. "The students who we 
send out to business have been 

screened to make sure they fit 
their needs." 

Students can participate by 
registering with the Job Location 
Office. Each participant will fill 
out a complete application form, 
go through a job interview and 
submit a class schedule. The Job 
Location Office will also provide 
Northwestern students with 
needed training, tools and 
information for interview 
preparation, resume building and 
company research. 

"Many students need a job to 
help pay for the costs of college 
not covered by financial aid and 
other means. This is a way to help 
them save time in looking for a 
job," said Posey. "Working with 
us, students can obtain many 
skills that can help them when 
they are looking for internships or 
full-time employment." 


Why is TIAA-CREF the 
#1 choice nationwide? 


. J me 


Year in and year out, employees at education and 
research institutions have turned to TIAA-CREF. 
And for good reasons: 

• Easy diversification among a range of expertly 
managed funds 

• A solid history of performance and exceptional 
personal service 

• A strong commitment to low expenses 

• Pius, a full range of flex die retirement income options 

For decades, TIAA-CREF has helped professors and staff 
at over 9,000 campuses across the country invest for— 
and enjoy— successful retirements. 

Choosing your retirement plan provider is simple. 
Go with the leader: TIAA-CREF. 


Investment Expertise 

Low Expenses 

Payment Options 

Expert Guidance 

li frTi^ Ensuring the future 
^ for those who shape it: 


Pornore complete ^tarnation on our securities product*. pte*e« i )mM22m,^JM.iom^<^ei, teadtTOTCareM) 
SwtwSw* • TIAA-CREF dividual and Institutional Series, mc. distributes tfwCREF ano TTAA Real Estate vanabteannubei . Teacher 
SksM Series. Inc. distributes the Personal Annuls variable annuity c«w«nt mutual funds and tutor savings agreements. | 
tS HAA-CSEf 5 durance Co., tev York, NY, issue prance and arw.tsj. • T ^^£^cmS^ * 
♦ Investment products are not FDIC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed. 200QT1M-CREF 08/03 

competing in games to earn 
points for each, and at the end, 
the team with the most points 
gets a "Half-niter" t-shirt. 

While these games are going 
on inside, there will be different 
inflatable games outside. These 
games include the bungy run, 
where a student is attached to a 
bungy cord and tries to pull 
himself as far as they can before 
being pulled back; the joust 
game, where two students are 
armed with padded joust sticks 
and try to knock each other off of 
their pedestal; and then the 
human bowling game, where a 
student is contained in a metal 
ball and is rolled towards a set of 
oversized bowling pins. 

During the night, a treasure 
hunt will also be taking place. 

Clues will be given throughout 
the night, and the winner will 
receive 150 dollars. 

Thursday, there will be a 
movie presentation of "The 
Skulls'* in the Fine Arts 
auditorium at 8 p.m.. and Friday, 
the homecoming parade will take 
place. The parade will begin at 5 
p.m. at Prather Coliseum and will 
make its way to the riverbank. A 
pep rally will take place on the 
bank once the parade ends. 

Mr. NSU, Mark Bulot, and 
Miss NSU, Camille Nunez will 
ride in the parade, along with 
floats constructed by different 
organizations. First and second 
place prizes will be awarded for 
floats in three different 
categories: resident halls, Greek 
groups and general 


These categories will also 
apply to the banner contest taking 
place throughout the week. The 
winners of these contests will be 
announced at the pep rally. After 
the pep rally, the BCM will host a 
bonfire at 10 p.m. in the field at 
below Greek Hill and behind 

To end the week, tailgating 
will take place all day Saturday 
right up until the game, which 
begins at 2. p. against McNeese 

Photo buttons will be 
available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
on Tuesday at Iberville and from 
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday in 
the Union lobby. The limit is one 
per person, but more than one 
person can be in the picture. 

Current Sauce goes digital 

By Heather Patton 

Sauce Reporter 

Students of Northwestern will 
soon have an easier way to access 
The Current Sauce. 

Neil Ralston, a professor in 
the journalism department, said 
this is the second website for the 
school newspaper. Ralston said 
finding someone to maintain and 
keep up the website has been the 
biggest problem in the past. 

"Now, there are companies to 
maintain these websites," Ralston 
said. "The site will be hosted by 
College Publishers. From College 
Publishers, we get server space; 
we get to use their software, and 
we get technical advice and 
support. We also get to use articles 
from other schools like Temple 
University in Philadelphia. In 
return for using College 
Publishers, we don't pay them any 
money. We do agree to provide 
them with four ad spots. Their 
plan is to sell those ad spots so 
they can make money." 

College Publishers is based in 
Cambridge, Mass. and has helped 
universities put their newspapers 
online since February 2000. It has 
a circulation of 12,000 

"Right now, we're trying to 
design the front page," Ralston 
said. "We've purchased the URL, and we're 
hoping the site will be up within 
the week. The server is off- 
campus. Once we get the page 
decided, even those student 
editors with little computer 
experience will be able to work on 

Students will be able to 
download pictures, look at 
archives and stories and 
participate in reader's polls. 
Students will also be able to give 
their feedback on the paper itself. 
There will be daily updates, sports 
scores and any emergency news 
that students would need to know. 

"It will be good for alumni," 
Ralston said. "They will be able to 
stay in touch with the University 
and what is being done." 

Chris Monaghan is the web 

designer for website and said that 
the target audience will be 
students and alumni of the 

"I'm like the web- 
maintenance guy," Monaghan 
said. "I will help the editor with 
any questions he may have. By 
May 2001, every reporter on The 
Current Sauce will have an 
opportunity to log on and put their 
stories online. Also, if students 
want to learn HTML stuff, I can 
help them with that." 

No more busy signals 

By Leslie Westbrooke 

Sauce Reporter 

Next semester, students 
should have fewer problems 
calling off campus. 

Tracy Brown, NSU's 
telecommunication supervisor, 
says a new phone system has 
been approved and should be in 
place by January. 

The new system will replace 
the old, maxed out Lucent 85 
system the campus currently 

Along with providing a 
much larger capacity for phone 
lines, the new system will 
provide 911 service to students. 
When students dial 911, the call 
will be sent not only to the 911 
center in Natchitoches but also 
to the University Police. 

"Currently, the Lucent 85 
system is fully loaded. Every 
port is full," Brown said. "This is 
why students get a busy signal 

when dialing off campus." 

During evening hours of 
8pm to 12am on weekdays, 
students will probably have 
difficulty connecting to the 
Internet or dialing off-campus. 

Sarah Ferstel, University 
sophomore, said, "I think it's 
ridiculous that at a school as 
small as NSU, we can't get an 
off-campus line." 

According to Brown, 
students should be able to call 
off-campus easier during early 
morning and business hours. 

"The earlier [the calls] the 
better," Brown continued. "If 
students must make calls during 
peak hours, they can expect to 
have to make several attempts 
before getting an outside line." 

For now students will have 
to put up with a few more busy 
signals, they but can look 
forward to a new, more 
convenient service in the spring. 


The NSU Rowing Crew sponsored a bake sale this week in Kyser Hall. The event was 
part of an effort to raise funds for upcoming travel expenses. 

Page 4 The Current Sauce October 5, 2000 

SGA Senate Minutes for 10/2/2000 

Roll Call 


Leanna Anderson 
Amanda Barrios 
Chante Bellard 
Rusty Broussard 
Vanessa Byrd 
Matthew Comeaux 

Andrew Davies 
Kimberly Dickerson 
Dustin Floyd 
Jack Givens 
Will Hooper 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Shaun Jackson 
John-Michael McConnell 
Paul Monteleone 
Joni Naquin 
Justin Owen 
Jennifer Paul 
Casey Ponder 
Shelly Smith 
Frank Toro 
Glenn Ward 
Brian Wilkinson 
Jonathan Chance 


Ja'Juan Allen 
Wayne Bush-excused 
Jessica Cramer-excused 

David Gunn-excused 
Dustin Matthews-excused 
Todd Yore 

The meeting was called to 
order at 7:05pm. 

The prayer was led by Rusty 

The pledge was led by 
Jonathan Chance. 

Reatha Cox thanked SGA for 
their support and explained 
Freshman Connection. Fiscal 
Affairs will consider funding 
Freshman Connection T-Shirts 
and bring their recommendation 
before the Senate next week. 

Minutes of 9/25 were 
approved by general consent. 

Executive Reports : 

McConnell-went over budgets 
that came in. Will soon review 
student assessed fees. 

Broussard-Jennifer Stevens has 
resigned from her position which 
leaves 5 senator-at-large positions 
and 1 senior position open. He 
thanked Mr. Henry and David 
Gunn and the senators for working 
the polls for the elections. 

President-David Gunn-I am 
sorry for my absence tonight. I 
am in Baton Rouge attending the 
wake of a close friend who passed 
away this weekend. 

-Update on parking fine 
resolution: I spoke with Dr. Webb 
this weekend and Mr. Crew this 
morning regarding this matter. 
Dr. Webb has called for a meeting 
of his cabinet for Wednesday of 
this week. Justin, Joni, and 
myself had planned on publishing 
an editorial statement in this 
week's Current Sauce, but I think 
it would be more prudent to wait 
for the results of this meeting 
before we proceed with the 
statement on this matter. 

-Tomorrow night we are 
taking a walk around campus with 
Mr. Lindsey from the power plant 
to address problematic lighting 
areas on campus. We need to 
meet in the office no later than 
7:45pm. Mr. Crew has requested 
that we go to the Alumni House, 
where he will be showcasing new 
lights for Mr. Lindsey and 

-I will start senatorial 
appointments next week. 

-Matt, Rusty, and myself will 
meet with the Information 
Systems people to decide which 
candidates to hire for the new 
STAT positions Wednesday at 

-Justin. Shaun. Jessica, 
Casey, Rusty please see me this 
week so we can work out the 
details of our trip to Baton Rouge 
meeting on Monday and Tuesday. 

-Congratulations to the newly 
elected senators. 

Reports : 

Academic Affairs-Amanda 
Barrios- The scantron giveaway 
was today from 11 -lpm. Thanks 
to all who helped. 

-A Thanksgiving Cooking 
Class will be on November 7. We 
will be baking either butterhorn 
rolls or French loaf bread. We 
will be advertising as soon as the 
details are ironed out. Thanks to 
Shymika and Jennifer Paul for 
their help with this project. 

-I spoke with Mrs. Lillie Bell 
last week. We discussed changes 
to the calendar, such as the date to 
drop with a W, a dead week before 
finals, and another try at fall break 
by starting school two days 
earlier. She gave me the names of 
several faculty committees to join. 
If anyone is interested, please see 

-We plan to move the 
bookswap board out of the SGA 
office, next to Vic's, in the hopes 
of exposing it to more students. If 
anyone has any suggestions 
concerning this, please see me. 

-My meetings are Wednesday 
evenings at 5pm. Please feel free 
to attend. 

External Affairs-Andrew 
Davies- The radio show is at 9am. 
He spoke with Fisher's and 
Posey's about the t-shirts. He asks 
the Senate to approve money for 
homecoming float and is working 
on the homecoming banner. The 
meetings are Tuesdays at 5:30pm. 

Club Sports-Matt Comeaux- 
They met last Tuesday and sent 
mailings to all SGA Presidents in 
the state to find information on 
their club sports. They will meet 
Monday the 9th at 4pm. 

Organizational Grants-Matt 
Comeaux- will meet this evening 
after the meeting and vote on the 
submitted applications. 

Internal Affairs-Vanessa 
Byrd- add approval of SI 5 1.57 for 
the Homecoming Crown and Pin 
in New Business. Everyone has a 
new phone list. They went over 
the by-laws today. Chante and 
Brian need to meet her after the 
meeting. Thanked Dustin for 
helping with cleaning out the 
filing cabinet. 

Election Board- Joni Naquin 
announced winners of the 
election — Miss NSU is Camille 
Nunez, Mr. NSU is Mark Bulot, 
and the new Sophomore Senators 
are Chante Bellard and Brian 

Student Affairs-Justin Owen- 
He is looking for legal concerns 
dealing with the designated 
driving program. The forum will 
be held Tuesday at 7pm in the TV 
studio. Traffic Appeals will not 
meet next Monday, but will on the 

16 th . 

IM Policies and Procedures- 
Casey Ponder- They met last week 
and are waiting for Mark 
Deshotel's information. 

SAB non-voting 
representative-Will Hooper 

-Coffee House is tonight at 
8pm/Salsa Night 

-Oct 20- Dinner for SAB and 
SGA at the rec. complex 

-Oct 24- Coffee House 

-Oct 20- Golf Tournament 

Freshman Class Council- 
Dustin Floyd- They had a good 
first meeting. The meeting is 
Thursday at 6pm. 

Supreme Court- Niko Tesvich 

was elected Chief Justice. 

-3 concerns they dealt with last 


No one should be abstaining 
without a reason. 

Censorship of Student Media 
(KNWD, Current Sauce, 
Potpourri. Argus) 

Advisor-Mr. Henry- Gavel 
Club meeting this Thursday at 

New Business : 

Rusty Broussard gave oath to 
new senators, Chante Bellard, 
Kimberly Dickerson, and Brian 

Homecoming Hunnie- 
Joni Naquin nominated David 

Kimberly Dickerson 
nominated Ja'Juan Allen. 

Andrew Davies moved to 
approve $186 for election picture 

Shaun Jackson seconded. 

The motion passed 22-0-0. 

Andrew Davies moved to 
allocate $75 for homecoming float 

Amanda Barrios seconded. 

Discussion followed. 

The motion passed 21-1-0. 

Jeremiah Newsom moved to 
approve $151.57 for homecoming 
crown and pin. 

Matt Comeaux seconded. 

The motion passed 22-0-0. 

Shaun Jackson moved to 
approve budgets for student fees. 
Justin Owen seconded. 

John-Michael McConnell 
explained it. 

The motion passed 22-0-0. 

Vanessa Byrd made notice of 
Administrative evaluations for 
Ja'Juan Allen (2 weeks of missed 
office hours) and Todd Yore (3 
weeks of missed office hours and 
2 unexcused Senate meeting 

Old Business : 

Amanda Barrios read FA00- 


Amanda Barrios moved to 
remove it from the table. 

Matt Comeaux seconded. 
Discussion followed. 
The motion passed 22-0-0. 
Amanda Barrios read FA00- 


Matt Comeaux moved to 
remove it from the table. 

Amanda Barrios seconded. 
Discussion followed. 
The motion passed 21-1-0. 
Shaun Jackson read FA00- 


Jeremiah Newsom moved to 
remove it from the table. 
Jennifer Paul seconded. 
Discussion followed. 
The motion passed 22-0-0. 

Andrew Davies read Res. 

Amanda Barrios moved to 
remove it from the table. 

Vanessa Byrd seconded. 

Discussion followed. 

The motion passed 22-0-0. 

Announcements . 

Traffic Appeals meets on the 

16 th at 2pm. 

Need shirt sizes for SGA 

Joni Naquin needs to meet 
with Rusty Broussard after the 

Departments and Committees 
need to meet with fiscal affairs for 

Matt Comeaux congratulated 
new senators. 

Organizational grants 
committee will meet after the 

The meeting was adjourned at 

Now i§ tfre 

Sabpait Voat 

Application N<nv 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 

An Exclusive Student Community 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 

l i r l 

October 5, 2000 THE CURRENT SAUCE Page 5 

Assistant professor of English 
joins The Bottle Factory 

Big Brother isn't 
watching anymore: 

Eddie walks away the winner 

By Dominique Irvin 

LIFE Reporter 

All of us, if we are lucky, will 
be able to look back on a certain 
part of our lives and feel a sense 
of accomplishment and pride at a 
job well done. Some of us, like 
Julie Kane, will be able to share 
that experience with the world. 
Kane, an assistant English 
professor in her second year at 
NSU, has captured that moment in 
a poem. 

The poem The Bottle Factory 
will appear in the fall edition of 
the literary journal, The Southern 

The poem is about a job Kane 
had the summer after high school 
graduation before going to college 
in the fall. 

Kane packaged hair 
conditioner bottles in the New 
Jersey factory. She would pack 
the bottles as they came down a 
conveyor belt, an experience she 
likens to an old / Love Lucy 
episode when Lucy worked in a 
chocolate factory. 

"The chocolate starts going 
faster and faster, and she starts 
shoving them in her pockets and 
in her hat. It could be like that at 
times," Kane said. "Sometimes 
you sneezed or something like 
that and missed a bottle." 

When Kane turned 1 8 in July 
of that summer, she was given her 
own machine. It was operated by 
a foot pedal instead of being 

automated like the other 
machines. Even though "it was 
probably the slowest machine in 
the factory," Kane was happy. 

"I was very proud to have my 
own machine," Kane said. 

After that summer, Kane 
went off to college and began to 
do more intellectual work and 
found herself looking back at that 
simpler time and the fulfillment 
the at the work brought her. 
Through her work, Kane found 
that with intellectual work, one 
can never be sure what kind of 
affect the work will have on other 

With her work in the bottle 
factory, Kane found there was a 
sense of accomplishment that 
comes from working with your 
hands and doing physical labor 
and at the end of the day; you can 
look around and say I did 

Kane also looked back with 
relief that she was no longer in 
that "sweaty, miserable factory." 
She tried to capture that feeling 
along with the sense of coming of 
age and going out in the world. 

Kane wrote the poem as an 
assignment for a poetry course at 
LSU. Dave Smith, who was also 
an editor for The Southern 
Review, taught the class. Kane 
submitted her poem after she 
graduated in May 1999, and 
Smith accepted it. 

It takes about a year for the 
edition to come out. After the 

File Photo 

Assistant professor Julia Kane will have a poem published in The Southern Review 

issue is laid out, the pages are sent 
to the writer to help with 
proofreading for errors. 

Kane has been published in 
many other journals and plans to 
contribute other works to The 
Southern Review and other 
journals. The Southern Review is 
open to all writers, and Kane 
encourages students to submit 
their work to journals and 


The fall edition of The 
Southern Review should be out 
within the next week or two. 
Several copies will be sent to the 
school and most large bookstores 
carry the journal. 

Anyone interested in the 
obtaining a copy can also go to the 
LSU website at 

Coffee with a hint of Salsa 

By Ann Coleman 

LIFE Reporter 

For years now, the Student 
Activities Board has offered 
students the opportunity to sip on 
a little caffeine while being 
entertained by talented University 

Students that regularly attend 
these SAB events were treated to 
some extra sauce when the 
Spanish Club joined with the SAB 
to present Salsa Night. 

Salsa Night is part of the 
Coffeehouse, an activity 
sponsored by the SAB. The Salsa 
Night Coffeehouse had a Latin 
theme Tuesday night with coffee 
and Mexican cookies being served 
free to all students with a current 
student I.D. Door prizes are given 
away, such as a coffee mug with 
"Coffee House" imprinted on it. 

In addition to the free food 
and door prizes, students had an 
opportunity to receive free lessons 
I from international students at the 
University on dancing to Salsa 

Coffee house started out as an 
idea of the Student Activities 
Board as a way for all students to 

get together, have a good time, and 
meet new people instead of sitting 
in their dorm room being bored. 

The Student Activities Board 
serves as a planning board for 
students at Northwestern State 
University, and this time, it was no 

At first, it started as an 
activity that only occurred once or 
twice a semester, but as the idea 
grew, so did the demand for them 
to be put on more frequently. 

Therefore, three years ago, 
they began to be held as a series, 
happening every two weeks, 
instead of just once or twice a 

There are always different 
activities each time a Coffehouse 
takes place, from concerts to 
hypnotists, so there is always 
something for everyone. 

According to Heather 
Herbert, a member of the Student 
Activities Board, there has always 
been a good turnout, about 70 to 
100 people each time a 
Coffeehouse is held. 

How is all of this paid for? 
Look on your fee sheet, and you 
will see a fee called Student 
Association Fee, paid each 

semester. Ten dollars of that 
money goes towards the Student 
Activities Board to sponsor 
Coffeehouse and the many other 
activities the SAB puts on 
throughout the year, such as 
Homecoming, Spring Fling and 
the Lady of the Bracelet Pageant. 

There is also a Freshmen 
Factor, which consists of only 
freshmen, directed at planning 
events throughout the year for 
freshmen to help them better 
adjust to their new surroundings. 

As Luke Dowden, a graduate 
student on the SAB put it. "It is 
money well spent." 

And what do students at 
Northwestern think about the 
Coffeehouse and other events 
planned by the Student Activities 
Board? "I think it's a good idea 
and a good way for us to get 
together and have fun. instead of 
just sitting around doing nothing," 
said one student. 

For more information call the 
Student Activities Board at 357- 
6511 or go to room 221 in the 
Student Union and speak to SAB 
President Sarah Griffith or 
Assistant Director of Student 
Activities Suzanna Deshotel. 

IM Events 

Look for more IM Events to be 
announced in the weeks to come. 

Call 357-5269 for more information 

By Randall S. Frederick 

LIFE Reporter 

Eddie McGee, the tough- 
talking, tell it like it is, 21 -year - 
old from New York walked out of 
the Big Brother compound Friday 
night $500,000 heavier. 

At the close of Wednesday 
night's episode, viewers were 
asked to call in and vote for who 
they wanted to win. At the 
beginning of the show's season 
finale on Friday, remaining house 
guests McGee. Josh Souza and 
and Curtis Kin waited in 
anticipation for the results. Kin 
left the house first, winning 
$50,000 with 14 percent of the 
vote. Afterwards, previous house 
guests were brought in and asked 
their opinion of who should and 
who would win. Shortly thereafter, 
host Julie Chen left the debriefing 
stage giving viewers a look behind 
the scenes where equipment, 
cameras and lodgings were for the 
shows 24 hour a day crew. Chen 
showed remaining guests McGee 
and Souza a video montage of the 
way the world saw them on 
television over the last three 
months delaying her 
announcement of the winner until 
anticipation was so high that both 
Souza and McGee sat on the edge 
of their seat anxious to hear their 
own name. 

When she revealed that the 
first place winner was McGee with 
59 percent of the vote, both men 

hugged each other and wished 
each other the best before leaving. 
But Souza didn't walk away 
disappointed. With the remaining 
27 percent, he walked away with 

"I'm awestruck," said 
McGee. "I did not expect to win." 

Despite McGee's surprise, his 
win was somewhat expected to 
those outside the house. When the 
ten former house guests were 
asked who they thought would 
win, all but two answered "Eddie." 

The show has been criticized 
since it's first week for it's 
"unoriginality, boring cast 
members and artificial story 
lines," despite it's growing 
fanbase and the 9.3 million 
estimated watchers. Former 
houseguest Will "Mega" Collins, 
best known for his troublemaking 
and venomous personality, said 
Big Brother became "Big Boring" 
after he was voted out. 

Thousands of appreciation 
websites were put up after the 
shows debut, and the internet 
cameras inside the house made the 
show the most downloadable site 
during its duration. 

A sequel is planned on the 
show's success. CBS is already 
taking applications for both Big 
Brother and Survivor on their 
official website, 

Julie Chen closed the much 
talked about show by saying, 
'They lived. We watched. Good 



Page 6 

The Current Sauce 

October 5, 2000 

Crystal Munsinger and Christy Stark finished 1-2 at the NSU 

Invitational last Monday. Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Current Sauce staff writers 

Crystal Munsinger and 
freshman Christy Stark led the 
NSU Lady Demons to a win on 
their home turf, knocking off 
seven other teams at the NSU 
Invitational at the Demon Hills 
Golf Course. 

Munsinger and Stark finished 
2-3 and were beaten only by 
Louisiana-Monroe's Rhonda 
Sherrer, who finished the 5,000M 
race with a time of 20:03.3. 
Munsiger clocked in next with a 
time of 20: 13.7, and Stark finished 
third with a time of 20:31.8 

The Lady Demons had five 

runners finish 14th or better, 
including three more freshman. 
Tonya Morris finished 1 1 th with a 
time of 22:11.2, followed by Jill 
Schenk at 13th with a time of 
22:35.9, and Lacy Fletcher 
finished the race in 18th place 
with a time of 23:01.8. 

The Lady Demons won the 
event with a 26-point cushion in 
the final standings. In a scoring 
system in which the lower the 
number the better, NSU finished 
with a score of 43, followed by 
Louisiana-Monroe with 69. Lamar 
(88), Louisiana Tech (91), 
Centenary (99), Grambling (114) 
Louisiana College (226) and East 

Texas Baptist University rounded 
out the final standings. 

ETBU did not score because 
five runners did not finish in the 

In the men's race, freshman 
Jonah Chelimo and senior Danon 
O' Kelly finished third and fourth 
respectively in the men's 8,000M 

The Demons (53) finished 
third as a team, barely edged out 
of a second place finish with 
Louisiana-Monroe(52). The 
Lamar men won the overall points 
competition with a final score of 

Individual champion Mike 


Lady Demons win, Demons place third at NSU Invitational G 

McGovern of Lamar finished in a 
time of 27:05.2 to win the men's 
race. McGovern's teammate Joe , 
Routt finished second with a time 
of 27:25.00. 

Freshmen Daniel Agnew and 
Marko Danivic finished 12th and 
24th in the race. Agnew finished 
with a time of 30:56.2, and 
Danivic checked in with a time of 

Both Demon teams will get 1 
two weeks off before the next 
meet. The two teams will run Oct. 
20th at Lamar. The season will 
wrap up at the Southland I 
Conference Championships Oct. 
30 at Stephen F. Austin. 

Demons overpower 
Gardner-Webb 57-17; 
Troy State up next 

Tony Taylor is about to adjust the score on the scoreboard. Taylor ran for 143 yards 
and two scores in the Demons 57-17 rout of Gardner- Webb. Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Offense, special teams 
shine against the 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

The Gardner-Webb Bulldogs 
were just running scared after the 
Demon's finished with them last 
Saturday evening. 

The Demons totaled an 
astonishing 620 yards on offense 
and crushed Gardner- Webb 57-17 
at Turpin Stadium. Northwestern 
graced the stands with 11,288 

The win now lifts the No. 15 
ranked Demon's to a 3-1 record 
and gives them a two game 
winning streak before doing 
battle with the Troy State Trojans 
this Saturday at Turpin Stadium. 

Quarterback Ben Beach 
looked sharp throughout the 
night, completing 1 5 of 22 passes 

and tossing three touchdowns. 
The Shreveport native had a total 
of 259 yards passing. 

Tailback Tony Taylor ran for 
two touchdowns, 4 and 7 yards, 
with 143 yards total rushing. 
Emerging talent Jeremy Lofton 
ran for 155 yards, more than any 
other player in the game. 

"That was a bright spot, 
seeing Jeremy run the ball better 
and better as the fourth quarter 
went on," said Demon head coach 
Steve Roberts. "He should have 
gotten some confidence." 

The Demon running game 
gave plenty of opportunities for 
Beach to work the play-action 
pass, the highlight being an 82- 
yard strike to T.J. Sutherland in 
the first half. 

Demon place kicker Clint 
Sanford kicked for a record 
fifteen points, with three field 
goal attempts of 22,21 and 35 
yards and making all six extra 
points. The record of 1 1 points 

was held by three Demon kickers, 
the last being Thomas LaToof in 
1998 against Sam Houston State. 
Sanford's accomplishment earned 
him the Southland conference 
player of the week award for 
special teams. 

After a Demon turnover on 
the opening kickoff, Gardner- 
Webb quickly scored and started 
the game with a lead of 7-0, but 
the Bulldogs soon lost their zest 
after an 11 -play , 76 yard drive 
capped off by Taylor's 4-yard 
touchdown . The Demons then 
ripped off 31 unanswered points 
in the first half before the 
Bulldogs were able to score 

"We didn't start well, and we 
had some lulls, no doubt, " 
Roberts said. "But the bottom line 
is we played everybody we could 
and we got to sing the fight song 
with our band after the game. I'm 
happy to win and ready to get 
going for our conference opener." 

Inside Sports: Complete Gameday coverage of Saturday's Troy State-N S U battle: pg 7 

Demon kicker Sanford named Player of the Week 

Sanford is third 
Demon to be named 
Player of the Week 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

Southland Football League 
players of the Week Tony Taylor 
and Ahmad Willis have 
company. The Demon 

football team recently added the 
latest member, kicker Clint 
Sanford, who played an 

important part in the 57-17 win 
over the Gardner- Webb Running 
Bulldogs last Saturday . 

Sanford single-handedly 
scored 15 points, with three field 
goals of 22,21 and 35 yards and 
successfully completed all six 
attempted extra points. 

After his showing against 
the Running Bulldogs, he eased 
past record-setters Dale Quickels 
and Thomas Latoofs, who each 
put up 11 points back in 1981 
and 1998. 

No. 18 is fast approaching 

Randy Walker, who currently 
holds the Demon record for most 
field goals in a season with 
thirteen goals out of nineteen 
attempts. Sanford has hit seven 
field goals out of ten attempts, 
and there are still seven games 
left in the 2000 season. 

Sanford's performance this 
year has placed him in the No. 8 
position according to the NCAA 
I-AA statistical ranking and a 
respectable 38th place nationally 
where he scores an average of 
8.0 points a game. 


Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

PK No. 18- Clint Sanford 

Junior- Sulphur, LA 

Scored school record"! 5 pts. vs. Gardner-Webb 
Hit seven of ten field goals on the season 
Southland conference Player of the Week 

Burke declines Akron job; decides to stay at NSU 

AD says he's excited 
about the future of 
NSU Sports and wants 
to see them through 

By Stephanie Elliott 

Sauce Reporter 

Athletics Director Greg 
Burke has with drawn from being 
a finalist for the Athletic Director 
at the University of Akron. 

"It was an extremely difficult 
decision to make. My home is up 
there; I've got friends and family 

in that area," Burke said. "I 
know people in that department, 
some of them I have known for 
eight or nine years. It was 
extremely difficult. Moving to 
Akron would have been a nice 

This announcement came 
after Burke was named one of 
three finalists for the job at 
Akron, a division 1-A school in 

"I am not in the job market. I 
am excited about the future at 
Northwestern. It's time to move 
forward and continue to advance 
NSU and its athletic program to 

even greater heights," Burke said. 
"I appreciate the opportunity to 
be interviewed for the job. NSU 
has so much going for it, and I 
enjoy taking part of it at this 

Burke has brought about 
some improvements in the 
athletic facilities for softball, 
basketball, track and field and 
volleyball since he joined 
Northwestern back in 1996. 
Including winning 11 SLC 
championships in five different 
sports ranging from football to 
the most recent, the softball team. 

"I have enjoyed 

tremendously working at NSU, 
This decision was much more 
about wanting to be here, than not 
wanting to be there. The people, 
within the athletic department, 
and the student athletes. The 
people on campus and the Alumni 
have all been so supportive of the 
athletic department," Burke said. 
"I felt like I wanted to continue to 
be apart of this. I am very happy 

Burke's decision to stay 
came days before Assistant 
Athletic Director Kurt Gulbrand 
leaves NSU for the University of 

NSU AD Greg 
Burke will stay at 
NSU after being 
named a finalist 
for the Athletics 
Director job at 
the University of 
Akron. At press 
time, no one has 
yet been named 
to the position at 

File Photo 


October 5, 2000 

This Week 
in the 

Provided by 

Sam Houston State 
Bearkats at Jacksonville 
State Gamecocks- Paul 
Snow Memorial Stadium 
(15,000) Jacksonville, Ala. 
2:00 p.m. 

Jacksonville State sits atop the 
Southland standings with a 1-0 
record after a 10-3 win over 
Nicholls State on Sept. 9.After 
scoring 10 points in its first two 
games, JSU exploded for 36 two 
weeks ago in a win over 
Samford. Sam Houston State 
snapped a three-game losing 
streak to the Gamecocks last 
year with its 34-point win.SHSU 
has won six of its last eight 
games, dating back to last year. 
The Bearkats' 3- 1 record is their 
best since beginning the 1994 
season with a 4-0 mark. Sam 
Houston State enters the contest 
ranking second nationally in 
pass defense (85.3 yards per 
game) and 1 1 th in total defense 

Nicholls State Colonels at 
Southwest Texas State 
Bobcats- Bobcat Stadium 
(14,104) San Marcos, 
Texas 2:00 p.m. 

This game has become known as 
"The Battle of the Paddle". It 
began in 1998 after the 
originally scheduled contest was 
postponed in October due to 
heavy rains that caused severe 
flooding in south central Texas. 
That game was made up at the 
end of the season with SWT 
taking a 28-27 decision. Brad 
Smith suffered a grade one 
concussion at Southwest Texas 
in the first half last year. He 
returned on the Colonels' final 
possession, but threw an 
interception on the first play of 
the drive. Nicholls State is 
looking to end a four-game 
losing streak that began after the 
Colonels won their season 
opener. Southwest Texas has 
won the last two in the series. 
The two have met each year 
since the 1984 season despite 
being Southland Football 
League foes since the 1991 
campaign road. Southwest 
Texas plays three of its next four 
at home. 

Stephen F. Austin 
Lumberjacks at McNeese 
State Cowboys- Cowboy 
Stadium (17,410) Lake 
Charles, La. 7:00 p.m. 

Southland play begins for both 
teams. Stephen F. Austin was 
picked second in the preseason 
by the League head coaches 
while McNeese State was third. 
SFA is looking to defend the 
League title it shared last season 
with Troy State. SFA head coach 
Mike Santiago was the offensive 
coordinator from 1990-98 at 
McNeese State before being 
hired the Lumberjacks. Stephen 
F. Austin has won three of the 
last four between the two. The 
Lumberjacks' 26-point win last 
season stopped a string of three 
games in which the final margin 
was less than a touchdown. 
McNeese leads the Southland in 
rushing offense (229.25 yards 
per game) and is second in 
passing efficiency (126.28 
rating), giving the Cowboys the 
best overall offense (466.75). 
McNeese averages 67.5 yards 
per game more than 
Northwestern State, which ranks 
second in the Southland. Two of 
the top four running backs in the 
League square off in this contest, 
McNeese junior Jessie Burton 
and SFA senior Derrick 

The Current Sauce 

Game week 2 Northwestern State Demons V Troy State Trojans 

Troy State and NSU ready to 
rumble; Who's gonna win, check 
out the Prediction Station 

By Rondray Hill 

The fun and games are over, 
it's time to get down to business. 

Conference play begins in 
most conferences, including 
the Southland. That means no 
more big blowouts of D-II 
schools, no more big paydays 
against big-time Division-I 
programs. The important 
games get underway this 
weekend, and what a way to 
open up the conference 
schedule with the defending 
conference champs, Troy 

So beginning this week 
my weekly column will 
transform into the "Prediction 
Station," where I will break 
down the two teams, provide 
an insight, possible strategy 
and give you my predictions 
as to who will win. These 
predictions will be, in my 
opinion, honest and fair and 
will hold no biases. So lets get 

The Teams: If there were 
two teams that were almost 
mirror images of each other, these 
two would be a good example of 
it. Both teams have high-profile 
running backs, Tony Taylor for 
NSU and Demon tray Carter of 
Troy State. Troy State QB Brock 
Nutter is first in the conference in 
passing average, while Ben Beach 
is third. Both teams' rushing 
defense are solid, with Troy State 
giving up only 88 yards a game 
while NSU gives up only 104 
yards a game. Mark my words, the 
winner of this game will find a 
way to run the ball and open up 
the play-action pass for their 

Offense: Will the real 
Demon offense please stand up? 
In the two home wins, the Demon 
offense has been superb; 620 

yards last week, 15-22 passing for 
Beach last week. A great offensive 
game. Against Central Florida, oh 
boy. In the 1st half against 
Louisiana-Lafayette, nothing. The 

NSU Demons v Troy State 
Saturday, Oct. 7- 6 p.m. 

The Series: Troy State leads the 
series 9-3. Troy State is 4-1 over the 
last five years against NSU, 
including a 24-21 win last year 

The Demons win if... they get an 
offensive output like they did last 
week and don't make any mistakes, 
because the Trojans will capitalize 
on any Demon turnovers. 

Gametime Weather: Football 
weather! Highs Saturday will only 
reach the low 60's, with gametime 
temps in the 50's. Bring a jacket. 

-provided by 

offense will have to come out 
swinging and never let up in this 

Defense: I already mentioned 
the rushing defenses both these 
teams have. When two teams with 
run games as good as both these 
teams have, somebody's defense 
is going to wear down first. This 
game may be decided on who's 
offense can stay on the field long 
enough a wear down the other 
defense. Troy State's secondary 
may have problems if T.J. 
Sutherland and the Demon 
receiving copr can get some 
catches early in the game. 

Special Teams: When 
Demon Punt Returner Terrance 
McGee ran his second punt return 
back for a touchdown against 

Louisiana-Lafayette, I made a 
prediction that McGee would 
never see a punt kicked to him in 
conference play, and if he did, it 
would be by accident. We'll see 
how true my prediction 
will be. But let's talk 
about the Demon kicking 
game! I'm excited at the 
prospect of having the 
possibility of being able 
to score at least three 
points if need be. The 
Demons may need them 
because Troy State's 
punter, Matt Allen, is 1 1th 
in the country and he may 
have the Demons starting 
deep in their own 

Intangibles: Even 
though this game is being 
played at home, I hate to 
say it, but I don't think the 
crowd will be a factor. 
Maybe the Demon 
faithful can prove me 
wrong, but in a game like 
this, you've got to have 
good crowd support. And 
judging by the golf claps I 
heard when Beach hit Sutherland 
for a 82-yard TD pass last week, I 
don't think the crowd is ready for 
such a challenge this week. 

The Prediction: Both teams 
want something to prove, both 
teams want to open up the 
conference with a win. But the 
one thing that will decide this 
game is that Troy State lost it's 
No. 1 ranking last week and are 
ticked off. And the last team you 
want play is one that is loaded 
with talent and, worst of all, 
angry. I also think that the home 
crowd wont make enough noise to 
keep the Trojans off balance. The 
Demons keep it close, but... 


Trojan QB 
Brock Nutter 

The Demon Files 

Subject: Troy State Trojans 

Offense: Troy State has a dynamic one-two combo of All- SLC QB 
Brock Nutter and Auburn transfer HB Demon tray Carter. 

Defense: The Trojan run defense is 10th in the nation, giving up only 88 
yards per game, including holding Tony Taylor to 43 yards rushing last year. 



If you were unable to pick up your yearbook last semester, the 
Potpourri will hand them out at the end of this week. Anyone 
who has paid student association fees can pick up a yearbook 
October 4-6 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. in room 225 Kyser Hall. 


Faculty pictures for the 2001 Potpourri will be taken October 17- 
19 from 8a.m. until 4 p.m. in room 113 of Kyser Hall. 


Organizational pictures for the 2001 Potpourri will be taken 
October 16-18 from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Magale Recital Hall. 
Check next week's Current Sauce for a detailed schedule. 

Hair Gallery 

NSU Students!! 

"Discounts" on all Guy's Hair Color for 
Sept. through Oct 5 

Products Offered: 

Joico, Amplify, Logics, kms, Rusk, Redkew, tex, Biologe Bed- 
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The/ Warhy Hour Salon) 

Complete College Skci Package . 

includes S nights iodgirt g, 4 day lift: ^ ""b ^"""S^— ^ 

pass, «J r>< 1 Exclusive(<nyp|) tvents. + To >e &. Sg r vie i=- 



Page 8 

The Current Sauce 

October 5, 2000 

The Human Mistake: Part Four 

God's little hood ornament 
Sauce transmitter 

The following is part four of an 
ongoing series of articles by a 
student at the University. 

Warning: This deals with 
sensitive material. Reader 
Discretion is advised. 


was the six-o-clock news 

waiting to happen. 

As expected, the little 
psychotic kid who tried to kill 
himself was welcomed back into 
the middle school with open 
arms. I felt like a walking 
target. Kids suck. 

I felt like I had no 
friends. I wore black and 
hung out with myself. The 
drugs I was on kept me 
from ever caring enough 
about anything to do 
anything at all. 

Back in school I 
would fantasize constantly 
about large explosions 
destroying sensitive areas 
of my school. In my head, 
I was torturing the kid 
standing in front of me 
yelling insults. 

I spoke maybe two words a 
day to my overworked, constantly 
depressed mother, and the 
relationship with my father was 
nonexistent when we weren't 
trying to tear each other's throats 

I did no schoolwork. 1 paid 
attention to nobody. I hated every 
body. I also spent alot of time by 
myself learning how to make pipe 

In class, I would try to plan 
where the bombs would have to 
go to kill the most people. I 
wanted on alternating days to die 
or to kill everybody else. 
I was going to a 

psychologist at this time. You 
would think that a psychologist 
would be able to pick up on 
warning signs of such unstable 
behavior. A kid this unhappy 
who was constantly fantasizing 
about the death of all around him 
should set off warning bells in 
someone trained in the study of 
the human mind. 

But, being the crafty little 
monster that I was, I found a way 
around my psychologist's Wiley 

I lied to him. He believed 
me. Like the teacher who said 
they could tell if you have 

"/ was not an angel by any means 

cheated, he had no idea that 
everything I said to him was in 
no way the truth about anything. 

A typical exchange went 
something like this: 
Man in Coat (MAC) So... 
(Long Pause) How are you doing 

Me (ME) Fine... (Long Pause) 
MAC: Is something wrong? 
Me: No, not really. 
MAC: How is school going for 

Me: Oh, fine. 

MAC: Are you and your father 
doing ok? 

Me: (sad look) As good as can 
be expected. 

MAC: What does that mean? 
Me: Well, (pause) He gets so 
mad. (sniff) and I don't 
understand why. I love 
him (tear), but he just doesn't 
understand and yells and stuff 

MAC: I see. (pause) Well go 
into the waiting room, and I am 
going to talk to your father for a 

Me: Ok (sniffle sniffle). 

I'd wait, and when they 
would call me back in, my father 
would look really guilty and 
apologize. I'd forgive, and we'd 
go home and be utter jerks to one 
another for a week, and 
this process would happen 

I was not an angel by 
any means. I knew what 
buttons would push my 
father, and I'd push them. I 
would do everything I could 
to drive him into a furious 
anger and then be as 
innocent as possible when 
he would explode. Any 
situation that could have 
been resolved peacefully, I 
made sure became a riot. 

At the end of every 
week, my dad was 
apologizing to me at the doctor's 
office and trying to reach the 
back seat of the car screaming on 
the way home. 

I was a terrible child to my 

I kept taking the drugs. 
They did not keep me sane. They 
just kept me from actually 
attempting any of the fantasies in 
my head. 

Till the end of my 8th grade 
year I stayed quiet and almost 
failed all of my classes. But, I 
made it through, and by the time I 
got to high school, I was so 
vulnerable I was ready to join any 
group that would take me in. 

Readers Note: The opinions 
expressed on this page are not 
shared by the entire Current 
Sauce staff. The staff does not 
endorse any opinion presented 
on the opinions page. 

All letters submitted to the 
paper must include the writer's 
name, unless approved by 
Sauce staff. You can submit 
articles by sending them to or 
stop by the office located in 

225 Kyser Hall. 

I would like to thank those who 
have written in. Your support 
is appreciated. 

Mary Freeman, 
Opinions Editor 

The good, the bad, and the Ugly Po 

with Josh Beavers 

Four votes. Four measly, 

insignificant votes is all that 
came between two people and a 
victory last week in the fall 
2000 election runoffs. 

Mark Bulot beat JaJuan 
Allen by three to be named Mr. 
NSU, and Brian Wilkinson won 
by a single vote over Stacey 
Cosby to claim a SGA 
sophomore senator position. 
That is all. 

One vote. Three votes. 

All it took for Cosby to win 
was two more people to come 
by for five seconds and flip the 
switch under her name. 

Allen would be Mr. NSU if 
six people came by. I am sure 
that the two winners are happy 
that those people did not come 
by, but let's just stop for a 
second and think about this. 
People say their vote doesn't 
matter. This proves them wrong. 

While this case does not 
especially apply to the real 
politics of this country, you 
must understand my point. 
Every vote does count. 

Everyone who is a citizen 
of this country and is of legal 
age needs to vote. If you are 
unhappy with the current way 
things are going in the world, go 
vote. Nothing will ever change 
if no one votes. Don't leave it 
up to the people around you to 
decide the course of things to 

Step up and take advantage 
of the opportunity to pick your 

I will admit that I am not 
especially political savvy. I 
don't follow the scene like some 
people do nor do I love getting 
into heated political debates 
with those who do. To be 
honest, I don't even love 
Politically Incorrect; frankly it 
and it's host get on my last 
nerve. But I do know what I 
want, and I am savvy enough to 
pick the candidate that has the 

best chance of giving me that. 

The point I am trying to 
make is that you don't have to 
know where everyone stands on 
every issue to know politics. 
Those who love the 
maneuvering of our political 
system may look at less 
knowledgeable individuals in 
disbelief and disdain. 

"You don't know where 
Bush stands on abortion? You 
are dumb oaf and unfit to live." 

Pay no attention to them. 
They think they are better than 
you, but they are not. Just 
because they can ramble on and 
on about issues and candidates 
doesn't mean a thing. 

They have a self important 
air about them that usually is 
unfounded. Do not let anyone 
discourage you if you want to 

Even if you don't vote in 
real elections, at least take the 
time out of your lives to go by 
twice a year and vote in 
University elections. 

Only about 59c of the 
students at this University vote. 
That means 95% of the students 
here do not vote. This is a 
staggering number even in this 
day and age of political apathy. 

The highest turnout at the 
University was to vote for the 
IM referendum in 1998. That 
vote saw an unbelievable 11%. 

I know it will never happen 
but things will not change if 
people do not vote. It seems thai 
the only people who vote on 
this campus are Greeks. It 
would seem that way since 
almost every year, Greeks 
dominate the elections. 

If people do not vote, 
nothing will change. If 
everything is peachy in your 
life, then I guess you shouldn't 
vote. But even if you don't care 
about politics or who wins at 
Northwestern, look at it this 
way. If you don't like someone, 
vote against them. At least you 
will be voting, even if it is for 
the wrong reasons. 


Bv Rai 

Josh Beavers, Editor 
jbeavers3 1 6 @ 

RU-486 gets approval after years of late-term abortions 

Elona A. Boggs 

Opinions Columnist 

The Food and Drug 

Administration's approval of the 
RU-486 pill last week has 
heightened the debate on the 
abortion issue. 

The pill, used in France for 
more than a decade, is the only 
non-surgical form of abortion 
available. It has earned notoriety 
because of its elimination of 
most late-term abortions. 

In 1996, the FDA deemed it 
a safe and effective means of 

abortion. Four years and 
thousands of unnecessary late- 
term abortions later, the FDA has 
given its 
stamp of 

comes in an 
ideal time for 

candidates, sparking arguments 
on both sides of the forum. Gore 
supports the usage of RU-486, 
and Bush opposes it. The drug's 
release will be available on the 

markets in late November, 
around election time. 

With the release, the FDA 

Four years and thousands of unnecessary 
late-term abortions later, the FDA has given 
its stamp of approval. 

has provided a couple of 
regulatory conditions. 

The pill must be used within 
the first seven weeks of 
pregnancy before a fetus is 

viable. Also, the drug can only be 
administered by surgeons in case 
any complications occur which 
RU-486 will 
have an effect on 

our society in 

which no one, 
the FDA or presidential 
candidates, can predict. 

Abortions will be more 
private and less costly. In 
addition, women that choose the 

RU-486 method will not face the 
same health consequences 
presented by surgical abortion. 

Without regulation, these 
facts could lead to the abuse of 
the capabilities of RU-486. In 
my opinion, the FDA should 
make limitations on usage. 

Abortion is an inevitable fact. 
Even though the effects of RU- 
486 remain unseen, one thing is 
certain. Because of this pill, there 
will be fewer late-term abortions. 
That is an indisputable 
improvement whether you are 
pro-choice or pro-life. 

Tony Blanco & Larry Soileau's: Null Hypothesis 

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2nd Class Periodical 
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Sauce I 

and pc 
will be 
the Ir 
Depart 1 
of Joun 
said Stc 
about c 
her, T 
very ha 
great d< 
and his 
a valual 
asset fo 
TV Stu 
142. Al 
are askt 
and s 
on the 
raise av 
and inf 
how to 
on CW 
major n 

error" i 

irom s< 
gauge p 
Where h 
Ind ini 

Hews s 
lim as 
and wrii 
Biost rei 

our in 
s igma I 
*nd otli 

The Current Sauce 

» » u. 

October 12. 2000 

Northwestern State U n i v e r s it y - Nat chitoches, Louisiana 

y Political 
analyst to 
speak at 


ity vote, 

i a 

i in this 
: at the 
for the 
. That 
le 11%. 
r happen, 
ge if 
iems tha 
te on 
. It 

Bv Randall S. Frederick 

Sauce Reporter 




jn't care 
ins at 
: this 
:ast you 
t is for 





On Tuesday, political analyst 
and pollster Elliot Stonecipher 
will be a guest speaker at the 

The forum is sponsored by 
the International Radio and 
Television Society (IRTS) and the 
Northwestern Journalism 

Stonecipher's presence was 
requested by Assistant Professor 
of Journalism Mary Brocato. who 
said Stonecipher was very excited 
about coming to NSU, and told 
her, "I've never turned down an 
invitation to speak at a college or 
university, and so, yes, I'll be 
very happy to-come." 

Right now, Stonecipher is in 
great demand all over the South, 
and his appearance on campus is 
a valuable, exciting and fortunate 
asset for students and faculty. 

The forum will be held on 
Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 5 p.m. in the 
TV Studio of Kyser Hall, room 
142. All students of every major 
are asked to attend, ask questions 
and share in the learning 

His topic Tuesday will be 
Political Polls: Are They the 
loa] Answer?" He will be 
lolding an open forum for all 
students and Natchitoches 
residents, speaking on the 
elections and making predictions 
on the outcome of the Nov. 7th 
residential election. 

His speech is intended to 
raise awareness of the candidates 
and inform the audience about 
low to interpret, analyze and 
Idissect the ever increasing polls 
on CNN, CSPAN and every other 
major news source. 

A question and answer 
session will be held with the 
audience, where he is expected to 
explain what the "margin of 
error" is and how it relates to 
andslide victories and surprise 

Stonecipher is nationally 
mown for his experience in the 
field of politics. He has 
conducted over 200 polls ranging 
from school board elections to 
presidential elections and tested 
marketing responses for major 
Corporations and educational 
Institutions around the state to 
gauge public response. 

He also serves as a part-time 
professor at Centenary College, 
Wiere he speaks on the analyzing 
tad interpretation of political 

In addition, the television 
lews station KSLA and The 
mreveport Times frequently have 
lim as a featured commentator 
and writer during election season, 
most recently in previous weeks. 


sk for 

iffice is 
of Kyser 
3i8) 357- 
nail The 
d change 




Midterm Blues 

Midterms are due out next week and many Students will be faced with the choice of dropping a class 
or toughing it out the rest of the semester. Two offices at the University are here to help. Dropping is not the only solution and 
the offices of Student Support Sendees and Academic Advising can work with students to determine the best course of action. 
They offer a variety of services, such as tutoring as seen in the above picture. 

Two offices on campus designed 
to help students seek solutions 
for difficult decisions 

Midterms are a stressful time 
for students. Once all the tests are 
over, a tough decision has to be 
made. Should the student tough 
out the rest of the semester in a 
class or make a trip to the 
registrar's office and drop? 

Luckily, students of 
Northwestern have people to help 
them make this decision. Two 
University offices are here for the 
sole purpose of helping students 
decide what to do next. 

The Office of Academic 
Advising and the Office of 
Student Support Services are both 
located on the second floor of 
Kyser Hall and specialize in 
helping students come to a 

Student Support Services is 
not available for everyone, 
however. The office operates 
from a federal grant, and only 
students who are first generation 
in college and meet an income 
criteria set by the U.S. 
Department of education have 
access to the services. The income 
level is at about 150 percent of the 
poverty level. 

"Many of our students qualify 

on both counts, but we can't serve 
them all," Director of Student 
Support Services Don Barker 
said. "We're only given the 
resources to serve 350 students." 

The office offers tutoring in 
most core curriculum areas and a 
few major classes such as 
accounting and nursing. They also 
provide academic advising, 
personal and social counseling, 
academic instructions and major 
career counseling. They have 
three counselors on the 
Natchitoches campus and one in 

"We have a lot to offer," 
Barker said. "Unfortunately, we 
are a very limited program as far 
as the number of students we can 

Barker recommends all 
students who need help and do not 
meet the qualifications go down 
the hall from his office to the 
Office of Academic Advising 

"That's where students who 
have decided to stay in a class but 
are struggling should go to seek 
help." Barker said. 

The Academic Advising 
Office offers many of the same 

While there are many University programs to aid students, 
officials say the only true way a person can improve is 
through themselves. Going to class regularly and studying is 

the key to good grades. 

services Student Support Services 
does but is open to all students 
and has 15 tutors and three 
counselors to aid students with 
their midterm decisions. 

"Students certainly can 
improve," Coordinator of 
Academic Advising Christie 
Anderson said. "Midterm grades 
are not final and just because a 
student has an F does not mean 
they should drop the class." 

She believes that students can 
judge whether or not they should 

"Midterms are not a magic 
warning system," she said. "A 
student can have an A at midterm 
and still fail the class." 

Anderson believes that a 
student should talk to their 
instructor about the problems and 
see if there is anything that can be 
done to pull the grade up. She also 
recommends talking to an advisor. 

"That is what they are there 
for," she said. "Advisors can help 
you find tutors and help in other 

Despite all the services 
offered to students, Anderson says 
it is ultimately up to the student to 
determine what to do. 

"I do recommend dropping if 
the student sees no other way 
out," she said. "But I think they 
should exhaust all other options 







By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

All of the University's 
degree programs have been 
accredited except for the 
Electrical Engineering Associate 
and Bachelor of Science degree, 
but that should soon change. 

The Electrical Engineering 
Technology, EET, department, 
actually grew out of the 
Industrial Technology degree 
program, which has been 
accredited for years under the 
NAIT. National Association of 
Industrial Technology. 

When EET branched off 
into its own program, it became 
necessary to meet accreditation 
requirements of the ABET, 
Accreditation Board for 
Electrical Engineering and 

The department must meet 
very specific criteria laid out by 
the Board of Regents and ABET 
to be accredited. First of all, the 
courses and computer labs must 
be conducive to the one set forth 
by these boards. Also, the 
faculty must have certain 
degrees and training. 

A specified number of 
students must be enrolled to 
show the program is getting 
support in the location, and 
support services must be 
available for these students. This 
requires the library to have 
reference materials for studying 
out of class, scholarships must 
be available, and the 
administration must be 
supportive of the program. 

Graduates from the program 
must be watched to see if they 
have succeeded after graduating. 
The department must also have 
set goals for itself and be under 
constant improvement. 

"The process is hard but 
good for us. You wind up getting 
the benefit of other's 
experience," said Thomas Paul, 
director of the Industrial 
Technology department. 

The EET program began to 
undergo the accreditation 
improvements in 1996. Even so, 
the department must have 
students graduate under the new 
curriculum, which takes a 
minimum of four years. Soon, 
though, on Oct. 22-24 an 
accreditation team will come to 
inspect the department. 

"I feel real confidant that 
we've got what we need," says 

The department will be 
given the thumbs up or thumbs 
down in July 2001. 

The ideal accreditation for 
the program would be for at 
least six years. 

Four arrested in connection with break in 

Bv Raymond Williams 

''our individuals 
*igma Fraternity 
a nd other items. 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

have been arrested with the break in that occurred last month at the Kappa 
House, the front door had to be replaced, as well as, windows, a ceiling fan 
The total damage came to almost $7,000. 

Sauce Reporter 

Two university students and two non-students 
were arrested after a month-long investigation of the 
damaging of the Kappa Sigma's fraternity house. 

University students, Cedric Miller and Jacob Price 
were charged with Simple Criminal Damage to 
Property along with Dant'e Johnson and Antoinya 

University Police reported that the incident began 
off campus at a local bar. 

There a group of individuals allegedly had several 
fights with Kappa Sigma members. According to the 
report, alcohol contributed heavily to the altercations. 

According to police documents, a large crowd 
gathered at the Kappa Sigma house, which is located 
adjacent to Prather Coliseum. Several people entered 

the fraternity house after failing to get a response from 
residents. They proceeded to break up the house, 
which resulted in interior and exterior damage. The 
estimated total of damages is almost $7, 000. 

Lee Posey, Kappa Sigma alumnus, said the front 
door had to be replaced, as well as, windows, a ceiling 
fan and other items. 

"Obviously, we don't care for these things to 
happen." Posey said. "We don't want anyone doing 
that to anybody's house." 

University police had withheld information about 
this incident since its occurrence in September. The 
department felt that premature information could spoil 
the month long investigation, which resulted in the 
arrest of the four individuals. 

According to University Police, the investigation 
is still "on-going and can result in the issuance of 
more arrest warrants." 

Page 2 

The Current Sauce October 12, 2000 

Officials make plans to increase dorm safety 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 

A bill was opened last week for a vendor to come and rewire all of the exit 
doors in the dorms to increase safety. The current card reader system is old 
and in need of repair according to Housing Director Woody Blair. 

By Heather Patton 

Sauce Reporter 

Dorm security and safety 
appears to be improving according 
to some University officials. 

Woody Blair, director of 
student housing, said even though 
violence is more common today, 
people are more prepared now 
than in the past. 

"We're more aware of the 
dangers now. First, hopefully your 
residents are looking out for each 
other. Secondly, there is more 
technology to keep students safer. 
Residents have to secure safety 
and be aware of who's on their 
floor. You should know your 
neighbors," Blair said. "Now, we 
have residence hall councils up 
and running, and we're getting 
them to work on that. We have 
staff in the hall from noon to 6 

a.m., so someone's on the floor 18 
hours a day." 

Blair said the use of card access 
and cameras will make residence 
halls more secure. Blair also said 
that a bill was opened last week 
for a vendor to come and rewire all 
of the exit doors in the dorms. 

"Some have worn out and some 
are old," Blair said. "The first 
phase of security will be the one- 
card system. Students will get to 
use their school ID like a debit 

"For example, when you get 
here, you wouldn't have to change 
banks. You could just use your 
card, and it would take it directly 
from the bank you use now," Blair 

Blair suggests that students 
make a list of their valuables and 
their serial numbers. Blair also 
said for students to check with 

Group aware of breast cancer risks 

October is National Breast 
Cancer Awareness Month and a 
group at Northwestern State 
University will be working to get 
out the message about early 
detection of the disease. 

The Community Wellness 
Project at NSU is heading an effort 
to inform students at Northwestern 
and Natchitoches-area residents 
what they can do to fight breast 
cancer. The project is headed by 
Patrice Moulton, head of the 
Department of Psychology at 
NSU, Professor of Health and 
Human Performance Michael 
Moulton, and graduate students 
Jamie Anding of Natchitoches and 
Amanda Owen of Ruston. 

Other Breast Cancer 
Awareness Team Members are 
Susan Barnett, Catherine Hansen, 
Virginia Cecchini, Cynthia 
Lindsey, Susan White, Patricia 
Pierson, Rebecca Boone, Vicki 
Parrish, Claudia Triche and Linda 

Also volunteering for the 

project are Darlene Williams, Ina 
Agnew, Reatha Cox, Wendy 
Schuller, Katy Hall, Sally Hunt, 
Gillian Rudd, Penny Simpson,. 
Norann Planchock, Jean Martin, 
Barbara Duchardt, Virginia 
Crossno, Tammie Pezant, Frances 
Conine and Tara Gallien. 

"We believe that these people 
will be very effective in getting the 
word out in the community," said 
Anding. "These people are well 
known and are effective 
communicators. This program 
should be quite successful." 

According to the American 
Cancer Society, breast cancer is 
the leading cancer diagnosed in 
America. This year, more than 
175,000 women will learn they 
have the disease, and more than 
43,000 women will die from 
breast cancer. 

The American Cancer Society 
recommends that women perform 
breast self-exams each month. 
Women age 20 to 39 should have a 
clinical breast exam by a health 

care provider at least every three 
years. In addition to monthly 
breast self-exams, women age 40 
and over should have a clinical 
breast exam by a health care 
provider each year and have an 
annual mammogram. 

Most women who get breast 
cancer have no family history of 
the disease or other risk factors. 
Breast cancer can occur at any 
age, but it becomes more common 
as a woman gets older. There is a 
slightly higher risk for women 
whose mothers or sisters had 
breast cancer, women who have 
never had children and women 
who had their first child after age 

"It's important to get that 
message out to women about 
prevention," said Schuller, the 
associate women's basketball 
coach at NSU. "I'll be talking to 
women athletes. And women 
athletes think they are invincible, 
this disease couldn't happen to 
them. They need to be aware of, 

"If women can hear 
this message and go 
back and tell their 
sisters, mother or 
grandmother, the 
effort will be 

Wendy Schuller, 
associate women's basketball coach 

breast cancer. 

"If women can hear this 
message and go back and tell their 
sisters, mother or grandmother, the 
effort will be worthwhile." 

For more information, contact 
the NSU Department of 
Psychology at (318) 357-6594. 

CIS teacher awarded Bell South Professorship 

When Lissa Pollacia, an 
associate professor of Computer 
Information Systems at 
Northwestern State University, 
taught her first course via the 
Internet in 1996, it was to a 
group of students with little or no 
knowledge about the Internet. 

"My thinking was, what 
better way to teach the Internet 
than to utilize the Internet," she 

Pollacia, who was one of the 
first faculty members at NSU to 
teach an undergraduate course 
entirely online, is the first 
recipient of the Bell South 
Endowed Professorship in 
Telecommunications. Her 
Internet course, "Understanding 
and Utilizing the Internet," was 
the first online course accepted 
by the Southern Region 
Electronic Campus from the state 
of Louisiana. 

Pollacia, a native of Lake 
Charles, has been on NSU's 
faculty for 13 years. She earned 
her bachelor of science in 
mathematics education and her 
master of science in mathematics 
from Northwestern. She earned 
her master of science in 
computer science and her 
doctorate in computer science 
from the University of 
Southwestern Louisiana. 

She was the principal 
investigator for a Board of 
Regents grant for training in the 
theory and practi.ce of online 

education. The grant "Creating 
Global Classrooms via Internet 
Technology" provided both 
equipment and training to 
expand online offerings to 
include other computer courses 
and a mathematics course. 

Pollacia is considered by her 
colleagues to be a leader in the 
area of "E-learning." She has 
given workshops on converting 
curriculum to online format and 
was one of the principal authors 
of NSU's E-Learning policies. 

In 1996, Pollacia was named 
the recipient of the Mildred Hart 
Bailey Research Award at 
Northwestern for her 
development of a new, 
innovative method for modeling 
simulation software while it is in 
the specification and design 

She has done extensive 
research in the field of E- 
learning and has made 
presentations at conferences 
throughout the United States. 
She will present a paper at the 
International Association of 

Computer Information Systems 
conference in Las Vegas in 

Pollacia plans to do further 
research into the effective 
practices of electronic learning. 
She will examine characteristics 
of successful online students, 
compare Northwestern's current 
electronic learning courses in 
CIS and Office Information 
Technology with other similar 
programs throughout the United 
States and investigate and 
determine what kinds of 
activities best enhance student 
learning in the virtual classroom. 

She also feels that the best 
way to reach the students of 
Louisiana is to train the public 
school teachers on the latest use 
of technology in the classroom. 
By providing basic Internet 
training (via the online Internet 
course) to K-12 public school 
teachers in northwest and central 

teachers will be exposed to the 
educational uses of the latest 


The Bell South Endowed 
Professorship in 
Telecommunications was 
established in 1998. Bell South 
donated $60,000, which was 
matched with $40,000 from the 
Board of Regents' Support Fund. 
When the professorship was 
established, Herschel Abbott, 
president of Bell South's 
Louisiana operations said the 
professorship would mesh with 
the company's goal of utilizing 
telecommunications technology 
to bring about change in the 
state's educational system. 

Northwestern has taken a 
leadership role among state 
institutions in using the Internet 
to deliver instruction. This fall, 
75 classes are being taught via 
the Internet, compressed video 
and desktop video. The 
University currently offers one 
degree through the Internet and 
plans to offer five new degrees 

their parents to make sure they are 
covered on their homeowner 
insurance. If not. students can 
always purchase renter's 

Detective Doug Prescott of the 
University police said that 
students should be more careful of 
who they trust. 

"You can't trust anybody 
completely," Prescott said. "You 
may know someone all your life 
and still be the victim of a theft." 

Prescott advises students to keep 
themselves safe. He suggests 
purchasing a personal alarm, 
which is $54 on average. 

"For co-ed dorms, you should 
remember that males will be in the 
halls," Prescott said. "Don't go 
through the stairwells alone. I 
don't encourage anyone to be out 
alone at night. Tell your roommate 
where you're going when you 
leave, even if you go out to your 
car for a minute." 

Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members.The first informational 
meeting will be held behind Watson Library. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, 
call Cesar Isguitt, at 354-6483. 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs they are 
undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your free scantrons, every 
Monday from 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 of the Student Union. You will need 
a student l.D. to take advantage. Also, check out the Book Swap Board while you 
are there and see if someone has a book you need at a cheaper rate. 


The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to know about a new 
service that could help them in their educational growth. For more information, 
check with the circulation department. 


Students can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister Foundation (between 
Magee's and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday from 1 1 :30 until 1 :00. The first visit is free 
and $1 each time thereafter. Worship services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each 


College Democrats would like inform students of their informational meetings 
every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 221 of the Student Union. 


Meetings are held every Wednesday at noon in room 224 of Russell Hall. All 
majors welcome. 


NSU's environmental issues and awareness organization, would like to announce 
Well Woods Cleanup this Saturday. Meet in front of Morrison Hall at 9:45 a.m. 
Also, weekly meetings are Mondays at 8 p.m. in Boozman Dorm. All interested 
are invited to attend. 


The SGA has 7 Senator at Large and 1 Senior Class Senator positions open. 
Applications can be picked up in room 222 of the student union and returned 10 
the same room when completed. For more information call 357-4501. 

jf you! re facing an 
junpianned pregnancy, 
call Volunteers of 
America. We'll help 
you make a loving 
choice. ..for you, and 
your baby. 



of America* 

Central Louisiana 


24-Hour Helpline 

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit. United Way agency 
serving north ami central Louisiana. Pregnancy counseling 
services are confidential and free of charge. 

Beaudion's Pizza Pub 

302 Hwy 1 South 

Free Delivery 
Lunch Buffet M-F 8c Sunday 

Check out our menu 


A<>k About Ova 




•iSikKaoon On M A£t*n 
♦ AM StrxK** frm 
* Gout>M*<nf 
« Strictly Co**Nnwty 

osyfe^yi 1 south 

ef»te«f m mm w*M"t. M state* m 

Students in Free 

Republican \/s. fcewocrat fcefcate 

Finance Cfcafman of IA 
Mifce Woods 
fxecotVe Wrector of t>e^ocrat7c Pary of LA 

TVey Our so 

Oc+ofrer Russell Hall Auditorium 

Mafce a Difference Week!!! 

I — 


October 12, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

Archaeology students get high-tech to uncover past 

A group of archaeology 
students at Northwestern State 
University will get to dig into 
some of this area's past this 

But instead of just using picks 
and shovels, these students will 
get to use some high-tech tools to 
uncover the past. 

The students will be working 
in an archaeological field school at 
Fort Jesup near Many. They will 
be instructed by Tommy Hailey, 
'the Clyde Bostick Professor of 
Social Sciences at NSU. 

Students in the course 
(Anthropology 4110) are Brian 
Cable of Leesville and Scott Fans 
of New Llano, Scott DeBose of 
Many, Kaitlin Deslatte of 
Centerville, Dustin Fuqua and 
Caleb Johnson of Marksville, 
Heather Jarrell of Pineville, 
Richard Holloway of Alexandria, 
Jonathan Stark of Sugartown and 

Jill Manning of 
Garland, Texas. 

After the 
boundary between 
La. and Texas was 

fixed at the don't get to learn how to use it." 

Sabine River by 
the Florida 
Purchase Treaty 
of 1819, the 

United States — — — — — — — — — — ■ — — — 

"Having this equipment available for our students 
will help them a great deal. At other schools, 
undergraduates may see this equipment but they 

Tommy Hailey, 
Professor of Social Sciences 

built Fort Jesup in 1822. Lt. Col. 
Zachary Taylor, a future U.S. 
president, established and 
commanded the garrison. It was 
originally called Cantonment 
Jesup in honor of Taylor's good 
friend Brigadier General Thomas 
Sidney Jesup. 

Taylor's troops managed to 
establish law and order in the area, 
and Fort Jesup remained an 
important military post for nearly 
25 years. The fort was abandoned 

in 1846 when it was no longer 
needed as a border outpost. 

The fort is a State Historic 
Site. Fort Jesup is a National 
Historic Landmark and is listed on 
the National Register of Historic 

According to Hailey, the 
objective of the field school is to 
define the boundaries of the fort. 
He said there are three historic 
maps of the site, but they don't 
quite match up. The maps show 

Students pleased with campus 

Survey says parking is biggest complaint 

By Windy S. La'Borde 

Sauce Reporter 

The Board of Regents conducts a survey, the 
ACT Student Opinion Survey, at the end of every 
semester to rate the University on certain areas, and 
the official results are in. Students reveal how they 
feel about faculty, buildings and teachers. 

Overall and with the exception of parking, 
Northwestern's facilities scored relatively high. The 
results show that 41.6% were very dissatisfied while 
i9A% were dissatisfied. On the other hand, 
professor's attitude towards students gained 66.9% of 
dtudent approval. Also, 77% were satisfied with the 
preparation received for future occupations. 
Classroom facilities received an approval ranking of 
69.9% and buildings 61%. The college as a whole 
ivas given a 74.6% thumbs up by students. 

In comparison, Louisiana Tech University's 
larking rated 42.3% very dissatisfied and 30.7% 

Survey Results 

41.6% very dissatisfied with parking 
29.4% dissatisfied with parking 
77% satisfied with preparation received 

for future occupations. 
69.9% pleased with classroom facilities 

The college overall was given a 74.6% 
thumbs up by students. 

dissatisfied. They received 80% thumbs up on the 
college in general. 

Louisiana State University parking was at 29.5% 
very dissatisfied and 31.3 dissatisfied. 82.4% of the 
students were satisfied with the college overall. 



Why is TIAA-CREF the 
#1 choice nationwide? 


Year in and year out, employees at education and 
research institutions have turned to TIAA-CREF. 
And for good reasons: 

• Easy diversification among a range of expertly 
managed funds 

• A solid history of performance and exceptional 
personal service 

• A strong commitment to low expenses 

• Plus, a full range of flexible retirement income options 

For decades, TIAA-CREF has helped professors and staff 
at over 9,000 campuses across the country invest for — 
and enjoy— successful retirements. 

Choosing your retirement plan provider is simple. 
Go with the leader: TIAA-CREF. 


Investment Expertise 

Low Expenses 

Payment Options 

Expert Guidance 

■7EB Ensuring the future 
3n=B for those who shape it" 



for rore complete information on our securities products, please ca t 1.800.842.2733, ext. 5*0$ to request prospectuses. Read them ca*«> 
before you invest ♦ TtAA-CREf manual and mstituoonal Services, he distributes the CR£f and TIM Reai Estate vanabfe annurties. . Teachers 
Persona! investors Senses Inc. attributes the Personal Annuities variable annuity component, mutual funds and tuftort savings agreements. « 
TIM and HM-CW Lite hsurance Co., New York, NY, ssue insurance and armies. * Ti M-CREF J^«JfV. KB trust services 
investment products are not FOIC insured, may lose value and are not bank guaranteed. © 2000 TIM-CREF 0803 

many of the same buildings but 
not always in the same places. In 
some instances, a map will show 
buildings not shown on the other 

"We will use some of the 
latest high-tech equipment in the 
field school," said Hailey. "The 
fort goes a long way beyond the 
boundaries of the state 
commemorative area. We will use 
the equipment to find what is left 
of fort buildings outside the 

boundaries and get 
an idea what life was 
like at the 

With the 
assistance of the U.S. 
Forest Service and 
the Tunica-Biloxi 
tribe. NSU will be 
able to use ground 
penetrating radar, 
— — electromagnetic 
conductivity, cesium magnetometry 
and a Global Positioning Systems 
receiver at the site to find the 
remnants of buildings. Kent 
Schneider and Doug Luepke of the 
U.S. Forest Service have been on 
site at Fort Jesup to provide 
instruction about the equipment. 
Schneider is a remote sensing 
specialist and Luepke is a Global 
Positioning System specialist. 

"There may be no surface 
evidence of the buildings but there 

are stone foundations beneath the 
ground. We can pick up on those," 
said Hailey. "We hope to be able to 
find wells that were there as well 
as a cemetery that was at the post." 

Hailey said the high-tech 
equipment will be used to find the 
buildings before any digging is 
done. The equipment will allow 
the students to locate remnants 
more precisely. 

" Having this equipment 
available for our students will 
help them a great deal," said 
Hailey. "At other schools, 
undergraduates may see this 
equipment but they don't get 
to learn how to use it." 

Hailey said area landowners 
have been very cooperative in 
allowing students and researchers 
to do work on their property. He 
also singled out Park Manager 
Donna Spears for providing 

Political apathy at all time high 

By Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 

Political apathy is highly 
prevalent in young adult society. 
This is nothing new though, 
according to a university political 

"Teens don't think that it 
concerns them; most don't pay 
taxes and aren't bothered with 
worries about Social Security, 
Medicaid or Medicare," Alex 
Aichinger, professor of political 
science, said. 

The executive power shall be 
vested in a President of the United 
States of America. This is the 
sentence that begins the second 
article of the Constitution. 

When the men present at the 
Constitutional Convention 
decided to separate the 
government into three completely 
different branches, they chose one 
man to retain the power of the 
executive branch. 

When considering the power 
this office holds, one would think 
that the choosing of the person to 
fill it would be an extremely 
important decision. Yet, a poll 
taken by the U.S. Census shows 
only 32 percent of eligible 
eighteen to twenty-four year olds 
exercise their right to vote. 

A poll taken by UCLA found 
that freshman have the lowest 
levels of political interest. 

Only 26.7 percent reported 
that "keeping up to date with 
political affairs" is an important 
life goal. The poll says many 
students give the same excuses of 
why not to vote. The say things 
like: I'm too busy; I don't have 
time; it's not that important, and 
nothing I do will affect the race 
anyway. Many seem at odds with 
the way the government works. 

Those who understand it are 
influenced by the general attitude 
of pessimism concerning politics 
and government. Those who don't 

understand it are lost in a world of 
pork-barrel spending, a balanced 
budget and an ever elusive 

Yet, few people take the time 
to learn enough about it to make 
their own decision. However, 
efforts are being made to 
encourage young people to vote. 

Candidates in the upcoming 
presidential election have 
appeared on a variety of TV shows 
ranging from Oprah to MTV, and 
all have the intention of reaching 
America's youth. There is also an 
organization known as Rock the 
Vote which is aimed at increasing 
voter registration among young 
people. It's program, Rock the 
Nation, sponsors public service 
announcements featuring young 
people who are making a 
difference in their communities. 

These are just a few ways 
America is trying to end the 
growing apathy which seems to be 
so apparent in the youth of today. 

Service of* Remembrance and Hope 


Survivors of* Domestic Violence 

October 25, 2000 at 6:00 i». Nf. 
River Front Stage, Natchitoches, LA 

Sponsored by the YWCA Family Violence Program, Natchitoches Office 

Note: Everyone is asked to place a purple ribbon on their door / car in 
remembrance of victims of" family violence. 

IF it rains, the service will be moved to Immaculate Conception Church 
located at 613 Second Street, Natchitoches, LA. 

The Current 
Sauce is now on 
the internet* 

Check us out at 

Made possible by College Publisher Inc. 

The Current Sauce 

October 12, 2000 

SGA Senate Minutes for 10/9/2000 

SGA Minutes 10/9/00 


Ja'Juan Allen 
Leanna Anderson 
Chante Bellard 
Wayne Bush 
Vanessa Byrd 
Jonathan Chance 
Matthew Comeaux 
Andrew Davies 
Dustin Floyd 
Jack Givens 
Will Hooper 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Dustin Matthews 
Joni Naquin 
Jeremiah Newsom 
Jennifer Paul 
Shelly Smith 
Glenn Ward 
Brian Wilkinson 
John-Michael McConnell 


Amanda Barrios-excused 
Jessica Cramer-excused 
Kimberly Dickerson-excused 
Shaun Jackson-excused 
Paul Monteleone 
Justin Owen-excused 
Casey Ponder-excused 
Frank Toro 

Rusty Broussard-excused 
David Gunn-excused 

The meeting was called to 
order at 7:08pm. 

The prayer was led by 
Leanna Anderson. 

The pledge was led by 
Jeremiah Newsom. 

The 10/2 minutes were 
amended to include Jeremiah 
Newsom as present on the 

roll. The amended minutes 
were approved by general 

Executive Reports 

Association Fee budgets are 
to be approved in New 
Business. Fiscal Affairs 
reviewed Aviation 

money and recommend it to 
be approved in New Business. 
Fiscal Affairs also 
recommends that the Senate 
approve the money for 
Freshman Connection t-shirts. 
Fiscal Affairs will meet on 
Wednesdays at 3pm in the 
Conference Room. 
Broussard-attending COSBP 

President-David Gunn- 
attending COSBP conference. 


Academic Affairs- 
AndrewDavies reported for 
Amanda Barrios- 
Scantron Giveaway is 
on Monday from 11 am- lpm. 
This is going well, help if you 
can. Academic Affairs 
meetings are Wednesday at 

External Affairs-Andrew 
Davies-Meeting tomorrow at 
5:30pm. Working on 
Homecoming Float and 
Banner. Radio Show is 
Tuesdays 9am- 12pm. 

Club Sports-Matthew 
Comeaux-Meeting tomorrow 

at 4pm. Will be going through 
files. Received one response 
from Louisiana Tech in 
regards to the letter sent a few 
weeks ago. They have Rugby. 
Lacrosse, Swimming, and 
other teams. 

Organizational Grants 
Matthew Comeaux-Met last 
Monday after the meeting. 5 
organizations submitted a 
grant. 4 organizational grants 
with a maximum amount of 
$250 were approved by the 
committee and must be 
approved in New Business. 
One application from each of 
the following were approved: 
Scholars' College, Circle K, 
Alpha Phi Alpha, and Order 
of Omega. These are 
recommended to be approved 
by the Senate in New 

Internal Affairs- Vanessa 
Byrd-All Senators will be 
named on an application for a 
scholarship from a National 
Student Government 
Organization. Shaun Jackson 
has been recommended by 
Internal Affairs to be the 
September of the Month with 
approval of the Senate in New 
Business. Office hours this 
week were not good. Try to 
dobetter next week. Todd 
Yorehas officially resigned. 
Thefiling cabinet is being 
cleanedslowly. Senators 
should check their boxes 
more than once a 
week. Today we reviewed the 

Student Affairs- Justin 
Owen(not present)-no report. 

IM Policies & Procedures- 
Jeremiah Newsom and Casey 
Ponder(not present)-no 

SAB Non- Voting 
Representative-the Slamboree 

is the 26 tn . Varnado is having 
a door decorating contest. 
Miss Residential Life, a cross 
dressing contest for guys will 
be held soon. 

Class Council of 
Freshman Affairs- 
Dustin Floyd-doubled 
membership. Doing a lot of 
publicizing this week. 
Committee meetings are 
Wednesdays at 4pm, and the 
actual class council meetings 
are Thursdays at 6pm. 

Election Board- Joni 

by-weekly meetings,probably 
on Thursdays. We will discuss 
how effective the polls being 
in Iberville were. 

New Business 

John-Michael spoke about the 
Freshman Connection t-shirts. 
We should allot the full 
$5,000, but through bidding 
and SAB paying a portion, we 
will not actually spend that 
much. Fiscal Affairs is 
recommending that SGA 
approve this. 

Matthew Comeaux moved to 
approve the allocation of 
$5,000 to the purchase of 
Freshman Connection t-shirts. 
The motion was seconded. 
The motion was approved 19- 

John-Michael McConnell 
spoke about which budgets 
will be up for approval with 
Fiscal Affair's 
recommendation- Union 
Board Drama. Student Trust 
Fund. SGA. Rowing Team, 
Club Sports. Leisure 

Jeremiah Newsom moved 
to approve these budgets. The 
motion was seconded. 
The motion was approved 19- 

Vanessa Byrd spoke about 
Internal Affairs 
recommendation that Shaun 
Jackson be named September 
Senator of the Month. 
Matthew Comeaux moved 
that Shaun Jackson be named 
September Senator of the 
Month. The motion was 

The motion was approved 1 9- 

John Coco and Ben Cross 
from the 'Flying Demons' 
spoke about the money 
needed by the aviation team 
for their Wednesday 

Jeremiah moved that $5,025 
be allocated to cover the 
expenses incurred by the 
aviation conference. The 
motion was seconded. 
The motion was approved 1 9- 

Matthew Comeaux spoke 
concerning the 

Grants that were approved by 

the committee last Monday. 
Those approved were 
Louisiana Scholars' College 
for the purchase of a 
periodical subscription which 
will be put in the Library, 
Circle K for spaghetti which 
will be sold to raise money to 
prevent IDD. Alpha Phi Alpha 
for a Black and Gold Ball, 

the Order of Omega for their 

Greek Carnival. 

Matthew Comeaux moved to 

approve the Organizational 

Grants for $250 for the 

Louisiana Scholars' College, 

Circle K, Alpha Phi Alpha, 

and the Order of Omega. The 

motion was seconded. 

The motion was approved 1 9- 



Invitation from the African 
American Caucus for a 
fashion show to raise money 
for a Breast Cancer 
Foundation. It will be on the 

10 th at 7pm. 

Traffic Appeals will meet 
next Monday (16 tn ) at 2pm. 

Traffic and Parking will meet 
next Tuesday (17 tn ) at 2pm. 

Matthew Comeaux will write 
letters to organizations 
tomorrow to let the 
organizations know 
whether or not they have 
received their grants. 


this ye 

and u 
from ] 




will it ( 
the job, 
you an 

will b 

with Di 
first km 

he U.I 
those ol 
and act( 
In 1 
rom tl 
Dallas a 
the voi 

Now i§ t&e 



A.ppIication No-vv 

University Columns Apartments 
200 Tarlton Drive 
Natchitoches, LA 71457 

An Exclusive Student Community 

• On-site Maintenance Staff 

• Pool <& Hot tub 1 

• Free movie checkout 
• On-site laundry facilities w/change machine 

• Easy access to computer labs 

• Classes within walking distance 

• Free mailbox 
• Great Programs 

• Grill Pavillion w/free charcoal 

• Private bedrooms 
Never share a bathroom with more than one person 
• Open during semester and holiday breaks 







7. Com 


8. Comi 

9. Kit f> 

Editor fi 




11. Know 

Full hv 

11 Tax St 
□ Hj 

PS Forml 


October 12, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

Economy, stringent admissions may be behind lower college enrollments 

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A strong 
economy and higher admissions 
standards may be the reasons for a 
slight decline in the number of 
students enrolled in Louisiana's 
public colleges and universities 
this year. 

The number of students 
attending the state's 24 colleges 
land universities declined 1.100 
from 1999 to 2000, according to 
preliminary enrollment figures 
released by the state Board of 

The decline from 176,584 
students to 175,484 students 
represents a decrease of .6 
percent. The number of college 
students in Louisiana increased 
about that amount from 1998 to 

Joseph Savoie, state 
commissioner of higher 
education, described the 
enrollment as stable and said it 

was too soon to conclude why 
some schools recorded increases 
while others lost students. 

"It might be greater job 
opportunities in some areas or 
changing admissions 
requirements," Savoie said. 
"Some schools, for example, 
have gone to selective admissions. 
We also noticed enrollment 
increases in the new community 
colleges that are now providing 
educational opportunities in 
historically underserved areas." 

River Parishes Community 
College, which opened last year, 
has the smallest student body, but 
it registered the largest percentage 
increase. In 1999, 107 students 
were enrolled. This year, the 
enrollment stands at 296, a 176.6 
percent jump. 

Southern University in 
Shreveport, plagued by questions 
of mismanagement that forced its 

chancellor to resign last month, 
had the highest percentage loss of 
students, 11.2 percent. Enrollment 
dropped from 1,324 to 1,176. 

Louisiana State University 
lost 107 students this fall. The 
drop occurred mainly in graduate 
students and the freshman class, 
institutional research director 
Sandy Walker said. 

Walker attributed the decline 
in freshmen students to more 
stringent admissions 

"And as for graduate 
enrollment, if the economy is 
really good, we see enrollment go 
down. You don't want to go to 
school if you can get a job," 
Walker said. 

Like LSU, Southeastern 
Louisiana University in 
Hammond increased admissions 
standards this year, something 
officials say contributed to its loss 

Southern accents can cost jobs 

DENTON, Texas (AP) _ If 
you've got south in the mouth, 
will it cut your chances of getting 
the job, or, conversely, will it give 
you an advantage? 

Perhaps your interviewer 
will be impressed when you 
describe your degree from "Haa- 

The best chances are for 
candidates with the least 
identifiable accent, said Dr. 
Patricia Cukor-Avila, assistant 
professor of English at the 
University of North Texas, who 
with Dianne Markley, a master's 
student in the department, 
conducted what they say is the 
first known study of the effect of 
accents on interviewers' hiring 

"This ties into the fact that in 
the U.S., we tend to go for 
nondescript accents based on 
those of national broadcasters 
and actors." 

In research funded by grants 
pom the Trice Foundation of 
Dallas and IBM, Cukor-Avila and 
Markley created a CD-ROM with 
|he voices of 10 male voices 

reading the same 45-second 
passage. Each speaker came from 
a different part of the United 
States, and each had an accent 
common to his home region. 

Fifty-six human resource 
directors and others responsible 
for hiring were asked to rate the 
voices and make judgments based 
solely on how each sounded. 
They were asked for overall 
positive or negative impressions 
of each speaker andif he sounded 
educated or uneducated, 
intelligent or not, energetic or 
lazy, uptight or laid back, 
outgoing or withdrawn, and 
assertive or docile. And they were 
asked to assess how competent 
the applicant would be and if he 
would fit into their companies' 

"Generally, the less 
identifiable the accent was, the 
more highly the speaker was 
rated," Cukor-Avila said. 

The speaker with a California 
accent rated most positively with 
the hirers, followed by those from 
Minnesota, Boston, and Texas. 
Speakers from Louisiana, 

Georgia and New Jersey got the 
most negative ratings. 

Cukor-Avila said less than 30 
percent of the participants could 
identify where the speakers came 
from. The New Jerseyan was 
correctly identified most often, 
the Californian and Minnesotan 
the least often. 

An accent isn't necessarily a 
bad thing, the researchers say. In 
fact, one of the inspirations for 
the study was a report from 
UNT's Center for Cooperative 
Education that a prospective 
employer in New York asked for 
an intern with a distinctive Texas 
accent. "The student would be 
calling Texas clients, and he said 
Texans relate to and buy more 
from other Texans," said 
Markley. "I wondered if there 
was a way to measure if a 
regional accent would have an 
effect in the hiring process." 

White male speakers were 
selected in the initial study to 
limit the number of variables, but 
Markley said they hoped in future 
studies to include other factors 
such as sex, ethnicity and age. 

United Slates Postal Service 

Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation 

!. Puotication Tide 

2. PuWtcanon Numoer 

3. Filing Dale 

//- &z> 




4. Issue Frequency , /> , / ^- ,~ ^ 

5. Number ol Issues Published Annually 


6. Annual Sucscrrptton Pnce 

1. ujmtxeie Mailing Acoress oi ivtovwi unice oi ruoncauon |iwi^»™ 

AJ$iP Boy SSPh 

8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Office of Publisher (Not printer) 


Si &- 5T7- W. 

9. FuS Names ar.d Comptet* MaMng Adflressts of Publisher. Editor, and Managng gcitor {Do not leave blank) 
Pui&stmt (Name and complete mailing address) . 1 r> I 

Editor (Name and ccmpiate matting address) 

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sn Owner (Do not leave bmnt If the publicum ft cwnooby a ^^J^!™^*^<*£ C ^^^^X^^ 
names and addresses ol all stccxhdders owning or Holding 1 percent or more of the total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, give the 
wJes and addresses ot the indhnto 

eachmdmSual owner, it the publication is published by a ncinproht orgmzation, give its r^ and address.) 

Full Name 

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Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds. Mortgagee, or 
Other Secunties. II none, check box 

, 1» efNone 

FullN«me ... — j 

Complete Mailing Address 

iFT^SUilUS^CX*?^ , 


Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months 

□ Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months <pum*^^**^*<^^ m * m ^ 

rm * <OM ~~~ (See Instructions on fleverse) 

H fm 3556, Member 1998 ■ 

of 664 students. 

University officials had 
projected the decrease. SLU 
President Sally Clausen said. 

At SLU, enrollment dropped 
below the 15,000 mark for the 
first time since 1997. with the 
biggest decline coming in the 
freshman class, which has 326 
fewer students than last year. 
However, the school saw its 
average American College Test 
score for beginning freshmen 
improve from 19 in 1999 to 19.8. 

"With the implementation of 
the new standards, we anticipated 
that there would be a drop in the 
actual number of students who 
would qualify for admission to the 
university," Clausen said. 

Southern University at New 
Orleans, which reported the 
greatest proportional loss of 
students last year, posted the 
fourth-highest percentage gain in 

the state at 6.12 percent, with 232 
additional students. 

"I think the most impact is 
actually the change in attitude of 
the SUNO family and the change 
of leadership the board afforded," 
Chancellor Joseph Bouie said. 

SUNO Chancellor Gerald 
Peoples resigned this year after a 
nearly three-year stint marked by 
turbulence and faculty criticism. 

In March. Bouie. who was the 
campus's choice for successor, 
became the first SUNO graduate 
to run the campus. 

"There's a whole resurgence 
of what I consider to be 
opportunity and hope," Bouie 

The University of New 
Orleans was the only school in the 
LSU system that gained students. 
The campus saw its student body 
grow from 15.868 to 16,211, a 
gain of 343 students. 

Write for The Current Sauce, 

Trash fire threatens church in 
Natchitoches Parish 

Parishioners and firefighters 
struggled together Sunday to save 
a church from being destroyed by 
a trash fire that quickly burned out 
of control. 

Residents of 10 homes were 
evacuated when the fire started 
spreading about 1 1 :45 a.m. in the 
Shamrock community north of 
Robeline in Natchitoches Parish. 

Some members of Shamrock 
Advent Christian Church saw the 
smoke after Sunday morning 
services and stayed to see whether 
the fire would spread. 

When flames jumped a 30- 
foot-wide road, they called for 
help. Church members worked 
beside firefighters, hosing down 
the church and fellowship hall and 

digging fire lines. 

Firefighters also doused a 
pasture behind the church to stop 
the blaze. It got within 100 yards 
of the church and within 100 feet 
of several homes. The fire also 
destroyed one vacant house before 
it was put out. 

Officials booked Deborah 
Perleburg with violating a burn 
ban issued earlier this year by the 
state fire marshal's office. She 
faces a $500 fine or up to six 
months in prison if convicted of 
the misdemeanor charge. 

Residents of 10 houses were 
evacuated as the blaze burned 
trees and grass. They were 
allowed to return home 
about three hours after they were 

State record: 
47 dead in 

The year is not over, but 
Louisiana has set a record for 
fatal motorcycle wrecks. 

The law letting 
motorcyclists drive without 
helmets is at least partly to 
blame, safety officials say. 

Forty-seven motorcyclists 
have died since the year began, 
and at least 25 were not 
wearing helmets, said James 
Champagne, executive director 
of the state Highway Safety 

He said 20 were wearing 
helmets, and police did not 
record whether the other two 
were or not. 

The previous record, 45, 
was set in 1990, the first year 
that such statistics were kept. 

The new helmet law, which 
makes helmets optional for 
motorcyclists and riders who 
are at least 1 8 years old, took 
effect in the last four months of 

During those four months, 
from Aug. 15 through Dec. 31, 
1999, 17 people died in 
motorcycle wrecks. Eleven 

not wearing helmets, five wore 
helmets, and police did not 
note whether the 17th victim 

Gov. Mike Foster, who 
pushed the current law, wears 
his helmet on nine out of 10 
motorcycle trips, spokeswoman 
Marsanne Golsby said. 

"This could be a statistical 
fluke and not necessarily a 
long-term trend. He is hoping 
this is a statistical fluke. But 
the law gives people a choice. 

"They can wear them if 
they want to or not. People can 
choose to wear one." 

M >u*a £** y c-itwwc* d*u a**o» 
8/3 1 /OO 


£jrt*s» ervfl Xe*wt e* Ora##m 

*t**»9» m. Cee*tt tat* ftswe 
Ourtns. av«c«#MQ n MertNi 

Newest &} for* o*» 


« '£>. ] 


i — ™™_._ 

c> ^ 


' %am tVfcj^s OMMN tne CMH SWef v»*oo»*. 
Oou^er Um HfOMMMMJlPi **MCHMM«i 

& j 



**> erv 


&4*4+Co**>t *» Sswed oft PM K«1 




srvCour^ as S!a*e« on fm »*< 


* 0«rtM^ ft*** t^e rO*wi ^ 

3 s-£*> 

' T» r^M 0««t*»o* 0m </ 4 5a engrSe/ ► 

3 S~£>o 

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G3©«*1 'Of 0#WMM 


1 of 'if end hi \y 

ttic#*mt>r 'OS 


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tftjMMtolMMI w» se iwa p »e Cscr#t »<* J> 

8v*s*M Manage*. <> 0*rm 

» «r«5 ry^l ***** V x*>"»-i*on '»Ou«*5»<! nr+xmrytyi* «u6»ks » c-ws* *tnc*cr+ !lxx«9ng V*« «ns /T9rv*yr-«"0 
' 'A3ud«Q CM C^*fr**> 

Instructions to Publithtft 

'Or ,-C-jr reCOrCS 

t r »^ !«C'Nx»r y 1*. f Nio*' 1 1 neus* r ten*. 11 e* nam* c< !M p«*»i* c* ewcmcr *v 

vwp^r** f\ate* • *cw(i Aa>o f&jQt- si*) nA.m«t art! *ocy*t*ef ifv^<*du*f* t^o v% uoothoWe'f ofte own v ?&3 1 ;*t**i 
Of «ror* of tn* tOUK *rnown» ot &crt3a. rwlr^eg**. y o?w teasm* of 8>* DgWsAng owcnt<f\ |||M ft, tM0|> IfcHfeftt 

COS US* C*AT* ' "^e tf*C* •} r*qg^*d 

3 8« su^ to twrM^ a^ &rojf«w i^ym*^ 

4. it«m IJSK, Cop** «ot O^etfMC. TMtf r<Mt Jl) n*w*($*ri3 copm on^ntSf MJteC on f 364' and mrr*a !o --e woor* 
ffl **tmii»0 MUwt kM MM MJM% Ql cop»»« tor ofm Mk HMMI *ooi*o. *rx} st »m cop*** not a«intwl*>3 

& it 'M puStotfon N& PensooH auf«rc*$oft ts * <s*H*m or pJtM*!>w t*% Simnen of 0*<**W\q u*rvar;«m*r 

t, mm i? MMp ripM • 

life: (Entertainment 

The Current Sauce 

OCTOBER 12, 2000 

The View 

from the 
Front Row 

By Larry Collins 
Life Editor 

Nashville sell-outs 

Faith Hill 

Is there any new, real, 
original music left in the world? 
Everything is a watered down, 
hybridized version of what music 
used to be. 

I hope that I don't sound like 
my grandfather recapping the 
days of old. When I was a boy 
listeners could tell what kind of 
music they were listening to 
while they walked 60 miles in the 
snow. There was no Kid Rock or 
Limp Bizkit 
blurring the lines 
of rap and rock. 
There was no 
Ani Difranco or 
Jewel teetering 
between folk and 

Of this trend 
the most 
hybridized genre 
seems to be 
country. Country 
music has 
morphed into something that is 
not anywhere near what it used to 
be. The fine line between country 
music and pop has become so 
fine that it is near transparent. 

When country music fans 
speak about this trend, the word 
sell-out often follows the names 
of Leanne Rimes, The Dixie 
Chicks, Faith Hill and Shania 
Twain. This could be a bit harsh. 
I reserve the label of sell-out for 
people that deserve it like the 
self-important Creed. 

It may not be fair to call 
Twain a sell-out. She cultivated 
her own style and paved the way 
for acts such as SheDaisy and the 
Dixie Chicks. Twain was simply 
herself and nothing more. She 
wasn't happy with the twangy 
music of old school country. 
Twain was more concerned with 
baring her midriff and being 
fashionably conscious than 
whining about losing her man. 

She kought in a new era of 
pop culture influenced country 
music. Sre had to drag out the big 
haired :rooners like Reba 
Mclntyre and Dolly Parton, but 
she succeeded. So, in fact she 
wasn't a sell-out, but rather a 

Rimts is a bit harder to 
defend. Sie steam-rolled onto the 
country music scene at the tender 
age of l z singing a Patsy Kline 
inspired song 
called Blue. This 
was a classic 
country song 
stacked with twang 
and angst. Fast 
forward a few 
years to the new 
and improved 
Leanne Rimes who 
could be billed as 
the little sister of 
Christina Aguilera. 
My defensive 
backing for Rimes is maturity. I 
think thai as she grew so did her 
music. Sle found different ways 
of self-depression through her 
music, find I'm sure that the 
mounds of money that she 
received from her new pop fans 
make it i little easier to sleep at 

That brings me to the only 
authentic sell-out in this group — 
Faith Hil. Is there any doubt that 
she sold ter soul (along with her 
Ropers aid Wranglers) for the 
almighty pop dollar. It amazes me 
that her country fans are still 
listening to her. Her songs stick 
out on tountry video networks 
like Marilyn Mason on Fox 

A frend actually went to a 
Hill/Tim McGraw concert and 
was diiappointed that "her 
husband was a hick." Is the real 
sin to be a hick or a hick in Toni 
Braxton clothing. 


%§ Curren t 3mi€\ 

Top 25 

1 . Minority 

Green Day 

2. You're a god 

Vertical Horizon ^-<z-j& 

3. Incomplete 


4. Pinch Me 

Barenaked Ladies 

5. Come On Over 

Christina Hguilera feat. 

Fred Dursi 

6. Teenage Dirtbag 


7. Indenpendent Woman 

Destiny's Child 

8. The First 

Tegan and Sara 

9. This I Promise You 

'N Sync 

10. With Arms Wide Open 


11. The Way I Am 


12. Last Resort 

Papa Roach 

13. Bounce With Me 

Lil Bow Vlotv feat. Xscape 

14. Wonderful 


15. One Voice 

Billy Gilnan 

16. Girl From The Gutter 


17. 1 hope you Dance 

LeeAnn Womack 

18. Jumpin' Jumpin' 

Destiny's Child 

19. Promise 

Eve 6 

20. 1 Will... But 


21. 1 Wish 

R. Kelly 

22. Six Pacs 

Tlie Getaway People 

23. Country Grammar 


24. 1 Need You 

Leanne Rines 

25. SunDown 


'N Sync 

R. Kelly 


The Curse of Macbeth: 

Fact, fiction or NSU theater hoopla 

By Heather Patton 

LIFE Reporter 

"The Scottish Play" or 
" Mac" are what the cast 
and crew call this 
William Shakespeare 

Calling the play by its 
original name has been 
hazardous to others' 
health. The "curse of 
Macbeth" has been 
around since its first 
premiere on August 7, 
1606. It was first 
performed for King 
lames I. The boy playing 
Lady Macbeth, Hal 
Berridge collapsed from a 
fever on opening night. 
In 1934, four actors 
played Macbeth in a 
single week. The play 
was rarely performed 
again until 1703. At this 
time, London had some 
of the most severe storms 
in history. 

During a performance 
in New York City in 
1849, a riot began, killing 22 
people and injuring 36. In the 
early 1920s, Lionel Barrymore's 
protrayal of Macbeth received 
such harsh reviews that Barrymore 
never performed on Broadway 
again. In 1937, a heavy weight 
crashed down from the flies and 
missed Laurence Olivier by 
inches. Later rehearsals were 
interrupted when the director and 
the actress playing Lady Macduff 
were involved in a car accident on 
the way to the theater. 

Photo by Steve Evans 

Colin Trahan plays MacBeth in the NSU theater production of the play of the same name. Many theater 
students feel that there are a great deal of risks in saying the name of the play while in the theater. 

The theory of the curse goes 
back to Shakespeare including 
actual black magic spells in the 
incantations of the three weird 
sisters (witches). The incantations 
were said to be real, and that those 
who appear in the play or those 
who say the name in the confines 
of the theater, risk having these 
evils brought down on their heads. 
If an actor or crew do happen to 
mention the name, or quotes from 
the play while they are backstage, 
tradition requires him to leave the 

dressing room, turn around three 
times, spit over their shoulder and 
then knock for reentry. 

The director of Macbeth, Dr. 
Jack Wann, said that putting on the 
production of the play is a 
challenge because of all the 
previous problems the play has 
had. Laura West, who plays Lady 
Macduff, said that playing in such 
a dark play is a challenge for her 
because of a particular scene she 

"You have to be a well-rounded 

person in every part of 
life to do good theater 
and it's definitely helped 
me grow as an actress," 
West said. 

Lady Macbeth, Jena 
Westbrook likes to be 
able to play a darker 
character than she has in 
the past. 

"My character is one 
of the biggest 
villainesses in history," 
Westbrook said. "The 
hardest scene for me to 
do is the 'sleepwalking' 

It's kind of a 
schizophrenic kind of 
scene. It deals with her 
in the deepest part of her 
madness after the 
murder. It's like, even 
though she's convinced 
him [Mac] to do it she 
must deal with the 
consequences of it." 

Other actors of the 
play, like Tim Long who 
plays Lennox, said that 
the "curse" is just a fun 
tradition that everyone follows. 
Karly Pierre, who plays Hecate, 
likes the language of Shakespeare. 

"It's poetic and fun to do," 
Pierre said. "It's fun to be a witch 
and explore different characters. I 
can do anything with her. It's like 
Halloween. Keeping the tradition 
of the curse alive is good as a 
precaution, but it's really just fun 
to do." 

Macbeth will play Oct. 11, 12 
and 14. Tickets are free for 
Northwestern students. 

The Real Slim Shady could face real 
jail time in Mich, for assault charges 

Eminem's lawyers did not 
reach a plea bargain with 
prosecutors in Macomb County, 
Mich., before a pretrial hearing 
Tuesday (Oct. 10) in his assault 
and weapons case. 

Accused of pistol-whipping a 
man whom he allegedly saw 
kissing his wife outside a bar on 
June 4, the nation's hottest rapper 
said nothing during the brief court 
appearance in Macomb County 
Circuit Court. 

But lawyers for both sides 
agreed to adjourn pretrial 
proceedings, leaving open the 
possibility that a plea agreement 
still may be reached. 

But Macomb County 
Prosecutor Carl Marlinga recently 
said he thinks any sentence in the 
case should involve incarceration. 
That prompted harsh criticism 
Tuesday from Legghio. 

"It appears Eminem is being 
treated differently because of who 
he is, and who he is is his music 
and his lyrics," Legghio said. As a 
result, the defense is "scrutinizing 
the case much more carefully 
now," he said. 

Speaking on Eminem's 
behalf in front of Judge Antonio 
Viviano, lawyer Walter 
Piszczatowski waived the formal 
reading of the two felony charges 
filed against his client: one count 
each of carrying a concealed 
weapon - punishable by up to five 
years in prison - and assault with 
a dangerous weapon, a four-year 

Viviano scheduled another 
hearing for Dec. 8. 

Dressed neatly in a sweater 
and dress slacks, Eminem (born 
Marshall Bruce Mathers III) 
shook hands with the detective in 
charge of the case as he and his 
three lawyers were led out a back 
door of the courtroom to a tunnel 
without commenting to reporters. 

Later, Brian Legghio. 

another of 
refused to 
discuss the 
tone of 
prosecutors but 
said, "We 
refuse to plea 
to anything 
that he 
[alleged victim 
John] Guerra." 
Guerra, 26, is 
the man 
Eminem is 
charged with 
striking June 4 
in the parking 
lot of Hot 
Rock Sports 
Bar and Music 
Cafe in 
Warren, Mich. 

Even if he 
were convicted 
of the more 
serious charge. 
unlikely to 

1 " m K 


Courtesy of ShadyBoy Eminem Fan pag< 
Eminem faces yet another legal battle as he steps into a Michigan court room on assult charges. 


see more than two 
behind bars. According to 

Michigan sentencing guidelines, 
he would face a prison term of 11 
to 17 months, based on the fact he 
has no prior criminal record. Any 
sentence would be up to Viviano. 
If the case does go to trial, 
Eminem's lawyers will try to 
show that he never clubbed 
Guerra in the head with an 
unloaded, 9 mm semiautomatic 
pistol. Legghio labeled that 
allegation "a complete 

Jackie Sidelinker, one of a 
handful of Eminem fans in court 
Tuesday, said he thought the 
rapper appeared "nervous, scared, 

"He doesn't deserve this," 
said Sidelinker, 17. who took the 
day off from school to be in court. 
In an unrelated case, Eminem is 
awaiting trial in neighboring 
Oakland County, Mich., over an 
incident involving the same 
handgun just hours before the 
altercation at the Hot Rock bar. 

Police in Troy, Mich., said 
the rapper had the pistol in his 
hand during an argument with an 
associate of Insane Clown Posse 
at a car stereo shop. Eminem is 
charged in that matter with 
carrying a concealed weapon and 
brandishing a firearm in public, a 
90-day misdemeanor. 

Citing Eminem's clean 
record and saying he did not point 

the gun at anyone, prosecutors 
overseeing that case have said he 
would receive no more than 1' 
months of probation. 

Both cases have caused the 
beleaguered Eminem to gaio 
almost as much notoriety for his 
legal woes as for his 
multiplatinum albums. 

Guerra filed a lawsuit agains' 
Eminem for assault and 
emotional distress. He is seeking 
at least $25,000 in damages, but 
that matter is on hold until the 
outcome of the criminal case. 

Eminem's mother has filed 
two slander lawsuits against him- 
claiming his published remarks if 
magazine interviews defame^ 

life: (Peapfe 

October 12, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 


jart of 


1, Jena 
to be 

has in 

is one 

me to 

»f a 
ind of 
ith her 
t of her 
, even 
it she 
h the 

of the 
ng who 
lid that 
,t a fun 
to do," 
a witch 
cters. I 
t's like 
d as a 
ust fun 

11, 12 
ee for 

Spotlight: "Hotlanta's" Chip(per) off the old block 

Atlanta Braves' Chipper Jones 

Bv Josh Green 

LIFE Reporter 

With baseball's fall classic 
growing close upon us and the 
Atlanta Braves recently clinching 
the National League East, who 
better to profile than one of the 
game's most recognizable faces? 

Johnny-come-lately fans of 
baseball may recognize Chipper 
Jones by his recently named title 
of Most Valuable Player in the 
National League for 1999. Others 
may recognize Jones as being one 
of the must reliable players in the 
game, both offensively and 

Since his newly signed 
contract with the Atlanta Braves, 
Jones has become a household 
name. With a six year $95 million 
contract containing two club 
options that could make Jones 
worth $120 million for eight 
seasons, people are asking 
themselves, "who is this guy?" 
Jones, now the fourth highest-paid 
player in baseball, was raised by a 
strict catholic family in DeLand, 
Florida. His father, a baseball 
coach at Stetson University, kept 
Chipper on a daily workout 
schedule for years, even before he 
reached the high school level. 
Continuous season schedules, 
practices, and off-season drills 
were followed by the Jones family. 
Jones picked up many of his 
father's techniques, beliefs, and 

This is actually how the name 
"Chipper" came to be. Jones was 

born "Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. ". 
but answered to the name Chipper 
because people referred to him as 
"a chip off the old block". Fans 
may recall that the name "Larry" 
was shouted as an attempt to 
distract Jones in the National 
League Championship Series last 
fall in New York. 

Eyes turned to Jones 
throughout his high school years 
as he proved to be an awesome 
force on the mound. Then at The 
Bolles School in Jacksonville, he 
pitched the team into the Florida 
State playoffs in 1990, even with 
an injured arm. That endurance 
and drive aided Jones in being 
named Florida High School 
player of the year in 1990 and 
being picked up by the Atlanta 
Braves during the first round of 
the 1990 Major League Baseball 
draft as a free agent. 

Jones progressed through the 
Braves system, but sustained an 
ankle injury during Spring 
Training of 1994. He rebounded 
to be named National League 
Rookie of the Year by the sporting 
news in 1995 and Atlanta Braves 
MVP in 1996. 

During these periods, Jones 
seemed to be just as all-American 
off the field as he was on the field. 
Even Braves' coach Bobby Cox 
commented one time that Jones 
reminded him of Eddie Matthews, 
who was considered to be an 
excellent player and role model 
both on and off of the baseball 
field. In reality, Jones' personal 
life was like nothing anyone 

The Society of 


Meeting: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 
in the Journalism Conference Room 
at 4:00 P.M. 


For more 
information call: 
o r 

3 54-179 1 

courtesy of Chipper Jones World 

Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones takes time to talk 

expected. In 1998, a public 
confession that he had an 
extramarital affair and had 
fathered a baby son destroyed his 
marriage of many years to his wife 
Karen. This, added to the fact that 
the Braves were defeated in the 

1998 playoffs, sent Jones into 
hiding during the off-season. He 
found an outlet in hunting and 
fishing and rebounded during the 

1999 season by earning an overall 
batting average of .319. 

Luckily, fans of the Atlanta 
Braves overlooked the aspects of 
Jones' personal life and continued 
to show support for the third 
baseman. Sources from the 
Braves merchandising department 
say that Jones number 10 is still 
the most highly requested number 

m Fan paj 

; said he 
than 11 

used the 
to gain 
y for his 
3r his 

t agains' 
It and 
iges, bul 
until the 
las filed 
inst him- 
marks i" 

to WcW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. 

ordered on their available 

Jones has been a major 
advertising figure recently, also. 
He has been spokesperson of 
Wendy's restaurants, Chris Volvo 
(an Atlanta car dealership), 
Lowe's, and Mizuno, an athletic 
equipment company. The third 
baseman even has his own line of 
candy bar, now called "The 
Chipper Bar." 

Jones is extremely involved 
in the Atlanta community and has 
recently formed the Chipper Jones 
Family Foundation, which Jones 
hopes will bring hope to sufferers 
of Cystic Fibrosis, the Boys and 
Girls Clubs, and many more 
organizations around the 
metropolitan Atlanta area. 




Four Months for only $59.00 



Network Services, Inc. 

5'«W Highway 1 B>p»ss 
Natchitoches. LA 



NSU Theatre presents 

Prophecy Ambition Damnation 

October 11,128.14 Students Free with ID 

7:30 pm General Admission $5 

A.A. Fredericks Auditorium 

For Information or Reservations Call 357-6891 

life: (Features 


The Current Sauce 

OCTOBER 12, 2000 


I t 9 s Your 


Live It WeCC 

• 4( « * 

By Tara Gallien 
LIFE Wellness Columnist 

Fad diets make false claims: 

Be informed 

35 billion 
dollars are 
spent each 
year in an 
effort to 
loss. Don't 
fall victim 
to costly and often unhealthy 
attempts to lose weight. If a diet 
program makes any of the 
following claims, beware! 

"Lose weight without 

A diet without exercise is 
a diet doomed to fail. Dieting 
alone causes a loss of lean tissue 
(muscle). Adding exercise to your 
program promotes fat loss while 
preserving lean tissue. 

"Lose weight in those 
trouble spots" 

It is impossible to spot 
reduce. Fat cannot be lost in one 
particular area of the body. Good 
eating habits, a regular exercise 
program and a little patience will 
promote safe and effective weight 

Lose weight with a 
magic formula" 

The only secret is that 
there is no secret. Successful and 
long-term weight management 
involves the implementation of 
nutritional education and 
information. If there was a magic 
formula researchers would not 
only know about the information, 
but they would share this 
information with everyone. If 
there is a secret formula, then why 
do we still have a problem with 
obesity? Nearly 30% of adults and 
25% of children in America are 

"Weight loss is easy 
and fast" 

Weight loss may seem to 
be relatively easy and fast at first, 
especially if you starve yourself. 
This is a reflection of water and 
muscle loss (without exercise), not 
strictly fat loss. Lean tissue is 
more dense than fat. Therefore, 
when lean tissue is lost there is a 
noticeable decrease in weight 
when you weigh yourself. If you 
return to your old eating habits, 
weight gain will be from fat and 
your percentage of body fat may 
be greater after the diet than 
before you started it. Lifestyle 
changes must occur to ensure 
successful weight loss and weight 
management. This will involve 
effort on your part. 

are interested in learning more 
about this topic or you have 
questions about other health topics 
please email me at: 
currentsauce @hotmail. com 

"Eat as much as you 
want and lose weight" 

Too good to be true? 
You're right! Fad diets that make 
this claim often give you a list of 
foods that you can eat as much as 
you want and foods that you 
should avoid. A weight 
management program should 
consist of a well-balanced diet that 
includes a variety of foods. 

Two person golf scramble 
Oct. 16 at 2 p.m. 
Homecoming Fun Run 
Oct. 1 8 at 4 p.m. 
7:30 p.m. 

Call 357-5269 for more information 

Garth not just calling Baton Rouge, but 

also calling it quits: 
Brooks and wife split after 14 years 

By Randall S. Frederick 
LIFE Reporter 

After 14 years of marriage. 
Garth Brooks and wife Sandy are 
planning to divorce each other. 
The singer announced last year his 
plans to retire from his 11 -year 
touring to, and music recording 
entirely, to work on his failing 
marriage and help raise their three 

"Sandy and I both agree that 
we need to get divorced," the 
country singer says. "Right now, 
we're focusing on the impact it 
will have on the children and how 
to handle that best, to remain 
parents even if we don't remain 
husband and wife." 

Despite his Hopes to reunite 
with his wife, the time off the road 
did help him to reconnect with his 
children. "The trade that I made is 
that I am an infinute number of 
times closer to my children that 
I've been the entire seven years of 
their lives before this year off." 

The singer is also in talks to 
come out of his retirement, if only 
briefly, to return to the studio and 
record a new album. His only 
doubt is in the material and 
writing. "Does one more album 
excite me? You know, yeah, 
making music always does excite 

Courtesy of GeorgiaGirl's Garth Brooks Web Page 
After 14 years of marriage,country music star and wife Sandy call it quits. 

me, but I don't know if as a 
songwriter I have it in me. I don't 
want this to be called the last 
album or the farewell album — 

that's not my bag. if we can come 
up with songs that feel comparable 
to the other seven studio albums, 
then we might release one more." 


By Elon; 

pauce re\ 

'he Troy 
layer of 
s the 


OCTOBER 12, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

an come 
i more." 

fans, cheerleaders and players celebrate by bringing down the south goalpost after the Demons pulled out a 24-17 upset of No. 5 ranked Troy State. 

Photo taken bv Garv Hardamon 

Demon defense stands; goalpost fall* 

Demons stop the Trojans twice on the one-yard line for triumphant victory 

By Rondray Hill 

Garv- Hardamon/ NSU Press 

|. J. Sutherland sprints into the endzone to put the Demons up 17-10. 

Sports Editor 

Sure, they'll talk about 
Terrence McGee's 86-yard 
touchdown run. 

They'll even talk about T.J. 
Sutherland's 36-yard touchdown 
catch from Ben Beach. 

But when NSU fans and 
alumni think about last Saturday's 
24-17 victory over Troy State, 
they'll think of two words first. 
Goalline stand. 

The Purple Swarm defense 
halted the high-powered Trojan 
offense twice on their own one 
yard line late in the game to 
preserve the NSU lead. 

Facing fourth and four with 
5:54 left in the fourth quarter. 
TSU Quarterback Brock Nutter 
pitched a pass to wide receiver 
Jonathan Carter on an end around. 
With only one man to beat. Carter 
ran to the left side of the field with 
Demon cornerback Kendrick 
Llorens. the only man available to 
make the tackle. Llorens managed 

to get by his blocker to push 
Carter out of bounds a yard short 
of the goalline. 

After going three and out on 
the next possession, the Demons 
punted the ball back to the 
Trojans with 4:10 left in the 
fourth. Nutter, who finished the 
night completing 1 7 of 29 passes 
and gaining 227 yards, brought 
the Trojans back into striking 
distance after completing a 39- 
yard pass to Carter to put Troy 
State on the NSU 12-yard line. 
Nutter then completed a pass to 
LeBarron Black for 1 yard to give 
them first and ten at the NSU one 
yard line. 

After three cracks at the NSU 
endzone. Nutter tried a fourth- 
down quarterback sneak but 
fumbled the ball in the end zone. 
A Troy State player recovered the 
ball in the end zone, but the 
Demons were given possession 
after officials cited a rule stating 
that with two minutes left, if the 
ball is fumbled in the end zone, 
only the person who fumbled it 

can recover it. 

The two teams put up a 
combined 38 points in the second 
half, a far cry from the three 
points scored in the first half after 
Lawrence Tunes' 37-yard field 
goal late in the first quarter. 

The Demons opened the 
second half on fire, scoring all 24 
of their points in the third quarter. 
Tony Taylor scampered in the end 
zone from 15-yards out to put the 
Demons on top 7-3. After a 31- 
yard Clint Sanford field goal, Ben 
Beach hooked up with T,J, 
Sutherland for a 36-yard 
touchdown strike to put NSU 
ahead 17-10. Beach finished the 
game with 11 of 27 passing for 
183 yards. The Demons were 
outgained by the Trojans by 
nearly half, 402-251. 

Terrence McGee then broke 
the game open with an 86-yard 
punt return for a touchdown, his 
record-breaking third of the year. 

The last score by the Trojans 
was a 1-yard run by Thomas 
Wayne in the fourth quarter. 

McGee earns national player of the week honors 

McGee is the second Demon player to be named national player of the week 

Jf Elona A. Boggs 

pauce reporter 

Punt returner Terrence 
McGee received national 
Ponors this week after an 
Ptipressive performance 
Saturday in the game against 
Pe Troy State Trojans. 

McGee was named 
division I-AA Special Teams 
*layer of the Week for his third 
Punt-return touchdown of the 

The 5' 10", 186-pound 
jfophomore from Athens, Texas, 
:e ads the nation in punt-returns 

with an average of 52.2. This 
average is nearly 30 yards 
better than the second place 

In Saturday's game, McGee 
returned an 86-yard punt that 
helped build a 24-17 Demon 
victory. In addition, he 
contributed seven tackles, three 
pass breakups and an 

McGee's punt return efforts 
break a Demon school record 
and also tie a Southland 
Conference record. Earlier this 
season, he had punt return 
touchdowns of 90 and 75 yards. 

Sports Information 
Director Doug Ireland said that 
McGee's award is also an honor 
for the entire team. 

"We're tremendously 
excited for Terrence." Ireland 
said. "He's an extraordinary 
member of the team and a guy 
that will get more positive 
recognition in the future." 

Ireland says that there is a 
possibility that McGee will be 
featured on ESPN's Hidden 
Video Highlight during the 
network's national telecast 
Thursday night. 

"We sent a highlight tape in 

and have gotten a positive 
response," said Ireland. 

McGee is the second 
Demon to receive a national 
player of the week award. Tony 
Taylor received the honor in 
week one of the season against 

McGee is the fifth Demon 
player to be named the 
conference player of the week. 
Last week, kicker Clint Sanford 
got the award for special teams. 
Taylor won the awad twice and 
linebacker Ahmad Willis was 
defensive player of the week 
the same week. 

Terrence McGee's record setting nunt return 

Gary Hardamon 
* NSU Press 

The Current Sauce 

OCTOBER 12, 2000 

Demons head to Thibodaux; the 
Prediction Station has all you'll 
need to know about the game 

Let your voice be heard: 

Visit and drop us 

an email. 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

Before I get started, I would 
like to go on record and say that 
the fans should not have brought 
down the goalpost after Saturday's 

Goalpost victories are 
supposed to special. The win 
against McNeese two years ago 
was a goalpost victory. The game 
meant something, and it was 
against McNeese, a big rival. 
True, this was a big win for the 
Demons, and yes, Troy State was 
highly ranked, but it's the first 
game of the conference schedule. 
There's still a lot of football to be 

Don't tarnish the tradition of 
bringing down the goalpost for 
victories that do not deserve it. 

Having said that, let's talk a 
little football. 

Well, the first week of 
conference play sure was fun 
wasn't it? 

Okay, so I've started 
conference play 0-1. But if you'll 
remember, I predicted the Demons 
to score 24 points, it's just that 
Troy didn't live up to their end of 
the bargain. 

I don't know; I think some of 
the football players got word of 
my prediction and decided they 
were going to prove me wrong. 

Good job. 

This was the best game the 
Demons have played all season 
long, bar none. They hung tough 
in the cold wind, didn't get 
discouraged after the first half and 
maintained their composure late in 
the fourth quarter. 

That's the type of games that 
championship teams play. 

So what's going to happen 
this week when the Demons head 
down to (I hate spelling this name) 
Thibodaux to face the the Nicholls 
State Colonels? 

On paper, this game is a 
blowout. Opponents have 
outscored the Colonels on average 
of 30- 1 7. Nicholls is bested in just 
about every offensive and 
defensive category; first downs, 
rushing yardage, passing yardage, 
you name it, they're bad in it. 

The Colonels have been 
outpassed by a margin of, get this. 

1079-484. That's a margin of 
nearly 500 yards better! The only 
category in which they lead their 
2000 opponents is punting, 
averaging 10 more punts and more 
than 600 yards more in punts so 
far this season. 

As for the Demons, well, 
they've just beaten one of the best, 
if not the best team in the 
conference and the nation, Troy 
State. Ben Beach looked 
absolutely unstoppable in the 
second half last week. He hit T.J. 
Sutherland in the numbers 
consistently. He found Bernard 
Green and Sean Weber just as 
easily. Beach seems to be finding 
his mark at the right time for this 
NSU team. 

Nicholls' run defense is better 
than its pass defense, which I'm 
sure Tony Taylor has taken note of 
already. But, when you consider 
that he just played against a team 
with one of the best run defenses 
in the nation, I'm sure Tony smells 
blood in the water and is ready to 
burst out of the gate on Saturday. 
Remember, he needs just 120 
yards' rushing to become the all- 
time leading rusher at NSU, and 
he may try to get that in the first 

And I can't say enough about 

the Purple Swarm defense. I don't 
really care that they gave up 402 
yards of total offense against Troy 
State. The bottom line is that when 
it was all on the line, fourth-and- 
goal at the one, the defense held 
their ground. 

And check this out. You 
thought our fans were bad. It turns 
out that Nicholls is only drawing 
an average of only 1,849 fans. 
That's it! They only drew 1,130 at 
their game against Jacksonville 
State. They make Turpin Stadium 
look like Tiger Stadium. 

So the only thing I might 
worry about in this game is the 
possibility of a letdown, It's 
happened time and time again. 
After this game, the Demons face 
homecoming against red-hot 
McNeese. It could be that the 
Demons may be feeling too good 
about themselves and looking 
ahead to the McNeese game when 
all of a sudden, Nicholls is up 28- 
21 with with 2:19 left. Remember, 
this is a team that almost beat I-A 
Louisiana-Monroe. Does the upset 
bug strike the Demons? Can the 
underdog Colonels pull off a huge 
upset in front of 10, maybe 20 or 
so people? 

Demons 35, Nicholls 7 

Sports Network Division l-AA Top 25 

1 ) Georgia Southern 

8) James Madison 

15) Lehigh 

22) McNeese State 

2) Portland State 

9) Furman 

16) UMASS 

23) N. Iowa 

3) Youngstown State 

10) Northwestern State 

17) North Carolina A&T 

24) Stephen F. Austin 

4) Delaware 

11) Florida A&M 

18) Villanova 

25) Idaho State 

5) Appalachian State 

12) Troy State 

19) Richmond 

6) Montana 

13) Hofstra 

20) E. Washington 

Southland conference 

7) Western Illinois 

14) W. Kentucky 

21) Grambling State 

teams are bolded 

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5 Tcwifrfbr $15 
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Soccer team clinches 
playoff berth with 2-0 win 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

The Demon Soccer team 
clinched a spot in the Southland 
Conference Tournament and set a 
new school record for the most 
wins in a season when they 
defeated University of Louisiana 
at Monroe yesterday 2-0. The 
Demon's (7-2) now share first 
place with Southwest Texas (7-1) 
with a record breaking ten wins to 
back them. 

The Demon's first goal came 
early in the first half thanks to 
freshman forward Hillarie 
Marshall. This goal served as a 
confidence booster for NSU who 
"played an extremely emotional 
game." according to Head Coach 
Jimmy Mitchell. Marshall 
nonchalantly added, "this is just 
one more win towards our goal - 
which is winning the Southland 
Conference Tournament." 

Mitchell elaborated "this is 
our third game in five days. The 
girls are physically tired and on an 
emotional roller coaster. They are 
really high coming off the win 
against Southeastern - it's been 
difficult to stay focused and 
maintain a level keel." 

The score remained 1-0 until 
late in the second half when the 
next offensive attack came from 

Brittany Cargill one-on-one against an SLU player. 

Gary Hardamon/ NSU Press 

junior Shawna Bailey who kicked 
a shot from the left side that easily 
found it's way past the Indian's 
goalie and into the net. 

Demon junior goalkeeper 
Tiffany Swingler worked 
overtime to keep the Indians at 
bay. She alone racked up five 
saves and was able to fend off 
Monroe for two consecutive 
games now. Swingler was 
recently awarded the Conference 
Defensive Player of the Week and 

now has 405 consecutive minutes 
of shutout soccer to her credit. 
Tiffany also jumps to second 
place in the Conference with four 

Overall, Coach Mitchell 
approved of his players 
performance remarking "At the 
beginning we played like we were 
missing a step, however we 
eventually began to play better 
and took advantage of all the 
opportunities present to win." 

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness 


Alcohol Free Programming 




1. Trivial Pursuit Competition 

Boozman Hail 

Oct. 15 th @ 4:00 p.m. 

2. Ice Cream Social 


Oct. 15 th @ 8:00 p.m. 

3. Airplane Game 

Student Union 

Oct. 16 th % 10:30 a.m. 

4. Alcohol Awareness 

Student Union 

Oct 16 th § 10:00 to 1:00 a.n 

5. Taboo 

Vamado Hall 

Oct. 16 th @ 8:00 p.m. 

6. Roommate Game 


Oct. 17 th @ TBA 

7. Ping Pong Tournament 

Bossier Hall 

Oct. 17 th § 8:00 p.m. 

8. Alcohol Awareness 


Oct. 18 th @ 10:00 to 1:00a.m 

9. "Night at the Races" 

Rapids Hall 

Oct 18 th @ 8:00 p.m. 

10. Ultimate Frisbee 


Oct 19 th @ 4:00 p.m. 

11. Car Crash 

Rapides Parking Lot 

Oct. 19 th § 5:00 p.m. 

12. "Sobriety Carnival Night" Vamado Hall Oct. 19 th @ 6:00 p.m. 
* An inmate from NPDC talks about spending 20 years in Prison for 3 DWI's 

* Mock-tails 

* Championship Tournament 

* Ping Pong 

* Night at the races 

* Trivial Pursuit 

* Taboo 

* Dating Game 

* Door Prizes 


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Includes S nights lodgincKj* day lift {§» 1 5P 

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For more info 

Injury- riddled volleyball team 
heads to Sam Houston State tonight 

Volleyball team 
looking to regroup 
tonight at Sam Houston 

By Brien Hollkamp 

Sauce Reporter 

The Demon volleyball team 
is planning on a win against Sam 
Houston tonight on their own turf 
to break their three game losing 

By this afternoon they may 
jhave regained their center and 
team captain Missy Krause, who 
has been injured for most of the 
season. The cast for Krause's 
wrist may be taken off so she can 
help the team get back on their 

"This is definitely a game we 
can win, and we should be able to 
do it fairly easy," Senior setter 
Missy Krause said. 

The team, now 8-11 overall 
and 3-7 in the conference has not 
been a whole team exactly, due to 
many injuries. Two other players, 
Lisa Abner and Jeanette Baldwin, 
have been missing from the court 
for most of the season along with 
Krause. Lisa Abner has suffered 
from a sprained ankle for six 
I weeks now and there are only 5 
weeks left in the season. Jeanette 
Baldwin had to undergo surgery 
and will be out for the rest of the 

"I am disappointed with the 
injuries, and we have had to 
depend a lot on the freshmen 
which is hard." Head Coach 
James Onikeku said, 

The team has been at a loss, 
jbut the team has learned to adjust, 
and according to Krause "they 
Ihave adjusted". 

With the injured players out, 

Demon Volleyball Home 

The Demons next homestand will be 
from Oct. 20-24. Here's a look at the 

Oct. 20- Texas-San Antonio 7:00 
Oct. 21 Southwest Texas 6:00 
Oct. 24 Louisiana-Monroe 7:00 

Remember that all NSU Volleyball 
games are free for students with valid 

Christina Stone and the Demon volleyball team will try to shake the injury bug 
tonight against Sam Houston. 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

the team's statistics show that 
Christina Stone and Elizabeth 
Perez both have 2.97 kills per 
game. The stats also show that 
Stone has a percentage of 2.84 
digs, and Perez has a percentage 
of 3.05 digs per game. 

These percentages are the 
highest on the team, but the stats 
on the team where the errors are 
high. Also, where there are 
attacks, kills, and digs the team 
falls short when compared to their 
opponents. There is still progress 

without Krause, but with Krause 
we can expect much more 
progress throughout the season. 

As for this game with Sam 
Houston ranked under them, the 
coach and the players say this is a 
sure win. 

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the Student Union Ballroom 

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Homecoming Hunnie & Lip ync 
Contest-6 p.m. in the Ballroom 


Inflatable Games and Fun-11-3 in front 

of Kyser Hall 
IM Fun Run-4:3B p.m. at the IM 
Building-Free BBQM 
IM Half Niter-8 p.m. at the IM Building 


Photo Buttons-1 1-3 in 
the Student Union 

Lobby (one per person) 
"The Skulls" Driue in 
Mouie-8 p.m. in the 
Fine Arts Huditorium 


Homecoming Parade and 
Riuerbank PepRaliy-Parade 
starts at 5 p.m. and goes 
from Prather to the 
downtown riuerbank. 
Homecoming Bonfire-10 p.m. 
at the bottom of Greek Hill. 


NSU us. McNeese St. -2 
p.m. at Turpin Stadium. 
Tailgating before the 


All events are FREE with current NSU ID!!! 


Page 12 

The Current Sauce 

October 12, 2000 

The Human Mistake Part five: A trip down memory lane 

God's little hood ornament 
Sauce transmitter 

The following is part five of an 
ongoing series of articles by a 
student at the University. 

(I have to be honest with you 
folks: I have no way of knowing if 
I am actually remembering this 
stuff or just making it up. This is 
my earliest memory, maybe.) 

There are two options for the 
doctor when you are born. From 
what I understand, when you come 
out of your mother and you are 
dangling upside down naked in the 
middle of a hospital room, the 
doctor can either slap your butt, 
basically shocking your heartbeat 
among other things into gear, or 
he can run his thumb down your 
spinal cord, in effect jump starting 
the nervous system and bringing 
this little mess of human material 
to life. 

Personally, I like to think that 
I came into this world with a little 
more respect than just a slap on 
the butt. I continue to have 
recurring dreams about this 
moment, and if I am not mistaken 
(and I very well could be), here are 

the first moments of THE HUMAN 
MISTAKE. Join me on a trip down 
both my spine and memory lane. 

First thing I remember is not 
being a stupid baby. Maybe I am 
with God, maybe not. I know for 
certain I am in a place where I am 
sure to be taken care of, where I 
don't need anything, where I may 
not even have a personality of my 

I notice a pressure 
somewhere, deep at the base of my 
spine, and I can feel myself slip 
away from the comfort zone I had 
known for eternity. This is a 
confusing moment for me. I feel 
severe abandonment and 
empowerment at the same time. I 
can't feel the comfort anymore; 
the universe is gone from me, but 
for the first time, I am able to feel 
myself. I recognize me as 
something separate from the rest 
of the world. 

Well, sort of because I don't 
know if I can remember the rest of 
the world so well. The warm 
place I was in before seems so far 
away now. 

The doctor makes his way 
down to about where my navel is, 
and my nervous system clicks on, 

not gradually but like a light 
switch. Negative and positive are 
known to run in a loop, and before 
this moment, I couldn't tell the 
difference between what hurts and 
what feels good. I feel cold and 
wet for the first time and have no 
idea what cold or wet is. 

At the moment, all I can 
really tell is that it's alien, 
different, foreign. This is an 
incredible shock. Barely a moment 

The initial answer to that last 
question is a big fat "no." The 
doctor makes his way to about my 
solar plexus and enter emotion. 
The first emotion I remember 
feeling is anger. The strongest 
purest anger I can imagine because 
I remember where I was not 15 
seconds ago where hot and cold 
need not apply, where solitude 
was company and all was good. 

Hanging upside down, weak 

"Personally, I like to think that I came into this 
world with a little more respect than just a slap 
on the butt." 

beyond the first hardest loneliness 
that I have ever known comes a 
rudimentary introduction to the 
"real" world. 

Dripping placenta, the sharp 
cold antiseptic smell of a hospital, 
pressure at my feet where the 
doctor is holding me, but I don't 
know what a smell is or what feet 
are. I begin to detect extremities 
and extremes. I don't know, is it 
part of me or do these sensations 
come from the outside? Do I like 


Breast Cancer is a thief 

Elona A. 

One of my 
worst fears 
in life is getting breast cancer. I 
never considered this until two 
years ago when I watched my 
grandmother battle the disease. 
Shortly after she was diagnosed, 
she had a mastectomy. 

Her doctors assured her that 
all cancerous cells had been 
removed. They were wrong. 

Months after her surgery, 
my grandmother developed a 
backache. After a visit to the 
doctor for what she thought 
would be a muscle strain, she 
learned it was something more. 
The remaining cancer had spread 
to her spine, into her vertebrae 
and ultimately to most every bone 
in her body. 

For the upcoming months, 
my grandmother was in and out 
of the Cancer Center in Lake 

Charles for radiation therapy. Due 
to the radiation, her bones were 
weakened. As a result, she was 

During this time, it was 
Spring of 1999, and I was a 
freshman. I went home every 
weekend to see her. With each 
week, she faded. 

My grandmother had lost 
weight, was losing her hair and 
was too weak to talk. Sometimes 
she would smile, even though she 
was in intense pain. I knew she 
did not want her family to worry, 
but that was impossible. 

Doctors gave my 
grandmother little hope. All we 
could do was hold her hand, look 
into her soulful eyes and pray. 

We did this until her death 
in June of 1999. 

I know now what I did not 
know then. Breast cancer is real, 
and it is hell, but it can be 

Prevention begins with 
regular self- 
exams, mammograms, asking 

questions and becoming familiar 
with the regularities and 
irregularities of your body. 

A common misconception is 
that breast cancer is a disease that 
affects only older women. In 
reality, you are never too young 
to develop breast cancer. Self 
exams should begin as early as 

If during an exam you find a 
lump, consult a physician as soon 
as possible. More than 90 percent 
of women whose breast cancer is 
found and treated early will 

However, because many 
people neglect to do the exams 
and report findings, more than 
42.000 will die from the cancer 
each year. 

Oct. is Breast Cancer 
Awareness Month. Educate 
yourself about the prevention and 
treatment of this cancer. 

Breast cancer is a thief. Do 
not let it steal your life or the 
lives of those you love. 

Readers Please Note-The following is the disclaimer that the paper must run. The opinions 
expressed on this page are not shared by the Current Sauce staff. The staff does not formally 
endorse any opinion presented on the opinions page, Now that business has been taken care of, let 
me clarify a few items. All letters submitted to the paper must include the writer's name, unless 
approved by the Current Sauce staff. You can submit articles by sending them to, or stop by the office located in 225 Kyser Hall. 

helpless, angry, suddenly the gift 
of life feels like a punishment. I 
want to scream, but I don't know 
what a scream is. I want to thrash 
and scream and cry. My body is a 
conduit to everything visceral and 
in less than a moment I feel the 
fullest range of emotions I will 
feel naturally in a lifetime. Every 
extreme is racing through the 
edges of me all at once. 

Just when I think It couldn't 
possibly get any worse, the 
doctor's finger touches my heart. 

and for the first time, this baby 
knows love, pure love, not 
romantic or parental, not love of 
things or self or God not any kind 
of love you know, just LOVE. 

Not the love you give but the 
love you get. Something you 
don't feel before you are born, not 
this pure anyway. The love you 
feel before you are born is never 
this extreme. It always mixed 
with a little negative so nothing 
feels to "hot" I guess. 

But this love, this love is the 
love that makes you feel so good 
you've no choice but to want to 
pass it on. Because you are 
loved, you love. For the first time, 
you are sure there has to be 
something else besides you, and 
the love feels so good you can't 
tell the difference between the 
lover or the loved or the love 

I could get used to this. The 
pain and hate I felt a moment ago 
is eclipsed by this love and I don't 
want to scream anymore, I want to 
do something, not scream, but 

The doctor touches the back 
of my throat, and I know what I 
want to do. I want to sing. 

I feel my throat: I feel 
voice, and I just want to sing an< 
scream and laugh and cry. Just le 
me expose w hat is inside. I want t< 
give it a name whatever it is 
want to sing a symphony th( 
moment I learn I have a voice 

The love, the hate, the joy. th( 
pain, the cold, the hot, the dry. th( 
wet, the whatever. I felt it. an( 
now at the base of my throat, 
hear the song/scream that 
coming. And I would let it loosi 
except I begin to detect somethinj 

Light, but more than light 
can see everything a human 
supposed to see but refuses to an< 
is told not too. I don't even knov 
what seeing means, but tha 
doesn't stop color and light from 
every spectrum imaginable slidin 
through me. and suddenly I hav 
forgotten my song. M 
symphony is cut short from th 
awe, and when 1 open my moutl 
the scream begins. 

I don't remember anythi 
anymore; I don't even notice t 
universe floating two inches abo 
my own head ,and I just ke 
screaming until they give me 
somebody warm who holds me. 



The good, the bad, and the ugly 

with Josh Beavers 

And the goal post comes 
down . . . again. For the third time 
in four years, the Northwestern 
State University Demons win a 
game, and what happens? 
Drunken frat boys fall out of the 
stands and cost the school a 
couple of G's as they pull down 
the south goal post of Turpin 

Against SFA in 1997, it was 
justified. We beat our arch rival, 
won Chief Caddo and claimed the 
SLC title. In 1998, it was even 
more justified. This time, it was 
the number one team in all of the 
land that felt the Demons' wrath. 
Both of these games were 
emotional and monumentaf wins 
and warranted a goalpost tear 
down fest. 

Saturday's game against 
Troy St. did not. Furthermore, it 
was embarrassing to not only the 
football team but also the entire 

Was this a big win? Sure, any 
football coach in America will 
tell you that every win is a big 
win. Was it a huge win? Not 
really. After all, Troy St. was 
No.5, and NSU was No. 15. They 
weren't the best team 
in country; they 
weren't even 
undefeated thanks to 
South Florida the 
week before. 

So, what other 
reasons could there 
have been to tear the 
post down? Was it a 
program- altering 
win? No. Of course, it was the 
biggest win for new head coach 
Steve Roberts in his time here, 
but not for the program as a 
whole. We did, after all, fall only 
one game short of playing for the 
national championship just two 
years ago. 

This is a good football 
program. It hasn't suffered 
through ten losing seasons in a 
row. We are a national power in 
our division. The goalpost should 
not be torn down over something 
like this. 

So, now that we've ruled out 
all possible reasons to tear down 
a goalpost, let's look at the 
possible reasons why the post 
suffered its untimely fate. 

Unfortunately, nothing 
would stop the goalpost-tearer 
downers. Only about 50 people 
were in on it, and the other 1 1 ,940 
people in attendance looked from 
the stands and said to themselves, 
"Boy, that sure is dumb." 

I am also sure that the 50 

people or so on the field weren't 
exactly in their right minds. It 
was cold if you remember, and 
I'm sure the old wheelchair trick 
was used to get a certain 
numbing, liquid substance past 
the cops on duty. So, maybe one 
reason was inebriation to the 
point they thought the goalpost 
was a giant monster sent by the 
bunny men of Jupiter to steal 
their beer. 

Another reason could have 
been, and I know this is going to 
make a lot of people mad, but I 
think copycat fever has struck 
some of the University's students. 

After four weeks of seeing 
South Carolina, Georgia, 
Northwestern (Illinois) and LSU 
celebrate their "truly" 
monumental wins with goalpost 
violating, it might have been too 
much to resist imitating the "big 
boys" of college football. For a 
school full of people who claim 
to hate the Bayou Bengals down 
in Baton Rouge, they sure have 
no problem imitating them. 

If you are one of the 
individuals who did tear the 
goalpost down, calm down. 
Unclench your fists from around 
the paper and breath. 
I'm sure you want to 
strangle me right now 
for putting down your 
show of "team 

only one who thinks 
your actions were, how 
should I put this. . . less 
than intelligent. I am 
just lucky enough to have this 
public forum to point it out. 

Before I go, I just want to put 
everyone's mind at ease. This 
week, the Demons' are on the 
road. But on Oct. 21, all of your 
goalpost thirsts can be quenched. 
We're at home against McNeese. 
Maybe the post will come down 
again. With some of the students 
at this school, it wouldn't surprise 
me at all. 

Note: People who tore into 
Sports Editor Rondray Hill for 
picking the Demons' to lose 
Saturday. I have one thing to say 
- grow up. People have said 
Rondray should not have written 
what he did, simply because he 
was going against his school. 

This is perhaps the single 
most ridiculous argument I have 
ever heard. Is he to lose all 
objectivity and be totally biased 
towards this school? Should he 
report only the good of a matter 
and stay away from any negative 

The Lc 

been se 

" me 
though, I'm not 
the only one who 

thinks your 
actions were, how\ {housh Vm not 
should I put 
this... less than 

The Current Sauce 
Est. 1914 

Josh Beavers 

Copy Editor 
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Sports Editor 
Rondray Hill 

Opinions Editor 
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Business Manager 
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Advertising Manager 
Rob Morgan 

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Neil Ralston 

To Place an Ad 
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The Current Sauce office is 
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Kyser Hall. For more 
information about the paper 
call (318) 357-5456 or 357- 
5381. E-mail The Current 
Sauce at 

Postmaster should send 
changes of address to: 
Current Sauce 
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2nd Class Periodical 
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If so, then 1 guess I shouldn 
run anything negative in the new 
section. If a scandal goes down, 
shouldn't report it because 
would be "going against my 
school." NO! We are only colleg 
reporters, I know, but th 
principle remains the same. If w 
do not give both sides of a stor union is 
then we are simply a publi 
relations newspaper, and we hav 
no independence. That will n< f pcopl 
happen as long as I am the edito ljfc han 

they mi 

Josh Beavers, Edito walks ol 
jbeavers316@hotmail.coi| thing in 1 

of the Lc 
Chris M 
affairs, s 
have enl 
\ So 1 
jthere is 


Last \ 


The Current Sauce 


October 19. 2000 

feel m] 
sing ani 
. Just le 
1 want t< 

it is. 
ony thi 
: joy, th 

dry, th 
it. an< 

that i 

it loosj 

uman l 
:s to aro 
en knov 
nit tha 
tit from 
e slidin 
y I hav 

"rom th 
y moutt 

Northwestern State U n i v e r s i t y - Natchitoches, Louisiana 

the new 
; down 

y colleg 
but th 
ne. If W 

we hav 

te editoi 

no (,| 

s, Editc 






The Long Purple Line was established in 1990 to honor outstanding alumni. The people displayed have had great career 
accomplishments or services that have enhanced the reputation of Northwestern in some way. So far, 50 people have 
been selected for the Line. 

They bled purple and orange 

The north wall of the student 
storj union is lined with a series of 
publi portraits of University graduates. 

Various pictures of a number 
people from different walks of 
life hang along the wall. While 
they may come from different 
walks of life, they all have one 
thing in common. 

These graduates are members 
of the Long Purple Line. 

"Probably the highest honor 
bestowed on a Northwestern 
graduate is that of being a named 
member of Northwestern State 
University's Long Purple Line," 
Chris Maggio, director of alumni 
affairs, said. 

The Long Purple Line was 
established in 1990 to honor 
outstanding alumni. The people 
displayed have had great career 
accomplishments or services that 
pave enhanced the reputation of 
Northwestern in some way. 

So far, 50 people have been 
[selected for the Line. If selected 
Ihere is a small synopsis of the 
[person's accomplishments and a 

"Probably the highest honor bestowed on a 
Northwestern graduate is that of being a 
named member of Northwestern State 
University's Long Purple Line." 

Chris Maggio 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

sketch of them. To be eligible for 
this honor, a person has to be 
nominated by faculty, 
administration or students. 

Next, a committee comprised 
of students, faculty and 
administration votes on the 
nominations and selects an 
average of five honorees a year. 

This year there were 6 people 
added to the Line: Joe Sampite. 
Jackie Smith. Col. Ralph E. Ropp, 
Larry W. Rivers, Dea Dudley 
Fulton and Elise P. James. Joe 

Sampite graduated in 1959 
with a business education degree, 
and he was recently named one of 
the Top 100 Influential People in 

Northwest Louisiana. He also 
served as mayor of Natchitoches 
for 20 years, from which he retired 
just this year. 

Smith participated in the track 
and football departments at NSU 
and left as a business graduate in 
1963. He was a fixture for 15 
years with the St. Louis Cardinals, 
and in 1994. he was inducted into 
the Pro Football Hall of Fame for 
his role as a tight end in 1978 with 
the Dallas cowboys. 

Retired Colonel Ralph E. 
Ropp graduated from NSU with a 
bachelor's degree in 1950. He 
served as a press officer for the 
U.S. Military Academy at West 

Point, NY, a public affairs officer 
in Vietnam and a public affairs 
officer for the NATO headquarters 
m Turkey. 

Rivers was in the first Kappa 
Sigma pledge class at NSU, and 
he graduated in 1968 with a 
bachelor of science in government. 
He owns a business consulting 
firm, and he was the VFW 
Commander-in-Chief, the 
executive director of the VFW 
Washington Office, and the 
adjutant general. 

Fulton was the dean of men at 
NSU for 23 years and the co- 
founder of the Blue Key National 
Honor Fraternity at NSU. He 
graduated from NSU in 1935, and 
he was a professor of psychology. 

James earned a bachelor of 
science in business in 1968 and 
her master's in 1971. She became 
an instructor of business 
administration and office 
management in 1972, and in 1990. 
she was named the director of 
development and alumni activities, 
and she retired in 1997. 


sk for 

iffiice is 
5 Fof 
e pape 
>r 357" 


s to: 




Last week's 
Current Sauce 
eported the 
^Program was 
accreditation. The 
gram's correct 

name is 
technology. The 
faculty advisor is 
Thomas Hall. 


Roy Hall to remove final traces of asbestos 

By Windy S. LaBorde 

Sauce Reporter 

Asbestos has recently been 
found in Roy Hall and is 
subsequently being removed. 
Roy Hall will be closed for the 
last of the removal on Friday at 

Asbestos is a building 
material used in floor tile, 
ceiling tile, insulation and 
other building materials. 

Although asbestos cannot 
harm you while in a solid form, 
the microscopic particles that 
are released when it is 
tampered with has become a 
cause for disturbance. 

All buildings on campus 
are currently being inspected 
for asbestos. 

A public notice was 
released to all faculty, staff and 
students warning them of the 
asbestos and informing them of 
the upcoming plan to remove 

"There is no medical background that 
says that asbestos causes anything." 

Tammie Pezant 
Director, LEA 

the substance from buildings 
around campus. 

Anyone may view a copy 
of the asbestos inspection 
report and management plan by 
contacting the manager of each 
building or the Louisiana 
Education Association 
designated person at NSU, 
Tammie Pezant. 

The possibility of asbestos 
causing cancer even 30 to 40 
years after exposure is reason 
enough to halt the use of and 
remove it from the materials it 
is present in. 

"There is no medical 
background that says asbestos 
causes anything," Pezant said. 

Pezant still assures 
everyone that the asbestos will 

be removed from campus. 

The plan includes a 
description of materials 
containing asbestos in the 
buildings, procedures for 
reinspecting buildings at six- 
month intervals and a schedule 
for removing existing asbestos 
filled materials. 

Some buildings have 
already had asbestos removed. 
Usually, most asbestos removal 
is done during the summer 
months while buildings are 
closed down and students are 
at home, but some buildings 
are presently having it 

Anyone wishing for more 
information can contact 
Pezant by phone at 357-4424. 

University police cracking 
down on traffic, noise laws 

Bv Heather Patton 

Staff Reporter 

The Natchitoches Police 
Department is cracking down on 
speeding and the noise ordinance 
in Natchitoches Parish while the 
University continues to enforce 
school traffic laws. 

University Police Detective 
Doug Prescott said that they have 
always tried to keep control of 
the noise and speeding on 
campus. The noise ordinance law 
is the hardest one to catch once 

"By the time people call in 
for a noisy vehicle," Prescott 
said. "It has moved. This makes it 
hard to catch the person to give 
them a citation. What we usually 
do is keep cars going around the 
main areas like Sabine, Rapides 
and Kyser Halls." 

Section 10.75 of the city noise 
ordinance states that noise is "the 
operating or playing of any radio. 
T.V., phonograph, musical 
instrument or similar device 
which produces or reproduces 
sound in a motor vehicle or 
public park in a manner to be 
plainly audible at a distance of 15 
meters or 50 feet". Violation of 
the city noise ordinance can be 
very expensive. 

"The first offense of loud 
music is a citation of $432," 
Prescott said. "The second 
offense is $482, the third is $532. 
etc. There is no first warning 
because the officer doesn't know 
if that is the person's first 
offense. If someone wants to 
complain about the noise, get the 
license plates of the vehicle so 
that the next time they come on 
campus, they could get a 

Prescott said that if caught 
speeding, the fine could get 
expensive depending on how far 
over the speed limit a driver gets. 

"The first offense will get the 
person a warning," Prescott said. 
"If you go one to five miles over 
the speed limit, it's a $10 fine. If 
you go six to ten miles over, it's 
$12.50. If you're over 11-15, it's 
$15. If you go 26 miles over the 
speed limit, you are charged $25 
plus $1 for every mile over after 

Prescott said the person's 
attitude determines how tickets 
are done. If the driver cooperates 
with the officer and is not 
argumentative, the whole process 
should be easier. 

"Students should just watch 
their noise and speeding to avoid 
things like this," Prescott said. 

SIFE to sponsor political 
debate next week 

By Josh Beavers 


On the heels of a lecture by 
political analyst Elliot 
Stonecipher comes another 
chance for students to gain 
more insight into this year's 
presidential race. 

Students in Free Enterprise 
(SIFE) is sponsoring a political 
debate Tuesday between 
republican Mike Woods and 
democrat Trey Ourso. 

Woods is finance chairman 
for the state of Louisiana and 
Ourso is executive director of 
Louisiana's democratic party. 

"We are genuinely excited 
to have these well known 
Louisiana political figures to 
come and speak at our event," 
SIFE Co-President Brad Tyler 

The theme for the debate 
will be: How each party's 
philosophy affects Americans 

"This event will give 
students the basic principles and 
foundations of the two major 
political parties," Tyler said. 

Topics of debate will 
discuss the each party's stands 
on taxes, minimum wage, small 
businesses, corporations, oil 
prices and other areas of 
economic concern. 

The debate will be held in 
the David Morgan Auditorium 
(Room 107) of Russell Hall. 
The event is free and open to 
the public. 

"In a campaign where a 
multitude of issues are 
discussed, and an endless 
stream of numbers are cited, 
voters can become 

overwhelmed." NSU Associate 
Professor of Business Bob 
Jones and the faculty sponsor of 
SIFE, said. "They can fail to 
recognize the fundamental 
differences which exist between 
candidates. To address this 
problem, this debate will go 
beneath the details of policy 
proposals and seek to identify 
fundamental differences in how 
the candidates view the proper 
economic role of government." 

For more information 
contact Tyler at 356-0073 or 
Jones at 357-4581. 

Steve Evans/Current Sauce 
Homecoming Hunnie 1999 Will Hooper (left) crowns Adam Brooks 
as this year's Homecoming Hunnie during festivities Tuesday night 
in the Student Union. 


Page 2 

The Current Sauce 

October 19, 2000 


BPCC, NSU team 
for new program 

Bv Bess Renfrow 

Sauce Reporter 

Members of Northwestern 
faculty and staff will soon be 
teaching a different kind of 

The subject is retention of 
freshman students, and the 
students are teachers of Bossier 
Parish Community College. 

Northwestern will team up 
with Bossier parish in the 
T.R.l.O. Disemanation 
Partnership Project. This is a new 
program designed to help 
teachers at the community 
college in Bossier learn new 
methods of helping freshman. 

"We think it's extremely 
helpful to Bossier faculty and 
staff and to Northwestern faculty 
and staff," Don Barker, director 
of student support services, said. 

Because most students are 
lost between their freshman and 
sophomore year, this program 
will focus on information and 
ideas related to retaining those 
students. This year and most of 
next year, sessions will be held at 
Northwestern and at Bossier 
Parish Community College. 
Sessions will be held Tuesday at 
both campuses with morning and 

afternoon sessions, and one will 
be held December 8 at Bossier. 

These sessions will focus on 
topics such as implementing a 
student information system at 
Bossier, mentoring and academic 
advising and the transfer of 
credits from a community 
college to a university. 

The transfer of credits from 
a community college to a 
university or articulation is 
extremely important because of 
the number of students who 
transfer to Northwestern from 

The faculty from both 
schools want to make sure that 
the subjects taught at each school 
are taught the same way to ensure 
the student a smooth transfer. 

Therefore, teachers from the 
same disciplines will be sharing 
their different methods of 
teaching at these sessions. 

This project was funded in 
Oct. of 1999 with a grant from 
the U.S. Department of 
Education. It has taken a year to 
prepare the faculty and 
administration at both schools for 
this new program. The grant is 
for three years, and plans in the 
works to apply for another grant 
in two more years. 

Seymour named LACUSPA president Sf 

Dan Seymour, vice president 
for student affairs at 
Northwestern State University, 
took over as president of the 
Louisiana Association of College 
and University Student Personnel 
Administrators (LACUSPA) at 
the group's annual conference 
Oct. 9-10. The annual conference 
was was held in Baton Rouge at 
the Holiday Inn South. The 
conference theme was 
"LACUSPA 2000: Foundations 
for the Future." 

Seymour has been president- 
elect of LACUSPA and 
conference chair for the past year. 

"I commend Dr. Seymour for 
taking on an important role in an 
organization that seeks to assist 
students in their development as 
they seek a college education." 
said NSU President Randall J. 
Webb. "This honor emphasizes 
the leadership role Northwestern 
has taken in the area of student 
affairs especially through our 
graduate program in student 
personnel services which has 
trained professionals for service 
throughout the country." 

NSU Director of Auxiliary 
Services Mary Edith Stacy has 
served as LACUSPA's interim 
secretary-treasurer, and Associate 
Professor of Education Frances 
Pearson has been faculty liaison 
and program chair. Director of 

New Student Programs Reatha 
Cox has been assistant conference 
chair and newsletter editor. 

The conference included 
approximately 150 student 
personnel administrators from 
throughout Louisiana. LACUSPA 
includes two-year and four-year 
public and private colleges and 
universities under the Louisiana 
Board of Regents as well as 
institutions which are part of the 
Louisiana Community and 
Technical College System. 

Keynote speakers for the 
conference were Woody 
Schwitzer. assistant professor of 
educational leadership and 
counseling at Old Dominion 
University in Norfolk, Va., and. 
Kevin Kruger. associate executive 
director of the National 
Association of Student Personnel 

Schwitzer is director of Old 
Dominion's human counseling 
service program. The program 
uses distance learning technology 
to deliver classes around Virginia, 
in partner states and to Navy 
ships. He is the author of the 
book, "Promoting Student 
Learning and Student 
Development at a Distance: 
Student Affairs Concepts and 
Practices for Televised Instruction 
and Other Forms of Distance 

SGA always on their toes 

By Jessica Trahan 

Sauce Reporter 

Between the many events of 
the University and school work , 
the Student Government 
Association is always on its 

David Gunn, SGA president, 
is always trying to complete 
projects but is never too busy to 
help out any student. 

Many events and projects 
are in the process of being 
planned for the remainder of the 

"I'm really hoping that the 
Student Life Committee will be 
finished by the end of this 
semester, if not the beginning of 
the spring semester," Gunn said. 

Also, the SGA is holding a 
special meeting to address 
student fees. 

The meeting will address 
some of the fees that the students 
are having to pay. Gunn and 
other officials will be getting 
together next semester to assess 
the student fees, especially the 
ones that could possibly be done 
away with. 

After careful examination of 
these fees, students will get the 
opportunity to eliminate some 
fees, maybe even save some 
money in the fall semester. The 
fees in question will be published 
next semester. The SGA is 
aiming for a special meeting in 

In the area of education, 
Gunn and other officials are 
working to help students with 
their exams by sponsoring the 
event "Dead Week." 

"Dead Week" will take place 
a week before final exams. It is a 
program aimed at convincing 
professors not to give out 
homework or quizzes so students 
are better able to concentrate on 
exams and not other school 

The SGA is also in the 
process of evaluating other 

SGA members Vanessa Byrd (left) and Jessica Cramer work on various projects 
organization has many events in the coming months that will both educate and 

Courtney Payne/Current Sauce 
to help University students. The 
inform students. 

universities' college sports to 
see what they are offering so that 
NSU can offer a better variety. 
They are trying to develop more 
intramural sports that everyone 
can enjoy and participate in. 

In regards to other SGA 
agendas, Gunn and Lauren 
Lindsay toured the campus to 
check out the lighting and safety. 
It was agreed that the lighting 
needs to be improved, and 
students should expect 
improvements to be made in the 
near future. 

Another upcoming campus 
event is the mock debate between 
the College Republicans and 
College Democrats. The idea is 
to have a debate similar to that of 
the presidential candidates. The 
event will take place Oct. 27 at 7 
p.m. in the television studio. 

Finally, the SGA has been 
presented the opportunity to 

participate in LaCapital Credit 
Union. Usually only parents or 
family members of those 
working for the government are 
allowed to participate in this 

The Union allows lower 
fees, higher interest rates and 
alternatives for student loans. 
The biggest advantage of the 
program is members can use the 
Union practically anywhere. 
Once a student graduates from 
the University, he or she still has 
access to the Union. 

Because of the SGA's many 
programming efforts, they will 
definitely be busy throughout the 
remainder of the year. 

"I can honestly say that the 
Senate as a whole is the best 
Senate that I have ever seen since 
I have been here," Gunn said. 
"The Senate is making my job a 
whole lot easier each day." 

Shawn Jackson 

For being the Student 

Senator of the Month 

Kruger. a former faculty 
member at the University of 
Maryland, has published 
nationally on leadership 
development using technology in 
student affairs development and 
international education. 

Several members of the 
student affairs staff at NSU made 
presentations at the conference. 

NSU Director of Student 
Activities and Organizations Carl 
P. Henry III along with Edward 
Pratt of the University of 
Louisiana at Lafayette led a 
session on student activities and 
Greek life. Pearson led a session 
on faculty and "Collaboration 
Between Student Affairs and 
Faculty: Benefits and Barriers." 

Campus Connections 


The NSU Club Soccer team is looking for new members. Informational meetings 
are held behind Watson Library. Everyone is welcome. Any questions, call Cesar 
Isgitt, at 354-6483. 


The SGA would like to tell all students about a few of the programs they are 
undertaking this school year. Don't forget to pick up your free scantrons, every 
Monday from 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. in room 222 of the Student Union. You will need a 
student I.D. to take advantage. Also, check out the Book Swap Board while you 
are there and see if someone has a book you need at a cheaper rate. 


The staff of Watson Library would like the students of NSU to know about a new 
service that could help them in their educational growth. For more information, 
check with the circulation department. 


Students can have lunch at the Wesley Westminister Foundation (between Magee's 
and The Ink Spot) on Tuesday from 11:30 until 1:00. The first visit is free and $1 
each time thereafter. Worship services are held from 6:30-7:30 pm each 


College Democrats would like inform students of their informational meetings 
every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 221 of the Student Union. 


Meetings are held every Wednesday at noon in room 224 of Russell Hall. All 
majors welcome. 


NSU's environmental issues and awareness organization, would like to announce 
Well Woods Cleanup this Saturday. Meet in front of Morrison Hall at 9:45 a.m. 
Also, weekly meetings are Mondays at 8 p.m. in Boozman Dorm. All interested 
are invited to attend. 


The SGA has seven Senator at Large and one Senior Class Senator positions 
open. Applications can be picked up in room 222 of the student union and 
returned to the same room when completed. For more information call 357-4501. 


Meetings are Monday at 3 p.m. in the Archeology lab, Kyser Hall room 212. 

2000-2001 Potpourri 
Rescheduled Organizational Pictures 

The following organizations have had their group yearbook 
picture rescheduled for the evening of Tuesday, October 24: 

By Rand 

Sauce Re 

Elliot St« 
about th 
how po 
Final An: 
turnout v 
years w 

politics a 
the oppoi 




and he s 


can't gel 



'-21 a 
tudents 1 
The I 
be thi 


Ten j 
narks or 
itate of Li 
the fi 
College ( 

6:30 Wesley Westminister 


6:35 Zeta Phi Beta 

6:40 Delta Upsilon 

6:45 Pi Kappa Phi 

6:50 Alpha Lambda Delta 

6:55 Kappa Mu Epsilon 

7:00 Phi Beta Lambda 

7:05 Phi Eta Sigma 

7:10 CSO 

7:15 NSU MAA Chapter 

7:20 Phi Mu Alpha 

7:25 National Order of Omega 

7:30 Club Soccer 

7:35 Purple Jackets 

7:40 ISO 

7:45 Grad. Research and 


7:50 American Humanics 

7:55 FCA 

8:00 Blue Key 

8:05 College Republicans 

8: 10 Society of Physics 


8:15 PRSSA 

8:20 Spanish Club 

8:25 IEEE 

8:30 College Democrats 

8:35 Student Athlete Advisory 


8:40 KNWD 

8:45 Sigma Tau Delta 

8:50 Health and Human 


9:00 Industrial Technology 

The Pictures will be taken in Magale Recital Hall. Organizations 
must arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time. 

NOTE: This is the last time organizations will have the 
opportunity to take their group picture re for the 2001 yearbook. 
Please call 357-5384 if you have any questions. 

Ask About Our 



» Education Oft M Ajw» 
* AM S**"»4««« frm 


I M women amctttucti kit *ttj<axm. wti^httd cfi)£*r« **> MM won t be rajskwg IMMfl cSerwacOT* A 




Students in Free 

Republican Vs. fcewocrat f>eM+e 

Finance Chairman of IA 
Mifce Woods 
fxecu+ive Director of Democratic Par+v of IA 

Trey Oorro 

October 1*, Russell Hall Ao</i+orioiv> 

Hake a difference V/eekUl 







, 2000 

OCTOBER 19, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 3 

lt Stonecipher lectures at NSU 

sns Carl 
iity of 
led a 
ties and 
irs and 


:all Cesar 

; they are 
ms, every 
i need a 
while you 

out a new 

n Magee's 
ee and $1 
pm each 



45 a.m. 




gy Randall S. Frederick 

Sauce Reporter 

Tuesday, political analyst 
Elliot Stonecipher came to speak 
about the political system and 
bow political polls affect the 
outcome of an election. 

His open forum topic was 
Political Polls: Are They the 
Final Answer?" 

About thirty students 
attended the forum, and Assistant 
professor Mary Brocato said the 
turnout was the best she's seen in 
years with a forum related to 

Stonecipher was 
understanding about the younger 
generations seeming disinterest in 
politics and was just glad to have 
the opportunity to come speak. 

"I identify with it, 
personally," he said. "My son is 
twenty-three, and I know how 
relatively disinterested he can be, 
and he stays pretty interested. If 
students on college campuses 
Can't get enthusiastic about the 
American political process, we've 

really got to ask ourselves where 
that leads. There's a process 
inherent in that thought that young 
people simply have to ask 
themselves, 'If I don't like it the 
way it is. how do I come up with 
some kind of solution? Do I have 
a replacement idea?' We see 
many, many more indications that 
they are so turned off by the 
process that they simply, without 
necessarily knowing it, are 
boycotting what is the heart of the 
democracy, and they simply 
haven't thought that through," 
Stonecipher said. "There's the 
theory that as you age, you come 
to understand that you have to 
participate, have to vote. Maybe 
so. But we're seeing levels of 
disinterest that we've never seen 
before among those 18 to 25 year 
olds. So, there are warning signs 
flashing, and young people just 
have got to think through what 
they're doing." 

When asked if he thought the 
lack interest from youth stemmed 
from a post-Nixon mentality, 
where younger voters lose faith in 

their leaders due to the scandals 
surrounding them, he replied, "It 
is possible, but it does seem that 
this problem is broader than any 
particular person. even a 
particular president of the United 
States. I will admit that the other 
thing we need to get a handle on— 
and we don't know exactly how to 
do this, although there are many 
people working on it, the internet 
is teaching, either directly or 
indirectly, teaching a lot of 
people, and they are 
disproportionally younger, is that 
you can get your needs, your 
information needs, met that used 
to require political involvement to 

His feelings toward the 
internet, though, is not negative. 
Stonecipher went on to explain he 
feels the internet is to the current 
generation what television was to 
his. A media source where 
"informational needs" are met. 

His lecture was on political 
polling, and he educated his 
audience on how a "margin of 
error" is devised and calculated, 

the best and worst times for 
polling, the different polling 
systems, including the famous 
USA Today/Gallop polls used to 
determine the outcome of the 
presidential elections and what a 
good poll needs to include and 
focus on. 

He also touched on several 
different topics related to the 
political system such as campaign 
finances and how media outlets 
work the opposing camps and 
"swing" to cash in on the billions 
spent in advertising for the 
political parties. 

Several times during his 
presentation, he dropped names 
affiliated with powerful 
politicians to show his experience. 
He proved to be a firm, 
knowledgeable and educated 
speaker. Stonecipher is respected 
throughout the country as a 
pollster, political speaker and 

He owns Events Management 
Services, Inc., a respected 
marketing consultancy 
established in 1980. The firm's 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Political analyst Elliot Stonecipher spoke at the University Tuesday. His 
open forum topic was "Political Polls: Are They the Final Answer?" 

services are focused in market 
opinion research, both 
commercial and political. Several 
media outlets across the state and 
country have asked for his 
opinions and knowledge, reputing 
him as a great speaker and 

After his speech and the 

question forum, several members 
of the audience stayed to thank 
him for coming,and listen to what 
he had to say about the upcoming 
elections. He encourages all 
students to become aware of who 
the candidates are so they can 
make a well thought-out, educated 
decision on Nov. 7. 

Weekend jammed packed with events for alumni and students 

The tradition continues Oct. 
[0-21 at Northwestern State 
Jniversity, as alumni and former 
itudents return to the campus to 
>articipate in NSU's 116th 
mniversary Homecoming 

The highlight of the weekend 
vill be the football game at 2 p.m. 
I Saturday, Oct. 21 against the 
klcNeese State University 
Cowboys, but a variety of events 
ire planned prior to and following 
he game. 

Ten alumni who made their 
narks on education within the 
itate of Louisiana will be honored 
. is the first inductees into the 
College of Education's Hall of 

Distinguished Educators. The 
induction is being held in 
conjunction with the College of 
Education's first alumni reunion. 

Northwestern's College of 
Business will hold its second 
homecoming breakfast and Hall of 
Fame induction ceremony. Both 
breakfasts will begin at 8:30 a.m. 
on Saturday, Oct. 21, with the 
College of Education's breakfast 
being held in the Teacher 
Education Center and the College 
of Business' breakfast being held 
in the Ballroom of the Friedman 
Student Union. 

Events on Friday, Oct. 20 tee 
off with the annual homecoming 
golf tournament and grand 

opening of the expansion of the 
Robert W. Wilson Recreation 
Complex. The annual golf 
scramble is $35 per player, which 
includes lunch. Tee times will be 
at 8 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m. The 
grand opening luncheon and 
ceremony will be held at 11:30 
a.m. at the Recreation Complex. 

The annual "Run for Richard" 
to benefit the Richard Ware 
Scholarship Fund begins at 8:30 
a.m. on Oct. 21 at the Walter Ledet 
Track Complex. Cost is $15 per 
person, which includes a t-shirt 
and game ticket. Advanced 
reservations are required. 

At 9:30 a.m., the Ladies 
Bingo Brunch begins at the NSU 

Recreation Complex, The cost is 
$15 per person, and advanced 
reservations are required. 

The 'N' Club Hall of Fame 
will hold its induction ceremony at 
10 a.m. in the Steve and Lori 
Stroud Hospitality Room of the 
Athletic Field house. 

Tailgating begins at 1 1 a.m. in 
the field adjacent to Turpin 
Stadium. Pre-game activities 












Why is TIAA-CREF fl 
#1 choice nationwide? 


. 3 free 

f LA 

• * 

Year in and year out, employees at education and 
research institutions have turned to TIAA-CREF. 
And for good reasons: 

• Easy diversification among a range of expert'y 
managed funds 

• A solrd history of performance and exceptional 
persona! service 

• A strong commitment to low expenses 

• Plus, a full range of flexible retirement income options 

For decades, TIAA-CREF has helped professors and staff 
at over 9,000 campuses across the country invest for— 
and enjoy— successful retirements. 

Choosing your retirement plan provider is simple. 
60 with the leader; TIAA-CREF. 


Investment Expertise 

Low Expenses 

Payment Options 

Expert Guidance 

rrrfH Ensuring the future 
Vl-T=f5 for those who shape it. a 



I ~7~~Z^Z^Z^te woducts, please ca 1 1 800842 2733, ext. 550$, ts request prospectuses. Read them careM 1 , 

nore ccrnptete information' ^JJP^JJ 5^ ^ dstribuies the CFf F anc MA Real Estate varwb!e annuities. ♦ Tether: 
before yw invest. • TIAA-CREF WMM *w ^. annusty compcnent< mutuai furK B and turtiof! sa*ngs agreements. - 
Personal Investors Series ^ *JJ~^V™ * . m ls<m imuf3fxe ^ aWlt i«. . TAA-CRE? Trust Company, FSB pravkfes trust services 
HAA ad T1AA-OEF Ufe ^^.^^^ vaiue and are not bank guaranteed- 2000 TIAA-CREF OSTO 
g investment p roducts are not wffi. »ww — l — 

begin at 1:30 p.m. in Turpin 
Stadium, followed by the 
homecoming game against 

Following the game, band 
alumni will have a reception at the 
Alumni Center, the Homecoming 
Court and members of the Alumni 
Homecoming Courts will have a 
reception in the Steve & Lori 
Stroud Hospitality Room, and 

members of the 'N' Club will have 
a reception at the Shriners Club. 

For more information on the 
College of Business Breakfast, call 
(318) 357-5161. To make 
reservations or for more 
information on the Run for 
Richard, call (318) 357-5251. For 
information regarding other 
events, call the Alumni Center at 
(318) 357-4414. 

Temporary Greek adviser gets settled in 

By Randall S. Frederick 

Sauce Reporter 

On Oct. 9, David Deggs 
returned to his alma mater to 
accept the position of 'greek 
adviser for the University. Upon 
accepting the position, he has been 
busy with campus organizations, 
fraternities and sororities, the 
student government 

He was previously the greek 
adviser for Kennesaw State 
University, located in a suburb of 
Atlanta, where he also served as 
operator of the new student union 
building on campus. After that, he 
went to work for the University of 
West Georgia, where he served as 
greek Adviser until Sept. He left 
this position when President Webb 
and the Student Activities & 
Organizations Director Carl P. 
Henry requested his return to 

Deggs will fill the position 
temporarily until the end of the 
year, at which time a permanent 
replacement will be named. Deggs 
plans to "put his name in the hat" 
and apply for the permanent 
position, but in the meantime, he is 
very positive about his current 

"I'm glad to be back here. I'm 
having a great time working with 

the students. More than likely, I'll 
apply for it. I'm interested in the 
position, but I need to see if this is 
going to work out, see if this is 
what I want to do," Deggs said. 
"This is just the third time I've 
been a greek adviser on a college 
campus. I like the work, obviously. 
I'm still in it, but we'll see what 
other opportunities present 

While here, he hopes to 
continue along the path of his 
predecessor, Duke Johnson, by 
raising awareness of greek life, 
activities, and student life 

"About half of the job is 
greek affairs; the other half is 
student organizations. I also act as 
secretary of the NSU committee 
organizations. Basically, if 
students have a question about 
student organizations, I'm the 
initial contact," Deggs said. "It's 
a great position and a great 
opportunity to come back to 
Northwestern and to work at my 
alma mater with students. Just a 
great career to be in. The students 
make it fun." 

Deggs strongly encourages all 
students to get involved with 
things outside the classroom, 
whether it's the student media, 
student activities, greek life or the 
student council. 

"It makes a better, well- 


rounded student. It's important to 
be involved. It increases the 
likelihood of getting a job and 
makes you marketable to be 
involved with something outside 
the classroom. There's more to 
college than life and textbooks," 
Deggs said. "If you take that 
knowledge [from the classroom] 
and don't ever apply it anywhere 
and get those life survival skills, as 
I call them, and don't developed 
them. then you're at a 
disadvantage in the real world." 

Deggs graduated in 1999 with 
a bachelors degree in general 
studies, and he later graduated with 
a masters in education. He was 
named Mr. NSU in 1998, served 
on the Student Activities Board for 
three years. He was also in the 
Order of Omega, worked in the 
Student Union as a night manager, 
was on the interfratemity council 
and served in Theta Chi Fraternity. 

V. 7 


The Current 
Sauce is now on 
the internet* 

Check us out at 

Made possible by College Publisher Inc. 

Page 4 

The Current Sauce 

October 19, 2<>o« 

SGA Senate Minutes for 10/16/2000 

SGA Meeting 10/16/00 

I. Roll Call 


Leanna Anderson 
Amanda Barrios 
Chante Bellard 
Wayne Bush 
Vanessa Byrd 
Jonathan Chance 
Matthew Comeaux 
Jessica Cramer 
Andrew Davies 
Kimberly Dickerson 
Dustin Floyd 
Jack Givens 
Will Hooper 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Shaun Jackson 
Dustin Matthews 
Paul Monteleone 
Joni Naquin 
Justin Owen 
Casey Ponder 
Shelly Smith 
Frank Toro 
Glenn Ward 
Brian Wilkinson 
Rusty Broussard 
David Gunn 
John-Michael McConnell 
Ja'Juan Allen 
Jennifer Paul 
Jeremiah Newsom-excused 

The meeting was called to order at 


The prayer was led by Dustin 

The pledge was led by Chante 

Paul Monteleone moved to approve 
the minutes from last week. 

Alando Marsten spoke to the SGA 
about Unity Day on Thursday from 

II. Executive Reports: 

Treasurer- John-Michael 
McConnell not present yet. 

Vice-President- Rusty Broussard 
-SGA yearbook pictures tomorrow 
night at 8:15pm in Magale Recital 

-NSU won 27-21 against Nicholls 
so we can keep the trophy. 
-Business cards were made for the 

-Answering machine for office. 
-Digital camera was returned 
because it wasn't compatible with 
the computers. 

-Encouraged everyone to get 
involved with homecoming. 

John-Michael McConnell walked 

-No budgets this week. 

President-David Gunn 
-I have some appointments for 
tonight, they are as follows: 
Committee on organizations: 
Elizabeth Hughes. Dustin 
Matthews (please email David 
Deggs at 

STAT: Rusty Broussard 
Senators at Large: Ben Nihart, Joe 
Arnette. Nola McGuire. Stacie 
Cosby. Craig Coutee. 
-Breakfast with the President went 
well this morning. The African 
American Caucus was the featured 
organization. I could tell Dr. Webb 
was impressed with their 
enthusiasm and appreciated their 
questions and concerns. 
-As Rusty mentioned, pictures are 
tomorrow at 8:30pm. 
-Also tomorrow the SGA 
Homecoming banquet is at 1 lam in 
the President's room. Please dress 

-All SGA members are also invited 
to the SAB reception following the 
game on Saturday. 
-Friday at noon is the dedication 
ceremony for the nine new golf 
holes at the recreation complex. 
-There will be a cabinet meeting 
tomorrow at 3:00pm. IT IS 

cannot attend, turn in an excuse to 
me by 3:00 tomorrow. 
-I will be taking all passed and 
signed legislation to Dr. Webb and 
Dr. Seymour tomorrow. 
-The COSBP meeting in Baton 
Rouge last week went well. I 
would have preferred for more 
presidents to have attended than the 
number that actually did. Thanks 
to the senators that attended. 
Northwestern was the most 
represented university in 
attendance. We are hosting the 
December COSBP meeting on the 
9th and 10th. I am forming a 
COSBP planning committee that I 
will chair. I will ask for volunteers 
to serve on this committee in 

-STAT will meet this Thursday at 

-I was contacted by McNeese 
State's SGA today. They are 
sending representatives with the 
NSU/McNeese flag to the game 
Saturday. I will know more about 
their exact time of arrival later this 

-If you are a committee head who 
is feeling bogged down by multiple 
projects, don't hesitate to delegate 
some of the responsibilities 
amongst all of your committee 

-Rusty and I will be meeting with 
Dr. Webb tomorrow, if you have 
anything that you would like us to 
pass along, see me after the 

Shaun Jackson and Jack Givens left 
the meeting. 

Vanessa Byrd opened the floor for 
New Business. 

Alando Marsten explained new 
budget for the conference-$1305. 
Frank Toro moves to approve the 


AAC budget for the conference. 
Justin Owen seconded the motion. 
Discussion followed. 
The motion passed 22-0-0. 
John-Michael requested that it be 
known that he was not present at 
the Fiscal Affairs meeting when 
this budget was approved. 

III. Department/Committee 

Academic Affairs- Amanda Barrios 
-Thanksgiving Bake (Bread) is on 
November 7th from 3-6pm. 
-Professor Student Evaluation- 
trying to get in touch with the 

-Wayne Bush and Casey Ponder 
are working on poll boxes. 
-Getting an academic calendar 

-Scantron Giveaways from 11am- 

lpm on Mondays. 

-The meetings are Wednesday at 


Shaun Jackson and Jack Givens 
returned to the meeting. 

External Affairs- Andrew Davies 
-The radio show is on Tuesdays 
from 9am-noon. 

-Fix the Homecoming float. 
Thursday at 2pm at the stadium. 
-T-shirts will be coming in soon. 
-Congrats to Shaun Jackson, the 
senator of the month. 
-Meet the senator day still pending. 
-Meetings are Tuesday at 5:30pm. 

Club Sports- Matt Comeaux- will 
meet tomorrow at 4pm to put the 
survey together. 

Organizational Grants- Matt 
Comeaux-some grants were not 
contained and were overlooked. 
Will ask senate for $500 to look 
over those grants. 

Internal Affairs- Vanessa Byrd- 
New Senator Workshop is Monday 
after the meeting. Committee is 

still looking over the by-laws. 
October 24 from 5-9pm - sign up 
to work for STAR (Strategic 
Telemarketing and Recruiting). 

Election Board- Joni Naquin- 
meeting Thursday at 5pm. Will be 
discussing polls at Iberville. 

Student Affairs- Justin Owen- 
working on traffic fund. The forum 
is the 24th at 7pm. 

Traffic Appeals- Justin Owen- met 
today for 2 hours, very productive. 
Traffic and Safety meets tomorrow 
at 2pm. 

IM-Casey Ponder has no report. 
Luke Dowden will work with them 
more to get this rolling. 

Supreme Court- Niko has no 

Advisor's report- Mr. Henry- 
please come to Homecoming 
Reception tomorrow at 1 1 am. 

IV. New Business: 

Jessica Cramer read Bill FA00- 

Andrew Davies moved to approve 

Bill FA00-001. 

Jessica Cramer seconded. 

Frank Toro moved to add "if a 

executive does not complete his 

office hours for 2 consecutive 

weeks he is subject to 


Jack Givens seconded. 

The motion failed 9-12-3. 

The motion to approve bill FA00- 

001 passed 22-1-1 

Paul Monteleone moved to allocate 
$500 for organizational grants. 
Amanda Barrios seconded. 
Discussion followed. 
The motion passed 22-1-1. 

Senator Appointments: 

Ben Nihart spoke on his behalf. 

Joe Arnet spoke on his behalf. 
Nola McGuire spoke on her behalf. 
Stacey Cosby spoke on her behalf. 
Craig Coutee spoke on his behalf. 

Mad Comeaux moved to approve 
Ben Nihart. 

Amanda Barrios seconded. 
The motion passed 23-0-1. 

Matt Comeaux moved to approval 
Joe Arnet. 

Glen Ward seconded. 
The motion passed 23-0-1. 

Matt Comeaux moved to approve; 
Nola McGuire, Stacey Cosby, and 
Craig Coutee. 
Jack Givens seconded. 
The motion passed 23-0-1. 

David Gunn gave the oath of office 
to Ben. Joe, Nola, Stacey, and 

John-Michael McConnell left the 

Dustin Floyd moved to approve 
Rusty Broussard for STAT. 
Matt Comeaux seconded. 
The motion passed by a general 

V. Announcements: 
Jessica Cramer announced the 
speaker on women safety on 
November 7th at 7pm. 

Vanessa Byrd needs new senators 
to meet with her after the meeting.! 

Justin Owen-meeting Wednesday 
at 6pm for student affairs. 

Matt Comeaux needs all! 
organizational grant members ttf 
meet with him after the meeting. 

Rusty Broussard needs two people 
to hand out pompons. 

The meeting was adjourned al 

Scholars' raises standards 

The Louisiana Scholars' 
College at Northwestern State 
University will raise its 
admissions standards for the 
2001-2002 academic year. The 
Scholars' College is the state's 
selective-admissions honors 
college in the liberal arts and 
sciences and has its own 
applications and admissions 
process separate from the 

Students admitted to the 
Scholars' College for the 2001- 
2002 year will need an ACT score 
of at least 23 or an SAT score of 
1070, a math subscore of 20 on 
the ACT or 430 on the SAT and a 
high school grade point average 
of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The 
previous requirements were a 21 
on the ACT or 1000 on the SAT. 
Students who meet all but one 
criterion may be considered for 
provisional admission. 

"We have looked very 
closely at the students who have 
enrolled in the Scholars' College 
in the past several years and have 
identified an area in which a level 
of performance can cause students 

to have trouble completing the 
program," said Margaret Cochran, 
director of the Scholars' College. 
"Performance in mathematics has 
been a problem. By becoming 
more selective, we will give our 
students an opportunity to achieve 
to the best of their ability." 

Cochran believes the new 
admissions standards will be 
beneficial for the Scholars' 
College over the next several 

"These standards make it 
easier for students to decide 
whether they are a strong 
applicant for the Scholars' 
College," said Cochran. "We 
believe by focusing on 
performance in high school, 
prospective students will be better 
prepared for honors level work. It 
will be one more incentive for 
them to work hard, and that will 
be an important quality for them 
to have once they enroll here." 

According to Cochran, the 
Scholars' College will continue to 
have some flexibility in its 
admissions standards. 

"In evaluating an applicant, 

we consider the whole student 
not just a single score," she said; 
"We do not want to be so narrow 
in making our admissionsj 
decisions that we miss a student 
who is capable of doing honors 

Since its founding in 1987,| 
the Scholars' College has 
developed a unique, 
comprehensive, and 
interdisciplinary curriculum thai 
has proven highly successful in 
helping such students develop 
their full potential. The Scholars' 
College was recently recognized 
by the Templeton Foundation as 
an exemplary program under their 
College and Character Initiative. 

The Scholars' College 
features an innovative,' 
individualized curriculum, small 
student-faculty ratio, stron? 
faculty-student interactions- 
student-centered, seminar-stylf 
classes, an overseas stud)' 
options, an honors dormitory ttj 
provide a living/learninS 
environment and small-college 
atmosphere with the activities of > 
large university. 

Early Registration 

It is Early Registration time again! 
Before registration, you must see 
your advisor for advisement. 
Students with a Financial hold 
will not be allowed to earty 
register for the Spring 2001 
semester. Your account balance 
must be paid by November 3, 
20OO to prevent a financial hold 
from being placed on your 

REGISTRATION is based on the 
following classification. 
Wednesday. November 8 
{Graduate Students and Seniors); 
Thursday. November 9. 2OO0 
(Juniors); Friday, November 1 0, 
20OO (Sophomores). 

Departmental Registration begins 
on November 1 3 and ends on 
November 1 7, 2000 (Monday- 
Friday). New. Re- Entry, and 
Transfer students with less than 
30 hours may not register by 
telephone or Internet. You must 
go to your major department and 
see an advisor for advisement 
and registration. 

Midterm Grades 


MIDTERM GRADES will be avail- 
able on a Mew Grade Reporting 
System called (Campus Direct- 
Voice FX). This New System will 
be available to you on October 
24 November 3. 2000 (24 
hours a day and 7 days a 

Voice FX wts ar 

Final Grades 

FINAL GRADES will be available on 
the New Grade Reporting System 
(Campus Direct Voice FX) on 
December 19- 31. 2000(24 hours 
a day and 7 days a week). 

Voice FX WEB at: 

Voke FX Telephone number, 
l -SOO- 936*418 

or you may access NSU WEB at 

If you select not to have your final 
grades submitted to Campus 
Direct, you may access NSU WEB a' 
www2.nsu!a edu (8:00 a m.-7:00 
p.m.. Monday-Friday) to receive a 
copy of your grades. 

Voice Fx Telephone ni 

If you have a question concern 
ing your midterm grades, 
please contact the instructor of 
the course. 

If you have any questions, I lease 
call the Office of the Registrar at 
(318) 3S7-6I71 or 1- 800-80 7 8849 
bet* een the hours of 8:O0 a.m. to 
4 30 pa 

Note: Mease complete and return 
the enclosed card if you do not 
want NSU to send your grades to 
the New Grade Reporting System. 

life: Entertainment 

October 19, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 5 

Every generation has a group 
of performers that are always 
prevalent in pop culture. This 
group of performers were 
originally the Las Vegas lounge 
singers known as the Rat Pack. In 
the 80s a group of ambitious 
young actors worked their way 
into the hearts and onto the silver 
screen and became known as the 
Brat Pack. As we start a new 
Millennium, I feel that it is time 
that we christen 
the new 
entertainers that 
will become the 
elite of the 

The lucky 
few young 
actors that I see 
fit to place in 
the category of 
GAP (yes the 
pun was 
intended) are as 
Michelle Williams, Nia long, 
Renee Zelwegger, Tobey 
McGuire, Joshua Jackson and 
Jared Leto. 

Williams and Jackson are 
both Dawson's Creek alums, but 
that shouldn't be held against 
them. Williams has proven 
herself as an accomplished and 
complex actress time and time 
again. Her work on HBO's If 
These Walls Could Talk 2 was 
amazing and she continued to 
shine in her role in But I'm A 
Cheerleader. If the moviegoer can 
look past her short stint as a 
Scream Queen in Halloween H20 
they will see that she has a string 
and promising career ahead of 

His starring role in the Skulls 
may have quieted those that 
doubted his ability to be a volatile 
actor. He also showed the range 

that he possesses as he played a 
flamboyant homosexual in Cruel 

One of Williams' co-stars in 
If These Walls Could Talk, Nia 
Long joins Generation GAP. 
Long has been in countless films 
and has played a wide variety of 
characters ranging from inner 
city youth to a young mother on 
the run from in Big Mama's 
House. Long has paid her dues to 
the acting 
world by 
holding down 
several roles 
on soap operas. 

McGuire has 
become one of 
the best young 
dramatic actors 
of our time and 
it is only a 
matter of time 
until he wins 
his first Oscar. 
His work in 
The Cider 
House Rules and Pleasantville 
give me hope for his promising 

The Same can be said for 
Jared Leto. He broke onto the 
scene on My So Called Life and 
like the Dawson's kids, broke the 
mold of teenybopper television. 
His work in Fight Club played 
well with seasoned actors like 
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. 

And finally the leader the 
group is Renee Zelwegger who I 
liken to Demi Moore in Hie Brat 
Pack. If anyone will make it in 
the industry it will be her. It is 
interesting to watch her grow 
from Empire Records to Jerry 
Maguire to One True Thing. I 
only hope that she doesn't ruin 
her career like Moore did with a 
movie like Striptease... wait I 
forgot... Me Myself and Irene. 

urrmt Jauc 

Top 25 

1 . Minority 

2. RockDJ 

3. You're a god 

4. Incomplete 

5. Pinch Me 

6. Come on Over 

7. Black Jesus 

8. Independent Woman 

9. Teenage Dirtbag 

10. This I Promise You 

11. The First 

12. The Way I Am 
13. 1 Need You 

14. Th*» Way You Love Me 

15. Wondertui 

16. Bounce With Me 

17. With Arms Wide Open 

18. Last Resort 
19. 1 Will... But 

20. Jumpin' Jumpin' 

21. Promise 

22. One Voice 

23. Sun Down 

24. 1 Hope You Dance 
25. Girl From The Gutter 

Green Day 

Robbie Williams 
Vertical Horizon 

Barenaked Ladies 

Christina Aguilera feat. 

Fred Durst 


Destiny's Child 


'N Sync 

Tegan and Sara 
Leanne Rimes 
Faith Hill 

Lil Boiv Wozvfeat. Xscape 

Papa Roach 
Destiny's Child 
Eve 6 

Billy Gilman 

LeeAnn Womack 

Macbeth: Shakespearean 
tragedy or NSU travesty? 

By Randall S. Frederick 

Life Critic 


The NSU theater production 
of William Shakespeare's 
Macbeth was a success. The 
turnout for the production was 
phenomenal with a full house of 
both students and Natchitoches 
residents. The theater department 
should be happy with the turnout 
and hope for equal seating 
success in the future. 

The performance itself left a 
great deal to be desired. The 
curse, what some believe to be. 
was the actors. The entire first 
act was performed so poorly (in 
the honest opinion of this writer) 
that the actors seemed to think 
they were performing the stage 
play of Braveheart instead of a 
classical masterpiece. 

The dark hero of Macbeth 
seemed trite at best, and Lady 
Macbeth would have been better 
in a circus than on stage with her 
unnecessary laughing fits. Her 
relationship with Macbeth ran 
quickly from hot to cold. In one 
second, it appeared she would 
grope Macbeth's codpiece 
(protective gear of the groin), 
and the next, she would push him 
away shrieking. It is 
unbelievable that anyone, despite 
what century they lived in, would 
be swayed by the love Lady 
Macbeth gave her husband and 

Macbeth responded in kind 
with a catatonic state. Perhaps he 
was in meditation, thinking of 
the consequences murder would 
bring on him. Perhaps he was 
thinking how badly he wanted 
off the stage and go to 
McDonalds for a McRib combo. 
In either case, his mind was 
elsewhere and not on the events 
being spoken of. 

When I performed on the 
stage myself, I was told a simple 
truth. "If you don't know what 
you're saying, say it loud." 
There was a lot of shouting in 
Macbeth, and those who didn't 

Photo by Steve Evans 

LIFE critic finds that Colin Trahan and Jena Westbrook's performances in Macbeth were "full of sound and fury 
signifying nothing." 

speak at a level to be heard, 
seemed as confused and out of 
place as if the true characters had 
been placed on stage. They 
looked around constantly, and 
their hushed dialogue dealing 
with their King looked like 
lovesick school children 
speaking about their teacher. 

I was severely disappointed 
in the entire first act and 
disgusted with the butchery of 
Shakespeare. During 
intermission, I began to think 
about getting up and leaving, but 
for some reason, I stayed. 

Whether it was because what 
I had seen previously was so 
awful or whether things actually 
improved, the second act 
redeemed the play somewhat. I 
can only hope the reason for this 

was because Wann was present to 
give them the major points of 
Acting 101. 

The fight scene that had 
been talked about and hailed as 
"awesome" and "rivaling a Jean 
Claude VanDamme movie" was 
amateur, but it was as best can be 
expected in a college play 
performance where actors visibly 
flinch after hours of sword play 

It lacked realism and was 
dependent only on quick 
movements to divert the eyes 
from the foot distance between 
blows. Anyone awake would 
have noticed there was no trust 
for safety between performers. 

AH was not lost though. One 
of the few high points of the 
night was a return to true 

Shakespeare with the arrival of 
Tony Blanco. 

Blanco went above and beyond 
the call of his role taking the time 
to learn more than what was 
required of him. 

His performance was 
powerful, and his exiting the 
stage left me with a twinge of 
sorrow, for he was the play's last 
hope. Blanco should have been 
given the role of Macbeth, for he 
was the only one who truly 
understood the script, 
performing, where he needed to 
be on the set and delivery of the 

I hope the theater 
department will recognize true 
actors at the casting call for their 
next play. The Musical Murders 
of 1940. 

Sly Stallone's comeback effort came and went 
with little notice in his newest film Get Carter 

By Mindy Mixon 

LIFE Critic 


Sylvester Stallone's latest 
guy flick Get Carter desperately 
needs to get new actors. Once 
again. Sylvestor prances through 
the redundant story line wearing 
nothing but his occasional wife 
beater and flexing his massive 
yet veiny fifty year old muscles. 

Extremely fast-paced and 
somewhat confusing, the plot is 
formatted to withhold all the 
information for the grand 
finale.... except that after two 
long hours the ending makes no 
sense. It leaves you with 
unanswered questions and in a 
state of perplexity. Stallone 
plays a bookie from Las Vegas 
whose estranged brother dies of 
a somewhat suspicious nature. 
(He too is involved in the 
reputable casino line of work.) 
Our hero returns to his 
hometown despite all the bad 
memories to get revenge on 
those brazen enough to murder a Sly 
member of his family. 

Once he's home, Stallone 
becomes entangled in a web 
of... Surprise!! Deception, lies 
and women. Everyone lies to 
protect and cover themselves but 
all to no avail. Our brilliant star 
figures out the complex riddle. 
Once he has solved the brain 

Courtesy of rottentomatoes. 
Stallone tries to regain his earlier popularity in his latest film effort "Get Carter. " 

teaser, he promptly proceeds to 
kill off the rest of the remaining 

There was a moment in Get 
Carter where I took a trip down 
memory lane and experienced 
some Rocky deja vu. Cyon, a thug 
almost as big as Stallone but twice 

as sinister, pounds on Sylvestor 
and just when Cyon has him down 
for the count, he makes the typical 
movie mistake. 

He walks away patting 
himself on the back for a job well 
done. So guess what happens 
next? Rocky picks himself up. 

wipes the blood off his 
mangled face and seeks Cyon 
out. where he shoots him 
through the head with a 
concealed hand weapon. 

But don't expect to view 
Stallone running from any 
police enforcement in this 
movie. No, that would be too 
realistic for this movie theme. 
After all. this is Las Vegas; the 
casino big boys run this city. 
Cops simply don't exist. 

To throw in more 
excitement, Stallone's loyal 
bookie partner from Las 
Vegas is forced to come after 
him when the Big Casino Boss 
discovers Stallone shacking 
with his lady friend. Audrey. 

Now. between Cyon's 
gang and his own respectable 
friends. Mr. Muscles is getting 
it from all sides. 

In the end, however, 
Stallone escapes it all and 
even bonds with his troubled 
but likable niece, Doreen. who 
om I might add does appear to 
have talent. 

And just before the 
credits roll, Sylvestor rides off 
into the sunset freshly shaven and 
casually dressed, headed back to 
Las Vegas where he'll drop the 
macho gangster act and next play 
the prince in shining armor to 
rescue Audrey - his shady lady in 

life: (PeopCe 

The Current Sauce 

October 19, 2000 

Spotlight: There she is... 

Miss NSU Camille Nunez 

Heather Patton 

LIFE Reporter 

Camille Nunez was very 
surprised and pleased to win Miss 
NSU 2000. 

"I never thought I'd be Miss 
NSU," Camille said. "I was 
surprised by the nomination. It just 
made my whole year." 

Camille's biggest honor was 
being voted on by her peers. 

"It just shows that I must have 
done something right," Camille 

Camille is the middle child in 
her family. She is involved in 
numerous activities like Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, Purple Jackets and 
was a Freshman Connector. 
Camille said that the stressfulness 
of her schedule is what keeps her 

"I never regret all the things and 
activities I've done," Camille said. 
"I'm a stressful person, but I thrive 
on it. It helps me keep up with 

Camille is a senior journalism 
major with an emphasis in the 
public relations area, but she 
didn't always vant to be in 

"In high school, I wanted to be 
in theater, but I decided that 
communications would be the best 
field to work in," Camille said. 
"It's more hands on. I like writing 
and the whole aspect of 
journalism. I've never changed my 

The Society of 

Meeting: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 
in the Journalism Conference Room 
at 4:00 P.M. 


For more information call: 


Photo by Courtney Payne 

Miss NSU Camille Nunez celebrates her victory with life-long best friend and Homecoming Queen Virginia Dixon 

major, although I've had my 
doubts. The first class I took that 
really made me want to get in 
public relations was a campaign 
class I took." 

Camille especially wants to 
please her parents and make them 
proud of her. 

"My parents are really easy- 
going," Camille said. "They 
always let me make my own 
decision, even if they felt I needed 
to quit a few activities because of 
the stress. They've been so proud 
of me, so that's why I continue to 
work on attaining my goals. I just 

want them to know how much I 
appreciate their support. This 
ho or is how I thank them." 

Camille said that when she 
graduates, she will have used her 
time wisely and had her most 
memorable year. 


Some Gifts lust 
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Bw gMflg Savings Bonds now on mke a <«feraice for the Mure — to 
ttdp with espwws lite college tuWoo or ttm first car. They're available 
through mm hanks, where yoa work, m aumoiatically througj? the new 
Savings Boatfe fjt&fimr" Han at 

Call 1-&KMUS BOM) fat 
recorded rsu* if\km-M<m 

1 ;• i i J J CSAVINGS 

POT coffi|M»t* ktfotmmtitm about Its. Swing* Bonds, 
visit out W«fo sit* at wvnw^ssvlngsfeofids.go v. 

A pubftc »ervJM erf Chi* a*w»p«per 

Spotlight: Setting the 


Heather Patton 

LIFE Reporter 

Some may think that Mark 
Bulot, Mr. NSU, is your typical 

He loves the outdoors, fishing, 
hunting and sports, but Mark also 
has a different side he hopes to 
show to others, his helpful one. 
Mark is a senior nursing major 
who hopes to make it to the top. 

"You must be at the top of your 
class," Mark said. "I have a lot of 
goals I want to get to. I want to be 
able to enjoy life and have fun 
with it. If I can get my master's, 
great, if not, so be it. I'll just work 
in a specialized department." 

Mark's sister first introduced 
him to Northwestern. 

"My sister attended some 
cheerleading camps here," Mark 
said. "I competed with her in a 
competition. I was pretty good, so 
they asked me to try out for the 
team here. I just fell in love with 
the people here, and it felt like 

Mark has been in many 
different activities on campus 
besides cheerleading. He has been 
a member of Sigma Nu fraternity 
since the spring of 1998. He was 
in the theater program for a while 
and a Freshman Connector. Mark 
said he was hoping to become Mr. 
NSU this year because he thought 
he could best represent the 

"I was excited," Mark said. "I 
consider this to be big. You think 
back to what you've done for the 
school or what the school's done 
for you, and I was proud to 
represent Northwestern." 

Mark hopes that becoming a 
nurse will allow him to make 
good money and help others at the 

Photo by Courtney Payne 
Mr. NSU Mark Bulot chats with the students he has been chosen to represent. 

You have a lot to offer 
the investment world. 

We have a lot to offer you. 

The next time someone asks— what are you going to do when you graduate?— tell them 
you're joining one of the industry's leading investment analyst programs— at Prudential. 
It's a program that can help position you for enrollment in a leading business school or 
for continuing on the fast track to the top of an exciting investment career. 

Here's your 
chance to meet us. 

September 28 


Noon to 4 p.m. 

The program. Our in-depth program 
offers the opportunities you can 
only find at an established global 
asset management company- 
phis the immediate responsibilities 
and hands-on learning that a small- 
firm environment offers. Industry- 
leading training will help ensure 
you hit the ground running. You'll 
gain valuable exposure to private 
placement, asset management or 
commercial real estate lending 
markets as you become part of 
one of the world s most powerful 
global investment teams. 

same time. He said that he likes 
the hours of working at night and 
has talked to others who enjoy 
working in the medical 
profession. Mark said that he 
wants to get a few "toys" when he 
gets established in his profession. 

"I want a boat and especially a 
big old truck," Mark said. "I'm a 
city guy wanting to be a country 
boy. I have so many goals, and 
there's so much I want to do. 
Hopefully I will get into clinicals 
and have my master's degree. I 
just want to be happy and enjoy 

Besides being an outdoorsman, 
Mark really cooks, in the kitchen, 
that is. 

"I like to cook," Mark said. 
"The kitchen is my lab. The best 
thing I have cooked was a roast." 

Mark also gives his parents 
praise for who he has become. 

"I am a product of good 
parenting," Mark said. "I owe 
everything to them. They've 
pushed me and my siblings to go 
for all we can. None of us are 
perfect, and they just tell us to 
build on our mistakes." 

The umpany. Prudential is 
a global, diversified financial 
services firm with more than 
$300 billion in assets under 
management. With offices in 
32 countries on four continents, 
we have direct exposure to the 
world's major money centers. 

The candidate. Graduating 
students with a solid background 
in finance or accounting who 
want to learn the investment 
business will get valuable 
experience monitoring diverse 

The rewards. Prudential offers 
a highly competitive salary and 
benefits package and a flexible 
work schedule. You'll also find 
opportunities throughout the U.S. 
with our nationwide offices. 

Visit our website at 

i Prudential 

li n I W IWftMftMfl to Up cai at tmM ft ivesf; I m *i few. 


life: (Features 

October 19, 2000 

The Current Sauce 

Page 7 

I t 3 s Your 

• * « 





Be Informed About Breast Cancer 

Wait! Keep reading! This 
information may save your life, 
or the life of someone you know. 


Breast cancer develops 
when abnormal breast tissue cells 
develop and their growth spins out 
of control. These cells form 
tumors (lumps) that can spread to 
surrounding healthy breast tissue 
or other parts of the body. Cancer 
cells compete with healthy cells 
for nutrients and oxygen supplied 
by the blood. fc 

THE FACTS: First the bad news! 
Breast cancer is the most common 
cancer among women, other than 
skin cancer. It is the second 
leading cause of cancer death in 
women, after lung cancer. This 
disease will affect approximately 
175,000 women this year and 
nearly 43,300 of them will die. 
Men can also get breast cancer, 
although this is rare. 

Many young women 
believe that they are not at risk for 
developing breast cancer because 
of their age. The truth is that it can 
affect a woman at any age in her 
adult life, although it typically 
develops after age 50 
(approximately 77% of all cases). 
Breast cancer does not just 
happen, it occurs over a period of 

THE FACTS: Now the good 
news! The earlier breast cancer is 
found, the better the chances for 
successful treatment. Detecting 
breast cancer in the early stages is 
possible if a woman takes personal 
responsibility for her health.. 
Because early breast cancer does 
not produce symptoms, it's 
important for all women to follow 
the guidelines for early detection. 

1. Take part in regular breast 

* All women over 20 should do a 
breast self-examination (BSE) 
every month. 

* All women between the ages of 
20 and 39 should have a clinical 
breast exam (performed by a 
health care professional) every 3 

* All women 40 and older should 
have a mammogram and a clinical 
breast exam every year. 

2. Know what to look for. 

* New lump or mass that is 
painless, hard, and has irregular 

* Swelling of part of the breast 

* Skin irritation or dimpling 

* A discharge other than breast 

* Redness or scaliness of the 
nipple or skin 

* Nipple pain or the nipple turning 


A woman's best chance for 
detecting breast cancer early is to 
follow the guidelines for regular 
breast exams. Equally important is 
her understanding of breast cancer 
risk factors and how these factors 

may affect her overall chances of 
developing the disease. Not all 
risk factors are equal and having 
more than one risk factor increases 
a woman's overall risk. 

1. Risk factors that cannot be 

* Being a woman 

* Aging 

* Race - white woman are slightly 
more likely to develop breast 
cancer than African-American 
women. But African-American 
women are more likely to die of 
this cancer. 

* Family history of breast cancer 

* Genetics 

* Barly menstruation - women 
who began having periods before 
age 12 have a small increased risk. 

2. Risk factors that can be 

* Alcohol use 

* Diet & controlling weight 

* Smoking 

* Use of birth control pills 

* Exercise 

* Exposure to environmental 

YOUR HEALTH: No one else 

Adopt a healthy behavior if you 
are over age 20 - perform a 
monthly breast exam. It is simple 
and takes very little time. 
Consider the outcome if you don't. 

Please share this information will 
other women, perhaps a mother, 
grandmother, sister, wife, 
daughter, or friend. 

are interested in learning more 
about this health issue or you have 
questions about other health topics 
please email me at: 

Service of* Remembrance and Hope 


Survivors of Domestic Violence 

October 25, 2000 at 6:00 I*. M. 
j^lver Front Stage,, LA 

Sponsored by YWCA Family Violence Program, Natchitoches Office 

Xr~*~- ux^rvone is asked to place a purple ribbon on their door / oar in 
SnSrnbrSoe of victims of femily violence. 

_ . h service will be moved to Immaculate Conception Church 
iocmeTat 61 3 Second Street, Natchitoches, LA. 

'N Sync members set 
to star in Grease 3 

By Randall S. Frederick 

LIFE Reporter 

The members of Nsync will 
soon be strutting their stuff on the 
big screen. All five members, JC 
Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, 
Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin 
Timberlake have announced plans 
to star in "Grease 3" as modern T- 
birds at Rydell High. 

Lance and Justin have already 
shown their acting ability with 
guest appearances on television. 
Lance had a guest role on family- 
friendly "7th Heaven", Justin 
appeared alongside Kathie Lee 
Gifford in Disney's "Model 
Behavior". The other 
bandmembers have yet to stretch 
their acting legs past "The Mickey 
Mouse Club" and McDonalds 

In the past, "Grease" has 
proved to be a great vehicle for 
talent, with box-office stars John 
Travolta in the first, and Michelle 
Pfeiffer in the sequel. Both their 
vocal and acting talents have been 
showcased and crafted, and it is 
expected that the popularity of 
Nsync will draw from both the 
"Grease" fanbase and the fans of 
their own c.d.'s and music videos. 

Although the storyline is still 
being developed, Entertainment 
Weekly reports that the group will 
start in pre-production once the 
actor strikes are settled in 

"We're going ahead and 
getting the script written," says 
Lance Bass. "It's a go from the 
studios and we've just got to wait 
until the strike is over, then we can 
start filming." 

Britney Spears is also said to 
have a part in the film. Her 
romantic relationship with Nsync 
member Justin Timberlake is very 
public, and in the past, she has 
expressed an interest in a movie 
role where she would be able to 
sing, dance, and prove her acting 
abilities have grown since her 
"Mickey Mouse Club" days. If 

Activities Board 
welcomes master 

On Tuesday, October 24, 
2000 Master Hypnotist C.J. 
Johnson plans to make believers 
out of the University and 
community. Johnson said "a lot 
of people come into the show as 
skeptics, then watch as one of 
their friends forgets his own 
name, gets stuck to her chair or 
becomes the Crocodile Hunter. 
This is usually disbelief." 

C.J. Johnson will be 
performing his show in The Alley 
on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.. 
Students, staff and members of 
the community are welcome to 
come and judge for themselves 
whether the show is legitimate or 

The doors will open 20-30 
minutes early and admission is 

Courtesy of 'N Side 'N Sync 
'N Sync is being tapped to take over roles in Grease 3. 

Spears does accept a role, it could 
easily be assumed that she would 
play a Pink Lady. 

In addition, Britney Spears 
rival Christina Aguilera is also 
being rumored to be in talks about 
joining the film as a Pink Lady. 
"It's gonna be a huge, huge movie, 
and we've got some major, major 
people in it." Bass added. 

Currently, Nsync is recording 
their newest album. They will also 
be joining the long list of 
gueststars on "The Simpsons" 
when they visit Spingfield to give 
advise to upstart band "Party 
Posse". "Party Posse" will have 
Springfield Elementary's finest in 
their band, including Bart 

Simpson, bully Nelson Muntz, 
dim-witted Ralph Wiggum and 
Bart's best friend Milhouse 
VanHouten. That episode of 'The 
Simpsons" is set to be released in 
February the same week their c.d. 
will be released. 

In the meantime, Nsync can 
be heard on "Platinum 
Christmas", a holiday c.d. that will 
include R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, 
Christina Aguilera, rival boy band 
Backstreet Boys and Britney 
Spears. It is being said that deals 
for "Grease 3" were signed when 
the members of Nsync talked with 
Aguilera and Spears in the studio. 
"Platinum Christmas" will be 
released November 14th. 





Four Months for only $59.00 


Network Services, fnc 

5909 High»a> 1 Bvpass 
Natchitoches. I.A 



302 Hwy 1 South 
Free Delivery 356-9200 
Lunch Buffet M-F & Sunday (Football games) 
Wings, Burgers, Subs, Pastas, Salad Bar, Lasagna 

26 Different Toppings 
Stone ground whole 
wheat crust or our original crust. 
(for menu) 

Page 8 THE CURRENT SAUCE October 19, 2000 




Demon soccer gaining momentum heading into final games m« 

Demons win big over 
SWT, prepare for 
conference tournament 

By Brien Hollkamp 

Sauce Reporter 

The Northwestern State 
University Demons' soccer team, 
which is now tied for first place in the 
Southland Conference after the win 
against Southwest Texas 4-2, wants to 
represent the conference in the 
national tournament. 

"We would be honored to get to 
go represent our conference in the 
national tournament." Head Coach 
Jimmy Mitchell said. 

The Demons have only one 

regular season game left. The Demons 
will have their last home game this 
Sunday against Nicholls. then the 
Demons will host the Southland 
conference tournament Oct. 27-29. 

Sunday's game at Demon Field 
started off with a goal by Jill Low 
from a corner kick within the first 
seven minutes of the first half. This 
put the Demons up 1-0 until the 
second and last goal of the half was 
kicked from about 30 yards out and 
went over the Bobcat goalie's head. 

After halftime, with the Demons 
up 2-0, NSU Junior Britiany Cargill, 
last week' s offensive player of the 
week, scored the first goal of the 
second half and tied her record with 
13 goals for the season. Then with 31 
minutes to play she broke her own 

school and conference record for 
goals in a season. . 

The Demons were up 4-0 for 20 
more minutes,and then a Bobcat 
scored a goal on Tiffany Swingler.the 
defensive player of the week who 
picked up her school-record fifth 
shutout for the Demons last week. 

The next and final goal by the 
Bobcats was scored a minute later off 
of an indirect kick. The Demons then 
put their foot down and defensively 
put an end to the Bobcat's scoring. 

The Demons (11-7) , can do no 
worse than tie for first for the SLC 
regular season championship if they 
win their last two games. 

"Its just a matter of how long we 
can sustain that level of play," 
Mitchell said 

Sivingler, Cargill named 
conference players of the 

For the second consecutive week, two 
Demon soccer players were named 
conference player of the week. 
Brittany Cargill's five points and two 
game -winning goals were good 
enough to give her the award for the 
second time this year. On the 
defensive side. Tiffany Swingler's 
school- record fifth shutout made her 
the defensive player of the week for 
the second consecutive week. Last 
week, Swingler and Missy Payne were 
players of the week for the Demons. 


Jacqualyn Lawrence 
Sunday's 4-2 win 

Graduate "N" 
Club to induct 
new members 

Former Demons to 
be honored at 
Prather Coliseum 

By Mindy Mixon 

Sauce Reporter 

Four former Northwestern 
athletes will be inducted into 
the Graduate "N" Club, the 
highest honor a former Demon 
athlete can receive, this 
Saturday before the Demons do 
battle with the McNeese State 

The new inductees are 
former football players John 
Dilworth and John Wayne 
Odom, women's basketball great 
Linda Grayson and track star 
Harold Smith. 

The members were selected 
for this tribute by a vote from the 
member of the Graduate N Club. 

"These four people are very 
deserving of this recognition," 
said Johnnie Emmons, secretary- 
treasurer of the Graduate N 
Club. "Each one has made major 
impact on the athletic history of 
our university and this is one 
way that all of us who love 
Northwestern can thank them for 
what they have accomplished 
and how they have represented 
our school." 

Dilworth, Grayson, Odom, 
and Smith will be honored 
during ceremonies at 10 a.m. in 
Prather Stadium this Saturday. 
The public is invited to attend. 
The newly-inducted honorees 
will then be introduced during 
the Homecoming football game 
beginning at 2 p.m. in Turpin 

John Dilworth played 
football for the Demons and was 
awarded both the All-Louisiana 
and All-Gulf States Conference 
pick his senior year. He 
graduated in 1974 and went on 
to play pro-ball for the Miami 

see "N' Club" pg. 9 

Athletes in Action 

Fans and athletes alike enjoy going to support Demon sports, whether it be football games or volleyball games. 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 

Demon athletes believe they have an obligation to support their fellow athletes 

By Cooda Dobin 

Sauce Reporter 

The Demon athletes never 
come to athletic events, alone but 
in packs. 

"It shows good school spirit." 
said Lady Demon Basketball 
player KiKi Junior. "We are all 
one big team," 

Demon athletes are known to 
use other Demon events and 
games as mutual meeting 
grounds. For instance, the Lady 
Demon Basketball team 
sometimes meet at the Demon 
volleyball games or the Demon 
football games. The soccer team 
often meet at the softball games. 

Although most athletes may 

agree home game wins are due in 
great part because of the 
support of the fans. Having fellow 
athletes, classmates, and friends 
may also have helped to 
contribute to the Demon sports 

"Among athletes we need even 
more people to get into the 
games" said Jamie Frasier, Demon 
softball player. "I think it's 
important to support other athletes 
because what fun is playing if no 
one is cheering." 

Although there are a lot of 
athletes and other fans there to 
support athletic events, the 
coaches of other athletic events 
are also supporting other events. 

"I think that our Lady Demon 
basketball team does an excellent 

job of going out supporting other 
sports," said Lady 
Demons assistant coach Wendy 
Schuller. "Hopefully, we are 
setting a model for other sports 
team to follow." 

When it comes to Demon 
athletes, it all comes down to 
support being the name of the 

"I love watching other sports" 
said Aaron Darcey of the Demon 
baseball team. 

Pride also comes to mind 
when Demons support other 
Demon athletes. To know other 
athletes care enough to come out 
to see you perform is a good 

Athletes have spirit, yes they 


"It shows a sense of pride 
from athletes to support other 
athletes at any athletic event," 
Darcey states. 

Support and pride goes hand 
and hand when dealing with 
Demon athletes. "When other 
athletes support us and come to 
our games, it pumps us up." said 
April George, Demon volleyball 
player. " Athletes just have that 
bond to support each other." 

"It makes us feel like we can 
accomplish anything when there 
are other athletes from other 
sports supporting us." said Erica 
Casnave of the Demon track 
team. Teammate Jaqueline Canton 
said "It makes us feel good that 
other athletes come to support 
other sports outside of their own." 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 
battles with an SWT defender in 

team rides 
three game 
win streak 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

ranks I 
No. 4i 
was n 
led tl 
shots c 
been re 

It took less than an hour for all f° u 
the NSU volleyball team to a nd trai 
dispose of the Nicholls State All-Gu 
Colonels 3-0 in conference play 

The Demons (12-1 1 overall, 
5-7 SLC) got 13 kills and 10 digs 
from senior Elizabeth Perez to 
give the Demons three quick 15- 
11, 15-9 and 15-5 matches. 

Along with a .500 hitting j 
percentage, Perez added four 
aces to go with her eighth 
double-double of the season. 

The Demons totally 
dominated the net with a season- 
high .393 attack percentage, 
compared to only .034 for the 

Dyanna Dubois slammed 

in N 
won 10 
state cl 
was rui 
won di: 
Class / 
three si 
and v 


year A] 
star on 

nine kills and hit a .643 average, playoff 

Christina Stone and Lauren 
Thorman both had seven kills on 
the night. 

Coupled with wins over 
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and'beginn 
Texas-Pan American over the freshm 
weekend, the Demons are now Northw 
over .500 this late in the season three s 
for the first time since 1992. The career. 
12 wins are the most Demon entered 
victories in a season since 1993. w here 
The five conference 

are also the most conference 
victories ever for the Demon 

The Demons open up 
tough weekend homestand 
against Texas-San Antonio Log C 
Friday at 7:00. Saturday, the Www 
Demons welcome the No. Wt 
ranked team in the region, 
Southwest Texas at 7 p.m. 

All Demon volleyball 
games are free to the public. 



.for < 

Football avoids upset, beats Nicholls 27-21 

By Cooda Dobin 

Sauce Reporter 

The Nicholls State Colonels 
held the lOth-ranked Demons to a 
19-6 deficit up until the fourth 
quarter when the Demons scored 
21 straight points to beat the 
Colonels 27-21 

With Tony Taylor scoring the 
only Demon touchdown in the 
first half, the Demons trailed for 
most of the 1 st half and all of the 
3rd quarter, but three fourth 
quarter touchdowns in the 
Southland Conference game is the 
route the Demons took to victory. 

On an attempt to slow down 
the offense of Taylor the Colonels 
jammed the line of scrimmage. 
Back-up quarterback Aubrey 
Jones, who only started four 

games last season as a sophomore 
bought threw a 14-yard 
touchdown pass to T.J. Sutherland 
on third and goal. 

Taylor rushed for 66-yards 
behind full back Darvell Bivens 
and tackle Albert Traylor to set up 
the next touchdown for Taylor. 
Jeremy Lofton then added a 38- 
yard touchdown run with 2:28 
remaining, scoring for the third 
straight possession. 

Running out the games final 
five seconds Jones took a fourth 
down snap and ran back 3 1 yards 
to take a safety to keep Nicholls 
from getting the ball 

"Ben has won the game for 
us before and he will again, but 
today, we had Aubrey step up and 
our whole team responded with 
our backs against the wall," 

Coach Steve Roberts said. 

The Demon defense only 
allowed three yards in three- 
fourth quarter series. 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 
T.J. Sutherland in for a TD. 

Tickets for McNeese game going fast, officials say 


Ticket sales are brisk for the 
Saturday afternoon matchup in 
Turpin Stadium between No. 9 
Northwestern State and 17th- 
ranked McNeese State as fans of 
both nationally-ranked football 
teams are eager to see the 
showdown between the Demons 
and Cowboys. 

Kickoff is 2 p.m., the first 
afternoon home game of the year 
for Northwestern. 

The game is the centerpiece 
of Homecoming activities at 
NSU, with queen Virginia Dixon 
and her court presented at 
halftime of the game. 
Both teams are 5-1 overall and in 
first place in the Southland 
Football League at 2-0. 

"Our fans obviously are 

excited about this game, and with 
good reason," said NSU athletic 
director Greg Burke. "Early 
indications are that we could have 
one of the biggest crowds in 
Turpin Stadium history. The 
weather should be perfect and so 
it shapes up as one of those days 
that makes the college football 
experience so unique and so 

Plenty of general admission 
tickets remain available, said 
Burke, but only slightly more than 
100 chairback seats are left. 

The chairback seats are $14 
each. General admission tickets 
are $8. but a special Homecoming 
discount price of $6 is available to 
fans purchasing tickets by Friday 
at these locations: Brookshire's 

Grocery in Natchitoches, 
Natchitoches Central Higb 
School, the Leesville High School 
athletic fieldhouse, and the NSU 
Athletic Ticket office in th« 
athletic fieldhouse at the soutb 
end of Turpin Stadium. 

Fans can place telephone 
orders for tickets by dialing tltf 
NSU ticket office at 318-357- 
4268 and using a credit card. 

Eight former Natchitoches 
Central players will be on the field 
for Saturday's game. 

Northwestern has NCHS 
products Kendrick Lloren* 
Traymain Madison, Zach Roger* 
Carust Scott, Davin White and 
Orlando Hamilton while forme' 
Chiefs Jessie Burton and Jercv 
Jones play for McNees^ 






SU Press 
:r in 





October 19, 2000 

The newest 
"N" club 

cont'd from pg 9. 

Dolphins, then later for the 
Canadian Football League. After 
a knee injury ended his career he 
went into the education business 
where he has been principal of 
Shreveport's Fair Park High 
School, Huntington High School 
and Broadmoor Jr. High. 
Recently, he became the 
assistant superintendent for 
Caddo Parish. 

Dilworth was awarded the 
team conditioning award all four 
years he played for the Demons. 

Linda Grayson is the career 
scoring leader for the Lady 
Demons basketball team and 
ranks No. 2 in rebounding and 
No. 4 in field goal aim. Grayson 
was named Ail-American in 
1988 and assisted the Lady 
Demons to 1989 NCAA 
Tournament her senior year. She 
led the SLC in scoring, 
rebounding, steals and blocked 
shots during her career. Other 
honors include All-Conference 
three times and honorable 
mention on the All-Time All- 
Louisiana Women's Collegiate 
Team. Her jersey No. 33 has 
been retired. 

John Wayne Odom lettered 
tour for all four years in both football 
:am to and track, and twice captured the 
5 State All-Gulf States Conference 
ce play award. The Houston Oilers 
[drafted Odom in 1965. In 1972 
Odom went on to teach his 
football knowledge to high 
school teams, first at St. Mary's 
in Natchitoches, then at 
Claiborne Academy. Under his 
leadership, the St. Mary's Lions 
won 10 straight seasons, won the 
state championship in 1977 and 
was runner-up in 1981. He also 
won district coach of the year 1 
season in a row as well as state 
Class A Coach of the Year. At 
entage, Claiborne, he coached them to 
for the three state championship games 
'and won two state titles, 
ammed consistently making the state 
verage. (playoffs every year he was head 
Lauren! coach. 

kills on Harold Smith was a four- 
year All-Gulf States Conference 
star on the Demons track team 
isti and beginning in 1955. As a 
/er the freshman, Smith helped 
re now Northwestern win the first of 
season I three straight conference of his 
92. The career. After graduation, Smith 
Demon entered military life at Fort Dix, 
; 1993. where he coached track and 
e wins|play e d football for two years, 

The Current Sauce 

Page 9 

10 digs 
erez to 
lick 15-' 


d four 



s over 



We're on the web! 


uitonio Log on to 

ay, the 

No. 8l 

re § ion ' ...for all you latest sports 
'. , „ news and information 


G a m e w e ek 2 0: Northwestern State Demons V M c N e e s e State Cowboys 

It's Homecoming. See what the Prediction 
Station has in store for Demon fans this week 

By Rondray Hill 

Sports Editor 

Well, I'm 1-1 so far, but 
barely. I guess someone down a t 
Nicholls got word of my low 
expectations for them. Why does 
everyone want to prove me wrong 
these days? If you can answer that 
question, you're probably better 
fit to be Sports Editor than I am. 

I've been asked over the past 
couple of weeks, "Rondray, how 
do you come up with your 
predictions. What kind of formula 
do you use?" To be perfectly 
honest, there is no formula. Most 
sports prognosticators like myself 
make picks for one thing and one 
thing only: because we can! I 
mean, how many times in life do 
you get the chance to just shout 
out your opinions on a subject and 
have them read by thousands of 
people every week. I recommend 
that all of you become an editor of 

some sorts before you die. 

Another thing is that people 
like me who give predictions are 
not coaches. We don't watch game 
film, we don't analyze a particular 
weakness in McNeese' 3-4 
defense. We don't do any of that, 
like scientists; we simply study the 
evidence presented to us, look at 
past trends, throw in a couple of 
intangibles, and make an educated 
guess. Sometimes we're right, 
sometimes were wrong. Case in 
point, last weekend at Nicholls. 

Last week, in the final 
paragraph of my prediction, I said 
that the only thing the Demons 
would have to watch out for is a 
letdown. They had to make sure 
they weren't feeling too good 
about themselves after beating 
Troy State. I also said that 
wouldn't happen. I was wrong. It 
did happen, and the Demons 
barely escaped with a win. 

You know the phrase, "any 
team can be beaten on any given 
day ?" Well, it doesn't just apply 
when you're David against 
Goliath. Sometimes you are 
Goliath, and last week, Nicholls 
was almost David. It was almost 
as if the ghost of football future 

told the Demons, "see what you 
did against Troy State. ..this could 
happen to you!" 

Turns out that Ben Beach 
caught a case of "streakinitis," a 
disease that affects the timing 
abilities of quarterbacks whereas 
one week, the quarterback can 
throw perfect strikes to his 
receivers all day long, then the 
next week, can't hit water if he fell 
out a boat. 

That's bad news for Tony 
Taylor. It's amazing that he was 
two yards shy of rushing for 200 
yards in a game where he basically 
saw nine, even 10-man fronts 
stacked on the line of scrimmage. 
Opposing teams are starting to 
wake up to the idea of "we're not 
going to let Tony Taylor beat us." 

Don't get me wrong, Ben 
Beach definitely has play-making 
abilities, and he's got some game- 
breaking receivers as well. But 
opposing defense are basically 
daring the Demons to throw the 
ball. It's a twisted little Catch-22. 

But all things considered, I 
think last week's game can only 
help the Demons. Let's face it, it's 
Homecoming, the Demons will 
have no problems getting up for 

Sports network top 20 Poll... 

1) G. Southern 

2) Portland State 

3) Youngstown State 

4) Delaware 

5) Montana 

6) W. Illinois 

7) Furman 

8) Appatactan State 

9) Northwestern State 

10) Troy State 

11) Hofstra 

12) W. Kentucky 

13) Lehigh 

14) North Carolina A&T 

15) UMASS 

16) James Madison 

1 7) McNeese State 

18) Villanova 

19) Richmond 

20) Grambling State 

teams bolded 

Southland Conference Standings... 



1 . Northwestern State 


McNeese State 


Sam Houston 


4. Troy State 



5. Southwest Texas 



6. Jacksonville State 



7. Stephen F. Austin 


8. Nicholls State 


Conference play only. 

Sports class to host "Volleyball 500 

The Budgeting class of 
Sports Administration program 
will put on the Volleyball 500 
program when the Demons take 
on in-state and Southland 
Conference rival Louisiana- 
Monroe Tuesday night. 

The goal of the class is to fill 
the seats of Prather Coliseum 

with 500 fans through contest, 
prizes and a menagerie of prizes 
handed out. 

The theme for the game will 
Halloween-oriented with prizes 
going out for the best costume for 
college and grammar schools 

Campus organizations will 

fight for 50-yard line spot for the 
Stephen F. Austin game Nov. 11 
by having the most people there. 
One can also expect a pizza 
shoot-out and a laundry shoot-out 
at the halfway point of the match 
Northwestern State match 
against Louisiana Monroe will be 
at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. 

For more info 


ie NSU 
in m 
■ souti 

ing the 


he field 

ite afl^ 

1 Jerrtlj 



SLC Action! 



Be a part of the largest Volleyball crowd 


at NSU!!!! 



NSU vs. UL-MONROE (Long time rival) 
October 24, 2000 7:00 pm Prather Coliseum 

Come out and be a part of Demon Volleyball 

Hair Gallery 

NSU Students!! 

Discounts" on all Guy's Hair Color for 
Sept. through Oct 5 

Products Offered: 

Joico, Amplify, Logics, kms. Rusk, Redkew, tex. Biologe Bed- 
Head, Tigi, Sebastian, Scruples 

Dana and Doug Stylist 

Qo (HSU 
141 St Denis St. Downtown Historic District 


McNeese. and they know that a 
21 -point fourth quarter burst is not 
going to do it against a red-hot 
Cowboy team. 

I spoke to Gerald Long. FCA 
director, at the soccer game 
Sunday, and he told me that the 
Demons are are much better home 
team than road team. 

I think he"s right. 

He'd better be. 

Demons 21, McNeese 17 (in a 
REALLY close one) 

Feel free to respond to the 
Prediction Station's 
predictions, email Rondray at or 
You can also email him by log 
in on to www.currentsauce 

Gary Hardamon/NSU Press 
Tony Taylor is now the all-time leading rusher in NSU history 

NSU Demons V McNeese State Cowboys 
Saturday, Oct. 21, 2:00 p.m. 
Turpin Stadium 

THE SERIES: This is perhaps one of the fiercest rivalries 
in the Southland conference. Last year, McNeese defeated 
the Demons 20- 1 7 in Lake Charles when Demon receiver 
Chris Pritchett was stopped four yards shy of the goalline 
with no time left on the clock. The last time McNeese 
played here in Turpin, the goalposts fell as the Demons 
upset the at-the-time No.l ranked team in the nation 14-10 

The Demons win if... they can hold banged up tailback 
Jesse Burton from having a big game. The Natchitoches- 
Central High School product leads the team in rushing. He 
scored three touchdowns in a 41-0 shutout of Prarie View. 

Gametime Weather: Partly cloudy skies, with 
temperatures a bit warmer. Highs are expected to the near 
80. A very slight chance of rain, maybe 10%. 

-Weather provided by 



30 Vayyfor $30 
5 Tcvn^fbr $15 
bCngle/tanfr $2 
for more/ info- ocvH 
or stop by and/ zee/ our new 
125 Hcurvcoch Ave/. 
(In/the yzm& building cvy 
The/ Worhy Hour Salon) 


Page 10 

The Current Sauce 

October 19, 2000 

The Human Mistake: part six 

God's little hood ornament 

Sauce transmitter 

The following is the latest in an 
ongoing series written by a 
student here at the University. 

Warning: This deals with 
sensitive material. Reader 
Discretion is advised. 

Back to the action. My 
freshman year of high school was 
notable only because the 
freshman in our town went to a 
different school than the rest of 
the high school kids. I wore 
black and stayed mostly to my 

My sophomore year I 
discovered other kids who wore 
black, although they seemed 
much more adamant about the 
color than L Being clothed in 
their traditional garb. 1 was 
admitted to their dark company. 
These people might have been 
completely insane. They trusted 
me with things I'm not sure they 

should have been thinking. It 
began rather innocently; I would 
talk to these kids about some 
heavy metal music, and they 
would show me their satanic 

These were youngsters 
steeped in the occult. There were 

them make homemade pentagram 
brands out of coat hangers. 

As exciting as it may seem, 
it is never very fun to be the 
person to jab a piece of red hot 
metal into someone's back; they 
tend to not take it very well. 
They would scream for a while. 

"Self pity wasn't really fun to me anymore, and I 
didn 't want to burn the vampires any more. " 

about four or five potential cult 
leaders and another 20 to 25 
possible followers. I just hung 
around these kids and watched. I 
would go to their houses on 
weekends and watch them sit 
around bonfires chanting with 
their legs crossed. They would 
play constantly with invisible 
balls of energy. 

Some of them claimed to be 
hundreds of years old; others 
were vampires. This was all some 
pretty exciting stuff to me. It 
started to get a little strange; 
however, when I started helping 

The good, the bad, and the Mflf/y 

with Josh Beavers 

Louisiana officials have 
begun to implement a new 
community college system 
throughout the state. The plan 
will place a community college in 
virtually every parish, 54 in all. 

This is not only detrimental 
to the state's four-year 
universities but also the entire 
Louisiana educational system. 
State officials claim the new plan 
will save Louisiana millions 
because it will be much cheaper 
to educate students at two-year 
schools rather than the full four 
years. While this is true, one pro 
does not outweigh the plan's 

the temptation to go on out into 
the work force be too much? 

This brings up another 
problem. What will become of 
the state if the leading system of 
higher education is community 
college? Not to impugn those 
with two-year degrees, but how 
will the state ever grow and 
prosper with an even more subpar 
educational system? 

The new system will be 
subpar. Teacher quality will 
diminish simply due to sheer 
numbers. Teaching requirements 
will be lessened to feed the high 

Also, what are the odds of 

Fifty-four new institutions of higher learning will 
virtually destroy the four-year school. 

many cons. 

Fifty-four new institutions of 
higher learning will virtually 
destroy the four-year school. 
Enrollment at these schools has 
and will continue to decrease. 
The plan is just being 
implemented and enrollment 
across the state is already down a 
noticeable amount. While schools 
such as Northwestern State and 
Louisiana Tech have increased 
their enrollment, Louisiana- 
Monroe and Grambling have seen 
sizeable decreases just this fall. 

The students who go this 
route are being stolen away from 
four-year degrees. Some students 
who enroll in these two-year 
schools will continue for a four- 
year degree, but how many? Will 

teachers receiving pay raises with 
several thousand more 
demanding the same thing? 
Where will this money come 
from? Not from the money the 
state is going to save from this 
plan- That money will be used to 
construct new facilities for the 
schools. Millions will be spent to 
build new classrooms for these 

This plan has too many 
negative aspects and not enough 
positive ones. There is no need to 
add so many new schools. There 
is barely enough money to 
support the current educational 
system; there is no need to 
potentially ruin the future of the 
state to save a scant amount of 

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All letters submitted to the paper must include the writer's name, unless 
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Mary Freeman, 
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The Current Sauce office is 
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357-5381. E-mail The Cuin-ent 

Sauce at 

Postmaster should send changes 
of address to: 
Current Sauce 
NSU Box 3022 
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2nd Class Periodical 
USPS# 140-660 

and I would pour cheap liquor on 
the burns. One kid's brand got 
infected, and he had to go to the 
hospital a week after he got 
branded because he passed out in 
his chemistry class. 

I had a lot of trouble 
believing the things I was told to, 
as a result I wasn't accepted fully 
in to their folds, but they kept me 
around because I was good at 
burning people and could make 
them laugh. I started to teach a 
few of them how to make home 
made explosives and not too 
much later I would read in the 

news paper about neighborhood 
dogs being firebombed. It was 
ok.. I was kind of scared of dogs 

I became kind of the 
confidant to a few of these 
people. We would hang around, 
and I would listen to stories about 
how much they hated everybody 
and how big the universe was. 

I grew tired of their boring 
repetitive evil. I would have to 
read their terrible poetry and 
correct the spelling of their badly 
phrased suicide notes. None of 
them would ever kill themselves, 
but they would write suicide notes 

They drifted away from the 
giddy youthful hatred that initially 
attracted me to their group. The 
branding and bomb making 
slowly stopped and instead the 
serial killers of the future slowly 
became unmotivated drunkards, 
and I quit hanging around. 

Self pity wasn't really fun to 
me anymore, and I didn't want to 
burn the vampires any more 

Letter to the editor: 

This weeks letter comes from 
Missy Dupreast. 

Financial Aid: Making Students' 
Lives.. .What? 

Hi. my name is Missy, and I 
live in a van down by the river. 
Well. ..I soon will, anyway. After 
reading an article about the 
wonderful financial assistance that 
NSU offers, I was inspired to tell 
about my encounters with 
financial aid. 

Knowing I was going to need 
money for food and rent, this 
summer I put in my loan 
application. When fee payment 
came around.. .no loan check. No 
problem. These things happen, 
right? So I waited. 

Several weeks went by, so I 
went to the financial aid office to 
see what the hold up was. I was 
told they did not have a copy of 
my SAR (the pink sheets), so they 
gave me the FAFSA 800 number 
to request a duplicate copy. When 
I called, FAFSA said, "According 
to our records, the school has had 

that information since August 

So, I called the financial aid 
office again to hear, "Oh. it 
is." Then they told me it needed 
to be processed and I should have 
everything within three weeks. So 
I waited. 

Weeks passed, and I went to 
visit my little financial aid friends 
once again. This time they tell me 
that I haven't even applied. 

I then talked to the lady in 
charge. She told me they have all 
of my information, but it is not in 
their computer system. It must be 
put into their computer system 
before they can process it. So, I 
was told, "Call back next week." 

So, here I am with no money. 
I am at risk of being thrown out of 
my house because I can't cover 
rent, and I am constantly bumming 
food from all of my friends. If 
financial aid doesn't get its act 
together soon, you will probably 
see me living in a van down by the 


Bv Josh 


Lou i si an 
foe votin 
A pi 
mat vote 
■nendmi speak frankly and candidly... 

From SGA President W. David Gunn 
Confusion on mid-term grades = bad planning, bargain for the University 

Author's Note: In the oath that I took 
upon being sworn in as the official 
voice and advocate of the students of 
NSU. I promised to , among other 
things "...speak frankly and candidly in 
representing student interest... " This 
and possible future editorials are not 
meant to single out, offend or 
personally embarrass University 
administrators or officials. If they do, 
let me apologize beforehand. I have 
made a concentrated effort to maintain 
a positive relationship with University 
officials, as I am of the belief that 
progress is made through cooperation. 
My only intention with this and perhaps 
future editorials is to raise student 
interest, awareness and involvement in 
affairs that directly affect we. the 
students. My only other apology is that 
I am prone to very long and 
grammatically incorrect sentences. 

This week, the Student 
Government Association office 
has been deluged with a large 
number of students wondering 
where to pick-up their mid-term 
grades. In past years, the office of 
the registrar handed out mid-term 
grades in the student union for 
two days at the midway point of 
the semester. 

This year, the registrar's 
office and other University 
administrators decided to abandon 
the practice of distributing 
printouts of grades, and instead, 
they will eventually (in this 
week's edition of the Current 
Sauce) inform the students that 
grades can be found at the 
commercial web-site 
www.g et You also 
have the option of calling a 
telephone number 1-800-936- 
64 1 8 to receive your grades over 
the phone. 

The registrar's office intends 
to mail out flyers explaining the 
new system, but as of this writing 
(10/17/00, one week from the day 

grades will be available for 
access), I was told the flyers have 
not been sent. Furthermore, 
nobody in the office of the 
registrar knew when they would 
be sent because the flyers are still 
being printed. When the flyers 
are mailed, they will arrive at the 
permanent address of the student. 

The reasoning behind the 
move to the new system is a 
saving of about $8,000 when 
compared to the cost of the old 
method of grade distribution. 
Whether this new system is more 
beneficial to the students remains 
to be seen, it may or may not. 
Visiting the web- 
site, one will find that some 
colleges and 
universities already 
use the system, some 
of which are 
prominent institutions 
of higher learning. 

My main 
concern lies in the 
timing of informing 
the students, and the 
confusion that this 
will and has already 

Second, the fact that I, nor 
any other student had any 
knowledge, input or influence in 
a decision that is going to have a 
large impact on us directly is 

Finally, when I visit the web-site the 
disclaimer that I see reads, 
"Security Notice: You are not on 
the secured web server" meaning 
there is a possibility that the 
information that you transmit, 
name and social security number, 
may be viewed. 

Although I have been 
assured that social security 
numbers and names will not be 

given to vendors upon checking 
your grades, many will be 
confused due to a lack of 
explanation and are usually very 
distrustful of passing such private 
information over the web or 

I first learned of this new 
system in a meeting last week 
with the registrar, to address some 
changes the SGA will be 
proposing to the university 
calendar. Near the end of the 
meeting, I was made aware, for 
the first time, of the new system. 

I learned that during this past 
summer, the decision to change to 
the new system was made. I think 
it is important for students to be 
represented in matters 
where they are directly 
affected. We were not. 
I often hear cynical and 
sarcastic references to 
our school motto. 
Closed door decisions 
such as this add merit 
to that cynicism. 

I'm certain that 
this system has 
positives, one that I 
can point out is that your grades 
can be accessed via phone or the 
web-site twenty four hours a day 
for the period of October 24, 
through November 3. That's five 
more days to access your grades 
than through the old system. 
However, there are a couple of 
questions that are sure to be 

Why are the flyers still being 
printed a week before grades 
become available? Wouldn't this 
transition be much smoother if 
students had found out well ahead 
of time? 

Why weren't freshman 
orientation teachers made aware 
so they could tell their classes 

about the new system rather than 
unknowingly and wrongly 
informing their classes to go pick 
up mid-term grades? 

Why am I afraid to use the system because of 
an ominous disclaimer warning 
that my name and social security 
number may be viewed by 
"others" despite assurances from 
the registrar that this isn't 

Why are we using a 
commercial enterprise in the first 
place when our University 
employs a web database 
development specialist (hired 
with student tech fee money) who 
can probably write programs that 
will allow us to get our mid-term 
grades online at the ad-banner 
free official university web-site? 

I am asking these questions 
for three reasons. 

1 ) It's my job. 

2) $8,000 is apparently a 
significant amount of money at a 
University in our financial 

3) I wasn't invited to a 
meeting where I may have helped jy Wind 


has t 


job for 

the Un 
a.m. tc 
is fron 

with tl 
of wl 
goes f 
side g< 
the ma 
side o 
on," M 
we u< 


prevent these questions from 
having to be asked in the first 

ttuee Re 


I'm not one who believes in tad Roy 

complaints and criticism without 
a solution to a problem, so if 
anyone has any further questions 
about the changes in the way 
grades are received, please come 

by the SGA office in room 222 of 'uilding 

the Student Union where a 
representative will explain the 
system in more detail. We are 
also going to make copies of the 
one flier that we obtained last 
week to try and alleviate any 
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The Current Sauce 

November 2. 2000 



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Northwestern State U n i v e r s i t y - Natchit oches, Louisiana 

More than presidency to be decided Tuesday 

Bv Josh Beavers 


The next president of the 
United States is not the only 
decision that will be made 
Tuesday, as there are several key 
Louisiana state amendments on 
the voting ballot. 

A poll conducted for several 
Louisiana newspapers indicates 
pat voters are confused about an 
hrray of constitutional 
amendments drafted by the state 

legislature last session in hopes of 
putting Louisiana's financial 
house in order. 

Voters support Amendment 
No. 3, which would eliminate 
sales taxes on food and utilities. 
However. that amendment's 
passage is tied to Amendment No. 
2, which would raise personal 
income taxes, and according to 
the poll, is not popular with 
voters. Both must pass to assure 
the sales taxes lost are offset by 
the income taxes gained. 

Both the amendments are part 
of an effort by the governor's 
office to increase salaries of the 
state's teachers. 

Increasing teacher pay has 
been one of the main sticking 
points of Governor Foster during 
his time in Baton Rouge, but 
many argue that this is not the 
way to do it. 

Opponents of the 
amendments argue a loophole 
exists that would enable future 
legislators to funnel the funds to 

areas other than education. 

Opponents also argue the two 
amendment package is not a true 
tax reform and there are enough 
dollars for education if they are 
spent correctly. 

"They don't know what 
they're talking about," Foster said. 
"We are near or at the bottom in 
education. Where else are we 
going to get money for 

For a closer look at the amendments and an in depth 
ItHik at each presidential candidate turn to the 
Current Sauce Decision 2000 section on pages 6-7. 

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ey at a 

Sergeant Sonnia Steele has been a police officer since 1984. Her dedication to the University 
police has earned her two officer of the year awards in 1987 and 1992. Steele said that being a police officer 

has been a very rewarding experience for her. 

On call with the Five-O 

Dealing with emergency 
calls, wrecks and administering 
speeding tickets, are all part of the 
job for University police. 

Donna Mutter, secretary for 
the University police, said that the 
officers have 12 hour shifts 
everyday. The first one is from 6 
a.m. to 6 p.m. and the other shift 
is from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

The shift supervisor meets 
with the officers to inform them 
of what's going on around 
campus and what they need to be 
aware of at the university. 
Officers are responsible for two 
sides of the campus. The east side 
goes from Caspari Street to the 
coliseum by the lake and the west 
side goes from Caspari Street to 
the main highway. 

"When we receive calls, we 
decide who will go based on what 
side of campus the situation is 
on," Motter said. "If it's a wreck, 
we usually try to send two 

officers, and if it's bad enough, 
we send for a wrecker or an 

Motter said that in medical 
emergencies, sometimes the 
police are called first. If someone 
calls the police with a medical 
emergency, one officer gets the 
infirmary nurse, and another goes 
to the scene. Motter said that the 
university police don't just 
"police" students. They are there 
for all different reasons. 

"A lot of kids come in just to 
talk to the officers about what's 
going on in their lives," Motter 
said. it's a one-on-one 
relationship. We also get kids 
from the child development 
center that come in to look around 
and see how the police station 

University students also have 
a role in the University police 
department. Some students that 
are criminal justice majors are 

trained as officers. There are two 
student officers on shifts at night 
and on the weekends as well as 
one officer per weekday. There 
are also night walkers. These 
walkers go into the buildings, see 
who is left and lock it up for the 
night. The walkers also help 
students go from building to 
building when needed. Katharine 
Tilley was a night walker for a 

Tilley, a sociology and 
political science major is now a 
secretary for Detective Doug 
Prescott. She has worked in the 
University police station since 
August 1996. 

"I like the people that I work 
with and have made a lot of new 
friends here." Tilley said. 

She also was a dispatcher. 
She has been around police 
stations all her life, since her 
brother is the captain of the Sulfur 
police station. 

Sergeant Sonnia Steele has 
been a police officer since 1984. 
Her dedication to the University 
police has earned her two officer 
of the year awards in 1987 and 
1992. Steele said that being a 
police officer has been a very 
rewarding experience for her. 
However, she was not always a 
police officer. 

"I was working as a cleaning 
person in the Fine Arts building 
when the assistant chief at the 
time approached me with a job," 
Steele said. "I was a single mother 
at the time and did not want to be 
away from my children. I 
immediately said no. I also asked 
him why did he want me to do 
this. He said that the chief had 
seen me around and thought that I 
would be good for the job. But I 
thought about it. I knew it would 
be more money for my kids. My 
son, who was 12 at the time, 
see POLICE page 2 


Candidates' campaigns 
heat up during home 
stretch to election 

By Randall S. Frederick 

Sauce Reporter 

This coming Tuesday, voters 
across the country will be called to 
arms and asked to participate in 
the first election of the century. 

The candidates have been 
heating up in their campaigns, 
trying to sway the voters still left 
undecided after the debates. 

The most obvious appearance 
of the two main candidates, Bush 
and Gore, was on "The Tonight 
Show with Jay Leno" Monday 
and Tuesday, Gore following the 
night after Bush. 

Bush has been taking a 
decidedly easier approach 
recently. After losing the 1996 
Elections, Republican candidate 
Bob Dole did several 
commercials and TV appearances, 
showing America that the rigid 
personality he had during the 
elections was who he was. 

He was, in fact, a light 
hearted individual who was not 
afraid to poke fun at his self. Bush 
has been trying to copy this action 
during the campaign instead of 
waiting, convincing voters he's a 
funny individual. On "The 
Tonight Show" he participated in 
several jokes set up by Leno, 
particularly his mispronunciation 
of the word "flammable". 

Gore has also been trying to 
show America there is more to 
him than the rigid caricature the 
media has painted of him. 
Although his humor is not as 
convincing, he makes up for it in 
his firm politicking. In an 
interview in the June edition of 
"Vogue", he said he didn't care if 
people were convinced by his 
humor of public display of 
affections towards his wife, 
because he knew he was. 

Gore's self-assuredness has 

proved to be a vital part of his 
campaign, opposed to Bush's 
instigation of talks, then backing 
out of them. In the second debate. 
Bush attacked Gore's planned use 
of the economy. When Gore 
challenged. Bush tried to 
disregard and change the topic by 
saying "That's fuzzy math". 

Bush has just come off his 
"Barnstorm for Reform" 
campaign last week, which was a 
three day, twenty-five state tour of 
the country along with twenty- 
eight other Republican 
Governors. His brother, Gov. Jeb 
Bush of Florida joined him. On 
Halloween, the day after his 
appearance on 'The Tonight 
Show", he visited to San Jose, 
California. Afterwards, he flew to 
Portland, Oregon and ended the 
day in Seattle, Washington. 

The following morning, he 
traveled to Minneapolis and 
Duluth, Minnesota, two key cities 
in the election due to their 
manufacturing and production 
factories. Cities such as those are 
considered the "Heart of 
America" due to their blue collar 
workers and family-oriented 

Both before and after his 
appearance on "The Tonight 
Show", Gore shook hands and 
talked to people in Los Angeles 
before flying into the Bush 
family's "leg room" of Florida, 
much to the chagrin of Gov. Jeb 

By stopping in such eclectic 
and culturally diverse cities as 
Kissimmee and Tampa this week. 
Gore took votes from the Bush 
family in a state considered be a 
hot spot for the Democratic Party. 
Florida is rivaled only by 
California and New York in it's 
Democratic influence. 

Internet registration to 
start next week 

Early registration for spring 2001 classes is set to start next week 
over the internet. 

Registration will begin on November 8 and run until December 15. 

Students can register Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 
7:00 p.m. 

Students may advance register, drop, and add any time after their 
scheduled time through December 15, 2000. 
The registration schedule is as follows: 

Wednesday. November 8. 2000 

Graduate Students 
Seniors (92+ earned hours) 

Thursday. November 9. 2000 

Juniors (60-91 earned hours) 

Friday. November 10. 2000 

Sophomores (30-59 earned hours) 

Freshmen (0-29 earned hours), who want to register in advance, must 
report to their academic advisor on November 13, 2000 through 
November 17, 2000 to register. The times to register are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 
p.m. This also applies to anyone who did not register in advance. 

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Construction projects to be completed before start of spring 

helped *y Windy S. La Borde 


>auce Reporter 

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The construction that has been going on in Freidman Student Union 
ind Roy Hall should be